Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 9, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 9, 1960
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, AUGUST 9, I960 TV digest mtth John N. Jones BTVI (ABC) 1. RMOX (t.BSl 4, KM) (NB<) 5, RPLK II The Telegraph 9 * Radio Chart TWWIUY N—New* W—Weather s—Sport* KSD (NBC) 550 RC WEW (MBS) tfORO KMOX (UBS) 1120 RC KWR 1STO RC WOKZ 1570 RC "SHOW OF THE MONTH" RENEWED: "Show of the Month" has been renewed for the fourth Season on CBS-TV. Seven 30 minute dramas to lie produced by David Susskind for Talent Associates Ltd.. will be presented in the series during the 'flO-'61 season. Premiere production will be presented on Friday, Sept. :'.0 NEW DECORUM: ABC-TVs "Day in Court", after 710 cases utilizing fhc same set. now has new mahogany and marble furnishings beginning with today's broadcast at 2 p.m. on Ch. 2. The new set cost SS10.000. Bold face denotes highlight— (R) repeat*. : TUESDAY EVENING 8:00—(21 Woody Woodpecker (4> News: Spencer Allen (3) News: John Roedel 6:10—(4) Weather: Fontaine (51 Weather: Armand 6:15—(41 CBS News: Cronkite (5i Sports: Ingham 6:23—(5i Spotlight with Nancy 6:30—(2> Bronco: Layne recalls, in flashbacks, a daring Civil War raid he led in "The Burning Springs". <R> (41 Phil Silver Show (5) Laramie (11) Bold Journey 7:00—(4) Peck's Bad Girl: Torey is suddenly awakened to the plight of an indigent classmate who also juns the household for her motherless family in "Lady Bountiful". (Ri (U) Don C u n 111 n g h a m Show 7:30—12) Wyatt Earp: Wyatt relives a tragic page in Western history in "Old Jake" (R) j (4) Dobie Gillis: Maynard| 5:150—(4) is given a touching eulogy from! G:00— MI his friends when he bids them farewell after receiving his draft notice. (Ri (5) NBC Playhouse: (111 Pre-Game Show 7:45—ill) Cardinal Baseball: Cards vs Philadelphia Phillies. 8:00—(2) The Rifleman: Lucas finds a man and his wife deathly ill from an unknown malady which turns out to be yellow fever in "Panic". (R) (4) Tightrope: Connors is hired by gang lord during a syndicate revolt to protect the life|l(J:UO— (4i of the gangster's lovely daugh-i (5j ter. (Ri 110:30—(2) (51 Richard Diamond (4i 8:30—(2) Colt .45: Chris runs 151 into trouble when he drives the|ii : uo—121 deadwood stage, with two strange j (4) women passengers, through dan- j (5> gerous Indian territory in "Ca-jll:;}0— (2) lamity". (Ri \ (4> (4) Comedy Spot: Harpoj (5i ; " " T " or i 11:45—(41 ll:55-(2) (ID : Noon—(21 the driver of the car which i killed his wife was no1 responsi-; ble for hrv death. (3) M Squad ; 9:30—(21 Highway Patrol j (5> It's a Great Lite ; 9:55—till Post-Game Show ; 10:00—(21 Top Pro Football '59: San Francisco '49ers vs Chicago Bears(41 News: Spencer Allen (5> Whiiiybirds 10:10—MI Weather: Fontaine 10:15—MI Kyr on St. Louis 10:30— <4i Movie: Walter Pid- eon. Jane Powell: "Holiday in Mexico" 11946) Daughter of American Ambassador to Mexico falls for a concert pianist. (lit News, Sports, Weather 10:45—(5) Jack Paar Show (11) Post-Game Show 11:00—(2) Movie: Randolph Scott, Binnie Barnes; "Last of the Mohicans" (19361 Movie of the famed James Fenimore ; Cooper novel of French-Indian Wars in colonial America. 11:30— (11) Bedtime Stones: Robert Stack stars in "Indirect Approach". 12:00—15) (11) Ne\\s 12:05—(5) Night Court 12:35— (a) Weather Report • W:40—(4) Movie: Rosella Towne, J William Cardan: "Adventures of Jane Arden" (19o9) Girl reporter trails a jewel-smuggling ring. 12:50— (2) News 12:55—121 Home Digest Paris Precinct Daily Word Late News Roundup Give Us Tlus Day WEDNESDAY, AUG. 9 5:15— (41 Give Us This Day News: Tom Brooks P.S. 4: Government 7:00— (-I) Morning St. Louis: News-Weather 7:05, 7:20, 7:45. (5i Today: Newscasts at 7:25 and 8:25 a.m. 8:00—(2) Camera Two News: Graver Cartoon Time Capt. Kangaroo Jack LaLanne Show December Bride Dough-Re-Mi Romper Room Video Village Play Your Hunch I Love Lucy Price Is Right (Color) Topper j Clear Horizon j Concentration Janet Jean, R.N. Love of .Life Truth or Consequences i Coffee Break j Search for Tomorrow j It Could Be You. (Col-! N; S: tawBusiness: Welh N Como: N D. Gordon Cards-Phlllle* N: Richard N: rat Philadelphia) K. Richard 3. N " N: Richard Cifrme. S;' N " . " K. Richard " N; S Man on Go World N E. Morgan F. Lewi* Jr. D. Gordon N; Gordon Gordon; N N: Richard K Richard S: Richard K Richard N: Pew N: Musk Music D. Gordon I, M S: uordon Gordon: N Music N: Richard K Richard S; Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Peng i- Pe *f, Peng: N Sinn Off N; Music Music SlRtl Off Cards-Phillies N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins B Jenkins N: Image Image Metronome N, R. Shop Record Shop N; R. Shop Record Shop N Memorial N: R. Shop Record Shop S: R. Shop Record Shop N; MemorIM Memorial Memorial: N J. Buck N; R. Shop Record Shop N; R. Snot) Record Shop 1:00—(2) l:30-(2i 1:40—(4) l:45-(4) (41 8:15— (2> (4i 9:00—(2i (4i 9: JO—(2i (4) (5) and Chico Marx co-star in "Incredible Jewel Robbery", drama in pantomime. (R> (5) Arthur Murray Party: (Color) Guiding Light News: Hayward Morning Chapel Restless Gun 9:00—(2) Alcoa Presents: Ed-j Mi News-Weather Beat ward Binns stars in "Vanishing; 151 Charlotte Peters Point". A desperate husband ill) Cartoons methodically starts {o tear nisi 12:tij— Mi People's Choice house apart after his wife's mys- teroius disappearance inside it. (R) 1.4) Diagnosis Unknown: Zachary Scott, Barbara Baxley, Gretchen Wyler guest star in "A Sudden Stillness". A man asks Dr. Coffee to prove that 12:30—12) Love That Bob! Mi As The World Turns 12:50—(11) News: Daust 1:00—(2) About Face (4) Full Circle (51 Queen lor a Day (11) Movie: Gary Cooper, Ann Sheridan: "Good Sam" see the dwidif jantzens on Dick Clark's American Bandstand tun* in Channel 2 tomorrow at 4 p.m. buy the dancin' Jantzens at SHOP FOR WOMEN DOWNTOWN WOOD RIVER .•o .is .10 .45 . WEDNESDAY H. Gunther N H. Gunther N N; Gunther H. Gunther t» H N World N H. Gunther N; Gunther H. Gunther N: Wilson Ed Wilson H M N: Wilson Ed Wilson It II N; Wilson Ed Wilson ,» ,, * N; Party P'house Ptv. » it N; Party P'house Ply. N; Burke J. Burke Opener N; Farm VoRel Farm N; S T. Dailey N: Dailey T. Dailey N: Dailey T. Dailey N: Dailey Duiley: N Hi Bberhardt L'niiv: Dee <;. Cantrell H. Christian B'fast Club ii ii ii ii N: Dailey T. Dailey N: Dailey Dailey: N N: Farm VoRel Farm The World N: Witt D. Witt N: Witt Witt: N D. Witt N: Witt N: WlillMU G. wuiiama Clockwatcher N; W Rex Davli Clockwatcher Rex Da via Clockwatcher «» N Clockwatcher it N : Godfrey A. Godfrey I* !• M » N: Party Houseparty G. Moore Crosby-Clooney Rex Davla J. McConnlck 2 Next Door Rt. to Hap'ness Whispering St». Ma Perkins Dr. M alone Mrs. Burton N; Seller Best Seller G. Williams G. Newiome N ; Newiome G. Newiome N; Newiome G, Newiome N; Newsome G. Newiome N: Newioma G. Newiome N; Newiome G. Newiome N: Newiome G. Newsome N: NewJome G. Newiome N: .Davli G. Davli N: Davli G. Davli N: Davla G. Davli N; Davli G. Davtl N: Davti G. Davil N; Davil G. Da via N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins N; Day Bob Day N: Oay Bob Day N; Day S: Day N: Day Bob Day N Bob Da? It M N; Walter H. Walter rello Quiz R. Benson N; Benson R. Benion ii ii •i «i N: Time Cty. Time M. Galnei N r-arm-Mkt. A. Grace Club Newa N; Day Bob Day B. Counter N: Palen J. Palen TwoShipmati Youths Hurt In Accident SHIPMAN - Tom Bunt, son of Air. and Mrs. William Bunt, and Spencer Michael, son of Mr. and Mrs. Francis Michael, were in jntvrl in an accident Friday when the truck in which they were rid- iiu; overturned on the highway new i HP Fred Slazman farm. Tin .\oulhs were taken to Alton Memorial Hospital by ambulance. Bunt remained but Michael was treated for a facial cut and returned home. ttwrlvcs Third SHIPMAN - Rev. Uavid Packard, local Methodist minister, received the third degree of 1 h t Shipman A.F.&A.M. Saturday evening. Visitors from several of the surrounding lodges attended. Refreshments were served. Club Plans Picnic SHIPMAN — Members of the. Harmony Community Club metj Friday afternoon at the Conimu-, nity center and made plans for a family picnic at the Shipman Community park on Sept. 15. Articles of interest were read by Mrs. Herman Masterson. Mrs. Colonel Spurgeon, Mrs. Elvis Dossett. Mrs. Paul Cox, Miss Ethel Doughty and Mrs. Inez Richardson. Refreshments were served by Mrs. Nell Cunningham, Mrs. Alice Powell and Mrs. Elsie Robinson. Shlpmun Notes SHIPMAN — Dick Lister lias accompanied Mrs. Lester KeLsey to Denver and Estes Park, Colo.. for a vacation. Mr. and Mrs. Lester Smith and son visaed Saturday and Sunday with his mother, Mrs. Rose Smith. Sunday evening they were all dinner guests of Mr. and Mrs. Stanley Smith and daughter in Alton. Mr. and Mrs. Ronald Heu-itt of Buda and Mr. and Mrs. Udell Meyers of Havana spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Otto Meyers. Dennis Dugan returned to Havana with the Meyers to visit a week. Them will be no August meeting of the Women's Society of Christian Service. Meetings will be resumed in September. Mrs. Elizabeth Utt and Mrs. Ethel Belt of Jerseyville spent the weekend with Mr. and Mrs. Austin Jaynes. On Sunday they were fill joined at Beaver Dam Lake by Mr. and Mrs. William Shelton arid sons, Mr. and Mrs. Leslie Alward and Mr. and Mrs. John Reno and sons (or a birthday dinner in honor of Mrs. Reno. WOODRIVCR TONITt I WED. WIO. MATINII ONLY "KIDDIE! IVMMCft PUN PARTY" ALL SKATS «Sc STARTS 1:80 CARTOON KARNIVAL 3 STOOGES LITTLE RASOALS COMEDIES MHWRO/OOIIIBCIlB 9:oo DOORS OPKN 12:45 U'S: Hardy Krugef "CHANCE MEETING" 7:20 Witt; N B. Jenkins .no 4 N; Burke .!. Burke D. Witt N; Witt Witt; N N; Buck J. Buck N; Jenkins B. Jenkins N: Jenkins K. Richard N; Palen J. Palen N; Burke J. Burke Burke; N N; Gordon D. Gordon N; Gordon Gordon: N N; Buck J. Buck t» M Buck; W N; Richard K. Richard N; Richard K. Richard N; Palen J. Palen A man's generosity brings many hardships on himself and his wife. 1:30-11." Susie j MI Huuse Party j (ji Loretta Young I i 2:UO—12' Day in Court j MI Millionaire iji Young Dr. Malone j 2:30—i2i Gale Storm (41 Verdict Is Yours (5) From These Roots (111 Mickey Rooney Show 3:00— (21 Beat The Clock (41 Brighter Day (5i Fibber McGee (1H Wild Bill Hickok 3:15—(4) Secret Storm 3:30—(2) Who Do You Trust (41 Edge of Night (5) Buckskin 4:00—(2) American Bandstand (4) SS Popeye (5» You Asked For It 4:30— Mi Movie: Dick Foran, Gloria Dickson: "Heart of the North" 1938) Story of Royal Canadian Mounted Police. <5> Li(e of Riley 5:00— 121 My Friend Flicku (5) Wrangler's Club: First 15 minutes in color (Hi Sgt. Preston 5:30—(2) News: Hayward i U i Suspenseville 5:40— (21 Weather: Hayward 5:45— (21 Cartoon Time (51 Hunlley - Brinkley Re- purl . (Hi Three Stooges,. Medora Church CroupHasPicnic MEDORA — A picnic dinner was held Sunday at MacGom- ery Christian Camp grounds near Medora Those participating were the Rev. and Mrs. James Boyer, Stevie and Brenda, Raymond; Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Doyle, Mr. and Mrs. Orville Cameron and Mary, Sue Rhoads, Connie, Ira and Terry Gross. The Rev. Boyer showed a film on Christian Education at the Medora Christian church in the, evening. He will preach here again next Sunday. i Home From Hospital ; MEDORA - Mrs. Eva Kell! was brought home Saturday afternoon from Carlinville Area; Hospital, where she has been a! patient for a few weeks. Her' daughter, Mrs. Vincent Janis and! sons of Park Ridge, 111., and Mrs. Kelt's sister. Mrs. J. K. Skinner, of Hamilton, are here with her. READ Telegraph WANT ADS Daily BEL*AIR H W Y 6 ft '& I I I 1 R ft 9636 OPEN 7:00 — START DUSK LAST NIGHT! "DOG OF FLANDERS' STARTS TOMORROW! 1MI CUNT CONQUHM Of AUTlMil VICRDR, MATURE HANNIBAL —2ND EXCITING HIT— GUNS OF THE TlMBERUlND Private dining room for small parties. Dial HO 8-t«34 The Place (o Go When You Want the Very Bestl The Chicken Shack, (Formerly Joe's Grill) Route 87—Godfrey • Charcoal Broiled Steaks Aged to Perfection • Skillet Fried Chicken • Pit Barbecued Bibs • Seafood • Charcoal Broiled • Chicken Livers —and many other leleciluns served with home-made hot biscuits, berry lam and creamy butter. Air Conditioned for Your Comfort/ Open Tuesday thru Saturday B P.M. to 1 A.M. Sundays 3 P.M. to 10 P.M.—Closed Mondays JUNGLE RITES NEVER BEFORE FILMED ZIVA KODAK* — WALTKR REED MACUMBA LOVE" 1:00 3:55 «:50 9:4& LAST TIME TODAY PLUS: 2ND •IG HIT Robert Lansing In "THE PUSHER" 2:80 5:20 8:20 STARTS WEDNESDAY MATINEES DAILY—12:45 Adults 90c Teem 75c Children H5c QRANP '/////// \HIMilV I Ultl ' WHATEVER YOU DO THIS SUMMER—YOU MUST SEE "POLLYANNA" ACCLAIMED BY EVERYONE EVERYWHERE WALT DISNEY'S GREATEST MOTION PICTURE ENTERTAINMENT! The screen will never be happier ... or your enjoyment g reater. . . a* • delightful ca«t and a dazzling new star bring yqu one of the most joyous and memorable entertainments of all tim«. . an event for everyone. WALT DISNEY'S DONALD CRISP- AGNES MOOREHEAD* KEVIN CORCORAN SHOWN AT: 1:15-3:45-6:15-8:45 ~. HAYLEY MILLS PLUS: WALT DISNEY CARTOON 'GOOFY'S GLIDER' Enter P. N. HIRSCH "POLLYANNA" COLORING CONTEST! See tonight's popcr! OPKN 7:80—START DUSK NOW ENDS WED. Dramatic Twosome Open Daily «:80. Start 1 p.m. Adults 500 Kiddles S5c FAMILY NIGHTS , Tonight, Wed., Thurs. All Seat* 2Qc. Matinee Every Wednesday. Let the Uptown Be Your Baby Sit I IT for a Few Hour*. TUES, - WEO. - THURS, An All Lautfut Riot ttiW TOtfY JACK MONROE CURTIS Tonight, Tiiur*. tl:4S p.m. Wed. 1:82, 6:03, 8:46 Walr Di MITW PARKER GEORGE PEPPMO-GEORGE HAMILTON EVERETT SLOANE LUANA PATTEN MMM A. UlCIIBWKHt THE BRIDGES AT TOKO-HI I DUMBO 'J'ouUut, Tburwltty 7)82 u.ui. Wed. 8:8U, 7:iO p.ra. Plus Short Subjtcrj ood ThrlUlo9 StrM HELD OVER! YOUR FAVORITE FAMILY DRIVE-IN STARLIGHT I) Ii I u | IN IHIAIHl Thru Saturday : I0UII140, COUKK AW.. 'ALTON, HUNOU E Box Office Opens at 7:00 FIRST RUN SHOWING! PLUS SECOND FEATURE 2 CAITOONI-CHILDEIN AOMIHID Mil fire Truck. Uve Poiiiek, Alerry-Go-Houud, Swing«, Slide*, Auto ftod Train tilde* to OUB V&KE VLAVQH/QVXQ LAST TIME TONITE KIRK 'LAS. STARTS WEDNESDAY THE UNRIVALED HERO OF THEM All BRINGS YOU HISTORY'S MOST COLOSSAL AFRICAN ADVENTURE! TARZAN Shown at 6:30 9:30 THE NEW THE SPECTACULAR PLEASE NOTE KIDDIES Come ut «:80 See Complete Show by »i80 HUSt HOIIOI Fillf ON SIUNT WINftS SHOWN ONCK AT

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