Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 8, 1960 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 8, 1960
Page 9
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MONDAY, AUGUST S, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH ANSWERS QUESTIONS Democratic presldentl&l nominee John P. Kennedy (left) and Stuart Symington, look in different directions while Muwerlng reporters questions on the lawn of the Kennedy summer home at Hyannls Port, Mass. Symington visited Kennedy on the eve of their departure from this summer resort for Washington, NBA Photo) Lopes Tests Eddie Perkins Sir THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Joey Lopes, once the No. 1 lightweight contender but now a trial liorse, tests the rising ambition* of young Eddie Perkins Wednesday night at Chicago Stadium in a bout thai could catapult Perkins into a title match. Rated fourth among the lightweights by the National Boxing Assn. after beating Chico Rollins, Larry Boardman and Paola Rosi this year, Perkins is supposed to be In line for a crack at Joe Brown's championship if he can handle Lopes. The weekly Wednesday night television series closes Sept. 28 and the spot reportedly is reserved for Brown and a challenger. Perkins, a 25-year-old Chicagoan with an IS-7 record, hopes to be it. Now 29, Lopes has had 75 pro bouts, and shows a 49-20-6 record with 18 knockouts. Perkins stopped Rollins this year for only his fifth kayo, and two of those have been because of cuts. The 10-rounder will be telecast r .tionally by ABC at 9 p.m., EST. Most of West Germany's 103 oilfields now flowing are in Northwestern Germany, Bonn reports. U.S* Women Could Surprise ROSLYN HEIGHTS. N. Y. (AP) —How will the United. States do in women's swimming at the coming Olympics? "We'll surprise the world." said Mrs. Betty Baldwin of Sharon. Pa., manager of the women's swimming team. Monday. "I've spent 20 years with s\vimmers in Olympic work and I feel certain this is the best team we ever had representing the United States." George Haines. veteran of 10 |years as Santa Clara (Calif.) i.Swim Club mentor who in coach; ing his first Olympic team, isn't quite so optimistic. He just doesn't care to go overboard on a team lhat averages 15 years of age, iplus two veteran divers. j The women swimmers and di- jvers will work out at the Renaissance Pool twice a day Tuesday and Wednesday and finish Thursday morning. The team will fly to Rpme late Saturday afternoon. Pro Football Pro Football Exhibition* By THE ASSOCIATED PRbSS National League San Francisco 16. Dallas 10 American League Dallas 27, Houston 10 Los Angeles 27, New York 7 News 0/ Grain* Most Futures Contracts Weak CHICAGO 7 fAP)-Hert*e selling and liquidation weakened most grain futures contracts today as the offerings met a meager commercial demand on the Board of Trade. Soybeans were under stiffest pressure following reports of good rainfall over the weekend in some major producing areas and a trade advice that the crop was making good to excellent progress. Corn was down major fractions in spots and wheat eased minor fracttoi.8. Carlo! receipts today were estimated at: wheat 79 cars, corn 342, oats 185, rye 30, barley 65, soybeans 90. CHICAGO (API-Wheat, No. 2 yellow hard 1.97; corn No. 2 yellow 1.19-19Vi, No. 3 yellow 1.18'i. No. 4 yellow 1.17V4. oats No. 1 heavy white 70'*, No. 2 heavy white 70, No. 1 extra heavy white 70-70K, No. 2 extra heavy white 70; soybeans, No. 1 yellow 2.20'i. Soybean oil 9%b-9»ia. Barley: malting choice 1.15-25; feed .85-1.02. CHICAGO (AP>- Prev. High Low Close Close Ashland Oil 2nd Quarter Income Down Wheat Sop Dec Mar May Jly Corn Sop Dec Mai- May Oats Sep" , Dec Mar May Rye Sep Dec Mai- May Soybeans Sep Nov Jan Mar May 1.185 7 i 1.86'i 1.86% 1.92% 1.92»i 1.92»i 1.92'i 1.97% 1.97 1.97V, 1.97'i 1.96 7 * 1.96'i 1.96 7 » 1.97 1.89". 1.88U 1.88H 1.89»A 1.15 s i 1.14 7 » 1.15 1.16 l.lHi Ml 1 * 1.11^4 Ml'i .15'i, 1.13'fc 1.15U 1.15% 1.17% 1.17»i 1.17% 1.18 .66% .70«i .66»i .70 5 , .67 .70% .73% .73 7 i .74 .67',i .71 .74«i .73»i 1.18 1.23 1.27 1.27% 2.17'i 2.163s 2.16°k 2.17 6 « 2.18 2.16% 2.17% 2.18% 2.22 1 /; 2.21Vi 2.21% 2.22Vi 2.25% 2.24tt 2.24% 2.23T» 2.27% 2.26% 2.26% 2.28 Ashland Oil A Refining Co.. Ashland. Ky.. announced today net income of $2.893.864 on sales of $71.707.960 for the quarter | ended June 30. 1960. equal to learnings of 40 cents per sharp jof rommon stork. The compnti} maintains offices in Alton and dock facilities near Woxxf-Rlver. Net Income for the similar period of 1959 was S3.367.624 on sales of 172,985.583. equal to earnings of 49 cents per share. for the first nine months of the company's 19W fiscal year, net income was $9.929,276 on sales of $229.954.698. compared with net income of $10.532.132 on sales of 1228.566,873 for the similar period last year. Earning!* for the nine-month period arr equal to $1.38 per share of common stock as compared with $1.54 per share last year on the smaller number of shares then outstanding. Stockholders were informed that the company has substantially increased drilling activity In its eastern Kentucky water- flood operations^ It is anticipated that during the current fiscal year. 328 new wells will be drilled of which 224 will be water input wells for use in the secondary recovery program. Regular quarterly dividends of 25 cents per share on common stock, and regular dividends on preferred stocks, payable on Sept. 15 to stockholders of record Aug. 15, 1960. were voted at the July 25 meeting of the Board of Directors. Livestock Prices At East St. Louis of Stocks Mixed Price Trends Rule NEW YORK (APi-Mixed price trends ruled in a moderately active stock market late this afternoon. Volume was estimated at 2.900. 000 shares compared With 3 million Friday. Much of the interest was provio- ed by aircraft and other defense, issues. They sold off quite sharph immediately after President El- senhower's message to Congress ! After remaining down for an hour or so. these issues recovered part of all of their loss*. United Aircraft pushed ahead more than 2 points and General Dynamics a fraction. Avon, down about a point at one time In heavy trading, wiped out the loss and traded unchanged from Friday's close. Steels continued lower, but oils and electronics stayed ahead. Other groups had a mixture of plus and minus signs. U.S. Steel, off nearly a point, was hardest hit of steels while Produce Pticei ' At St. Louis ST. LOUIS (AP)-Eggs and live poultry: Eggs, whotnale grades, tarffe extras. 60-79 per cent A 29-31; 4059 per cent A 27-30; mediums 2527; standard* 23-26; country run 22-23; dirties and checks 18-20: consumer grades, AA large 34; A targe 29-33; A medium 26-30; A small 18-22; B large 24-27. Fowl, heavy 15-16: light over 5 ibs 11-12; under 5 Ib 9-11; fryers and broilers, commercial whites! and crosses 17 1 i: old roosters 9-11. Telegraph Want Ad* "CLICK' A recent decree fty tite emft»nt of ftwt* Affte* Mikes ft an offense to Indie rftfeen-, or to stay away from work, or to 'go slow* at UNCONSCIOUS IS \EARS Ruraian Army Private Pyotr Ivanovtch Vetrov reads about the World of 1960—after being uncon- T „ A MI. Krfit, M i n n t\ scious for 18 yean. Vetrov, injured during a bombing ±T?h^ . ?„£ niU™ LM »««<* in 1942 during World War II, had been in a more than a point. Raytheon held! ^^ ^^ ^ |n &, e||t Kug9 , an spec , al , 8t|l ^ electro-therapy treatment to revive him, (NKA Photo) a gain of about a point and Zenith more than that in electronics. Lionel's gain was trimmed to a shade under 2 points and Polaroid to slightly less than 3. U.S. government bond prices retreated. Corpora tes turned slightly higher. 12 Selected Stocks Following are today's 1:30 Munich market. has its first super• calves 19.00-23.00. Sheep 1.300; good | spring lamo 17.00-20.00; few lots choice and prime 20.50; rest not ! established. p.m. quotations on 12 New York Stock Exchange issues research has indicated are widely held in the Alton area, as supplied to 'the Alton Evening Telegraph by and choice |Nevv hard, Cook & Co., from its nre not the closing quotations i AT&T 8894, Gen. Motors 434« iex-div.), Granite City Steel j 37%, Olin Math. 40'«, Owens-Ill.J 101 *i, Shell 33Mi, Sinclair 35'a, Socony 37**. Standard Oil tlnd.i 37'g, Standard (NJ) 41?i, U. S. Steel 81'»,-Sears 54%. Alton branch office. iThe New York Exchange closes daily ati '2:30 p.m. (Alton tlmei, so these. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily f Kill IJY A4AN/Vr:.f ATNTS GPOI/P Of- M./TIJXU H/NOS Mart you read the /otesf ProtpectuM-Bookbts Oft Y FUND •< A Mutual Fund eeelcini possible long-term capital grow* and Income by investing In a diversified and supervised portfolio of securities. FIDELITY CAPITAL FUND- A Mutual Fund wtth primary emphasis en capital appreciation posslbffittes. PURITAN FUND- A Mutual Fund wtth primary emphasis on Income. JOHN J. MALONET Representing Edward D. Jones & Co. Member* of New York Stock Exchange M7 Henry St., Alton, HI. TelephoM HOwu* M*l* Q FIDELITY PURITAN FUND ITALFUKD , L-l Shares of these Fund» are offered only In States where they may lecetty fee «eM. 1.17U 1.17% 1.17U 1.22»4 1.22% 1.22U 1.2614 1.26% 1.26' 2 1.27U 1.27U Arianda, the great airport being built at Stockholm for jet airliners, will be completed by 1963. NATIONAL'S BREAKFAST SPECIAL! Strictly Fres* NATCO CERTIFIED U.S.GOV'T GRADE "A" LARGE EGGS 39 WITH COUPON NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, Ill.i j (APMUSDA—Hogs 12.500; bulk! 1 early sales U. S. 1-2 190-235 Ib. | barrows and gilts 17.83; 18.00: (mixed 1-3 and 2-3 180-250 Ib 17.50J75: few 17.85; mixed grade 150170 Ib 16.25-17.25; 120-140 Ib 13.7516.00; No 1-3 sows 400 Ib down 15.25-16.50; over 400 Ib 14.00-15.00; boars 250 Ib up 10.25-50; lighter weights mostly 12.50. I Cattle 8,000; calves 500; load good to choice steers 23.25-24.75; high good and low choice slaughter heifers and mixed yearlings 23.00-24.00; few sales low and ; average good heifers and yearlings 21.00-23.00; utility and commercial bulls 17.00-18.50; load inferior and common stock steers ! 16.00; v e a le r s and slaughter calves steady; good and choice v e a I e r s 21.00-25.00; occasional 26.00; standard and good 18.0021.00; good and choice slaughter OWN YOUR SHARE OF AMERICAN BUSINESS Many Pension Funds, Insurance Companies, College Endowment Funds, Hospitals and Some Savings Banks Own Common Stocks. Let us help you invest like these institutions do. Serving Alton Investors for 28 Years NEWHARD. COOK 6? Co. EUOENI B. SHULTI JOMM E. GKCCNWOOD OUR OFFICE M OPEN SATURDAY MORNING* MILLERS' MUTUAL INSURANCE Strvlitg You Sinet 1S77 At Your Service Offlet, Dial HO 5-5551 Most Insurance poUdes look alika . . . but remember when you buy insurance protection It's tke service you Ket with the policy that determines the best dollar Investment. Call the Sales Representative nearest you today. Insurance lor Your Auto, Home, Business CHUCK Olltt PACKAGE PLAN FOR HOME OWNERS PETE LAMM HO 2-7SSJ OKVIM.E C. WEST Edw. 2S73 Collect W1IJSDR MARCH HO X-«U TOM MARQUIS HO JACK BAGUEV HO MM FRIGIDAIRE STILL THE BEST BUY CHECK FRIGIDAIRE QUALITY IT COSTS NO MORE TO OWN THE VERY BEST 11*2 I, lrM4w«y, Alt**, IK. 910 Oelmor, Nertfi Alt**, III. 337 I. Nrguwn, Wo«4 Mm, III. FREE 50 Extra EAGLE STAMPS WITH COUPON BELOW Mrf tto PkvclMi* «f One P«Mtf tr More NATIONAL'S PURE LEAN GROUND BEEF FEATURES: • 10.9 Cu. Ft. • Big 61 Ibs. Freezer • 16.2 Sq. Ft. of Shalf Space • 5-Door—Storage Shelve. • All Porcelain Hydrator FAVORITE MUJT. OOLDIN.fUPI BANANAS Apprei. $7.00 MwiHi Partible Frigideire Diihwesher 17t. 13 CM. Ft. Frigideire, freeter ecron top 241. 13 Cu. Ft. 2-Door—17 Ib. Freeser. With trede (quelifying) 2e4. 30" Frigidaire Range, ,big oven. Floor model 171. Frigideire Built-in-Oven (copper, turquoiie). Floor modeli 130. WOKWSMBT PULL-MCLEAN OVEN wiriieut staving! ONLY $ 95 269 No kneeling, no backbreaking drudgery to clean this oven! It pulls right out for easy dii»an- liu! Pluc — eootdng feature* only Fri0id«Jr« otters. Frigidtire Electric Dryer 114. 10.3 Cu. Ft. Frigid-Ire Freeier. Upright style If I. I H.P. Frigidalre Air Conditioner, 110-V iff. I H.P. Frigidaire Air Conditioner, 220-V JOf. Frigidaire Dishwasher, yellow.. One only l|f, Frigideire Wether, (fully automatic) with trade 1||, - JUST ACROSS FROM OERMANIA BUILDING - NO DOWN PAYMENT IF YOU HAVE TRADE-IN OPEN MM. AND FRI. NITO TILL e HO HIT BROADWAY HLTDH REFRIDERRTIOn OPEN WON. AND FRL NITES TILL 9 CO. "Aitthotiud frlgidauo fate taut Se/vJce" NO DOWN PAYMENT IF YOU HAVE TRADE-IN WAI NO Mill

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