Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 8, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 8, 1960
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, AUUUbl 8, Upper Alton News Events ctw/n MI RT i* R \mm.MT !l>> Hiiiisinan. i-hild A .Vyrnt-<>ld girl wns injured j In thr crash of tu<> auinmo-' biles on Kast Broadway at the; Hausman Alton Pla/a Shoppinc Center Anothei Saturday mm nine. i>oliee JH turn into the parking 1"t uhen [her car was stnick from the rear hy the machine operateo re snid. The passenger in the mishap (recurred at re- \\'nshinglnn a\-enue and Amelia street police reported. .'os-i (Jodfrey. complained of a pain ported Gay Hmisman of .!WO \Ves<-; A passenger, Norirm Cole of rrn Ave.. WHS taken lo St eph's Hospital and treated for A eilt of the forehead. Privet in the mishap w-er" Roliliv Haiisnian of the \Vrst- net K Cole of (Irafton. and ern avenue address, ami Mrs. Alphonse Barnhorn of the Fos- He'en K CHI r. Kl 1. Alton, tei bum road Cole WHS hooked Mrs Can was punt: west onion a siuns antf sit-nals violation. Fast Broadwav slow ing to make Cole \\as going south in follrming the mishap that place Saturday morning. l>ri\ers were listed as took Ben- Washington nnd Barnhorn west in Amelia happened. when The the accident police • report stated that Cole ran into the path of the Barnhorn machine after going through a stop sigr>. Two cars uere in a mishpp at Sering and Hillcrest avenues Friday afternoon, a police re- of Princeton, gave the noonttdt. prayer. OlRL SOOt'T TROOP 75 RACK FROM TRtf Senior Gifl Scout Troop 75 returned Saturday from H weeklong camping trip at Dunes State Park of Indiana. Highlight of the stay was the daily swim in Lake Michigan. One day \\as spent in Chicago port stated. Ocie W. Tan-ant at the Museum of Science and AT ttMATUIIML IMTITITMU IWNEI IT Tltt STA1E ACT AM MM Oss apportufiitv te vote OB a proposal for a bond tame whtefe M •ft? u follows-. Shall the Stele ot nmwU borrow IIK.MO.MM for bonding protrran In order te relieve overcrowded ernxMUena at I •sate owned institutions of Mffher educatloa? The detailed provisions are contained in a law wtrteti •JT a two-thirds rote of th« General Assembly and approved by MM Governor. The Kit of th« act is published below. M reqalred by the State constitution. The following Statement and Suggestions has been prepared to afford a proper wnderstamMns; of tb* of Dorsey. told officers he ihalted his car on Sering when another car came out of Hillcrest imd made a left turn, striking his machine TITCHKNAL-DOOMNU KKIMON The Titchenal-Dooling family reunion was held Sunday at the Westerner Club grounds. The reunion has been held annually since 1927. Attending from Alton were | Mr and Mrs. Steven Show, i Mr. and Mrs. Donald Davis and jlamily. Mr. and Mrs. Loyd Da- Ivis and family, Mr. and Mrs. ! William Gabriel. Industry. Mrs. John Taube and her daughter. Linda, former Alton residents, and connected with the troop, came from their home in Des Moines. Iowa to make the trip with the scouts. Other members of the troop were: Penny Randall. Kathy Martin, .till Doerr. Cheryl Spooner. Sue McClintock. Becky Gil- Inrd. Marilyn Frit/ and Jane Gonnley. Mrs. Mattheu Gormley. leader, accompanied the girls. CtTKDIK SENDS LEADKR TO ASSEMBLY SESSION Nelson Kunz. Sunday Scho<3l additional training hi Sunday School work. The sessions will last a week. Tn other news: However, no other Ifl affects were noted. ' The boy was taken to Alton [Memorial Hospital by his par- The associational board willies. Mr. and Mrs. Walter Lintz.) Three Injured In Godfrey Twp. meet tonight. 7:30. at the Beth any Baptist Church. Deacons will meet Tuesday. 7 p.m. Mrs. Roy Arnold's class will meet at the home of Mrs. William Hopkins, 610 Porter St Tuesday. 7 p.m. M..t n /*• H1-9* A physician confirmed that the! bite had been (.-Bused by a snake. ; Kevin was in the bark of the! yard playing when the incident I took place. His 4-year-old sis .i including City.Employes Still Off Job at County Seat GODFREY an Three people. 8-year-old boy. ter, Kathleen, told 'her pHrent»' weiT injurod in Bn automobile Junior softball team will play Tuesday. 6 p.m.. on the Henry street diamond. Teachers and officers , jthat her brother picked up the Hl ' ( ' i(1pnt < >n Humbert road near; , w ,.,,„, ireptlle. - EDWARDSVILLE — Municipal street and sanitation department employes again failed to report for work this morning, in an ap- POWfcR MOWER Ht'RI/4 resistance pro- Beverly Farm. Sunday. 6:30 p.i tf , s) over failure of the .-il\ admin- im.. police reported. ' istralion to loin in negotiations Treated at St. .Toseph's Ho*- |foi . waRr ,' i n ,. r ,, asrs sonch t hy the iCAlV, 1N.HKKS WOMAN ;pi1nl were Kdward Crnmril. of j ,, mr ,| oyf , s wno ;,,,, members of wil| i A |K)\ver mower Saturday e ve,, s P'' n Rl'pld. chest injury; Mrs. [La ,„„.;,,,« |j0( ,.,| 17? , hurled half of a flattened r "™'"'''l multiple bruises and, Thf> ,, ntil . (1 ( . )(> s|) . pp| , and their grandson !!41K Agnes Blvd.. in f , depart except for its superin- meet \Vednesday. 6:30 p.m |nin« Prayer meeting will start nl !(-nn against the leg of Mrs. Harry 7:15. Monthly bushiest* meeting i Kejth ^ Agn( , s B)vd inf | ict . Mark. 01 ,mn Agnes oivn.. m; |( , nd(>n) rtnd S( , vf>m| f , m|))oy ,-, s in will he at 8 p.m. , ing „ two-inch gash that required, Al1on - A " " ei '° d '*'-hHrged. | (hp lnunlf . i|wl „.,„,,. d ,, |wl . tn , f .nt. Visitation will be held Thurs-!eight stitches to close. Council was traveling north f . ij|(i(j |() v . |)(m Mrs. Keith was taken to Alton"" Humbert when another ear Memorial Hospital for treatment P ullocl fmm H siclr mm1 ' Tne flp ' Mayor William C. Straube of- no comment today on the "epidemic"' of illness in the street- garbage and refuse cwllertlon departments. The situation is expected to be aired at Tuesday ,night's special session of the city 'council previously scheduled on j other municipal business. The Laborers Ixx-al. of Which Charles Steward is business agent, had made no official statement , regarding the almost 1:0 - i(|pnl followed ' (Jotll'rev Firemen to Friday. Most were reported STATEMENT AMD M*OOC*TIOM» fte*p« at th« Buildinfi Prvgram. Proceed* of. the bond Mme *re to •• used for nmkinK permanent Improvements at the Untvenrtty of ntlnoin. Southern Illlnota Vlnlvemity, Bastern nilnols University, HH- •olB state Normal Unlverstty, Northern IJIInott UDiversity, and We»t- «n> Illlnoln University. The term "permanent Knpi u»eii>«»ur te deftfred la Sectton 1 of MM *et and Include* the acquisition of land a* well a» the con»tntctk>n, •nlargement, and rehabilitation of butMtnga. (Future General Aaeomb- •w will determine what apeclHc rmprovementa are to be made.) | Term, Intereet, and Sal* of Bond*. The bonds are to be folly rettred, irtthln 26 years of Issue, and they are to bear 4 per cent annnal Interest. They are to be sold, after newspaper advertising, to the "high- 9ft and best bidder, for not leas than their par VBtoe, upon sealed bid*.' I Payment* to b» Made. Payments on the principal and Interest of the bonds are to be made, an thev become due, from a Universities SniMtng Bond Retirement and Interest Fund in the State treamry, M provided In Section 6 of the act. In order that this Bond Fond contain annVtent money* to meet •w required payments, the General• Assembly is authorised to direct the transfer, from time to time, of State funds from the General Revenue Fund to this Bond Fund. The General Revenue Fund is supported tor a major portion of the tax revenues of the State. If the General Assembly should fall to direct such transfers of kinds, then Section * •f. the Act which levies a property tax upon an real and personal property to thtfc State subject to the taxation, win be in fuH force and effect The proceeds of this tax, rf tevjod, shall be paid Into this Bond Fund for the purpose of making payment of the principal of and Interest on the bonds. However. If sufficient money has been transferred from the General Revenue Fund to this Bond Fund to meet the required payments, then no tax levy will be necessary and none will be tnade Referendum Requirement. The act providing for this bond Issue «fU go Into full force and effect only If It receives a majority of the votes cast for members of the General Assembly at the November t, »«0, election. The proposition is to be submitted on a separate ballot, except that where voting machines are in use, such machines may be to vote upon the proposition. The form of ballot is given below tn the text of the act (The bat- ItMtt. a* w«H a* the act, should be stodled now.) I Others attended from Cincin- superintendent at Curdie Heights Inali. Ohio. Kast St. Louis. St.jBaptist Church, and Mrs. Kunz Ann. Mo.. University City, Mo.,'and children, are attending the 1st. Louis. Princeton and Irving, iRidgecrest Baptist Assembly at 'III., and Bethalto and East Alton.'Ridge Crest, N.C. | Some 60 attended the event 1 The diuich sent the superin- !«hich included a potluck din-;tendent and Mrs. Kun/. to the !ner. The Rev. Kenneth Show I assembly where he will take day. 7 p.m. KOHMKR REBfcCC'A BAKEH ,„„„ thpn dischargec| . srioNiw WKKK MERE j Sh ,. SHld mHt thl . mmvpl . ap . Mrs. Porter .). Womeldorff has'pHrently picked up the small can 'returned, to her Decatur home,and tow it in half. One of the iafter spending a week here with,halves was ejected and did not; ^ \la,,i Tmiiulil I her parents. Mr. and Mrs. George: strike her. ; ' " ltM l '""'r 111 IR. Baker, '.'810 Benbow Ave. She placed this one in the ! The former resident was here refuse can, not knowing that the teer Fire Department will meet, since Friday. while her husband. Army Re-'other half remained in the ma- tonight. 7:.'iO. at the No. 1 sta- 1 serve Lt. Womeldorff, was at thine. When she started the t j on . Camp McCoy, Wis.. on summer: mower again, the other half was 1 training. hurtled, striking her. The second week of the two PKKSBVTKKIA.V SfM.MKR i weeks' encampment. Mrs. Worn- st , HO()| op|fi> . H W|T|| m .eldorff spent in Webster City. lor of tin"sick.' work las' absentees and again .,»,l ccisni it) the affected service departments. tcxlay illm-ss xvas snen as then 'reason for not reporting for work. ! Dcspilf the hoi. humid weather. ;| 'id refuse containers re- Tliirvr? Knlrr (ioill'rey (Hub OODKRKY — Thieves forced a door at the Milo-O-Mo Club off niaincd iinemptied today in those of McAdams Memorial Highway areas of the ctiy where pickups over the weekend and got away (iodfrey Volun- by ,-ily crews were suspendedixvllh an undetermined amount of rash and stores, police reported. TMC ACT OF TMC OCMCftAA. ASSEMBLY. The Act of t»fc General Assembly ber«4utoefor« mentioned M M Mtows: An Act to authorise the Issuance and sale of bonds of the State of Bltnois for the purpoae of obtaining funds to be used for making permanent improvements at educational Institutions owned by this State and to provide for the payment of the principal of and Interest upon such 1 Be it enacted by the People of the State • S)M Oenicsl Assembly: Section L The State of Illinois m authorised to two* and sen and ffjrwiae tor tbe retirement of bonds of the State of Illinois to the •mount of $196,000,000 for the purpose of providing funds in order lo sebeve orer-crowded eondltions by making permanent improvements at educational Institutions owned by this State which are now under tbe Jurisdiction, management and control ot the Boa-rd of Trustees of tbe University of Illinois, the Board of Trustees ot Southern Illinois Ont- vsrsity and the Teachers College Board. Section J. Tbs Building; Bond .Board, hereinafter called the Board, , to created to consist of the Governor, tbe State Treasurer' and the Attorney General. The issuance, sale and retirement of bonds authorised by this Act shall be under the general superriston sttd control of the Board. Tbe bonds shall bear Interest. pstywMe annually, from their date, sjt the rate of not more than +$, per annum. They shall be serial bonds and bs dated, Issued and sold from time to time In such amounts mi may bs necessary to provide •ufflctont money to. make Improvement* provided for ha this Act. Bach bond shall be in the denomination of 91000.M or some multiple thereof, and shall be made payable within 16 years from tts date. These bonds sbaD be signed by the Governor and attested by tbe Secretary of State under the aeal of the State and countersigned by tbe State Treasurer. The signatures of tbe Governor and the Secretary of State may be lithographed facsimile signatures. Interest coupons with lithographed facsimile signatures of the Governor, Secretary of State and State Treasurer may be attached to the hoods. Tbe fact that an officer whose signature or facntmtle thereof appears on a bond or Interest coupon no longer holds such office at the I time the bond or coupon la delivered snail not Invalidate such bond or { creat coupon. ' Pending the preparation and execution of any such bonds, tempo- i j bonds) may be issued with or without interest coupons. The bonds •naif be soM to the highest and best bidders, for not leas than their par value, upon sealed bids. Tbe Board shall, from time to time as bonds are to be sold, advertise to M least I daily newspapers one of which ts published In tbe City of Springfleed and one In tbe City of Chicago tor proposals to purchase the bonds. Bach of such advertise- saenta tor proposals shall be puboahed at leas* K days prior to the oat* ot the opening of the Mda. Tbe Board may reserve the right to re)ect any and aH bida. The bomte may, a( tbe request of owners, be registered with the Secretary of Sts*e The bond* shall be deposited with the State Treasurer and when sold the proceeds of Uw bonds shall bs paid into tbe State treasury and kepi in a separate fund which shall ' bs known m the Universities BuiMtng Fund, which separate fund Is bjsreuy created. i Section I. Tbe proceeds from the sale of bonds tasued pursuant ' •s Oils Act shaU be nsed tor making permanent improvements at Slate As used •> this Act. the term •permanent improvements" means sjsjd Includes construction of buildings, enlargement and rehabilitation •t existing buildings, with fixed equipment Installed: preparation ot and specifications therefor: land acquisition; landscaping and «OB*trvctiae> o( mdewalKe, roads, driveways and parking space, and an other thine* necessary for completion at eonatracttoB at buUdlnj» aod In connecUon therewith. *T Section 4. The State Treasurer may, with the approval ot Mis ttovernor. Invest and reinvest, at the existing market price and In any event not to exceed 101% of par plus accrued Interest, any money In the Universities Building Fund In the State treasury which. In the' •pinion of the Governor communicated in writing to the State Treasurer, Is not needed for current expenditures due or aboul to become •us from such fund, In obligations of the United States Government maturing not more than one year after the date of purchase The cost •rice of sll surh obligations shall be considered as cash in the custody of the State Treasurer and such obligations shall be conveyed at cost price as cash by the Bute Treasurer to his successor The money In the Universities Building Fund in the form of such obligations shsll be set up by the State Treasurer as a separate account of such fund and Shown distinctly to every report issued by him retarding fund balances. All earnings accruing upon stich Investment shall be paid Into tbs Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund in the •Hate treasury, wlilch separate fund In tbe State treasury Is hereby created All of the moneys received from the sale or redemption of such obligations of the United States Government shall bs replaced In ths Universities Building Fund. Section i. To tbe exteol that funds are available In tbe General lUvenue Fund of the State, the Oeneral Aasembly is authomed to direct the transfer, from time to lime, from tbe General Revenue Fund ta ths Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund of •ufficient money to pay tbe principal of and interest on the bonds provided for by this Act, as ths sams bscome due, and to the extent sueb transfer ot funds is authorised by the General Assembly for that purpose, tbe taxes levied for the payment of the principal of and interest as said bonds as provided by Section t of tbts Act shall be abated Section 4 Baoh year, after tbts Act becomes fully operative, and •allI all of tbe bonds issued as herein provided have been retired, thers t» levied s direct annual lax >ipon all real aod personal property In Una •tats subject to taxation for such • mount as shall be necesssry and •undent to pay the interest annually, as It shall accrue, on all bonds Issued under tbe provlsiocs^of this Art snd also to pay and discharge ths principal of auob bonds at per valut. a* s\jcb bonds fall due. and Ins amounts of sucb direct annual tax shall be appropriated for that •pacific purpose Ths proceeds ot tbis tax shall be paid Into ths Universities Building Retirement and Interest Fund m the Ktate treasury. Tbs required rats of sucb direct annual tax shall bs nxed eaok by tbs omosrs charged by law with Bxmg tbe rat* for State taxes en ths valuation of real and personal properly ID this State subject to taxation In accordance wltb tbs provisions of the statutes in snob (•MS: provldad. however, that If money has been transferred from ths OsosrsJ Hsvsnus Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement •Ad tntarsat Fuad for tbs asm* purpose for which said direct annual fM it Urrtsd *s4 Imposed then aald officers shall In flxlnf ths rats ol •aid dim* wutuai IM maks propar allowance la ths amount ot money •» Usnafsrrad la reduction of Us Ux levied under this, Section and MM •a/ Itvlsd und*r Ihli McUoa shall be abated In that amount •swUoo t. Tbs nropoaiUoa at vbstbsr this AM aball. Uk* affaat a sjawt of UtMM.tM M OMttaatad. bonds as issued te thai amount and •bs principal ot svah beads be paid within it years of their dale and •Jko iat«rMl Uwraa* ps wM M <t MOTUSJ by levylnj and impoHai a ejirael ajuuaJ Ui sad by eutbortslof ihs General Assembly to trans- tar aoasy la the Qener*! Rsvsnus Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund ibeiefor. shall be submitted to the Foopl* ot tint ils-ls of Illinois at tbs ftnertl stecttoa to be held as Tuesday fsxl af1*r Ihs irst Moods* of /sovembst. A, t>. 1**0. M • Is) sal sVbs^aAslsJsV SM tltft s^OUOWlotT fQflsV Shall an Aet of th* Oeneral Assembly of ths Rtale of Illinois, sntltled "An Act to authorise the Issuance and sale of bonds of the State of Illinois for the purpose of obtaining funds to hs u«ed for making permanent Improvements at educational Institutions owned by this State and to provide for the payment of the principal of and Interest upon such bonds", enacted by the Seventy-first General Assembly, become effective and ths State of Illinois contract a debt of »196,000.000 and Issue serial bonds to that amount bearing- not to exceed 4% Interest pursuant to said Act to provide funds for permanent Improvements for educational Institutions of the Stats of Illinois, and shall the State of Illinois levy annually a direct tax sufficient to pay the Interest on such bonds as It shall accrue and to pay and discharge the principal of such bonds within 2f> years from their date. In accordance with said Act, which Act provides that, to th* extent that funds are available In the General Revenue Fund of the State, the General Assembly ts authorized to direct the transfer of funds from time to time from the General Revenue Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund sufficient to pay the principal of and Interest on the bonds provided for by said Act, and to the extent that money Is so transferred from the General Revenue Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund for that purpose, then the appropriate officers In fixing the rate of said direct annual tax shall make proper allowance In the amount of money so transferred In reduction of the (axes to he levied and such tax shall be abated tn that amount? 1*0 in Webster Iowa, at the home of Mrs. John i D. Porter, grandmother of the' 1 '" 111 'reserve olficrr. Mrs. Womeldorff is the forfiier Rebecca Baker, a teacher in the : Alton School Distrricl for seven years before.her marriage. She resigned her position during her 'stay here and will teach in the Decatur school system. Lt. Womeldorff and Mrs. Wom- ! eldorff were married in June. He is an electrical engineer. The College Avenue Presbyte- Church vacation church InHuded in business to bo transacted will be the induction ol new firemen. Atlfiiil Reunion Mi', and Mrs. William H. Mey ers and Mabrrn Branan. 1(3 (irovelin St.. (iorllrev. attended school opened today with an en- „ a , B| , anm , Rpun|On S(m . mllment of 128 and a staff of 19. Sessions will continue in the school tor the until day in Terry Park at Palmyra. MrKille Vi omen To Mri't Tufnlay C O D K R K Y—The METHODIST SENIOR GUILD PLANS POTLUCK TUESDAY KETLUX FROM The Senior Wesleyan Service: MONTANA TRIP Mrs. Elmer Fisher Such ballot shall be separate from all others need at except that where voting machines are used under the direction of county clerk, such voting machines may be used to vote proposition Instead of upon the separate ballot Notice of the submission of the proposition shall bs gtvee by fcs wanoos county clerks and the ballots shad be canvassed and latsauwl, ajbatracts of th* vote made and submitted, the votes canvassed mad declaration of th* reanlt made rn the same moaner as tt provided by Sections X, S, C and T of "As Act te provide the manner of proposing •mendmenta to (fee constitution, and submitting the same to the stsctora of this State", approved March M. 1S77, M amended, IB case of the sobmission of a proposed eonstnutlooel amendment; provided that. If separate bsJtots are used, ballots for the submission of such ositian shaft toe printed ea paper that is white Hi color. Section (. Before the vote of the people ts taken upon s»oh safllmi. .the Secretary of State I* authorized and directed to CMS** psb- •tatton of this Act to be mad* In at least two daily newspapers, so* of which Shan be pnHished ta the City of Springfield and the other to the City at Chicago. Such publications shall be mad* aod repeated •t ssMh time* »f is provided for by Section 2 of "An Act to provide OM manner of proposing amendments to the constitution, and sobmit- Ong the same to the electors of this state", approved March 14, MTT, ma amended. Mi eb* OUM of publication of a proposed eonstifeittonaJ amendment Section t. IT any section, sentence or clause of tMs Act Is for any reason held Invalid or to be unconstitutional, such decision shaH not affect the validity of the remaining portions of this Act Section 10. This Act shall go into full force and effect npon receiving at the general election at which it Is submitted the majority of vote* required by Section It of Article IV of the Constitution. Th* provisions of this Act tor the payment of the principal of said bonds at maturity and of the interest thereon annually, a* it shall accrue, hy authorising the General Assembly to direct the transfer of fond* hi the General Revenue Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund for that purpose and by the direct annual tax •pan real and persona) property which has been levied and Imposed herein for that purpose, shall be trrepealabie until such debt and Interest ts pasd to fall, and for the making of such payment* the faith of tfe* Stato ft •toot* to hereby pledged. (Approved Mr M. Wit* FORM Of BALLOT The m«H»o*Hk»i w« be submitted to the wotoi Beotion November S. IMO, on a separate ballot IB joltowtng form: Universities Bond IMM •W P*rnm*»mt ta*)rev*ms«ts at Stats Owned E< MbstanttaJly th* .Shalt an Act of the General Assembly of Hie Male of Illinois, entitled "An Act to authorise the issuance and sale of bonds of the State of Illinois for the purpose of obtaining funds to be •aed for making permanent improvements at educational institutions owned by this State and to provide for the payment of the principal of and Interest upon such bonds", enacted by the Seventy-first General Assembly, become effec- tfrr and the State of nitnots contract a debt of $1»&,<HX>,»00 and tosoe serial bonds to that amount beanng not to exceed fh Interest pnr- snani to said A«t to provide fund* for permanent improvements for educational institutions ef tne State of Plinois, and shall the State of Blnois levy annually a direct tax sufficient to pay the interest *n such bonds as N shall accrue and to pay and discharge the principal of such bonds within M years from their date, la accordance with said Act, which Act provides that, to the extent that funds are available h> the General Revenue Fond of the State, the General Assembly hi authorised to direct tb* transfer of funds bom time to time from tb* General Revenue Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund sufficient to pay the principal of and Interest eti th* bonds provided for by said Act, and to UM extent that money » so transferred from th* General Revenue Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Intsreat Fund tor that purpose, the* the appropriate officer* la firing tb* rate of said direct annual tax she! make proper allowance in the* amount of money •o transferred in reduction of th* tax** to b* levied and «uoh tax shall b* abated to •mount? CaJtPBNTOBl or A OL IMS. ll.LK I AsTTOftNBT OBMBtAl* Guild of the "Main Street Meth- jodist Church will have a potluck supper at Onized Club grounds, 1 Tuesday, 6 p.m. ! Those wishing transportation are asked to be at the church at 5:45. A regular business and missionary meeting will be held. THEFT OF FOUR HUBCAPS REPORTED Herman Cortesi. of Benld. re- j ported to police that four hub- leaps were stolen from his auto- I mobile while it was parked in a | lot in the 1600 block of E. Broad- iway, Saturday night. 'FORMER RESIDENTS VISITING HERE Mr. and Mrs. S. T. Lane of Nashville, Tenn., and their j daughter, Mrs. Robert Goldman of Martinsville, Va., the former Miss Marybelle Lane, and her children, Robin and Bryant, are spending a few days in this area. The Lanes formerly resided in Upper Alton. MAN DISCHARGED FROM ST. ANTHONY'S j George Horstman, 3703 Aber- ideen Ave., has been discharged from St. Anthony's Hospital j where he entered Friday with a respiratory ailment. His condi- |tion has improved. | In one other case: j Mary, 2-year-old daughter of IMrs. Gloria Black, 3900 Aberdeen 'Ave., is in St. Joseph's Hospital 'with a suspected abdominal ail| nient. | She was entered Friday but it is not known when she will be ; discharged. I ROSS WILLIAMSON ICOPS GOKART CUPS Ross Williamson, 15'JO Jersey] St., set a track record in super-AI class at the go-kart track off j Fosterburg road. Sunday. i The 16-year-old new driver also copped two cups out of the three events he won. This meant he was presented three cups, one of them for breaking the track record. Young Williamson drove the •track in 33.85 seconds. The old record was 34.7 seconds. The youth was driving his new .go-kart. Prior to this he had jbecn a mechanic at the track, driving only occasionally. Among the spectators watching Williamson take the cups (were his grandparents, Mr. and MrsT Charles Williamson, 18341 ;Worden Ave. i Williamson is employed at' ; Bill's Hobby Shop oil Washing tun avenue. BOV BITTEN BY MKN POISONOUS SNAKE An 18-months-old boy picked up a snake and was bitten by it Sunday evening in the yard ol his Milton home, i The non-poisonous garter snake struck Kevin Lint/, 208 Hy Vista Ave.. in the ear which became swollen and turned purplish. air conditioned next two weeks, 9 a.m. 11:30 a.m. The theme is "The Church." Program includes worship, prayer, Bible stories, games and refreshments. Additional registrations are be- Fellowship will meet ing received, a spokesman an- ^'f. p.m.. at '» p Melville Union nounced. Congregational Church. The meetings in the past were held on Mondays but will lie on Tuesdays in the future, a spokesman said. Mrs. Harold Fessler. ALUMA KRAFT AWNINGS HIGH IN QUALITY LOW IN COST FREE ESTIMATES — CAMPBELLAWN N |NG A CO. 100 CENTRAL AVE. HO 5-IIIS A/ton's Awning Monu/acfurers /or 35 Yeori Woman's I Tuesday. and son Charles. 514 Brookside Ave., I'l^'dent. will be in charge of have returned from Cut Bank. dcvotions ;)lld flls " win P'™'<te "t Mont., where they spent a week. tllp business session. They were accompanied by Hostesses will be Mrs. Clay Mrs. Spencer Breitweiser, 515 Easl a " d Mrs - Donald Billlf>y ' Brookside. , Under a new agreement, ,Ia- They spent some time in Glac-j pa|| wjl , buv 450 m , ons of ier National Park, visited lor a; Cllban sugar annually. Havana day in Canada, took in the | (Ja |.,, s Blackfeel reservation at Brown-! ing, Mont. They were house-i Hope. Mrs. Hope is a former guests of Mr. and Mrs. Everett resident of Alton. Science Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch—Relieves Pain Iww Twa* W. T. ($• ••!•!) — For UM K«»^ M^ -*_*. . •» ..__ first time science hai found a new healing substance with the aston- ijhins; ability to shrink hemorrhoids, stop itchinr, and relieve pain — without sorcery. In ease after ease, while centJy relieving pais,actual reduction (thrinkace) took pises. t Most amaxJnf; of ail-rsralta »•*•. a» taoroua-h tkat svffersa mads sstonishinr statements like have ceased to be s problem!" , The secret is a new healinr substance (Bio-Dyne»)-discovery of a world-famous research institnts. This substance is now avaUsbls m suppeftlery or ointment form onder the name Prtparatio* ff.e At yoor dncrnt. Me«ey back fuarantsa. . -«e«. U. a. Pet. o« RCA Whirlpool AIR CONDITIONERS i AIR CONDITION NOW Price* Good Thru Saturday, AUK. 13th 1 H.P—115 Volts—12 Amps. 8700 BTU Regulai $229.95 1 H.P.—230 Volts—8-9 Amps. 12,500 BTU Regular $309.95 2 H.P 230 Volts—12 Amps. 14,500 BTU Regular 5339.95 21/2 H.P.—230 Volts—12 Amps. 16,500 BTU Regular 5389.95 $25095 $27595 $32995 HARVEY Electric Co. 45 S. Ninth (Off Airline Drive)— ftowuood HelghU Dial CL4-M4« Open Toniifht— Friday Till Nine— Dally: 8:80 to fl:»0 PJL MAKE IT A FAMILY NIGHT! Ca PITOL.* BCILDTWta, aprrosjUsM, Illinois, Or THE aeORHTaRT Of (, CHARLES F. CARP6NTIER, ftesr^sry mi *#• ot Oss tlKnois. do hereby certirt that the forecoing oootams a tme copy Ibe act ol th« Seventy first General Aasembly. •pprovea' July ML entitled "An Act u> authorise ihs Issuance- and sals mt boosb of State sf Illinois lor tbe purpose or obuinlnf (uad* lo tw MS*! a«km( psrmaaeM imi>rov«menu at educational >nsjji|iiUm> wnsM this state and to provide for ttte paymsnt of tfcs pftMlpa)! t/ »»d tsrest upon such bonds . the original ot e/bloh M o* Ms si (ks* aad the form Is which the proposition to bs SDbmttt^si ti te wtH appear on a separate ballot W tits ' ~ ~ ' ' la* lor s» ft mi Bulldio 4*r of EhMM «t 09 U» OltF 04 , A. P. JAM. MM * * UW DtssM ••«•••• CIAIUI r. eiifnmn. Whtn Wat Your PILLOW Sttriliitd Last? PILLOWS $1.19 Augutt SptciaJ Frtt Wci-(/p aad Wtl.Mwy. HOMI77 A. * P. Food Starts til Plata litdtrmcm Furniture 203-304 Ftasa Carson Jtwtlry S10 W. 3rd Franklin Union Furnifurt 800 E. Broadway Gorrttt Furniturt 16 W. Broadway Gottly's 108 VV. 3rd W. T, Grant Co, 806 W. Srd J. ft R. Auto Starts Spiegel Catalog Desk 400 Belle FREE PARKING METERS tXTRA QOLDKN to HOUtf L A L Fornlfurt itb PiM* Si. Mytrt Ires. 3rd and Pirns* Paul's Fabrics 206 State St. Schotfftr'i 108 IV. ftrd Schiff Shot Start SIS Belle Stars Retbuck Ca. 805-tS fiat* Slock Ftirnitort sos w. snt (Thrifty Drug Sl» Belle [Thrift Hardware «oo Belle Vlek's Shoot 114 W. SN Vo«uo AM w. MI Ytiwg's Pry •io.U IQe-lM W. ft* AVOID RUSH and TENSION!

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