Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 8, 1960 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 8, 1960
Page 6
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PAGE SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, AUGUST g, 1980 Rp thai to Cnh* Spew/ Dn nt Camp gin 9wrrt«y V. V. Vir- Swimming and recreational \\rrr madr available to ciibs during thr all-day out- the ing. tn a Pack committee meeting held at th* Bethalto Vfflnfe tOfl BETrtALTD — BOJK from fteth-j thr group voted to hold regular alto Cub S<-mit Pack 101 attended: meetings on thr 2nd Monday of •.each month Cub pack meetings will be held on the third Tuesday of each month. Cuhmastcr Joseph JLaw reported In other business the commit- tci approved a donation of $10 to [the Bcthallo Swimming Pool Fund. I It was also announced that the I Pack will march in the Bethalto . — ii--.--.--«*-. ' Homecoming parades on Sept. 4 Sen* IMt*l tft BtLl> ' , .. T. ttr Ilktrtlfr*t «*m»ta Mild .1 an outing Saturday at Camp \Var fen Levf. 1 it was reported by Pack Gassy? ifeawl MS • THWM rftltwf Stll »NI til •? MORAL HAITI Ml ITKI PHUC •ELFMC MlflTVTIMI IT IMS STATE ACT All MM HME Mr. arid Mrs. Ben Hoptcood, Carrollton^ Wed 50 Yean CARROLLTON-Mr. and Mrs. Ben Hopwood will have open have sincp resided. Mr. and Mrs. Hopwood have house at their home Sunday, | four living children: Mrs. Henry Aug. 14. from 2 to 5 p.m. in ob-jStanem of Alton. Mrs. Ben Early •sprvancp of their 50th wedding!of .lerseyville. Mrs. Lowell Cam- annivprsaiT Hopwood. son of >md Mrs. William Tuba. Mo., and CARROLLTON - In lieu of their regular monthly meeting the members of the Loyal Daugh- den and Glen Kugene Hopwood, the late Mr. both of Carmllton. They have 11 Hopwood of .grandchildren and two great- Miss Stella: grandchildren. Scott, daughter of the late Mr. Clime* to Meet <nd Mrs. Curtis Scott of Greenfield, were married Aug. 17, 1910. in Can-ollton. Attendants ,vere William Raffety of Green- 'ield and the late Mrs. Kthel Raffrty Jackson. heir marriage they made their home in Carrollton. where they Kamily Nign , wi ,, bp ohservpd Rob Carrier, a British cook-1 Tuesday evening by the Friendly book writer, offered a fom-! Blblt> class of First Baptist Summit Dinner menu a couise frcim each nation: American devilled prawn cock- w , n tnP arirttan Church nsor a fjsh fry for the Following ronR1 . pgaUrm o( tne church Ttles . : Church and a carry-in supper will he served, with Mrs. William Rief and Mrs. Rupert Vallentine tail, Russion beef Stroganoff, aft BBI Itovnmbnr x. la vote OB a protNMBl for a he*)d Mau« whtoh M enatiiM Shan UM State of lIMnoto borrow UCMOM* lor i h) order to retiev* overcrowded condition* at fba (apple snow. (This wa.< owned amilal' health and other public welfare iMUtuttoatt !,,,„ c ,, m ^,n ,, n ii.,.,c. n •> Th* detaftod provwona are contained to a law whi«h wa* paM** the Summit collapse.) * two-third* vote of the General AMemMy and approved by tne as hostesses. Entertainment is being planned by Mrs. Greene Home Bureau Board Members Meet CARROLLTON-E x e <• ti t i ve' board of Greene County Home 1 Bureau was held Friday at the' Farm Bureau office and plans were made to meet Monday with the Home Economics Coun- Caifollton May Install Natural Gas System CARROU/TON — Cnrrollton is tern and no funds obtained from romidprlng the Installation of a cil and interview two applicants for the position of Givene County Home adviser. Miss Sympson of the extension service of the University of Illinois will meet with the two groups i municipal Municipal natural gas gas systems system. Installed taxes will be obligated or used. and assist them in their planning for fall and winter. Monpv-mak- A survey of potential custom-: in other cities and villages in the' ers for the ".v-tem ^H be made! "state have been financially sue-jhi the near future. A riuesHon- cessful and have provided cus-jnaire requesting Information tomers with a clean and conven-jnecessary for determining the ient fuel at a lower cost than! feasibility O f the proposed sys- most other available fuels. Funds for the installation tem and obtaining a gas alloca- ofjtion from the Federal Power , lit ,!_ , •. . I 111 lit r* IvJI (til II I.T r ti I Hi v ivri i x»i , ---- -- — --- — .. » . ^^.. . .... - -, ,. ^. ing projects for the fall and ifhp svstpm w||| hp ontmnpd from j Commission will be mailed to winter were discussed. '^ tnr salp of revpmlp bo^s. The I "H potential customers. Persons Carolyn Grubbs, youth assistant | honds wH) bp rptjrpr) so)p , y fromiwho desire gas service and- who and i ....... i appeared before ttw-board ^nni ohta)npd from mp | do not receivp a questionnaire gave a report of Rural Eolith, , should ,, omac( thp dty clerk and 4-H club activities. ;MJ SS Pamela Burton of Kemper. (Thomas Bandy, and a question- Hospital Notes Mrs. Ruth Cunningham of Fay-l nalre wil , be f urnls hed them. CARROLLTON ~ Two babies rtte was admitted Friday. , - ., were born Saturday at Bovd MP- Dismissed Saturday was Mrs. mortal Hospital. A daughter was Mildred Williams, and Mrs. Dor- born to Mr. and Mrs. Charles'othy Nettles and son of Carroll-j Schmidt of Carrollton and n son!ton; Mrs. Barbara Griswold of| ito Mr. and Mrs. Kenneth Shaw'Rockbridge; Miss Marcia Levveyi French salad bowl and KnHUahr,".',, and Mrs Robert Tiirker , S ° ° f Carrollton - Admitted tolof Wrights: Mrs. Betty Holter-| (This was before T m t h , n !thp nos P ltnl Saturday xvas Mrs.|field of Eldred and Mrs. Peggy ( wirni a piogiam to oe Presented ; v . rglnia Blnstead o( R | dred and'Buchanan and son of Bethalto. ! by Mrs. John Williams. . PAV MA. YOUR BILLS IN ONE PLACE BUDGET SERVICE I<1 Eft*t Broadway HO s-8118 PRESCRIPTIONS •rt • CAREFULLY PREPARED • SENSIBLY PRICED • DELIVERED FREE Alton's Moit Modtrn Pharmacy 2610 Stiti St. — Nfrtk Alter, - Dill NO Mill Mil PARKING- NIXT TO STOW Read Telegraph Want Ada Daily cmnra PUW «n ivc MWH-I M Aouiuiuf? «ira •ffnwu oy tow Tbe teat of tb* aM H pwbllwned below, a* required by the —-~— The loHowtny Statenwnt and anggeetloi^ ha* been •TATCMCWT — •ft MM Mr it lmnro»annB,to a pwbHtl welfare, metttnttoni owned by the State of Itttnol*. M tern "permanent improvement*" la denned In OecOoa I of and toetudea aequMMioB of land a* weft a* th* construction, < and renafamtntioB of btrildtng* (Fatur* General re to be u ol <* MOM. and tk« to IM MM, kfl«r bowte «•«••« to bomr 4 tt tallr ••• bond* are to be made, M tbey beeeoM dM, from » P»bUff WeHar* Bond Rettr»meot and Interwtt Faad «• tb« St»4« tr««aunr, M (NVrtded l« Section t of ttoc act. tt order that thrt Boad Fnnd tuiHala aiflVjXut mtMy* to mwt A* roqnlrod parmmta, UM General AMonMr !• authoriaed to direct tho taHMtar, from Ume to ttme, ot SUte fund* trout the Oeoanl Rev«a«« fmmt to IM« Bond Fund. Tbe General RoramM Fund to •iprorled by ft a^tor porttoa of the tax iwremmi of tb« Slat*. Tt th« General A*- ajajililj abMrtd tall to d»roet m**> taraoalen of fMtda, ttt«a Section • at th« Aot vMeh tertaa a propertr tax ••oft aM real a*d uononal •ropoily to thto Stato anbfoet to tasBttaa, wnl be la fa> tore* and offoet UM »i'OBMd« of ft>to tax. W l«vtod. ataaM b* paaf toto ••% Boad tor HM p«rpo»c of maklnc payaiuX of the prto«toal of and to- INI tlM MMMM. HOWtWftt»- M MlBoCHMA BoMMMV »MM tMMI tWtttti > 4ICi"9V UM Oeneral Keren** FHaad to IMa Bond fWod to awot ta« ro> •nrred •anovnta, HMD w> to* tory val bo ait y aad BOB* wtn bo O* nrto fall foree and effect only If H ieoet>ea a majority of the vote* •eat for Biemttei* ef the General Assembly at the November I. 11 general election. Tbe proposition la to be sBbmttted on a •aflot, except that where voting; maculae* are ka M be •aed to vote upon the proposition. The form of ballot •> given below m MM tact •tan an Aot of «• Ooiiotftl AM*mbhr of tb« •UU of nilnol*. entitled "An Aot to authorUe the lotuanoe and Ml* of bond! of the gtate of nilnoli for tho pnrpoi* of obtalnior fund* to bo vied for mtktnr permanent Improvement* at mental health and other public welfare Initltu- tloni owned by thli State and to provide for the payment of the principal of and Interest upon •uch bondi", onaeted by the 8eTenty-firM Oen- oral Atoembly, become effective and the State of lllfnoli contract a debt of $160.000,000 and laiue terlal bond* to that amount bearlnr not to exceed 4% Intereit purmant to Mid Act to provide fund* for permanent Improvement* for menu I health and other public welfare Institution* of the Bute of Illlnoli, and *hall th* State of Illlnol* lery annually a direct tax *uf- flctent to pay the Interest on aueh bond* a* It •hall accrue and to pay and dl*chtrf* th* principal of *uch bond* within 21 year* from their data. In accordance with Mid Act, which Aot provide* that, to tho extent that fund* are avallabl* la th* General Revenue Fund of the State, th* General Aiiembly I* authorized to dlreot tho tranefer of fund* from time to time from the General Revenue Fund to the Public Welfare Building; Bond Retirement and Intereit Fund mfflclent to pay the principal of and In. terevt on th* bond* provided for by Mid Act and to the extent that money I* *o tran*f*rred from th* General Revenue Fund to the Public Welfare Building; .Bond Retirement and In- tereet Fund for that purpose, then the appropriate officer* In flxlnr the rat* «( aald dlreot annual tax *hall make proper allowance in the amount of money *o tran*f*rred In reduction of the taxe* to be levied and meh tax *hall be abated In that amount T •me ACT or TWC t e< the Oeu*!** Jtwembiy An Act to avtborr** the toviaae* and aa*e *•? b*o«* of fJw Stato «T DHaole tor ttoe pwpoae of obtalnlnr tamtm to be «ood for maktoc H* •laimit unprovemeaU at mental beatta and other pabMe w«Ware toalllnllnin owned by tbt* State and to provMe tor tbe payoneot <* tbo frtoctpal of and katereat ••«• Mch bond*. ^ft^ft> ^•ft^ft^ftk «>af _._ _ , .... v ... H p. ^n, •***,«* nBWBnEJB,eW*ja*j —~-r •—""•"••"""'• •**W»*a are need andor the direction of any «o»*W clerk, aaea voting machine* may be need to vet* UPOB Bach •ropoattloo instead of upon the separate ballot. Notice of tbe Babroleaion of tbe propoeltlon *nafl he given by me - oaemty clerk* and the ballots •ball be eanvaaaed and returned. —-—_U* of tbe vote made and submitted, the votea eaavaaaed «~« a eJeetarattOB of the reault made m the aame manner ae la provided by Seettuua 1. t, t and 7 of "AM Act to provMe the manner of oronoalB*; awMndmmt* to the eonetltotlon. and aabmlttlng the ~TM. to thTelec. tore of thi* 9ta*«-, approved Mareh 14, ItTT, M amended. • oaa* of «M —*—— of a proooeoa oonemettonel amendment: provided that Section L Tbe State of Dltno** I* anOioi laud to taaae and atM aM ffB«vid« for the retirement of bonda ef the State of IMnota to the ajBumm of S1SO,*M.«00 for the purpoae of provMIng fnnd* la order t* aaHeve orercrowded condition* by makln*; permanent ttnpron»mM»ts at Mental health and other public welfare inetltwtiona owned bv •tste whtoh are DOW under the JuriidteOon, nM.nagenMa •C the Department of PnbHe Welfare. Section l. Tbe Building Bond Board, heremarter called me Board, to created to cons*** of the Governor, tn* State Treaeurer and the Attorney General. Tbe Henance, aal* and retirement of bonde author- ised by th* Act *haN b* wader the general eaparvtaioB and control of the Board. The hood* ahafl bear Intereet, peyaMe aunaally. tron then- date, wt Ota rate of not more than «*£ par anmam. They *haH be aerial bonde a*MI he dated, tawed and aoM from thne •> tnne In mch amonnt* ae be necessary to provide aufneient mener **> me hi imnrovemente for ta tbl* Act. Bach bond shell be to th* denomination of ai«a».M or some muHtpte tbereot and shaB be made nayeMe witMn ^^ the SecreUry ef State M au'tbonced and okreated publication of this Act to be made ra « least I deny newspaper*, one JLTS2 1 i 1 ^** """I*** * the C*ly of Spno«neM and tti* other tn the Oty ef Cmea«o. Sw* pnbltcathm* iball be mea* and renuainf at •teh tmtea a* t* provided for br Section I of -AB Aet to provide MM to Che eonMttDttoa. and aaLuirlltna th<a *t»«*-. approvodfareti 14, Itn. ae i Aot •) tor «. •**•<*> held mvaiid or to be waeoneutatloaal. •amet the variMMy of the rematome; portion* e •action M. Tin* Aot (ball g* mto fwfl fore* nad afoot tar at me general election at wMch « la *Bbm*tted the ma|ortty votes Mejaired by Seettoa M ef Artteai IT ef me Oonstlu,tlo«.1 provMone of thta Aet for tbe payment of me prmetnal of nUd at Bmturity aad of the Interest thereon amranBy, a* tt abafl aocrw. aathoriBlB*; the General Aaaembty *. direct the OBMiraf Bevewte Fund to the Pi*gu WeUare meat aad Intereet Fund lor that BBTPOBC and br attested by tbe Secretary af State anonr the seal of me State eoBatersigmd by tne State Ti UBBBI «*. The Bignatm *• of the Qov. and tbe Secretary ef State may be Mhoaraphed facsimile signn- at Secretary of Bint* a*td 8ta»» T**aasjrer maa> be attached t*> > bond*. Tbe fact mat an omeer whoa* «>gitalan or *»«a«a»tt« thereof PBMB en a batid or ' ' iBBMtheboMl or The bonda tor aot to** thnn t! The Board ••*•. from tame to to be aotd, advortto* ta at toaat 1 daily mn*n>gjm> one ef ! to ••• C*ty af SpttocAaM aM aae to tar ainiinaafti to pnrcbaM the bonda. Kaoh of tor BTOpoaati abaH be toaat M naye prtor to tne of fne opetnar of the bide. The Board may reserve the right to aH MdB. Tbe bond* may, at tb* reqaeat of with the Secretary of State. Tb* bond* abaH be de. wttfc OM State Treaanrer aM when aold MM prooeeo* of the be paid toto tbe State Ueaanry aM kept to a aeparnto nal be known a* tbe Pna»* W< ... la hereby created, l. Tb* propped*- from Ik* *al Aot ahail be uaad lor making permaoent tmprovomeot* at mental health aM other pnMIe welfare A* Baed to th*« Aot Ik* term -paimaiunt mniini conatniottoB of bwlMlmr*. *al«rg«m»nt aM rehabltltattoa bBltdinga, wtta axed eaulpment Inatailed: preparation ef apectftcationa Btorefor; land aoquMUon: ktMaeaplng; aM of atdjewalM, roada. driveway* aM parking; apaee; and a* 4. th* CtaU TreMurer may, with th* approval of •*• •MVernor, lnv**t and reinvect, at th* exiltlng market price and In any • •vest not to exceed lOJqfc of par plu* accrued Intereit, «nv money In Ml* Fnbll* Welfare Building- Fund In the Bute treasury which, In tho opinion of th* Governor communicated tn writing to th* State Tree*- •rer, |a not needed for current expenditure* due or about to become toe fiom aoeh fund. In obligation* of th* United •tate* Government •Mtvrinf not more than on* year after th* date of puroha**. Th* •Mt price of all ruch obligation* *htll b* con*ld*r*d •• eaib in tb* •jajtody of th* BUt* Treajurar and guob obligation* *hall b* conveyed ftt oagt prto* a* oa«h by tb* *UU Trowurer to hi* *uec***or. Th* •ton*r t» th* Publle WeUar* Building Fund In th* form of *uoh obll- gjatlon* (hall b* a*t up by th* 8UU Treasurer a* a *eparat* account of *ueh fund and ahown alMlnetly to every report i**u*d by nlm retarding fund balance*. All earning* tcorulnf upon *uch lav*atment (hall b* paid Into the Public Welter* Building Bond Retirement and Int*r**t Fund In th* •tat* treasury, which **paittt* fund In th* |t«t* treasury i* hereby or** ted. All of th* money* received from the *al* or redemption of •nob obligation* of the United State* Government (ball b* replaced fc> Ik* Publle Welfare Building Fund. •eotlen i. To th* extent that fund* *r* available In ib« General rlwd to "* •»_**!' ****.. tb* mniaiiic ii and *ai* of bonda of tbe State of •Wnoia tor tn* anrnooe of ohtalnmg fund* t* b* for saaking permanent improvement* at health and other pvbNe welfare knecMB- •oa* owned by tbia Stale and to provide for *be of the principal of and Interest upon bonda*, enacted by tb* Seventy-Are* Qen- AansmMy. become effective a ad the Mate contract a debt of HM.m.M* MBg bonds •» mat amonat t>earmg aot •fUHaoBV Bt It to pay and dhnbarge bonds within M In accordance wtth *atd Act. which A«t asa- vtdee that, to the extent that (trod* are avail. aM* M tb* General Reveoa* Fwnd of the ate,**, «*e Genera! Asaembty b) aathorned to dlreet the tranafer of fenda front time to am* from me General Berenwe Fond to th* Public Welfare Buftdtag Bond Uetiremewt and Interest •smcieot to pay tb* principal of and M en the bond* provided for by *atd Aot. and to •be extent that money b> *o transferred front •B* General Kovemt* F»n4 to the Pnbltc W«V •jrt Buildtng Bwad Retti tT*aBBmVi fVf tmlmW p«l |IMw*Ut wVrfBBl ••••> *¥*pp*TV|"l lalwTI edBten » Axing tti* rate of *aM dlreot aomml toe. *wa« make proper anowaao* IB the amovnt af money *o »ran*ferred In rewaetton *f tb* u* rund of tb* ttat*. tb* Oeatral AgMrobly It tuthorlwd „ mvwK the transfer, from tim* to Urn*, frota tb* O*n*ral Revenu* rmvl •» th* Fublt* Welter* Building Bead Retirement and Interest Fund af ••••IBM money to pay th* principal of aad intereet on th* bond* pre. •Mad tor by thi* Aot at th* *4m« become due, and to th* extent MOB •mint*!' of fund* tt authorlitd by th* General Asttmbly tor that pur. fnw*, th* tax** l*vl*d for th* payment of th* principal of and Inter**) «• *ald bond* •• provlotd by Boction « of thl* Aot thall bt abated. •eetlon « Eaeb year, »ft«r thl* Aet b*oom** fully op*ratlv«, a««) mttl all ef th* bond* tgguad M provided la thl* Act bav* been retired. «b«r* U Uvtad * 41r*ct annutl taa upon all r**l and p*r*onal property |» tbl* State gubjeot to taxation of men amount a* thill b* neoemry •M BufAclent to pay th* lnt*r«*t annuillr, M It thall teorue, on all *o«w> t*»u*tf under th* proTliloai *f tbl* Aot end alto to pay an4 dli. •Mrge th* pnaelpal of «ueb bond* at par valu*. ** tuch bond* fill 4u«: •••) th* »mount» of saeb otreot annueJ tax *hall bt epproprlatad |g*> IX! The procMd* of thi* tog •b*M b* paid into tb* Public) WOfwa Maff BoM Retirement tad lat*r«at fund la tb* tut* tr«a*ury Th* reQulred rat* of *urh direct »nnu»l us thall b* Aied *as% I/ by th* officer! charged by law with oxlng the rat* for Btat* •Wet on th* valuition of real »»d par*«a»l proptrty In (hi* St»t* *ub- IBBI to taxation In accorBanc* wit* th* provliloa* of tht tututu In tu«h >: provided, however, thai If roonty hti been tr*n*f*rr*d fro* th* raj >l*v*nu* Fund to th* PuWlc Wtlfar* Building Bond R*tlr*. ajtd Int«r**t Fund for th* mm* purpo** for which wld direct •I «V la l*vl*d end lmpo**d th*n a*ld officer* ihall In Axing th* af «M dlr*ct Mnutl Ux mak* prop*r *llow*nc* In th* •« ff MMy BP trajAtafrad IB r*duotlon of th* tai l*vl*d uadtr thla •w Mi Ue Ui lavtaa B»«M tbit ••oua* akali b* »t»t*d IB f• Tk* iraaiarttaa af *BaUar tkla a* atou la** acatt. a •1 hMA* b* laau«4 u that amount aaj b» taM vUhlB M year* of th*lr S^^BI^ e *J*IA BBsajaw •• ••• i •aM af UW.BsaBBt j^"'™* ^"^ WW>*BW/»»»™BB|BBBJ d__MMA aMITil tamV mM M •• C»M M U MOTUM by l»vylng and tmpoalng a »M e* authorising tb* Qtntre) Awembly t* irwular la taa OeMnkl Bavenu* fund to tnt PubJU W*l(»r* Bulldiaj HattmnaBt U4 Intartet JTuad th.refor, ghell b* *ubmiu*d tt taa Mafia af tb* Slat* of nilnol* *t th* g*ntr»l election lo b* held ** f*Jai*»r aact **t*r tb* tut Vwtw of Nov*mb*r, A 0- ttM, ot> • He«j»ta kftiiat to la aubateM>«*Uy la HM following torn; Carpet by Command .... 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