Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 6, 1960 · Page 12
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 12

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1960
Page 12
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PAOE TWELVE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, AUGUST 8, 1980 fttE RVRI) HOUSE By Howard Spatter ^ JUDD SAXON By Ken Bald and Jerry Rronfield JKN 1 - COUiC vou TELL Vg AfsANC'E WHAT vou'RE >Ne TO &4v rc Erne *APEIc f WE A*E...JC_WE CAH STtU yOH, 6PPIC- TT LL BE WORTH THE "EXPENSE 5 TO TRUST ME/ i CMARTEUEP «^_-r IT'S THE ANSWER FLIGHT ' Jlr £ To EVERYTHING. HEI?E THfy Ml?. 5AXON, I'M CUTTINS OUT O c THI* AAE KNOW IP THE BO V WANTS CCLLESE-OR CUK THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs OH, wewpv, weuue, iw so 7 WMEU 6LAD VDU'VE COME HOME/> ABOUT TO vou VOU SEE, WHEW HE DIED, A PACT OF ME DIED, TOO -• THE PART THAT MADE ME 1 si AWAV/ »$ '-™*.'4 M ***• ™ "ffrU-*- *" CAPTAIN EASY We OWLY KMOW THAT THE KBD ^, CHINESE. OKSdTIMS THE PLOT, A«B .O$UKA,^\ SURE IT CAN 1 T WIL I AL50 T W05T JAPANE*E VTHEY HAVE A COLLABORATOR. FAVOR TH 1 RECENT WITH AMERICA 1 . HOW CAM A PEW FANATIC* OP56T THAT NOW? By Leslie Turner VE9...WE HAVE TWO *USPECT& UNDER CLOSE ~ WATCHl THBV WAV LEAP 0» TO THE OTHER*.. POS5IBLV AWOWa THE THOUSANDS OF LOVAL JAPAWE6B CIUIUIAM eMPLoyee«...oR w OKIE OF OUR OWKJ U«rr*L a THE FAWATIC* IT* NOT QUITE THAT HOPEUE53, CAPTAIN EA*V. THEV HAVB A FEW MORE TIMV CLUE*! THE SMITH FAMILY Mr. and Mrs. George Smith MinKro Adj.Hi Vi UUK BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams &6AD,VOJ'ME BUT SAR&LV J ARRlWeD/— 4S YOU VJELLI THISPLAC&V VJELL, IT PATES tBSS^ VJA9 APPIAUSE; •THAMA \\H5Re3usT LI6WTMIMS// TO 558 A IN A <[(50LFCOURSe . .TRAPPED OISPLAV.< . OUTWARD APPfiAR-/ 1 MY WORD WAIT FOR 8E£M PACKET? U»KTHEdE--I SPEWT TVMO WEEKS BUILPIKI'A BIRP HOUSE, SET IT OUT THERE A WEEK AfiO, AMP THERE AIM'T A BIRD SET FOOT OM IT VET.' WHAT'S THE MATTER V WITH'EM f ^ fc! < WHAT CAW VDU EXPECT, 6RAMPT REMEMBER HOW YOU KEPT CHASING THEM. AWAY WHEM THEY WERE EATIMSTHE 6EASS SEEP YOU PLAWTEP A WHILE BACKt OUICK.6ETIWTHERE AWDCHAWSETHE SUBJECT BEFORE THEYSETIMTOA , HASSLE AMP 1 ORAMPA &TALK9 OUT WITHOUT EATIW6 HIS BREAKFAST.' r K^. SRAMPAW FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser STDVVALL HEY, LAPP/ ]C'M04/ PITCH NAKJOy WE DOTCXJR, r^ KMOW YOU'RCNOr ASLEEP/ ALLRI6Hr THEM—Br THAT V\Wr/ y MAN, LISTEN TO TMAT SNORE,WILL.YA/. BOOTS AND HER BUDDIES By Edgar Martin CJQVW&KS. VSWCMt^a B CMfrN, VUU M %OOXV. ' vwcr rt __ , i ^ BIG BEN BOLT By John Onllen Murphy THESE WIWSTOMISHT X*UTOM4TIC>JLLy M^<EHlMMO.l COWTEWP6R, OPF WEAPON 0P DOOM ? ALLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlln .^. C.NO,NUTHIN LIKE, •^^ ^\ Tkw...I'M A /YSH! SHE MM56 VV6UU, DIP M^ HORSE-NfiENTLEMANf " ' "' WHIP THE EPtTCW FOR J f^VEMAN, ' WRITINS THAT STORY/REMEMBE^? ABOUT THE Bl(3, r^ .i^vW^MCAVEMAM?;! ^ ^ n ' L ' CUfTC A Of YOUR S6NTILITV, ..J9AIO TD TAKE HER RACK TO MOO 90 SHE COULD SEC PBOPLE RR8THANP N6VER MIND.' I'M NOT SOlMflTSO AU>4G WITH ANYTHING LIKE THAT/ RIVETS George Slxta Soft PilloivPeta 687 ,WUk M KtaM Kotgt^xfc. ,XJ rt|gH> f«*nW THE BERKYS Carl Grubert WATER IS WARM ENOUGH FOR JIMMIE s-t, I'LL TEST IT FOR YOU N'Hp-timp company! Tots love !o curl up with thr>sp pillow-pet? IhfVrr lovaMn. huKgable. Slropy Toys 'n' pillows, too— sMff with loam rubber. Two iflfntiral pinrr>s plus ears for rvirh. Pattern (i")7: transfer 9x 10-inch cat; \'2 \ 17 elephant. Send 33 rpnlH (rolrn) for thi* pattern—add 5 rent* for (Mich pattern fur flrM clam mulling. •Send to Alton TflPKraph, ««, Ncrdl.'cralt Dcpl., P.O. Box HI, Old Chflvcn Station, New York It. N. V. I'rlnt plainly Pattern Number, Name, AildreM. New: New! New! Our 19HO Linira Wheeler Neecllorrnft Book is ready NOW! Crammed with exeiting, unusual, popular designs to crochet, knit, sew, em- hroider. quilt, \venve fashions, liome furnishings, toys, gifts, ha/finr hits. In the hook FRKK ;i quilt patterns. Hurry, senri IT) cents for your copy. Week's Sew-thrifly PRINTED PATTERN 4770 SIZES 6-14 HENRY By Carl Anderson C S3 DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney "THERE'S A LITTLE ©If?l7 AT THE DOOf? 6AV5 ONE OF you DIPPED HER., ...BRAID IN AN INKWEU. -Junior Editors Quiz on- IRON Rutrlbulcd nv KiAK f'telutw M WikDiun ?n«l»«le»l Wvtt K(htta<mii True Life Adventures PLAVFUU PACHYDERM Uluet POK. PUN, OUMBO JUNIOR ATTXOOM6 OTHER ANIMAL6 AT THB WATBK HOLS. QUESTION: What is pig iron? •• » * * ANSWER: Iron or* goe« throu^i • long, inrolT*d prooeM before tt becomes the door of an nutomobUe or part of» gtant skyiortper. One of the first steps is to put it through a blast furnace where nuoh impurities as oxygen, sulphur and phosphorus are removed. The iron that oomes out of the blast furnace is in a molten, or liquid, state, ready to be poured into molds and allowed to harden into bars. These bars are called "pigs" and the iron in this stage of its pro-' ceasing is called "pig iron." Pig iron is not pure iron because It still contains a small amount of impurities like carbon, manganese, silicon and other elements. It must go through several other steps before it becomes steel. -^ « * • FOR YOU TO DOt Look up Iron and steel in your encyclopedia and see if you can trace the man/ stops pig Iron must go through before tt la roadjr to become part of an automobile.! * * * (Rita Sohafer of Otlsoo, Ind., viol $10 for tbti question. Bend your question on • postcard to Violet Moor* Higgins, AP NewffMtert*, in care of this newspaper. 8 dupUotto questions w* rt«tlfft ¥». BtojiM will ••!•«* tt* i W&n4.-/&k ! Daughter knous best: Her 'lir.-i chiiicc- (in x hool is a \s|jin-aljout junipci' in bright juool to piiriner uith a crisp jl.iousf. Seu them yourself, save dollars: Printed Paiiem -1770: Girls' Sizes G, 8, 10. 12, 14. Size 10 .jumper lakes P a yards 54-inch; biouso 1' 4 yards 39-inch fabric. Send SS cents In coins for this pattern—add 10 renU for each pattern for tlrst-clas* mallliiK. Send to Anne Adams care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern jlJept., 'M3 W. 17th St., New York ill. N. V. Print plainly Name, Address, 81/e, Style Number. I SEND NOW! Big, beautiful, COIXJR-IFIC Fall and Winter Pattern Catalog has over 100 styles to sew — school, career, half-sizes. Only 35 cents! Read Telegraph • Want Ads Daily The first thing a man notices about a girl depends on which way she is going. ©NEA® Florida Untor Unrveet TALLAHASSEE, Flu. If)-Alligator hunting is big business in Florida. The State Game and Fresh Fish Commission reports professional hunters harvested an estimated 18,735 'uators for a profit of $343,887 during the 1959.-U) fiscal year. Largest kill was one 17 feet long. The average length was slightly over 7',» feet. Average price paid for alligator hides was ($2.50 per foot.

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