Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 6, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1960
Page 11
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE ELEVEN w Contemporary Home Is Bathroom Has Worst Sidewalks Should Last Well Designed for You !£=...Forever, But Don't ^*^ room In the average home? 1 If a contemporary home Is I what you are looking for, then thi» week's featured design Is for you. Note the attractive exterior of stone and brick construction with a trellis effect. The foyer with Its guest closet prevents direct intrusion into the other rooms of this design —affording a "central hallway" theme. To the left is the bedroom wing, to the rear is the working area, and on your left the ultimate In living and activity. Inasmuch as this Is a base* mentless design, the laundry room is convenient to the kitchen, as well as having an outdoor exit for hanging the clothe? outside in the summertime. There is a, lavatory located here, too, which saves time and steps for the busy homemaker. as well as for children playing outdoors. The kitchen Is compact, glv-l Ing the best working spare, as! well as spaciousness. Note the loutdoor cooking. Island sink, abundant counter:for family relaxation as well asi T)f\ If spore and cabinets, plus step-j en tertaining. saving location of the breakfast; Th<? , iv , nR ^, nlng „„„, , s spa . nook. . i _ . , . . : PIOUS and features sliding glass j Doonvay from the nook leads doors ^ ^ h w)ndow | to the porrh and patio, wmrh is Hrpa gjws good day , ighting . convenient for summer serving HnfJ fhp fj )ace its in , er .| of meals. SpooKing of* the patio. psfj furnjlurp grouping . j notice the privacy afforded for , ! Bedrooms are spacious andi have ample closets. Master and ' rear bedrooms have large ward-; lighted average home? I The bathroom, lighting ex- i perts say. Inadequate lighting .may help explain why thel !bathroom also Is one of thej ! most dangerous rooms in the i house. Thousands of persons would are killed or injured annually'don't. By MR. FIX Written for , Newspaper Enterprise Amn. You'd think that sidewalks' last forever. But they They crack and break. in bathroom falls. ; Sometimes a section will sink Sometimes the bad lighting below the level of its compan- Is the fault of the builder, who ions may have used obsolete lighting. And while there is still a hard standards in determining the!rather than muddy surface to location of the fixtures. And walk on it's hardly satisfactory, sometimes It Is the fault of the ia "d certainly not safe. A side- home owner, who fails to makei walk that has spttle(1 an lnch or proper use of the lighting facll-j two is enmi& to trip anyone and itles provided, either througn ! could place you on the wrong side Indifference or a false sense of! of a law suit ' economy. I Repairing ! The American Home Lighting 'Institute has come up with a , . ..... ,. iseries of recommendations for * avp '/<>" the J* ° f "«£* *"?! bathroom lighting. Thev • lcve "" R ^ Wa "< '* ^ **'" ^' er will loosen up the SIDEWALK LEVELING GUIDE : FILL. CRACK9 WITH ASPHALT CINDERS OR GRAVEL ^fw EXCAVATE AROUND SLAB 2 H X4"PROPS Repairing a crack in the side- walk as R0on as " * p **™ Pool Fad Is Still Gaining can be used to determine how denieath and freezing and thaw . vour own bathroom shapes UP :J m , np wjnlpr wil , heavp tnr , in this regard, as a gauge If RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL WIRING A*R CONDITIONING CHECK OUR PRICE! FREE ESTIMATES GUARANTEED INSTALLATION CAMP ELECTRIC and HEATING 1126 Milton Road Phono HO 2-9287 robe closets. Note, two front | bedrooms share a lavatory with! i shower. j The two-car garage provides' additional storage space — an'!! has a doorway to the covered' porch convenient for entrance' into this house. j This plan conforms to general. FHA. VA and Building Code requirements. Included with thej plan you receive Specification : Guide, Material List and Con-1 version Detail Sheet. The plan! contains 1.461 sq. ft. a,nd 13.514 j cu. ft. Your builder or material; supplier can give you the aver-i aeg cost per square or cubic j foot in your area. You Can Keep Children Playing Close to Home With This Sliding Board i you're having a home built on Wjth g hammer and co i d chisel as a guide if you plan on mak- ; enlarge the opening so that it Is Ing changes in the present set- \ nrff . T at the bottom than at the up. These recommendations, tO p Brush away loose particles. ihy the way, call for standards \v e t thoroughly and fill with a .somewhat higher than what Is ready-mix concrete patch. ; known In the industry as "min- 'Coating the old survace with a FtOOR COVERING ComvMU ARMSTRONG LINE VUtt Omr ShowTOOtnl- Shcrwood's Til* Scrvto lilt Milton Rd.—DUU HO DID YOU KNOW! 1. Assets at Piasa FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and Loan, the home of *E. I. P.'s, increased more than $1,500,000.00 during the Six Month Period ending June 30, 1960. 2. You are an *E. I. P. at Piasa First federal. * Extremely Important Person Piasa First Federal STATE ft WALL STS. PHONE HO 5-2555 By ANDY LANO AP Newsfeatures If our mail is any indication, the boom in backyard swimming pools is still very much on the upswing. Although a lot has been written about private residential pools, it is apparent that much of the potential buying public is still very much in the dark on certain aspects of the situation. Presumably this is because these individuals did not seriously contemplate own- imum light for living stand- chemical bonding agent will as- ing pools at the time they read arris": sure a stronger job. j about them, whereas now they arc When the sink or wash basin Make the patch slightly higher j prospective customers. is free standing, with a con- tnan lne surrounding surface. An: Let's try to put down, briefly, n venitonal mirror and medicine hour or two later level it off. f PW facts which will answer most rhest, use a pair of linear Use a wood float to smooth it, O f the recent questions about back- brackets, one on each side of if the rest of the sidewalk is | yard swimming pools, the mirror, plus a ceiling fix-! smooth, a metal trowl if the ture. The brackets should be lac j ls . rough ' centered 60 inches above the; floor, 30 to 36 inches apart. Each bracket should use a 20- For the next few days dampen ' I the platch. Raining Section watt home-line fluorescent tube A perfectly good sidewalk can First, remember that maintenance will add to your monthly In short, as with biles, homes (and marriage), isn't the cost, it's the upkeep. or two 40-watt In figuring how much you want : bulbs. Home-line is a type of incandescent sin * due to setti . ing of the ^Jlto spend on a pool, be sure it _ 0{ tne: morethan _ under it or washing away 1S " '- V1J " ' J1 subsoil. Working on a single sec-j"""; T' "' to 15 P er cent ° f th f of pleasure from tube made by all manufactur- .."_ " „ t . ?,„., „„„ * ico tho total value of your house and land.' tion at a time you can raise thei ..... , lers. The ceiling fixture should , idewa|k and raise t he level of i ] hal s . h ™ the mortgage lenders • - • • - figure it. Of course, if you have a $15,000 home and want to buy a money you spent for such a pool. A vital factor in the installation of the pool is the reliability of the contractor. Talk to people who have had pools instaalled by him, especially to those who have used the pools for two or more years. In getting bids, be sure you understand every detail of what the bids include. For instance, a shady contractor may promise you a pool 25 feet by 40 feet. Later you may find he included the four-foot "walk" around the pool. Another point to remember: installation of the pool may increase the assessment on your property which will mean a higher tax rate Carefully check all municipal regulations regarding backyarc pools. You may discover thai there will be extra expenses you hadn't counted on, such as a fence around the podl. Investigate, investigate and in vestigate. If you know all the answers 'before you begin, the chances are you'll get many years pool. And, of course, you can finance it over SWEDISH FARMER DIGS UP TREASURE WITH HIS PLOW A Viking treasure chest has been unearthed by a farmer plow- ng his field on the Island of Gotland, Sweden, Visby reports. The loot, consisting of 700 Arabic silver coins and two silver bracelets, weighed five pounds and was found by S. Hansson and his wife Karin in their field. be centered with the mirror. the gj . ound be , ow it ; above the front edge of the Bofore you do any lifting, i sink, using two fluorescent measure how far the sidewalk J10 ' 000 P 00 ' for cash - nobod .v can tubes, totaling a minimum of 40 has sun k This will give you! st °P vou - But ' from an investment standpoint, it will be poor busi- i watts, or 100 watts of incan- ; SO me idea of how much material descent lighting. to pour underneath it. When one or two washbasins! If the slope of adjoining sec- iare installed in a vanity counter tions is too great, figure on rais-j j more than four feet wide, use ing them too. ! !a soffit, plus ceiling recessed A concrete sidewalk may con-, i units. The soffit should be assist of several sections, about 12 j ! least 15 inches from front toito 15 feet long, all in one piece. 1 I back above the vanitory. Two The entire slab is too much to I rows of fluorescent tubes, ap- jproximately the length of the mirror or counter, should be used. ness because you'll never get back more than a small part of the a period of years, like anything else these days. ATTENTION Con tractors, Builders, Farm ers. Individual*. For your trenching needs — water lines, cables, laterals, field tile, footings—trenches 3" to 12" wide, 30" to 40" deep Free estimates, large or small lobs. Philip Chinn HO 6-2318 First, air-conditioned home in the U.S. was built in 1914 for the son of John W. "Bet-A-Million" Gates. BE COOL SHADE YOUR HOME . , ,. ... A recessed unit in the ceiling should hold a minimum of 75 lift alone. The slab may have) cracked at one of the cross lines j already. If it hasn't, use a coldj i chisel and carefully chip thei concrete aJong the score line, i | Continue „„,„ vou - ve cracked By DONALD R. BRANN You can keep children playing close to home with this giraffe's plify assembly by indicating cation of each part. No special; tools are needed. The only skill i watts in each arefl . partitioned or] A vapor proof ! througb at fixture should be used in the] <jirt a few point. il along the out a inches wide and is ineck slide. Almost as soon as required ; dad starts building, eyes of| sim ple step-by-step directions. | [small fry widen with wonder, i The pattern tells what materials! iWhen completed, news spreads buy, where each is used. Lum-|' )0 i fast and before an abilitv to read iceiling above the tub and / ori slightly deeper than the sunken| step-bv-step 'directions, j sh « wer Closure. ; wa lk. j For a very small lavatory or With a pick or crowbar raise | room, use a pair of < the edges all the way around, j 60 inches j Don't attempt to lift it com-i Just make certain the ALUMA KRAFT AWNINGS » HIGH IN QUALITY • LOW IN COST — FREE ESTIMATES — CAMPBELL 100 CENTRAL AVE. HO 5-8885 Alton's Awning Manufacturers /or 35 Years TENT Al AWNING CO. . mnim , eH vou can sav ber is stock size and readily biackets * mounted you i can Sdy .,.,, lb d above the floor and 24 to 30|pletely. i giraffe your backyard becomes dVdllaDIP al 'umoer yaras e\ery \ aAr , 0 , „„_ f ,, ao .number one on the playtime hit where. Full size painting guides (inches apart, with a minimum edges aie fiec 'parade. Designed to absorb hard simplify decorating. These are! of one 60-watt bulb, or a single' •>-— ' ! knocks, the high sides and wide traced directly on the finished j linear bracket, centered at the steps provide additional safety jfor all who slide. in position indicated on the i top of the mirror, using a mini- pattern. |mum of two 60-watt bulbs. This colorful playtime project! For fun, relaxation and an ec- i offers wholesome recreation. No|onomical answer to your child's j one makes more friends or keeps i playtime pleasure, build this col- children healthier and happier j orful slide. Send $1 for Child's than this friendly giraffe. Young- j Slide, Pattern No. 63 to Alton sters are sure to smile when they i Telegraph, P.O. Box 215, Plea- JO to 25 Year Let us Finance YOUR HOME. Our plan consists of making payments on your taxes, insurance and home at the same time! i m/i:vs SAVINGS And LOAN ASSOCIATION Dial CL 4-3842 325 Smith Avenue East Alton, III. slide down his neck. 'santville, New York. Send addi- You'll have fun building this tional 35 cents for 64 page cata- slide from pattern offered be- '• log illustrating over 300 other low. All parts are cut according build-it-yourself projects, to pattern, then fastened together exactly as step-by-step direc- ~" ~ ~~ " tions indicate. Illustrations sim-l • Chain Link fencing • Awnings BLAIR HOME SUPPLY Slat* ft Belle (In The Wedge) Phonei HO 5-1813 or HO 2-4281 Niebuhr Chair Set Up NEW YORK (£>) — Union Theological Seminary has created a new "Reinhold Niebuhr plece Professorship of Social Ethics," jset up in honor of the noted j theologian who is retiring and the seminary's vice president and senior faculty member. SALT AND PEPPER AUTOMATION LANCASTER, Ohio (fl-Floyd Roshon has made sure he'll have the salt and pepper shakers when he wants them at the table. Roshon sawed a circular hole in the center of the dining room liable, put the wooden circle back . j in place and attached an electric I motor to make it revolve. He can j throw a switch, when the shakers are out of reach, to bring them closer on the revolving center- THINKING... Off Building or Remodeling? Iff So ... Stop by and See Ui. We'll Help You With Your Needs. FREE ESTIMATES SPRINGMAN LUMBER CO. 110! I. troodway HO Mil* Propping Up Next, take the crowbar and lift SlfStBllt one edge. Work blocks under- W I»!•••• neath it. Get it up about a foot and support it by propping a short length of a two by four under it. Shovel cinders or gravel under the slab. Spread with a rake— don't reach under the slab with your arm. Spread evenly don't permit any large chunks to remain. If the undersurface of the slab is uneven, allow for this. | Lower the sidewalk and move! to another edge and repeat the] process. A length of two by four! with some scrap lumber beneatnj it will give you plenty of leverage once you've pried up the slab with a crowbar. Once you've prepared a new bed of cinders and the slab is level fill the crack between it and the next slab with asphalt. We're Experts at Solving Heating INSTALLATIONS AND REPAIRS 1$ your heating plant adequate? Would you like to extend heating to your attic, garage, porch or recreation room? Want to convert to a new kind of heat? Call! RIGHT ON YOUR JOB Good rime (o check your heating system, make sure it's working prop* erJy. PRIMITIVE TRIBES Dl E TO BET THEIR "3 RV A group of Australian Aborigi nes who only a few years agoj Sprinkle sand on tne asp halt so were primitive nomads are nowj it can be wa |ked on without being trained at Darwin to teach: sticking. I their own people reading, writing j iand arithmetic. Education faces ai ~~ I long and difficult struggle union; Parts - Cleaning - Installation PLBC. & HTG. SUPPLIES ALTON'S HOME MODERNIZATION CENTER 1200 E. Broadway HO 2-9294 WISEMAN with nationally advertised ALUMINUM AWNINGS Pul)y ventilated design promotes air circulation. "Halo-light" underside keeps interiors brighter. Lasting good looks assured by special 2-coat baked enamel finish guaranteed not to rust, chip, crack or peel. See Us For Real Values in: • Storm Windows • Storm Doors * Venetian Blinds • Vertical Blinds • Carports • Patio Covers • Railings RUSSELL BLIND AND AWNING CO. 911 MILTON ROAD PHONE HO 9-5088 JACK MARTIN HO 3-9070 tribes, whose members in volving spending some cases cannot count beyond for development. LOOK FOR THE SIGN" OF LOW COST HOME IMPROVEMENT FINANCING WE OFFER HOME SAVINGS & LOAN HUMBERT FINANCING CONSTRUCTION At Your . . . Lumber Yard, Horn? Improvement Dealer, Contractor, Supplier or Call Ui At HO 5.7781 For Information

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