Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 6, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1960
Page 10
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PAf;E TEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, AUGUST «, 1960 Sox Out to Break 5 Game Losing Streak at Chicago CHICAGO (APi -- Thr Chicago, sixth «hrn Nellie Fox tripled— hi* 1 ' \\bitc Sox. shoved into second 'tram's onlv evfr.i base hit—and plnci •."._. gnrnrs behind the New-enivir across on Minnir Mtnoso's York Yankees will try today to'single. end a five-game losing streak— Herb Scorr 'J-.ii will be the i their longest of tbe season ,.SoV hiirler in lacinc Washington's ^ Washington nailed them 6-1 Fri-jCamilo Pn«|upl <10-5> Saturday day night as the Sox league-lead i n Milwaukee, the Cubs werr ing batter. A) Smith, twice hit itito double plays and Roy Sievers struck out his first three times up victims of the Braves' biggest I scoring rampage since mid-June in losing 10-2. Lew B u r d e t t F . | backed bv a 15-hit attack coasted and filed out in his fourth Thc Senators hopped on Bob j to his 12th victory. Shaw for four runs in the first in- Hank Aaron homered for the nlng to hack Pedro Ramos' four- ^oth time to tie the Cubs' Krnie hitter. Banks for the league lead in the The Sox only run came in thc home run department The Braves •" made four runs on five bits in the fir«t inning to pin Don Cardwell with Im 11th defeat in Ifi de- Cochran Grab* Western Meet Glen Hobbie '10-14' will face the Braves' Juan Pi/.zaro iK-2i in DULUTH. Minn. (AP> — Boh Saturday's game. Cochran of St. Louis swept by the defending champion. Dr. Ed Up- d«?graff of Tucson, Ariz., in the Western Amateur Golf Tournament Friday. With birdie putts of 20. 15. 12. 20 and 30 feet. Cochran smashed Updegraff 9 and 7 to advance to today's semifinals at Northland Country Club against Herb Dur- WPlght t .| 1Hmp j on K loyd Patterson ham of Dallas. SH|d |odav ,, 1H , as | al , as hr js Matched in the other semifinal concerned there is no agreement were two long-hitting youngsters. O n a site and date for the third Tommy Aaron of Gainsvillp. Ga., Patterson-lngemar Johansson ti- and Phil Rodgers. the Marine pri-:tle fight. D'Amato Says No to Fight STOCKHOLM (APi—Cus D'Amato, manager of world heavy- Area Jazz Bands to Give Concert at Wood River B» tOM TRABA?rf> chance to hear music only rarely Trlrsraph Staff Wrttft associated with park concerts. Big band jazz. Special arrange-1 Some of the leading dance and Iments. Combos. Popular standard tunes. All these will be featured Wednesday night at the annual Jazz Concert at the bandstand in central park in Wood River. The jazz concert, which will start at 8 p.m. after a short concert by the Wood River Municipal Band, gives the public a jazz bands in the area will appear. Some of the men In these bands will be professional musicians, some of whom earn their living in the field. Others will be men and women to whom music Is a part-time job. or only a hobby. They all will have one thing In common — a desire to play and a love for music As an example, let's look at tho first band that will appear on the program, the Wood Rivor Muny Cuts, under the direction of Chester Hughes. The Muny Cats is a 20-pirre dance orchestra composed en- ?w offireis nrp |y of membprs of the Wood of the Firemen's Auxiliary u'MO: Rivpr M un j c ip n | Band. The group installed, with Mrs. Raymond j p | ays bofh stock Jazz arrange , Auxiliary at Hartford Meets HARTFORD Dodge as president, at a meeting of the group at City Hall Thursday evening. Mrs. Herman Kuehnel, retiring president, wns ments and some specials arranged specifically for the band. Long hours of rehearsal will, go into the 10 or 12 numbers this vate from San Diego. Promoter Bill Kugazy has Durham whipped Howell Fraserlthe fight will be on Nov. 1 in Los of Panama City, Fla.. 2 and l.jAngeles. Rodgers defeated Bill Foote Jr. of' ., It is , ho ,. u , e fo ,, fhp p ,. omo1pr Santa Ana. Calif.. 3 and 1. Aaron !to f .,, k to , TO)h fj g h1crs _ anc ] the heat Tom Hoak of Minneapolis. 4 champion firs , _ on these mat- NEW FLAC Members of the color guard of Wood Central Park, Wood River. Both flag River American Legion Auxiliary and pole were presented to the city by said Wednesday night raised a new flag at American Legion Post 204.—Staff Photo. installing officer. group wlH p | ay . Other new officers installed i Tnp Muny Cats grew oul of were: Mrs. Clarence Shirley. ;the ,„„. hanf) a , Eagl AJton . I vice president: Mrs. Max Peek, Woo d River Community High secretary; Mrs. Clement Link. Scnoo | M(any of thp |n . esen , treasurer: Mrs. f.porso For--!- Rroup a|go n)t , now . mpmbpl . s of ing. historian. f| 1r , \Voodcats school orchestra. During the business meeting whjch WHS forrnpf| H , (hp hjgh presided ,,\ er by the now presi- s( . hoo , in ^ am , js sn|I in px . « m osl work" done on Ms project entered in the Cen- dent. Mrs. tumline' was made. istpn( , p . M Pm b ers of the Muny iriil Park, Wood River, crafl contest Friday. Other an honorary member or ihi- iCats rangp from students in nifi , h w , nnpP! , am | (| )P j r classifications from left are: Ricky Auxiliary although she and ho,-- sphool to profet!siona | men of mr husband, former Fire Chief HP.- 8m) Almos , .,„ (| , (J mPmbBrs CRAFT CONTEST WINNERS Ha j H t ( «,t anc iJ, 1K | P ft, won first place for the and 3. Holmberg Mixes With Aiissies High School Senior Cops National Crown ters. but as I understand it Gug- axy has talked only to Johansson." SOUTHAMPTON. N.Y. (AP>said D'Amato. " was Ron Holmberg against He added that he had talked to •AiMtrnlia today in the semifinals Patterson just before leaving of m " Southampton Invitation Stolen Mail in Meadowbrook Woodpile man Kuehnel. have moved toi are students or graduates of the 2 Au lost Tennis Tournament. MEADOWBROOK — Searching in a woodpile for loot taken in home and that Floyd had made "•"'"* '""mame,,,. ., bul . glary hpl ,, par i y | as | night ^ owl Kiver Artist WAUKEGAN. Ill i.-\Pi— From "° statements on his preference Holmberg. the fourth-ranked police uncovered numerous pieces . -. .. runner un tn eh«mninn »h-if« tbo fo1 ' «'>. v Particular site and dale., L T .S player and second seeded ;„{ U.S. mail apparently stolen 111 Ulie-.Vlau N1O\V runnei-up to champion, that s the - vvith ihere, opposes foiirth-seedcd Aiis-j from rural route mailboxes in success story oi persistent Shar- . ! ^^™ I ?.: fc ..™ ie ._ I °!. i : dl _ K I. I .l in |u-alian Bob Mark while the Aus-ithe More area. Postal authori- Wood River. Kuehnel had heen:, ligh schoo , in Wood Rjvpl ._ Sonlf , a member of the local (IIP de-; of thp p ,, rsonm ,, wero mpmhers partment for JS years prior to, of „„, 01 . iRin .,, Woodr.aK moving out of town last month A fe . ltum , numbpl . of thp and his wife was instrumental Mun> ( ,. 1(s ^ (>np ^.,,,^,1 in helping to orgam/p the fu-i j.j.,,^ , )y Kl , Kpnp Hughes for thc Firemen's Auxilairy here. band , ( js entjt , pf) -- lMed , ev Members discussed the mon,«y Hughos arranged , hp number " in which was left over from thci hi(i s[mrc tlmf , f()| . f(||) Thj ••School stop light signal" prnj- tv , )jca | of thc spjrj , of , ms cct many months ago. and the g iin [ Zil (i 0n committee in charge of t^ "'i n 'another sense, this is tvpi- ; former project was authorized ca , (1 , (|]p ofhpr han(js a) '^ street, south of Ma<li-on Davis and Don Kirksey, tied for "most modernistic"; seated left, Dianna Linn, "most unusual," and Steve Talbot, "most original in beauty." Don McReynolds, not present for picture, won "most colorful" title. — Staff Photo. is is or- In Collision Lifted at noon Friday was nri automobilp collision on Staff Motel Guest Raped, Robbed In County dispose of the money when- jax/ ( . on( , Pr , A] , ,, avp m OTm ; tueen a northlxmnd sedan dm- Judy Rand of Aurora, Ohio. 5: by the New York State Athletic ' LavPr vvon Speci . was a runner up for' and 4. i Commission. Holmberg Friday overpowered; St.. early last night when the ; .. best of sbow popularity awar d" Marks Bil'tlldav Sharon was two-under tlie Glen] Asked if he considers himself : unseeded Rudy Hernando, De- i family reported that vandals had 1 jn fhp 1 . pcpnt art ONnibit wnich Flora Country Club par for the ! on good terms with Ahlquist now, jt™"^ «-1- y ' 2 '-aver outgunned , entered the home and several ar-j was sponsored by tne p 0 ]y-Arts HARTFORD - Mr. and Mrs. 14 holes required and Judy was) D'Amato replied: "I think so. but lLiin '- v Nagler. North Holly\vood, tides of jewelry, money and! GuJ , d a , , hp Woof) Rjvpr Pub ] ic Dick Blackard of West First three over. I sometimes I wonder." 'Calif., G-3. 6-3; Mark routed Lew household items were missing. : y b rarv ; street. Hartford, entertained ---------------------------------- ! ---- Gcrrard. New Zealand, 6-3. 6-1, | Eggs, vegetables and house- „,,.,.',„_„, „: ______ : _ t . __,__j Thursday evening at a birthday and the public will have an op- fjortunity to hear modern music Iook a rpp " rl at its local best. Four Divorce >f the mishap. The report quoted Asmus as slating he was forced to swerve by a third car. this resulting in the morning. Deputies assigned to mvesii- i/atc said the woman, accompanied by her aunt and urn ie River Ripples and Hewitt defeated Chris Crawford. Piedmont, Calif.. 4-1, -1-6, 6-4. and hold 'articles were scattered! Th( ; Wootdu R * er Pf inter .^ rks ! party .for their son, Bruce; who around the kitchen and interior of the home. The vandals appar-j mauily v " th llls with Harold Brand Un Up Open for Grabs ently gained entry through a rear; I door, Wonnacott said. Two youths! land portraits. He studied three , a * u n n yeal at the Dallas Institute in Dallar. Texas. was 7 years old. Games were: played and refreshments were served by Mrs. Blackard. assist-' ed bv Mrs. David Rook of Wood iRiver. uci-upying another unit in tlv mishap. motel, was awakened bv an in- Subject of mi™, report '«' , n|(|oi . jn hf , r nom shortj hp _ the pollc-e early Fnday evening fo) . p , a m she sa)d & taj , man was a mishap on private prop- whf)se desn| . ipUon shc wa , „„. erly in which a motorcycle of Fred Rilev of 1107',. K. Rroad- j—After what has happened so " EDWARDSVILLE'.—Decrees way collided with a gate on were entered in four uncontested premises of Harry Rodi of 1103 ' ; owner started to move the mo- . bmfo , d (.•ranted divorces, and grounds;torcycle to a point where chil-| able to give, forced her at gunpoint to tear up a bed sheet Jin the $30.000 Insurance City Open! erous P' eces I of U. S. mail. The «* and Co in Alto »' . timp pach Golf Tournament, it's tough to get i mail had bee " torn in pieces and d anybody to predict the eventual' scattered over the woodpile. The 2 d. J - Penny and Terry Forsting. Clark ; Duck Blind Registration jhour before Duck Hunters may register for I day to claim their blind. . ,..„„,,. , blind sites with the Department Recent viMm <*™™* of thls « 2 - holc b « u ' e of Consen-ation beginning next R(?{ . ent V0 yagers from Quincy lllf ' leader after 3 '° holes Friday and continuing through, wno visited * ^ Ruebe j Hotel Dick Knight, 30-year-old pro Aug. 21. Holders of blind sites i jn Qrafton were Mr. and Mr*. -• i Apply ' Xalley ' Cahf " who in 1959 tunity sites. However, not an tne onna •. Me redosia on the Illinois River r , ,,. . .. . „, sites are ever reregistered. andi ;ind after , eaving Gra{ton ,. e .|Dow buisterwald of Toquesta. outh.s Arrested U ^'ood River WOOD RIVER i, des- accelerator stuck, (rausing thei !peekT Ned a^d Veborah' 6 Wiic"ox!; Serlion ' wi1h the mother award- vehicle to momentarily get out ; Clifford Jerman, Brenda Clem-!" , cus1 !' xiy °\ • mrec children; c f *-"' qnts. Ricky Workman. Larry Alpha Anne Hess ' from Di ' rl i Noel, Rollin Gencks, Vickie Bow- Dean Hess, desertion, and the| To Negotiate two youths denied that they had stolen the mail. Investigation ^r wnmi mvf>r i.^>.i, j^..*!. >jw..^.,o. ,,^,n. ^ vn - . . . was expected to got underway by ' ° ""™ ermaster. Jackie Foley, Clinton p ' ain '' f s ™£™ ™"* e « u "-\ Q,, Service Station :postal inspectors today in con- WOOD RIVER -A Wood Riv-|White. Vickie Huitt, Becky Hop-i er restored: Betty Sue Stafford.; Vlt Ser\lCC 3Hllon nection with the mail theft. Be- er and East Alton youth were kins and Steve Jones of Hart-|^ mf P aul1 _ U _ bt _ atford ; »'so ™ ,^ l&r ™ ( '^ < ^^ ^ ]^ Central and nivji utiv/ii i> \, i t- i»m«, «tiiu iTii D* tt. i i j j r f,t ,.« c • i HcLLlUII \\JII1 UK 11 Jail UJL11, DC- *-' aiiu i-.a;sr rii ivjii vvjuu i we* 1; i\iii» 0.1 lu tju~ v t; uuiurn uj iiai <•'*•,.. 959 will be given the oppor- ;is . Mlller Jlnd , Jack Bo8SP> The ,P«KtPd rounds of Gb-b7 for a mne. ^ po|ice Patrolman Fred aiTested Friday even in g for ford, the honoree, Bruce Black- lp !' oof »[ desertion, and custody loasp on premises at t :y to re-register for the same; , trailered their boat to ; Ulldp 'T\ uu''^ 1- L y; Boehm reported. "careless driving" at the Jive-lard, and his sister. Barbara. j" f " ch j ld B' vcn the mother; | easterly corner of Ce, . However, not all tlie blind! MerpdosIn nn fhp T]linnis R i vi ,/°n ( ' stroke behind Knight are , am , Rpf . rpation npnfpr „„„„,,! Robert Garner, from Burda Luu,Eliot avenues, has arr; 160 at-Closing Still Off at County Seat those hunters who do not have a turned home Qn (he Misssissippi; b'instenvald Fla., and Jack Fleck of Los An-. blind site can register during River Tne u . ip was pleasant Uie same periods for a drawing to no diffjcu , ties were encountered ; Only a few strokes separates be held at the close of the re- A fcw weeks ago the ONVner o{ |Knight from so-ic of the world's: gistrations. : the Reubel Hotel> buill a courte i greatest golfers including Arnold! The registration site for Win-| sy dock and boat launcnjng ramp ! Palmer, Ken Venturi, Doug Ford field (pool No. 25i and Altoni. (s wel , as a ( ree -car-trailer! and Gene Littler (pool No. 26) lake restricted pub- !p . t ,. k j ng arca 0 ,, pn to boatowners : Palmer improved his position i lie hunting area is at the Mis-j Ed Amburs who with his fathei . ( I Friday and now trails by ' sissippi River Fish and W ater-, Char|ws Amburgi operates the strokes. fowl management station on Hl-; hotP ] po,,^ out an an unusual inois Rt. 100 one-half mile east., ncldent tna , OCCUITed tne o|her of Pere Marquette Lodge. Hours i day . will be from 12 noon until G p.m. ' „,.,._ Central Davlight Time. ' ^P*""^ Catfish Hunters 'in the open -htic A boatowner who preier land Recreation Center, reported. Gary Cofiman. 18, of 34 W. Day Party At East Alton ^ . \ + 1 reated at Lorena Ave.. was apprehended ^ w , i r»- u • i after he reportedly spun the! wood Kiver Hospital tires of a car he was driving and created a loud noise with the vehicle on the parking lot of the youth center. He is scheduled to^ appear before Police Magistrate Thornton J. Lancas- EDWARDSVILLE — City ofli- Hrranged to,cials "marked time" today, wait- Garner, desertion, with the court Mease the property for -a Shell j ing to see if the 15 municipal em- awarding custody of three chil-'service station, but in order foriployes who stayed-off the job dren to the mother. thc project to proceed a required j Friday will return to work Mon- In decrees filed for recording:consent petition from nearby prop-jday. Friday, after previous hearings; erty owners must be had. Meanwhile, householders eyed garbage cans and refuse WOOD RIVER --Three youths i in Circuit Court. Dorothy Jean! Undc-i a city ordinance, consent were treated and released Fri-IPike obtained a divorce from must be signed by iwo-thirds of i containers -nxious to learn ° d U - PikP °" *round« of the property owners within a 20<H P icluip service wou!d be public hunting areas in navigaion pools 22 and 24 in Pike County may IJeleat Ba«'k Illlo Third Spot ' EAST ALTON-''Closing Play ,,,,. npxt Frid Day Party" at East Alton Com- Donald Gi ffoi . d 17 :munity Building was attended | coln Ave East ' Altolli was ar . of 525 Lin- „,.„ cruelty and the defendant ob-1 foot radius of a service station be- j Monday Warren William Wiegand. 9.|tained custody of three chll- i fore a citv permit may be grant-! ,. *' | son of Mr. and Mrs. William I dren: also Clyde Prater was led ' Calvin Wiegand. 407 Maple St., ..j,...,,,,^ a rf lvorcc from Sarah Friday by 160 boys and girls < ^ a , , he same ]ocation who were served ice cream. ; when ne ;lC( , ording to a Decker filed a petition bearing Roxnna. was treated for an in-i lucille Pr . ltPr on " ff nf d "| Upf%kPI> lllt>a » P e ""°" Deann S jury to the right foot at 5:30!± '„ P de "!signed approval of 21 property jury p.m. ept for .stj-eet superintendent Fred Behrendt, the entire city street department stuff failed to ' report for work Friday, including anonymity was launching his boat on our ramp at the rear of the hotel." Amburg said. j owners, said to be the required | garbage and refuse collection doughnuts and Hawaiian punch:"" \ ,"'" "J ~ *""J Others treated and i eleasedi KAUIO, TV TKISUITED two-thirds. But subsequently three | crews. Most of the employes in during the day's activities .™pon. drove alongside pedes-1 Fl . jday from Jhe nos . pjta| we| . u .iWITH SGLIJNG PIANOS of the affirmalivp signers notified|the department were reported ST. LOUIS (APi - The CindiM Achicvement'trophies were pre- : ! na " S .1'" i" sldew . a at , e , c * r j John Leo Green. 13, son of Mr.; Radio and television programs |'I 1 '' building inspector's office thfyj "sick." Three maintenance em- iti Reds ended a seven-game ! sentec j lo cozette Ottwell, Carai: ,' 1 '. , s ammea on ™ s m ' al ^ jand Mrs. Willard f^eo Green. 8]7,are believed to be spurring thej'^d withdrawn consent, this li>a\ • ] p i O yes in the municipal water de" " '--ISP to mem. He win appear stanley Rd Cottage Hills, lorjpiano's popularity in England,.ing a" insufficient number. ; purtnient also failed to appear injury to the right arm; and'London reports. Piano sales in At a conference today. City |for work Friday. Carol Ann Davis. 8, daughter of the past year jumped by JO per Counselor J. W. HoeK-rt advised 1 A jj f , xccpt two Qf ^ membe , Mr. and Mrs. Charles Momw cent. As a result of the burgeon-! the petitioner to have further par- 0) laborers' local 179 AFL-CIO register from noon until 6 p.m. """-"'' """'"'« ="""• l " 1 ' boat;winning streak for the St. Louisjsmith. Mari-Sue Hartman, San- Central DuvliRlit Time on AuB.' motor or tl>aller * truck a ^«ish.Cardinals with a :}-0 shutout which; dy Stevens. Robert Rogers. Den- 19 20 and' ''1 at the Pike that WMS so slartled b >' « ne blow dumped the Cards back into third! njs pisher and Mike Duncan. Noveltv Store five miles west of llu " " J 111 "^ into the boat place behind Milwaukee. Fil ^ place winnei . s in the sack Start Work Oil S Atlas on I' S Hi M and was cupured. The fish weigh- Bob Purkey pitched a four-hit- ! races were: Mike Robertson, Blind- muM be constructed ed 8 ' s *™ nd *- wp tian>t Kuaran- te r for eight innings, then sat out Linda Williams. Jerry Cruse. Line at Wood River within 10 feel of numbered tee that evervone USI11 8 OU1 ' ''«nip the ninth as leftv Marshall Bridg- Linda Strong. Robert Orr and stakes and muvt be completed'' ri " dl " flsl1 bl " al u ' asl es preserved bis llth victory with USandy Stevens. First place team WOOD RIVER bv Sept 18 Only three persons thcy ' 11 enjoy the (1 o"venience ol strikeouts ol left-handers in the leg races were: <->» " 1--«»^i Sl niay register for" any blind and mu ' hl "K nlun >' sandbars, fish- white and Stan Musial. David Scroggins and Joe Scrog-'State street to Rico street con- ( a hunter will be permitted to "*• , skiln S and boati "g y '' e »« One C.ncy run was unearned.'gins: Mike Grimsley and Bob j Acting with a regular sewer on: register for only one blind. ; " ear here ' _ j Curt Simmons, now 3-2, was thej Orr; Linda Burns and Patti Piz- Park was started tins week, ac-i There are more than 1,500 blind Davis. 1212 Harve) Ave.. Col- ing interest, pianos will be seen 1 leys with thc property owners in ! . tage Hills, for a laceration ol of this year's Radio Show for;an effort to effect a final deter- the left hand. the Jirst time. .initiation. apparently are protesting the Construction Sl>we '' line lfom Fishing Reef hard-luck loser. sites in the aforementioned ar- There are numerous ways of The Cards will send Ernie Brog inger; and Sandy Stevens and i cording to Fred Penning. super- eas including the Quincy pool 21| mukin 8 beds with trees,l|i 0 U2-5> against the Reds' Jim Jo Bennett. jintendent of Public Works. Teams tied for first place in; Purpose of the additional line Branches, straw, rocks and so onJMaloney (0-2) today in the second'tne egg throwing contest were: i is to alleviate heavy storm and Yesterday's Stars To Claim Blind : bul W( ' st P"l"» Beach. Fla., is jgame of the series Tire Conservation Department leaking its fish bed or reefs has a legal notice in tonight's Tel- Ol " of old auto bodies, refriger-; egraph pointing out that duck alols ' cooking ranges and other blind owners must n-i^ri one Discarded heavy appliances. The; , articles will be transported by PUBLIC NOTIC'K hjirge to waters 100 feet de-eii On July 28, 1U60. the siau of Tlll . pr]/f 0| a| , js a ,, 7 _ fiHi| h n v vSNS^r"L"^.=; «'- -I- be loaded w ,n Of Stale an amendment lo Ai- h " (l "- ; "'d scuttled. tide VIII- Rules, and Hegula- It i> a fact that old wrecked tionK Pertaining to Hunting and vhip- cm the bottom alwavs at- Other Management Proceduie*.tract on Bt»tiit)ted Waterfowl Management Areas in Calhoun, Jersey, Pike and Adams Counties Kevin Grimsley and Leonard j sanitary sewerage from the area Harp; and Jim Edwards and Bill wes < of state street - vvhen *» McNeil. Winning partners in the! new line ls completed both lines dance contests were- Janet Mer- wil1 ca ' TV sewerage from the; cer and Kristi Shellonberg; and al 'ea. Joyci- Given and Jackie Elflnger. Bids al ' e scheduled to be op- The Communii.N Band gave a plled toda >' for installation of a concert at the beginning of the sewpr lillfl °" Pillk '- a n p from day's activities The band was Cr-dar to Lincoln and Jefferson Alton Junior High Hand director s< * C)lls l> had a sewer. A total of :J75 feel of 10 - inch — Vinegar Bend Mi/ Steel production has been hit- and 900 leet ol eight - inch sewer laid in that urea, indicated i llll ASSOCIATED tting—Don Buddin. R ionic two runs to : seventh miiiny rallv that Located in Navigation Poolh 21 (Quincy Bay Area), Ii5 and 26.'to do ibe Paragraph 2, Article VIII, is tire program is $50 for a permit hereby amended to read as foi- i us IIU J IN ^^ ^^ | irms are 'Tpersons registered for each >P'^^ing the articles and means blind mu*t Deport one hour be- °' Hauling it. (oro the ojienlng shooting hour' Inasmuch as Die whole project each dB> at the -heck station i* based on a shoestring, one on each of the following an-as: nieaibcr ol the reel committee i» Bait-blown. Calhoun Point, , Sboeslring Reel Ktumii Lake. Godar-Ularnund Js« s 7 ,u i j land, and Qutacy Bay. Blinds »» " ««"«; lw « ht> hon ; p '»'"««• nol claimed by thU hour will be tlsh liostelr.v About the onl> • vallaole for a.^ignniHiit on a big concentrutiont. of fisb lound drawing uaki» to hunters ie|>ori- on rivers is JUM belu\v a dam ing to the BJ«* check sUilon. pj i( , jjave A tendency to swim GLEN D. PALM ]^ {m . lor upstream and U»e obstruction of OCPAKTMbNT OF* a torn keeps them fairly well CONSERVATION i congregated. tracl> the large! concentration ' IK »»* ~ vlw '< ai m '" a '""- •^ u '« 1 Production nas oeen tut- and 900 leet ol e ot IIM. and making an artificial^ 11 ' F "' all '' s !ioutt " Jaw hurled a ""« »< J »' ''fuoi'd marks in Lux- pipe will be lai< Pile o! hiding place, with the old! flV '" h "[ 1 ''' '"'' '"" ^^d success- embourg this year. p en ,, m g indicate. ...,„!: : ....."ism- siiuiout and stretched his - Clean-Up Winners at is expected Cost of tiie en- si-oreles.t string to 26 iiuiings as the Pirates nosed out the Giants 1-0. Three 1 League EllSt Alt Oil By IHK ASWM IA1 KU J'"o\ Tupck.i .ill: Lincoln •>. 1. Cedar Rapids :i Hi '.'. 11 reen Ba.\ 0 ril Des Mm lies |j|Ki H Sioux City. ppd.. ran Sluli Habr Ituib U>tt«u« M «h Chii-a^o 1 Harvey 2 KAST ALTON The East Al- C. K. Pathei. South St., neat tun cleanup committee awarded and attractive yard; Mr. and >e\en pi i/es, Friday M;>. Chester Ledlord 533 Sixth Winners were: Mrs. Oii> Ban . Si home improvement; and! l'.'. 1 C'ardot garden and yard; John Ireland '.'2U East Main, Mr and Mrs. Robert Morgan neat and attiactive yard. 84:' Burktfhire. lawn develoj)- 1 The contest v\as unpublicized i iiient; Mrs. Clarence Chapman, and ran (ram June 12 to July 39.' 1319 Ohio, apartment project; iftlsr. Walter May was chairman EAST ALTOI* PROGRAM CLOSES city's failure to negotiate a new contract to replace one which expired May 1. The local has been seeking a wage increase. 2 Boys, 10, in Meadowbrook Reported Thefts EDWARDSVILLE- Admissions were obtained late Friday night from two 10 year old Meadowbrook boys that they had burglarized the James, Pertson home jut 235 Clover St.. Meadowbrook, ] and disclosed location of the loot, according to a report to the sheriff's office by investigating deputies. A Meadowbrook special deputy sheriff returned the two boys to their homes after obtaining the burglary admissions, the report stated. Further investigation was in progress today to determine If u quantity of mail, found with the loot, also had been stolen and postal inspectors joined in the inquiry A list of the loot was to be fur- ni shed today by (hi- arresting spc- cial deputy, listed in the report a* Edward WannucoU of Meadow brook. Mrs. Mllford Abernathy, : J 29 Pence, eye-catching backyard; and Mis. Vurre) McGee, cochairman. • Alton aolUeveowut trophy w1u- From left, they are Coxette Ottwell, Norway now counts 75,000 vera are ibowo after receiving awards Carol Smith, Marl-Sue Uartmau, Sandy at tbe "ClogJug PUy Ita Piidfty *t tbe Oomnnmli Stevens, Hubert Eogeri, Oenuls fliher and Nike Ounoaii.—Staff Photo. fishermen, largely concentrated in » few coastal provinces, Oslo reports.

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