Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 6, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1960
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 1980 Spell man Foster Picnic Says Chibas Raps Reds Meetln S Mon ' la y Is Agent I FOffTKRRURG— The last reeii- ! " Delay Trial Report V.s. Berm Project At Congress Hj tHANK BRITTO MUNICH. Germany (AP* Francis Cardinal S,-pitman, archbishop of Nr\v York, today dp- scribed conimunlsni this year as FOffTKRRURG— The last repi- Inr mrotins of the picnic nsso- finlion for the homecoming of Ko«ter Township. Aug. 19 and L'O. will be Monday at 8 p.m. in the township hall. t-'oMprburg Notes Of Castro MIAMI. Fla. (APi-The widower a Cuban army office!' who died before a revolutionary firing squad says she will ask the U. S. State Department to oust Raul "the most dangerous since 1939,'v'" 11 ^mortal Hospital, has spent Chibns . who presided over the mil- Th<- cardinal spoke on "Ameri- thc p " st hvo xvppks «'ith_hcr son. ilnry , rjbllna , which sen , her hus . FOSTERBfRG Legate, a patient - Mrs. Ermina recently in Al- cing. Mr. ran Day" of thc Roman Catholic church's World EuoHaristic Con- grf"-; to a packed audience in Munich's Cathedral. His nttnc-k against communism was the harshest it yet hoard at this congress which has brought pilgrims here Tarboro. from all parts of the world, except Communist-ruled lands. He said that the conflict today and daughter-in-law. Mr. and! Mrs. Robert Legate, and willj remain with them \\hile convales- band to his death. and Mrs. Don Lewis and denunciation of niece. Rosalie Dressier, have «-|CaMro's regime, turned from an 11-day trip to N.C.. where they visited their daughter and son-in- law, Mr. and Mrs. R. Hoi-ton. They were accompanied by Lisa I Amclfa Sosa Blanco claims Chibas. latest high-ranking Cuban to i defect, actually is an undercover agent for Prime Minister Fidel ! Chinas could not be reached for comment on her accusation. I Maj. Jesus Sosa Blanco was ex- in February 1959 on On Bullock Insurance ST. LOUIS (APi — A tederal ju-lge Friday posponed trial "'| m ;in : , has disappeared, the U.S. Soldier IVcm- ftp/find Curtain HEIDELBERG. Germany (AP- An American soldier assigned toj^,' £ t /iVto'tne" Alton business an intelligence unit in eWst Ger- f]js(rjrt js proposf>d lhH , p , HnR j (Contfnned Prom Puff 1.) I street easterly as soon as pos isible. 1 "To further expedite completion of the connection of Federal suits seeking $64.500 of insurance left by James Bullock, victim in a sensational St. Louis murder case. The trial was postponed from Aug. 15 to Jan. 20 by District Judge Randolph H. \Veber after he learned Bullock's widow, now Mrs. Dean \V. Coir of Overland Park. Kan., is pregnant and unable to make (he trip. The judge rejected a request by .be completed for the portion of Army reported today. Earlier the t|)e work from near Henrv R , rpet East Germans announced a man to the Communists. Army headquarters I to Piasn street. Until the im- be constructed |along W. Broadway a temporary here said i connect ion will be made for east with the same name had defected| provernf , n | c ., n Spec. T> Vladimir Sloboda has been unit bound traffic to be carried one wav between Stale and Piasa County Administrator G. Joseph Neaf have filed claims to all or missing from an intelligence at Frankfurt since Aug. 3. Hie'streets along existing \V. Broad Polish-torn soldier, who has no i way, while westbound traffic will home address in the U,iited|be carried one way northbound Slates, was a linguist and clerk|on Piasa street westbound on .lid "and had only very limited ac- slrec-f. southbound on Slate and then westbound \n 'Broadway street. Third sin it wife will continue to operate as ;i iwo- her attorney that she be permitted I cess to any security information." street. 1o testify by deposition. Bullock's j (he Army said. aunt. Mrs. Walter Duerbeck. and! ln Frankfurt. Sloboda's "Is again between freedom and 'Morton, their granddaughter. who it -' nn| V' ps "<? committed at least 25 , „, „ had spent the summer with them. I of slavery," and described comma , nism as a "wild beast of the for- The est" and "drugged with lust power." "In these peneeless. imperiled j lorlc Jamestown, times." said Cardinal Spellman., "daily we learn of new and more] imminent Communish - promoted crises throughout the world in Cuba and Uitin America, in East j Germany and the international! waters of the Barents Sea, in China and the Congo — all ominous testimonials to the fast approach-! ing possibility of the death-day! to world freedom, the once fan-j Lewises took a side trip the restored city \Villiamsburg. Va., and his- Report Voters Intimidated At St. Louis ST. LOUIS (API-Reports that tastic now realistic threat of So-j voters were intimidated in a pri- viet Russia. :mary Tuesday and even threat"Thus. in this, the most dan- PI1PC ] with pistols and clubs in one gerous summer since 1939, 1his| W ard are under investigation by international Eucharistic Con-i|| 1( . St. Louis Board of Election gress, with its prayerful purpose 'Commissioners. U. S. Attornt'v William H. Web- to sustain the life of the world i through dedication to God, is ofj vast and urgent import to all peoples and all nations." The vast audience included virtually all of the American colony in Munich and thousands of American pilgrims from the United States. Cardinal Spellman described the congress, which has been attacked by Communist papers, as "a physical as well as a spiritual sym Kter listed a number of complaints, in a letter to the board, and asked that the board make an inquiry and report back to him. The complaints cited by Webster included'-a report that some St. Louis poll and party officials cast murders while a commander under ousted dictator Fulgenclo Batista. Chibas arrived in Florida Tuesday, saying he and Castro once were like brothers but he could no longer endure the prime min- niove toward part of the insurance money. Mrs. j gambling " Cole is seeking all of it. ,, ,, Lilian, a British subject, said her .way facility, husband had "lost a lot of money' Neues Deutschland. Bullock's widow "conceived a cor rupt scheme to marry Bullock be > "The the official studies Rl. 67. Mrs. Duerbeck has charged that party npwspap er of East Germany, reported this morning that a man named Sloboda had defect- Several Studio* state Iras made sevei il for the location off U.S. among which was the & Co. report of recommending H. W. Lochner March 27. 1938. cause of his insurance and bo-j eci )o , llo Communists. The paper i location generally along Langdoir cause she knew his life would be short. The 27-year-old Bullock. a utility firm clerk and night col- lister's "obvious communism." ! lege student, was shot to Mrs. Sosa Blanco. 38. and herj'" fronl of the ci(v art museum three young daughters have been| a wpek befol>(? Christmas 1958. here since early last. year. She cursed Chibas during an interview and said he is as much a Communist as Castro. She came to the United States' in obedience to her doomed nus-| said Ire was a secret intelligence!street. "no In a report to the city in i March. 1!):>9, Marland Bartholo- Associates. in their mew ma- agent for the United States. . .. i It quoted him as saying he .._ flpalh I longer wanted to share Ihe guilt JJ 01 " strpct P'« n - '^commended .-, I of the criminal activity of the! looation S p n< l| 'ally along Henry His widow has resisted attempts! the ( £* K ^ German Democratic! of a '' e( l l ' psl ''>' me city to in- of local law enforcement officials Re p ublic and other countries of |«*tigale the feasibility of a Mar- A ,.p m |~ ttn V tt to get her to return to SI. Louis thn sn ntn n c « „„„,„•• iket street location for this im- r*lC/IallO O« y » for questioning. v GUM BUBBLED This Little Leaguer, sliding into third base, was ex- East Germany Says Spy fceek* Hcfngc BERLIN (API — Communist Enst Germany claimed today an American intellijfpncp agent had sought refuse there. The official party newspaper Neues Deutschlnnd said a U. S eltl/en named Sloboda, described as a member of the staff of the American Secret Service In Wesi Germany, had asked East Ger man authorities' permission for H temporary stay. I The paper quoted Sloboda as say i ing ic "no longer wanted to share jthe guilt of the criminal activity (of the American Secret Service igiinsl (he (Easti German Demo untie Republic and other cotin trirs of Ihe Socialist camp." (ionrpiclor Again SC«MIP of Invasion MANILA (AP)-Corregidor, the last outpost to fall to the Japanese in their World Wai II invasion of the Philippines, today became the scene of another- invasion. American and Philippine Marines launched ;r mock invasion o! lire fortress in five days ul maneuvers. Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK band. I "He said I should go to Amer- ! ica and stay until the Communist j government in Cuba was tin-! islred," she said. ; The widow is working in a lie-, tory to support her twins, 14, and youngest daughter, 12. The ^irls do housework when they can get it to supplement the family income. "The rebels were vindictive to take their spite out on profession- Bianco al soldiers," Mrs. Sosa said. "My husband was a career ballots for voters under the pretext ot demonstrating the use of , , , „ -oting machine. soldler who onl >' followed orders . .. , „ i • . j i in the guerrilla fighting. He com- Arthur Lee Curry, cleleated can-; miUed m murdcrs/ . bol of the miraculous, indomitable;"'date for Democratic committee-: power of perpetual prayer." 'man in the 19th Ward, wrote thc Today- was "Day of Light" inboard that liquor was served in the eucharistic congress which j polling places in that ward, that comes to an end Sunday with the pistols were flourished and sample ballots snatched from the Sen. Douglas Shares Mike With Witmer the Socialist camp. An Army spokesman here sard Sloboda has been a U.S. citizen since 1958 and had left his wife and three children behind in Frankfurt. The spokesman also said no documents were missing. Neues Deutschlaud reported Slo- ! boda said Ire had asked temporary i permission to stay in East Ger- PEOR1A, 111. (API—The radio address of Pope John XXIII. Reds Blast Bunche as U. S. Spy BERLIN (APi — Communist \\RAC Rebels- At Early Cur leu- hands of voters. Curry chargee that supporters of his opponent, Committeemun Jordan Chambers, forced some of his workers to leave the polling area at revolver point. He said constable's and sheriff's deputies threatened voters with baseball bats, clubs and pistols. MANORBIER, Wales (APi — Twenty-one girls of the Women's Royal Army Corps rebelled today against an 11 p. m. curfew. They say it's interfering with their romantic life. The leader of the revolt, Pvt. Elizabeth McConnachie, 17, said "We felt we were being treated The election board summoned | uke children and that we were not Curry aird Chambers to appear! Tuesday for a hearing on the b °y friends charges. Also East Germany' today assailed Dr. Ralph J. Bunche. L'.N representative in the Congo, calling him a spy. The official news agency ADN lashed out at Bunche in its report of the decision of U.N. Secretary General Dag Hammarskjold to withhold U.N. troops from Katanga Province. The agency accused Bunche of disregarding the decision of the Security Council on the Congo and "betraying the interests of the] Congolese." j It asserted he had been chief of I the African division of the U.S. : Secret Service before taking up his United Nations job and that his opinions were highly valued by "American economic monopolies looting the African people." Bunt-he's last job actually was r- principal director of Ihe U.N Trusteeship Division. He was made a L'.N. undersecretary in 1954. He won the Nobel Peace Pri/e in 1930. In World War II. In- was a research analyst on Africa and the Far East for tire Office of Strategic Services, not the Secret Service. Later he was with thc State Department. . ..judges and special i p,. ecin( , t 0 , asked several other!clerks oi thr 19th Ward to appeal- trusted. A lot of the girls' were displeased at having to bring them back so at She r id a n Village Shopping Plaza was treated to a rare display of political etiquette Friday night. First Sen. Paul Douglas, seeking re-election on the Democratic ticket, drove up in his sound truck for a scheduled, informal talk. Then, in the midst of his remarks, his Republican rival—Samuel W. Witwer — drove up in his sound truck. Witwer emerged and began conferring with Douglas's aides. In a moment, Douglas many. Another Communist paper, '. Berliner Zeitung, said he intended crowd to go on to the Soviet Union and ask political asylum there. In Frankfurt, Mrs. Sloboda said: "I don't know what to think. He left for work Tuesday and just never came back. He never talked about going over to the Communists." Charge ol provement. "Until an agreement has been reached with the city on the ulti- male location of U.S. Rt. 67, the state cannot conclude its planning for the Clark Bridge approach. since this approach must terminate on this ultimate location. Kennedy Is sion which opens Monday, would not act on the Democratic platform pledges. The Illinois Republican i-hal- 1 lenged Kennedy I 6 call up the Democratic farm plank in the coining short session. 1 Arcnds said Kennedy \vas making "frantic attempts" to get a WASHINGTON' i.\Pi —Rep. Los-, fai ., n |,j|| th . lt ,. m i|,j 1)( , ,, na ,.|ed Furthermore, the arrangement uf'| k . Arends iR-UP has accused ;duriin; the brief session, but he Uie interchange facilities serving Sfl|1 Jf|hn K |< olln( .,i v iD-Mass) said Ki-nnedy was nut considering of seeking to avoid calling up the Democratic farm plank in thc the downtown business area and i traffic pattern to determine thc geometric configuration and extent of design also are dependent j coming short session of Congress, upon that location. "In the interim, planning for the interchange between thc bridge approach and Federal Rt. l"w will continue. R R. Bartlesmtyer. "Chief highway engineer. introducing forth in Hi' , form. "I cliullengp the farm pledges set 19W iJemocratii- plat In do just fanners of Arends. the House Republican t |,j s an ,j ponnil the whip, commented Friday on a • America to judge on the resulting statement in New York by nedy. the Democratic presidential nominee. Kennedy said that the post-convention congressional scs- Ken-! record whether or- not the Democrats really have an rigriruliural program." Arends said When Was Your PILLOW Sterilized Last? PILLOWS $1.19 August Special Free Pick-Up and Delivery 909 E. Bdwy. HO 5-8877 Filed Ajrainct Priot announced that because Witwer's public address system was on the blink, he would be happy to let Witwer use his. Witwer stepped up to the platform and spoke for five minutes over Douglas's sound system. After thanking his rival, he drove off. During his round of campaign EDINBURG. Tex. iAPi - A charge of assault with intent to rape were filed Friday against a Catholic priest, Father John B. Feit, 27. The complaint Maria America was signed by Guerra, 20, a student at Pan American College. Dist. Atty. Robert Lattimore said Miss Guerra charged she was grabbed from behind and a cloth put over her face while she was praying in Sacred Hoart including carl >- " «' as vcr >' frustrating."!at The WRACS staged a midnight!current price support and produc- i talks Friday. Witwer told a group j Catholic church March 23. The — . ... — . ... U'tvmf rm 'TV»v rri i«l uia \r4 tihr> hif Princeville. near Peoria. that First demonstration on the camp pa- Officials of the 15th and :»nd: rack> s(|uarc - Thc ' y refused to precincts of the same ward were niove until an arm y patro1 .- a11 asked to appear before the board Thursday. The U. S. Bureau of the Census figures California will sur- men — was sent out to herd them linto the camp jailhouse. The rebels won the first round. The army promised to investigate their complaints nnd released pass New York as the largest i them without even a bad conduct state in 1970. I mark. lion control programs do not represent the Eisenhower-Nixon farm policy. "In reality, 1 ' he said, "the farm mess is a legislative failure originated and perpetuated by a Democratic controlled Congress. The farm policy proposed by Sen. John F. Kennedy, Democratic presidential nominee, and the Fronton. Tex., girl said she bit the assailant's finger and he fled. Father Feit. from Chicago, was enrolled in the pastoral school at the San Juan Catholic church near here. He was ordained to the priesthood in 1.959 but was not assigned to the church. PJOTTfil I SUPER MARKET IIU I I ULI Highland & Gold St AND MEATS AVAILABLE PE:: SUNDAY 8 A. M. I 12 NOON DID YOU KNOW! 1. Sovers at Piasa FIRST FEDERAL, the home of E. I. P.'s, invested more than $1,800,000.00 during the 12 month period ending June 30, 1960. 2. You are an E. I. P. at Piasa FIRST FEDERAL "Extremely important Person Piasa First Federal STATE ft WALL STS. PHONE HO 5-2555 Democratic platform will "perpetuate surplus production, prices and high costs," Witwer declared. "READY-CREDIT" ---a family-man plan..,. A. ftP. Feed Stores 411 Piaia FREE PARKING METERS Mytrs Ires. Ird and Pi»§« Paul's Fabrics 206 SUt« St. Libya now oil wells. has 28 producing Service AUTO • FIRE LIFE Accident • Health • Bond* - Burglary Jewelry • K«kld«iive • Liability GUwi Workman's iioinii Owner'* foltoy DU 4-3671 III Worth Prairie llUnoif "Ready - Credit" is a revolving loan plan ideally suited to family- man borrowing . . . You qualify if you are between 21 and 65 years of age—have steady income—and a good reputation for repaying your bills Let us explain the many convenient features of "Ready-Credit" ... Call our Installment Loan Department and ask for Clayton Krug ,.. you'll like this method of borrowing money, and we'll like having you as a customer here! FIRST BANK ft TRUST COMPANY Capita/ and Surplus 52.250,000.00 TUIttO VVU UKIX* t»TUKKT» • ALTON, ILLINOIS i-«deru! Deposit Insurance Corporation Member federal Ketcrve system i. •Sederman Furniture 202-204 Plata Schaeffer's 108 W. >rd Carson Jewelry 216 W. 3rd Schiff Shoe Store MS Belle Franklin Union Furniture Son E. Broadway Seors Roebuck Co. 305-S8 Plata Garrert Furniture 16 W. Broadway Slock Furniture «08 W. 8rd Thrifty Drug 919 Bella Thrift Hardware BOO Ballt QOLOEN W. T. Grant Co. 205 W. 3rd SMOWNQ J. ft R. Auto Stores Spiegel Catalog l>f»li 400 Belle L ft L Furniture 4th and l'ia»a St. Youno, 1 * Pry ••MS 10MOI W U*

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