Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 6, 1960 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1960
Page 7
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SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 1900 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVEN Upper Alton News Events Milton Floored By Tax Rise. Check hood will have a fish fry on the lawn at thp rear of the church, starting ht 6:30 p.m. At thp business session Wednesday. Dale .Tanke was elected Sunday School superintendent, jnnd Mrs. Lorpne Ruth was elect- A spo» check of Milton andi^ Training Union director. nrf >a resident* brought out that REV. COOHRAtf most taxpayers were "shocked ' BACK IN tM'I.PIT by the announrrment that they Tnf , ft^. Robert .1. Cochran. \vmild HP pnying taxes 25 per p ., Mm nas ^turned f, om vaca- icpnt hlghpr this year than tost f)on anfi wj)| bp jn , np p||]pit ( All thosp contacted in thp. Sunday at the Upper Alton Bap• tPlephonp survpy snlrt that they (,,,» c'hurrh. jhad pxppctpd some tax ri«p but jjj s <, or mon title at thp morn- Twenty - one children and nine adults were In the group. PARKED CAR DAMAGED, OFFENDER OOES ON A rar owned by a Milton resident was struck when parked Inj the 300 block of Langdon street early today, police reported Lorry R Evans. 3552 Puller-! ton Ave , told officers he found: his 19fiO rat damped when he 1 rotut-npd to it after work. Another accident occurred in i the 150fi block of K. Broadwf-.vj Frida>, ?, p.m.. police said. j the fact that the perccntacp hike inR; ci Prv ire will be. "The Great-! Drivers were listed as Walter] wns so large floored them. ness ol God", and at the evening An announcement that the fix set-vice it will be. "The Mount- increase would amount to thnt ain and the Valley." fiRiirr was made In a Tplepraph In other news: story several days ago. The KFA will have a fish fry at the Jesterfelt Centervillp, III., and Mrs. Mae Van Ausdall, 325 Dooley Dr. Mrs. Van Ausdall was leaving a parking stall and was headed east when the ae CANDY STRIPERS of Alton Memorial Hospital receive pins in recognition of 100 hours of service Friday afternoon from William MacMillan, assistant administrator of the hospital. 'Shown are, left to right, Miss Sandra Penning, president, and Miss Cheryl Ramage, Miss Marliyn Horsley, and Miss Jerrie Morgan, who received pins.—Staff Photo. ''Candy Stripers' 1 Presented Masons Hear Pins at Memorial Hospital Kitchen Band Members of the Junior White Cross Auxiliary, the "Candy Stripers," who had given more -than 100 hours of service to the patient-; of Alton Memorial Hospital were honored ;it n luncheon at the ho<- pital Friday. Recipients of the pins <om- hi r m o r at i n K extraordinary service \\ere Miss Cheryl Ramage, Greenwood lane. Godfrey; Miss Marilyn Horsley. Godfrey: ,inrl Mi^v .lerrje Morgan. 2766 North St.. Alton. Miss Jo Ann McGee. 242S Clawson St., and Miss .Terelene Not thorn. L'n \\. Ninth, although eligible for the awards were unable to attend the luncheon. At the presentation with Charles R. Freeman, hospital administrator, were Mrs. Jay R. Delano, adviser to the program, Miss Sandra Penning, president of the "Candy Stripers" and William R. McMillan, assistant hospital administrator, who made the awards. The "Candy Stripers" are serving patient needs in nearly every department of the hospitnl. Although the program is not yet two years old it's membership is nearly 200 young women takinu an ac- tive part in the hospital's routine • Thr girls are in junior high school or high school and are 1-4 years of ape or older. At Friday's luncheon Freeman said. "We're proud of the teen-aeers in this program. We vc heard many fine remarks' from doctoijt, patirnts and our personnel of the hospital on thn activities of these girls Freeman also congratulated Mr«. Delano for her fine work as adviser and organizer and Mi«s Sandra Penning for the smoothness ol operation in the proeram. Miss Pennine; announced thai there will be a general meeting of all tlit' teen-agers, working as volunteers, at the hospital at 1 :?.0 p.m.. Aug. 25. She also mentioned that young women 14 years of age or older who are not now working but wish to are invited to the meeting. The "Candy Stripers" get their namp from the distinctive red and white striped pinafores they wear while on duty at the hospital The organi- •/.atinn has no due-"; or membership fee. It's self governed by a board of directors elected each year by the membership. James Gorman. Alton town-; next Saturday. 8 p.m.. ship assessor, at that time con-.Oni/ed Club grounds. cident happened, police sold firmed the increase. It was| The diaconaje will meet ! brought out when a resident. S Monday. 7:30 p.m. the boardiBKBRIS NOT ALL LEFT who had sold his home, pa id \ of trustees will meet Wednesday OK ALTON'S STORM the taxes for the first seven following the 7:30 nervier, and Debris from the big storm ol months of this year and learned the board of education and BJA;| ys t j u ne is not the only thing that pro rating it for the re-' committee will meet Tuesday, 'remaining people still are mainder of the year showed ho 7:30 p.m. i looking for things. is paying an increase of 23 per HTARTFR Amon « fhem al * Mr - an( * rent above last year. RADIATOR. STARTER ^^ ^^ ^ ^ "What I'm getting for 25 per STOLEN fROM CAR whf) sflid (hpy , f)St fhc)) , cent more is not worth it. so Frank J. Nottoli. 2148 RrowniQueenie in the confusion. The far." said a salesman contacted St., reported to police Friday , f)OI OI their home on Riehl lane in the survey. evening that the radiator and,in Godfrey was torn off. Another taxpayer said that ho starter was removed from his Queenie was left with another thought that there were misrep- : automobile that was parked in dog. Ted. at (he site and one resentations in explanations i the driveway of his home. ol the Stint/ clan would feed prior to the annexation election The theft took place Tuesday them ea«-h nieht. However, five in which Milton became a pait, O r Wednesday. Nottoli said he'days ;dtei the storm, when it of Alton. | had been repairing the 1955 au- was time to move the dogs to A niise in taxes was expected, jtomobile. ;ill said, because Alton's rate if KARACHI APARTMENT HOUSE The picture of middle class apartment houses on the Bunder road near the port of Karachi WOK taken by Thomas F. Griffin while he was sta- tioned in the Army in Pakistan. The bicycle-rickshaws (In foreground) provide low cost transportation for the people of Karachi. GIRL SKES BURNINf; ;t newly found home. Queenu- disappeared. She was thought last seen in Upper Alton. Qneenie was the special pal the Stiritz's five-year-old son. Senior Citizens (Hub Kitchen Band members were the guests higher than in Wood Riv Friday at the "Franklin Masonic Township where Milton and'OBJECT HIT GROUND Nighl" at the Westerner Club. ;>ie?t formerly were situated Diane Harvell. 10. of 2818 K This was Family night for mem- The residents in the new Alton j Broadway, reported to police Charles. The dog is 15 inches hers of Franklin Ixxlge. Supper area knew that they would n<" Friday night that she saw a high, has black and white Ions was served by lodge members, obligated to pay for the opera-; nurn j nK rnd an d green light!hair, and has a spot of brown on Leonard Gilleland, master and tion of the Wood River Town.| f | Oat frnm tne sky ncar n p r 'thp Charles Windfall, past master ship Hospital. Rut the amount :nome welcomed the guests as they ar- of raise was not expected. It fc jj jn , ne yard of a np jg n . rived. However, the 25 per cent ris° F;d Ix-hman. chairman of the also includes the rate for the entertainment, introduced Ciausy Milton Fire District. Heppner, president of the Senior One resident said heated 1 ? 1 Citi/ens Club, who outlined the that action should be taken im- club's ar-tivities and the forma- mediately to turn over the tion of the band. He also ex- equipment and the operntion of plained that the musical instna- the fire department to the CI'.^ ments that were being used by of Alton on whatever arrange the band were made by the ment can be concluded the members from kitchen and house- quickest. MRS. ANN BOSLEV 10 o'clock, she sale*. <iIVKV FAREWELL bor about Diane and the police searched the area but could find nothing that would hint of an explanation. RKV. Mrs. Gerald Durborow, 3007 Ethel Ave., entertained the Upper Alton Baptist Church choir Thursday night and also espe- -•ially honored Mrs, Ann Bosley who is moving. Mrs. Bosley will reside in hold gadgets and toys. Those in the survey werq ask- MAYHEW BACK CAMP McCOY The Rev. K. P. Mayhew. pas- Louisville, Ky. She will aecom- tor of the Free Methodist Pany her son and daughter-in- Church, was scheduled to return ' axv - the Rev. and Mrs. Errol and 'is Mrs. Henry Jacoby : leader is Mrs. Henry Ebbler. The attendance was estimated at'Police protection. 250. Woodburn Class Gives Shower for Couple WOODBURN — Members of of\he band ed'^aY they" ^'best'^ut ^m Camp McCoy. W,,. where ^ The ^ Bosley will the coming into the city. The an- he was ln trainin ^ wlth the i*"*" d the BaptI8t Th eological swer was almost a unanimous: ! arn V reserve8 for *»o weeks ' '<£"£• , • i The minister is a captain and Mis. Bosley is currently living This was especially true m! chaplain. He will be in charge | in Roxana She resided in Upper the case of two husbands who! of the services Sunday. Last (Alton or 44 years. Her last ad- traveled most of the week in Sunday. Robert Lorenz. of Gran-! dress there was at 2425 College their jobs. Both said that their ! ite City, was in the pulpit. avenue, but lived at 1625 Wash- wives, left at home, have a For the two Wednesdays of mgton for 20 years, greater sense of security. 'he pastor's absence, lay mem- She will leave the latter part ~ "The cops aren't out here hers of the church were in of August. Mrs. Bosley was giv- PART OF GRAND TRUNK ROAD This picture, from a colored slide taken by Thomas F. Griffin, director of public works, while he was in Pakistan, shows part of the little village of Khari- au which is south of Rawalpindi, the only capital of Pakistan. The road is the Grand Trunk Road \vhich is 1,400 miles long and runs from the Khyber Pass to Calcutta. the Philathea Class of Woodburn f . , ,, . . Congregational Church were hostesses at a reception and mi.s cellaneous shower given in en a handkerchief shower at the In other news: home of Mrs. Durborow. She if- a good feeling to see a police: Annual conference o/ the Free u * s a member of the church "!" s car pass every' once in awhile. J Methodist Church will be held a »d its choir for all the years ' catching thieves every minule charge of midweek services, and preventing accidents hut it SEAMS TO ME Bv Patricia Scott . _ ... and know that we aren't hang-!at Greenville next week. The'-"he lived in Alton, church Thursday evening ,n hon- h anyhoHy | Rev . anri Mrs . Mayhew will at . ; or_ of Mr. and Mrs. Floyd Bost- * them said ; ;ick. who recently returned from ^ said fhey were 1<Joking , Mjgs ^^ Mayhw wj|] RQ irward to some alleviations in: as a youth delegate and N. L. jthe total expense of keeping j Nowlin as a church delegate. I sula Zeuner of Alfeld, Germany, j Gifts were presented the hon-i jorees and refreshments served.; :Mr. and Mrs. Bostick plan to; By now you're probably getting bored with summer cottons and are itching to get your hands on some beautiful, brilliant colored woolens. And, if you have daughters going back to school, what is more exciting fabric pattern than a plaid? If you decided to tackle a plaid, be sure to match your plaid design when laying out and cutting the pattern. If you don't want to bother with this, forget the whole thing and work on solid fabric. Then-are few things uglier than a plaid dress v.iih lines nnrl boxes going jn every direction. Plaids can bo uneven across the fabric, lengthwise cf the fabric or in both directions. Even plaids repeat the desiyn To cut an even pluiil: For layout guide, use pattern suggestion layout for fabrics without nap. Slide your pattern pieces around so that notches to be joined together* are on the same color stripe (fig. 1). For instance, the underarm notch and stripe of the bodice front will meet the underarm notch and stripe of the bodice back. Cut center front and center back so that the finished effect will be symmetrical. Figure a, illustrates the finished bodice of an even plaid. To cut uneven plaid (flu- 2): This is cut in one of two ways. If plaid is uneven lengthwise, cut pieces in bne direction, using pattern layout for fabric with nap. If plaid is uneven crosswise or both crosswise and lengthwise, it can be matched only if the fabric has no right and wrong side. Pattern pieces are laid on a single thickness of fabric, with the center seam line on the Center of a lengthwise plaid Bar. After cutting the iirst piece, do not remove the pattern hut lay the cut piece on an identical piece of fabric matching crosswise and lengthwise stripes. Since she fabric has no right or wrong side, one of the pieces can be reversed when the two are joined. The result will be balanced as shown in Figure b. Since some patterns are not designed for plaids you will have to buy more yardage than indicated on pattern envelope to allow for matching. If the pattern is suitable for plulds, then buy at least an extra quarter yard of tabric for medium to small plaid. If plaid is large, allow an extra half yard. Follow these rules for dresses, blouses, skirts, slacks, coats and any other garment you wish to make. Miss Scott is happy to help SEAMS TO ME readers with their sewing problems, and ! make their home in the Woodburn area. Vteft In Chicago WOODBURN — Mrs. Leonora Klliott and Miss Lillian Klliott their homes in Milton North Rodgers. As promised, they said, should come about through low er insurance rates, refuse pickup and such. One resident in a section of Milton that formerly was, a hut"""••" — 7". 1 ™' ' J '""" rleground between Wood Rivet- spent Tuesday and Wednesday;" B , , .. .-,.. „, . „ ,„ — in-Chicago. On Wednesday they!^^^ <^^ ^ ^ ^ were guests at the Don McNeil Breakfast Club Broadcast. Mrs. Elliott was called to take the mi- and The sessions will open Tuesday; and continue through Friday. thi* ii is at this conference that ministers receive their appointments. Rural Youth Party Planned EDWARDSVILLE-The Madi- Min County Rural Youth have main planner! 'a lawn party to be Bureau Moves Into New Offices at Carrollton CARROLLTON — The office of of White Hall. The other was the Greene County Farm Bureau ; issued to Claude Smith and Mrs. and its subsidiaries moved Fri- Lucy Henna, both of Wood River.; ;day from the third floor of the Hospital Notiw ' Farm Bureau building into a floor and me/.zanine floor CHILD CTTS CHIN' IN FALL ON SIDEWALK Aug. L'8 at the home of held Miss Myrna Krtickeherg. wiih a h;-iyririp scheduled for Sept. :M. June. B 1 •.•-year-old daughter of Next regular meeting will he Jason Bramhall. held in thr Farm Bureau build- St.. was taken t" ; in>,' in KdwardsvilJe at S p.m.. "'hers. Alton Memorial Hospital, Fri-i on Sept. (i. Officers will be This is a part of Milton where f]ay morninK after sne cut h(?r <,i P ,, ted and installation of new . seemed more contented th: ' n 191.". Cb«>on crophone and told traveled through 20 of having states dur-! chin in a fall. ing the last 12 years and has now Breached the age of 82 and still hopes to continue traveling. She ; also told of her grandfather, who 'homesteaded land in Woodburn • at the price ol 2j cents per acre. 'Woodburn was named for the Wood family. i Woodburn .Notes WOODBURN — Mr. and Mrs. George Rose and Mrs. Melvin Lawrence and children, Debby and Penny have returned from a week's visit with the Rose's Four stitches were required to'hanquel F? child was officers will he conducted at a and the residents paid rent for use of the sewer, but only after: _ a tumultous word battle years, '^^ nea ';. ' college" avenue EDWARDSVILLE* ~ "TWO area j the in October. Hospital News ngo. This sewer rent has been erased. One minister ended on a happy note by saying in his opinion the protests were mild and that means that everybody knows that in time the matter will work out to advantage. when she fell, scraping her chin: residents were admitted Friday along the sidewalk. "> St. Joseph's Hospital, High . in other cases: 'land. Two patients were dis- .Supply Mrs. William Rogers. 2500 Charged. Two births were re- Kohler St.. is in St. Anthony's ; ''»rded. Hospital lor treatment ol a su- Bol ' n 'o -Mr. and Mrs. Larry spevteri heart condition. Haertner. 20 Circle Drive, a son. and sister. Mr. and Mrs. Roy De\ in<?. be-foiv coming to Carrollton Saturday for a visit with her brother and sister-in-law. Mr. and Mrs. Russell Wiles, and her brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. Carl Martin, near EI- dred. Mr. and Mrs. Ben King and Mr. and Mrs. Allen Andrews returned home Thursday from Denver, Colo., where they vis- CARROLLTON-Mr. and Mrs. j tP d Mr. and Mrs. Eugene Reed,.,.,, . • j j ..aron Buchanan of Bel hallo are'er son-in-law and daughter of which had been madenuzed and ^ of „ ^ ^ ^^ M ;. ^ ^ ^ ^ ^ day in Buyd Memorial Hospital, stopped in Cheyenne, Wyo., and Admitted to the hospital Thurs- visited Mr. and Mrs. Fred Shimp> uciv John Dippfi- i>f r.irard. ;) l Beth' Fourche. S.D. Hardin Savaijo of Kldrcd. and Mrs. Oscar Miner. Mrs."Her- Mts. Edna Gril-fin of Carrollton. ben Hair, Mr.s. H. H. Le'vi, Mrs. Admitted Frkla.\ was Charles R ay Klinepeter, Miss Lena Keyes Gel-son ol Cu.rrollion. and Mrs. Oren Siebermann went Dismissed Friday wa-- Mrs. to Manchester Friday evening to offices of ^the farm adviseiv Donna Tallev and son ^ Carroll- attend tlie 50th birthday celebra- ton - lion of the Eastern Star Chapter. Carrollton Xotes Mrs. Heber Regal of New Or- CARROLLTON—Mr. and Mrs. i leans, La., and Miss Mary Eliz- Bob Price and family and Mr. labeth Norchauer of Baton Rouge, and Mr.s. James Flowers and La., will leave Sunday to return family an- spending this week- : to their homes after spending end in the Oxarks. a week with Mrs. Regal's nephew .„ . . Miss Deanna Wiles rrturned and niece, Mr. and Mrs. Can-oil Plans at present arc to have open house in the new offices redecorated. The walls on both floors arc covered with I/uin mahogany and a new heating and air conditioning svstein has bi'en installed. ;<s well as a new liulil- iiig system and a new intercommunications system. On the mexzanine floor will be thr the assistant farm adviser and their secretaries. The offices on main floor w111 house A. insurance agents, thn the Farm Producer's Bureau, the Co. Htid the Health Improvement Association and their secretaries. discharged next week. Her dition has improved. KKV< REV. PKSK RKTntNS FKOM VACATION' The Rev. and Mrs. Eldon daughter and family, Mr. and Peek of the East Side Baptist Mrs. Earnest Belisle of Detroit, Church, have returned from a LEADS REVIVAL Mich. two weeks vacation in Colorado. Millard Johnson was dismissed They visited Colorado Springs, pastor of the Curdle Heights i Wednesday after being a medical Denver and Estes Park, among Baptist Church, is conducting a patient in Alton Memorial Hos- other places. They were accom- revival at the Barr Baptist ;pital. ; panied by their son. Leon, and'Church near Greenville. She entered Wednesday and' 1 ' 11 1:38 P' m - Fl<ifla . v - weight sev- al » lillpl duto ' it was hoped that she will be e " .. |x)unds -. threr ' °^^a. The Murrlaxe Licenses con- The Rev. Ixilard Simmons, mother home Saturday from Indian Tapp. Rocks Beach. Fla.. where she Mr. and Mrs. William Bridge- .spent two weeks with her uncle water Jr. entertained at a fish and aunt, Mr and .Mrs. Harry fry Friday evening at the city Born Weber. .tertained their four grandchil 'dren, Terry and Dennis Buns, Kayellen and Vicki Oldenettle of : Bunker Hill at their home Wednesday. • Tanganyika's big suga rprojecl will Kilombero Valley, laam announced. 17 be million in the i Mr. and Mrs. Otto Buns _«-;'daughter' and son-in-law, Mr. The special meetings started)^,' JJ? u ^ J ^ Francis Belgium will float a $35 mil- and Mrs. Dale Janke. ' In other news: The Rev. Peek will have for H. C. Crosling, asaociational is the former Joan O'Dt-11. CARROLLTON—Two marriage Zeigler. She was accompanied park, their guests being Mr. and to Mi'.^ and Mrs. Paul licenses were issued Aug. 4 in homo by Mrs. Zeigler and daugh- Mrs. Randall Peters and family Route 2. a son. at 8:05 tne O fij (!0 O f R ay Bennett, coun- !«-'''* who visited in Belleville at and Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Rob- p.m. rriday, weight six pounds. u . t . lerk One'was issued to the home of her brother-in-law erts and family. 10 ounces. Mrs. Weber is the ' former Leola Evans. Admitted were: Pan-is Weber. Route J: Mi's. Gertrude Bush. An educational television sys- Route 4. tern is being planned for Paki- Dischargt'd were: Mrs. Bertha stan. in Karachi. Mi Vist Charles L. Stcinucher of Carrollton and Miss Suzanne Edwards early this week and will be con- . . _ . . ' .:..::;" lion loan to modernize its com- duded Sunday night. The Rev. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily i munication system. his Sunday morning message;missionary, will be in charge of title, "I Live" and In the evening the title of the sermon will morning and evening services Sunday due to the pastor's a fa- De > Heavenly Vacation." Itsence. rj ar . es .g a .! will be followed by an observ- In other news: '. ance of The Lord's Supper. Leaders ot the Woman's Mis- The Royal Ambassadors will sion Union took members of Britons now own 10.3 million meet Monday, 6:30 p.m., at (he the Sunbeams on a tour of Good TV sets. Iwith questions on wardrobe and fashions. However, because so many are seeking her assistance, Miss Scott asks readers to please limit their letters to one question. Send your question to Patricia Scott in care of this newspaper, enclosing a stamped, sell-ad- dresseH envelope for reply. Copyright. I860. Field Enterprise. Inc. church. Next Saturday the Will Brother- and centers at Granite City East St. Louis, Thursday. 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