Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 6, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, August 6, 1960
Page 4
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PAUfc FOUR ALiUft SAlUKDAX, AlA*Uai b, Editorial We're Xof at All I niqiio Brief Notes OnNewBooks At Library Side Glances *n If you think things are tough at home, look Park want to keep the park. Chicago wants to Oimidr. tell the university authorities -where it's a good Some of our hometown public projects— idea to put a university campus. undertakings vou'd tKink evervonr would wol- Now Sterling Morton, the salt company i Thf followinc brief notes oni come—haven't pono too well. And some folks, has proposed to Mayor Richard J. Dale;, | npw books at Hayner City Li-' doubtless think tliev'll never be reali/cd simply that the campus be built directly southeast nf'i,,..,,^. were prepared hy H mem-, "because civic leaders here have had to T>ork long the railroad yards on a super-level above mami| )p| . n f n, r library stuff. < «nd patiently on them t Inrush the years. streets and railroad tracks. On this bit of blue; ..j^j t,; rma I)o It." hy David But look through tlv kevhole at ("Imago: skv invasion even landscaping would be carried ;o. \Voodhiir.v. The I'mvcrshv'of Illinois lias wanted for out. i Krma and her friends are be\\ e hope Mr. Morton and the City of Chi- hind a Second Industrial Kvolti- III i i t i i j lion a chance which will aflect (..ico won d be readv to pick up the check for llnn - '"'".'* . . . ' ,... . ' , . ,, Ampncan living in its broadest the dittcrente in cost a campus ot suitable ^^ F;RMA ., n .,,, llv p SP , K | o . Campus in (.arfield Park. Of course thc state capacity built on these principles would mean. nym fo ,, j.-;| P( .tronic Recording would pay for the whole thing. But tvc just started out to note that Alton .Machine - Accounting, has » his- But that isn't to be. it folks up there have wasn't the only community with that old habit .lory and a goal. HPI' history their wav. Clucauo wants ,t downtown—and of kkking Santy in the face. So take courage, goes hack to the first attempts can't find thc place. 1 oiks around Garfield tolks. Some time to build tlic'-c .1 branch campus. It % ,« Operating a temporal \ campus now. The university wants to establish its new to free men from drudgery; her. Roa l is to free us for greater op- Won't 111* Apart portunities to do more of the « s , these machines work, how they Russian Premier Nikita Khrushchev is at his hostile stand toward Russia by backing the ag-| Hf f ert us no \v. and the fantastic old divisive panic again. " ' He's trying to put British Pnirne Minister Harold Macmillan on the defensive and weaken the tics between England and the United States. He lias drawn him into controversy over the RB-tr incident as well as the U2 in their naucr been discussing with I-'rench President latest exchange. future they will provide for us. To Read Mimlr." by gressive" policies of the United States. However, Khrushchev couldn't be further . . . . ii i i i Howard Shanpt. wrong m thc thought he could divide up the , n {WQ hours ym] fan rp ,, d \Vest. P.ven now West German Chancellor Ade-j through this book and understand the principles of the reading of • , i, i , i . f , i- • i L music, the publisher claims—in dcdaullc the hroadenmg ot the po itica schema . ., i_ ul . n („ * r | W() rvpmi igs you can Icam to road practically any melody and 25 and 5O Years Ago August 6, 7935 The Board of Education authorized a letter to contractors building the Milton School addition protesting delay on the job and demanding Autnutft, 1910 The lid was off on dancing In the f*vfllon at Piasa Chautatiqua. An order of Manager Johnson, read from the Assembly platform, had better speed. Not only was delay of the project j Imposed a complete ban on dancing. But it preventing use at the opening of the school j aroused such a storm of protests from younger term, but It was forcing the district to seek an j member* of the Chautauqua community that It extension of time from the Public Works Admin- j was rescinded. Dancing nmv was to he permit- istration, from which financial assistance had j ted exrept during periods when programs were come. j m progress in the tabernacle auditorium. The school board agreed also to limit to S200.- I Eagle packet Co. was to build a small pas- OOO its bond Issue for proposed school building j sen j?cr packet for the St. Ixinis-Alton trade, and work, with the balance of the cost. 45 per cent, O ffj f .jnls of the company had arranged a con- to be sought in a grant from the Federal Gov- f prpnre w ith a boat building firm to discuss ernment. Among projects considered in this tne design. [Program was the erection of a new building to jreplace the Horace Mann School building Jn j Upper Alton. , ; Deatrurllon of an old trailer dike to dear the ; anrp ^ ^ ^ dfy |fl ha ,, k ,.,„„. Trcasurpr j way for completion of locks walls here was be- j Sandcrs meptjnR Qt Comptro]ler W . p. Boyn^ ^ £ dwarrtsville courtho(lse , sought to A hflnk cnpck for 9 rpnls _ bp ,ieved the small- Mf pver rcrejvpd by <hp cfty _ hnd been sent by County Treasurer Sanders In payment of a bal- Meanwhile, he is in an attempt at drawing of Europe's operation. DeGaulle has proposed .1 Mr. Macmillan into a summit discussion on dis- j French-German combination, but Adenauer now is proposing that nothing should be done, for armament. Norman must be serious about buying that car! He's already kicked the other three tires!" pick it out on the piano, by do- fte<icfer"ff FOf'lllll ing the clear and simple exer- He threatens that if such a summit conference fails to accomplish its objectives, "and if obstacles to agreement of these questions will be put up. he shall conclude a peace treaty with instance, that would split or weaken the North !cises. The author taught thou- 1VI*-»,i A,!,„.:.. T AH:.— isands to read music in fourl 1TJ.O1 Atlantic Treaty Alliance. isands to read music in fouri -ri i v\. i i j • i hours of class work with this The best Khrushchev can do is to maintain ... , V. , .. : method and these exercises. gun. Meanwhile, the lock walls had reached B j height where Ihelr narrowing width was redue- jing the amount of concrete that eould he poured idaily, according to United States Engineers. | Attorney General Otto Keener ruled at -Springfield that county boards now had power ito levy funds to carry on the relief program. Some confusion had been occasioned by a gap between the end of township authority to levy pauper assistance and the beginning of county i authority under a new law. ! Mrs. Mattie Wade, 85, died in St. Louis. Shew-as a sister of the late John S. Bailey, former member of Alton City Council. Mrs. Warie was a former resident of Alton. an harassment that would prevent the West from 1 As an afterthought to Mr. tlu> i 'Cooking For On«," by Minor,Buckley's remarks about thc Hast German Democratic Republic." (working out and launching an offensive. This j Parker [usefulness of the McAdams He has been accusing Macmillan of taking a he is doing persistently. j lf yo ' u ] ive alone and like to'highway within Jhe City of Al-i to Efforts to untangle the mess in The Congo I cal well, this book is for you. ton. we would like to ask him if More than 175 recipes, carefully ho knows about the billions of small portions Collars that Americans spend every- year on motor boats andj worked out in Ithat minimi/e left overs, and;^' 1 'making use of the latest in pre-i Ashing gear? ; Should the All-America City pared and fro/en foods. "The Operators," by Glbney. up iis share of spent on recreation just because it doesn't have Ton go Dag Hanimarskjold, secretary general of the have gone into an entirely new phase, as far as ; U. N., is filying back to New York to carry thc United Nations is concerned. j this problem before the Security Council for ^ Dr. Ralph Bunchc, undersecretary and fr?- j new orders. Original orders had been only to : U '""^y- s headlines reflect o quent miracle worker for the U. NVr-has met patrol The Congo without force, and to prevent j t|)e sui . fa( . e of a vas( area of un- one of his few initial failures in Katanga's re- ( violence. ethical, immoral and criminal ac- ; ^ McAdams highway within jection of efforts to get a security force into | Both are patient men. And during his public tivity that reaches into the P°ek- ^ ^ wop|< road {qr i the province : appearance here last spring Dr. Bunclie indicat-jcts of every family in this coun-; P ' ' - - in ding of the feelings of thc I try. Here, for the first time in; . . • some decades, a reporter ex-: tl j... . -\i <IJ* «5 of the Gen- PolltlCUIIl 1\O ItllOt Forum Writers, /Vote Writer* names must be published with letters to the Reader* Forum. Letters should be concise and. legible. All are subject to condensation. make the payment in cash or stamps because the amount was trifling. But Boynton, as an attorney, held out for formal payment by a bank check so there would be a record of the transaction. Two Alton area women had received burns while busy in their respective kitchens. Mrs. Will Rissinger suffered burns to her face, hands, nnrl arms, when a can exploded as she was pu'- tiiiK up tomatoes. Miss Minnie Ward of Godfrey incurred similar burns when gasoline flashed as she sought to light and ad.just a new stove. One of the most costlv H'-IS ever booked by Charles Stewart, a native of Godfrey, died Manager W. M. Sauvage was carded at the Air- at the age of 56 in Concordia. Kan. The body dome. It, was a skating art fnr which a field of was to be brought to Godfrey for burial. '' r ' Hl '<'•' VV!IS to he manufactured on jtfe stagr. Mrs. Helen Cummings was elected madam \ The Board of Local Improvements recom- chapeau of the 8" & 40, American Legion ' mended to City Council ihc paving of E. 17th women's county organization. Mrs. Nina Walt rip street 4 now Blair) between Henry and Liberty of Alto" was elected as demi chapeau. and Mis. street, also Forest Home place. Kdna Borah of East Alton was named archivist. KaJl board approved organi- Alton Mr. and Mrs. Harry Meyer left for New York zation'of a board of improvements to carry on and were to sail from there for a tour of Europe, the building of the village water works. pie wanting recreation. If our lebor leaders get their four-day work week, the roa«j will be more in demand than ever be- °r FRED J. MILLER, Jerseyville. Premier Moisc Tshombe of Katanga has pro- , en deep understanding of the feelings claimed secession of his province from thc new African people and their aspirations for a place free nation. And K.itanga is of basic importance in the world. ; ial Society in all its comfortable The Allen-Scott Report Latin American Aid Problem WASHINGTON — Vice Presi-jhls State Department advisers, Ari/., chairman of the Appro- dent Nixon's thorniest problem |who strongly favor asking $500 priations Committee, who goes |since becoming the Republican)million for this purpose. They along with them on seeking a ; presidential nominee has been contend a comprehensive sped- large fund for economic aid for : the administration's economic aid fie proposal is particularly ur- Latin America. , . . . , , -ui r u ti TVT »« «-«. , > » i i, .1 M i „,. ninMinn 11 Tninn tho TT<! ariministration' program for Latin America. gent before thc convening of the Diplomatic Corps economically to success of the nat.on, because; It may be possible for the U. N. to press, laxitv _ the -respectable' people After the Novcmbe, olectmn U on toe U.S. administration. politi( . s . charged )ssue American foreign ministers con- In the course of the next U of its industrial and mineral riches. Belgium to break up tins impasse. For Belgium who believe that anything goes be ,t the Nixon or the Kennedy vill have to dea 'J' J a " ldl ^.J,™ hoP °'Hnd abS graph: feren.-e in San Jose, Costa Rica, months, at leas, 10 new foreign Dr Bunche now has admitted he will be may well have the influence upon Tshombe and to make a dollar short of assault;administration, surely someone (Definition. A neison who nas oom at nomc ana aoroaa. eraon has some problems to iron out, "The Home Workshop," by!not only in the United States but William K. Wellman. jalso in foreign countries. Here are instructions on selec-| When American politicians deal lion of tools, their installation with American problems, the 'and care, shop layouts to pro- task should not be too great. no brains, hence a ly person). who^ has complexities facing the r . _ *The big-wigs in Europe seeml standard bearer on major policy dorson and Budget Director Mau- dpnl African countries. They into think that Nikita Khrushchev decisions. rice Slam, militant champions of ^ Gha ™. < "' axmt ' roon ' i T °8°. could The flight Engineers International Associa- lid maximum efficiency and But when the American politic!- 1 could be the truth. match wits with he Soviet unable to get U. N. patrols into the province, j the business interests of Katanga to do so. » » ' Bridge Progress The Alby bridge for which preliminary plans have been conditionally approved by the state i tion has withdrawn its demand that Sen. Lyndon! convenience. This book can save a isn't one of the community's major projects. \ B. Johnson explain or apologize for having j you hundreds of dollars and hours' But it is an important one from the stand- ! crossed thc union's picket lines at Kansas Cityiof time with the helpful instruc-; ^ TllCir point of modernizing Alton's north-south con- -, and Los Angeles. , tions for planning additions to' ,ctwccn the city and areas to the north | Spokesmen for Sen. Johnson have said he *™ r ^'^^ " ^^ tlic ("Jodfrcv Beltlinc. -; didn't rcali/.e thc picket lines were there—but' " . . .. . mi. vjuuui; i»viii> r i <ijji>|ijh| Children, by Norma as tne great .-num. v,. ^«»«. ..-.. laiijjuwci. m unaau^a ui«= ia--t »• , It is therefore good news to note that some : the union took nearly a week to withdraw itv^ Cuttg a|)d N , cho|as Moseley . ; ( , V cr, as Frederick Miller. wouldl evpn . O n land Khrushchev is °" / nem kind of technical progress is being made on the demand. ' Based on t he latest scientific!seem to imply, it was not par- ahead, but he can't move his land; That ' s whv thp Latin Ameri- warning project next week. embassies will be opened in GOP Treasury Secretai-y Robert An-'Washington from newly-indepen- .„ [) O orS is about to lose his mind. That As the Administration's candi- * balanced budget, who are vig- me Federation of Mah, Malagasy, be just a rumor, Or itidate, he is directly involved in'orously opposed to seeking any•nanomry. Upper Volta. Niger, thr these controversial decisions. He i " (>w foreign aid fund at this time. Hcpublic of Oiad, and the Con- Khrushchev, for all his bluff has to defend and support them, Instead, thev advocate a een- KO. iand bluster, is no match for HIP!with his vote in the event of a plrf ' i U.S. in any showdown. IhP m . The Prime Minister of Malaya idoes not have the final voice in for Latin America but provide it Washington in October, just be, .. . , , >: At sea ', 1 ,' LuS ' ' s '" l ^ i making these decisions, and'"" immediate money for this.'fore the presidential election, •ecent big windstorm ;G d control. In the Air Russia has:^ ^ ^ R ^ mv ^ K( . ononiy . mindf>d Rpiulbli , an ;wh,,-h he is eager to witness His House deliberations leaders of Congress, who balked name is Tunku Abdul Rahman even this far. Bluntly Putra Al Haj. if a "Bipartisan revolt! Brazil is seeking markets be— oaseu On me laiesi SCieilllllUiaeem iu JIIH-M.V, n. ««»o ..«.. i-~- nucau, uui nc V-OM i iiiuvc iii.-i laiiu, • .,_..;„..» „„_„ f«..«;._ «;J ,„_„,! Ii j .i_ , „ . , We think Sen. Johnson has an explanation: findings, here is he,p for parents |ticular to Alton, but general in power to Cuba or to Africa. Po- - . ; onomic aid prog,,„, ha,,JJ™ -re f.e^au! spend- hind-the ron Curtain for its ,g man. mental hygiene, discipline, early The life of a political candidate of his stature ;j is difficult enough without having such ac tional obstacles thrown into it. *•»»»» public schools corn- It would be almost necessary to declare ten- ' .md an apology, both, coming from the Flight in dealing with the child whose tative any plans for thc bridge, in view of pos- Engineers for any action they might have un- IQ is over 120. sibilities it could be effected by broader plans dertaken that threatened to hinder the move-! There are chapters on measur- for Alton> proposed imerbeltline main artery, ment about the country of such an important jmg_ the ^"f^^^ 11 ^ ***** Spying Tourist <s> The Soviet labor newspaper Trud has accused this country of sending spies into Russia disguised as tourists. And then there was that tourist who saw the inside of everything over here—later t6 call . . ,'. , . i r i • '• tions into his own hands. our President a liar and trickster. name was Khrushchev. the region. llaris submarines entering the Fred seems to be like some I arsenal, tilt the balance further others in blaming everything on Alton, just as they try to blame everything on Khrushchev, when the fact is that trouble lies in in the U.S. direction. Missile- launching submarines will be a been such a tough problem lor '"S." the y " r Ked merely a joint Nixon resolution endorsing the principle For' behind this recotnmenda-! of helping_friendly Latin Ameri- coffee surplus. The Brazilian Coffee Institute has sent an ex- lion that President Eisenhower can countries. hibit to , Poles in Warsaw the use "educate Brazilian U.S. backstop to bases overseas. | is making to the resumed ses-| Foremost among those favoring coffee." The U.S. isn't weak. sion of Congress, is a wide var-;«hisare Senators Styles Bridges, (O ]96Q T()e HM . chairman of the Republican! After viewing the Democratic! iance of view among three in- Hinge People who would bui.d their Invention to Los Angeles and™^. i-ps in his ^.^y^^t^Jri Mundt,^ house on the swamplands of er-lthe Republican convention in <-°uncus. , - P i Pf . ti ' this vp ..... I b r ' The- Speaker's Treasury of ror naturally do not have a firm! Chicago, the American people! Secretary Christian Herter and;^;,^"^ ^^°" ^ ^ P, , .: ._ i .1 ,t., (u;..rv chnulH hf> nnnvinr'prl Ihwl InP! ~ ~~~~~~~~~~~ ~~ — —*—*"~~"~*^~" ' ~ ' ' parents. i Stories for All Occasions," by foundation and the only thing great about them is their great ! Herbert V. Proehnow. should be convinced that thej American politician is no "idiot." More than 1,000 jokes and stor- fall. Seems his ,^ . . * . . >ti: iviuri? IIHIII j.uuu JUIVK.'S anu aiui- icni. j \\ILL1A1V1. A. CKlvl^Lil-*U (Jne American has taken internationa rela-j. , ,. . . . „. „__ .._ ; ' . ... _— les of all kinds; each one se- ; Whenever one hears of the) jlected because of its wide adapt- "Patience of Job," it should be "SHERLOCK HOLMES" HELD er. N.Y., long-time ranking Republican member of the House P. B. COUSLEY. Publisher and Editor Auto dealer Robert Castle of Syracuse, N.Y. ability and proven effectiveness, i understood to mean the patience had contracted to import 1,400 Moskvitch cars,(Although most are humorous, se-j rev ealed in the book of Job and 1 ' " ' rious and inspirational stories j no t the person named Job. 1 = J ~ J ' !J - ••"• It was Elihu who, somewhat like John the Baptist, prepared |Job so he could "hear" the made in Russia. rious and inspirational stories 1II4* III ill II i»' fill* dill Then came the U2 incident and the breakupj are also included to provide you 1UI,1UUMH£ *••«- ^W«W , ^ thc p ^ disarmament , confercnce . jwith a good story for any occa- Agriculture Department scientists announce i Castle now has announced suspension of sale sion. that pigs fed corn-and-cob meal, made of the , of the cars, with fewer than 100 in the country j gjj Colon whole ear instead of grain alone, produce a high- as yet. er percentage of desirable lean cuts at a lower Now Angelique And The King," by!Lord. But to err i.s human though that AS KEY ALGERIAN AGENT A self-styled French "Sherlock Holmes" is accused of serving as a key member of the Algerian underground in France, Paris learns. The French police inspector, Louis Pommier, modeled himself after the Conan he savs he won't take an order for feed cost than pigs fed a normal corn ration, another single Moskvitch until U2 Pilot Francis I history, the author has created j Confucius who said (speaking This use of the cobs reminds us of the old Gary Powers is freed by the Russians. Freeing! an exciting novel about the Courtjof human dignity): "Men ajid wo- packing house aim to use everything in a pig of Powers could be a condition upon which we I* .^ .XIV at its lavish, daymen _^.to_ te^good^becHime but the squeal. icadent height. Victor Riesel Says Warnings on Africa Repeated everything in a pig ot rowers could be a condition upon , could hinge additional dealings with Moscow. j Best Sellers of the Week I FICTION — Drury, "Advise 'and Consent"; Michener, "Ha- Iwaii"; Lampedusa, "The Leopard"; Wallace, "The Chapman Report"; Snow, "The Affair"; i White, "The View from the For-j BRUSSELS — In quiet hos-| At the moment, his Union Gen- tatives of the Soviet's World Fed-;tieth Floor"; Robinson, "Water pjtal rooms hue there are wo-jerale des Travaillcnirs d' Afnquc eration of Trade Unions, thejof Life"; Chase, "The Lovely men whose minds and bodies i Noire covers former French French Communist CGT and the I Ambition"; Styron, "Set This were assaulted in outlying Con- lands with H population of 23.0UO.- Chinese Communists romped all! Housc on Fil ' e " ; Shute, "T-ustee go districts where exactly a year 000. 01 these some 100,000 are Eu-.over the 300 delegates. There j Fl ' om tne Toolroom", ago I was pushed around by.ropeans, mostly French. iwere Communist Party cadres,' NON-FICTION: King, "May> ttnarhng Stanleyville "river peo- T( le h o r i / o n s of President lo °- Especially from the Cama- This House Be Sale From Tig- pie." Toure. a Marxist, are neither I'oons, Dahomey, the Niger and ers"; Adamson, "Born Free"; 1 was latei intormed that the lost nor hazy. He wants to ex- tnp lvo|- y Coast, which alreadyjJarvis. "Folk Medicine"; Paar, gang of men down at the docks parid his labor organisation to nas seen so ™e grimly bloody;"! Kid You Not"; Dooley, "The from which the nvei lx>ats leave African areas with a total pop-' riots - Ni *»' nt Tne y Bul ' ned the Moun-! for Leo|)0ldsville res of prolessionii ers " They were Drawing on years of research i does not mean they have a li-j Doyle detective in pipe, in seventeenth-century to error. I believe it was clothes and investigating methods. A captured Algerian agent told authorities that Pommier was furnishing forged entry papers that enabled Algerian reb- they are human (not divine). E. W. BUCKLEY els to get into France. towns where carrier delivery Is available Today's Prayer i ju •^ J i Appropriations Committee; H. R. >ubsrription Price 30 cents weekly „ ' . „, ,, „ <>y carrier: by mall $10 a year with- Our Father, how shall we cal) Ooss, Iowa, and Clare Hoffman,;, n joo miles. *U beyond 100 miles. Thee by this dear name? How:Mich., veteran battlers for econ-! Mai ! subscriptions not accepted in shall we intimately approach ,omizing. Thee, Who dost muster the stars They claim potent support from at nightfall and in Whose hands;such leading Democratic foes of the immensities of space aret'^'ge-scale foreign spending as| held? Yet the tiniest flower is Representatives Clarence Can- the work of Thy hands, and thcinon, Mo., chairman of the House, little sparrow Thy care. In the'Appropriations Committee; Otto as second class » post office at Altoo. 111. Al Of Congress. March 3, 1(79 MEMBER OP THE ASSOCIATED PRESS face of Jesus Christ we have|Passman, La., head of the Ap-| rhe A , ioclated Prei , i. exclusively seen the fullness of Thv Elorv i propriations subcommittee in i entitled to the use for publication of i r At t l 'JL'llfiH I16WS dlSDB*'*^** fr^A\tmA Is* thin in His spirit the tenderness ofi<-'ha''gc of the foreign aid bill;; Daper and , P0B Thy heart. Therefore, we mayi a »d .Senator Harry Byrd, Va. pished herein, come boldly unto the throne of! A point stressed by Vice Pres- grace and find help in time of!"dent Nixon, in the White House !.!_•___. • . ;..*L_i !*:_ TN — need. Amen. i discussions, is that specific De- "Keystone State" uere lough cad-'ulation of over 'J20.000.000 peo- These Soviet agents were glee- jtain"; Truman, "Mr. Citizen"; | ml 'white hat- pie. II successlul. Toure, who : fill over the Congress' attitudes. ' Lol ' d ' " The Good Years"; Dar-l not typical of'«ot his early Communist train-!The convention called for a Unit- VU!> ' " llow ' Made S-' 000 ' 000 »' Sovids iii ;l '(i Stati-s of Africa, ll rejected the Slot ' k Market": Johnson, University, all economic, cultural or social!" 1600 Pennsylvania"; Cousins, ?adins mil--community" with Europe un- " Dr - Schweitzer of Lambart-ne". the Congolese clscwlieic — and inn courtesy ol "Hie some of us wrote warnings of Prague's Crmrles things to come. could some day be leading mil-: "community" with Europe It took riots and rape to swing'l""i s (J ' miliiain AlniMii work-1 less there is complete victory for the attention ol Main Street, "'> I've met ilicm I've heard'thr Algerian rebels, complete U.S.A., to sub-Sahara Africa..their angry tribal cries at union > abandonment of the Sahara by Some ol UK now arc Hatching an-'meetings. They have little to the French and the end of atomic other development along HIP Con- lose. go borders and just bexoiut and in Niamey, .bomb tetts on those great sands, the Niger, the If President Toure can "unite warn once more ol organi/eci re- • maximum daily wage is about < and organize Ihc workers of black volt and icvul.Moii tin • '£> reni><: in Dakar. Senegal, this .Africa and coordinate their trade . West And since our land be- 1 runs to a high ot 8j cents daily; union activates in the struggle" come the symbol ul the West, we jwhile the highest skilled workers a^amsl Kurupc. In' \\ould indeed will somehow come out of new 'in the \ast aieu (-filtering around be one ol the world's most power- Stirrings in French-speaking A( rica, most hated. That development will t«ke and ( uiunon, Dahonie>. tul men. about $1 L'J daily Discussion „ h( , ,.„„,,, „„.„ tt(l|d UK , j|MJUf .. of an all- African, trial strength he would have «s (O|-m in public early in 1961 when 'federation of labor ivall.v began a laitoi leader to the influence he the General Union of Black Al at the Ul/IAN s iirst congress wields as President of a new African Workers (UGTANi holds Mcond congress. Its president, 19)9. There were left-wing Af Sftkou Toure, also president ul rican labor leader* (rum the Conakr.v, (Juineu. Jan 15-18. j rican nation, he could someday Guinea, then will reveal detailed- ly worked out plans lor an ail Ai MtraUoD ol labor.- f'amaroons. Togo and the many be a balance of power in the UN and in the duel of the East and West Sekou Toure knows he nations caived out ol French West jean move to power only with the and ICquatorial Africa. Repreeen- ' aid ol the African labor lead- ers such as Kenya's 'Com Mhuya. Many of th(?se are anti-Communist. Thus President Toure is talj(-i ing more and more like a cold 1 war neutral, lie may mean it. at that. He may like his new independence and new strength 1 too much to take his line from: Moscow. Already he has put West African Communists in their place. And not too long ago he turned to thc U.S. fur oldciul help. We brushed him. There is just a chance it's not as late as we think in Atrica. It's worth trying to make a neutral out of an ally of Khrushchev. Toure might Tito. (0 J«W- Tbfj Hall evodlcat*. IDC.) ACROSS 1 The ruffed -- is state bird of Pennsylvania 7 Us state flower is the mountain 13 Opposed to former 14 Guarantee 15 Hospital resident physician 18 Scottish 17 Honey maker 18 Type of lily 20 Consume 21 Bitter vetch 23 Offspring 24 Scottish alder tree 28 Steamer (ib.) 27 Sups 29 Simpleton II Always (poet.) 93 First arUfUo - well to U.S. wu drilled at 53 School book 5430 (Fr.) 55 Penetrates 66 Time ot year DOWN 1 Fluent 2 Hindu queen 3 Musteline mammals 4 Slioshonean Indian 6 Weight* of India 6 Sea eagles 7 Borough in Answer to Previous Puzzl* i -trsinr-j IWH I w wi^i t ?JMI --tffina -Paul S. Wright, Portland, Ore. imocratic proposals are certain minister, First Presbyterian| Both Senators John Kennedy Church. l and Lyndon Johnson favor that. «D i960 by the Division of Christian They have already talked this Education. National Council of the i(h . c pna , n ,. p a ,,| u a vHpn New Orleans. San churches of Christ in the u. S..A.) OVGr witn-isenatoi can jiayaen, A.,,«ries and Seattle. MEMBER. THE AUDIT BUREAU OF CIRCULATION Local Advertising .<atei and Contract information on application at the Telearaph business office. Ill East Broadway. Alton. 111. National Advertising Representatives: the John Budd Company:' New York, i.'hicaao. Detroit. Atlanta. Dallas. New Orleans. San Francisco. Los MIRROR OF YOUR MIND reata 24 Antenna . 26 Sora Pennsylvania 28 Gaseous • Collection Of element sayings 80 Belgian. • Employ provinc* 10 Monarchs 34 Biblical 11 Pertaining to mountain Lake Erie 35 Hasten 12 Lecture (ab.) 37 Communion 19 Deity plates 22 Portable loot SSLuiter 40 South AfrieSB premier 42 Poetry muM 43 Concern 45 Legal term 47 Solar disk 49 Fruit drink 60 Three times (comb, form) 82 Body of watsV 1869 IS King (It.) It Supreme Being of MohammwiMI 88Snoo>M 38 Elder* (ib.) 89 Yugoslav cttr 41 New QulnM port 48 Rolled tea 44 Half (prefix) 44 Malayan pewter coit 48Ventil«U JIWMaWM By JOSEPH WHITNEY chiatric treatment. However, patient's answers during this type of therapy are not necessarily truthful, and are not admissible in court cases. Truth drugs tend to clear away mental blocks that are rooted in anxiety and guilt; they ease inhibitory tensions and the patient feels less need to hide his thoughts. IN everyone neurotic al timer.' Answer: No normal individual could possibly get through life without occasional neurotic behavior, simply because even the most admirably adjusted person cannot always reconcile his ego needs with his social responsibilities. In our complicated social structure most people are Should ttll children learn to obey? Answer: Yes, but the wise parent will not pursue this end to the point of submission. Practically all of us want our children to be independent, courageous, sell-reljant and capable of thinking for themselves, and we cannot help them become so if we demand submissive behavior, with no ques- Po truth drug* t»lwuy» reveal truth? frequently faced with problems A WVtsr . so-called truth drugs tions atiked ' ln helping young, and conflicts that are incapable .««„», o m ,,. Q i »„* 8tars toward becoming law. ot adequate solution, «nd it i« surh as sodlum 8m y tal and abiding citizens we should not inevitable that their Judgment, sodium penothal are normally endanger their self . eiteem. at times, will be adversely af- used to stimulate patients to sense of independence, and their fected by emotional influence, talk, thereby speeding up p*y> need to feel secure. (0 I960, tUn« FMturM ivwl.. Inc.) v'f

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