Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 6, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, August 6, 1960
Page 2
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PAOE TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, I960 Rezonitig Application U ORFCAST Max Srlmrlri h»« filed with thr OH Plan Commission an ap-i plication for /oning rrclassiflca-j tion of n portion of his premises! at F Broadway and Hollywood! so that he may add warehouse; facilities to mee* the needs of I an evpandinn light manufaetur-i ing Wisinpss. ! Srhueler's present location,; 3100-3-400 F;. Broadway, is zoned j for light manufacturing and he. is petitioning for an extension of the M-l zoning to the rear and north of the Broadway lots so that a warehouse may be erected for his Metal Specialties firm I** |fc*w UN* SCA1TERED SHOWERS Scattered showers or thundprstorms Mexico. It will be cool In New England established n year ago last April. are expected tonight In portions of Vir- and cooler in the northern and central After 25 years as a motor- einia the south Atlantic states, Illinois, Plains with little change elsewhere, cycle distributor, Schueler has Indiana, Wisconsin and northern New (AP Wlrephoto Map) branched out with two other en- torprises all on adjacent lots. W etttherrOt'CCftSt Besides his Metal Specialties, at '3102 E. Broadway, he has jilsti Alton and vicinity-Consider-(recently set up Lenco Tool &| able cloudiness this forenoon be- Die Co. at 3100 E. Broadway, and Nixon Wants President's Prestige on Civil Rights Kennedy Is Seeking Nationality Voters UN Arms Conference Set Aug. 15 UNITED NATIONS, N.Y. (AP) —The 82-natton diiarmament commission is expected to mw>t on Aug. 15 or shortly therenfler de- spitr boycott threats by the Soviet Union and other Communist nations. This was the prospect today coming sunny and warmer. Mich in thr mid 90'a. Partly cloudy and Addition to School to Be Dedicated St. Patrick's $250.000 school, addition will be dedicated Sunday afternoon by Bishop Wil- (AP) — Vice 'president Richard M. Nixon returned today from an 11,384-mile campaign tour thai he marked down as "very pleasing." j The trip in a four-engined com- jmercial airliner took the Repub: lican nominee to Hawaii, where 1 he was the first presidential j candidate ever to campaign ac| lively for votes in the newest !U. S. state. On the way back he traveled continued wprm tonight and Sunday is continuing the cycle business as well. He said today that he has scattered showers be-!acquired lots along Hollywood| *^ baby '_ Prlnce . Andl%e _ W '_ tonight. Low in|avenue northward to Buena GRANDMA, GRANDCHILDREN POSE Queen Mother Elizabeth as she flanked by Prince Charles and Princess posed Thursday in the garden of Clar- Anne, One of the royal family's corglos ence House in London with the three was included in the proceedings. (AP children of Queen Elizabeth. She holds Wlrephoto) and morning lei. High Sunday in midlta. seeking space to expand, and! 90s. off the regular course to campaign Friday night in Seattle, where he told newsmen that "the prestige 2 Drivers Licenses Revoked liam A. O'Connor of the Diocese of Springfield. The ceremony will begin at 4 p.m. . controvt , rsips . The addition, on E. 5fh street,! joins the older school on Cen- Long Journey tral avenue, and there is a com- 'also to provide a site for a newi — split-level ranch-type residence! ;he is to erect on Hollywood atj ! Buena Vista. ! At the time the Alton zoning! l ordinance amendment was recently enacted to set districts; in the newly-annexed area to the' cast of the old city limits, Schueler's expansion plans were still! incomplete, he said. Now hej wf ' n finds IIP needed an added lots depth of about 40 feet for his' Assume Missing U. S. Scientists Are Now Behind Iron Curtain after the United States suggested that the most constructive step the commission could take would be to call for a resumption of the deadlocked East-West disarmament negotiations. In a letter obviously intended to quiet fears of neutral nations jthat the commission meeting would only heighten existing East- West tension. U.S. Ambassador Henry Cabot Ixxlgc told the com| mission chairman: i "It is not the intention of the United .States at this meeting to request the Disarmament Com- j mission to make decisions regard- By O. MILWW MSLLY HYANNIS PORT, Maw. (AP>Sen. John F. Kennedy, back from n fence-mending presidential campaign trip to New York City, sought today to line up votes from America's nationality groups. Gov. 0. Memwn Williams of Michigan flew here wi!' Kennedy Friday night to preside at a meeting of the Democratic National Committee's nationalities division at Kennedy's summer home. Kennedy's staff said about 50 are expected to Join the talks with the Democratic presidential nominee. Sen. Stuart Symington (D-Mot. one of those Kennedy beat out for the Democratic presidential nomination, is due here this afternoon to discuss what tack the Demo crats should take In Congress next week in demanding steps to strengthen the nation's military posture. Kennedy plans to wind up his three weeks work-rest vacation Sunday night and return to Wash ington, ready for the Senate's reconvening Monday. The senator had a big day in New York Friday, and returned looking pleased. He had an unheralded meeting at the Kennedy By LEWIS (JI'IJCK WASHINGTON 0\P» — Two i American intelligence specialists by the Pentagon behind the such as on U.S. code-breaking techniques and on NSA operations. Nor would he say what Commun- Emery V. Mitchell, a Eureka attorney, said "I'll never believe it unless Bornon lold me so him- of the presidency could be brought i Two Alton residents have had' newcst enterprises, and must se- The two arc to bear" to help end civil rights their dr , vers ' licenses ^voked.j™™ ™ Z »JJ5 ^'°« ^ ™ n ^J^V± according to an announcement i Canted a building peimit. today by the office of Secretary List of _„ .. ., .. , iof State Charles F. Carpentier in There are no authoritative fig-' ,. ,i ,, mon entrance for both. In the lures on the length of previous ^ pnng e ' new building are classrooms!campaign tours. But Nixon's 11.- Irvin Davis. llOOWise St.. was and a meeting hall, a new heat-|.384 miles between Tuesday and j''<™vieted, in the court of Pohoe A |l||f» ing plant for both buildings, and!Saturday mornings apparently isJMag.strate Fred J. Schreiber, of ^««^ kitchen facilities The parish i the longest ever made in such aj™' lvin S whll<? intoxicated. John: school then will have 12 class-!short period. He told reporters^ 7 . Pilger, 1114 Hunter Cl.. was] rooms, with modern kindergart- traveling with him he was pleased;convicted of three moving traf-j with its results. ;fic violations. He was convicted j , i silence late Friday on the where- Alton s great geographical i sllentp M '° rnaay on ine wneie abouts of Mitchell and Martin. who mysteriously disappeared ist country they might have gone SP | f alld j navr b(lpn with hlm to or by what means. | i onK ,. nO ugh to know that he was Tlie statement said the two had in sound mind." •ire Bernon F Mitchell l u ' orked " in limited areas of com-: M . tr ,j n ' s father, an Ellensburg, ' Imunications statistical work." -Wash., meat packing executive, employed since 195? as mathemat-i The department confirmed earl-said "We are deeply grieved over ii-al aiialvsts at the National Sec- M er reports that Mitchell and I the information we have and we urilv' A"encviit nearby Ft. Meade, 'Martin had been traced to Mexico! can't understand it. We hope there •^l ( l' " ' ' City and then to Havana. 'is some other explanation." i Eureka, Calif., Mitchell's John Martin said he knew of no en. NSA is a supersecret defense unit which intercepts radio sig- father said "I certainly don't be- ideological bent that could explain mils and works on comiruini- ; li*'ve" the Pentagon's assumption his son's disappearance. He said cations intelligence 24 hours a tnal nis son nad slipped away to his son was "just a good plain day. Mathematics is one tool used iRpd territory. v American." for breaking secret codes. The Defense Department broke i ing specific measures of disarma- fnm j| v - s p ar |< Avenue apartment inient. j w jfh Tammany chief Carmine G. "We believe that the most con-i r>sapio .'md Democratic Stale structive outcome of the disarma-! f . h()jl . mHn ^- }( .^ w \ H. Prender | ment commission meeting would | RaR( IN- H resolution which registers the; U(( , r from (hp |cbby of „ M . in . i common desire fo, prompt n-j p ho)( ,, hp M ^ fc (f . |r . sumption of i wj|h fomipr ^ I/xtec. the Republican nominee jj, ^ ^ of gn for vice president, plans to resign i . .... _ c . , ....... , , " igroup battling De.Supio his post as chief U.N. delegate.* after taking part in th? disarma-' ment proceedings. Kennedy hns been seeking sup- j Mexican Ambassador Luis Pa-;!™ 1 fram ; <" democratic faction* Idiila Nervo, the commission chair-1 in pivotal votc-rich New York I! man. is receiving replies to a let- <^ls the biggest block of electorni ter asking members of the eom- lVO ''' s - '"• i mission how they felt about a He said he had discussed with ! meeting on Aug. 15. PrendergHsi and DeSapio plan 1 - l.odgc said the United States "is for a high-powered program to i fully in accord with the proposal'register more eligible voters Hr that the Disarmament Commis- said Lehman had told him the sion should meet on or about; picture in New York "is encour AUK IS." i.'tging" for the Democrats The older school was erected! The tour took Nixon's party to!in three different courts. ml« tta^ a ^eitun'aSo Nevada. California, various is-j Jessie L. Markle and Billy | growth over the last seven years more than a Halt centui> ago R Wa , ker A]ton; John g Mc _ of annex ations will be easier to while the late O'Reilley was Father P. J. lands in the Hawaiian group and urcmrv «•«» pastor. When | Washington State. He plans later «».,.. „ opened/it had four classrooms, ! to hit every state in the union in Raymer East Alton; were all scnd floor ! his drive for votes in November.! convicted of three moving traf- scna tioor. Daniel, Collinsville; and Clyde keek track of now that City'- Tune 24 Clerk Paul A. Price has on file in his City Hall office a chrono- violations, so that each re- logical and numerical listing of An official statement said it "must be assumed that there is a likelihood" that the two "have suspension of his license I the 48 ordinances by which the | gone behind the Iron Curtain." on hand'for a two-month period. city's area has been expanded It added that an investigation when il Probationary permits were more than half. and a hall on the second floor.; When enrollment increased the second floor was converted into members of In recent years, a <" p < NT ' x ° n of the basement was to " 1P(>t Neon's plam converted Bishop will monies — " ' "l" M "*\rtjni7ii i if H tin £^utiijL^ -^yw.|..«_.iv.»_i . - vj. i • v, •>_ «*• i •""•" «- v* [ i iij i rj i j vji i^ \ji. 111 f a j wcio \ji u iv.~ } - . ,, „•«••»„,->n ii.nmm»< wm nn - ° bed find mst after!that the suspension of the license tracts Ihe ordinances have weapons or defense plans. PICKS ummn. uipiomas wiii oe. exception of James F. Yales. 823 Wood: brought :nlo the ritv. A Pentagon spokesman declined ^o± - fa P° ssiblP mertta " With hte ! Rlver Ave " W °° d River " haS Alton's wave of anncxat.ons:'°-V-hethe,-the pair had other tVr ° _; staff, he had no appointments or j been rescinded. made a feeble start in 1953 when | informatio^of value Jo ^hejleds, " : scheduled for the This action was taken UP°" i gullivan Homes tract was tion Club will serve for the bishop and priests. Kinplui*i/<«d civil Rit,'ht» The Rev. Father John Crosson H ( , put major emphasis on has completed 2ii years as pas- ngius in his visit Friday night to tor of St. Piitriek's, and a dinner Seattle, where he said thai he in his honoi has been announced \\ould take the initiative in such for Aug. 21 at 6 p.m. Proceeds, matters if. elected president. ***« o p oceeng B Slight , . , , fo Ole d nd the cse ™' ( , onUnuorl for Therefore. with annexation of Rock playground pur- ex- over the sine final cisnostion hasnot from the dinner will be present- ••[ don't think it is enough sinv lwen m . 1(}p yates' record does 1h '' Pe ye * rS S ' nf ' C Augusl of 19r ' 7 '' ed to Father Crosson as an an- ply to say that we will eel Con-. not pl . esonllv shrm , rppfn1s O f niversary token lo be added to gress to puss i civil rights i laws: f . onv j ction foj . tn ,. ee w mol . 0 moving traffic violations within pansion has throe years when Upper Alton the school fund. Boat Races Scheduled On Sunday and then let them lie there," he told a news conference. ; Nixon said Ally. Gen. William | P. Rogers has been meeting with executives of chain stores whose i outlets in the South have been the i scene of sit-in demonstrations by ] Negroes. : This, he said, was an attempt to "take Ihe initiative in such . matters—to solve the problem before it goes through" years of legal process. iQakwoodi and Alton Municipal- The .25 inch rain at 4 a.m. Cemetery , ( , ( | HV failed lo bring any coo'- veather 10 the Alton area. one year. V. S. Soviet Handling Of Spy Case WASHINGTON (API—The United Slates charged Russia today Golf Course were also brought \ i0l .\^ iiri( \ n; )m No. 26 recorded within the city lines. . lt g H m th;ii the temperature Since Augusl, 1957, the listing,was 73 degrees. The high for shows 44 annexation ordinances! Friday was 90 degrees and the have become effective. lw\ was 70 degrees. The year of 1957 saw 1 annex- The bieh expected today is ation; 1958 brought U; 1959 add- ; in the mid-90's. The winds at ed 22 including the Milton-North ! i>::W wore out of the southwest Wood River township area; and'from 10 to 15 miles per hour. I960 cupped Ihe performance Snndny'-. hi;;h is expected to with 10. lie iti the mid-90's. with cloudy The 10 annexations of the cur- skies and showers. he. as president, take the initia- ! forts , 0 »,„ i n f|,, m ,, pll |,i io O pin-!' n\.ji in ,»i> ii ricrlitv m'.iiorc hut live in inn ngnis nidueis. oui : By HAKOU) lil(AM) The Ple \lt"on h 'pir'aTes "onboard " W '" °' V " ngl " S mallers - OU1: io "" i" advani-e of Ihe spy trinl The A ton nates outiwa^ci urge my Cabinet to take: or IT s pilo , Knm ,. is r ,. irv Pow . Boating Club vull sponsor "* fourth, (hp jnjtjativp in ( , 1S( , S of rhis type; ° , s ' ° a,inual tea. races ,yuKra,n begin- lsolutjon( .,, ' ; nep,rtmen. also ning at 2 p.m. Sunday on a chute! - ... "" 01<I1( i'i|j,nniM in of Alton Lake parallel to McAd-1 ity base exceeded 200 evelop solutions." s press conference climaxed , ,,.., I a hectic '."a-hour stopover in Seat- ams Highway just west of Clifton | (lfl lha( originu ,, v was st .|, e duled; s (Q vivnn ^tiiri ilvii nni nnl\ ivnnlrl .. i i i , i ~', rent year of ISttiU have added Mxon said that not onl> would . Wlth , nukin}; , llinost i, ys( ,, l( ,,, ,,,. ^^ ^ ^^ ^ ^ inlo 1hl , 1 ' ' acres. comprised in tracts to the north Recently Town Assessor Gor- of the former Upper Alton area, ma" computed that the city Largest single addition to the "rea had been expanded by an- city, one of ilGO acres, resulted nexaiion froi* 6.117 square miles Iroru Hie Dec. l:' election in Mil- '" 195: ' lo liuti st > uare nliles as Ion and the adjacent area to the ol lnt> present date, north. The increase over seven years Many ol the annexations were is 4 square miles, equal to about R ,, i|p m a , )d „ A crowd estimated at 7.500 took| tak( , p;il . t in p owers ' defense. The pan in welcoming ceremonies it; lr j a | OP gj ns Aug. 17. °' relatively small tracts, but two-thirds ol Ihe lormer city the Sealtle-Tacoma International' f>,, W ers' relatives will be given 1 ' 11 seven instances, areas taken area. Airport 'opportunity to confer with his So- Nixon said unfinished business vj( , t a(torm . Vi if ,| a . v visjl Mos . will be the big job of Congress when il reconvenes. The session could "turn into a donnybrook," he said, and called on both parties to take a responsible approach toward the session. On bis campaign swing through tlit.- TjOih stiitc. Nixon said he felt his visit had welded Hawaiian Republicans more 1'loso'y together "We have a good clianee to carry! j ntis ' w i||, him cow, a Russian note of Aug. 4 declared. The Soviet attorney was identified as a member of the "Moscow City Lawyers' Collegi- um" with the name of Griniv. Stale Department officials said they had been unable to identify Griniv positively The Soviet foreign office retried that Powers "already bad several niccl- Terrace. The race features pleasure boat craft m eight events and semi-professional stock boats in three races. "We have more than 'Al entries today and more are expected before the registration closes at 11 a.m. Sunday," related C'omiu. Bill Taylor. "There is a good possibility that we will equal or better the 58 entries run by '£> pilots last year. Trophies will be awarded to pleasure craft winners and cash to pilots of stock utility bouts " All pleawnv boat operators are invited to participate rt s there is a horsepower rating lor each Uwit from 10 on up to 'JO Tuyloi said that in between race*. *ume \\ater ski perlornmhcefc also will !><' made lo entertain the sjx ctatoo "Our club plans the rnci-> cacii year lo help promolt btxitinu." Ci)inn) Taylor pmiKi-d out "Th" PARIS lAP'-Sc-cretary of racing pllb will l<c al the lormer nru | Ulr( , jr /r<1 -I'..,)) Benson iir-.l'.S. liulcs of .Ma> U), ,Iul> II and Alton Motorlwal Club building nu\\ ,.j v()( j j n p ar j s toda.\ fur confer July '10 askmiu; lor permission to known afc Stankas Manna Al- ( . n ci-s with French officials .-ibout-sfe the flier, whose I':' spy pi,me though lher« J is a nominal entry t)ic effects of the Common Market : weni down in central Russia i.n fce (or Hit- pilots the public is on US -food ex polls ! May 1 Numerous other requests welcomed fret-. The rain date is Bi-nson said "M; prunao in-: were matte onill> and (lie Stare the following Sunday." icji-st mi this trip is lo determine j Department said Ibc demand for • - how the agricultural proposals of : direct contact wlih Powers w >uld CIJLTI'UE Uic Kuropian economic coininun- ( Iw pressed again in the tuturc U^I^ANU it\ will .ilW'el prospects for agri- The charge Russia ol! RlUMlia haw launciied an all-out culiuial trade in Ibc .sears ahead " "soiuewhal hysterical efforts" to' cultural offensive in the little Benson is wonied that ihe pro- whip up It-ar and haired •») i.i- : iri^p^ lepublK ol Iceland, Reyk- ( |jus<'(j eomiuon tarifl wall for the l<^i'<] I'S espion.igc was nmde in javik r«uoiti>. Recently the coun-1 Common Market nations—-Kraiicc. | connection with the ouslei of an! try wat vi»iUid by various art-jUest Gernmny. Ilal> Belgium,JAmcrtcun student, :tt)-year-old Kd- i liauall. be said Bcnx-nii in I'ai i> Powers' wife Barbara, anil his parents. Mr. and Mrs Oliver Powers arc K u| ' 1 ^ Ul Moscow. The Soviet note ignored requests ilial Ibe U.S. embassy he permitted to interview Poweis 'Ibe State Department try i*U from Uw Soviet L'moii whu guw wnoeitii in thw»ui-», UaJU and even unitU Holland and Luxembourg-— will result in disci iimimiion t > agricultural against win Morrell. from tile Mo:>covv University last June lb Mornll'»| home is, Salt Lake City. ! iOU \V Ihird St. HO 6-4266 Harry <I. The StecJc-Sfewart Agency was oiganiied lo piovide better service on insurance ma/fen /or the public. Your ptrtonal Independtni lntur«nc« Agency Since 1905 STICK-STIWABT ft CO. iUoii»rd 0. ONLY A BANK!!! Gives You ALL These Services *1. A IANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT with 3% quaran- toed interest. 2. Your own PERSONALIZED cheeking account and a low-cojf CHECKING ACCOUNT for your firm or employer. 3. A CHRISTMAS CLUI account for holiday ex- penses. 4. Convenient CAR AND APPLIANCE FINANC- ING. 5. HOME IMPROVEMENT AND PERSONAL LOANS for your home and emergencies. 6. A REAL ESTATE LOAN for that home of your dreams. 7. A SAFC Df POSIT IOX to prefect precious valu- ables. 8. NIGHT DEPOSITORY SERVICE far the business- 9. TRAVELERS CHECKS, BANK DRAFTS AND MONEY ORDERS, safe way to carry or mail money. 10. TRUST DEPARTMENT covering all phases of estate planning and administration. 11. IOND PURCHASES, agent for the issuing and redeeming of U.S. Savings lands. 12. FAMILY FINANCE IUDCETINC, service for Hie 13. INVESTMENT GUIDANCE _ Pay 'N Save-convenient insured savings plan (Only at the W«dge Bank) ALL ACCOUNTS INSURED TO $10,000 BY THE FEDERAL DEPOSIT INSURANCE COMPANY ARE YOU RECEIVING ALL THESE SERVICES? IF NOT ..... TRY US- ALTON BANKING & TRUST CO.

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