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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, August 6, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 \ears WARM SUNDAY: Low 75, High 96. (Complete Weftther, Pit* 3-> Established January 15, 1836. Vol. CXXV, No. 174 ALTON, ILL., SATURDAY, AUGUST 6, 1960. 16 PAGES 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Prtsi Hammarskjold Asks UN Give Assurance To Katanga on Intent CVRAN LEADER KKAXTtil) ASYLVM Secretary Wants New Directions En Route to UN UNITKIi NATIONS N.Y <AP> — Dag Hatnmarskjold proposed lo Ha\ that thn I' N Security Council assure dissident Katanga Prri\ - ince that l : .N forees have no intention ol taking sides m the Congo's internal conflict The I'N scc.lctalV L-cilcral de dared that Mich aettoll ll\ 111' 1 council might well open the door '""'" '"' to 'A spcedv settlement ol the IS sue |M>se<| |i\ |c-|l|v.l| of Province to .idnni IN forces He made the st.ii. im-iil m a ie |K .1-1 lo the 1 ', naiioii '-onil' li le- leased In Ie |H-|O| e Ins al in al tlcim the ('on;;o Al llammarsk.jold v request, thr ( oijnril has |K>CII railed into urgent session inv!lit on Ihe Congo crisis. Hainmarskjolil put a 11 page report Itefore the council detailing his efforts to eanv out previous council resolutions calling for a speed\ withdrawal of Belgian troops licini th< 1'iiiire Congo HI included th. latest word from his chief trouble«hoolPf Ur. Ralph .1 Bum-he that t'.N. imli- tury units c'oiild ha\e entei ed Ka lt> ANDItl.U BOKOUKH I.KOl'Ol.lA'ILLK. tin- f'onuo '.'"' Thii-i. ('..n^ul.-'- uiiiiM''!- rjc< kJi>r| today to follow Si'ci"lat\ -< ir-in-i n\ I>HI; I iHmmsii -kjold to Neu York for Sunday muni's I'.N S»'mil\ (Vniivil »hi>wd<mii '1(1 (li'-'-Kt'Tll KlIlllHIIUIl I'lDVmC" tin the \Vii\ lh''\ p);iti to confer i'-l:n\|>h .( KuiHu*. warned \vitli i'l'-mici P;itiin Lumumba. ;iflri ;t \isit to K:il;mt;;i lh:il s"lld- nou IIMIIIIIU vvi-st Alrii-Mli ••'inn IIIL; I'. ,\ troops in thr |ii<'Vin<-i' Irn'v ||c ni.i> ;ili;mdrin his trip, illicit |>ro\ok«' bloodshed. linn :iiound. MIX) return to Neu Pressure IV | |,,. ( •,„,...„ ministers -.ziiiifj tn N,,. U y ul |, ,,,.,. (.-„[•,. mn Minister ,|,|>,i m |;,, m boko. liepiitv Premier |,,, |1( , A) , A ., m |,,, ;l|) ,| T|,, )m; ,s- K:m /a ,1,,. Con^'i's minister dele^tr tl , ,(„. nuicd .Vilnius. ' |lhotiL'.h leiideisnl l,iiniH!iib;rs ._.,,\,. mm ,.|il IMTII pressing State To Proceed on Area Highway Jobs DespiteNewProblem Congress Gathers For Late Session Progress On Plans Explained City Manager Graham Watt By THK ASSOCIATKD PRESS Political chiets began to arrive in Washington today for a hob-tailed congressional session expected to feature plenty of ,., H . e jved that long-awaited an- political hay-making along with legislative harvesting. alysis from Illinois Chief High- The NovcmlxT elect ion will bx-| leader. ! in the minds of senators, who 1 Includes National Chairmen way Engineer R. c meyer regarding R. Bartels- the Clark roiui'-il session. erision tn vi ul tl»' mill ,) N..\\ Yoik was n ;t- he<| Th ,-lers ;it Nil emei-rnr> <';ilmiel mr-cl IDS; .itter ll:imm;iisk|old h;ul sri;i|i|ied I' t') send 1' N. Iroojis into K.i'.-uiuii. Ill'- lien province wlneh ll.lS der|;ni-d its ('0111:0. .MIAMI. Fla.—Raul Chinas, bcnrdi-d 44-yi'ar-old former Cuban Revolutionary Arm.v major and railroad administrator, who flrd lo K<-y West, Florida, this wi'k in a 17-foot onfhoard boat. talks \vi(h ncusmcn. At loft is his wife Dalia, a bride of hVo months. Cliibas and his wife have been granted political asylum in this country. (APWirepholo) a\ c' independence from the Congo. u, ( . \- \ ,,, \ >nlK |<aian«a under llammarskjold's lop tronhle- ( ., mlm | ,,f (• x nrxips. their re- shiKiti r in the < on-o. t :ndersec- ;u .,, on ,,, Hammm skjokls hack- down on Katanga was mild. This indie.-iled tliev prefer to w> along with a I' V solution of the problem lather than risk So viel intervention—threatened hy I.iinuimha—to restore order Woman Found Dead In Lake I960 Assessment Completion Near Township Assessor .lames P. (JoniiHii said todav Hiat he e.x- peels lo complete the HifM.i assessment here In (lie end of the month. Savs Cuba »/ In Soviet Camp Now Tile view in l*oth diplomatic and ••jovernmein' circles is that the s|jotliRlit now has turned on Bel- Mim )s engaged on the revision Ljium. and pressure will b<- on ,,| ih, Brussels lo comply with earlier Security Council i ('solutions call- By KKH4UU \AI.KKIAM HAVANA (APi — Raul Castro doubt today Cuba has solidh into the Soviet He IIHS completed the person- V™ 1 ''» assessments by Alton |(if( ^ il pmpci'K assessment, and Township of Ihe Milton ant) mov ed omc of the North Rodger* economic camp as he welcomed real estate books. area, said (.Jorman. the assess-'Moscow's aid offers and hurled Altei i me more week of "held ments for that area, annexed defiance at any objectors. He also hi-eking." in which he will re- last December, have taken j hailed Soviet pledges of military (convene Monday, and congress- 1 The Senate also includes the|Bridge-River R o a d-jnterberm jinen. who meet a week later, to national chairmen of the two j complex today, jlakc up business left undone be .parties—Sen. Thruston B. Morton \ n ^ ^ nrougtit up a new :fore the break for the political! IR-Kyt and Sen. Henry M. Jack-i ma j or problem for West Broad- conventions, son iDU'.-ish'. way hut described the state's Among Ihe returnees was Vice Members of Ixjth parties have intentions of proceeding with President Richard M Nixon, the called on their opposition to avoid other phases of the program Republican presidential nominee, j politic-ill squabbling or grand-; regardless of right of way ac- due in from a campaign tour to;.'landing and attend to business quisitiori delays thus involved. Hawaii and hack by way of Seat- i during the session. But no one 'p| 1e npw problem was the tie. Wash. figures there won't be politicking, j state's decision to make a four- Major attention vvilj be focused; Asked about ''"Ports that Rc- 1]anp divided facility on West Ion the Senate, over which Nixon j publicans might introduce bills j Broadway from State to Piasa. j presides and where the member-j 1)ased on tno Democratic plat-| Tnjs Bartelsmeyer pointed out, 'ship includes Democratic presi- tonl >- especially its civil rights | W0ll | d inv olve "right of way ac- 'dential nominee Sen. John F. Ken- P lank - Johnson said "f think there ! q ,,j s j,j on and PV en some build- Inedy of Massachusetts and his are always some Republicans who ing ,. f . mova |.' running mate, Sen. Lyndon B. want to play politics. ' w , hjs , d . rf Bartels . Nixon has said the session could .. . . ... , 'meyer, the state will proceed with letting of contracts for the ('.real River Road within the citv i Federal Aid Rt. 155> and Johnson of Texas, who is majority Hammurskjold said it is now CARLINV1LLK The hod\ ol m K '<»' withdrawal ol Belgian vjew . p ,. oper ti es j n rhe Milton much longer than the normal j support. clear that the objectives of the _ xlrs Charles Wiles. .">0. of Car- li'fiops iroin the entire Congo, in- a ,. ea r; olTnan sa j d |, c vv j]j be time, resolution cannot Ix- arhieved by | mv i)] r W as found floating on eluding Katanga. aD j c ,,., ma ^ c fj na | entries arid: use of the U.N. force, "as "'s the sl]r f a f. f . O f I.ake Carlimillc Needs BtljjiaiiH begin mandate has been defined." He ;it g.jr, am today while an Without Belgian support, Pre.-,hooks, added: arPa 0 [ the lake a half-mile inter Moise Tshombe's Katanga; B e( . ausf > "If tliecouncil, as it is assumed, , awav was being dragged in e|- regime probably would collapse ; wishes to maintain its objectives. (o) , t! : , 0 rprovp ,. ,| 1( , hotly. quickly. the council must, therefore, either ^^ H 'j| f >< ,. ( ppi,,,.ni|> drounetl ln his l ' a P' t!l1 ()f Elisiibethvnllc. change the character of the force, ' ^' ( !,...,-,„ w j )n ' ;l heart l' s ''ornbe issued a statement say- .•tttiic k lake at 10:15 \> m Fi'idaj . H«-i husband, a non-svv inimer. be- to get a response osing the real <•*'ate!almost 1,000 acres, lias 66 "We don't have to fear an econ- The Milton area, comprisingjomic blockade," me younger brother of Prime Minister Fidel i , divisions with 3,956 lots and 124 this was the tirstjparcels of acreage tracts. The Ike to Send Special Message "turn into a donnybrook." He called on both parties to take H responsible approach. He has also indicated doubt that . , . . . , . _ , . .... ,. . , . .. i with its panning for the dark much will be accomplished at the _ . , , . . . . .Bridge approaches. brief session. ' „. ., , . .. . . . .. , T\vo Pliases Kennedv has discounted talk of _. . , ., These two phases ol the ap- Castro declared in a midnight j Bv MAHVIN L. ARKO\VS>I1TH speech (hat ran nearly three , Democratic- attempts to enact por- I lions of HIP party platform. To carry out its goals, the Democratic party needs a mandate from the people in the former of control of the executive branch as proach proposed for current planning would connect directly with the berm Beltline. A modified one-way traffic pattern in the downtown ri's- which appears In me lo he i.npos- •"'„."" w ^. "swimming" m 'the '^ " { '•"»»«' .sible. both for constitutional re" sonh and in \-ie\v of the commit ments to the contributing govern . rnents, or otherwise- resort to other .. ,, ;fiom her a- he sat on a dock methods which would enable me ^ ^ a .., asj and to carr>; through the 'mp-menia- ^ unmwmpd aid lrom ( ,ar- "' tion of its resolutions without go- ' uig beyond my instructions as re- lliml ''• gards the force " \\iles lold Macoup.n County ing: "I rejoice lo see that Dr. Ralph .1 Bunch" and through him. tin U N have taken cog- nixancc of the Katanga people's resolution not to accept anarchy •haos." propping up Tshombe and frustrating the U. N. effort to restore order in the Congo. Bel- I'iumhas taken the risk o' making, Bus Finn OffimI Optimistic last Wood River assessment of [hours. "They ('the Soviets) buy alii NEWPORT, R. I. (API—Presi-J the area showed 3.074 of the 'that we sell them and thev sell us 1 dent Eisenhower will send the re- |vvell as the Congress, he said. Lists Main Work Johnson I trict would be ; expedient while a temporary the state is Johnson listed the main work Carrying out plans for the four! ahead as a minimum wage bill, lf " 1(1 West Broadway develop- lots improved, mostly w i t h what we need." convening Cong,-oss a special mes-; a medical program for the agedtmenl. "«Oiling*,. Appearing on Fidel's usual Fri- |Sagc Monday urging action on a,and appropriations measures. Watt said llp vvou ' d withhold Prom prelimmaiA •• surveys night TV spot- the peppery, n . um , ||f . white House termer Kennedy is expected to return; fo ™ al comment on the letter dui-nian estimates that be vviii defense minister aimed a slap at;'. ". ,,. . , ,, i to Washington from Hyannis Port,| llnt 'l ne natj nacl tinle to ^udy Mass., Sunday. !''• and discuss it with members President Eisenhower ends hisj of Cit y Council, vacation Sunday evening when hej "' "'"U present the Bartels- _ have about 25 new homes there, ^he Organization of American!"'" tlle I jul3l ' c ' i be added to the assessment : states which is slated to meet! Announcing this today. Press Aug. 16 to discuss Soviet inter-1 Secretary .Tames C. Hagerty left his realty assessment |ference in the Western hemi- open the possibility that Eisen- roll. When revisions are completed, he will sphere and other problems, have an exact figure on the. "\Ve are grateful for and we A spokesman for the Citizens number of homes, business, and i accept—we accept—disinterested He said the problem for thosejCoroner John Ferkelich ol Car-; tne Congo an important issue in!Coach Co. said today that the.i industrial buildings. resisting U.N. forces in Katangailinville that he and his wife|, np (>o)c | war is whether U.N. participation and'had gone to the Elk's Club boat 11lp ^ • control of security would submit!dock at the lake at about 9 p.m. , ,, t a foothold here, either by pro-,of operation under the reduced "quadrennial" i the province against its wishes lolKriday. a customary outing '01 v iding massive technical assist-!schedule and increased lares years. the rule of Premier Patrice l.u- them. Mrs. Wiles, who liked to^. in ,. ( , , () , np (niif. r ing central gov-1 p-, Vf | Brandenburg, secret try j,, Hie assessm i aid of Soviet artillerymen (rocket: future looks a little brighter for. Complete real estate reassess-1 eers^ despite what the OAS says," Union is eager to jthe company after a short time: ments are made only in the'Casli-o told a loudly cheering e a d j u s tment '.studio audience.. Fresh from visits lo Moscow) hower also may go on nationwide television and radio next week to plug for his program. The special message will go to the Senate when it convenes Monday at midday after a recess for jthe political conventions. The ! House does not return to work un- mumbu's central government. swim, swam in the lake while ( , rnmi .ni or sending Communist ,,, , n( , ,. omp any, said that. ;.|- ,| le Hammarskjold said this is a po lie lounged on the doek. Wiles i m ,,, ls j nt( , ih, Congo operation htical problem to which the I'nit- -aio. At about Ul:-ir>. Wiles said, ed Nations "ohviously cannot he a Mis. Wiles vvenl hack int-> the party. Nor would the entry of the water for a final dip. Shortl.\ U.N. forces in Katanga mean any ihcrealter, he said, he taking of sides in the conflict lo her iloaling lai-e-downw; which I have just referred." the suifa<e ol the water. , -.iifi Pi-imu. h« t-uiri SV..HOI ..,,,ii til Aug. ly, but Eisenhower s mes- ment revisions o ' ancl Pi«»«ue, he said Soviet andj .„ , in i . .1 sage will be delivered to the present year, only new .Czechoslovak officials had prom- or important im-'' set ^ n ' ni lnat a " Cuban orders letter to City Council I'when it meets in committee There has been an atmosphere j Monday night," Watt said, of secrecy around the summer! I* 0 ** of Better The letter follows: "The development of a comprehensive plan for the exped- After a meeting with the Presi- >ent handling of traffic in and is to return here from Newport, meyer White House at Newport regarding the President's methods of operation after his return. dent last Monday, Nixon said the through Alton has been under House clerk at the same time goes to th (hough it WHS still much to early ItcHolution to tell, things did look a Mule. p roV ements to existing houses i wou'd K* 1 ' 'op priority .He implied! has'scrupulously heller. He explained until ( he: and buildings are added to the tnis mpant military material asi Eisenhower will end his seaside (be put first." President expressed Ihe view that! study for the past several years. IC it is "vitally important that this!This problem involves the loca- it'be a session in which the interests tion and design of Federal Aid of the people rather than politics well as other goods. '" • observed the terms of the U.N. "changes wenl into eflect in July, j DOO | {Si Qn previously assessed; WP " ax olnf ' noticed j.,,.;,,)^,,,, ant i spppd iiy accumu-jthe company had been operatingi l>eal eslalf , t ne valuations set No strings ard on |a1f , d a fon . e of pret i onl i nan t|yjal a Sl'.oOO to 53,000 loss everyj in , h e last quadrennial assess-;Soviet aid < j vacation Sunday afternoon and fly j The Republican vice-presidential were attached to' to Washington. He has been in j nominee, United Nations Ambas... quadrennial African troops. This force now is I month. The new plan of oper-! men , rema j n unaltered. Then, suggesting a possible lie said he called to her and: jn a pos jti on | O guarantee order lotion was des-igned lo c-ul this course of action to the council, he icceived no answer When or very near it. Onlv the intran- loss, he said. esponse. he sj ,, (J|1( . (l of Tsnomb( , bars the way.; Brandenburg explained thai, > Carlmv illc Bum . n( , became convinced of the|i,, )c | 0 ,- (| 1e npvv system, lour !ius The valuation date for assessments on real estate this year Buses now said: "The Security Council iTiuy .shouts brought no i esponse wish to clarify its views on the'said, he returned to matter audio lay dou n siK-h rules tor assistance. danger after conferring in Elisa-i n ,, ls had been cut. for the U.N. operation .is would: At 12:.'iO p.m. r.ille.-pie Volun- |) el | lv j|j,. w j t h Katanga Premier. ,.,,„ on t | lp halt-hour all da«serve to separate effectivcK .i.ies-ioer Rescue Corps began drag- 1 MojS( , Ts | K)rnb( . uho vowed he inst( , ali 0 , havjn ,, a vij..,^,,..^, -- |I)riws ratf lions of a peaceful and democratic iging the lake near the dock xvouk| uw . foirf . , () kppp ou , U.N. sclle <i u |e in the morning and• I J1 ' el "" inai ' v i:neck made ° 1 ' lhe the world's development in the constitutional (U nd was joined al L' a.m. l'y't roo ps. evening rush hour This saves! Milton area, with the Jan. 1 offers, he declared, adding that the United States had never given help without demanding concessions. was last Jan. 1, a new law hav- Caslro blasted the U.S. capital- ing changed the valuation datp.! istif- system which he said de- from April 1 mands that Americans "throw Las. February <Jorman had a; food inlo(1the ,f ea " , to maint ^" rather than share it with starving millions. Newport since July ? except for six days last v\eek in Chicago and Denver. sador Henry- Cabot Lodge, is staying out of direct political activity while on his U.N. assignment. * Restaurant., Bar To Close in Edwardsville field from any questions relating to the presence of Ihe U.N. force." Inside Musts EI>ITOKIAI, . . . r.\GK I SOCIAI PA«K « SPORTS I'AtiK 9 BADO * T\ . . . I'Attfc li COMICS PAGB It CLASSIFIED . . . I'AGE H OBITUARY .... I*AGK U Litchfield Volunteer Squad. After daylight, at 8:15 a.m., Rescue Hammarskjold's decision not toi KOme enter Katanga and replace Bel- j <, a j c i Frequent bursts of applause: oner,tin., evnen es h « date in mind. Now be is making j r reijut-m oursis 01 appiause opetalmg expenses. lw " a f|na , checkj s j , greeted Castro's high praise of| EDWARDSVILLE - Musso's ; Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev r Jf , t . jgian troops now patrolling the; AL , 0 Brandenburg said, i.he. "f want to view every prop-j d ,„ s ,,. „. the body was found floating near j province came amid ominous: revenues have risen since the jerty myself before any revisions jthe lake dam a half-mile from: rumblings from two quarters. if areK were upp ed, since the line!are made to bring the I960 ap- ;the dragging operations. TnP Soviet p nion drummed out]| os , on ] y a fpvv rif ) ers . >praisals up to daft-. 1 Kerketich ordered an nutop.s>. a warning that if (he U.N. failsi- ' land Ihe body was scheduled tO' to ge ( a || Belgian troops out of' !bc taken to Heinz Funeral || ]( . Congo, forces should be sent; I Home later today. in trom other countries "which Mrs. Wiles is survived by her | \\cild be ready to contribute." husband, three daughters and ai And ministers of the central, son. ;Congo government talked loudly' — - o f "sending our troops to Katan- ! 4 Dog Days' at City Hall License Office Continue "Dog days" are here on theresidents owning or harboring * _ _ .. i j ; J~.^.r. . ..1* A Knj-1 t nttat4 tf\ rmA/-«itr*A August weather calendar, but in a more literal sense dog days dogs who had failed to procure licenses. gu" if the U.N. keeps stalling. Observers said Hammarskjold's j backdown on Katanga might have .averted bloodshed, but they predicted it might spell trouble for the United Nations on several counts. "We are back where we started," sa'-i one U.N. diplomat glumly. "Anything may happen now." U.N. officials grimly awaited Bids Opened on State Road Improvement Jobs Applause also accented Raul's "iwarning that "enemies of the ' revolution" would soon feel the j punch of the ailing Fidel Castro. i "They will understand that we arc going to have Fidel around a while," Ruul declared. The younger Cas'tro said the ! prime minister wil: address the | closing session ol the Latin Am- SPR1NGF1KLD, III. (Speciali- Slate road improvement construction projects for Madison and Jersey counties, including one on the defense access road in Pere Martfuelle State Park at Grafton, and all to cost more than $4 million, were under analysis by the Illinois highway division today Aid Interstate Rl. 70 between 111. Rt. Ill and Collinsville. S. J. Groves & Sons Co. of Springfield had the low bid of $1,458,075, busi-d on processed open hearth slag, and also the low of $i,435,369 bused on porous, granular embankment. Other projects, together with ' erican youth tonight—"naturally making an effort." That indicated Fidel is not completely recovered from what has been described officially as a lung infection. following a £.'8 million slate-wide i Ihe details and Ihe names of the! hid opening here Friday. apparent low bidders included: continue at the City Hall office If licenses continue to be is-; ,. eaction of t h e f'ongolese govern- of City Treasurer M. 0. Elliotljsued at the rate that has pre-| mp|)1 wn j ch h . dii j ns i s t ec | the newi The Pere Marquctte Slate Park: Jersey County: 112 miles of where 74 dog licenses have been vailed fori _ thpi:laBt tw ° ° r , tm '^! republic's No. 1 problem is to j impiou-menl drew ihrec bidders.! surfacing on -ravel or crushed i paid in the last week. weeks the license total will kwp uu „, ..... •""•-•• .,reach Ihe 3.000-murk within five! , d " A check of Uie license iwoid. loW. aarly today showed I hat the grand U1 Katanga in the w ., h ,,„, appaml , | (W bidder being ! ft early toauy snowea mai mu S .«.M ^ j oal ., ung Fridav total of licensed dogs in the cit>' r , ' Biiinfield '{ of now numbers 2 JC Just a weeklfj^ ™d been rec, ago the total stood al i,o71. ^ . lg „ Q jta , They a warning by Friday Uiatj Congo p,. em iei- Patrice Lumumba 915 9 " Uml his govcnunenl would cou- .... _.. — Some years ago City Council ltl . e(ltrnenl of a dog bite wound, was given an estimate that there jp 0 jj ce referred to the dog warden were at least 3,000 dogs in Alton. !(m . investigation a report that That was before the series of an.| the dog coneerned was ne ither nexations to the city was made.| lit;ensed nor i mmu ni z ed. Now it appears that the estimate Another dog bite incident was received i gyp,, ru djc (1 l measures if Belgian Joseph's Hospital for ltroopK are not OU( ol |, is (K)U ntry of eight 01* nine years ago still | isted by holds. ! after Ronald last evenin g Harrison, 15, of |lhe Belgians The city dog warden is actively 1116 E. 18th St., was treated at; by the time he returns Monday. Lumumba, on his way back from an aid-seeking mission to the United States, Canada and African countries, previously made gestures toward asking the Soviet Union for military help to oust ' the Midway Kxcuvaliny Co. nf Frechurg al $177,0.')'! The project calls for -1.27 miles ul bituminous surlaiT treatment on .'5.74 miles of IKAV gravel, or ol crushed stone base course, and .XI miles of existing base course. Two Madison County projects at work checking out unlicensed dogs and nerving notices on the owners to procure licenses and have their puts inoculated against rabies. In enforcement of tb* dog code, he filed two more court complaints against St. Joseph's emergency room j for u wound on his left ankle. ' Police seeking to contact the reported owner of the dog found no one at home, and the matter wub left for subsequent investigation of the warden. AT THE DAM gu.m. temperature today 73" High 80°. low 7(1'. River mage below Precipitation dam r slat at • a.m. 19. Pool 33.97 34 hrf. to I «m. .16 Inch. will cost more than million. One provides for .39 mile of earth grading at the interchange of Federal Interstate Rt. 270 with 111. Rt. 3 at Mitchell. The apparent low bidder lor this project was Hoeffken Bros, inc., of Belleville. at $1,255,381. Next apparent low bidder was S. J. Groves & Sons Co., Springfield on an offer of $},• 278,33]. The oilier project coils for 243 miles of earth grading on Federal stone base course uii Federal Aid '• Sccoiiditry HI. 749 from Ottervillei north-Freesi'ii Bros Inc., Bluffs, $,"i9.1t»li: Madison County: l>.54 mill's of surfuciny on Federal Aid Secondary 77li fioni Marine lo Grant Fork—Madison Const Co., rJchvurdsville, $535,824; .29 miles of resurfacing in Venice-General Contracting Co., Granite City, $57,989. Madison County: Furnish, fabricate, shop paint and deliver steel for l wo parallel seven-spun railroad grade separations carrying Federal Aid Interstate 70 across the Alton and Southern railroad northeast of Fairmount City—III. Steel Bridge Co., Jacksonville, $119,147; and construction on the foregoing—McCann & Co., Spring, field, 1853,844. Showers Dampen U. S. Areas By IHE ASSOCIATED I'HESS Showers and thunderstorms dampened much of the country today and gave portions of the Plains and Ihe Mississippi Valley a heavy sloshing. Locally severe weather hit sections of Nebraska, Iowa and Missouri. A six-hour, wind-whipped downpour in Omaha, Neb., during the night dumped nearly 3 inches of rain across the area. V inds were clocked at 67 miles an hour. Des moines, Iowa, measured a 1%' inch rain and heavy thundershowers crackled across Missouri Isolated showers sprinkled southern Florida and the south* ern plateau. restaurant and taproom, a latter-day county seat landmark and mecca on the courthouse square for sports fans and politicians for more than 13 years, will bow out of existence at the close of business Sunday night. The announcement was made today by Sheriff George Musso, a former star pmyer and captain of the Chicago Bears professional football team—and owner of the building. The restaurant and tavern in the building had been operated under lease by William Leece of Collinsville since Musso's election as sheriff in November, 1958. Quarters in the building now used for the tavern and restaurant, at 133 Purcell St., on the north side of the courthouse square, will be leased to Don Ohl. former Edwardsville High School and University ol Illinois basketball star, as the location for a new office supply firm. Office Supplies Ohl, queried today by Ihe Telegraph, said he hopes lo open the office supply business in the Musso building by the second week in September. The firm will be managed, he said, by Edward Fick of Edwardsville, associated for 12 years with the E. J. Sheppard Office Supply Co. in downtown Edwardsville, now going out of business. Since . is graduation in 1958 from Illinois, Ohl has played two seasons with the Caterpillar Tractors basketball team at Hast Peoria, and now is due to report Sept. 18 with the Detroit Pistons tor his initial season with the professional cage team. Musso, who played 12 seasons with the Chicago Bears as guard and tackle, serving as captain of the professional football team for eight of those years while the Bears were winning national championships, operated t h e tavern and restaurant business here bearing his name for 11 years after acquiring the building in February. 1947, from the late Harlun Bartlett, To Keep Pictures Musso said today he plans to dispose of fixtures and stock in the place as soon as possible, but will place in storage the scores of autographed pictures ol stars in all fields of sports which have been an attraction at the tavern. Many of the photographs were autographed for Musso by his teammates on the Bears team- such football immortals as Harold "Red" Grange, Bronko Na» gurski, Sid Luckman and "Bull- Rt. 155, the Great River Road, through the downtown business district of Alton and the location of a facility over which U. S. Rt. 67 will be marked, connecting the Clark Bridge approach to the new belt line north of Alton. "During the development of planning for Federal Aid Rt. 155 through the Alton area It was necessary to determine a location which would satisfy the following conditions: (A) Provide a connection northerly to the Great River Road; (B) Provide an adequate connection to the Alton business district; (C) Provide connections to the Clark Bridge. "ft has now been determined that the most practical plan includes the development of a 4* lane divided facility generally along the existing alignment of \V. Broadway, westerly of Piasa street. This will probably require right-of-way acquisition and some building removal in order to obtain an adequate cross-section between Piasa and State streets. Two Humps "Interchange between Federal Aid Rt. 155 and the Clark Bridge will be provided by the construction of two ramps. One loop-type ramp in the northeast quadrant would carry traffic from the Clark Bridge to Federal Aid Rl. 155 and thence to the Alton business district. A rump in the southwest quadrant dog" Turner. would curry traffic from the Luncheon Uclmti-d Alton business district and Fed- Musso recalled that jurists; eral Aid Rl. 155 to the Clark and attorneys, over the yea's.;Bridge. have held daily luncheon de- "Recognizing that the planning hates at a table on the restaur-ifor the approaches to the bridge ant side of the building, and dis-jand the acquisition of right-ot- cussed "politics and everything!way along W. Broadway will tn- under the sun" at, "coffee j volve u considerable period of "saloons" on Ihe square here. Only breaks" during the day. Observers noted today that >it one time in pro-prohibition days there were us many as a half-dozen court house one tavern will be in operation, on the south .side of the courthouse, when Musso's pas&et> oul ol existence ut the stroke ol 1 a.m. Monday morning, the legal closing hour, one observer mourned. time, the state proposes to receive bids for the construction of Federal Aid Rt. 155 from » point west of State street wesitr- ly and from a point near Htory uu fMfu v, Col. ft) TODAY'S CHUCKLE Women were made baton mirrors, and they've stayed there evar «iace. <0 ina. oaurn naunts

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