Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 5, 1960 · Page 19
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 19

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 5, 1960
Page 19
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FttlDAY, AUGUS^ 6, 1966 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE NINETEEN REAL ESTATE SALE A HOUSES FOlTSALl 4 BEDROOM BRICK — Q*l heat 1214 W. 9th, Alton. $8.750 $300 down. $70 monthly Including taxes and Ifliutance. HO 2-9248. After 5:30 p.m., HO $-1043. BY OWNER — On Route 100 ~8- room ranch style house Oarage attached, deep well, one «tre. win Mll furnuure. Whone HO 2-2072. FOR room frame. Very best location Call Edwardnvlllo 20, or write Box 381 Baljey_Brown. Realtor. " INCOME PROPERTY " Large Buiineti Space Excellent Broadway Location 1—2-rootn house with oath 1—1-room house and FARM-LIVESTOCK BOARDING KENNEL Vacation MneryAtlont JA Ctll HO 1-7712 RRITT KtNNlLS MISC. FOR SALE AB irtctes to* DACHSHUND—Black or red AKC FTNlfS' AQUA R n7M—Large seiec- lion at tropical fish Frozen food., . -„. plant*, bnhy lutlles. pumps and! olhcr toy*. 2!" TV SOS Park Drive HO r,.<W»S FOR SALE—Pointer pups. Whflned Apr. 28. 1960. from outstanding i;un dogs Knight's Buddy Bee. KnlnhtV ready (o «o $50 ea . either «er! Keith Knlghl, 4M Grand Ave.' Roodhoiue III. Ph. 7381. H STOKER for »ale. WO. HO S8084 after e p.m. SYNCROMATTC PURNACB a ft fl blower. Sfokerator stoker. HO 2-574*. TABLE SAW—Metal stand Tilting table, tmall electric hand »ander. girl'* clothes, size 6 - 10, child'* desk and chair, typewriter and deluxe tran- slster rlectrlc Iron, lamp, 2 end tables, silverware, bird and mst CL 4-7SOO 406 W;tshlni!toii F.ast Alton. PEKINGESE and **" rocker spanlt-l "" building — completely furnished. Owner retiring. Call for dctnii* .. HO 5-7511 ' C. H. AUTEN, Realtor Upper Alton E TOP OAS lire refrigerator, kitchen set with buffet, living room furniture dreg •PI sewing machine cublnei ^fid bench Davbed. Fruit Inrt. mlsc HO 2 740i IOH.F.T STOOL—Lid :ir<1 flush box foi -;iif ci. i-nnn TWO 60-AMP ELECTRIC rt'.'SF BOXES flrTtrtr mot'r= v. It!) •'. ir^rl housr ontr.incf Inlft. S'^0 Hn in Easton ' PERSIAN KITTENS i Little beauties; pedigreert 4:tl Bluff IIO 2-1472. lift A~(Jf1l W/"* ' 2-8635 '> W ifWO S'x7' OVKRHEAD garage door* ' A-l condition. Including all fixture* Call HO !i-5M7. NO 2.109 I AIRVIEW IJR. - R.ghtWANTF.D-Homes for 3 cute kittens. USED APPLIANCES off Humbert road. Lovely 5-rm.; '*•' w >th ' Roxana. U3CU «rru«r«V,,es bungalow on large wooded lot 100'xj YOU'LL LOVI-: these cut* collie'"*£' Iri. r ?i?J s orlcea -•200' Has large living room, dining j puppies: purebred. Reasonably •• * Z8 ' ttectnc room, cute, bright klichen, 2 bed ! priced. DU -1-1174. room* and hath. Full basement. oH\.--i.~:.-.~if.., ,„•,„,. K, ',.. heal attached naiuae Drive- out: J ..M A .y.T' FUI - PUPS — Females. ' heat, attached garaRe. Drlvr- ou'. tonight and check location, then 1 Call us tor an appolnirnrm. 110 r,-6728. Bfi FARM MACHINERY »29 up Heater J39 Elect Clothes Dryer W'i ALTON REFRIGERATION 5 P >0 E Broadway (Jusl Acron from Germanla Bids > North Alton NO. 2407 HENDERSON ST off Mather St. Dandy 4-room burin •low hat large living room. blg| USED APPLIANCES" kltcMen, 2 bedrooms and bath. p ho " ne SflOl Full basement, gas heat Lar^e 1 ' none ' 2HU1 COMBINES — New, demonstrators.' i Alls-auger machine with fl'/a It. ; . , _ . , header, power take-off; will cut -Ti'OUsed Refrigerators rows of beans. Will trade, Narmont * Electric Ranges Machinery Co.. Auburn. Illinois. |1 oa« Range landscaped lot fairly at W,7 5Q'x22.V. f rOOd i^arte - , — , Priced GRAIN DRYER—1957 Habco port .ti. Inn' uht0 4TKI hiinh»l r-nn rfr*lrt°i\1tttlno K inc. able. bushel cap retflrculatlna . A-l condition. S28. Jack L. Kraft. R No 3, Nnkomls, III. Phone i Witt 41or, FEEDS and SEEDS Godfrey NO 28 f-OKSYTHF. — Right off, Siiuthmo'jr PlfK'• Excellent biiv in: 3-bedroon? Itonu: on lovetv rot nor! a* ' ~ i iv'rririfW'K lot Large living room, tile bath.j _.. '' IVIia "": n . . wonderful kilchfiti Price includes'2fl PIGS—4 months old 0 pigs. 2'i aummitlir washrt .(ml rlrvcr Fin-, months old Castrated and wormed, Ishrd breezcway IHIK jiiloubir win- $4. r >0 Woodburn ExchHnge 278. djws, m.ikes fjmllj room 2-rnr| 2207 CHrpon Prlrr now tn.SOO Prompi , ()K S ALI ; :—Weaned P)BS . jffj 2-20.)T Washer I Dryer 1 '4-Ton Air Conditioner 4 TVs ALL IN GOOD CONDITION Alton Home Improvement !•",:>. r HtoartWMV. HO 2-S24b MISC. FOR SALE 9 MUSICAL PIANO TUNING AND REPAIR— Experienced, guaranteed, keyt recovered. HO 2-M82 WANTED 17 wAirrto TO itrt ANTtauEa—ote ptee* or Friendly and honest dMIInf*. dy'S. HO 2-M40. II BLKCTRfCAL APPLIANCES A-t PRICSS paid for nsed household furnishings. HO 9-3024. condition I-TON RCA WHIRLPOOL - Air -—.' -=^-= 55—-.- rnnditloner n ve*r warranty on HUH-. A-BED—F*eell«rt unit. 1 year fr?*> service. Vn mon-| J"' -'?''*_ _ «*v down Onlv SR.M ner month. |HOt)SF. CLEANJNrrt—CASH. flirnl WFBFR-S I I.RNITL'RF.. TV ' , llrp , crrlp !ron copper . frt AM) API'I.IAS'f F-.S GORDON Rf.'BFN'STF.IN 2100 Si.ii- HO 2-S24.1 Oi<r-n ! ti ,inrt Mon ,mill !' p m. - -- - .-._.. HO ;..;H/ If 2-7-.ll •.VAMrp-r.ond -lied m AUTOMOTIVE AUTOS - PASSBNOBR CAI FOR SALE—1954 Fort. Automatic Shift, $295. HO S-27S7 ___ 57 PORD CONV.—Red beauty. Fully equipped. Priced right. HO 2-9211. condition* 19S4 MERCURY—Good $300._CL_4-17(m. JS53 NASH 4~ door. Clean. 47,000 miles Will swap for '56 Chevrolet 6. straight stick, give $500 to hoot. HO -i-6">50 AUTOMOTIVE AUTOS «« I9S9 PONTIAC—2 doofCttftlBi hardtop, hydramatte, wMIJ .wmfi, radio, heater. MUM fell. MM to service CL 4-7137 OT CL MTTi. 1998 STUDESAKER HMfl V_.|. over-drive, very clean. Best HO 8-2704. 10' T'Mlf.CO oven I'.l.n' TRK pA\(il — Push bnllon control-; HO gafkTn!i959 CADILLAC HARDTOP^SS Old* 88 PAUL'S AUTO SALES Friday A Saturday Specials '56 Chevrolet '.. *••$ Lots of stoiattr spar* ( 'or k .-lutomntt' roi". fnirMit nutlet Tftkf ovrr pavmcnt- '•( $7.fin a mo EBBLT.P i:i l.rTRK ^'ii'H St 'to N AMtiti \>M rn I'n f f1 ^ HO ', 7 ,S4 WEESE'S COUPE f.5 HI YS FURNMURF. —Dlshast. tools. lNul»il 01 Anything of value On? p!8fe o- hous" full CL 4-OR.T7. S a.m. P '-,) foi free plrk-ap '55 Dodge Coronet . . . '55 D«Soto FD8 from original owner with , cc r-.j 4 » -•!„ Htue more than 11.000 actual, SS " ro .*•' • ""'y • • • in FT FR-F,./.,.P *v-r> n. 1- A ....... H AUTOMOTIVE R''A Whirl- i| MHOS - PASSF.Nfll-'R (,ARV fill RUIf.'l' heal' 1 ! mitri "r mill .l "R — pool. Will kc"?p a noii«p Idxlinxin rlrv- No moil** 1 .' r1o'.« r i Pn\- onh > i nn p"i month WFHIIR'S Pt/RNMt'Rf; IV AND APPLIANCES 2SOH Stair OIKMI Iti and Mon until 9 pm. HO J -7:12 HO IV; 1 1 •P., CU. n REFRIGERATOR — ir'ozen ei rood rOS fake over payrnenis! l95 "' CHEVROLET s.ihrr — -<hiti s:f. R.'idlo. "H. HO ('S*, ^ 6 * " miles Finished in Olvmplc white, i'en Phr-vtlnr anlv tu-lone hlark and white interior, i Jvi Ti?, ' e ,' ' . i-quippffi with an Cadillac power $50 Chevrolet, only .. r, n " l fn7"oniv Enlnv th " '° velv C Mi!'' ; .'Fordi - GMC - Jeep Truck* LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC.^" ChdSee Ifiin E. Broacl-.vav HO -<-MM ., . . _ . _, , . _ . . - . — — ~ Not I Cent wAtn m'ar-iiliifr condition Power steer-1 Monthly Payment* to Suit , ,nnd,,,on HO a-^,7 S^ nsm ^- 3brt ± s (I ,rbSlfo^i All Unit, Are Right Too ~.V. 2 DR.—Good condition. <*hlte tnni $.17.*, Frank Brlggs "~"" "- DU 4-W5S of $6.59 n mo. 1 heater. Powergllde. CL_4-606fi. EBBLliR ELECTRIC "" " """ It4« CHEVROLET —Private O'vnnr exi fllnnl condition HO H>r>2 CHI R«dl<>. heater HO ;?-0004. 1953 "CHEVROLET Bel Air 4'door.! 1053 OLDS Real nice one owner. CL 4-5247. j HO_2-138_8_ 4 door ~Rudio.! lo.%~dLrrs^2"doo! r Tiardtop. Price 1730 Bo«e, Opposite Kroger — Good condition. '(«"> Slate. N Alton. Next to Trl-Clty HO 5-75S8 1956 CHEVROLET Bel Air" 4do'orl '-' mri - . real cheap Call afte.- « p.m. HO 2 H. P PHILCO AIR CONDITIONER — Fresh-Air Pump-Out, push button control, thermostat, 2 speed fan. Permanent washable filters. Payments only $9.30 a mo. e <HB »> K*. tat. T*. "He saved you yesterday! Today it's my turn to pretend to drown!" EBBLER ELECTRIC 2308 State. N. Alton. Next to Trl-Clty HO 5-7688 V-R. Powergllde. $7."iO.HO 2-3474. 1957 __ CHEVROLET 2-Door"Hard. top. Automatic transmission, deluxe equipment. $1300. HO 2-4981. 1956 4 Door Sedan Devlllc Cadillac, fill power SI395 1959 in ft. hardtop Cruiser Wizard with Ifi59 W-4 Johnson electric motor mberglas<i) $1395 HO 5-6381 1951 PLYMOUTH Station Wagon for sale. «50. CL 4-1418. 1955 PLYMOUTH 2 door V-8. C0tl> ventional transmission, perfect condition mechanically: needs body work In rear. 811 3rd street. East Alton. i NOROE "ELECTRIC RANGE—And, n , 0 v,,,r- 0 *,•-* ?n— ! Frlgldalrc refrigerator. Both In per-1 '? r ' 3 CHRYSLER Windsor Deluxe. 1958 Vaux WAGON—A-l condition. Call HO 2-7310 or 904 Danforth. Alton. MISC. FOR SALE "BUILDING ' MATE'RIALS 17V MISC. FOR SALE H O U S li H 6 Ll>" ViOO DS 1953 4-DR. CHEVROLET station wagon. Straight shift. A real sharp car. !«."> '« ton International truck. Upper Alton !-W Xt.T; HKOW\ — Attra<. iiv A-rourn HHK'K buiixi'l'J-A h, tun('' li<>ll •')-' 'Ivjne menu ftrcplMtc full illnliiK rotirn. kiR'hcn '.'. bedr.oi.>m!i '•ml hulh l-ull Uascini-ni r;«ilii>kell'.M' '-'-.J" li"at FfiK-ed \.nd Asking 'I">7M) Call todav for .-ippDimnipnt, it's i-nipiv— we have thf k<-y , - . . .,11)", dl*>< ount — WP service all I OK SALE—Chestnut thorcmnhbrfd: h ,, nd mode |, of sweppers. «etdln«. HO B-OT.I2 USED HOPPOINT refrigerator Runs good. CL 4-0313 : . . ; GARAGE MATERIAL—Build your AUTOMATIC WASHED and drypr VACUUM CLEANER SERVICE i °*n garage and Have Material for bureau desk DU 4-927.T .w, Lo B an I2'x20' jzarage for onlv $293. less BethaUo foundation. Call us. we deliver. HARTFORD LUMBER CO. Hartford, III f.L 4-.'!622 — CL 4-1821 NEW & USED CLEANERS ililcr'OM.". 3-vear-old bliit.k faced buck nil-, shopp Wavne Wlnslade. V, mile •A-ith souih of Shlpm^n. Ill nlco: Sri ERS—Also cows" with" calves. HO l'-2086 HJ POULTRY * SUPPLIES^ ' :(.-• "LAYINfi HENS" I-'OR -SALE—DU 4-M70 _ _ Mi'SCOVEYs" and" "Maflards"~~for sale HO 5-2635. Have pjrts 10 fit all. Paper hags nnri hoses for all mokes. Tvvn Q" "I" RPAMS ?r A* lonw SF-LLEKS VACUUM REPAIR |/ O >iW BLAMS ll * } ° nV 4'.':, Wood River Ave. Wood River :...' :.." CL 4-39.1ft 74 Upper Alton NO 'i\i', COLI.F.OF. — Her" . . _ .„ _ _ dandv' 5 room bungalow riuht, --„ «FAT«S across from HlKh School Si reemvi-• W 5_ lvttl '* la in front porcli li.rne llvlnn .ioom_.. CHOICE BEEF \V.\li.l< SOF1KNER COLKsr. —' 3>W Sell for $2,-i» HO 5J239 yVEBCOR TAPE RECORDERS ikt icattr In auillly t»o« recorder* at reasonable prices Come in—, hear your own vole* or call f«r FREE bom* trUu CENTRAL SEW1NQ SUPPLY 14 Wttt Broadway. Ph HO 1 5214 "WEESE'S NEW AND USED MERCHANDISE 430 First St. WOOD RIVER full dlr.lnti room luinc kitchen. 2 bcdiooms anr) hath Full walk-out! Kront Quarters * 3» basement KM-, heat Large land-'Hind Quarters I .'.'•' leaped lot 47'x2M' Price ill.OCO Sides S .45 j u • Li iPr^rhSrrteV To*lb ke ca P n rlCe S7 50 Has the best In used furniture and, Roiewood Heights Trn^n ?tr»»iS?tViMi abP^Sin MM I appliances - at the lowest pos»lble NO M3 NORTHMOOrt Pt - Beau • '•^"sEN PACKING COMPAQ' i Drlcei - Ph °P e CL «-° 857 - ° 0en "" "i tlfurs-roon. BRICK bungalow hus JERS'EYV'ILI E^FLL PHONE 43T!-R ( everv _«Y_ e li n «: ' larxie carpeted Hying room, big | ^^^^^_:_rrr-:rrr—:'———: j^-TON Chrysler air-temp air condl- nodeni kittht-fi with disposal, ex-, haunt fan lots birch cabinets, etc. i 1 bedrooms and tile bath Full dryi--- basement, oil heal Attached ua- 71 CT^D CAI F rV^lx o/\LE< tioner; vol , automatic 2-9047. controls. 220' BUSINI£SS_EQUIPMENI l.'Slib STORE EQUIPMENT—V vegetable box. 1 self-service box. I 12-ft meat display box very reasonable. Give away price if all sold at once. Edwardsvlllr :i777 _ GARAGE EpUIPMENT ~ FOR SALE 1 Wayne Air Compressor and Pain' Hun and regulator , S173 Sunnen Pin Home Machine .. $*>0| Drill Press with 'j h.p. motor S:i~i i Wjlker Bumper Jack $33 Souix Valve Seat Grinder .. Si>t Spark Plug cleaner and tester $7 Vibrator zander $2i>. Battery Charger $20 Power Oreasc Gun $25; Craftsman tool cabinet $35 Delta Tilting Arbor Power Saw $60 Other miscellaneous Items CL 9-6906 ARTICLES I-OR SALE ? e . B r 8n ^ orne i r . ot ", x ^mmpdi BARGAINS In used furniture. Open lly $15.900 - It i empty: Immedl-j evenlllgl tll) 8 p . m . ate povse^ion SMITH BROS. USED FURNITURE ' 52 W. Ferguson. Wood River MAIN SFRr^T - Belunfu. .^;. « ory brick bungalow, of er. much r 5 p ; m . HO 2 . IOM . . FRIGIDAIRE water cooled air conditioner. 3 hp. single phase. Ideal for restaurant. Good condition. Complete with electrics. Ph. HOJ-3327 after 5 p.m. Price S350. 4-BURNER GAS STO'vE — Excel- and COAL 75 COAL — COKE — WOOD BLACK virgin top soil. rock, trad Ing. septic tanks. CL 4-7846. Will load truck, b..«nnt. dug. drive- SOLID MAHOGANY bedroom suite Washer, drver. opt. nirr*. srai stove TV. PH . HO 2-0850. 7 PC DINING ROOM SUIT!:, for Sale. CL 4-8731. _ _ fir. RRFRIGERATORT Otfice" Safe. Piano. 1301 Belle Adams. TRANSFERRED" OUT OF TOWN TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 3 Rooms of Furnifure EXCELLENT CONDITION 9-Pc. Living Room 10-Pc. Bedroom 9-PC. Kitchen, including Refrigerator & Gas Range $595 NO DOWN PAYMENT $5.00 A WEEK Ask for Lot No. 6618 SCHWARTZ FURNITURE CO. 22 W. Ferguson Ave. CL 4-0101 fecf condition. No money down. I blue 4 door. 6 cylinder, deluxe In- Tiikr over payments of $7 per mo .j terlor. radio, r, whltewall tires. An WEBER'S FURNITURE. TV | exceptional car HO 2-.1395. | AND APPLIANCES : 19.12 DODGEi CONVERT ISLE—Good I,-, , , -. ., 2509 Sfcte . condition $2!V; B05 Whitelaw Wood- Vp llavp man v makes and models Open l-ri and Mon. until 9 p.m. , Rivet 1 ' ' ' " HO 2-7.42 ,934 ,iODGE Coron e Tr 6 : stralgM shlfl transmission with overdrive. $250. Prairie St.. next to flat-top. Franl; Brlggs. DU 4-9055 WE HAVE A NICE SELECTION OF POPULAR BRAND RECONDITION: ED REFRIGERATORS, gas refrigerators. Maple Chef gas ranges. electric range-;, electric Washers, electric dryers. Can be bought on time payments KRAMER ELECTRIC Wood Rlv»r CL 4-4364. "npTjpTfTp"RAfo'R Local business executive fust traded 1 REFRIGERATOR f from from. Win;»round to 1954's to choose not stop In and look IRAIt.t-RS «A 3-ROOM Colonal Trailer In very good condition 205 E. Thomas. Roxana 1951 26 FT. Continental house trailer, fully modern. $895. CL 9-3368. 1955 TRAVEL MASTER — 43-fOOt. Many extras. CL frMM. 1956~33 FT. Bell Cassa honsetraller Excellent condition. $1500. HO _2-4977. 1956 34 FT. Liberty House trailer, excellent condition. Privately owned. $1800. Lot 15. 4550 North Lindley. Brldgeton. Mo., Across from Holiday Inn Mqtel. 1959 TRAILER — 16 ft. Electric brakes, toilet, combination electric refrigerator-Ice box. Excellent con- -djtlojL CL 4-9716. 1939 HOUSETRAILER for sale, 2 bedroom, Immediate Ph. DU 4-9150. pot session. 1958 CADILLAC SEDAN DE VILLE -TiM-T ~ nn *\ti nr , ui r.i • lllls beautiful Sedan de Vllle for , cm S? M?rH?on Hri l»«l ' another '60 Cudlllac. Finished In ft WO_911_Harri_3on_ HO 2^1 i Beaut | ful A i plne xvh | tc . tu-tone J-TON AIR CONDITIONERS—Per-j black and white, leather and nylon foci In every way. No money I Interior. Equipped with radio and down, take over payments of $9.501 heater, automatic transmission. Power steering, power brakes. 6-' way power seat, autronlc eye. automatic trunk lock and factory Installed air-condltloner. Enjoy Cad-. lilac's finest. Special price ..S34S5: DEHNER AUTO SALES Brighton Road Opposite Alton Speedway A L.ot :i| Fine Cars! MOBILE HOME — Pink and white. 50-ft.. 10' wide. Windsor 19flO i Model $5.500. Airport Trailer ; Court. Call after 5 p.m. DU 4-9153. 1 ONE-WHEEL TRAILER—A-l ihape. i cheap. CL 4-9056. • B*nk Rates or We Bur — Sell or- Trade Phones HO 5-9435, HO 2-9521 Small Loan; SPECIAL SALE on Mobile Homes. low down payment — new and used. See the new Luxury Living and Qualty constrution Detroltei. CALICO TRAILER SALES 627 W St Lours Ave. East Alton CL 4-1109 per IT»O. WEBER'S FURNITURE. TV AND APPLIANCES 2509 State Oi'SD Fri. and Mon. irntll 1pm. HO 2-7142 HO 2-7511 81A TELEVISION SETS 1 21" FULL WOOD CONSOLE TELE-, VISION—Two speakers, optic filter LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. 1610 E Broadway. HO 5-3534 IT'S EASY TO DEAL WITH ROBERTS MOTORS 1958 FORD 0-cyllnder 4-door. A real car. mechanically $1095 TRAILER—45 x 8. Priced for quick sale. North Main St.. Brighton, III. AUTO TRUCKS 11941 CHEVROLET y, ton. G~oo"d good looking good. Only ... vroiuiv—I wu »i<eanci!>, u^m iinci, .___ ^inill i ^* I I » r> r^T/-x r. Blass. 1 year warranty on picture! 1957 CADILLAC HARDTOP tube, castors. Take over payments POIIPP of $10.70 a mo ^UUrt EBBLER ELECTRIC 'Traded from original owner. Fln-i mileage saver. >806 State. N Alton. Next to Tri-City | Ished In striking dusty rose: Inter- 1H37 FORD 2 Door 6 cylinder, stand ard transmission, beautiful 2-tone paint. Mechanically good. A real motor, 2 new 6-ply tlrei, $125 CL 9-2477. 1952 shape. HO 2-9142. __ HO 5-7588 PORTABLE TV SET—Very nice tan cabinet. No money down. Take over payments of $5.50 per mo. WEBER'S FURNITURE. TV AND APPLIANCES 2509 State Open Fri. and Mon. until 9 p.m. HO 2-7142 HO 2-7511 lor finished In pearl grey with matching leather and nylon: radio and heater. Hydramatlc transmission. Power steering, power brakes. i A very nice car for only .... $2495 ILEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. ; 1K10 E. Broadway. HO 5-3534 1957 DE SOTO 2-Door hardtop V-S. Automatic transmission, radio with rear speaker. 2-tone charcoal and white. An outstanding one-owner car. 1957 FORD Custom 300 8 cylinder FOR SALE — 1951 Ford pickup. Good condition. R. Cuslc, Brighton. PR 2-3151. J.I UK Yt.l.HS A MOIURCYCLBS '49 HARLEY-DAVIDSON motorcycle. 103 Neuanber. Cottage Hills. jCL_9-698a 1950 HARLEY - DAVIDSON 74. 106 Midway Ave.. Cottage Hflli. CL 9-2477. in modern living for the large fam-i ."'— £—-— .— ••..- — . -ie"METER COMMUNICATOR. No. ways fixed. CL 9-2339 or CL 9-2116. lly Enclosed front porch. aMractlvej BOiWLERS-A^new' pajr of^ oehs ; na ! V complete jvith mike _and cry-! or 217 Stanley Rd. " carpeted modern 25' living room, large. with loads of built- 1 new hoc : and a Rood used ball, i All for $20 Acme .i2Lanes. BtaK Phone CL 4-5402. Cottage Hills. Bob lianey. : WIDE "SELECTION of reconditioned • TVs. $29.95 up. Apt. size gas range. $15. Cash or terms. •Att c r , £r jj£i» T « Central. Roxana. 1957 CHEVROLET Bel Air 2 dOOfl hardtop. A-l. After 5. DU 4-4848. conditlon 1 bedrooms and bath on 2nd j Closets «alore! Full basement.: economical stoker heat. Screened j back porch double garage. Large extra lot adjoining beautifully fnnd'.caped. Price $17.900 C. H. AUTEN AGENCY Realtors 2415 State St. HO 5-8869 Evenings pk-ase call; ; JACK BROCKWAY .. HO 2-9B03 MRS H. H HEWITT HO 5-8733 TOM METCALFE .. HO 2-572-J MEMBER MULTIPLE SALES i ASSOCIATION COTTAGES, 4"ROOM~COTTAGE FOR SALE — I arge screened-ln porch, deep well.; gas furnace. Enclosed basement., insulated Earl Kallna. 531 Mary< Ave, Colllnsville. III. Ph. Dickens _4-l82L FOR SALE—3 room club house, near, Kampsville. Basement. 2 storage; houses, electricity. Furnished or unfurnished^ Ed\vs 1 J9g4 J _ _ j LARGE TRACT OF LAND — Ori a i large lake. 6 miles long. Price $2800. $150 down. S25 a month. Art Schmidt. Broker. Park Falls. WIs. payments HO 2-6759 DIVORCED Had to Give Up Housekeeping TAKE OVER PAYMENTS 3 Rooms of Furniture EXCELLENT MlRCHANDISE IN THE BEST OF CONDITION 9-Pc. Living Room 10-Pc. Bedroom 9-Pc. Kitchen, including Refrigerator, Gat Range and Automatic Washer $695 NO DOWN PAYMENT $5.00 A WEEK Ask for Lot No. 9617 SCHWARTZ FURNITURE CO. 22 W. Ferguson Ave. CL 4-0101 like new. CL : 4-3743. _ M INCH "GAS" STOVE" Good condition 905 Penning_, JWood River. jOO-'GALT LP" GAS TANK—30£" full, like new. $190 CL 4-1542 72 BO A l^S * Af'tESSORIES^ _ 14"FT."'"ALL~AL"UMINUN'f Blue Star open run-a-bout, licensed SI 73.00 or aluminum John boal in trade CL 9-W5SV 14 FT Richline boat 25 h.p John' WAIT UNTIL COLD t!—Let us fill your bin' now with hot-burning, low-ash Sahara Washed Coal. Ph. HO !)-884I. Klinke Ice 4- Fuel Co.. 1000 E. 6th. Alton _ __ FOR SALE or TRADE— 1980 Chev- rolet 4 door Bel Alr v ' 8 - Power- gl)de rad | o heater> whltewall tires. 1 USED TVs. all sizes. $22.50 and up.! ermine white. Only 2500 miles. 129 n CL 2-door. Standard shift. radio — heater Only $995! >9»4 HARTLEY-DAVIDSON — dean. •16.000 actual miles. $650. CL 9-2026. 1955 EUICK 4- Door Sedan — Automatic transmission, radio, heater, whltewniis. beautiful tutone white over gray , J895 1H55 CHEVROLET Bel Air 4- Door. 1C" HARLEY DAVIDSON X-L — $575. HO 2-7022. 1957 L.S.H. 74 Harley Davidson. Radio, turn signals, whitewalls, extra chrome. Can be seen at 200 East Phone DU 4-9451 ciuiiiie wiuiK. unjy zauu miles, izs cf««,i« * Liil— ^7 ^. ~««.. .,...«..._. >,«.. vw dw «.« «h «w ^,«a W. MacArthur Ave.. Cottage Hills. S™, ?£I d ri£l fti r ? d 'S' .1 eat , er - .J'i 2nd ' staunton - "'• Newton 5-2051. Rt. No. 140. CL 9-2221. Can hp si>»n vou "K« . Ch ? v r? le <»- don't rr.lss this irr~CTA'Tg~ Mnpgn-_r^^ ^ 75' GENKHAI. HAULING 8? SEWING MAC1IINKS Rt. No. 140. CL 9-2221, Can be seeni 4:30 to 6:30 Friday. 9 to 5 Sat-| Only $200 down, balance 18 ALL STATE MOPED—Good condition. $60. Call DU 4-5667. ALTON AREA—Junk, trash hauled. Basements, attics cleaned. Old Iron. discarded furniture, light hauling. Reasonable HO 2-8:t67 IJR~IVEWAY~~ROCK—Dirt. sand. O Henderson. HO 2-1075. rock. Virgil ., ..... ....... ______ _____ , ______ , FOR BEST DEAL-In dlrl son and equipment. $495 HO 6-2766; lime. Hfe work. Rav or IT FT rme-rFrars-bSaTt: steTrlngT-ro- . Jgg>?J;Jli' *"**• HO 5 - <17 ^ _ nolst«r>' and v/indshield. 35 h.p. REASONABLE RATES — Dirt. drive Mercury motor, electric starter, i way rock. sand. CL 4-2332. Complete rig, ready to go. $893;—^; Harold's Place. 256 Lorena Ave. wood River. Phone CL. 4-3706. _ MISC. FOR SALE 15" FT FIBERGLASS BOAT AND 40 H.P. ELECTRIC MOTOR CLOTHING :76 : WEDDING GOWN — With train: 3 • i formals CL 9-6623. . ,, 7» HOUSEHOLD GOODS Complete with trailer and all acces- j —r^r—77=-^_ AP . „ ... ., T .,.. i series. New demonstrators. $350 ANFIQUE TABLES— (2), $8. Large «3 WANTED. FOR PERSONAL PROTECTION — Get a tear gas pen and cartridge .-, for $2.49 at Brandt Hardware, 712''S off. Pay on easy terms. FIRESTONE STORE 512 E- Broadway. HO 2-9229 j i6~FT CRUISER-CRAFT—30 John-1 son electric started, new trailer. HO 2-5309. sofa. $15. Studio couch, sleeps 2.1 $15. 9x12 rug. English Import, ?15. m Oak dinette set $10. Platform \ rocker. $10. Twin stroller, alumln-1 urn, $20. Smoking stand, copper! lined, $2. Magazine rack. 50c. HO 2-3425. 3 ROOMS OF NEW STORAGE FURNITURE OVER 100 PIECES $392.00 BALANCE GUARANTEED! • • Complete Living Room • • Complete Bedroom • Kitchen with Dinnerware and silver ensemble • Only $5.00 per week — No • down payment. Rooms may • be bought separately USED TVs. $10 down, $10 month. HARDER TV SERVICE 1500 Langdon. HO 5-1878 1954 FORD V-8 Crestline 4 door. I 1953 OLDS 2 - Door 88. ._ Fordomatic. radio, heater. Veryj dlo. automatic transmission beau —=; — - — ; j-j r; ' good condition. Good tires. $500.: Mful green and white Looks and Kent A bewing Machine i^Phone Woodburn 278_-2383. runs good. A real buv $895 S3 oer mo. Rental may anoly toward! .j^' FORD V-8 "2-dobT" Fordomatic .«-. ... FOR SALE — Boy's 16-lnch bike: down p«ym»nl on new raachtM. ; D0 wer brakes oower steerlnc ra> )9;>4 MtRCURY 2-Door Sedan — i Boy's 26-inch English bike: 'also CENTRAL SEWING SUPPLY CO dlo. heat" One owner Exre'llMli Automatic transmission, radio.: girl's 26-inch bike. All day Sunday. CUSHMAN motor scooter for sale. Heater, ra j S50. DU 4-8402. —1K60 Zundapp 250 C.C. West Broadway Phone HO 2 5214 j conditior $530." HO !v8724 82A SEWING MACK. REPAIR GUARANTEED REPAIRS— FREE ESTIMATES I CENTRAL SEWING SUPPLY 14 West Broadway. Phone HO 25214, Expert Service Parti Supplies For 426 Makes of Sewing Machines 11955 V-8 Ford hardtop. Black, red and white Interior: shaved and decked. Whlt^walls. Sharp. CL 4-2259. DUjl-9964. FO R~SALE~—" T953^Harley-Davidson 74. CL 9-2261. 183 SEEDS—PLANTS—FLOWERS BEAUTIFUL African violets, all colors. Must sell at once. Prices cut. 202 Henry. HO 5-7331. 1957 CROWN IMPERIAL This 25.000 - mile Crown Imperial Southampton; full power, plus alr- condltlonlng. This very nice car I owner, must be seen to be appreciated. Specially priced $2295 heater, tu-tone paint. A real nice buy $595 NO DOWN PAYMENT CARS It's Easy to Deal With ROBERTS MOTORS , AUTOMOBILE AIR CONDITIONER 1955 CHRYSLER hardtop 2-door ' —Chevrolet Cool Pack, used one Full power $27 per mo": season. HO 5-6372. 3524 Oscar. 1953 FORD 4-Door 6-cyl. Standard | 1959 FORD Continental" Kit — Good condition $35. See Orvllle at Carter Wood River Ford, 315 N. Wood River Ave. Ph. CL 4-4385. JERRY'S TIRE SALES' $18 mo 1953 PLYMOUTH 4-Door.'/ $27 mo' 1953 PLYMOUTH Station Wagon— $27 mo. 1953 DODGE 2-Door Hardtop — SPECIAL =|LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC.Ugsz PLYMOUTH a-ooor'- $12 mo. FIREARMS 1610 E. Broadway. HO 5-3534 ! I951 DODGE 2-Door Hardtop — ' $15 per mo. $•>? mo i You can save by buying Used Tires ' .303 Enflelds $11.95. GIBSON FURNITURE, INC. 417 East Broadway .303 sporters. Argentine Mausers, Garands. Sprmgflelds. 7mm Remington rolling block rifles, bayonets, swords. Colt derringers. Brandt Hardware. 712 East Broadway. relegraph Want Ads "CLICK" ROBERTS MOTORS 200 Ferguson Avenue Wood River CL 4-0151 *" BO1J - Jerry's. stop-See! 207 E. st Ave.. B«st Alton. Pbone CL REBUILT BATTERIES — Guaranteed. $4.90 exchange, up; 6 * 12 volts. Used tires. MAUL'S Used ~;^;;.' "^', A cc T ' L " .' «. utv 78 motor. Heavy duty . -- . . in T BLOND— 3-pc. bedroom suite. No in- mQ ney down, lake over payments HAVE~BUY¥R"for good 2 or 3 bed- J Broadway cU.dTng'all "a'cVessorTes. Earl Kali- room home in Wood River Don; FOR SALE—Used furniture and ap-i na. 531 Mary Ave. Collinsvllle. fit. Hale Agency. HO 2-0813. Evenings. p || a nces. Including automatic wash-' Dickens 4-1821 HO 6-2632. _. ., er and dryer traded in on; houtej j-^ joHNs6N-35-h P ; motor, m^n- MamM..: „,, „,„. A .| con diiion. $275. Call 1 after ii p.m. _ i»58"i5 ; "~T"HUNDERBIRD 60 hTp ' HOUSEHOLD FURNITURE includ- Scon-Atwater motor and trailer —! Ing apt. size gas range. 3-ft. re- Bar-Bells i'sb Flectric starter, water skis., frigerator. new walnut bookcabe. Phone HO 5-5541. Alton. III. \i/AMTwn Tri nuV from owner. 3 trailers. Bargains. 500 .. »»iu .31.. ,,_, ^822? hiS." PhoSTHO 5-3757.: Edwardsvllle. Phone | 87 . ual TOR SALE—Good 10 ft. meat case, cheap rip 5-8516 _ FOR SALB—York bedroom house _Phpne_ per mo. WEBER'S FURNITURE. TV AND APPLIANCES 2509 State Open Fri. and Mon. until 9 p.m. HO 2-7142 HO 2-7511 i VARMINT RIFLES—Most calibers. • Telescopes and binoculars. Scopes | -j^sisi mounted and polychokes installed, Brandt Hardware. 712 E. Bdwy. AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE 86 VEGETABLES * FRUIT WANT TO SELL YOUR PROPERTY? Cell Us For Appraisals ELI M. GREER, Realtor 625 East Broadway Phone HO 2-0071 walnut gateleg table. EL Patio dinnerware. R C.A. TV. lamps, pictures, mirrur. innr-rspring mattresses, box springs, drapprles. HO .>lGf>4. MC Ibs. 1 2 model airplanes with gas anchor life jackets. In very good motor.s_ CL 4-9530. sl L a P e $120 ° HO _ 6 ^??!: FOR SALE — Bench"" saw.' 10-Inch. IflsIFREGISTERED Cadillac deluxe tilting arbor. 1 h.p. 110-220 motor, aluminum l!5 ft. boat. Convertible rip fence and miter gauge. Practi-! top' 40 h.p. Scott Atwater motor, cally_new. J125. Phone HO r,-63B4_ . .V900. CL 4-7403. FOR SALE-^4 room gas heater."$95i I Ifl.ffl 17 FT. fiberglass White House; I'ton'a?r'condTtl'oner!"new" \i size violin. $60. 3509 Glllham., boat. 2 spotlights running lights. ; 3 4 , on air conditioner, new — „ .... , . ,„ . , .... „ I ,,a_ -. .!.-.*_ «»<! ~\,llr- V4fk t*L* V*» R i f I _ - : _ FOR SALE- AUCTIONS $250 COMPUTING ___ Corbin Door Stop. Screen Doors, MUSICAL MERCHANDISE APPLES FOR SALE •- 445 Wester', holdr, Rosewood Heights. > ! CANTALfTuPES—Home grown, lib miles south of Shell Refinery. ; Charles C. Losch. COOKING "APPLES'— Daiton Alton Orchard Bring containers. Terry drive, off Humbert road HO 2-0180.1 AUCTIONS /iolln. $60. 3509 Gillham. boat. 2 apotlightf5 running lights. S 4 ton air P •---- — life i:,tl<ets and sklis. Mark 75 Ejmectrlc ra rpTrrrvr «:rAi r ««inl Mercury motor. Bargain! 2900 San-1 rj se d refri iPUliMi ^>i ALI-. 1 ,—, ....'„,,- un r,.rn7R . i._» K.J., I-RESH SWEET CORN dally, to- 120 BASS Noble accordion. $95. CL mafoes. potatoes, all homcsrown. Ton Hotpoint air conditioner S125 <-°<«>- Chain of Rocks_ Farm. Highway «6 ~" " $65 _ __ „ _ PEACHES—Sweet corn, tomatoes, potatoes, apples, green peppers. J 4 ton Philco air conditioner ford avenue. HO 5-1076 FOR AUCTIONEERING SERVICE: Mornanch Barking' Machtn" ( prtntli ! 1860 " 14 'FT Fiberglass" "se"a"Fury; ^ r-.. n .r,i P.rm Sales. Household, ----- ,_ W 5200 ACORD MUSIC SHOP ... $239 Jultars. Band instruments. All ange new $40: orai<«. Accessories and iheet efrigerator $35 mu«lc. Wood RIvpr. CL 4-IOIJ i3-pc. bedroom suite $68' "H«ak" Penning, sale* manacer S^ ra Re.?E.\at. 5a A^«.on7'- 1 S..: P^ta.,). Mt^ee! She,ving (4! runabout 30 h,p " ^T'LONG. Rt. 1. Alton. 111. Phone: HO 2-8112 FOR SALE—3 cheap tape dispensers, storm door complete: counter scales. HO 5-5217 .T'vfli ,, T Turkic CTATF A Mower, Hoover sweeper, invalid NA"oiAL 0 AUcffiyi5i.*' Rubber Cushion. 7,2 E. Fourth St. MACHINERY CONSIGNMENT SALE Saturday, Aug. 6th, I I A.M. at Hilltop Sales Barn Brina anvthlng you wish to sell, we j HIDE-A-BED — Wood cord uphol-j have already consigned ; stery, Innerspring mattress. Very 1959 John Deere 520 Tractor, full new. $110. .Cosl__$2S9.^_CL_jM«_47.__ | KENMORE automatic washer and; dryer, good condition, $175. HO I high), $22.50 Numerousl heavy dun trailer. All equipment, Mimeographed Stylus. Alphabets, meets Illinois requirements. Can; Shading Plates. 2 Violins, Lawn | be seen rear 1633 Washington. $750 Mower, Hoover Sweeper. Invalid j- —- •—-. — .•—^r— -.. _" tiaan oc..-. uu , -• - - breakfast set. Evlnrude new! WOOD RIVER Er _ R , 144 East Ferguson. Wood River •MDssie" Acord. ACCORDJCTN" ForTalei w7li"&flli lor SIOO . r iO>i State. Wood River. cantaloupes. watermelons. Past Nllo Farms on Brighton road. WHITE SWEET"'CORN—3 doz. Si". Tomatoes. 10 Ibs 65c..Green beans. 1 mile eusi of race track, Godfrey. Dial HO 2-1075. No Sundays > 20 to 40% Off To make room for our fall line of hunting supplies. ali,,fl»hlng taclde i les: electric power saw. HO 2-9015. cots, camp »toves, bags and baseball equipment. OPEN TILL 10 P M. CLIFF'S SPORTING GOODS 2318 E. Bdwy. HO 5-9537 power. 5-94.68. _ NEED A GOOD 'USED REFRIGERATOR? 19S8 Caie Field Chopper, Hay and corn head, Side Delivery rake. Daarborne Grain drill, with Fertilizer attachment, Case 7 Ft. Mower. 2 Case Wagons. 2 Ford Tractors, Ford equipment of all kinds, INT-1 Tractor with front end louder, 32 Ft. Elevator. Corn Sheller Many more items including new s;EW t USED OFFICE FURNIIUR and wed tarpaulins. ,,..„,..,, GOOD SELECTION ART LONG, Aurtoneer HO_2-5U2, Of) | Ce Math |,,,, ,„<) Exch«n»i ------- Dla) H0 JOHNSON SALES * SERVICE Boats and Accessories Plisa Harbor HO (-2722 iNEW 100 H. P. Chrysler Ace Mar-! tne engine. Bargain. $450 com-; plete. Wlegand Oil Co.. MO St., Louis Ave., East Alton. CL 4-3412 Weese's New and Used Merchan-l,\j-fiV~« "Vwpr •S«w~Trolier~ the -M. 430 Plr.1 street. Wood River, i ONLV ^^f^-J.'^! can bu^ 30 r ',. off. Easy terms. No money PAY. $359 BALANCE DUE ON Complete Rooms Furniture Brand New | No Money Down $18.90 Mo. taken out of will call com{ plete studio bed living room, [ bedroom, and kitchen outfit. • Immediate delivery. East Alton Furniture Co. 405 W. St. Louis Ave. at the stop lite In East Alton Pb. CL 4-3613 BELLS FOR SALE — And violins. Will the gentleman In Alton who wanted u bell a few months ago contact me as 1 have lost your phone number and address. Will swap for guns, old or modern. Joe Klnman, Hardin. 111. AUTOMOTIVE ELECTRIC GUITAR — (Les Paul Jr.) and amplifier $100. 214 S Main, Wood River. CL 4-1520. GOULD MUSIC CO iVurllutr. spinel ft electronic Magnavex. HI PI Stereo Fender. OlbfM. Martin. Gretscb guitar*: King. Olds. Artley Mno InstruMMtt. Sheet,music, record*. Repair service. 961" B. Broadway Pheat HO 1331J c piano* Phono*. Has all makes and models. Fully Guaranteed I Year CL 4-0857 KENMORE AUTOMATIC WASHER!] j — a Vrs olp $30 DU 4-9232. . ; PLAYER PIANO for Tale, $75, FR 2-3846. ''"CUFF'S SPORTING GOODS 2318 E. Bdwy. HO 5-9537 " ............ AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE NOTICE ! ! LOGAN LAIRD Vow Located al oHi St. Ante Repair 6th St. and Hawthorne Wood River • Complete Auto Repair • Body and Paint Work • WrockK Kelnillt Ph. CL 4-1132 USED DURING OUR . . SUMMER 1858 Thunderblrd $2793 19S6 Ford 3 Door Hardtop $MS 1»3» Chevrolet Bel Air 4-Door V-8 $I5»5 1057 Olds 98 4 Door Air Conditioned ... $1895 U3« Studebaker Champ Station Wagon , f*M 1959 Willys CJS Universal Jeep— $18*5 1*58 Willys CJS Universal Jeep tl<N 1*99 1 4 ton Chevrolet Pick-Up NO MONEY DOWN 1953 Ford 2 Door V-8 .. 1654 Ford 4 Door "8" . 1955 Studebaker V-8 Commander 1M3 Dodge 3 Door 2—1883 Pontlaes ... $425 1930 Ford '„ ton Pick-Up $245 9205 1*32 Packard 4 Door $2»$ 1»53 Studebaker Hardtop . $47S 1JJ2 Packard 4 Door »605 1853 Packard 4 Door $3>5 l»54 Chevrolet "WO" » Dr. «4M CORDES MOTOR CO. 2350 State St. HO 8-6601 •>ilB€RGeR. IS WHY, h.p. i UTBOARD MOTOR — . Martin; runs good. $60. CL 4-5402. "" "" _ M"ASfERCRAFT OAK DINETTE TABLE & 4 chairs, ' This highly polished mahosany *2 5 Phllro table model radio. $15. ; powered by Mercury (400 elec 60) Steelman 4 speed record player! IR yours. $1^50^ 3816 _Horn. __ _ and 61 records and 2 albums. $^5.; ^j-, .V 9 tttr moTorTepalr foot Cl. fl-2732. ........... ..... ...... SEE ELMO AT BethaUo. DU 4-5151. STUDIO COUCH— Makes Into a j ALLIED MARINE ' male bed, itood condition. $25 Console 1 1205 East Broadway in c iudj[ $g Af(ai r> p[i] 7f)j R(cg phoM H£) g3M3 streei. Wood Rivei CL 4-i.MO. 25 years experience on all makes AKC REGISTERED - Dachshund "and" Chihuahua _pupples US Vlr _^_ BHAUTlFiJl. A'KC . . toy Doodle. 2 months old, Also poodles clipped. CL 9-2496. AUTOMOTIVE CHEAPIISI OUT TH8Y OO Wl NIID ROOM FOR NIW OAR TRAD8S 53 Ch«v. BM 4-Dr. 8383.00 51 Plymouth 8295.00 (R««l nice car) 52 Chevrolet 1295.00 (Good trantport«tion) 52 Chevrolet $196.00 49 GMC Truck .... $221.00 54 Chevrolet $395.00 55 Ford $395.00 52 Pontiac Cat. H.T, $121.00 51 Pontiac • $195.00 51 Chev. Coupe ... $198.00 50 Chevrolet $95.00 NO DOWN PAYMINT Ohuok DUrlng Ford ALTON, OX. HO 8-M81 AUTOMOTIVE NOtlCE AUTOMOTIVE BIG SELECTION '60 Dodge Darts - V-8's, 6's Choose From Stock... Save ... Save AUGUST USED CAR CLEARANCE OUT THEY GO... ALL PRICES REDUCED OUR USED CAR LOT IS NOW LOCATED AT 331 N. WOOD RIVER AVC. WOOD RIVER ACROSS PROM OUR NIW CAR SHOWROOMS SAVE __— SAVE VI AU MICIS DRASTICALLY REDUCED TO CHAR OUT OIP STOCK SAVE WOOD RIVER Your Volutnt Poid Deo/or FOKU — THINOKUBJItl) — K4UON 31A S". Hood Kiver Avr. Pteuw l|, 4-<S«a. Optsu K\euUiB» 1958 Ford V-8 Fairlanc* 500, 4 door, radio, beater, automatic truiu- iniuiou ..................... *13«.") 1066 Chevrolet Bel Alre 6 •tralgbt tr»n»mlin4oM ........ (70s 1907 Plymouth Savoy 8, 4 door, radio, heater, automatic tran*- 1057 Fl,v mouth ^ry, 2 door, bard- top, radio beater, automatic trautmlukion ................ iniiu& 1854 PoaWao datuliiia, 8 door, hardtop ..................... |40s IU.V1 Uodgt* 'i door V-tf, uulouiiilit- 1854 Dodge 4 door, 6 uyUnder, vtralKltt traniuiiiktloii $'405 186H Oldi t door hardtop 9283 1868 Plymouth 4 door. Deal in top, need* nonie work 9130 IBott Ut-Suto 4 door HU& Buy Out- of Them- Uodgf Dart Trade-Ink and slave. Low Bunk Huttk •»: eDON DALE e JEM OLOM • GLOSS MOTOR Co., Inc. • Open Evenings [Jotil 9 P.M.. Except Saturday 71 E. IORENA WOOP RIVER PHONE CL 4-3866 '68 FORO THUNDERBIRD HARDTOP—$2995 Solid wimp, automatic iransmisson. P. S. R. and H. Premuni w/wall tires. 14,000 Hi-IUHl miles. '55 PLYMOUTH BELVEDERE V-8 CONVERTIBLE $785 A real >harpie, New top, new tires, r., h. and pow- -fllic transmission, Vur> \ery elf an. Don't miss I his one. '56 BUICK SPECIAL 4 DOOR — $1086 Blue and Kory. R.. H.. Dynutlow and w/walls. You'll like this c-omfori- able family car. '67 IMPERIAL 4-DOOR HARDTOP $2285 Factory air, power sieei- Ing, power brakes, power seat & windows, radio. heater, white walls and many, many other acoes- sorie*. Robin's eg^ blue. Absolutely perfect New IUICK U the belt bet In a big cor ... with luxury and ecen. emyl See our good wed cars, too. '63 CHEVROLET CONVERTIBLE I486 A r«al good little car. Power sift-ring & power glide, r., h. & w/walU. Powder blue finish. '64 IUIOK SUPER 4.DOOR — $596 One owner clean car. Power steering, dynaflow, radio, heater & w/walls. A beautiful green & white. '59 VAUXHAU SUPER VICTOR 4-OOOR, $1495 Just like new. One owner, low mileage. R & H and W/walls. Don't tail to nee this economy car. A beautiful beige color. '60 FORD QALAXIE $TARLINER $2895 Ci ul.shiiu.iiic IranainisAion, ijowor htferlng, 1'adio, lifutf], white walls, plu» many other aocewoiitt. •1,000 actual miles. Don't fail to see this like new ear. A real savings. New car guarantee. '06 OLDSMOIIU 81 4-OOOR HARDTOP 8886 A real nic* car. A »pprt model plus the convent- enee of a sedan. Hydra- malic, radio, heater ami white walls. Kd Une

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