Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 5, 1960 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 5, 1960
Page 17
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 1980 ALTUN LVUMNG ft*. * c** < tJu* ANNOUNCEMENTS ANNOUNCEMENTS L60AL NOTICES NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING | Notice ii hereby given that on thai 22nd day of August, I Am at the hotir of 7:00 P. M. in the City Court Room of the City Hall of the City of Alton. Illinois n public hearing by the Board of Appeals of the City of Alton, Illinois will be 'II LEGAL rtDllCfeS IN THE PROBATE COURT OP MAOrSON COUNTY STATE OP ILLINOIS IN THE MATTER OP THE ) ESTATE OP JOHN J. SCHBR- ) RER, DECEASED. ) NO 1805 CHARLES F. 5CHERRFR In- ) dlvldually and as AdmlnlMra- ) IT ANNOUNCEMENTS NOTICES • consider the appeal of tor of Estate of John Seh'rrer, ) BIDS WILL BE RECEIVED «t tM office of the vnia»e CUrk in the v.llage hell in Eest Alton.111. until 7:30 p.m., August l«n, IWO—for e new cer for tn>. police department. Car to be 4-door neden. Solid rplot. Equipped with lame heater and de- frotter, oil filter, heavy duly brakes, heavy duty shock absorb j ersof) FINANCIAL RENTALS IS BUSINESS OPPORTUNITtBi SBRVIcl A frATlON Major brand. Doing good bn«ineo.i . very good location in Wood Rlvtr 14 45 APARTMENTS - PLATS 4 ROOM unfurnished apt. Gas heat CL 4-9632. RENTALS BUSINESS PLACES REAL ESTATE SALE REAL ESTATE SALE LOTS FOR SALE FOR RENT or LEASE—*20 • 822 E. I FOR SALK—1 acre, fenced-ln. with Broadway. HO 2-?534. jEfferioni shade trees, orchard, well, with unfurnished apt 2707 Col- S-r 33477. area. Owner has other interests Low inventory ,... No. 167. East Afton. P. O. Box SELLING DUE TO ILL HEALTH— Kennel's Cafe. Greenfield. Ill EM _h*ge_HO 2 5083 I422a EMTH Close to glassworks'. 3 room unfur electric pump. Concrete patio, ideal spot for housetraller. $1800 Drive. Cot- held to Fra/ler Playland. Inc.. from *H deceased. Petitioner ) decision of the city Chief Building! vs Inspector on the operation of a Go I SARAH SCHERPER and .IOHN ) Kart race track at .1215 East I P SCHERRER. Defendants. ) Broadway. Alton. _ ._ SALE OF REAL ESTATE TO That the specific appeal requested PAY DEB IS Is for the operation of a Go Kart race track to be added to the prev Public notice Is hereby Riven that «nt permitted use* In the Ml Light by virtue of decrmai order madf Industrial District an set forth In'and entered of record bv s»id Court Article XIV, Section 2, of the X.on•' In above fntltled ciuse on the 1st Ing Ordinance of the City of Alton,: day of August. A.D IfWO. said ad Illinois. rolnislrator of estate o,' John .1 Srherret rtereased will :il the hour That a copy of the Appeal In on of in in o'clock A M 'in Saturday the file In the Office of the City Clerk ,)rd dav of September I960 at and and ll available for examination by ion the hereinafter described prenv any Interested person. i«e, at I2U Deneen sirest in the -h,V" fo ;""inspection at the City of Alton. Illinois, offer for fale "P. 1 *-. rm """""• " on t)aied at Alton, Illinois, this 4th and sell at public vendue lo the " day of August. 1980 highest bidder for cssn. or so much thereof as may b« necMsary in pav , ers heavy duty clutch, heavy seat frames, bach-up tights direc-1 tlonal lights, spot light, seat covers automatic transmission Also ~ ~ne«*Hvi«jri__*Ati nittMn rearlw DRESSMAKING— TAILORING PERSONAL SERVICE II Ot'MCB * DESfc BOOM rash inquire 101 W OFFICES - Reasonable Fkulttlcn 'age Hills. (1. 32440 building, downtown Alton. Suitable KING SIZE LOTS in D'Adrian Otr nlshed aot Complete bath hot * for professional end bu«tne»t Also dens Roiling randscaped Finest in c^rUer tiSSK. 1S h «.r«; -«,,«, M ». W,,, remodel.^ ft^.^™^"*** ' ~ " — Adams 'HOUSES FOR SALE HARTFORD—4 room frame. Full basement. $500 down, wnall monthly payments. CL 4-4821 or CL 4-9S90. Harry F. Hemphill Agency 'jjj •» ~ equipped with 6 ply ilr4» on wheels Bids to be considered police special and standard model The village of East Altoi will furnish large generator, red lights Him mounts and siren Will change over at its own expense The ratlin in preseni car will also be le.moved and Insialled in new car by the Village of F.ast A)«on Bidders are requested lo make an allowance In their hid for the ljt.>9 Oldsmohile 4 floor Sedan, now be Ing used hv f he polite department as a trade in and which is avail • ••-- Village •», i **r\ ft 4e*.j 1? & it»~»«* tut-*** Dial HO 9-3584. Eve. HO 2-8833 ATTRACTIVE— Modern 3 room up- AN* **o VILLA RIDGE 14 BEDROOM HOME—Attached ga- j rage, large carpeted living room. ! hall and 2 bedrooms I•% baths with ' tile, large attlr fan. aluminum com- ition storm windows. Lot IBOx This home priced to sell only IIS.100 Iflrt REAL ESTATE SALE HOUSE* FOftMLE —M65T AttlACfM RANCH STYLE BRICK HOME in WlUhirt. 3 nice «z« bedrooms, bit double closet*. txirquet HWF many buflt.tfi*. city g«* h«t, ww- ert. beautiful yard, patio. »«r«ecue Near schools, swopping. x Small down. Only 117.900 YODER—WILSHIRE MALL CL 4-9113 CL 4-14M I IKE TO RENT FARM— NIC F RESIDENTIAL AREA — In ALTON 400 acres or rmneCL 4-9871 Ro, R wnodHci R ht^ close to school ; f,,,,^ , t w|fh .. .. . ,,. MiirFl LANEOtjS shopping SO x l*> CL_4-M27 famj|y rf)f>m |n basement . O |l fur- drapes; double breasted suit* made EAST ALTON — .1 rooms private!-" iwiai.t,Lt.«r»E.yu.-» '".,,.,,.,...,„„"..,.. nat.e. garage combination alum- Single. CL 4-3678 bath and entrance Utilities paid > TRAILER SPACE for rent Shady *• HOUSfcS t-OR SALE inum Morm windows cabinets In ) LADIES * CHILDREN STRESSES — *-» i i rv^iv- i i » t.-^i«i irut; i ii ij i < ,„.-., stairs 855 Lorena. $55 CL . . , ,.,„ ..,.,.. rvc. Bidder •* ai elo d educt ne exc isr | nsur p d We rlean BUSJNE3S SE-WICE I2_ BUS. ANNOUNCEMKNIS 'ACCO'MMODAtrONS ALL AREAS HAMPSEY'S SEWER SERVICE HO 5-1012 — CL 4-0513 hour service. Work guaranteed i _CL 4-4942 'EXTRA NICE""* room, good ioca tlon. utilities furnished. Phone HO ! 5-2274. Mil.ION ARI-.A—New .1 large room, utility room and ceramic tile bnth 6 closets wired for siove washer drver and aii conditioning $8. r i a ' 34 inonih Adults No pels. :M47 Merl docia Pnonc HO 2 IR96 kitchen an conditioner $12..100 lax and install repalt -sewers septic tanks, cesspools CITY OF ALTON. Illinois. - WAN I ED TO RfcNI 'BEDROOM HOUSE—I.'pper Alton or Millon Adults HO 62505. MODERN 3 room semibasement D , W1M »t>T na HOUSF Rv work= !?__,"& nEnV'tf ^ieA--^^'"?-''"h,^ Ave . Cottage Hills CL 9-6612 NEWLY DECORATED—$12 month 1st floor 101 F. Maple. lane Trailer Court. Rt No 1 no and BRI-.NTWOOD nil)—4Mi rooms, all George St.. East Alton. CL 4-8332 modern Kitchen, dinette, living 4 blocks from school. C]ose to I0 om. 2 bedrooms. MardwViod floors MILLS "' " ?" '•arpeterl ceramic tile haih and „ ROOM w)rh aluminum siding. Oil only. kiirhen full basement, auto gas fuina( . e garage . | ar ge bath, full heat ,2 gal elc<: water heal-r Gas hf)semen , " HWF combination alum- 01 «lec cooking 11 xl, ^ screened * , ,„ m winr]ows anrt 5(j ,- e ens em losed patlo-pnrrh Attached ga 114*00 i age Fullv insulated Paved drive way A walk Lots of shrubbery AITON MmOLSroWN - Attractive - ranch HORN .ST.^^ ^Uh^^t, bus stop Shade clean and quiet 110 and 220 current Large con< rete palio Facilities for 10 widths Verv reasonable EUCLID PLACE — Large S-bed room home, designed for gracious living Situated on large corner lot. Large living room, dining room. den. kitchen, and bath on 1st floor; open stairway from large entrance hall lo second floor. 5 bedrooms and bath uptt«lr*. A beautiful home in excellent condition. Shown by appointment STEINER REAL ESTATE MARY STEINER. Realtor Memoer of Multiple Listing Service HO 2-5531 NADINE SZEOEDY HO 5-4351 ,„„ o,,^ .... Illinois Retailers Occu ^ BOARD OF APPEALS , the debit' and' costTof "Yd'mlnUtrY patlonal Tax from their bid as_ the ,. |(1|d dra|ns non of said estate, all the right, tl- village of East Anon is ex,.mpt . TTENT _ Hnr .r f - ...•„„-•—Zi~ f iV^n" 1 !*^;^ e 3^^' C {l.d M i1 "AM P bl V dde'r"' a're^iso "nvited to ^fKce ^Z^^r N'OW UPPER :^ n ,.m. S o?hr. e de«h m S and h to d «h a e submit to the board any .*«« prop- Beneh^ my rnle r:I hea, water furnished. On bu, line., WANTED _ 2 of ' 3 room un y urnl , hed NOTICE OF PUBLIC HEARING i !?»»"'"< -"".bed r fml esta.e. to osition ^hjch ^.^ J Unhol eS; FURNACK CARE COOF 1U.INO.S ^L^ a hove BOTTLE ~ ' " "~ '" ~ ''' :: "' Milton. ferred Chester TEACHER anifFAMILY—6 ALTON—3 large rooms, house EXprens 7 1443 _ a nnBr ...._ ..... . . - .- ..... _ i?S <?« HI. 5*aiS5 ""t-ge attached, tile klltchen and • .14.- VAN PRETF.R. WOOD R1VEP SI9.WX). HO 2-8844. - gth bcauH f u , storm windows ca binets, alum. $18.8001 , | * Upper Alton area pre- Family room. SISt.WX). HO 2-8844. Write Wanda Salmons NEW—.i bedroom brick 1'/, bath 3 III miles norih ol Godfrey. Imde. room t H 2-isw. COLLEGE CREST AREA MILTON AREA — 1-bedroom brick BURLING OR—4-room frame Oil heat, full basement, liberal financing can be arranged $9.300 Notice I, hereby given that the b?. 1 N_ umbered . Sl « ,"»,«» City Plan Commission of the Cltv of Alton will hold a Public Hearing on August 23. i860, at 7 :io p. M. In fhe Council Chambers at Cltv Hall Building. Alton. Illinois., toj consider the re/onlng of the prop-1 ftrty hereinafter described from R-l. one family residential district. Numbered Six (8) in SHELLEY'S ADDITION TO THE CITY OF' ALTON, situated in the City of Alton. County of Madison and State of Illinois: Sublect to general real estate taxes lor vears ISSf) and I960, not as yet extended house^ CL 9-2939 'SHELL" ENGINEER desires 4 bedroom house Alton. Rosewood Hts. Wall-to-wall carpet storm windows, gas heat 2.1B Alben. HO 5-7827. All bidders are invited to submit, bpttlegas equipment and bottles:' 2 FURNISHED ROOMS— Private Yn- v „.' boMon to buy Ph CL •. -.,„.>,. bids in accordance with the above also bulk Skelgas. JIM JONES. 1 trance and bath; utilities furnished; Avr . ea -.° p " on ' v i _pecinc.ier» and Jhe ^Village re- HO 2-2768. HO 5-1750 '^l^n'TO RENT - 2'or 1-bed-First quality,, low price. 2 ROOM HOUSE? and bath, all .uril-l ^NTEDJO RENT^- 2 or as follows: "• R ' 3 ' T r p^t^rSe^rloeVon^^r ^7^^!^ ' ' over fifty vears old. with bath room land furnace, otherwise known as ; 12U Deneen Street. Alton Illinois i Immediate possession free and clear furnished 208 Illinois Ave., Alton. HO 2-8977. Mod TRACI (JNK A trail c>| |»ri(l In the Northwest tjumtei (NW'/ t i of the Northwest Quarter (NW'/4). Section One (I) and the Northeast Quarter <NF. '«i of the Northeast Quarter (NE'«i. Section Two 121, Township Five c.'n North. Range Ten iltu West of the Thltcl Principal Jvleiidlnn. desc'iibed as fcilUiws Beginning at the int»*i ;»*?<. tioti of the North line of Hoilv Hill Subdivision with the Northeasterly rlght-of-wav line of Oakwciod Avenue thrnie ^onhwcsierly • long suid right of-w»v line a dlslanc e of .'121 4 (I lo ihe South- eaiteilv line of u it.u i c;f land conveyed by FlrM NHtional Hank & Trust Company in Alton Illinois Executor of the Last Will and Testament of Caroline koehne. Deceased to the niy of Alton IIHnoin thence North- eHStcilv along said line a distance of ITiin ft to the South westerly nght-of way line of Federal Aid Route No IM thence Southeasterly ("long said right-of-way line a distance of IW627 ft to an angle In said right-of-way line thence continuing Southeasterly along said right-of-way line a distance of 790 9 ft to the North line of Holly Hill Subdivision thence Westerly along said North line a distance of sort 16 ft to the point of beginning, containing 3 .85 acres. and — also TRACT TWO A tract of land In the Nortnwest Quarter (NW'.i of the Northwest Quarter (NWm. Section One (li and the Northeast quarter (NE'«) of the Northeast Quarter (NE'4) Section Two (2) Township Five (5) North. Range Ten (10) West of the Third Principal Meridian described as follows Beginning at Ihe intersection of Northeasterly righi • of -way line of Federal Aid Route No 132 with the West line of a tract of land conveyed to Dancey R. and Harriet Smith bv deed re corded in Book 92:i. Page '28 of the Recorder's Office of Madison County. Illinois, thence Northwesterly along said rlght-of wav line on a curve to the right having a radius of 15 M6 1 ft for a distance of 17448 ft to the point of tangent of said curve: thence continuing Northwesterly along said right-of-way line a distance of 470.4 ft. to an angle In said right-of-way line, thence Northeasterly at right angles continuing along said rluht-of- way line a distance of 7712 ft to the Southllnc of East Delmar Avenue thence Easterly along said line a distance of 52141 ft thence deflecting to the right at an angle of 89° 54' for a distance of 160 ft.: thence deflecting to the left at an angle of 89' 54' for a distance of fifty (50) ft to the West line of the aforesaid Smith tract. thence Southerly along said West line a distance of 15015 ft. to the point of beginning, containing 242 acres. and all bids For any ""...- ...-. I9flo patterI1s wool' Nylon, "Acrl- itles formation contact Harold Rlgglns. ; , an fnt egt | mates syelect from Chief of Police samples or large rolls from Whole , . .- t>hnM"f.". f ni.h.rf""«ni' Bv the authority of the Mayor and , a i e House ! ^ * 3 ROOM furnished apt the Village Board MADISON COUNTY CARPET ?!""•' HO_2-'''02 __ _ R 4. Edwardsvllle. III. 2 ROOM APT—Nicely furnished LAWRENCE DARR, ATlantlc 8 7371 816 State St. HO 2-4582. Village Clerk C.I ITTCDIklC. ! 3" ROOM" furnished "apt"' Private"en , . ... - -^i,---... trance, private bath garage. | S6 BUSINESS PROPERTY Adults only. 1416 Milton Road Ph ! TA VERN for sale or trade. For In HO 5-9040._ \ forma ,ion call HO 5-9520. er when said sale has be.-n reported! ^"compSnio'^'loTelp'dVi've Phone! INTERIOR and exterlor^irintTnT. j \^ O ^~.^i.^ ***' U ^'^> ^^'F^^^^O^IIl RIDERS of homestead estate and dower m-,||A I "'rest WOMAN driving to Pasadena. Calif... 2-1424 Deed will be delivered to pur-has- • ^u, j HKB reliable woman driver! GUTTERING Snouting furnace Ren.Tr, Fr.. « tlma'le?. WHrrE'S"rf^'sHOP* HO WANTED—Sept. I. Alton teacher 1 child .1 or 4 room nice unfurnished 4 oofi?. Price $3400 ^^^^^n^ FAST-ALTON --- ftIXL"Esf AtS SALE — ----- »*I_.HB ijuiiiMeiniv/n »« n*m r* —.-•—• - tt( , . _ . -,. . — r-— • -"•••-*,•. uctiu IT vy ^-i >m /. *»• •*•»•»*»•«*• —"— _ IOT 51 W) ITIO. I^OCfl t6Q 31 I I U* .to and approved bv the Probate' HO 6 . 3366 mornings or after^^m. Work -wr-meed^Reasonable, ApT --- pr , v . te ba(h , P ^M~-' BY" OWNER.;'Oodfrcy .Cardmal HO 5-6H20 :'^N.M6w¥Rrs-HARliNED=9r7 tfA™*™™' ^ Loren '' — M» d " n 6 r "" m h ° U ' e ' H ° 1N «' ME PR » PE «TY for saie. One, RivER-s roomnrrame Fun (NORTH ROD6ERS AREA basement, gas heat, living, dining, HENRIETTA STREET — 4'/i-room! IT™, «$fj oeled '"* bath> $l1 ' 800 i frame; attached garage. Plus many ~r.. 4 ' 57 .l°'.._. ! extras $14,175; FOR SALE bv owner. 3 room house, i . . Full size basement, on lot 85x145.: SYLVAN LANE — 6-room brick, at- In Lincoln Addition. Phone CL 1 'ached garage, full basement, carpeting, beautiful cabinets, fireplace. -- —— -— Many extras $23.000 Church. Ar-i ranged for duplex or single dwell-11,111 TAM ADtA Ing 6 rooms. .1 bedrooms. 2 baths, ! MIL ' "^'^ ^r\CM double garage Full basement.' HY-VISTA— New 5-room brick Full stoker heat, hardwood floors, j basement. 3 bedrooms $18.800 Large lol Price $9400 10 s ;. down.! contract for deed CL 4-7461!. j KENDALL HILL WILL TRADE —"lO-room house; CRESTVIEW DR. — New 6-room two 5-rni. apis. Good repair Rents| brick. Carpeting, fireplace, cherry NEW BRICK 3 BEDROOM, ROOM. HWF STONE FIREPLACE PICTURE WINDOW. BUILF IN RANGF. AND OVEN. PLASTERED WALLS. LARGE BEDROOMS FULL BASEMENT. GAS HEAT. ATTACHED GARAGE WONDERFUL VALL'F. $15.1<m HEMPHILL, HO 5-3583 AFTER 5 P.M. JIM METTLER HO 2-0472 BROWN sfT. Brighton — 5-room home. Exceptional condition. All iargp rooms, fully Insulated. Completely shaded by large, well placed trees Fully Insulated. Double garage. Large lot J2'x260'. Oil heat Exceptional buy at $11,300 BERIGAN AGENCY CL 4-0148 GENE ST CIN .^ FR 2-3764 INCOME"PROPERTY "EDUCATIONAL" f2A INSTRUCTIONS LAWN MOWERS INSTRUCTION" GIVEN In English Work guaranteed r fdlng_and |umpln_g._HO_6.3932. Court. Dated this U( day of August 1960 ' CHARLES F. SCHERRER Administrator jf Estate of John J Scherrer, deceaseu. WILMER L. VOGT Suit* 301 Commercial Bldg , Belleville. Illinois Attorney for Adininislra'or^ 2"^CARDOFTHANksl , H E. P WANTED - MALE V.F WISH to express our sincere L'. l?±±l.-— u/^iV lhanks and appreciation for the GRILL—And counter man. white kindness shown us In our bereave-; Experience Meal and uniform rer- mem. The flower girls, pallbearers, j nlshed Apply Deluxe SandwUjh choir minister, and Mrs. Russell Shop. 11801—Highway 67 at Red- for her kind and efficient service, man Tu 6-8484. Out Neighbors and anyone who as-1 j— M PN" w jth" cars $9850 per week slsted in any way Family of Chas Weaver 3 ROOM APT. on ground front entrance, on bus line. Also one sleep- Ing room. 1030 Union. HO 2-5970 2-6979. FOR SALIC by owner. 90 acre farm, 4 family apartment house, also one duplex house. East Alton. CL wood cpbinets. built-in oven and Sen 2 , ^ach'er'g'arar'GrsiBY OWNER - 2 houses on. corner hot water baseboard heat. Large lot with shade trees $2B.2 r >o 49632. . Free pick-up Phone CL 4-8756. HARRIS TREE SERVICE —Tower Hartford. CL 4-1334 or CL 4-5970. bonuses. Call HO 5-4281. - IN MEMORIAM PERSONALS i outlet Can use 7 white part-time ;i men. over 21 No experience neces- spraylng by state licensee! opera! , or. Tree work. HO 2-0811. HO 3 5-8587 . POWER LAWN MOWER REPAIRS All Makes. Guaranteed Work Registered Service Dealer Pick Up And Delivery MESTERS AUTO REPAIR 215 Niagara. East Alton Ph. CL 4-5021, VERY NICE furnished rooms Utilities furnished. Inquire 403 N Central. Roxana near Brighton Ideal location for lakes and cabin site CL 4-7771. > r-RONTENAC PL FOR SAt E— 20-acre farm in Moun- 1 large bedrooms tain Home Arkansas 5 room part- Iv finished house well, one outbuilding $. r 1500. Call HO 2-6564. FOR SALE—122 acre (arm. 10 miles north of Edwardsvllle Old brick Large lol 2.104 MORN IN' Alton. i room brick. 2 Air conditioned Phone HO 6-2546. STAR DRIVE — 7TH ST. 4 ROOMS— With 1 bedroom III base- i menl complete with wooden floors. Gas heal, brick insulated siding $7.900 bv owner — .1 btdroom i |_| A DTCOD fl cl.iuhl.- uaraxe ami breeze ; "j** VWi c-r f) ,"> - T>4 ri I ! r. A S I «J l H o i . •**" < 3 rooms Finished lot 75x10. r i. located Arch at Pearl SI, 1 house has 5 rooms down. 1 large room upstairs Other has laiR-j room which could be divided into 2 rooms Also has bedroom kitchen and hath Also 4 room duplex 815-817 Arch St. :i rooms downstairs. 1 up in each side. Applv 821 Arch or i-all HO 2-:i419. ONLY $6950 U6 Lorena. Apply !35_Loiena. 3-"RObM~ FURNISHED —~"Prlv"tTle ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS — Help for the problem drinker. P.O. Box sary Work 2 hours in evening. $35 i u BUILDING — CONTRACTING i-'or interview call HO l " h ° r 188. East Alton. HO 5-9237. 2-2712. HO 18 HELP WANTED — FEMALt_ --— — — = i BABYSITTER wanted. 2 school age I RyMMAGt *^PJkSTRY SALES_! chUdren White preferred. DU ! RUMMAGE SALE—Saturday. Aug.! l 6. 517 Belle. 9 a.m. l Alert Home Owners Insist On LoMac HOME IMPROVEMENTS 3 Yrs. to Pay—Free Estimates NO MONEY DOWN—CL 4-0731 2 miles south of Prairietown Lane, west from old Omphgent school S1B.OOO L. E Wood. bath, clean, redecorated AdJiis LAND FOR SALE—Even terms only. 411 Ridge. HO 2-1221. after P Jamison. HO 2-7997. 5:30 p.m. HO_2-6128. - « RpOMs">URNISHE"b~^~p r |vare | QQ-ACRE FARM ath and entrance, electric' and; w) , jllab , e and 2 . acre lake .stocked eeK. MU ", . u=*h in miniitfi rfrtvP e-r house HO 5-6119 __ __ __ EAST 4TH ST. c " 5 ROOM MODERN — Stoker heat.j^.RQOM FRAME — Full basement, electric hot water healer Extra lot. ! bath i water furnished. $11.50 w I 20427. \3 ROOMS—Private bath. Lights and] ! water furnished. $12.50 week. i i Earl's Tire Shop. 3005 Belle St. . ..„ .. _______________________ __ ____ from Alton Price .......... $12.600; ments. Lot 124 x 150. Lots of tree* 1 MILTON VIF.WLAND—Cute frame home. 4'b rooms, full basement, aluminum $500 downi $5500. HO 2-3409 any-j nets, full bath. "Automatic "washer: storm sash. Excellent condition. A time 509 Wyss. Alton. \ and dryer. This property has 2t/,-j rKa L-ft?i,cn 'neVi"ccT i Ji. ° rm. apt. for extra income. Price STEINER REAL ESTATE $10.5001 MA-RY STEINER. REALTOR Member of Multiple Listing Service ROXANA—For sale bv . room frame, suitable for large fam-i... D| .... U , MC 5 room and bath. 20 minute drive ||y or could be used as two apart- MAKIAINA MILLo . and shrubs. CL 4-8795. FOR SALE—By owner, nice new 3 GENERAL ALL CARPENTRY and n.lnflno ---- ---- .— "^-^."^—^- ------- — I -— , tntirinr .nH .If.i-ioJ * ohV... un 3 ROOM furnished apt. upstairs In! " d eXt O ! VILLA RIDGE THREE BEDROOM' bedroom brick. Basement. gas |V1 *" ft "iu"=-. .. . ...... hea( qujet street | n Alton. Call CL 4-3823. After 5 p.m., CL 4-5163, full 9 SOCIETIES and LODGES ferred Automative ; ;vo—-A,,DT- "K,— *c~~nZtZi\ complete set of books. Union work. Free estimates. CHARITY COURT—No 26. Order Greater Alton FZmployment 5 . 2 93 8 , H O 2-7832. s Amaranth. Stated meeting. Satur- 3Q3 Comnl ercial Bldg 205 W. 3rd! day Aug 6. 7 SO p.m. Advance-• JVl> "- HO rneni night. Ruth Heap, R. M. . . ; BLOCK, BRICK, stone, plaster, con- SALESWOMEN — 30 - 86; excellent |, crete. New construction. Remodel- earnings. Call AVON. HO 2-4278. | ing. HO 2-9140. WANTED—White woman to do light j CARPENTER WORK — Roofing. No housework. CL 4-2906. WANTED ^"Middleaged lady, stay j with elderly lady, share groceries. | CARPENTER — Roofing fSS wh" aZ°wer-d a ad: f p r i ) e t Sse H .ali! ^ .."^-."ExwHenced^HO *^'^K^-F^*^vCjr\~*™£"™ "res under .plow^ CL 4-1309 WHITE' BABY "SITTER — in the 2-4110. i 10 LOST—iTI RAVED—CriOLBN i LOST — Female beagle. Godfrey- Brlghton-Fosterburg area. Reward. Howard Lewis HO 2-702S. ; LOST—vicinity Lageman Lane, female fox hound, black, white and brown. Reward Otto Watson, 2908 Fernwood avenue. _AHon. LOST—White and tan beagle. 3 years old female, spayed, wearing collar Reward HO 2-4966. LOST—Green and white water ski TOY DEMONSTRATORS—Earn ex- j JJ^w.;. .near Clifton Terrace Marina. CLJ tra Christmas_rdoney .showUw toys j , NTERIOR 4-2773. _ LOST — "Ladies' siding, repairing, remodeling, job too small. CI 4-8044. 13 FURNISHED ROOMS — Utilities furnished. Inquire 224 Lorena, Wood River. 3~ ROOMS—Utilities furnished. With j television. HO 5-2466. • FURNISHE'D — Modern, private 3J room apt. Laclede area. Working! couple. HO 2-7857. Alton. i uaaciiiciii.. B«>I •• v+ —.. - — - A — T _„_. tached garage. Large lot. Pnc ed ; 6 ~ROOM BRICK—Built-in cabinets, to sell. DEAN COCHRAN HO 5-1313 or HO 5-3431 ALTA-VISTA — 6-room brick. large bedrooms, gas hot water; ,,,. heat, full divided basement, car- . . HO HO 2-5531 NADINE SZEGEDY port, built-in oven and range. W-to- W carpeting living rm.. dining rm. and hnll. oak cabinets, alum storm windows and screens. Must be seen BRIGHTON — 4-room brick Excel lent condition, full utility room. 2 large bedrooms, large living room, bright kitchen, many cabinets. bath, new gas furnace. 2-car ga rage. Immediate possession. $7.4)00 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS cash or $1500 down with payments. ^^ oc YY ^ v -"- > nci^nio vr iuuu*vn ^MSJ ai_i c^iia. iviuni wt HV.LII Ul IgllU HMCIICll, \lia\ly L-OUIIICia. V(2| > to appreciate $24.000! large 75'x240' lot. Price $13.700 Mr Orso, 213 W. Central. Benld. RENO ST. — New SVj-room brick. DDIr"C QPAl P^TATE TKI^t KC/M- C3I/MC NEW 3 ROOM APT. — Completely j __,,_.». rri IINTY furnished. Available Sept. 1. $125|MACOUPIN UUUNIT HO 2-1968. ' J240 ACRES—Well improved. 3 bedrooms, full basement with I knotty pine and plastered walls, i ;BY OWNER — In Wood River. 7; garage, built-in oven and range.! HWF. W-to-W carpeting In living room and hall, oil hot water heal, dehumldlfler. ceramic tile on walls I Illinois. room, full basement, double ga rage. Close to schools and bus Sept. 1st. BERIGAN AGENCY CL 4-0148 GENE ST. CIN .. FR 2-3764 " FOR l COLOREb~GTr~ $200 DOWN 5 room - Brighton 2-3103. or David Acres. FR 114 DECOKAIING lUilties. Apply HO 5-7331 204 by own ^ w 3 bed and'Vloor'W bat'h."Vavinette" Manv! CIean "elghoorhood Very nice 6 extra features .............. $19.900 room modern, completely redecor- sncu rtpi. /\i " •-- r^ nn A i^natirtn prion ion. Dy owner, i>*ew j uKuruuiu Henry. Call ?cres pasture. GoodI locatio . Elec-. bri veneer _ „ b|e garage wallc . . tricity. phone, school bus and man. ;=-! route »ju,uuu| m i 11- ^.n . ff i^nr-» BLUE GRASS ACRES «ram"lc el 7iiS l k M f!chen iCt ba!h W a n n < d OW a CALIFORNIA AVE. - 5-room brick i M ;^™4 r «" !°^ H °i^L_ ! a " d redwood 3 bedrooms, plaster - .7=r-». ljt > ! l» HELP WTD.— «tal«l__* CUNNINGHOM PAINTING — Inter-' on Drv street. East Alton. Inqulre| 10 o ACRES—65 in cultivation. 14 : _L_l_-__-.-* c -_'._ '.:.— —I ed full basement, tile kitchen and i lor exterior Patch plastering Rea-< 303 Park Lane ' Wood River- CL| acres in clover and alfalfa, 2-acre J6-ROOM MODERN — 1 V, baths; bath. HWF. L.P. gas heat, alum i sonable prices Fully Insured HO' 4-0947 slocked lake: 6 room »eml-modern| with acreage FRontier 2-3331. I windows and doors $15.5001 wrlstwatch In ladles' room of Westerner Club Sunday. July 24. Reward. DU 4-9103. i. __ ill NOTICES and wmei: TOY CHEST. No investment, collection or deliveries. Carl necessary. Box 740. care Telegraph.' - Exterior decorating. Also special estimates. CL 47 HOUSES FOR RENT 2 ROOM finished AltonL-6872. house. East! house, fair outbuildings une-nnn j )6 E 9TH dow "' ..• la . n « _°"=°." tra ^V,, W J1! 8 room modern home. Newly insulat-iGREER ST. ated 2 or :i bedrooms. New gas furnace, garage, clean basement. additional lot adlolning. Can build or, without extra lot. Price $8250 Pr 'oR"vVni A" '' ^xt\ V I ^J L^^ HO r) ..- )0fl5 Gla/ebrook Aaency ^* INTERIOR struction estimator, trainee, room clerk. mangerlal night male Exterior decorating. 2 BEDROOM HOUSE—Upper Alton or Milton. Adults. HO 6-2595. college student for day office work ! ALL KINDS of keys made; Tumblers I changed, cars opened. Minnows., 5te no-brookkeeper. factory lab; worms, fish, picnic suoplles. Be ej • 45 . 55 App |y j n person. i Street Bait and Key Shop. 604 Belle) , mno j s Slate Employment SLrvice. St. Phone HO 2-5858. __ ; A | ton _ paper. No job too small. HO 2-7083 PAINTING—Inside and out. Small jobs solicited. Dial CL 4-6486. PAUL McGUIGGAN — Paper hang- Ing. Save money. HO 5-8764. W STORAGE — MOVING SALESMEN 'BULK WEDDING PAPER PLATES , —White cups, plastic forks and 20 spoons, punch bowl rental; Im- in sur ance men and salesman—tired; print napkinn ; O f the giants! ACROSS THE STREET ACROSS THE NATION H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE 554 E ^cSy m !!J?L?^i^ You Desire •1™*™* A \ JOC H. 4 LONG DISTANCE new PP and n,n Y .U.ive i »«• Washington Ave. Dial HO e to regain i _ . try riding i on'excrcycTe »15 for 10 day course. | DU 4-1198 | company wants you. We will re ward your efforts. Excellent com- toy party this Situated in the City of Alton, j 3 bo "" 6 Ca " "" '-County of Madison and State of NOTICE—Thomas Sanders will haul Illinois. limbs and rubbish of any kind. Dial HO 2-1846. You are further notified that voui-----„--—--—- ment call TRiangle 7-6878. 9 a.m. to 12 noon. AERO MAYFLOWER* Sloan's Moving'& Storage Co. Exclusive Aieat Local t Long Distance Moving Warehouse and Fenced Lot Storage Free Estimates — No Obligation Phone HO S-6687 — 2M B. Elm RENTALS 3 BEDROOM MODERN HOUSE. Apply rear 174 Gouldirg. CL 4-7966. for city property. Will sel Ferguson tractor and full line of equipment plus '3 growing crop. All for J22.500 if sold by Sept. 1. 1960. ed. with private entrance 416-ROOM BRICK—Fireplace, base- blocks from downtown. near ment with rumpus room attached INSURANCE schools. Immediate possession. HO 5-9471 for appointment. FOSTERBURG — 5-room modern. garage, oil heat, carpeting, tile! kitchen and bath $22.900, 3 LARGE ROOM modern hous South Roxana. CL 4-7074 : 3 ROOM modern house for rent. 403. N. Central, Roxana. 157 ACRES with 7-room house. 2,^}arage_ L 4H acres HO_2-8MI. large barns. 2 wells, 1 cistern. 10J! JERSEYVILLE HOME—By owner. ^^ . acres in pultlvatlon Has lake and „ roms 2 baths completely mod_.:— pond, balance fenced pasture, win e| . n New j y decorated. Oil furnace. WOOD RIVER ELBLE ST. 5-room brick: full' basement with rumpus room, oil I forced air furnace. HWF. built-in consider trade or 'j cash on con-: RaraRe 2 lots Lots of shade. Ex^j cabinets, aluminum storm windows ._« n > tint! ivmliiiHa t'f\m nlotolinPflf.. ' i..- ,-,, . \. .._' *in cnn tract Will include complete line of implements If sold by Sept. 1. 1960. plus li corn and beans. 3-BEDROOM HOME with air-con-1 ditioner, near schools and play-1 ground. $110 mo. CL 4-0084_ | GREENE COUNTY 4 ROOM HOUSE in Godfrey. 2-4693. 4-ROOM MODERN HOUSE FOR RENT — South Roxana. CL 4-8153. 4 ROOM HOUSE FOR RENT — $35 month. Inquire 1200 Rodemeyer. 5'ROOM DUPLEX—Furnace, bath, garage. $38 month. 1104 W. 9th. 5~ROOM DUPLEX-^733 E. 7th. Alton.' CL 4-4631. the requested rezonlng. Dated at Alton. Illinois, this 3rd day of August. I960. CITY PLAN COMMISSION By: /s/ P W. DAY. Its Chairman by anyone Dated this 5th day of August. 1960. T. C. Armsterd. 31 Sullivan Dr.. Alton. Illinois. PART-TIME SALESMAN 3 evenings and Saturdays —j — $40. Must be 21 or over; — ~ r>| I >i (-(-'iwju.jz.uc> AV c..-—j-ur may, mi sc r iimca nui m wi y-vnwu. married and have Car. L>U 4- well furnished room. I block S. l.\-w^EWr^4''roomi~~an<rfur™cc SLEEPING ROOMS COLLEGE AVE.—For lady. BEAUTIFUL RESIDENCE — Just completed. On bluffs near Clifton Terrace overlooking Mississippi. 6 large rooms with 3 room apt on lower level. Ph. SHerwood 1-9081. ! FOR RENT—7 room modern house. i Salem Presbyterian Church. 4 miles north of Alton. SINUS SUFFERERS try Plopper's Medical Discovery. E Z X. for relief E Z X is sold at local drug counters. __---—_ _ . . _ -iROOF—Storm damage; e*ti- MISC. FOR SALfc ; mate$ and repair$. Phone KENMORE SEWING MACHINES Floor sompUa and demonstrators, slightly used. All in A-l condition. Sav» as CftO/ much as 9w /O now Sears. Roebuck and Company 809 PiBiia, Alton, III. HO 2-1220. WANT TO RENT MOVIE CAR TOONS for the children's birthday partyT See Potter's for brand new stock of Welt Disney's cartoons. Foster's Drug Store, "Alton's Camera Headquarter*." 230 E. Broadway. HO 5-2588 Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" MISC. FOR SALE zs-s===s=s==s=sssss=ss: For • Complete Venetian Blind Renalr Service \LEVetORji A VENETIAN f| J BUNDS CALL RUSSELL BLIND & AWNING CO. Alton's Metal Awning Manufacturer •II Milton Road. Ph. HO 8-MS8 or HO 2-M70. Buy direct from factory and save. 1178. U. or Upper Alton. HO 2-5212 or! HO 5-8105. WANTED—Salesman over 21. married Commission. Will interview In your home. CL 4-4184-for appoint- room. 1458a St., Forest Homes. Children welcome. CL 9-6660 ment. EXCEPTIONALLY NICE sleeping i FoR~RENT in "~Be'thalto~ 2~ bed room F ° RRN room for j or 2 gentlemen, entrance, JO L College.H2307 privatt 07 Call " .1 SITUATIONS - MAJLE __ NICE ROOM with fan; private en-! Brown. Realtor. ___ ____ trance. *6 week. 722 Alby. HO | p OR ~RENT— 5~ roorr T modern with LIVING QUARTERS WANTED In exchange for care of Invalid man. cattle or miscellaneous, experienced man. DU 4-9834 _ _ YOUNG MAN desires work. Boilermaker experience. Hotel school graduate. Public speaking experience. Dudley 4-5282. 5-1590. acreage, garage, fruit. 253 ACRES — li in cultivation, V, blue grass and timber, pasture, fair improvements with 5 room house. 'i down, balance on contract or will consider trade .......... $43,000 JERSEY COUNTY 100 ACRES In good state of cultivation. Good improvements, on Rt. 100. Owner retiring ........ $32.000 40 ACRES pasture land, some timber v. mile off County Highway. celtent condition. Shown by ap-! $I2.5flo| pointment. Phone 334. i BY OWNER — 2 bedroom brick. ! PATTISON HEIGHTS j built-in kitchen and bath 2-car sa-jNEW 6-ROOM ROMAN BRICK with I rage Inquire 748 N. 9th. Wood screened-in patio under roof, at-: River i tached garage, ceramic tile In I ;-cr^l-._' kitchen and bath, many built-in! features, built-in oven and range CAREFUL DRIVERS t^^-'&*i55S^48E^SMWi»*iSiB DESERVE FOR SALE—By owner. 4 bedroom i $.000 cash 80 ACRES near Delhi. Fair Improvements Almost 45 acres under plow. Spring in 30 acre pasture. Will consider trade .......... $13.500 244 ACRES — Good slock and grain farm on highly improved all weather road. Asking ............ $39,000 17 ACRES — City farm. 6 room house. west edge of Medora 10 acres under plow. Asking price ..... $8,900 Make an offer! 74 ACRES on hard road 30 acres home, just redecorated. New kit- j Wagher and dryer V ent fan. HWF. ch f"'w, 2 . o ' °,» i 6 , B 5 ra f e ! Thls '1 a beautiful home $25,500 Suitable for 2 apis, if desired. An- ' tomatic gas furnace. St. Mary's Parish, $15.000.. 1026 Langdon. HO 2-8088. ___________ BETHALTO — New 3-bedroom DREW DELL ACRES 5'4-ROOM BRICK — Gas furnace, HWF, full basement, built-in oven and range, birch cabinets, many extra features $22.600 brick. 701 Homm. New 4-rm. frame. 530 Logan. Both open Sunday 1 to_6 p_.m. j MONROE ST BEAUTIFUL 6 room brick " ouse I NEW BRICK DUPLEX—Two with double carport, built-in stove, un , ts p]us ut ,|, ty room & carport! 23 SITUATIONS WTD.~FEMALE WILL BABY SIT in my home. Best of references, best of care. State license. HO 2-8935. FINANCIAL a BUSINESS OPPORTUNITIES GROCERY STORE—Including stock and fixtures. For lease or sale. 808 W. Delmar. Alton. PROFITABLE DEALERSHIP Dealerships open for nationally^ advertised prestige item. Acclaimed by leading beauty editors. Free factory training and guidance. Great potential market. First In Its field. Striking sales records. Only Investment is inventory as needed for sales. Experience In direct selling, integrity and ability to manage own dealership requlr- GoodI Inv ^^^HO 2-0566. ROOM — 2 blocks from downtown Wood River. Private entrance. CL 4-3947. block grapes and berries Located 1631 Illinois River bottom. Haven avenue, Cottage Hills. Dial! provements HO 5-9381. | T, ~ 1357 ACRES near Marquette Park FURNISHED HOUSES 180 in cultivation. Good improve menis "2,500 of closet space, tile bath, oil heat. Located on Clifton Terrace road, off Rt 100. 3V« miles from Alton, i HO_6-2IOO. i EXECUTIVES Offering several luxury homes In Rosewood Heights area — priced $23 500 up No Phone information. VODER REAL ESTATE Wllshlre Mall Shopping Cenler ~ RIVE RTOVER S" 12 BEDROOM furnished house 1301 HO 5-7860 SLEEPING ROOM for gentleman or woman. 813 East Sixth St. HO 5-6565. (2 ROOM AND BOARD FOR MEN—Nice clean, cool rooms, good meals. Close in. 628 Alby. 41 HOUSEKf EPIMJ ROOMS 2 LIGHT HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS —Private entrance & bath, r Ill- ties furnished. $9 wk. HO 2-0766. 3479 E. Bdwy. HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS—Utilities furnished. 1426 & 1202 E. 4th. Adults. HO 2-3568. 45 APARTMENTS - PLATS 2 LARCE unfurnished rooms. $25 mo. 308 George, East Alton. HO 2-3597. r 2-ROOM UNFURNISHED APT. ed. "Applicants must be energetic heal water furnished. 615 E. 5th. and must withstand rigid Investi- HO S-B63-. FENCE With Inlernalional Ohain-Link Installed by EXPERTS wkt bow com* 700 Nnet (obi In thit ortfl li Hi* pent B yoofi. For MM btimott Coll HO 24747 C. RAY ROBERTS For Your MM Fence Job gallon. Avoid delay: send personal references and business experience to P. O. Box 61233. Los Angeles 61, California. FINANCIAL , , . yet, you are treated at though you were among friendi, when you itep in to !•• ui. When you need to arrange a personal loan, btcause of an emergency —we are here to attiit you. IIOWO HNANd 3 LARGE ROOMS & BATH—Main floor. Hot and cold water furnished. 806 Center St.. East Alton. Call _CL 4-8655. _ 3 "ROOM" MODERrT— "Private entrance and bath. Newly decorated. HO 2-4863. 3 LARGE ROOMS It BATH — Private entrance, good location. Heat & water furnished. HO 2-7624 before 8:30 p m. 3 ROOM unfurnished apt. Private bath and entrance. All utilities paid. CL 4-2003. 3 "ROOMS & BATH—Very modern and clean. Good location. Call HO 2-5335 days. Evening* HO 8-9044. 525A Ridge. KiO per mo._ 4 ROOMS—Gas he»t and water furnished. 52B Eut «tb. AltOd. HO 9 ROOMS — SOf Bond. $60. Bath, heat, water furnished. Adult*. Ail- ply Brigtow. 3M state. EMPLOYMENT EXPIKIENCID PAINTERS Available New Wear HMIMI fe Petet. Prtt litUnetfi. DU 4-9871 3-ROOM FURNISHED HOUSE—104 Whitelaw^East AJton. 3 ROOM FURNISHED — Modern! house. TV and radio, HO 2-0149 or _Hp_5-51_35. i NICE all modern 2 room house for' rent. Must be seen to be appreciat-1 ed^_718__Rlce,_Wood Rjver. j 3627 THOMAS—Milton area. Large! 4 room completely furnished house. I $100 per month. References. Don; Hale Agency. HO 2-0813. $18 9001 l f vo " want one of the area's finer homes, situated on the bluffs overlooking the river at Clifton Terrace, read this: Three bedrooms. 1'a ceramic baths, large closets. 15x33 carpeted, beamed ceiling, living-dining room, large fireplace. Complete G. E. kitchen, laundry room, recreation room, all paneled All this plus 2-car garage in basement. 2 lots. Landscaped. Parking for 26 cars. 8 minutes BUSINESS PLACES Wilshire Village Shopping Center 65 ACRES—Close in. iUBt the place to build that new house. 47 acres under plow $13.650 Owner will carry $10.000. TED PRICE REAL ESTATE i REALTOR (Member of M L. S.) j Phone HO 5-KU3 or HO 5-1323 AFTER 6:00 P. M MARTIN. Carrollton . . HENDRICKS HO 2-9956( garage. Terms. Price GRIZZLE HO 2-7584 from town. School bus. For ap- poiiilment. HO 6-2760. " ROSEWOOD HE7GHTST~ SPACIOUS 3-BEDROOM HOME— Large corner lot, HWF. panel din•> CUBS in 8 room, dishwasher, large closets. .i-bb<(S| fl ,ji basement, oil heat, attached range, garbage disposal, ceramic tile kitchen and bath. Call for! further Information. LOTS RIVER TERRACE SUBDIVISION— Large choice lots Beautiful shade trees. Entrance from new express highway. Priced to sell, from $1.300 to $1.900 BELMONT VILLAGE VERY LARGE & choice lots Beau- COST AUTO INSURANCE Call for details. $4.175 58 LOTS FOR SALE YODER —WILSHIRE MALL CL 4-9113 CL 4-1484 tlful oak trees. NUTWOOD RIVER COTTAGE — Large modern cottage: completely furnished screened-in porch 30'xlO'. oil heater, boat dock, nice location for fishing and duck hunting. $3,800 Call This Agency for Personal and Confidential Real Estate Sales. ELVIS L. TARRANT AGENCY HO 2-7470 $14 500] R. S. (Bob) ALBRECHT HO 2-7885 ANNOUNCEMENTS 2 LOTS—97 ft. x 160 ft L HO 2-1292. CiTY~LOT—Good location. Reason- AREA 20x30-Ideal for professions.! j able._ Call_HO_ 2-6691. [ — person, shoe repair. TV repair 01 i LOTS FOR SALE In Moro subdlvl- radio shop. Immediate location inj S j 0 n. 75x150 or larger, restricted. good commercial area. $785. Phone CL 4-1496. Call Walter A. Hale Jr. !Lot"-b~x""i5o. "located on XTby'sT. ' MO 2-5505. HALE REALTY CO. ~ East Alton. CL 4-8115 Tplef?raph Want Ads -CLICK" AUCTIONS AUCTIONS ANTIQUE SALE A public auction of Ihe antique collet-lion of Mrs. Hubert Owens, will be held on the grounds of Ihe— White Cottage Cafe, Route 48, Raymond, 111. Saturday, August 6, 1960 Sale Begins Promptly at 1:00 O'Clook P.M. Cum* early for a preview of the ttnilqueii — hand pululed plates o( all teilanv; beautiful prUm Imaging lump; old bottle* »U4 decanters, tome of cut gluts; collection of thistle pattern glaifi lol of pattern gluts, In many designs ; mun rate Ironstone plates; some Ironstone china; llgurlnet, bisque and china: bras* and copper pieces; green glass water «et, complete; vases, , In pairs and tingle*; brown luiler Sluffordthlre dogs; blaffordshlre old post curdt; beer vlelns; 3 chocolate sets, t Huvlluiid MISC. FOR SALE The Finest in ALUMINUM SIDING Kevere 4 lii-vuulds Alcoa if Ivaisur "W* Sell the Best- lot less/" NO MONICY DOWN S'/o t'HA free ALUMA-LINE of Alton •J'-MH Main Si. HO 5-44117 Kenny Webb, l'rn|jri«lor PIASA MOTOR FUELS HEATING OILS Humbert Rd. at New Beltllne HO 5-2501 lea sett; old giuit. collection of china bowlt; cracker and candy jurv; covered aid open compotes; art gluts; copper luster pitchert: tome art glatt; tutln gluts; iron keltlet; cradle t umlaut dolls; Gone with Ihe Wind parlor lump: I German tel of dl their; Ice cream set; t antique parlor viewers; blue Dutch scene can- nltler set. 12 pieces; deml U«te cupt and tuucert; Beatv glatt taudwlch or cake plate; odd cupt and saucers; picture frames, oval and square; wash bowl and pllchwr sets; jurdlniuiet and mauy other Items loo numerous lo mention, Term*: Cash Day of Sala. These Antiques are In Excellent CuudUlun Nut Heuumtlble (or Accidents Mrs. Robert Owens, Proprietor. s Harry UlUert, Auctioneer GtORGE DO IT ALUMINUM SIDING BIRCH CABINETS ROOM ADDITIONS ANY MOMI IMPROVEMENT CANHAM HOME IMPROVEMENT We repair and service all makes of Oil Furnaces Experienced and capable workman. LANGEN OIL COMPANY Phone CL 4.3876 doubt about rhi» .. . end you deserve rhe finest protection and service AMERICAN ECONOMY makes this possible ... why not cal for rates MORTGAGE LOANS INSURANCE ;' &EAL ESTATE / •>44 I UNOAUnAI A; (ON III LOW INSURANCE RATES FOR SAFE DRIVERS .meAMW+% $15.00] i»»w»»««wr City 1, ttml*aanud RtMwol left, Ne e>lver« WMlef 21. Pirit 6 monthi higher. MMUirt UM, lMlu«ll*MJ te and from work driving. MM H Ultaeii OOP! INI. HUUTIR INI. Ptaae HIMI* * HO»4Um UUMtM 1

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