Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 5, 1960 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 5, 1960
Page 13
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Page 13 article text (OCR)

Section 2 Pnges 13-20 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Sport Comic Established January 15, ALTON, ILL., FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 1960. 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Prm (V 10 Additional Scholarships For County KIWARUSVILLK A win-l- jfall of 10 additional scholarships from the state pool of unus-'d 1959 awards increased to 89 Ihe number of teacher education scholarships awarded to Msdi- son County High School gradti 'ales this yea?- in ceremonies i i Thursday evening at Edwards-' ' \illf senior high school cafeteria. 1 Previously W high school! graduates had been listed as recipients of the 1960 tuition scholarships permitting attendance at any of the given teacher j colleges In Illinois. One of the! winners disclaimed the award but through efforts of County! Superintendent of Schools Wil-i jbur R. Trimpe 10 additional I scholarships were assigned for ithis county from the statewide 'pool and announced during I he ceremonies Thursday. State Superintendent of Public Instruction George T. Wll- kins was principal speaker at the scholarship award program. t)nly five of the 89 recipients were unable to attend to receive their awards, valued at about $150 annually for a four-year course Not previously listed as recin- HOME SAVINGS NOW, AND AS IT WILL BE Home Savings & Loan building, at Broadway and Piasa street, at left, at* it looks today. At right is new | 8stf .x JU f *f 19SU ^ S VI building and new front on which contract has been awarded. William L. Flippo is the architect. HYDRAZINE FVEl FOR TITAN II A Titan Intercontinental Balletic Missile is shown leaving its launching pad. Under terms of a three- year, $25,000,000 Air Force contract just awarded, OUn Mathieson Chemical Corp. will supply anhydrous hydrazine for fuel for the Titan II. The chemical j Joanne Tavlos, Alton: Brenda rocket fuel will be manufactured at a new plant in :Crause, East Alton-Wood River Saltville, Va., now being built by Olin Mathieson for i Hi « n : Sue Walker, Roxana; i a wards from the state pool as announced Thursday night were from the Telegraph's circulation Plenty of Gray Areas In Big Issues Picture area: nedy as a down-the-line backer ol any old kind of labor union. _,. , , a , ., As chairman of the Senate's la- Editors s note - How do theboth parties, moreover, pledge j^,,. j aw drafting subcommittee it presidential candidates compare they in their approach to labor-management matters? A veteran reporter on the labor beat looks at the record in this last of a series! cultivate labor-manage- j was he who ily in Congress to date—including inancing arrangement. But Ken- 'the maneuvering in enacting thejnedy wants a broader program fi- Uiiidruni-Griffin law last year, nanced by increased social secur- llcrc again Kennedy led the forces ity taxes. ' that helped modify new reside-1 On the federal minimum wage, lions placed on Unions. also a hot issue for the resumed But it's a mistake to tag Ken-! session, Nixon favors a moderate increase in the present dollar-an- hour minimum. Kennedy is sponsoring the Democratic bill for a $1.25 level. Both industry • and labor feel much of the ing the climate of industrial rela-'fjj e 1959 tions. the Air Force. ( Mary Miller and Ann Sido. Eel-i of articles on the great campaign, his personal role in settling the Olin Gets 3-Year Contract For Air Force Rocket Fuel jwardsville; Donald Ornella.s, Bethalto; Carol Collman, ings ton. Theft of Articles Liv- issues. By NORMAN \. A'.KEli ment discussions toward improv-' anti . corruption union controls into! Nix °n is more inclined toward ine the climatn nf industrial roir,. 1 ^- -,„-,, ..... !business than toward labor. But they concede he has become far more liberal in recent years. In this, Secretary of Labor James P. Mitchell is credited with having been a major influence. Ex- Sticking out in Nixon's record is brother and current And the Democratic nominee's campaign manager, Robert F. Kennedy, was ibjg steel strike early this year. ; counsel to the McClellan commit- Nixon stepped quietly into the, tee u^ turned up me union scan WASHINGTON (API - Try to deadlock, warning both sides they dals w , ich Olin Mathieson Chemical Corp. Start of operations is scheduled' From AtltO Reported chart the ,Nixon, Kennedy posi-ifaced an unwanted, directed set- Griffin I tions on big issues, and you'll find I tlernent by Congress unless they: jthe picture is not all black-and-j got together on an agreement. ( 0 me L7ndnunJ aniple: Nixon>s re J ectio « ° { " to-work" laws. , . A scorecard comparison of the too. i for March 1. 1961. announced today receipt of a three-year, $25,000,000 contract calling for delivery of hydrazine, j s chemical rocket fuel, to the' [j.^jjj ln In secret meetings, many held:Kennedy i in his own home hero. Nixon Charles F. Sunderland of 2173i m . ent P roblems - as well as many| chalked ouf the sett)ement terms . labor voting records of Nixon and been prepared by The unions are expected to side mostly with Kennedy in the election campaign. But they are sus- P' ciouSi it is plain, that with Sen. Olin Mathieson began a re-, Fermvood PI. informed police; omers - ;Neither side got all it wanted but. program on hydrazine I early Thursday afternoon that' Many a . union otticial will telj j both sides were happy that Nixon 1 became the 'since his car had been parked _ Air Force for use in the r.tan |produce ^ chemica] starting | Marketi someone had ransacked intercontinental ballistic missile. ' W ith large-scale pilot plant it taking a S3 pair of sunglassf-s Deliveries will begin in 1961. 'quantities. Commercial -scale, and miscellaneous articles val- A major part of the storable : Production started at the Lake'ued at $4. you that, if past records are a I guide, Richard M. Nixon can be expected to side with employers „.,,„;,.: nna i :g back to two men's con-; it rates Ken- Pni i , . Lyndon B - Johnson of Texas on «* «** be buying a lot more conserva- got then, off the hook and got|j^^glM Jir'S S *£ » mW '» U « "»» *» ™** steel production rolling again. on labor bills by AFL-CIO stand- in any labor-management show-1 Kenned >' h * s , been a a g hter for jards and Nixon only 6.7 per cent! p urc h age of down, and John F. Kennedv ^u, organized labor s cause ever since | right. ' rurcndhe 01 ! I no ontoro/l f Vmm««aco m 1Q,17 TTin* | employes. IT the -' Clwrles ' U - P lant in 1933 - Ear 'y evening complaints to' r This production, about ,.000, \** Police included one from I at Saltville Va being 0(XJ Pounds a years, is for | Mrs - Edward Kitzmiller Jr. of i Blair Ave Fore Ticpn v regulator and as an oxy cost more than $14.000,000. jf e " scavenger to keep boilers The Titan II fuel is a mixture (roe of r "st. and to combat coc- of two tyiies of hydrazine _.! t- «l'osis, a disease that destroys anhyrdous and unsymmetrical-iP° ultl 'y- dlmethylhydrazine (UDMH)/ Hydi-azine is a clear, colorless Nitrogen tetroxide acts as an i liquid, slightly more viscous oxidizer for the fuel. Olin than water, that has an am- thei theft from the home driveway! of a bicycle of her son. In another complaint, a resident near Sixth and Alby streets reported boys had been shooting peas at automobiles with a beanshooter. Police spread a warning in the neighborhood that use of the peashooters on The labor men P° int to a num ' o^ past decisions to back up lls mes)s ' . ^" 11 ™ 110 " of Mathleson will supply the an- moriia-like odor. It boils at .„„.. mil . aaco hydrous hydrazine. The company 113-5- C., and freezes at 2> C J the streets must cease. is the nation's only manufactur-j^"''^ water, it contracts upon! India Is planning a fifth steel er of that type. i freezing. The switch from kerosene to: hydrazine for the latest ICBM! was made because of the diffi-; culties in storing liquid oxygen^ (LOX), the oxidizer for thei kerosene. j Other characteristics of kero-i sene and hydrazine are similar! except that the hydrazine has; a slightly higher specific im-; pulse, or measure of thrust per, pound of fuel used. • Anhydrous hydrazine is made! from ammonia, caustic soda; and chlorine. Olin Mathieson! manufactures all three of these i chemicals. ; Plan* for the new hydrazine j plant were announced April 26. j Ground has already been broken; and construction work begun. { ! plant. for an argument that the two presidential rivals are closer together on some labor issues than IB generally imagined. Either, if elected, would undoubtedly proclaim that he was operating for the best interests of the country as a whole, rather than taking sides in the continuing labor-management conflict. Platforms Similar The newly adopted platforms of he entered Congress in 1947. That, was the year the Taft-Hartley law On a Differences to Show j broader comparison of i Police Car Deferred was enacted, over bitter union op- general interest legislation thei City Manager Graham W. Watt position. Xixon favored the law. AFL-CIO score is Kennedy 90.21 said today that purchase of a Kennedy, then just 30 years old, | per cent and Nixon 22.9 per cent, j compact car for use of the police was among those who kept the| Differences between the two T-H legislation from becoming! nominees are likely to be pin- department has been deferred. The lone bid received this week Woman Subdues Trespasser With Skillet How a woman householder subdued an alleged male trespasser with a skillet, and held him for arrest by the police, late Thursday afternoon, was related in connection with a police court hearing today in which the man pleaded guilty to charges of disorderly conduct and intoxication and was fined $15 on each complaint. The incident which occurred at a home cm W. 8th street near Belle about 5 p.m. resulted in speedy arrest of an East Alton j man. 34. somewhat battered; about his head. According to the police report! the woman complainant said; the man walked into her home, made a remark she considered insulting. She then went into action with the skillet while her mother ran to a telephone to call the law. She signed a disorderly con- duet complaint while the police followed up with the intoxication! charge before police Magistrate! Fred J. Schreiber. LIMITED QUANTITY LIMITED QUANTITY worse than it was from the labor pointed when Congress reconvenes i on a compact has been deferred ;on Aug. 8. {he said, and the proposed pvir- j On the controversial question of I chase will be readvertised later in has j health care for the aged, Nixon! the season. Under the single pro- played effectively and consistent I prefers,a federal-state subsidy fi-'posal a Ford Falcon was offered. union standpoint. Consistent Role This is a role Kennedy OF Man River Weekend Set For Chautauqua CHAUTAUQUA—The Thurtder- bird, a river passenger and excursion boat, will make six trips out of Piasa Chautauqua during the weekend which .has been designated "Ol* Man River Weekend." Miss Helen Chritoe of the resort's publicity committee said that three cruises are set for Saturday, starting at 1, 6 and 9 p.m. Three are also set for Sunday. The night cruise Saturday will offer dancing to recorded music and on Sunday night a songfest is on the program. A Children's Day program is being arranged for the weekend of Aug. 13 and 14. Citroen of France is building Europe's largest automobile plant at Rennes, to bring 30,000 workers and their families to the suburb there. Wants Crackdown On Teen-Age Weddings EVANSVILLE, Ind. (AP)-The Vanderburgh County prosecutor says- marriages of teen-age girls and boys in the Shawneetown, HI., area should be curbed. O. H. Roberts Jr., said Thursday that several Evansville parents have complained their underage children have crossed the state line and been married in the last several months. Roberts cited the case ol a 14- year-old girl who wed a 49-year-old Evansville man in the Shawneetown area July 28. The man is free on $500 bond on charges of contributing to the delinquency of a minor. The minimum age for marriage in Illinois is 16 for girls with parental consent and 18 without consent. Indiana Law forbids marriage for girls under 16 and boys under 18 even though they have parental consent. FOR AN* , PAINTING JOB PAINTS Evers' Paints 1113 Milton Road HO 3-7289 Watch •Jtwtlry I Expert * UtMtf STONE BROS. TELEPHONE BO 2-711S Alton, 01. — 118 W. 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