Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 5, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, August 5, 1960
Page 11
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FRIDAY, AUGUST 5, 1980 ALTON EVENH*O TELEGRAPH HAGL LI-LV Upper Alton Mews Horticulture Society Nntnes spurf and its momrntum made his pnusf in flight somewlifrp at the Ohio Turnpike at an im- probnblp place called Maumpp. Thr last lim> of thf> dispatch Show ClhftirtMpn • SH '*' hp was '° n( ted with future 'articlos concerning; Brpnda 'How rhnirmr>n wpro nnmnd for tho Spptembpr flower show of thp Alton Horticultural Society at a meeting Thursday at tho Standard Torrh Club on Fostpr- it looks from over your Vhouldfri and idnas on quarry art and, honestly, fhe Yalo football prospprts ConsidfTing thnt hr hnd hern' burg road. !placed in thr East to send barki Chairmen are: Mr*. Herman r rports °" th( ' Sf>rnfl ''""'•"'nun.- Schuplor. advertising; Mrs. Wil- Spn ' John K ™nrd.v, this all scorns liHm Crofton. kitchen: Mrs. BJ^" 10 * 0 bul '«n<1>"*tionably in- K. I^flrr. fancy work; Mrs. E.! terestin * Especially interesting C. norm, baked goods. would ** a drscription of lh«> Mrs. George E. Thompson. foroes tnnt combined to get him plants; Mrs. Alien Condit. cotm- " ff thf< s " b Ject. j try store; Mrs. Homer Grave.? <ARR McDONAI,D ; antique; Mrs. Art BueHner.:..., t»M,. r «,, V iA rcgist.ntion; Mrs. C. E Gerson. HM PNM MONIA | horti.ulture. n CaiT McDonald. 1639 M.un The show wlH he held at the Sl • is recovering from pnr-u-' Godfrey Civic Center. Sept. 15., m " nia ;lt nis home. During the meeting it wasi McDonald, who operates a brniiRhl out that there Is a barber shop bearing his nnnirj nice variety of Rood qualityJ«t 2505 College Ave.. fell about tall, slender and having curly neafhcs on the market at reas-HO days ago and suffered t he i hair, Police could find no sus- Miss Patricia Bryant, Alton. Mr*. Grace Welch. Staunton. ARMY COMMUNITY MWMCAL Mrs. Anthony Odelehr, Brussels. Mrs. Robert Kftt, Jerseyville. Mrs. Glen Kinder, Golden Eagle. Mrs. Myron Darr, Medora Marilyn Hooper, JerseyvtHe. Mrs. Lloyd Nevlin, Jerseyvillc. Mrs. Eylah Houshalder. St. Mrs. Donald Gross. .Terseyville. Mrs. Herbert Griesemer. Godfrey Burner Johnson, Hardin. Frank Mack, Fieldon AT COAST GUARD AUXILIARY DINNER Officer* of (he tl. S. Coast Guard Fla. (third from left), national vice Auxiliary who attended a director*' comhiodore. Others shown (left) Flytin j dinner 1 meeting aboard the Pinsa club- Ford, district commodore; Bruce Snow, boat at Harbor Point Yacht Club auxiliary captain, and Harold Jansen, , Wednesday evening. Guest of honor rear commodore.—Staff Photo, was Herbert Lutz, Fort Lauderdale, Mrs. Charles McCoy. Jerseyvllie Mrs. James McDonald. Hardin. Mrs. Dennis McKay. Jerseyvilk:. Mrs. Ralph Log. Medora. Mrs. Robert Rucbling. Fidelity. Mrs. Robert Grether. Fieldon JnmplttR Evan»ell«» ERIN. Tcnn. >.P — A recent tent revival here got off to a high-jumping start. Evangelist John Humphrey a veteran of the 101st airborne infantry, arrived by parachute, landing in a field on the edge of town. <»orlfrey Home Unit $pt« Pirnit Tuesday GODFREY — Godfrey wilt of ! the Madison County Home Bu- I rrmi will hold the annual picnic ! Tuesday at the Onized Club j grounds. A potluck dinner will be served at 6:30 p.m. Each member is I asked to bring her own table service. ; i ; Water Pump Stolen hi Godfrey Twp. GODFREY — A pump used to remove water from excavations was stolen Thursday night at Humbert manor, police reported. Thr pump i.« the property of the S. & S. Construction Co., policf added. Another report was made of a burglary ui The Chicken Shack Oversea Chinese now are In-1 Spiritual sting In Taiwan enterprises.' COLUMBIA. S. C. Several applied, in Taipei, to es- Stories about Billy Grahams tablish meter-ta.xl companies, i African tour, by Tom McMahan jColumbia, S. C., State repwted Godfrey road. Wednesday!who accompanied the evangel- on night, in which an undetermined list, have been published by MR quantity of liquor and recordings!newspaper in a booklet called were stolen. Entry was gained by "Safari for Souls.' 'It includes forcing a door. |30 pages of pictures. —^zz*^. Trr~:~r;; ~tmm^aai^ T~'»7^~g»8^aiBBiiiiM% oniihle pricpg. fracture of two ribs. He con- Louis. Gerard!, of Caseyvillr, ; tracted pneumonia following gave a talk on the summer car' 1 'accident, of rosps and i.nswered questions McDonald fell while watching pjcious person in tin- area. j A resident in the HOC block' of Feldwisch avenue told offic- ! Notes W. R. TOWNSHIP MEDICAL from the audience. Mrs. Thomp-1 workmen raze a home near his son spoke on work to do around!residence. the garden now and read nr. : / aitiHc on the summer fcedini: KKV - AND MRS. SCHCETZ of plants. I.KAVK FtHl CANADA Exhibits Included vegetable. The Rev. and Mrs. H. R. r | <X)r fruits and summer flowers with 'Srhuet/. a Frn<' Methodist evan- crs Thursday aftrrmxm that j Mrs. Mary Outhouse, Wood someone apparently had, at to enter her home. Steven Michalski, 823 Onkdale, East Alton. Kenneth Ruble, llfi Bond, East Alton. Mrs. Margaret Puterbangh, Roxana. River. Mrs. Margaret Butler. W.\ Pinr She found the screen in lh«. :M ^ as1E ^i hOnW elborn. 721 Hose- •J ameK ,,. L °J ve - 1006,Seventh, door slit and three screws ie- f j a ] e f.; ast Alton, moved from a hinge on the Mrs,. Eileen Rollf. -10') way. East Alton. SI'ROICAI, .Joseph Mundy. C'xifrry. ,, will auer. the gladioli predominating. .geliM. left today for Arnlingtonl^AR KOIM'KD INTO RAIL Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Hearh. Saskatchewan. Can., for OX KDUARDS ST. BRIDOK Christian. Next mpplin K ; , one-week youth camp. An aut'.mobil ,o held next month a th, Thpy Hrp arrom ^ bvil|v . rai!inc o( \Vestomer _ Club ^ (1 ^; '.'?''• three neices. Lois Schuetx. Juiia j street bridge at Rock Spring j I Mrs.idrive Thursday but no one was mother of Mrs.'reported injured. Schuetx. Randy Arst. 16. of 2204 Ed- En route they will tour the! vva rds St.. told officers he was Badlands and Black Hills of i forced into the rail by an ap-: .South Dakota. They will be goneiproachine automobile. Four chil-. (two days. ,dren were in the car with young! The Rev. and Mrs. Sehuet-rlArst. I Mrs. travel extensively in his work; A ,- x IN , n RK » .Horace when in Alton reside at the home of Mrs. Minor iat 3505 Ful- IN MOWKR ACCIDENT lerton Ave. j Adolph Laux, 827 Washington | Mrs rjorothv Brien WoodPi-ei 'Ave.. suffered the loss of half;^; Tnelma aark ' Godfrey. ol his little- finger in a power STATE 'mower accident Thursday after-; ST. JOSEPH'S A release of funds at Spring- noon. MEDICAL ontinup; field carried with it a listing | The 71-year-old man went to Mrs. Donna Martin. Rt. 3. Ed- .lohn Webl>er. Grafton. DISMISSALS Miss Melva Byrdlong. 4 P.. lUth Richard Arlxjckle, Rt. 1, Godtre\- Sle\-en Gold. 1225 Victory. I'RKSBYTKRIAN BIBLE SCHOOL TO OPKN Pre-registration was held today at the College Avenue Presbyterian Church in preparation:' for the vacation Bible schiyl which will open Monday. The school will he in eharee; of the Rev. Richard Morey. as-. ALTON STATE (JETS sistant pastor. Mrs. Elmer ^ J-agernann will he the general superintendent. The school will Miss Joe Slinsky 1103K Pence Gregory Goessling. 119!) Me- East Alton. ' Pherson. nimrwd into DISMISSALS Robert Greernvell. L'.'iL'U Sunset. the Kdwanjs Mrs. Edna Yates. M< S Ninth. Mrs -'acquinot Mawkin«, \Voorl Rivet. River. Mrs. Christa Hill. 1719 Worden. Tliini Miss Thalia Jason. Edwardsville; ;24:j Mrs. Ethel Johns, Rt. 1. Bethalto j Mrv Judith Johns. East Alton.' Mrs. IJIlie Kellerman. Bethalto.! Mrs. Bernice Lehmkuhl. 9fll ! Logan. • i Mrs. Sally Parker, ^711 Salu I Miss Patricia Robertson. 2 Sixth. Elmer Williams. 1735 Market, ii Brighton" Mrs - Umda Wittman, Shipman. RIP imhorsi Mrs viola Winkle. Edwardsville ,. NlH AmnerM. Ja Kronable, Bethalto. Oakwood. Alton. ST. ANTHONY'S MEDICAL Bunker Hill. 200 Prospect Richard East Alton. DISMISSALS through Aug. 19. Sessions wi!l be held every weekday from 9 a.m. until 11:30 a.m. Teachers will be: Kindergar- ""£ fen Mrs. Lloyd Ballard. super-1 intendent that Alton State Hospital is Memorial Hospital for H ™ n ALTON MEMORIAL MEDICAL Dennis Schmidt, Godfrey. Raymond Ribble, Wood" River. Clifford Francis. 200 Hamilton. John Nichols. Hartford. Charles Harshbarger. Cottage Hills. to get $605 of the!emergency treatment and later:iJavw" Cwper"^ ^obb^Easi ' Ricnardine Klin e. 266 Dooley. r. it was announced to-(underwent minor surgery. Alton ' Leroy Rogers, Brighton. Laux was repairing the motor Miss Linda Lucas. 1100 Wash- £ ianc Barker, ^ Io ™- . amount presumably was i when his hand came in contact ington. 'Kenneth Willfs T°e«evville an additional expense!with the grass outlet and theirs. MaiyHiU.^ Elizabeth. Kennpth "raijiSl !to iniencit'ni .vi rs. or*ri uvuc:, *»**.-*•• - '».•• VTJ TII_ j *• nufitvii^'/ii^ .^ «.'•*« »*_-/•*•.* John Dr,err Mrs Carter V in-: unforpsocn In the granting of ajwhirrin K blades. The second fn- :Mrs 7ljdjth MJ1J 35Q ,, Vem Ford East Alton> nrd Mrs Vernon louetf pri- !rcpair nontract at the institu- £«'r was injured less severely. docia. Lee Bowman. Granite City, marv Mrs Gail Weinrich sup-' tion - a spokesman at the hospi- His condition is satisfactory. .Mrs. Haase Wallace. 1910 Ma- Miss Margaret Hardimon. 1925 erlntendent, Mrs. Gene Clayton. ta '^ aid The total amount released hv 8EK * YOl ' TH STKAL rilla. Piasa. Grayson. 404 Washington .• Mary McCUsh. Itoxana. BIKB OX WASHINOTON Mrs. Wilford Ward, Mrs. Morey, Mr* Clarence Huasafus. and :f ' ov - WilHam G. Stratton wasj " -— ... -.„ _ _., Mrs . „..„.„._„._.._„,.„ Mis'-i ludv-Hershev junior Mrs I$29-719- Six other state institu-i A waitress saw a bicycle stol-;Ave.. reported to police Thurs- Mrs. Earlene Cox, 601 Mildred. Charles Rummerfield. superin-;^ ^ eS AH ° n 8h . are li" j^f" I™" , '^"l *"*'*..^"1^ ^1 ™™ re .T ved - fr ° m DISMISSALS Kummri' ' _ ' " The largest amount. $13,930. i in ihe 1600 block of Washington his wallet at the Alton School Mr * Mar - v Young, 2523 Eliza- 1 PtlCl^nt \I iS » ii rJ rvi ci i u -11*. i . nr*t !i Mrs William' Bo* Mrs. Wilmar'^nt to Elgin State Hospital. avenue, Thursday. 9 p.m., no- District garage tehind West ^.f^ ^ s del , Godf ,. cv . Mock- junior high Mrs. Bert All the money was for repairs, lice reported Junior High School. Mrs Norine Tom linson. 360'J tro sutxrintendent. Mrs. Wil-; or modernization and improve-; The girl said she saw a youth, Buerkle, an instructor at Olin Wickenhauser. ' montc trk KllllHincru anil coyi'ij'o .. 3hr»ll1 17 rifle the hikp AU'AV i\7n/mfirtnal CrtV,/^-.l +n},j ftfltmnt- Dufh T^inb-motjoi 'ments to buildings and service;about 17. ride the bike away.; Vocational School, told officers liam Bryant. .... Mrs. Lagemann said that a d-: Iaclllties - dltional registration will be a--; HT ix)t;ig GOSPEL cepted through the two-week j CHORl;s AT AIJJW course of the school. : The Gospel Chorus of Antioch ill was the porperty of Keith!that he found the empty billfold iGrabner, 1648a Washington. i MOTORCYCLE AND 8 CARS IX ACCIDENT DANGLING IRON BI'RXR Baptist Church of St. Louis will An accident involving a mot- BOV TRYIXG TO AVOID IT present a sacred program Sun- orcycle and two automobiles oc- An iron dangling dangerous-jday. 3 p.m., at Allen Chapeljcurred on Milton road at Aber- f om a cord burned a 2'-' AME Church. 2213 Salu St. 'deen avenue. Thursday, 7:50 p- vear-old boy Thursday afte"- Kenneth Miller will direct, jm police reported noon as he scrambled to get out^owmg: the program^ dinner Dr,ve« were lmteda.Jo.eph on the floor. It had been in a pocket of his trousers hanging in the garage. Ruth Eickmeyer, Livingston. Roscoe McClintock, 3429 Agnes. Mrs. Louise Rahn, Hartford. Ralph Rovvden, Godfrey. Mrs. Delores Smith, Hartford. Michael Cooke. Godfrey. of the way. be served in the church Scott son of Mr. and Mrs joining room at 5:30. No charge Robert Vebh. 3319 Agnes Blvd...«?" be made. The public is In- Robertson, 3433 Thomas St.; James E. Brown, 3325 Mayfield Ave.,' and Robert Agosto, 238 tr'pated'at "st .' Joseph's Hos- ' v '< p d. Alban Dr po, second degree bums of Stewardess Board No. 1. wllh Brown emerged from Abe, the face and first decree burns Mrs. Winnie A. Johnson, presi-!deen into the northbound lane f the- narls of his body. : dent, is sponsoring the program. 'of Milton and Robertson, on the J? ,' -»4- „ nnHor the imotorcvcle, was traveling north The hoy was sitting under the. PROWLER REPORTED U Milton because of the danger. „. ,.o raised up, his head struck the under side of the board, tilting it and knocking the hot iron off. leaving it dangling. Before the boy could get clear ' and Mrs. Webb pull the iron up by the cord, it had cpme into i contact with his forehead. f cheek, nose, right arm. left leg and left hand. s He was dismissed after treat', ment. His condition is good. FORMER RESIDENT HAS 1 TWINS IN VENEZUELA A former Upper Alton resident, Mrs. Joel B. Grayson, has become the mother of twin girls in Venezuela. Mends learned here today. Mrs. Gruyson is the former Betty Harvey who resided at 2909 Hillcrest Ave. Mrs. Pearl Vahle, 2907 Hillcrest said that the babies have been named Cynthia Lynn and Sandra Gwen. Grayson is employed as an engineer in the oil industry in the South American country. They moved from Alton in the late 1940's. Mr. and Mrs. Grayson has three other children, all boys. The oldest is 15. HVANMS PORT MAN ON BUN Unsettling news comes from the Hyannis Port, Mass, front. The Upper Alton desk's anonymous correspondent has been routed, ingloriously, by Hurricane Brenda. His most recent dispatch was brief, in fact carried on a post card, mailed Iwm deep in Ohio —a true indicator of how far aj fledgling newspaperman can runi once panic sets in- The first line of his communication set forth that he had been chased from the "Cape of Good Hope" us hf tabled Capt' ( Cod. and got his breath in New' Haven before taking one look back! at the mighty Brenda. His nextl . A prowler was seen by two, Milton. The motorcyclist tried residents of the 2800 block of I to avoid hitting Brown by pass- North street Thursday, 11 p.m., ling him and his vehicle struck Police reported. | Agio's southbound machine, One. a woman, said she heard! police reported. No injuries were 'he prowler at the back of her (reported. It was raining at the home. The other, a man, said that a few minutes later he came home and as he pulled in- time, police said. The front of Brown's car was damaged, police said. ™,' h . e srs srjffsrs «" «>•—••• •—«• weeds and ran. !">S8 OF »77 s i John Buerkle. 2718 Judson WILL YOU HAVE 4 SLIM LINE- FOK SWIM TIME? ONE LEEN A PAY HID JO imilH CONTROL JO mf mv 3 ts n Thi LEEN riducirtf plu Is 10 «sy to use, nothing to mix ... no more sating today and "starving" tomorrow ... no mon taking 1, J, or 3 pill; before each meal, fake only ONE IEEN capsule a day—the timed disintegration capsule is self regulating and will help provide an appetite curbing lid lasting 6 to 10 hours, making it easier to adhere To a low caloric . jiet and thus to tike off unwanted pounds and tl maintain a desired weight level. Yes, If yiv have i weight problem, try the new IEEN plan-start today i; THRIFTY DRUG STORES As Seen in September SEVENTEEN Sizes: 30 to 38 in Whitest j White $•»»« 3 donnkenny Here's a delightful blouse with flirtatious Puritan collar and cuffs . . . shutter pleated and lavishly lace-trimmed. SPECIAL PURCHASE! Sleeveless Blouses by Peter Pan. Just received givup of assorted styles in sleeveless blouses that regularly sold for S2.U8 and $3.98. All fresh and clean. Si/es 30 to 38. $ £99 FURTHER REDUCTIONS MEN'S Swimming Suih, Reg. $2.98 to $4.00 $1.f9 Walking Shorti, Reg. $2,90 to $4.98 $1.99 «fld $2.99 Gotten Cord Slack., Reg. $4.98 $3.99 Sport Shirt., Reg. ,$2.98 $1.99 IOY$' Walking Shorts, Reg. $2.98 $1.99 LADIES' Further Reduction! on Summer Dratiet ALTON PLAZA WILSHIRE VILLAGE Open Piiday-Moadiy Till Wnt Better vision means better school marks for your child Poor vision is a real handicap to a successful school career. RUTH'S Beauty Salon 849 Norrti W«ed Rlvtr Avt., Dial CL 4-3351 Young, radiant you Sun drenched days and the livin' is easy . . . but oh, so hard on your hair! Let us give it the necessary extra bit of care that will keep you young and radiant as the out- of-doors! ONI WHK SPfCMLSI COLD WAVE Including conditioning shampoo and style. Regular $15.00 River NOW ALSO SPECIALS ON Slenderising Treatments! AIR CONDITIONED—OPEN 9 A.M. TO 9 P.M. We Give Top Value Stamps DOUBLE TOP VALUE Stamps on all Permanent* and Slenderizing Treatments Offers Ends Friday. Aug. 12th now at Jacoby's the styled for the young In heartl Panel Bed, Double Dresser, Mirror and Chest Was $298.50 Now $259.50 The New Idea Group j n both living room and dining room finished in a rich Patina walnut, designed with a Space Motif, gives the feeling of space compact rooms, yet is at home in the most elaborate settings. All at special sale prices now! Larg« Dropleaf Table, Buffet, China, One Arm Chair 'and Five Side Chain. 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