Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 5, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, August 5, 1960
Page 4
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY. AUGUST 5, I960 Editorial To Save the Downtown Area David Laurence Management Of Foreign Side Glances »« 25 and 5O Years Ago Downtown h*« begun another <tep on the | The budget of $30,000 which the Down- Way back. town group heard proposed Wednesday night Bu*ine,5 and professional men and property ! could present a strong temptation for some to. p |» rp t owners approved, Mondav night. , proposal to j pinch on their GAAC support. They would onlv; f OIHT lOUUIl flame a committee which would supervise all-out r* cheating themselves. For others will hesitate; * promotion of downiown. u> ,.,ke ,, P the lo.d left lying, and the GAAC's WASHINGTON - \Vhrn will will be relatively less effective. thp American peoplp be given More trun a veat ago the Telegraph pointed'thr complrtp story In supplement out the po'.-iibility that Alton's downtown area;the diplomatically and tactfully might, within the next decade, gradually 'be! phrased versions of .foist how their into .in industrial rather than a retail foreign relations have to be con- it undertook aggressive action ducted in operating within an al- Part of the piece of cake « a< the possjbilitv of appointing a part-time director of promotions for the area. The group had heard the storv of downtown St. 1 oinv' initial Mep back up the ladder from Arthur T. \Vnj;h t .Jr.. executive of Downtown ^'.V^ ,;^ Mon ", lld eventu ,| hh7 g ht . St. I mil*. Inc. Mi. VTrjght gave the Alton downtowner some gixid advice, based upon his own observa tion and experience. liancc? \Vill the ci includ- Since that time the downtowners have un- j,,g sen. Kennedy, concede that dertaken. for one thing, a fighting battle against , np p rrs jd Pri t o i the I'nited .Slates the parking problem. The constructive results does |)o( a]onf , m;lko m|| . f() ,. e j gn of thiv .ire still growing. Additional stores have |K ,|j t . y 7 or would those \\h<> have- An important point among several was hi- undertaken physical improvements on their ))ppn p Ounf )j nR nw ay at the ad- caution acaitnt allowing null a promotional or- properties. ministration -as. for instance, gani/ation to reduce or interfere with downtown Much as the community needs new ' n ^ us -JAdlai Stevenson who may be merchants' interest in their chamber of pom- ' trial areas, it would be a sad town, indeed, with- ' p ,. ,. v f st .,| C if Kennedv is mcrce ,,,,., i T 1 " tiowntown " sho PP in » «nter. We hopc.^' L ^ , he al|ies „,' lnp The changer, it should be pointed out, must , the absentee property owners realize this n«d- iUni1p(1 S(atps in maklng deci . concern itself not onlv with the problems oi | and the necessity for their sympathy and co-i , retailing in the communitv, but is usually the • operation—as clearly as do the local landlords ' .. , 'ii r ' i i i i • i i • \ -iii- President Eisenhower mane a prime organisation that can look out lor the and business and professional men involved. Its sneech on this verv town's general welfare and the problems attend- going to take the support of all. 'point at a breakfast held in ant thereto. And we have a great many examples in the accomplishments of the Greater Alton Association of Commerce. Hawaii: Symbol of Two point ... .. The business centers in the area will be bene-! Chicago during the Republican fitted by a downtown center capable of attract- convention. He spoke off-the-cuff. j ing and keeping more trade within the com- 1 A stenographic transcript wasi inol immediately available, which! is why the talk was probably disposed of briefly in the afternoon papers of that day. But this speech of July 27 is of historic importance in outlining some .. u.s. fu. off August 5,1935 July payment of back taxes to county treasurer Peter Fitzgerald totaling $88,993 was 4tt times the amount for July of 1934. Fitzgerald attributed the increase to a new statute allowing exemption of accumulated penalties on taxes delinquent beginning In 1929, first year of the de- Aufust 5,1910 following tour separate clasbtt between union and non-union workmen hi the terwe «Hu«- tlrm between the building trades locals and of- ganteed contractors, Mayor Edmond BeaH Issued a proclamation declaring "peace and orter must he maintained." He gave notice that he prcssion. The hill for the law had been intro- j would 41 do everything possible to protect life and property," swearing in additional police- duced in the state legislature by Rep. Rchaefer O'Neill nt instigation of the Telegraph. Hospital attaches here could have told opening day for school was nearlng without looking at the calendar. One surgeon reported he had jsix tonsilleetomies listed for a single morning. A heavy influx of children was Indicated as par- jents sought to clear up minor ailments, ready for the fall term. j J. O. Oulson of Godfrey, was suddenly itrlcken Superintendent of Schools W. R. Curtis was j with a malady that prevented him from twal- preparing to tell his board of education that ajlowing or speaking. After attention by local survey Indicated work on the new addition to]physicians, it was decided to call a St. Louis Milton School would not he completed and ready j specialist Into consultation, for use by school opening Sept. 3. Temporarily, A 12-year-old Scottish hoy, George Turnbull he sairl. other arrangements would have to be;a 6th grade pupil at Humholdt School, had won worked out \n handle the enrollment for which j acclaim of Chicago art critics to whom his men, and calling on the sheriff for aid, should that become necessary. The mayor acted after a carpenter reportedly was beaten at 8eoond and Cherry streets. Fear lest Infantile paralysis had spread west as far as Alton area was voiced after WUlard, 8-year-old son of former Supervisor and Mrs. mumty. Vice President Nixon apparently chose wise- j decided, for purposes of its own, to hold these aspects of the process of making "McGregor, can you spare this lady one of your parking tickets?" Reader's Forum Summer Stock Opens This is the season for summer In sharp contrast, the Republi- the Milton addition was designed. It was expected to be ready for use by mrd-October. Construction had been delayed by unfavorable spring weather. Fifty cars already had been enlisted in a drawings, In illustration of a poem, had been submitted by his instnietor, Miss Florence Berg. During the vacation period, the boy wag employed in the office of Architect James M. Maupin where his talent was receiving addi- caravan being organiEed by the Retail Mer-jtional direction. The young artist had come chants Association to visit the Medora Barhe-jhere from Scotland with his father In 1906. cue. This visit was the first of a number being Wood River Drainage & Levee District com- pltnned by the Association as a goodwill ges-imissioners were holding dally sessions In Ed- jture to neighboring towns. The Alton Girls Drum jwardsville to prepare the district's first assess- and Bugle Corps was to accompany the group, jment. roll due for presentation in County Court A U. S. Engineers dredge rescued Alton's ion the first Tuesday of September, water supply for the second time ln-lwo sum-) A complete slate of Prohibition party candi- mers from a large sandbar which was steadily (dates had been filed at Edwardsville. Dr. Willy the locale for his first campaigning. [ two men in illegal detention and seal them off foreign policy in these difficult' stock ' H|1( j lnosc ]j tl j c theaters, cans' creed is simple. They do|moving downstream. The dredge pumped out ailiam H. Knos and the Rev. G. L. Clark of Alton In Pearl Harbor and the sunken battleship ; from all contact with the outside world in flag- times. Mr. Eisenhower said inj off tne b ea ( Pn p a th, will be the not promise everything to every-j cna nnel from the river to the Alton Water Co.'sjwere listed for committeeman; C. W. Ellison Arizona he had symbols of two issues ready- rant disregard of international law and prac-j palt: ^testing stage for untried hope-jbody. Simple arithmetic * e 'l s j n | a ke just as the pumping station w-as about to of Marine lor sheriff; Wilmer Wescott of Alton made: ' ^ tice," it added. "Now here is a point: There is j fills. Trying for the big time, us that^ when we get something ^ ^ off (mm .^ ^ pp{y :for county clerk; L. T. Kennedy of New Douc- 1. He dcftlv reminded voters of the Demo- Th, \n«;,. f . mntm ) m ,•!,,,„„ ;„ , nntf ':no such thing almost as a bi-jshows on Broadway. |for nothing, somebody pays aou-| lateral arrangement with two j nations — just as your platform : makers have to take me into ac- The United States should continue a rapid- | counl in a sma n wa y daughter), lire scries of notes to the Russians on the sub- so does every diplomatic interchange — let us say between Arabia and the United States, or space. ject. The Soviets continued to charge, in a note; crats' inept handling of international events and Wednesday, that the plane violated their air the nation's security that involved us in World War 11: 2. He just as skillfully reminded that even now his foes were following the same trend: Attacking President Eisenhower's program of keeping us informed of Russian operations with such media as the U2 as a means of heading off another sneak military attack. At the same time Mr. Nixon made good mileage out of his presence in Hawaii to call for a better understanding between races, not limited to legal, but with a sound basis on moral principles; not centered on mass government en- On the national scene, we have] 0 ' 0 already witnessed the first play, In this work-a-day world, there "A Tale of Two Cities": Los i are no Big Rock Candy Moun Angeles and Chicago. : tains. The Republicans favor In the former city, the Demo- 1*"* enterprise, individualism, crats' wacky "Midsummer 8 "" 1 « natural K' wvth ' Night's Dream", produced "Ai wi ' h ** little government inter- 1111 proved f Gateway Another step for improvement of the Downtown area is the Home Savings & Loan Association's letting of a contract for enlarging and modernizing its building. J Britain and the United States, • Comed y o f Errors," that they call 1 ference as 'or Japan and the United States! e( j lne j,. platform. Not to be out-' That's why, under Eisenhow- —it always affects other nations. "And this is the thing thai makes it so difficult to get these done the Republicans, in the Win-'er's leadership, we have had a dy City, made "Much Ado About:vigorous and healthy advance- Nothing." Now it remains to bejment. over the past 8 years. Forrest T. Turner resigned as physical di- ; las for county school superintendent; William rector of the YMCA to take a similar position H. Stalling* of Alhambra for probate clerk; and at Aurora. , j.lohn Gehrig of-New Douglas for county treas- Samuel Bush, 66. who had operated a gro-jurer. eery on Madison avenue for many years despite! George A. McKirtney was named by the the handicap of invalidism, died. Other deaths (executive committee of Millers' Mutual Fire Inwere: Leo L. Larsh, who collapsed of heat in sura nee Association, to succeed his father, the St. Louis; Fred E. Stutz, 52, Foster Township'late Dr. A. R. McKinney. as secretary-treasurer farmer; F. E. Page, 53, Gralton grocer, and of the company. He had been assistant secre- John Olexo, former railroad worker. itary for several years. The latest move will involve an area of Downtown which could well stand such treat- nice, clean-cut decisions that sol seen whether our applause puts; But the Democrats cry out in many of our experts - who are "Love's Labour Lost," or "All's I alarm - ••Horrors - they ve bal- not carrying responsibility as Well. That Ends Well," in thejani-cd the budget! Why? This some of us do — can develop. ' White House i prosperity is terrible." forcement, but on personal attitude, developed , . . ..... n i i mem. extending the beautv and dignity oi by leadership at all levels. . . . . • T \ 1 , T ..IIIL L f present Savmas and Loan quarters iarther a Hawaii, probablv better than any or our r " ^ "Just as all international trade 1 Aside from all this twaddle,: Common sense tells us that! in the 1 Dick Nixon is the logical man to! carry on. He has proven his cour-j The Allen-Scott Report Dummy Astronaut in August other 49 states, is both legally and spiritually- integrated. It is our best example of the harmony of peoples living together, and the possibilities of achieving it. \ * * » » * Grabbing i he Breaks the block. It is a further example of the need for consolidation of more of our smaller pieces of business property into larger single pieces. Home ei is almost invariably a mul ^;^J^ - A momen-ibc made to fire a man into Other Hpu* Kla.he, I that every' voter will carefully ! age time and again. His persistent i*°u s ste P is ab( > ul to be laken ln s .P ace before tne Nov - 8 p|ec ' '^ns ye;n proved to be an easy "blow the frothy coating from all efforts nailed down Alger Hiss!'"" fpic- man-in-spai-p program.: tion. one for the Ice Patrol. It had to 5 _«...: —j <_i ~ i ,<„„„:,.» o ii mo ,«hon Truman and his i The National Space > Adminis- : A spectacular we have to HOW Canada, Australia, the tine, and any other wheat or sur. ,, plus - wheat producing country, was fortgnate to be able to put such pieces of Qr ^ counU . y tnal produces the property together. same surplus as we do. The whole improvement is being made at; .. Thjs is a se rious matter. So virtually the eastern gateway to the mainljt j s not merely a matter of It's time the United States took advantage ! Downtown district at Piasa and Broadway. Tor i saying we have so many bushels and "take a eood deep ; at a time when Truman and his' The National Spare > Adminis-: A spectacular success of this keep an rye on lesj than 100 look at what's underneath' l cohorts were crying "red her- i tration will attempt to hurl a kind, they feel, would be a Ire- iceberg-, in contrast to 685 in The Democrats are committed! rin R " and accusing him of Me-'"dummy astronaut" into space.mendous ballot boost, to the destructive boom and bust'Carthyism." policies of.the Roosevelt and Tru- Hark well to the summer stocl man years. They are dedicated!shows that will soon be playing J!t.">9. The year before that was a sometime this month, possibly as, Concurrently with the Red- record breaker with only 14 ice- as next week. stone-Mercury tests, the Space Derjj.s being recorded past lati- manikin will be blasted Administration is also conduct- tude <IH degrees N. Since the turn 'liidli >ce*i a, * li^jf QIC ucuimitw ?•'..""" .«•«. ..... «„„ , ./---,-. . . jlo a program of artificial acUvi-jth,- hustings. Then listen to that! "loft >" « Project Mercury'spare ing a series of Mercury space of he century, as many as 1.000 of some of the breaks that seem to go against j ^ ( . caM)n jt js of - cspec i a l significance. it in the international mill. j * * * » » Our demand Thursday for the return of the ' two American RB47 fliers detained by the Russians is an example of a move in the right direction. we would like to fcjel rid of. Of 'ailed' "TheKvee small voice called reason. I capsule atop one of the Army's capsule experiments with A i r icebergs h.m- drifted past that : of reason., Ami come November-hasten l(J | reliable Redstone ballistic mis- Force intercontinental ballistic l.-.t.tu^ _,n IWM. 1909. 1912, 1JTJ9 ity. They are not called Spenders" for lack They would turn us toward a! the polls and vote your innermost | course, there has to bean expon-1 ninjous slaU? sodalismi witn all : consdence . ,. B Ut above all: It was backed up by a note terming "in- VI Cut L. U. CRADD1CK Three American hunters killed two Communist guerillas, one of them a high officer of comprehensible" Russia's refusal to permit an I the Viet Cong subversive movement, when the impartial United Nations inquiry into Russia's i American hosts were attacked in a South Viet ent on that. But if we do it in unwise ways, we have damaged j very fine friends who want toi stay in the very same corner we| are fighting and working for — the freedom of men and the in dependence of their own coun tries — and the safety of their I believe in the following three | further nuclear weapons tests. all-powerful centralized govern- "VOTE!" lO 0 -! O charge the RB47 violated her air space. ; Nam jungle. Maybe the South Viet Nam gov- own countries The United States government can only I ernment will grant special license fee conces-j "In human affairs there is no P . [ . . • such thine in vast orcamsms. conclude . . . that the Soviet government has J »ions to Americans now. Victor Riesel Says U.S. Must Act in Africa BBUSSELS — In a corner of gave him six dollars a day for the Hotel Amigo lobby two wo-i all expenses. And judging from men weep quietly, though they it he tabs which have been handed talk angrily. They are from the,me for food in this hypertension Congo — the newest of refugees city, thai six dollars could not I've seen them the world have provided much lodging or round, sleepless in ill - fitting : sustenance. Soon we can expect the Con- as clothes, uprooted, never to re- ;golese to turn to the leader of T ft ' e» ul a> iw i u i 11 »»-' v**\ iv.uu*.* w» turn to familiar corners. It neefl -i Guinpa _ p res ident Sekou Toure such thing in vast organisms, at least in human affairs, as nice, clean-cut 'two and two is four' (decisions), and setting it aside and forgetting that one. These are matters of judgment, of long i study, of experienced conclusions 'and, finally, readiness to make achievement of independence, his j the particular decision, no mat- masterful oratory, plus a nim-'ter though it might be only the ble, almost gymnastic type of | least harmful of three or four dialectics, put him far beyond 'that arc possible." J basis for easing the present dan-] gerous world crisis: 1. That universal, total disarmament under United Nations control and inspection must be made the basic goal of United States foreign policy. L'. The bomb test moratorium on aboveground and underground nuclear tests must be continued until un agreement is reached in government must exert jly determine: sil'.'s. This eventful launching;Atlas missiles. Designated MA-1, and 1 !)•!;'>. Ten or fewer bergs (officially designed MR-li will/MA-^. etc., the next are slated; came duun past this line in 1940. be from Cape Canaveral, Fla. .'for September and October. '1941, and 1951. if all goes well, the "dummyi Tentatively, MA-4 or MA-5 will' You will soon be hearing about astronaut" will soar to a height; carry a live monkey into orbit in'the Navy's remarkable new un- of 125 miles and travel some 200 j November or December. idersea vehicle which will give miles down the Atlantic missile j For these activities, the Space'scientists the greatest freedom range. | Administration has $108 million 'they have ever had for scrutiniz- Much depends on the outcome!in its new budget. Estimated ov-iing the vast depths of the ocean. of this experiment. It will large-'erall cost of the .history-making 1 Called RUM, for Remote Under- ; every effort to secure a test ban on thr basis of a "reliable" rather The scheduling of a test with a live monkey. Tenta- Jman-in-space program is approx- water Manipulator, the vehicle similariimately $500 million. 'is » remote-controlled tank equip- than a "foolproof" inspection sys-jtive plans call for this "space tern. But this seems politically, i shot" (designated MR-2) to be; — jjed with a Ions;, jointed majiipu- MlonEvoningTelp'ira|»h| lat01 ' alrn and hand, and special and even scientifically, impossible made in October. to attain. I believe if all the women would organize we would soon have per- i manent world peace. Geneva for a treaty banning all j MRS. IRENE L. RIEHL Whether any attempt will be made this year to fire a man into space — in a Project Mercury capsule that will be used ly devised underwater television '.'ubllshed Dally by Alton Telegraph,,,..,,, ,u^i uo ,., . „„» i \ Printing Comoanv :<dmeias that seive as eyes for Priming Company P. B. CUUSLEY. Hubllihtr and Editor .ubsrrlpilon Price 30 centi weekly Dy canier; by mall $10 • year with n 100 miles. $H beyond 100 mllei. in the rigorous MR-1 and MR-2 v 'ali subscriptions not accepted In tests. reach of any other leaders in his land, according to one of the The Democratic Party strate-| of blaming President Eisen- Why Not n Split Government? per-; the 1 world's most astute observers hower for every decision of fo- Some people say; "We need a we want? A rubber stamp gov- of the new Africa. President Eisenhower is sonally closely following pragres.s of these plans. Dr. T. Keith Glennan, head of , ^the Space Administration, has towni wtiere carrier delivery U available .merer) as second clan matter at reign policy shows an unfamiliar- n j cei neW| fresh President of eminent? the scientists on shore. Developed under the direction of Dr. Victor Anderson, of the Scripps Institute of Oceanography, La Jolla, Calif., the experimental i vehicle i s now undergoing ex| tensive underwater tests. Social Whirl While newly-independent Bel- Con R o U gripped in vio- jbeen told by the President that Soon, it is believed, these lal-lity with the difficulties of operat-j olll . country-someone who, per-! O ur forefathers gave us mm.l^.p^i^pyjjjjg^ 8 ^^ Jjj ents will make him the most;ing within an alliance. forceful African on the continent.; There has, for instance, been!tries as little Cuba when they dicial, executive, and the par- ... u , H i.^u*»_i»n in puiuii£ n jiiau IIILU haps, will go easy on such coun- branches o£ government: the ju-| wnile he is * stm jn offl *M*tf> ni? itttln f*iiMu \trhon tnov ~l:,.;..i «....~...i:.,«» *. H ,J tu« nn « ' n't have been that way. Not for ,_{ or h e |p Toure is a Marxist I His heart, for the moment, be-, a good deal of criticism voiced | become them. Not for the United States.'now. He disdains the U n i t e dilongs to Moscow. But he is fac- ( i n this country from time toj R C gan communistic." "I would like to wind up my Regardless of our efforts to .the other. i * »rwuiu 1JI\C7 IU WJJJU UIJ II1V ll.amentary. Each is a check onj administration wilh such a njs . If the Belgians preferred to'Stales. He leans toward Mos-ied, as president of a new na- : tj m r about attendance by the j prPV ent it, someone will put a 1 So why not a Republican presi-j ^ - • it wasn't always so. lion, by practical problems. He:p r esident al "summit" confer-;. s ( am p of i " ' ' ~ ••'•'• turic achievement," the President cow. But . Back in 1956 he broke with the.i-s beginning to move away f romances. The point has repeatedly : K j VP . awuy |,j|| s O f our Democratic! controlled Congress. Communists. He fought the lead- strictly ideological considera- j been made that these meetings ; ( , ontm || e d Congress. Is that what not be convened unless; chance it, it was still not their choice to make. The "white man's burden" no ers of t | le So v i e t-controlledjtions. He is up against the reali-j. s longer means what it meant, j French CGT, which has a mem-j ties of geography and the con-j adequate preparations have been! Todav it means that we in thelbership in France of over 3,-'Hict with other African person-!made in advance and a basis for; United States more and more '000,000. Toure at that time was "lilies. They are still within the-j agreement reached beforehand! flnd heaped on our shoulders the!president of the Union Generate-framework of the Western .World, • at another level - that is, be- stamp of approval on all of the;dent, to check on a Democratic! Sen Thruston Moi . torli Ky . p FRED J. MILLER 11th President Antwer to Prevlou* Puzzle I-1MI2IWMW u uji uuiani/uiuc^ i o niv-11 _ - , - i * i . t i i i'j JUs of the old West They ides Travalleurs d'Afrique Noire with which they have been tied, tween foreign secretaries. The are hafed for we are 'General Union of Workers of,for centuries. Toure is by far;truth is that is exactly what the', 1 He ' n,*m«i and the new leaders : Black Africa I. it was then and is not yet a Fidel Castro. He may; Washington government all aluny Mex; ^m we could have befriended > today the most disciplined Af- yet become one. But we have lavoivd , but tnp American peo- 4 His turn instead to the Communist;near, labor organization. Toure, '"«> «haiu-«- to uuo him in tbe. 1)k> have nevpl . been told just; 8 He .._. .;„„.., thouerh now president of Guinea, other direction. why our position was altered. t°v though now president v|||| is prcsidi'iil of this union.. \v> may win him if the United Delicate relations with our allies valuable States aids this man politically, were involved. The policy was a ally in our tight for the good and economically in his tiny land changed because Prime Minis- in the basis of a firm foreign ler .Macmillan of Great Britain international It is horrible, for example, that Congo Prime Minister, Patrice Lumumba, literally is (1 Mi- I a^l Will UJ Ulf llliUIJ MC-»v uaiiuiin wii un nit ijci.-»i.-, ui n .11 i,t not that came back from a visit to Mos- other power cow urging thut Mr. Eisenhower Hc°is' nut* Ignored him. We did not want to which worries mighty little about go to such a "summit" conler H,!,./ v,.i hu,rt the leelings of the French;our policy. en<v. even though preliminai > territory! 'riu j iv are many Lumumbas agreements hiui not been reach- So he monkeybv the Belgians Las, ™" "' the many new nations on on the basis of a tin 1 - - 1 . that bbliiiu'o of power continent, policy of our own and summer I spoke to him. i nave t ^ . ^ . talked with others here and in ; e ' ' ...... . .... '',.,. 'th talked with Parin who know nun , , , " 'with , having to shoot our <; 1( Ml liniuin ihi- Tlu- his party "Then- was hnle doubt nc« in a little while. His per- that he would !« prime minister sonalily, his courage, his swift; way across the world or isolating hammei ing away politically at despite the Belgians. Yet they, i ourselves this side ol the Maine, 1 " 0 I""" 1 ' '"" " ' Alter that we'd have no place Bl . ilajll u | m .|, ma( | ( , j( | uuk as ir flmt for ti-oons to Kternal God, help me to rise to go. Th* time has come, it jf M OS( . OW , )Hg | lt benefit thiough not a«K us uni »or IIW ' ^ above (he pc ,, y thinking and seems, to revise our codes for a l ,,, ange o[ B0vernment i,, Lon L' ' A .h» mininn. u^o follow ; ''"relebs living that keeps me i winning friends and influencing d £ to d |£ e h2S'5 ±sit: '-" "~ning with Thee .he a! the world. ^^ ^ n ^ „„. af .. Africa, we've mewly «et up anJWve lr«m my heart all ,ell,.h- ; Afripan Cuba "*' ss und al) natie<1 of °'hers su; Aincan *u* , h ^ { ^ tuj)n(?hs o) Tt SlJ , rj , ._., are facts. How could we |( a , jl( , e jn me T(1 . u , h |ne |he have won Patrice Lumumba as a - ' ' whan we ignored h» w-.^. name> Ame , v versatioris. And, in fact, did gk us first for troopt the rioter*? If we now , t by the Belgian DO. '«>ey low dignity " o nunwier. Hist Cungrega- """' '-hur.-h. from him when he wu* here for '•', i " ^^ .... . . .. .i.u_., LUu< Congo miuitulioiial »ulks. lliey ,„,,,, >•> UK- Division of chriktiun 1011 Scjtiuiidl Council ol (lit . u( ,,,,,,, „, (he u s A , eoples of the world. M. Th» Hall Syndicate Inc ) ; coding to the Macmillan rcqui'.-l the President found it desirable to work with the allies of the United State!) 11 Kennedy were elected, he would also find that he himself would not be a free agent in determining our foieigii; 62 Unemployed policy and that considerations M Sacred image raised by our allies are olten a decisive factor. Forum Writers, Mute Writer* lunntw muni be published with letter* to tiie tteadrr* Forum. Miller* should be couolte and legible. All ore tub- jin-1 to ACROSS declared againit Mexico name was a governor of (ab.) 12 Past 13 Awry 14 Bacchanalian cry 15 Beginner 16 Cowboys 18 Hebrew ascetic* 20 MeriU 21 Type measure* 22 Love god 24 Rant 26 German river 27 Poem 50 Happening! 32 Woman adviser 34 Diacritic*] mark* 35 Refuses admission 86 Superlative (affix 37 Baseball'* Carver and others 38 Feminine suffix 40 Silent 41 Theater sign 42 BnthusiBMB 49 Manage 49 Work togtttar 51 Follower 57 He wax the of Jane Knox DOWN IKbb 2 Bras 3 Twenty-sixth president 4 Chess piece* 6 Monster 6 Rented 7 Knowledge 8 Membrane* 8 Always MRtdfeJ OMUH ESI-114H ClWCflH ir U ~tf?mr-JU<l CJIrM ^C-JMI i National Chairman, and other Republican campaign leaders are making no secret of their fervent hope that an effort will MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS the Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for publication ol all news dispatches credited In this oaper and to the local news published herein. vlEMBEK. 1HE AUDIT BUHKAU OF CIHCULATJUN ..oral Advertising Xetes and Con- lact Inlormation on application at ihe felesraoh business olflce. Ill Cast Broadway. Alton. 111. National Advertising Representatives: the lotin Budd Company. New York. < hicaao. Detroit. Atlanta, Dallas. New Orleans San Francisco, Los 1 'i-.nles and Seattle. jrican countries have been celebrating anniversaries with lavish Ijarti^s in Washington. In honor of the 68th birthday of Ethiopia's Emperor Haile Selassie, his Am- bfissaHor Imru held a reception that featured two huge birthday, cakes and two giant buffet tables. Equally successful was the elaborate Independence Day par|y of Liborian Ambassador George Padmore. (C 1WO. The Hall Syndicate, Inc.) MIRROR OF YOUR MIND By *"" WH1TO1!V m 24 Network 25 Bird 20 Caucasian 27 Handel specialty 10 Norse goddaM 28 Soil 41 Fnhline leader 42 Tart 43 Was bomt 44 Paltry allowance 46 Indian 47 German king of destiny 29 Comfort 11 Cape , 31 Holding 17 Comedian 83 First German 48 Masculine Gobel president appellation IB Improve SB Ten ye»r§ 60 Mr. Van 23 Organ part* 40 Sulked Winkle N Y Herald Inbuilt Ini ) 64 Exclamation 55 Act 56 Par* have more children than normal parents. Also their rate of twinning is higher, one in 29 pregnancies among retarded parents against one in 87 in the general population. Dr. Jane Pierce, who headed the study, said the chance of producing normal children is only about one in seven when both parents are retarded. Uu cullee break* Improve efficiency? Answer: Many authorities hold that the value of (he traditional coffee break has not i been proved. Its greatest bene- jfit, according to Dr. Jean I Spencer Felton, UCLA School of Medicine, la the opportunity it gives the worker for individual gjowth through frequent, relaxed relationship* with fel- Dtuu uieatttl retardation iertUityf ill Answer: As a rule people with above-average intelligence are not as happy as those of average or below-average Intel- liBence, even though their capacity for. happiness is greater. High l.Q. individuals tend to be more concerned with status, and are aware of mOre things to become discontented over. Vari- low employes. "It is a local bide ._..for the exchange of beefs," Dr. Answer: A recent study of ous studies indicate that highly Felton «aid, " and group think* 83 families with children at the intelligent men and women are ing gives impetus to what Ranier (Wash.) State School slow in adjusting to frustration, eventually may become a for Retarded Children indicates and slow in recovering from change in company policy." that mentally retarded parents emotional and physical upsets. <C< lubu. King i-eatum Synd., Inc.)

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