Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 4, 1960 · Page 25
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 25

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1960
Page 25
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PAGE TWENTY-SIX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, I960 Jam?* W. Bragg Added To Blackburn Faculty \v of Bovton M8S5. uas tof);iy MjfmPr) to thr 'IppHrtiTHMil ol music (amity s1 Blai'khurn C<>llrRp Dr. Robert P. Ludlum. pirsirlnnt Rnnrninrod. Prof. Bi-Rge will Ipnrh hold p I P m P n I H r y and ad\ nnond rrnir^pis in thr music depnrt- mont said Prof. Harold S. Low P. dppnrtmrnl hrnr1 A nutivr of Atllplxiro Mass . P.!';IC<; i-pcpjvpd Ills bachplor of and of music dc- MacoupinCounty 4-H Keeping Fit Day to Be Aug. 11 CARLINVtLU-: - Sprnalists from thr.l'niversitj of Illinois will conduct lest for physicHl fitness of I-H boys and Rtrls in Macnupin: County on Aim 11 The Keeping! Kit Field DHV will hesjin Ht H p.m. at Carlinville Hii>h School MA BROWN Pickled Beets 2 'r 49c MA BROWN Old Fashion Fre»h Pack Pickles 16-ot. Jar from the New Fnplniid foiisei vfltoiy of Music in Boston Mass. While there he serv-i er) as a tpHrhing Irllow. In addition In his studv ini •'olin K. Greenleaf. uraduate Boston he spent time in Furope ] ^indent, with a muster's rievfrec inj studyinc fine art- and a-rhite, -; nh>s|( , t , ( , ( ,, U . M(IOII HMf) ho |,| jna HII ! ture In 19."i9 he served as nunic, , , . . . , ,,, .„ . i.-issislanlship in-human phvsioogv tr;icher and rhoral conduetoi at ' ' • **• Hylands S.-hool Hornchurel»., *t the university \vill help admin- Essex England. He also served! ister the tests. as an orcanist and choir direr-. R,,imld P. Kopplin. holding »' tor in the V S. Army lie bus! mHS , ( ,,.- s Hearer in physiology, riven numerous solo and en- U|M ,„, , h(> M , ( . om j ,,, am m ,, m her. semhlr ,-c.ncrits in the New ,, ( , |()| . |)u , | .| > , HUBh , |, jo | ogv allrt I-.nizland area -science and at present has H He is * member of Kappa | ( .; t( .| nnp assistantship in physiolo- Gamma Psi. musical fraternity. K y H , ,| 1P un jversily. and of Pi Kappa Lambda, lion- ' .^ vvj| , ( . o|lfv| ^ o|l o.arv musical liatermty. ^^ ()| . ganjr f]||]( , ss flrNJbj|j ly. strength, speed and endurance. They will instruct the hoysj and sirls in Macoupin County on ho\v to train and condition them-" selves so as to improve their fitness. To Attend Forestry Camp CARLINVILLE — Larry Ka- luirick. son of Mr. and Mrs. John Kahurick. Carlinville. will attend I h e 19W) Farm Boys Forestry Camp Aug. 7-1.'! at Southern Ois- 29c FORBES' Barbecue Spice 23c Can BUMBLEBEE TUNA 43 c onc child, l-'.vik. born in .Tune. The Brace family will move to Carlinville early this month. Brighton Church Class Meets ! BRIGHTON — Up class of the Methodist Church I net 4-H Camp near West Frank met Tuesday evening at the home of Mrs. Mayo McAfee. Mrs. Marie Yost, vice president, presided and Mrs. C B.j Johnston led devotions. Mrs. . ' Kal)urick was selected as a re- 'sull of his larni background and Mrs. Harold N'Mtles of Carrol ton ... „,. gave thp mis- •-• camp he will study tree identification, forest fire control, me.... , . , , chanical tree planting and luni- " A 11 and H- A boys from all over &tate - Freda Crowdoi 1 sionarj' lesson. . .. . .. ... .. Refreshments were served to!^ « rad !^. *\ on * wlth 39 .. otllpr the V2 members attending by Mrs McAlee. Mrs. Myrtle Meyer. Mrs. Marjorie Thompson, Mrs. Lola Swan. Florida Visitor BRIGHTON — A recent guest at the home of Mr. and Mrs. George T. Leighty was Mrs. Irene Leighly of Lakeland, Fla.. Leighty's mother. * . Old Car Bodies Will Form Artificial Reel' D-CON MOUSE PRUF Z-Oz. C'an . . KRETSCHMER WHEAT GERM 12-Oz ...... <& • C FLAV-R-PAC FROZEN PEAS 2 Lb. l'kir.49C I'kg. \l MIAMI. Fla. CAP.)—An artificial reef of old car bodies will be formed off Miami Beach in an ef- Mrs. Leighty is also visiting fort to improve fishing, her son-in-law and daughter. Mr. The Metro Commission \\ednes- and Mrs. Holger Dubblede of dav aK ,. e ed to spend $10.000 on Edwardsvilk-. and friends in thej, hr pro j cc t. The plan calls for general Alton area. She expects , inking about Ii000 junkeri auto . to remain in the area until the mo biies together in groups of five end of October, with the excep- and dropping them along a two- tion of a two-week fishing trip m j| p ]j ne to Wisconsin in the compupy of T| ' bodjes shou , d her s,s»er Mrs. 0. C. \\Uson of ^^ ^ ma ,. ine nfe North Henderson. ^ makp an jdca , hmne fo] . sma| , ^ BRIGHTON - PfrJames C. whiHl W °° ld M ™* bigSe '' SCal .... f t,' ., •*, specimens. Vetter. son of Mr. and Mrs. Earl Vetter of North Main oral Synod at Gainesville. Tex. street, has been assigned to 14 Members of the church held a months military duty in Korea, fellowship supper recently on He left San Francisco Tuesday, the church grounds. Pastor to Return Brighton Notes BRIGHTON - The Rev. Rob- BRIGHTON — Miss Verna ert Dunn. Covenant Presbyterian'Sheets is spending this week vis- Church pastor, will return Sun-jiting her aunt. Mrs. Ted Bark- day morning after attending Gen-jlage. of St. Louis. 'Make your own* SOFT DRINK Syrup otiictovs flAVOHS D fj I2| oz. BOTTLE 23 C DIETSCHY'S MARKET PHONE HO 5-HH24 FREE DELIVERY 500 RIDGE PBHrglljM^TTTffl^a u. 45c HAMBURGER, Fresh Ground 2' 95c HUHJIPS BACON , , j&^~«e BOILED HAM. Sliced Thin , , ' 89c RO * LEAN PORK Kfl* 996 CUTLETS Lb. VOW YOUNG BEEF LIVER....Lb. YOUNG PORK LIVER ^.Lh. LAMB CHOPS ^-jj^... Lb. CREAM CHEESE Absorted Luiioli " _ LEAN GROUND BEEF CHUCK .. Lb. CO* Tr »> 096 FRYERS ..._. ....Lb. Long Horn Lb. i • Sliced or Piece Spiced, Luiioli, BrumufhweiKer, Bolounu, Pickle Loal Lb. MEATS CREAM COTTAGE CHEESE . 2- 36c ECCO HOMO. MILK . 3 ' reals. $1 59e Piece Swift Lb. ^E A BACX)N, •> to 3 Ib. Ivy END PORK CHOPS Lb. Barbecue Pork A OAjk & Beann «Cmu«9C CHUCK STEAKS ..._._._.. Lb. PIN BONE SIRLOIN STEAKS.. 1 it Gal. LEMONADE DKINK "TSc OLD JUDGE COFFEE . Campbell Vegetable Soup CORN BEEF HASH . IICAT BAI I OTCU/ l ' llef - Bo >- Ar - De « ITltM I DMLb V I Cff IJtr^e 80 at. van Armour. Lb. Can.. SWIFT PKEM (un Quart DILL PICKLES .. SARDINKS .... Can FANCY PARLOR BROOM TOMATO 16 O*. 97. Elindale CI6 SALMON $|.OU SWEET" ._. _._... I REL 8PBY . . . . SANDWICH COOKIES FRE-ZERT . . COFFEE CAKE Lb. Can REUStl, 8 o*. jur.... a ui. • f Can.. Awwrtrd. il 'i Lb. 69e 29c 39e 56e 29c 6le 2lc 72e 39e •Sherbet Twirl ... H sal. "FRENCH , SPE( IAJ. CKUWB GREEN PEPPERS .- Lb. BOO PLANTii.. ettvli PUflHES, Vfll^ Siloing TOMATOES, Stlid, I RA Urt ' t '" CooUof lOv APPLJCK 56 I7« i*w""' 9 I IV CLdMttJSJtai..* lied Calif. PLtaitf .. 39« 26c 306 Ripi, 20-lb, VIMEOAR ' or 5 Ifci, 49o 3 Jbi. 25o 580 '~iil. Reid's Market Highway 140 Maadowbrook Open Daily 9 A.M. to 6:30 P.M. ^^^^^^•^^^^^••^•^••••••^•^•••••••B SCHUTZ MKT. 300 N. Sixth St. Wood River Open Till 8 Friday Nlte RAIN & RAIN State and Elm North Alton Open nil » Friday Nite Silver-Ridge Mkt. 636 Broadway East Alton Open Till 7 Friday Nlte I. C. HAMER 1904 State Alton Open Till 8 Friday MU C. WALTERS 3400 Brown Alton Rosedale Market 521 E. Airlina Rotawood Heightt Op«n llil It Friday NIU Jerman's Mkt. 819 Dalmar Hartford Open 1UI 6 Friday NIU PEARL MKT. 836 Central Alton Open lill 7 Friday NIU DAUER i MORRIS Pint and C«ntr«l Roxana Fri4»> TUJ • PJ*. Sfi fa ifMMtL. Why It Pays Eor Yon Tom Boy WHITE BREAD TO SHOP AND SAVE... Kray'i Hdilett Bnakfatt Bacon TOM-BOY BARBECUE SALARAMA PORK STEAKS Ib. 39* SELECTED CUTS PORK STEAKS.... 49c LEAN AND MEATY—IDEAL SIZE FOR BAR-B-Q SPARERIBS . . . . 49c U.S. GOVERNMENT GRADED CHOICE CHUCK STEAKS . . . 59c U.S. GOVERNMENT GRADED CHOICE ARM CUT STEAKS . . . 69c FANCY AND FLAVORFUL BROILER HALVES . . . 39c HUNTER'S—CELLO. SKINLESS WIENERS . . 49c Coupon Worih 2Bc Toward the purcliasp of any 8-lb». and o\pr 1'iu-kaKP. of GROUND BEEF Ql ARTEKS TOM-BOY BUTTER in 69 c KRAFT VELVEETA Lb 49 c i-Minr ^~ AMERICAN or PIMENTO SLICED CHEESE Lb 49 c SWANSON FROZEN TV DINNERS Pkg. 65C HUDSON TOM-BOY REFRESHING TISSUE GUARANTEED FRESH—FINE QUALITY Cak « 83 c Quick and easy for Main Dish Salads and family Meals OM,Y*% CA_ PENNIES^ f or 59C SERVING NO. Vl CAN Hunt's Brand Tomato • Paste 6 '<- 49 KRAFT Strawberry Preserves 3 12-OZ. JARS $100 1 JOYFUL BRAND Salad Dressing 39' QUART JAR * ' w FLAV-R-PAC FROZEN Pink or Regular LEMONADE 6 ~ 59 e Banquet Frozen Beef, Chicken or Turkey MEAT POT PIES 3v; 69c Flav-K PHC In I'ul.v FROZEN PEAS . M.b. JA A BUB ""» GOOD RED CUTTERS—Charletton Gr.y WATERMELONS 22 Lb. Av*roQ Each 69 V. 8. No. l (alllornitt Snowball CAULIFLOWER . . »«« 29e California DUARTE PLUMS . . » 23c NtwSlit INSTANT SANKA : 1.07 Joyful— Wholt. Unptclad APRICOTS . .. 2 N c.:r49c INSTANT COFFEE '; 89c ««> Zip Balls and Bat 30' Polyethylene baseball but and 'i regulation sue pulyethylene ba>eb<tlU. Ureui tuu for any 4g«.

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