Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 4, 1960 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1960
Page 16
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THURSDAY, AUGUST 4,1980 ALTON BVENINO TfaJDGRAPH PAGE SEV1SN Ti:fcN Alton News Events CHttJJ ftMt/ftfcf) f]f FALL OFF CHAIR Jeiry D., 2-year-old of Mr. and Mrs. Otto Webber .Tr., 2112 Orchard St., was admitted to St. Joseph's Hmpitfll Wednesday after he fell from a ctialr. The boy suffered a severe bump on the head and bruises of the face. It to not known when he will be discharged. In other accident cases: James, R-year«>ld son of Mr. and Mrs. Hubert Tanner, 2310 Sunset St., suffered a severe cut on the arm when he fell on a piece of glass Wednesday, 8:30 p.m., a member of the family said. The boy was playing at the home of his grandmother in the 1300 block of Hampton street when the accident happened. Six stitches were rajulred to close the cut which was on the right elbow He was treated at Alton Memorial Hospital. Harry. 11-month-old son of Mr. and Mrs. David Gleason, 1118 acquired by the Village Improvement Assn. The equfrinent. purchased from Atnrtln-Wdiittni Co. of Chicago, was demonstrated by a representative of tlfe company who had been sent here to as- sembh» It, In order that is many resi dents as pMftlble could, see the machines work, the demonstration wa 7 * set for 6 p.m., and as much pavement was cleared as was possible before darkness halted work. 'A pleasant feature of the evening," said the Telegraph, 'was the gathering of a large number of the ladies whose work for the association made their gift to t,he village possible. The ladles lined up with the machines as a background, and were photographed by Mr. .Tames English." Formal presentation of the equipment to the village board, "in trust," was set for its meeting Aug. 8, 1910. Seller St.. escaped serious injury when he fell from a parked carJVAHLE FAMILY REUNION landing on his head. I AT TORCH CMIB St'VDAY The i-ar was on Oakwood ave-i The Vahle family reunion will nue Wednesday evening when he hc]d 1h|s Sunday af the stan . the accident happened. A mem- dard Torrn (,,„„ grounds at tnp thPnmily8flid another j large shelter house. obnoxious or offensive. Prior to action on such appeals, said Chairman Schulz Jr. the board must hold a public hearing open to all Interested property owners. FRDD MANKKE TO AFfcAK Af SAUBM PRKHBYtfcRIA* Fred Maneke, of East Alton, will be the speaker at the Sunday,'11 a.m., service of the Salem Presbyterian Church on Seminary road. Indies Aid Society will have an all - day meeting Wednesday at the church. Hostesses will be Mrs. Paul Nirsch, Mrs. Albert Maxeiner, and Mrs. Charles Burk. Young Married Couples class will have a basket dinner at the church Sunday. The teocher IB Mrs. Lucille Brinkman. PROWLER AND PEEPING TOM REPORTS MADE MARY FREELAND New Illinois President of FHA Is Alton High Girl Who Likes to Talk TENNIS OXFORDS B> tStMER RROZ Telegraph Mifo Writer GODFREY - Miss Mary Freeland, an Alton High School student, has been elected state president of t h <• Future Home makers of America, and she rather thinks it's because she likes to talk. The Ifi-year-old daughter of a< combination farmer nnd Owens- Ulinois Glass Co. worker, thrives on giving speeches before groups •73 prospect that legions of teen-, ngers view only with terror. j As the newly-elected Illinois (president of the huge FHA she; iwill be called upon in the coming school year to appear be-' high school groups in a peeping torn were made in the| wide arf , a Her job wil , be to Upper Alton area Wednesdayj talk up the or g aniMtion which _ jhas as a major goal the lask of One prowler was spotted by a^,,,,, ma) lhn ,. hon1e ofl woman in the 200 block of Long-j tomoITOW ,„ jn the hahds of fellow avenue about 10:45, and' me youth of , 0<Jay „ another woman reported one in; „ ^^ — 111^, Reports of two prowlers and a, forp the 2800 block of North street i about 10 minutes earlier. Both women said that the Other Quallflcntlons i Granted that Miss Freeland. (Who will be a senior in the fall, (relishes talking, but her friends | and advisers su> lhat she has imuch more to qualify her as a m «" said ' , . yof Abe^raven U rearirtcdry"l st ^M e f (d f r , • ,. HWM>I»H VISITOR The annual reunion started | A s , mj]a) . jncidpn( was ^^ Her 1st of achievements is ON KIOTARIM HTKEKT ! man J' v<?ars a *° 1o mark (hc i at ihe home last Saturday night lor)K and dlverse ' The c>h W M "' anfl Miss Karen Brostedt. of Stock- hlrthdH :I,° f _*?"?,!* X'^jJ*^ i' A baby sitter in the previous! said she saw a man ru child opened the door and the, ..... boy tumbled out. A plcn.c luncheon will start Injurv to his head was con-j"' noon. Fried chicken and| man wag ta ,, flnd slender , buju Hldered minor. He was treatcd | home made pie is a must for the i The peeping torn was at Alton Memorial Hospital. :"°" UPk . meaj ' * fam " y s P° kes -|at a residence in the holm. Sweden, in a house guest u' ,, Mr> "m ^ , W S iam T- Bunion. Mrs. Henry Vahle died, M uJif - H 'f '1 'la»t July, and the reunion was' Mi^s Brostedt is in this area! to attend a two-weeks summer! course at Principia College. She has been in America since June on a tour and plans toino-KART TRACK the event oonUnued as :. i family ;f>miu ^ j WOMAN PASSENGER HURT Torch club , s , w A|TO Acf!|DiJNT ioff Fosterburg road. ... .. « irl '* * wva ™ lty " into ( .' ""8- ^race instead of "viewing ' •»» i (> i iii jwith alarm', and good looks in istead of a head crammed with iexecutive pirns. i Further: She is president of return home in the autumn. BOV. 1.1. BITTEN BV IMH, ON SAI.U ! HEARING .SET AUG. Brookside and Sunnyside ave- ..... , . nues, Wednesday, 9 p.m. police A public hearing has been sp|j reDorted *^ rtn _ * *T -^ i S*l j-.T1_iii^i • " * of the Godfrey Methodist Church; she was publicity chairman for i . -. . ««.« *. - « f consider the appeal of Larry Baker, 2613 Mam St.,i pl , and , nc from & , , was treated « Sl_ Josephs Hos-| thp , ^ Hd| Commis8ioncr "' pita I for u dog bite of the ankle., The 13-year-old boy told of-! Mrs. Dorothy Dlltart, 2910 San- ^ ^ sorority; and last year was se( tion president'of FHA and vice i president of the chapter at Alton HER FAVORITE IS PIZZA (wj , h fieers he was attacked by . , , ,, . . 1 miuiirii uc\ animal as he was riding in the Broadway Mnin u nri <?;» hi ct root n row W«wl_' * Dillard IB of thpi High She was elecled President j| ary Freeland, senior at Alton High housework and has redecorated her i^iimiu, iu, U4 UIC i n f ii^_ A Hrt« . t-fifrti />VkontAt* frt*. ^--. .*^.« • mj* t * _- * • • i> • • • • _^ Main and Salu street area Wed-' nefiday morning. t;o-Kari tracx ana recre-1sanfo^ avenue address ^^ me Alton Hl 8 h chapter for g c h oo | t w h o has been elected president bedroom as one of her school projects, development at 3215 K.j\viiford Hai* 9*ns .«!„„„„«««.. me com'ng year but will have to of the niinois Future Homemakers of intends to major in home economics at step down since winning the top America. Here she removes one of her college and hopes to find a place as an Owner of .the dog was told by Through its attorney F. Edward Todd, the Playlands cor- i. i * > • ' f J* oiiuii in n police to keep the animal confin-;. ,. . . j . .. t ., , , , .' fiijfire.ffSffti TO ed for the prescribed period. Iporation in a petition and appeal executive post in FHA in Illinois. d|shes from ^ oven a j her farm nome adviser in the field.—Staff Photo, SHOMJITKR NABBED AT TRI-C'ITY HTORE Jr.. chairman, and the Board of i Appeals, asks that go-kart tracks Dillard was headed north on Brookside and Hale was making a right turn into Brookside when the accident happened. Hale said that his attention was distracted i inois President last week nt East futurp iust can - t rejy on the ol{] by a cry from his young son hv Cam P near Bloomington where | system wnich ca ii ed for the the car and he made the turn! dele S ates gathered for the an-j midinu . of a (ew Elected Last Week on inghram lane iii Godfrey. She likes Miss Freeland was elected HI- - --•- - SO94 2 Rtq Narrow and Medium Width*. WHITE NAVY RED BLACK LODEN GREEN Corduroy A Canvat Flan your summer- fun wardrobe around No other rubber- si.iled play shoe supports you so softly, coolly . . . with super-foam-arch and full cushion insole. Made in U.S.A. Hand-washable. Whites tinted free any color. Canvas or corduroy. SPECIAL GROUP Jacqueline Cored! Dress Heels Reg. to 14.99 Corelli Casuals and Flats Lark Casuals and Flats Reg. to 10.99 TOO 00 S the Tri-City store I able property uses in districts " pat ! zoned for light industry fM-ii. Milton i NQ provision p re8en tiy j s road and charged with taking| found , the MJ „ d f $2 worth of misgab , e property uges for I , fa (^fa^ Home kart tracks and like amusement! parks. The promoters of the new enterprise therefore ask that a listing be added to permit issu- |;inee of a building permit. jof Appeals, before which the permitted in M-l districts providing such added uses are not The loot included a tube of tooth paste, a jar of face cream and a i-nntainer of face powder. She was booked at the police station. SPOTS HOT BOX ON EAIU.Y FREIGHT TRAIN A he,, box in a freight car w f!S l headng "*" *.**U is to add quelled by the train crew near more uses to the llst of those Godfrey early today after it was reported to Alton police. Bill Roberts, of 1221 E. 7th St.. told officers at the station that he noted the fire in the wheels in a car near the end of the train. Police called the College Avenue Railroad Station. However, the train crew noticed the firo also and stopped in Godfrey t<, extinguish it. REPORTS BB SHOT BREAKS WINDOW Darrell McGibany, 3858 Horn St., reported to police Wednesday that a BB shot had broken a picture window at their home. Poliec tajked to the parents of a boy in that area who was known to have owned an air- rifle. DRIVER BOOKED AFTER MISHAP ON WASHINGTON A motorist was booked on a traffic violation following an accident involving two automobiles at Sanford and Washington avenues, Wednesday, 3 p.m., police reported. George Broyles, Rt. 1, Alton, told officers his foot slipped from the brake as he attempted to stop behind a car halted to make a left turn in to Sanford from Washington. ' Both cars were headed south in Washington. POWER FAILURE STOPS THE CLOCK Television screens went blank, refrigerators stopped working and hands on electric clocks stood still for 31 minutes Wednesday night as power failed at three substations. Electricity came back on at 7:30 in time for the late early show. Cause of the failure was trou ble in the cable at Shell Oil Co. which feeds power to the sub stations on Brookside, S. Rodg ers and Fosterburg. Exact cause was unknown but restoring power was only a matter of an Union Electric Co. em- ploye driving to Shell to pull a switch that bypassed the trouble. Hundreds of homes and scores of businesses were affected by the failure which was not long enough to cause any decided inconvenience. IT'S ANNIVERSARY FOR iWKEPINO MOVEMENT For the benefit of older resi> dents of Upper Alton who may fall to reoajl the significance of today's date, be it known that Aug. 4 is the sqmi-centennial of the street sweeper and sprlokjej 1 Named Them Christopher Columbus set out — —— -•*- ••«»***- «•!- i-uiiij — — 'ivTuuiim \ji n n-»i .y\j\ji»j. a patient to seek India and thought he hud : wide, according to police. | nual conference and to pick,; temperarn ent, and a great de- ,-eached it when he found^ ; their bosses for the next school ;pendence on me ratui . e of wo . America so he caned the natives ! ye , arr- ... .. . , ...mankind. o f the New World Indians. , Her friends say that she will ;make a good leader. She takes. R*»We« on Farm ^.^ ^ he]ping her I her FHA work seriously and Miss Freeland resides with her [plans to carry through as a home;father, Nicholas Freeland. a sis-."IT- Fire Causes Damajre GODFREY — Wiring in thej econom j st specialist, hopes some , , Lonnie McCane home at 221)^ lo'bcvonw an adviser in the Mrs. Louise Ulrich, on a farm I Gerson St. caught fire Wednes-i fie i d . da - v caused dam. „ __________ Oneof the powers of the Board jase estimated at $75, Godfrey j has her eye on ......... , . .., Volunteer Fire Department re-! and that home of her own. She Force stationed at Colorado 1 measllrab i y in ner work . ter Carolyn, 18, a grandmother,; 2-Hour Service. at Our Plant 1 -Day Delivery Service On Keqwst off i n( ,ham lane. Her mother di But as al j young lvomcni sde j e d four years ago. A brother, is in the U.S. Air years ahead! James, j thinks that the world is getting i Springs, Colo. . ; Burning charcoal gives off al- so involved with its many com- Her advisers at Alton High: CLEANERS 2501 State St. Dial HO 2-1HII most twice as much heat as an | plications that stem into family 'are Mrs. Dean Browning and; equal volume of wood. Irene Liebig whom life that the homemaker of the 'Miss ,. . and this is the way it's going to look on campui: bold and bulky, wild and woolly, knit In offbeat colors and weaves ... and all worn bloused or pulled down over a skirt full of pleats or gathers. For yummy ways to lead the sweatered life, follow the leader to VOGUE 4UM& urfiMj fitfiffi WlW^pl^ •^^Pp^^^HF ^^ ^IWrW Charge Will Fur praduut* Utalm) to «bow of origin of Imported fur*. , C«U Revolvim Cwdtt I

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