Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 4, 1960 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Thursday, August 4, 1960
Page 7
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Page 7 article text (OCR)

THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAtifc SLV Church In Medora Area Meet Groups Greene County Srhool Trustee* Meet Aug. 15 bet's present taking pail. Refreshments were served by ths hostesses, Mrs Floyd Dan 1 and Mrs. Lloyd Houker. Birth of UranddauKlttcr MEDORA - Mr. and Mrs. Frank McKinney have received announcement of the birth of a granddaughter, born Monday. Aug. 1, to Mr. and Mrs. C. H. Hortsman uf San Pablo. Calif., ,at the U S. Na\al Hospital at Oakland. Calif. The bab> wci^lx-d six iMiumls and 15 ounce •> and has been named Jeun Ann 'Hie mother is the former MISS Loretla McKinney of Medora. The lather is with the coast guard. The grandparents -ire Mr. and Mrs. Frank McKiimrv of Medora and Mrs. Blanche HorM- IIIHTI of Si Louis. Mi and Mrs Lloyd Weaver and Mr. and Mrs. Joseph McKmnev ol Jcrsfvville. Mr. and Mrs. A. H. Sdiepple and Mr. and Mrs. H W. Hortsman. Alton, are gi-eat-grandparents. Mrs. Amanda Schmidt. Jerseyville, is a great-t-reat-grand- mother of Uie baby. Mi-dora Notes MEDORA — Bonnie and Orej; Carr. Fosterburg. are spending the week with their grandmother. Mrs. Anna Can and uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Gilbert Ha H. The Rev. and Mrs. \V. A. Summers and Rev. and Mrs. Elmer 1 Ty|«! of Surrealism is from thr French "surrcHlisme" and expresses the? iflrn uf "Mtx>\.< or IjcyoiKl real ism": hence a type of art which purports to express ideas without relation to renlity. as in a dream or nightmare. Mei-ntt iittended H ministers meeting at Motel Broadway at St. Loins Sunday. FOR ATHLETE'S FOOT USE KERATOLYTIC ACTION BECAUSE — It ilouiihs off the Infected %kin I IV.MI ivaich health:, skin re nlme it del ipstant-drymu T-4-L a Keiatolytlc at any drug store, H nut dellBhtcd in i DAYS your 48i' hijik TOOAY at IHRIFIY DRUf- CO -Adv. Extra Special CLOSEOUTS °S? B V TILES Out, 8 /2 C U. ECONOMY LINOLEUM Bdw.v. & Henry. HO 'i-H41l Alton 6-DIAMOND 3i100.00 \Mlue No Money Down! 2 Years to Pay IMIRAID-CUT DIAMOND SIT JEWELRY CLEARANCE SALE YOUR CHOICE ANY ITEM \ CARROLLTON A spr. ml jmwtingof Greew County ilruatees has been railed lor 'AUK. 15 a' 7-.SO p.m. in thr of- fifp ol Mrs. ThHma Wilkinson.! MEDORA — Thp Sunshine (;,p P m> Cottnfy supprintendpnl ' Class of thp Kpmper Bfaptisl of srhwls. Thp pipeline Chmvh met Tuesday eveninK in hppn called to consider petitions] the church basement. A winner for detuc-hmrnt and annexation.! roast was planned for the Sep- Attending Junior t'mnp : tembci meeting, which will be CARROI.LTON Eric Cun held at the home of Mr. andininj?ham. Janp Cunningham. Mrs. Darrel W«lters at God- ,Jr H nnptIe Mpek, Stanley Roh- frey Elpcfion of officers will be, mis. Kpith Parker. Kenneth, held at this time > Butler. RolwH Roads, and Dirk Mrs. T. B. Ruylp Jr.. provided .OI-PHVPS. members ol the Junto:•! enlertHinmpnt. after which Mrs. f , n ,j intermediHte Departments Charles Smith and Mrs. Ruyle - O f the Sunday School of ihf served refrpshments. Kirst Baptist Church HIP spend Present were Mrs. Monrae El- j nK (his week at Lake Spnn«- liott. Mrs. Morris Klliott and ijrid attending Junior Hi Bap- son. Mr. and Mrs. Darrp.ll Walt- |j s ( Youth Camp. / eis and sons, Mr. and Mrs. T. B. Clan* Reunion Ruyle Jr. and sons CARROLLTON Sister Mary The Ruth Mission Circle met The< la of Aurora, who is VH--Hat the Bethel Baptist Church tuminu here will lie guest of Tuesday evening. Mrs. Tom honor al a reunion of her giadu- Ryder had the devotions and op- H |j ng ,.I HSB O f 195,1 ol St. John's ening prayer. ||j Kn School. The event is set lor Mrs. Heiwhel Frit* was pro- Sunday evening at the home of gram leader. The lesson was in sistf-r Mary Thecla's parents. the form of a skit, with mem- t \j r ;tnr i \i, v Krank Kuhnlinr A i-urry-in supper will l>e served arid plans ar«- beitiK made by Mrs Bernard Kama. Art Tumnt DRUG >ionF<; r,ivr AND nrnfFM f«r,ir STAMP-; • THRIFTY nmir, WOPFS r,!VF AMD RFPFFM F»r,ir STAMP; nRur, STORK r.ivf AND RFDFFM ftm STAMP; • THRUM All ItMSTIR ut'i AII trot i THRIFTY COUPON f THRIFTY COUPON •18 VALUE ENVELOPES 33° . 3fe social or legal tiz« •nvi, I0e HAIR NETS Ladies' Rayon Hollywood Stylt BRIEFS Siwn Sin.. >lt;d.. Lg. ItcK. r<!tc- Values 4 >• 99' CHARCOAL BRIQUETS Swift's ICE CREAM New Low Price at Thrifty Drug! UPJOHN UNICAPS Ml LTIPLK VITAMIN'S Bottle 100 Reg. 3.11 OPEN MlIbS ana SUNDAY EXTRA SAVINGS WIIH tAOLt STAMPS JON AMI GLASS GLOSS WITH COUPON August 4. 8. * MAOIC-.H1ST INSECT BOMB SHAVE CREAM 10 Or. Awwol. «*e • rnorp Rtxall RUBBING ALCOHOL I ». 7»« Regularly 2.59 . 36 DAY SUPPLY FREE REXALL SUPER PLENAMINS America's largest selling Vitamin-Mineral Product with the purchase of 144 day supply at Reg. • oth Price of 7.95 $10.54 Value For SCXHU'tl-PKOOI- IRONING BOARD PAD & COYER SET Sillcorip ami Klbron. VVatfr Kcppllcnt Surface. Pad Ko- tiiains Dry. C mer« buy* NOXZEMA SKIN CREAM 1.15 INFLATABLE VINYL WATER TOYS Large A**t. QO C Keg. 'MID 99 fttCOMi HAIR SPRAY 69c ASPlR^ jOO TA»«» KlfNZO WASH 7-Oz. Aerosol Reg. M.25 S.ti heir $«2i *•< nnM IWfM No dull,, ing fin«r, t 01 '"' ospiri" et • ». S-v. *0«. breath. DANE'S IUIJ 01 ANTISIPTIC IVII-O I MOUTH WASH *•« C0(; J7 Kontleek Dool ICE BAC * HOT WATER BOTTLE 14 M. Kill, contact. d gtrm». brtoth. Rexoll QUIK-BANDS 5-i'MO" VINYL WADING POOL 4.98 R<>K. 6.9.-) NEW per pock. "• 454 MINERAL OIL, Rexoll. H l9 m y ,eim e d.SOL 20 PC. PLASTIC PICNIC SET Hiuli Imiiact Plastic in] Kii'sta C'olor*. Complete Service for 4. Gallon I dbl "P- use. 2 qt. or SPECIAL COMBINATIONS FUNGI-REX POWDER '^ "^ J cam, SI.II Vol. ~~*^ Relieves discomforts of athlete's foot. HISTACALMA ^S^^ LOTION |il.*2 Vol. , I •• ; _ Relieves minor skin irritations, itching of poison ivy, oak. Rexall GLYCERIN SUPPOSITORIES 2 Jan, St.71 Vol. , *. Both for »i '» TALDI <$**.l,f.l Qf^+i* IB RECK IBRECK CKEMC RINSE iBreck Crvrae AMW, » ««ed latter tfee ihampou to <Mki |!M>itn«w. ItMWr and manage- l.ibility to vow hair A 2 '.-7 or.. Ihotrk at Brock Crerne Rinw Its IKDV available in cumbina jiion wMti each $1 00 bottle |<>l Brack Shctni|MJo . . . both [lor 91.00 pltiti J>i lederal tax i !' « ttft H M* «H. Adult's or infant's. 24 per C'AKA MKVlfc Color Shampoo fi Sliadfs, Shampoos Color in — I M»l* for N\ V.-Us. •i for I.W W BUFFERED ASPIRIN, Rexall 60, .49 S7< CALAMINE LOTION, Rexall, n.. n or P h. n .i....43 89^ EYEIO EYE DROPS, so.thmg ! 0 . 1( ,n. &<,».«. bo.ti. .57 75< ADHESIVE TAPE, Rexall.2 «« y d .n .io y d .59 23^ ABSORBENT COTTON, Rexall s.».s-.m. ...19 1.89 FEVER THERMOMETER, Bob y ,s..rk 1.29 2.69 HOT WATER BOTTLE, D.i..d.,.2,, 2.19 \VOVKN WILLOW DOQ BASKET C'HOK K OF H Sli5ES >\ SYMBOL FOLDING SYRINGE 3.59 Reg 14.59 A latex rubber, 2 qt. 2-yr. guar. COMBINATION SYRINGE 2.89 BULB*SYRINGE 1.39 LATEX HOUSEHOLD GLOVES Protection fr &n\ strong cleaners, Pink rubber. S,M,l. PICNIC JUG With Pouring Spout Value Start MANY MORE VALUES • COME IN New! Rexall Mint Flavored MILK OF MAGNESIA 12 oi. Rig Ji« Pleasant tasting ant' acid, mild laxative. 2Sc PEROXIDE For Hair Bleach, 4 or. 17' REXALL POLYMUISION Childftn'i Multi-Viloraini 32 oi. R*g. 4.59 liquid formula. Vitomim A, 81,62, C, plui ethert. Rexall COTTON BALLS Sterile. For beauty and baby care. MQgl WIND CHASER • Keeps your hair freuli • For evenhii; wear, motoring or any oecusioii. Made of Nylon Tulle *&**..: ^>tf- E Famous "JANTZEN" SWIM <| .25 CAPS Beouti-Aire Electric Massage Pillow Helpt> trim your (Inure. He laxes leiiblon Why PUV ».»5? TAN don't burn —use a oon. COPPERTONE be • for fastest tan . . . with Palef» r "' maj: ' mi <»i sunburn protection GUARANTEED! America's No.1 Suntan! 4 Ob Pottle 1.25 /rV5£CT$ WHiN YOU USB NAMOY STIIK INSECT rtptl* dinaar f alatbinf =*$, NEW FASY WAY fiikr, uf f UGLY TLtiH STAIN:, iSM", HUTU inn icwa W|% (AkMCV «»4 <«0d IUIM. "PMlfel rtttw IWkUl" V f«»» *klMl I wM*UM4'HuMi%.. liUtKlMI rp« J M STANBACK MORE EFFECTIVE and COMPLETE RELIEF of PAIN 30 POWUBKS or I Oil TABI-KiS 35» «i*C' „** H" ^'{ #*' Stop all 9 kinds of ITCH the way doctors do! New formula contains 6 anti-itch ingredients to soolhe pain, speed bealing, stop itcb fast! Science has developed a remarkable new formula that combines 6 anti-itch ingredients to relieve all 9 kinds or itch in seconds! Culled CALAMATUM* Ointment, this new medicated cream actually stops itching and burning on contact—soothes puin and aids healing too. brl'ective even on spreading itch like putson ivy. because it helps dry open uucping lesions, presents spreading Prevents risk ol' infection I'roin Clutching, too, because CALAMA TUM turns into //i own pink buiulagv —won't rub ott 'til you wash it oH'! There's nothing like cooling, soplhing CALAMATUM Ointment. WHY do you itch? Allwgk Mi Sunburn Itch Nwveut 1Kb EutmolMh Ktclolhcti InMCttltM H«all<»h Poiwnhry • Prurito CALAMATUM i> available without prescription in convenient lube or economical aerosol dispenser. Gel it today. 0 FORMS ITS OWN MNK BAN OIV59 UuUine Pliiiiuwcal Corporation, Dover, Del. CONVERT YOUR PRESCRIPTION GLASSES TO... '/ COOL-RAY* •^ ^l ^ Polaroid Far ytor 'round 6MU-HQOF Prottdion • MIVIN9 • IUCN • UT| WIIONT > TWO PYUS - TWO COUMi IHHIM f OMUL, SIOHl!k GIVI AND HJUUM t»UU IHHIf IT UHU(i ilOHlS lilVt ANU HJLUM JIAMPi IHHIr It UHUU SIOHti UlYfc ABU HtUttM lAGLt

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