Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 4, 1960 · Page 6
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 6

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, August 4, 1960
Page 6
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PAOB8IX ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THURSDAY, AUGUST 4,1WO Editorial Let** ITnifprMAtid Thorough inquiry- by the city administration ' as * means to help the city determine what •bould be made of the reasons for bidding-bash- tactics to employ in the future when it need* to on t new compact car On the part of purchase cars. David Laurence Effects of Steel Strike Still Linger Side WASHINGTON — Neither Con Alton automobile dealers. The current automobile market does not Opening bids Tuesday, the city received but appear to be <o glutted with orders that another sale wouldn't be welcomed Other dealers sent word they ,-ere unpre- On the other hand, the auto industry !,,,££ to bid at the present time. heading into its annual model changes — a "c-j,^^ a ( ) e ij ca i e but tremen Inquiry should be made as to reasons why tor which might handicap dealers in their abil j ons |y important problem that lilt dealers were unprepared to bid — not in the ity to supply models complying with any un- tpirit of leveling criticism at them, but rather usual specifications, Next Judiciary Change is causins hardship to millions, of Americans. It concerns the assumed right of small cliques and blocs fn hold a club over the I economic life of the nation. The press dispatches of the Edwardsville's City Council received a pro- ' possible to save the $4.800 police magistrate's alary. |, ear j o f (he Steelworkers Union, ' pO»*l which should be of interest to voters and legislators, both, Tuesday night. Cities might want to adopt a hold-off atti-! jn a j 0 j n) mnvs conference with Police Magistrate Earl Vuagniaux urged tude for a time, before making up their minds, [senator Kennedy at Hyannis' that under the coming new justice of tlie peace I One of the prime considerations in the new j Port. Mass.. revealed that 100,- *etup. the office of police magistrate be elim- i justice of the peace program is the calibre of W members of hls uni " n ^'' un *, r , r . .,, . i . j r. »L ,. ,. (employed and that .{(JU.iHJU ate itwted. men who will be selected for the posts. vvnl ' kjnK | oss , han full time at The city, he 1 said, would lose no income It may be that after surveying this factor' prpsf , n( from police charge trial fees because they still thoroughly, the cities will want to abolish the ..^ t))( , p rospp( , t over tnp ] o ng, Would be forthcoming through the justices of j expense of their own police courts and refer|| ml| | ver> (rood?" Kennedy ask- the peace hearing their cases. their cases to the modern model justices of the,,^ McDonald. In Edwardsville'is case, he said, it would be i peace. "Very bad." answered the .Meet union chief. ,. But who is responsible for the' Ollt id l'lllll*rillIllO I «^«? • .plight of the 400.000 steelworkers 25 and 50 Years Ago August 4.1935 \ Atimut4j9to Ordinances HtHfwHtlng acquisition and con- i The state organization of circuit elet*k\ ind jstruction of a municipal power plant subject to county recorders, ift annual session h*f§, «rv a Sept. 1? referendum were approved by the rlorserf proposed legislntlon to set a Untform '\Vood River City Council. During the discussion ^ale of costs or fees for Circuit Courts In 1111- iAlnVrman t). C. Burroughs urged the city in nois. The proposed uniform fee hill would tllml- jvestigate. further possibility of buying power rate differing scales applying in three classes jfrom the TVA or private sources, or purchasing of counties', based on population. Fees of Circuit i local facilities of the Illinois Power Co. clerks went Into the county treasuries, and It Trustees of the First National Bank at Bun- was urged the proposed new law would reduce ker Hill announced a further liquidating dlvl- the cost to counties in maintaining the courts. dend of 15 per cent, which followed two earlier Convention delegates were taken on a ttolJejwjar ones of 10 per cent path. Depositors had previ- j ride over the city and on a tour of Illinois Glass ously waived 50 ppr rent of their deposits. ' Co. plant. Dr. F. VV. Sokolowski, managing officer of Alvis Hausklns, back from Calgary, Alberta, Alton State Hospital, announced addition to the ; for a visit, said he was completing plan* tor Oul- staff of Dr. Edward Ross, coming from Midlothian. 111., and Dr. Jack Diamond of Chicago. Retailors reported heavy sales of cuns and jars as Alton housewives began a revival of vteeetnbte and fruit canning, Inspired by low prices of the produce. Wrecking of the t'ppor Alton business dis tlvation of 12,000 acres of the 13,000-aere tract he had purchased theme. His land waa largely under Irrigation. Postmaster Henry Brueggeman was Instructed by the Post Office Department that the American flag must be flown every day in fair weather from the staff atop the new federal (tid's oldest building only 12 by 30 feet and building here. The government was to provide hardly high enough for a tall man to stand in— the flags. was to begin as' razing of the Bradley building .next door nearetl completion. Hartford village officials conferred with Works Progress Administration representatives regarding an early start to the Rand street sur- The executive board of American Flint Glass Workers Vnion had authorized continuance of the strike in Alton over Issues between the Flints and the Glass Bo'ttle Blowers Union. The Flints in convention had readopted the past !who have been adversely affect- led for the unemployment In; «""«' "Each home in this new development must have at least two baths, a barbecue pit, and one-and-a-half 'garages!" Soviet Russia continues to puzzle the world ! the United States. by its international tactics. Now it,wouldn't be surprising if it turned Its latest conundrum: How can Premier out Russia was trying to pull the, rug out from i Wjn any presidential candidate Nikita Khrushchev break up the Paris summit under the United Nations. )dare to c ' orne out j n f avor O f an disarmament conference, avowing he'll never It h.u hesitated little about openly challeng- impartial investigation by a dis- sit at a summit with President Eisenhower, then \ ing the United Nations' movement in the Congo j interested tribunal so that the proceed to demand a summit conference on dis- ! and threatening to send in its own troops and j American PJ^^ffl learn how lacing project. Wijth relief clients as personnel, year's woge scale, "xceptlng for a 5 per cent in- tho project would use materials removed dur- crease in pressed ware departments. ing the repaving and widening of U. M ,fe|>', .bring economic distress to mil- armament at the United Nations General As- ; its own aid. sembly? N(W ic secks to undermine a meeting of thnj 1 , 1 .^ of (>uj/pns , Further complicating the question is Rus- Disarmament Commission with claims that onl\ i ^^ ^ instance, is a factunl sia's current effort to organize a boycott of an chiefs of nations can reach any effective resulrs'. m( , cal . pfll n y pre pared analysis; thp sc p ne . ignoring 1he basic is- already-called Aug. IS meeting of the U. N. in the quest for disarmament. This is a ncga-i of tnf , economic aspects of thej sup which is the loss'of'.jobs Disarmament Commission. tivc commentary on the machinery established|recent steel strike as it appearedj to Americans, he singled out Ja- When I rend Mr. Hoiik's advice 'to boycott ALL foreign made products' I disagreed simply because it was too blank and broad a statement and certainly no answer to the problem. Now Mr. Devine has come on Porum Writers. l\ote Writers names must b* published with letters to the Renders Forum. Letters should be concise nnd legible. All are subject to condensation. S. ti" through the village, Maj. E. P. Ketcham arrived to assume direction of Alton locks and dam construction lor Ihf United Stales Engineers. He succeeded Capl. \V. W. Wanamaker, who soon would leave to become a member of the staff in the Chief Engineer's office at Washington, D.C. Charles E. Megowen, who h;id been in bimi- I'he school board at its first meeting under presidency of Dr. G. E. Wilkinson named Miu Ruth .laeoby as a regular teacher and Miss Mildred Gwinner as an assistant. Miss Rita Webester was appointed a regular teacher to fill a vacancy. Miss Anna Vote resigned M a teacher, having been named drawing supervisor at Jamestown, Jnrl. I'pner Alton village board, which recently Hitherto, Russia has centered its attack on • within the U. N. for working out its problems, j this week in the monthly letter Castros Weaker? Fidel Castro's serious illness and the talk of j feet. his replacement by his brother Raul can inspire | the First National City Bank 'of. New York: I mcnt against the Castro movement, such devel- "The economy is still feeling jopments could have an important internal cf-! shock waves from last year's some interesting conjecture Raul, the more violently pro-Communist of j the two, conceivably could s faster than Fidel toward ties , ,,..... difficult to see how he could move it much ! out of a shooting incident in one faster toward internal Communism. i dramshops Tuesday night. steel strike. The extensive buildup of stocks by steel users be- jfore the strike enabled metal!working industries to maintain a ihigh level of operations until the A question as to the use of shuffle alleys, a;final stages of the walkout. After the workers returned, steel mills Pinball Danger a It is i form of pinball machines, in local taverns arose »Ma. JL » . v ... • . , t , i , j rapidly pushed output well above or the loca , ( , urrcnl stpe i consumption lev- iness in Upper Alton for 42 years, died at 71. He accepted the Washington avenue tarvia pave- was Upper Alton's oldest business man. ment. settled with the contractor, George A. George D. Cox was elected commander of Peters, at 510.628, which was $200 under esti- Alton American Legion Post. Other officers mated cost. The contractor was to receive bonds As to "superior products:" A chosen with him were Dr - Wflller Da y- senior in W™"*pan as his object of abuse. n ^: supcrioi . rm ^ tct is different to i vice commander; C. W. Wightrnan. junior vice William Sen?;, young Upper Alton glassblow- 1 n"li I" «t * r*ll"U I" M** n 11 li J H-"» } , . mt_ .. „ •. » .__,.,. _ _„__ __ .. .^. _j _ _. r*\ ._..____ T*i^.,«:_^ t , r: ^. n ». „_ ^c f: .« t,. i * t *^~. A,f ^*«* vnn I /""**» v+*iri a \n\^^fft l%* *«*•• tt* e ictiue of skilled labor and"i ma "y peop'e.'Thus it becomes.commander; Clarence Maxeiner, finance offi- er. lelt for Montreal. Canada, where he was to ^nerioV'nrodiicV seemine'lv in- irnerely a matter ot °P' nior > as icen C. .E. Kuehn, sergeant-at-arrns; William G. ; enter a seminary to study for the priesthood. He- * * *" • i • • r*. < * _ .. .1-...,« n f 11 »\i-» t* i r\v* tiiwll Ipti'l ......... . i . ; . » . _ t. _ t .,_„_.___. ferring that all skilled Jabor' and superior products American. what a superior product '.'•• W ilkinson, chaplain. are: Dili ing the recent steel strike,' —___ i thousands of tons of Japanese "i would think skilled labor is/ 'junk" (Mr. Devine's ex presto produce even theision), in the form of steel en- this country', think that at expected to be gone four years. ^. . P CUT SOUS . \ ixon% Revolutionary Plan of their skills. Incidentally..this Japanese "junk" did "The Great Wall of China." con-;eventually wind up as many of WASHINGTON — Vice Presi-, velopment of these backward locate relations with American sidered to be one of the truly '< Mr. Devine's so-called "superioi ,j ont Nj xon said, some things iniareHs. If we don't hdp do it.:sugar or coppfr jels in order to rebuild stocks. Be-j KI , eat won( j ers o f the world, was i products?" Already however other South American na- Police report they learned the brawl devel-, fore long, however, minimum af , corn p] is hed without American - .... tions are growing increasingly wary of Cuba oped from patrons playing shuffle alley and [working inventories were restor- ski | ls W. W. PORTER, Alton. , . • i, _..„ and its new regime. It may Hot Daivg! No One Knew It tW Havana has claiming drinks were due them from the tavern . • "Once prompt deliveries were long since passed the point where it can con- , owner. available and it became clear tinue its anti-U. S. appeal to its fellow Latin- ; While the payoffs m this case were not made ^ ^^ ^ prices wpre not American nations. ! specifically in money—the patrons claim they ; inlmin p nl| stee l users began A takeover bv Raul could easily perform I were to be made in trade—which could amount ra rcful policing of their orders two functions: Deprive the new movement in i to the same thing. "~ -'"' ~ :J ••• • • ' J **^ * -" L : i^n I > OIH-l V-WJI l»|*ii»_"v* |» *-'».*--"»*-«.••«• • j stocks. As steel mills worked off ' hil1 K ver >' important. July 'for steel to avoid an One of the factors determining whethe-isary and costly pile-up of excess these pinball machines are used for gambling which violates the law is the matte> of view of the current stiffening of Catholic senti- • eration for winning. ^ ; at wn ich steel was being chowed . -r— •- — ' ~ ' ~ " jup by industry. i his acceptance speech which they will. China,, especially, with' More land reform loans will would have made the Barry la bulging population of 675,000,--be advanced to olher friendly Goldwaterites faint from fright 000 already plans to infiltrate I I-'itin American countries despite —if they had really understood South America., take control of'the risk of criticism from Gold- their implication. local governments, relax imrhi-'wateritps that the United States For Nixon proposed encourag- gration barriers, and bring sev- is aiding I^tin socialism. For ng ."the revolution of peaceful!era! million Chinese into the f'dcl Castro's land reform, even though , Inefficient and unproduc- battle cry against the States in the rest of .the The Allen-Scott Report U. S. Warning to Russia WASHINGTON — The U.S. is.actual experimenting. ,efforts to seek disarmament and |mjlls bluntly warning Russia that un- After lengthy discussion, Pres-j nuclear agreements. dSund nucfear tests will bejident Eisenhower finally sided Only variance between them on ™ . . _«it_ C4 _.._.. *.«*«« TJAM+A** n** OArtfl- resumed unless an early agreement is reached on methods to with Secretary Herter on sending a "last chance" warning to ! Moscow to come to an under- mg and ny" of each and when Papa peoples' aspirations in South Amazon. ov-brought me home, I was sick.,America, Asia, and Africa" in For approximately seven years, 1 overlooked some- Mama blamed him for it because j the same spirit as the American, the Eisenhower administration;^ was he let me stuff myself, and L revolution. has followed a rarefully-calcu-'^ too,'because he: This is strong medicine. It is .luted policy which has helped • Western Hemisphere. the policy Mr. block Latin American develop- Kvery Man M Amba»Mtlor followed in Lai- ment. It laid down the rule that Another point Nixon made Is thing I've had 'f«m fat Hive that was what made me j n America in the past It is'no U.S. development loans could>that "government can't do this iv'miinut of steel dron-i medium, short, long. thin, niwjsick. .much nearer the crisis KuM j',-o to a rouniry vvhich barred fo- job alone .. .,,0>|* meana^ttiat LV, output 01 steel mop ^^ ^.^ ^ ^^ ^ ^_, ^.^ ^^ Qff hot dogs? NQT Cas(n) hM prepjpjta , pd in ljatini re, K n companies from explonng every one of you ., . who works ' W ith every known relishiON your LIP^E! Now when I go to America. Because the rag-tag, and exploiting local mineral or travels abroad must represent .wiino for and ".smears" YOU could name, the ball games or any other out- unpaid, unshaven continental'rights. This was a policy inspir- his country at its best in every- the vacation period" However in All delicious. * side place of amusement. I sniff.foot soldiers who knocked th.e,«I largely by our oil companies thing he-does." c hnHHav week of T,,l v 4 to 10 I rememher as a small girl, the air all around and can teller-own of George III askew in-which wanted to drill in Latin Thls is B0nie (hing which this y " ' ', :._," ^.(whHt a memory!) Papa would (right oft if they sell the luscious i 1776 were not to dissimilar from America, but were barred in C0 | umn has ^n witing ^ bout cenr of ranarH the lowest'take me to the amusement parkjdog. Now I understand they arejthe sandal-clad, bearded foot Argentina, Brazil, and some for w years _ ijmiL Ul C.alJftt. 11V ( IIIt: 11JWCM i I » i • ». •> i-%» i i /-^ «. i_ /^fitAc • i incp tq-?q fori«nd the carnivals whenever! scientifically processed andjsoldiers of Fidel Castro who'Otnei*. eve n the i ped about ; readv rate since 1939 f or " everyday American this issue is the Democrats' Pro- !any wepfc fiot aHected "j, y a ithey came to town. What joy iticooked, but they are still mighryihave been tweaking Uncle Sam's This ban on U.S. development tourist en n be an ambassador posal for a new "national peacel,^ Thus jn terms> of unused | wa s to linger near the hot dogwood. j beard in Cuba, ^ ..-«-... agency to conduct disarmament ' rap . lritv and jn loss of tonnage! sf «nd and smell them frying on I crave one right now. Think : Essentially the problem money not only aroused antipathy of good will when he travels, in for the United States, but play- American corporations can be detect such exp • j sta nding — or the U.S. will con-lplanning and scientific research' (>om ' d with rerpnt higns the |a greasy black grift with flies!l'll rush out and get me a pound Latin America and Africa and to e d right into the hands of the even mor(v effec(ive Funds running into tne mu- ;j __ ;t _^ ^^ to resume nu .j in arrns control methods." current adiustment in steel hasi*" around. But who cared! Thoseior two and eat them all. July|a lesser extent in Asia is quite^rernlm. firnis as Uniled Fruit which bag The recently - launched ""- alreadv cut d p e pei- than in anyjhot dogs were sheer ecstasy. Andiis over and I would not feel pat-jsimilar to that of the American |,s. Revenue* Policy n , llM and hospitals in Cen- clear submarine Tullibee has the, of , hp ' thrpp nnsfwar recessions > each one simply demanded a bol-, riotic if 1 hadn't done my bit by! revolution. And basically Nixon ]^st week, however, in fact, tra) America, the Standani Oil They were voluntarily suspend lions for such underground tests already have been voted by m£-£tfSS£ - i-ll-TLMS: sion ' jods for supen'ising tests. |of (hp th| , pe postwar re p essions . J submarines, the Tullibee is: "biggest ears" in the Navv's 1 "',,,'^ 'remarkable thing is that!' |p of strawberry pop. this great American tradition, fis right. on the same day Vice President| ( - 0 . unu . n nas ,, uj j, schools in Ve;ed at metn-underwater neet. The first of a (1)is h)|S happened writh melal . One time I had "one too ma- DOROTHY DARNER China Threatens Latin AmericaiNixon delivered his acceptance , }l . /n ,^ and s.-ar«-Roebuck which and control-1 number of nuclear hunter-killeri '^j ' ^ M{ an(J prodllction * »• . . • In l^t in America there are vast speech in Chicago. Secretary of. hjlN bro n , lott , prjced goodg to ....._._.___ .,- ~.,,:u__ ,., - jhinterlands of undeveloped jun- state Herter in Washington ini- Mf , xiro Hnd other ,: onsumbers fftr Mr K i Rles ' P am P as and P |aleaus wat-jtialed what amounted to a revo-: hav( , l)een r)oing a good job to ; i \si iiAi • *m. ; ing (0 ^g pj 0n eered, just as thejiutionary new policy for the; t | Mlj| . ,. oun , o afc w ,.,|j as f or , . . : interior of America• waited to be United States of aiding land re- ,. 0 |. MC Nixon has set a goal: "Let|c-,ans by threatening to take joneercd jn im form even if it bordered on sol. „' ... . ' u-.™— it s gomg to take this, =,^?Ar^w tests at the Neva-i' in g sueh tcsls - suorrmnm-.s ,,, e i.....^ »: KI>n p rH || y have remained close ^JShCTJSS KeeplnB D °° r 0peJ1 ' et ' u 'I'P ed Wlth numeroiw sonar (o ^^ , eve , s ^ sheer da provmg ground. Vjpp President Njxon and Am . ;and other tracking "ears" andj nitudp of this ,„,„, readjusM L'bassador Lodge were personally!devices — most of them in her, mpnl> Jn thP NO.i informed °l this important de- "nose " ^- ^^ - e n =«inii,,, _ UlC ^ ** i . . i .1 T^ _?J A. _i Al_ _.:„. i fi«%*mr4 tional Security Council ing at the summer in Newport, R.. It was strongly m B ™ .... — , ln n ^ or , Mmt , nuc | ear prepared to oraer new dislregai-ds the! conducting experiments jn search: -.. S|mv the , in ear , Ju , ; P / '" K ^ "> ™'° "' miner of a solution of the "nroblem (.[ ........ .„:„ : ^ ...... .... : " lat a| K llf OWI wll ° ls opp ,. atjons havp that tests if the "last chance" lohn McCone held Thp two R e P« hli(liln president)-:radio-frequency energy from rad- !tlounri( , d ,„ 34 pP1 . t . en t of capaci- meHsure" shoud!" 1 "'ndidalen were told that dig-iio and radar transmitters which,, Whpn a mo| . f> p..,,,^,^ up . mL gjng and other work has been i has caused, a number of acci- ' :Thp,y act like any two small boys goinj; to •vcn let us write lo the Highway Department and complain over and suggest routes for tropic backwardness of the be taken to resume underground nuclear tests in the fall. They contended this was essential for two reasons; To perfect new warheads for various missiles and rockets, particularly the Polaris, the Navy's solid-fuel ballistic missile for nuclear submarines, and the Mlnuteman, •till-untested the Air Force's solid-fuel intercon- slrike the first blow. I'm afraid that this last stale-'our velm-nliir. travel and ask ineiit of Nixon's might willy, when action is going lo replace speakng na^of lum. His sjieech was not revolution- which Vice President about - to compen- letha '- of the past ed years in our badly neglect- Hemisphere. Bell Syndicate. Inc.) started at the Nevada proving .denial racket .firings; high in.en-j^ W J[ 8 ^ r [J^ ^! »«.k.' ihe 'Man" decide to .nakej.alk: ground in preparation for the j sity in ship structures and car- possible resumption of tests. irier aircraft; and burns suffered More than $30 million for this!by personnel." Currently, this purpose is in tlie new budget of the Atomic Energy Commission. While the latest note to Moscow on this long-pending issue minces no words, GOP* platform | writers in Chicago deleted a state- research is concentrated on "establishing the sensitivities of various initiating devices of rad- o-frequency energy." Basis of the.'scientists' experiments are reports that the first experiences containing exactly with radio-frequency hazards to " • explosives were in private in- undisclosed ! dustry. tinental ballistic missile. warning To determine the effectiveness j «^- ""^^ Ol a number of systems and de-, d h , (O 1HB0 . The Hail syndicmc. inc.) vices to detect underground nu- ^ h 'clear explosions. This is an ex- ^ tremely complex scientific prob so fai- 1ms not been great enough; to lift order blacklogs off rock! bottom. The outlook is for something of ; a pickup in the latter part of this j month in steel and other industries, but who is going to be held j responsible tor the big economic 1 loss already suffered? Did the! labor union do all it could toi UMuileal it rough on Ihr American politi-| HARRY E. RICKEY Fish Tale ACROSS 1 Came flsh 1 Marine flih ^ Must Trani>lutlous lem that can be solved only by 9. B. COUSLBY. PubiUlmr •J* Editor „ frit* 30 CMU weekly : fey null HO • y«ur wlur 144 btyond loo mllM io Senator John Sherman Cooper,: Reginald Heber's best known! K.\.. head of the subcommittee I hymn is "From Greenland's Icy writing the foreign policy plank,!Mountains." which is said to have | included a declaration favoring' been translated into more Ian- new underground nuclear tests j guuges than any other hymn. .m accord cannot be reached - --..I with Uie Soviet. I 1 I ,9 . i Before this could be submit- * OUiljS ted to the full Platform Committee, the President phoned Coop- Ut ' f11 ' ^ Ml ' d a " d Father of Ufc all, er and asked him to remove it.i who hlUlil ""* de a " »»» «' one avert a .strike? Could management's offers, made before thei (strike, have been worked Into 1 (compromises that would have avoided the strike 1 : What w;i(< MKMJUW Of fn AMOdATKP rt*u» mW .cluslvel y itlon ol ID mi- l»ws eub Till AUWT «URBAU Coo- "I am fully aware you are writing the platform that the party's candidates will have to run on," the President said. "But I still have responsibilities as President. 1 have five more month! in office, and I do not want my hands tied on this extremely important question. "It may become* imperative that we resume nuclear tests, and 1 want to be completely free to do so." Cooper readily acceded to the President's request, and the plank on testa ua* toned down as he desired. In effect, it diflws Uttle from Uw Demucratk pl*t> blood to be members of a world family, open our eyes to sec in all men and women our brothers and sisters under the skin. En- targe our hearts and quicken our understanding, that we may make room in our lives for those who differ from us in language, color, creed, and vocation. By recoguk- ing our kinship with one another may we feel more keenly our kill- ship with elder Brother Jesus Christ, our Ixjid. Amen. —Alfred N. Suyres, Lancaster, Pa., proic&sor of practical theolo- yy, Thcoluijicul Seminary, Evan- und Rftonued Chiu'ch. I860 by Uie DJvuUoo ol ferm. fioUt advocate oaitinuiMll^^^ISrt /»£ the attitude of the radical opposition inside the union which kept pressing McDonald to take an extreme |MiMtiun" Shnll Ainei- ica remain ut the mercy of small ! eliijues and blocs whii'h feel no' sense of responsibility to the general public'.' Why isn't this a very vital subject for Cuiij;ress to lakt' up''! What do the presidential cundi-i dales ha\ e to suy about it? These; are ticklish questions and politicians like to avoid them, but these issues go to the heart of whether America can make her present economic system succeed- It is futile lo talk about "economic growth at 5 per cent" or any other figure if a powerful group or clique can retard such growth without having any penalty imposed by the people who are hurt. Insofar as the steel strike is concerned, the damage now amounts to many billions ol dollars. The period of continuing damage, moreover, is as yet by itfeO N. y. Herald iribuue, Juv.) (tudiM 15 Column 16 Certify 17 Eye tumor IB Female ruff 20 Donk#y 21 Wr«ckn* 23 O»me 040 MN*ck (comb, form) I Muitelm* mammal' • Woody trult 10 Notion 11 Hardy heroin* 12 Hop* 1 kiln* 19 Mariner'* direction 91 Rat 22 Food fiith 23 Frethwater fish 14 Wicked Answtr to Previous Putzlt lil-JI tn' MKll ti irjm T-1 tives; 3. — Lack of any impel!- rhetoric. It also showed that the ing reason for their develop- : Eisenhower Mdrrujiistralion has ment. decided to beat Fidel Castro to , Little Today modem science has pro- I he punch b> aiding moderate re- The ituri forest in Belgian Cbn- vided ways of battling the tropics • form in friendly Latin Ameri-igo now contains about 40,000 and two powerful communist na- :i can countries. Peru has been a pygmies. These people stand lit- tions — Russia and China —Igood friend of the United States!tie more than four and one-half challenge the free world for tie-j and its land reform will not dis- > feet tall. MIRROR OF YOUR MIND I Gr«edy 97 Babylonian sky god >8 Begin» 2» Cosmic onto 41 Monarch 28 BanefactiQB 42 Derived 29 Sea bird oil 30 Rip 48 Ix>g float K Colombian 44 Field ailver coin 45 Nan* 47 Brought into exiatenct 4t Miscbievoui child 49 Miss 11 British money of account II Feminin^ •ppelUtioo monkey 85 Scheme 38 Dane* it*p 40 CuitOTOM? 4TBtrml (ao.) S8T M Animal 88 Diadem* »0 Italian •HW««>4MW KftTMNUMI *••«• By JOhKPlI WU1TNKV by both without praise or gratitude, and this tends to engender resentment. A single lapue in responsibility may aitjuae more attention and discussion than weeks of devotion to duty. Marital happiness would be greatly enhanced if both marital partners would be mojq perceptive of virtues and leas observant of faults. • i Dues practice always make perfect Aomver: Practice normally improves performance in athletics, cooking, study habits, etc. However, it is sometimes possible to overcome undesirable characteristics through negative practice, Uie deliberate repetition of un objectionable habjt until it becomes so disgusting Ito muni wives that we can no longer support tbelr it. 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