Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 4, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, August 4, 1960
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PAOETWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH THUI1SDAY, AUQUSPT 4,1980 X15 Sets Illinois Weather Turns New Speed Cooler; Rain Is Heavy Record K)RFCAST B.V RALPH- EDWARDS AIR FORCE BASE. Calif. (AP>—The X15 rocket ship, warming up for trips to the edge jof space, streaked 2.1iiO m.p.h. i today—fastest flight on record for n manned craft but just by a whisker. Joe Walker, test pilot for the National Aeronautics and Space Administration, was at the controls and becomes the new "fast-i By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS | Cooler weather—with tempera- i turos near SO—rolled across southern and central Illinois today'after a daylong outbreak of squally thunderstorms whic'.i claimed one life and injured four other persons. The freak weather Wednesday! and early today dropped heavy rains on parts of the state and put an end to n week of muggy 90-degree heat. The mercury range dropped some 10 degrees. St. David, in Fulton County, rs- Mwnirtg T«mj»f«ftff** INCREASING CLOUDINESS I reived 5 inches of rain, and Can- Says Castro To Bounce Back Soon By tttCHARt) VALtQfttANt Two Killed By Storms In Nation Blame Structural Failure In Helicopter Crash Showers attd thunderstorms are ex* ppcted tonight in eastern Montana and from South Dakota to Kansas, through many parts of t<he Ohio valley to Pennsylvania and the Virginias and in the coastal area from eastern Texas to northwestern Florida. Fog is forecast for the Pacific roast with drizzle in the northern sections. It will be cooler in the northern Rockies and from eastern Nebraska to northern Ohio. (AP Wire- photo Map) Centralia to Be Site of MentallyRetardedSchool SPRINGFIELD. III. (AP)-Gov. William G. Stratton said today Centralia has been selected as the sin? for a state school for the mentally retarded. Hie governor told a news conference the site received unanimous support of a State Welfare Department committee headed by I Stratton said land for the institution has been donated by the cits'. WeatherForecast Alton and vicinity: Considerable cloudiness, warm and humid today, high temperature 90 to 95; fair tonight with the low in the low 70s; tomorrow increasing cloudiness with thundershowers likely by evening, high 90 to 95. est human." The earlier mark was 2,094 ton measured 2.64 inches in 3'a m.p.h. readied here Sept. 27, 1956,l no " rs aftpr midnight, in the X2 research plane by ,Airj The thunder squalls Wednesday Force Capt. Milburn G. Apt. He prefaced an end to nearly a week j *™ jwas killed moments later when it of muggy 90-degre< ' ~ ' jwent out of control and crashed. Walker may have bettered that in an X15 flight last May 12, when he hit Mach 3.2—or 5.2 times the speed of sound, plus or minus five per cent due to possible instrument error. HAVANA (API - Raising clenched fists. Raul Castro told a midnight meeting of the Red- tinged Latin-American Youth Con- Igress that his ailing big brother j Flflel will bounce back with a ven< heat Tern-1 Srotfin R at rumors the Prime pcratui7s'parly Today were up toj Minislpr is seriously i" or will be r-pplfieed. thp 29-year-old minister of armed forces declared: "The best answer for those people (who rumors)—they're going to 10 degrees cooler. The storm systf-m smacked The plus would make his speed | states. some northeastern Illinois communities with wind gusts of miles an hour as it churned through half a dozen Midwest j'|gi't it directly." Youth Body Plans Day In Business Members of the Alton Youth Conference during the next few days will contact retail stores in Alton with Information about ft? THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Punishing storms drove deeper into the nation's mldsection today, leaving at least two dead and seven injured and properly damage in the thousands of dollars. Sweeping out of the North Wednesday the line of squalls toppled trees and power lines, flooded streets and homes and smashed buildings and store windows in parts of Wisconsin. Illinois. Michigan. India, i and Iowa. Today, the Weather Bureau said locally severe thunderstorms with damaging winds and hail were still occurring over the middle Mississippi Valley and the Ixwer Great Lakes eastward into thf Ohio Valley. At Decatur, Mich., a construction worker was killed and three, „ _ . _ . ,. , . ,"••• • others were injured when 50 mile! M / 8 ' * ud Cr ° 88 ' ad " 1 uadvis 'Urth. CHICAGO (AP) — A coroner's jury has blamed « structural failure 5 , possibly a cracked rotor blaflr, for a helicopter crash whir-h killed 13 PCTSOTIB. The Jury of 11 experti returned Its verdict Wednesday after an executive of the company which owned thp copter .suggested a rotor blade mitfM have ripped loose in flight. Thq copter crashed In flames in a suburban cemetery July 27, killing all aboard, while ferrying passengers from Midway Airport to O'Hare International Airport on the Northwest Side. Youth In Business Day! Clarence W. Moore, executive the scheduled Aug. 16, It was announced at a meeting at the YWCA Wednesday night. vice president of Chicago Helicopter Airways, testified that If a blade ripped loose while the cop- shaken , loose he tell • M at th YWCA Rt g O . clock . | ave saen , oose c- ! „ „ . _ . u . . jture before the copter plunged to 2148 rn.p.h., a mark 2,074 or below Apt's. surpassing j Am) R kk , kpd bj " -""«» Raul, heir-dosignate to the leadership of the Cuban revolution, said his 34-year-old brother is vvave ; "resting well" and "is going to The record for conventional jet planes is 1,525 m.p.h., set here last Dec. 15 in a Convair F106 Delta Dart by Maj. Joseph W. , nn hour winds blew down a half-! er for * p Kroup ' " ald thp p , ro built warehouse they were work- * rflm W|U be in ""d"'"* 1 ™ ing on. What the Weather Bureau i with th « *>,<* *° 8 * h(X)1 prom(> said may have been a small tor .it ion scheduled by the stores be- long stretch of Lake Michigan! "Those detractors and the cvni-i shoreline and raised lake levels C!a | international press and rumor- 1 nado demolished a Mich., greenhouse. Winds were clocked A witness to the crash. Lt. Raymond Hutchinson of the suburban Oak Park Police Department. , ........ „,.- , ,„ „,_ _, , ... speculated that the pilot. Robert Kalamaxoo i Kinnln(? Aug> 15 ' She8aid if wlIi ;Myprs. 37. of suburban Worth, 'jhelp the high school students !(]p)ihpra(f , |y ajmpd the „,,,„. at '--'- decisions about their ca-j tnp ^-^pry four to six feet on some beaches and docks in the Chicago area. recommended smaHer institutions be constructed to serve the mentally retarded. The Director Otto Bettag. i on selection The site for the $11,723,000 state! "The'City of Centralia was the; WASHINGTON institution was chosen from a list of 22 communities in 15 counties. He said Bettag's committee alsoj H«« B/ M, •commended that at least three) OKIlSUn Common Market committee said in its report | fr^« rr o Dction of Centralia: ™ OmVS L./.O. Rogers. Walker today opened all eight barrels of the X15's twin rocket up to mongers are going to feel miles an hour at St. Joseph's, rid docks in the Chicago area, strength of Fidel." he declared, i Mil ' n • Htlrl Chicago's O'Harc In- The last officially reported "Let them on looking at the Of- j t''rnational Airport but air traffic seiche occurred six years ago.ificial Gazette have a doctor at' af mp I*' 1101 ' continued undertaking eight lives and pulling]their side." nipted. engines, trying to push the plane' scoros of Persons into the water.; This was taken as a warning' .One fisherman drowned off the to, top speed with its present pow-j Wednesday's seiche was gentler, 'hat some now retaliatory laws—i Chicago lakefront when his boat er plant. For all-out flights, 50 to! although it extended along the especially against Americans —ioverturned in the rising waters. 100 miles high, there will be ai«hc 'line from Milwaukee to St. ; ar e being cooked up. The Castro i In flood-besieged Tampa. Fla., more powerful'engine. , Joseph, Mirh. The water rose j regime, in ruling by decree, puts | the rain-swollen Hillsborough Riv- The stub-winged black dart was j gradually, then receded. :'a ws '"to effect by publishing |.cr crested Wednesday and offici- by giving them a taste retail experience. dropped at 8:58 a.m. from be-j A seiche is set off by atmos-| thpm in lhe offi cial Gazette. als said the worst was over. , M , . ~ Secretary | n p.ath the wing of a B52 mother | pheric pressure and winds which Rnul was in a fier - v Hnd PO "f>- unaiumous choice of |he study, of Agriculture Ezra Taft Ben-j ship f lying at 45,000 feet over SI- push cool air down on the lake!* 111 mood in his first - ------------ ! — group for location of the new m-j son sa j(j the degree of prostitution under immediate consid- ; tection now given farm goods in eration. i I "It is geographically central! ized; aji established junior college (works in close cooperatiop with Southern Illinois University-: a training school for professional | nurses is being established at St. j Mary's Hospital; medical staff on j a consultation basis is available; its public schools are integrated; the city is an attractive one in which to live and the available lo- Ithe six Common Market countries, of Western Europe is a matter of grave concern to the United States. Benson urged that a policy be approved that would offer opportunities to U.S. farmers and those from other lands to maintain and develop their markets in the six countries on a fair competitive basis. He also urged in a speech pre- Huge Rally For Nixon Planned •SPRINGFIELD. HI. (AP) — Plans to make Springfield "the political capital of America" Oct. 15 with a huge rally for Vice President Richard M. Nixon were outlined Wednesday by Midwest Volunteers for Nixon. • Caravans of planes, buses, auto-j mobiles and covered wagons arej Another High Dive expected to bring an estimated I & 100,000 persons in the "Overland! ALAMOGORDO, N.M. (AP) -j on the Eur °P ean Economic Corn- Trek" to the State Fairgrounds Capt. Joe Kittinger, of Hollomanl munlt >'-'' he ^ id ' "The course the near Springfield for the Satur- i«, m ™.n,tw t«i» a «,,n fnr i»ttor day event, volunteer officials said. The rally will be billed as one of the largest in the Midwest in Nixon's campaign to capture thej presidency in the Nov.8 election,,' said William Harrison Fetridge of! cations meet all requirements."jpared for delivery at "the Flor- Stratton indicated construction of the Centralia institution could start next year. Airman to Take gines in a four-minute burst | water level. ver Lake, 110 miles east. The en-i "surface raising the shoreline > pearance since returning from a; • visit to Moscow and talks with So- iviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. ! police, Th(J y out hf u i revolutionist hit^ t . . °ihard at the* theme of spreading! fishermen. mc C(jban rpVo]ution , hrough the j pushed it to 78,000 feet, setting the The Guard speed record on the way. | Wednesday had an Then the craft Aiade a long, |warn sun buthers and fast glide back to this desert test center and landed at 9:08 a.m. on the concrete-hard mud of Rogers i But throe men fishing off Oak i Street beach were surprised by; Western Hemisphere. Dry Lake. Walker, 39, is a husky, smiling 6-footer with curly blond hair turning gray. He has made three ! the sudden turbulence. Their boat j ™ s owrt " med and Joh " n PaVPmeilt previous X15 manufacturer, flights North. since the American Aviation, turned it over to NASA. The power plant that set today's Set Trial Johnson For Youths Wants New In Murder Food Plan llutchinson s«id Myers may have swermed to avoid homes in About a dozen stores have In- \ the surrounding neighborhood, dicated an interest in the pn '> shortly after the crash, the gram so far. Mrs. Cross said. rVdonil Avintlon Agency ordered The conference is made up of Ihnt rotor blndes be used in flight Alton and Marquette high school for only 1,100 hours. The previous limitation WHS 2.450 hour*. The rotor on the copter which craBBed* harl about 2.000 hours in flight, In quest witnesses said. 1 McmluM> of Cobra (ianr Seiitonrod to Jail CHICAGO iAPi — Four mrrn- IHTS nf the C'obras, a Nogro teon- ago g;ing. were sentenced to jail Wednesday by a judge \vho said: CHICAGO r/P) - Two youth*. " WVrf> K° in « to tfve the Cobrus charged with the arson murder of a woman and her niece will . lami, a barber, drowned. companions — Theodore Sebosky, | Then Replaced lie tried in Criminal Court Tues- BLANCO, Tex. fP — Sen. Lyn- ;day> don B. Johnson told his home] Tne youths, James Holubiak, LOUISVILLE. Ky. (AP) - The i folks Wednesday night that the! 14 - and Francis Martich, 15, al- const ruction work-i residents of a Loui^'i'le street mat ion needs a new foreign pol-l le 8 pd| . v Placed a smoke bomb hefore Judge David A. Cancl swung out from Navy Pier ' breathed a si & h of relief when city I icy of using food and fiber sur-! In a porch closet of a second- \Vcdnesda>. 'j repairmen finally plugged up I pluses to wipe out fear and f am-1 slor >' apartment June 27 the Coroner's witnesses 42, and Joseph Panzo, snatched to safety by a crane men 60—were j huge j nru club house. Polic" said the youths were scj/f'd in a stolen car July 1-J as they drti\x? through the South Sidf> looking for a rumble, or gang fight. iade," a world horticultural exposition at Rotterdam, the Netherlands, that protective tariffs of the European Economic Community be lowered. Copies of his lLil_ I" ""- rv * 1 iwul HUM I J u I ITT I VJIC 1 ^:- I 4«clf\c:u u&v.f\r> '^v IJJ I let V^ speech were released through! For the final assaults on space,! boat overturned, but he was res- lpajrmpn wprp a , rough _ „ bulldox-i more influence than the his office here. "The eyes of the world AhvForce Base, the man who at-! are community takes will, for better l _..__ 4 _ ._ „— t , _ ( ,,|,,^,.. *,,. ,, » inmij |'iuKKt..u U H H»U» mark is made up of two four-j A few others had narrow es- ho , ps jn fh(? pavempn , Bu , they | ine barrel engines similar to the sin-l tlf| P es - Charles Hurt, '67. was had hardly inhaled aga gle four-barrel rocket that drove| swept into the water at suburban tnp sjf?hs ^came gasps. ., „.„ „ ,..« ..„„„ the smaller X2 to its record. iWilmette Harbor when h lS motor! About fou) . hours aftw ^ re .| 1)aked backs w|n have : For the final assaults on space,!boat overturned, but he was res- lpajrmpn wprp tin . OURh . A , a single-chamber engine devel-i cued by a Coast Guard patrol. | er came along and not only testified 'ensuing blaze engulfed the a t an inquest July 6 that Marten had hardly inhaled again when "A little food for hungry stom- i a n artmenl which had but one an( j Robert Miller Jr., son of the ,achs and a little clothing for| cxit - an(1 killed Mrs - Sophie building owner, accused one a»lot worn- tained fame byfalling down, will take another high dive from the[ edge of space this month. Kittinger made parachute | or iin the rest of the , . tanks we have been sending I E* 1 ™'*' Karabin. 31, and her niece. o)nei . of stealing from each otli- Cheryl Lawson, 17, visiting from e r's lockers at Chicago Voca- oping more than three times thej Other storms attacked various Jthe repairs, hut tore up the whble ' overseas," said the Democratic fional High School. But Martich thrust of those used today will be! points in northern Illinois. Tn?es j street. installed in all of the three X15s. iand power lines were blown down! It is expected to drive them at ; in Antioch, Fox Lake, Dundee ; vice presidential nominee. • Holubiak and Martich pleaded denied a report that he threat i innocent at their arraignment ; ened to bum the Miller house. of more than 14Vj and 12 Wpsl ... .....~, last Nov. 16 and Dec. 11 re- \ ,' Chicago, volunteer chairman. ; Sp ectively from a balloon over] y " The EEC, or Common Market countries, include the Netherlands, BelgiuYn, Luxembourg, speeds up to 4.000 m.p.h. ; NASA said today's mark ra ncand France m& and the Roekford area. Four persons were injured when 2,150 m.p.h. is not subject to the i lightning struck a tree near five per cent plus or minus error, j rjwight where two families w.?re as new instruments were used in' pk . n i cking . None was hurt seri the clocking. "We hope to make Springfield the political capital of America for the day," Fetridge said. "And we hope we can recall the spirit of the 100th anniversary of Lincoln's election." Tne project is designed to re-' call the history of the Northwest Territory which was formed by Congress July 18, 1787. and includes the states of Illinois, Indiana, Michigan, Wisconsin and Ohio. Fetridge said GOP officials! from Missouri, Iowa and Kentucky | also will be invited to attend. i Midwest Volunteers for Nixon "want to corral the votes of the! independents and dissident Democrats," he said. ! Between 25 and 30 per cent of; the people who will attend thei a this southern New Mexico missile range. The Air Force would not say from how far up iKittinger will make this attempt. Announcement The six countries, arc attempting under a Common Market treaty to develop a common ag-j ricultural policy that will make them self sufficient as a group j in the agricultural field. ! of the date will be made by thei Benson, who is on an 18-day j Air Force in Washington. Strip to Western Europe and the' Purpose of the long jumps is to Middle East, said it is of contest Hie equipment used at such cern to the U.S. government heights and human reactions to (that the farm policy of the Com- them as part of the Air • Force'imon Market countries "be orient- space research ied in a liberal direction." Farm Prices To Farmers Show Gain By FRANCIS P. POWERS WASHINGTON & The Ag-j ously. " Lightning also struck the farm home of Dale Sorenson of | Dwight, and the fire which followed destroyed the home. •! John Marshall, who became i Chief Justice of the Supreme i Court in 1800, had never before 'held a judicial office. products probably will continue 110 average above a year ago i levels. Marketings of hogs, eggs 80 Will Receive Scholarships Tonight riculture Department said today .. , , .. . .prices farmers received for food!"" 1 , «om f trerti fruits and vege- i products advanced 3 per cent ini lables Wl11 be smaller tha " Jasl the second quarter of 1960 over I the first three months of the year. Most of this rise was caused by higher prices for hogs, eggs and some fresh fruits and vega- second (year. Retail come from outside Illinois. A caravan of private planes is expected to fly in from Michigan for the event and caravans of automobiles, buses, floats ' and covered wagons will lie made up at various points for the journey to Spj*ngfield. Arthur Apple ton of North brook, chairman of the Overland Trek committee, said personalities from the entertainment field will be on hand for the rally, which will be free to the public. Appleton, Fetridge and other volunteer officials met with newsmen after a luncheon with Gov. Stratton in the governor's man- EDWARDSV1LLE -- Eighty jition scholarships, entitling recipients to attend any of five in state nois, teacher colleges in Iltt- will be awarded to 1960 graduates of high schools over the county in the seventh annual Madison County Teacher Education Scholarship presentation ceremony here this evening. Coulny Supt. of Schools Wilbur R. Trimpe said today the scholarships will be presented by his assistant, Ray Dragich, to recipients of 48 "regular" scholarships, 29 others listed as "supplemental" winners and three high school graduates qualifying for special education scho!- prices of farm food products in the second quarter this year were 2 per cent higher than in the first quarter and per cent higher than in April- June, 1959. Farmers received 39 cents of the dollar consumers spent for farm foods in April-June of this year. This is the same as in the unships. Other volunteer leaders who at-i Principal speaker at the cere- tended the news conference were]monies this evening, to be con Bruce Baldwin, Lake Forest; Bob James ducted in the Edwanlsville Senior High School cafeteria at Beckmeyer, Nashville; Brow, Evanstori, and George j p.m.. will lie State Suptrintend- Smith, Columbus, Ohio ^ent ol Public Instruction deorge Adverse flying weather prevent-JT. Wilkins, Trimpe's predecessor ed volunteer representatives from j as county superintendent of Indiana. Michigan und Wisconsin IschouK. from attending the uetMiun. Fet-i The, so scholarship awards ridge said. have u value ol alxiut $150 unnu- DID YOU KNOWl 1, Pioio FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS ond LOAN invested more than $1,400,000.00 Home Loon funds with E. I. P.'s during the 12 month period ending June 30, 1960. 2, You ore on E. I. P. ot Pioso FIRST FEDERAL. •K*traiu*ly important Pt>rkwi Plasa First Federal tun t WAU HI moNi HO J-JHI quarter also averaged Teachers' Colleges or at Illinois The department said that dur ing the second half of this year second quarter last year. FEDDERS WORLD'S LARGEST SELLING AIR CONDITIONER 1TON 11,500 BTU's - 220 1/2 TON 220 Vein. $349.95—NOW 249 $4/1095 ALL OTHER MODELS ON SALE! Open Monday & Friday Nltei Till 9 P. M. EASY TERMS 311 IELLE IT, Acre** from lit National look Sidewalk Teller Off WHISTLE! NOW IN THESE GIANT 16 OZ. PICK UP A CARTON HALF-QUART BOTTLES ECONOMICAL! 3 FULL GLASSES of SPARKLING ORANGE from EVERY BOTTLE Distributed by: J. C. tuft IttHtoj Carnagey. IIII Oraad Aveute, feo*J»e City, III.

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