Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 4, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Thursday, August 4, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Than 124 Years FRIDAY: Low T3, High 85. Established January 15, 1836. Vol. CXXV, No. 172 ALTON, ILL., .THURSDAY, AUGUST 4, 1960. 34 PAGES 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Collective Action Urged Downtown "Collective action hy retailers, properly owners, professionals, i and other business organizations IK the way to attract more andi better business downtown," said Arthur E. Wright Jr., executive director of Downtown In St. Louis, Inc., at a meeting sponsored i by the Downtown Busings Men's Assn., at Hotel Stratford i Wednesday evening. Henry McAdams. Alton Eve-(Our exploding population mnkes; ning Telegraph, was master of (more purchaser's and. there is ceremonies. He said off-street ; enough business to go around, parking, elimination of traffic!All wr want to do is to get our' congestion, urban renewal, a n dishan. 1 . 1 ' promotion and dressing up of Wright said the coneentrnfion downtown .'ire the four points 'of buildings in the downtown area that the DUMA have been slriv- is ;i girnt asset, because people ing for since 1!)jT). .don't like to w;ilk two or three; McAdams said then' will be blocks in shopping centers to find two more shopping centers in the!what Ihej^wanl. area by the <*nd of 1981. He said: Urban renewal does riot only' "We can beat them to the punch mean the tearing down and re- i by sUirting. now and improving!building, but also redevelopingi the downtown area." and rehabilitating, Wright relat- 1 Survey Made ed. fie said urban renewal Wright said the first thing St.'cannot be done without federal Louis did to improve its down- assistance. j town area, was to hire a company Large Area to make a .survey and analy/.e "The reason for this is the fact the problems of that area. (hat you cannot have just a block This does not mean that other, or two under urban renewal."' organi/ations, such us chambers.Writ-lit suid. "you have to take of commerce, arc not needed, u large area. For instance 1 , the he said. These arc- still essential Mill Creek Valley redevelopment* to the well bfinq to the com- ;trca t;ikes in 'kilt acres. 'II is munity. Wright staled The sur- the lur^est project of its kind in vey company ;i!so studied cities the United States). Both city and that had already made improve-, federal funds will bo. used to re- rnents in Downtown areas. 'Develop the Mill Creek area. Af- Thc first. recommendation of ter the redevelopment ixith trie the research company is to have city and the federal government a full time organi/ation to de- uill get a return of their monev, vote iis liinr to t h e downtown Ix'cuuw. 1 in future year',, real area, Wright said, ;ind should not estate ;<nil sales tax revenue can divide itt> time or it.s funds with '«• double what it wtss prior to anyone else. Kmployment of a the rehabilitation of the area." luU. time M;»tf waw the second In closing. Wrigbjt mentioned recumniendution, Wright said, the free loader- in the downtown The researchers said tljal the areas, who say they are all for organization should include ev- ; a project, but who will let their cry property owner, business (neighbors do the paying. He said; and profession besides the re- : the way to alleviate this probJeni( tailers. is to use the names of the mem-i Adequate financing is a must,! berg of the organization in all Wnght said. He told the Altoni- promotions, so that the non- ans that St. Louis raised $200,000(members will not be mentioned.! ior its program for one year. : St. Ixiuis' plan has operated for'' When a person or company join-,two years. Today il has tripled; ed Downtown in St. Louis;.Inc., its membership. "This should be he was obligated for three years,: evidence of the worth of our or- ACROBATIC MAR Bimche Rushes to Katanga To Smooth Way for Forces 'is to greatly reduce Uie dwellings,!' ! so that the organization was as- ganization." Wright said, sured it was going to have funds Alton's Problem while it was growing. The or-. Irving Roscnfcld of Vogue. pivs-'W. Watt announced today, ganization was set up on a non-'dent of the DBMA. said down-' "The purpose of this program profit basis. town Alton has a problem and. T»o ««.!* something can be done about it. The.-organization had two goal*. McAdams said it would lake o! , ln '''*. )n First, it would promote down-,approximately SUO.OOu a, year to ^ atl sa ' d> town as it was then. Second, il .carry on a rehabilitation and p>b- He noted that in recent years would fwumote redevelopnuftit. Jmotion project for downtown, there hav^s been'an average ol A large amount of the money' After some discussion the'^-'' ' ules ' n homes each year, spent lor the redevelopment!group voted to appoint a com-i accou nting for more than one- went into newspaper, radio, andimittee to promote downtown. 1 third of all fires in the city, television advertising. The main (The committee will be appoint- j Quoting national figures, the city SPREAD EAGLE, Wis. — An unusual wildlife shot, to say the l«?ast, is this yearling bear hanging by his back paws from two telephone lines. It was taken hist month by Mrs. Luther Roberts of Iron Mountain, Mich., who thought the bear was dead. When Wisconsin, conservation authorities arrived at the scene the bear wa.s com? from his loftv perch. CAP Wirephoto) * Fire Inspection To Begin Monday In an eflurt to reduce fire losses from home lires, the Alton Fire Department next Monday will inaugurate a house-to- elements of the present building! Home S&L Contract Awarded The contract for the enlarging j and modernizing of the H o m e! 1 Savings & lx);m Assn. building was awarded to ,1. C. Wohn:lich & Son Construction Co., at a i meeting of the ,-issocialion build' ing committee Wednesday night, j ; The Wohnlich bid was $181.000' for the project at the northeast j • corner of Broadway and Piassi< street. : The arcliilfct for the project , is William L. Flippo and Assoc-i ! iates Consulting engineers are (Charles .1. McClure and Aswci- 1 Uites and Wilbur F Rath. Construction on th*> building is .slated to begin immediately with the razing of the former Sherwin Williams paint store build-i ing. After demolition, a new, .fireproof structure will be erect-' ed which will double the floor' space for the association. Flippo announced that the di- ( viding wall would he removed frtfm between the old building and the new one to be constructed, leaving a large free first floor area. The lobby will con- lain a tera/zo floor, a rotunda and a central \vriting desk. Of- 'fice areas will be carpeted, witli , plaster and walnut paneled walls, with plastic-knd walnut dividers! between offices. : Flippo said that the structural! UN Troops Not Under Lumumba,SecretaryStiys By LYNN HELNZEKLftiQ LfcOPOLDVILLE. the Congo UP) — UN Secretary-General Dag Hammarskjold rushed his chief troubleshooter to Katanga today after giving assurance that UN forces will not try to enforce the central Congo government's claim on the rich secessionist province. Dr. Ralph J. Bunche flew tOi Privately U. N. officials saJd Elisabethville, me Katanga capital, a day ahead of schedule after Katanga Premier Moise Tshombe warned U. N. forces "will have to fight their way in" to his prov- tliey expected no serious resistance in the mineral-rich province, whose secession would spell economic doom for the rest of the vast central African country. ince- ; The Katanga government 01- fhe U. N. Command went|(iered general mobilization of all ahead with plans to send ite first able-bodied men in the province, units to Katanga Saturday despite Tshombe's threat. A special mul- botli black and white, to back up the hard core of 500 loyal Congo- tiracial task force was alerted to,4 C8e troops serving under Belgian stand by for the move. . officers. ' .Nut Agents for Lumumba | Hammarskjold sought to soften j the defiance of the Katanga lead| er» by emphasizing the U.N. troops were not acting as agents i for the central government of Premier Patrice Lumumba. He said in a statement that the U.N. force is not under the orders of the Lumumba government uor can it be permitted to become a party to any^internal conflict. The fear he sought to put at vest was stated by Katanga Interior Water Rate Boost Cut $34,000 DIPLOMATIC PROBLEM MANCHESTER, Mass.—Guess who is having out"board motor trouble? It's UN Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge, Republican nominee for vice-president. Ambassador Lodge took an Hour off from interna- ' problems to take a spin in his 19-foot boat. He SPRINGFIELD, 111. — (Special.) — Alton Water Co. would receive $34,000 less in annual revenue under the new rate ruling of the Illinois Commerce i Commission, it became known j Wday. The commission made public Minister Godefroid Munongo, said, "We know only too well that the U.N. forces would bring in their baggage the agents of Lumumba." details of its -order of July 29, Tshombe. in declaring Katanga announced in Chicago. " '! '"dependent of the central govern- The order cut from 47.5 per ment soon ***** me Congolese <u> cent to 42.5 per cent the rate «,VMI A ii*.- i_^(jo.i mien i utTAL .V1UIIUU0 1 wiu inaugurate a flUUSc-lO- *-•*-•"'*•" w «* •»*•- r**-j*-in. uuuuuj& f !• 1* ' n 1 ¥» A » -*.Y i —« "*-..••. »* t w i**iv- houw fire prevention inspection program, City Manager Graham Vil1 not b <? disturbed. The low-| '"' e . s nc ardy in Beverly on Boston S North Shore. I increase for the Alton utility. ' * ° ..j.* . * j i * .. .. ....' ^•/l«~rtf f IT All Inn T ctf-a tn* nnv- '*•*«» n^tw- " *«c« t***. Sn «n lln^I It** rnt » • i -. « Seek Cause Of Train Collision er portion of the building will be veneered with a composition stone, black opai granux, while' i the upper section will be covered Uvith a "plastic sandwich mater--' iu\" suspended outward from the present structure. This plastic will be illuminated from behind by lights placed to give the entire area an "illuminated sign" effect. Flippo said that the time and temperature sign on the front of the building would be retained. Motor wouldn't start but "Cabot," as he is called by friends here, found trouble in a couple of minutes. A gas line had broken. (AP Wirephoto) Mxon Asks End To Discrimination my mutinied last month, charged that Lumumba was planning to The larger increase had been set up a Communist dictatorship, knocked out by the Circuit ap.dl 7 " 6 J )rovin cial premier and other Supreme courts. 1 Katanga leaders want the Congo's The commission today issued i P rovi " c es joined in a loose federa- ils formal order providing for! tion> ***** meir Province retaining a rate hike 5 per cent under thoi mucn of tho rev «"ie from its riuli rate fixed in the original order, uranium aud copper mines jutti it* purpose in the advertising was to ed by Rosenfeld. If new mem-j mana S er noted that 75 per cent of> tell the people that downtown;bers join the DBMA and the' 311 fires are preventable. ; was alive, Wright said. j$30,000 is raised, a part-time; The new program of home in-1 WILLIAMSON ' w - Va Wright stated: "We are not j person will be employed to do the jspections will be carried out by' ^ nves 'J8ators sought today to de-, fighting the shopping denters. i main job of promotion. (the fire fighters themselves. Fjrejtermine wnat caused the Norfolk \ Broadway east of its'own build-! By WHITNEY SHOEMAKER The commission announced :that the $34,000 cut in revenue j from rate increases \vas done ! by disallowing the company's i claim of accelerated reserve de- ipreciation. The original order fixed a fair HONOLULU OK-Richard M. Nixon, pushing his campaign j valuation of $4,100,000.'The Home announced last March it if or the presidency acquired the building on E. day called for an end to discrimination throughout the "country. the fair va]uatlon at — iChief "This is the objective to which James Lewis explained '&. Powhatan Arrow to slam into [ing. and that an enlarged struc-jwt- should certainly aspire in the hi* anmv^h i. s possible j ^ther passenger train in thede-; ture was Planned — with a new! United States." Nixon said. ' jpot yard here. ! front tor the present building and i The GOP presidential nominee Occupancy of New Suite -tantly should the need arie of th e «u,«d 'said, however, that desegregation The present building was erect-i will take time and a new disposi- into his line of fire. After he nndj Under the new order the rate Mrs. Nixon cast leis of white car- j return is 5.6 per cent, the same nations over the sunken hull of the (as in the old order, battleship Arizona in Pearl .lar-j (The. Telegraph, up to 12:30 bor, the vice president said a:iy chief executive must give first WHson,| ed with lton National Bank to j (h( next president to atlempt „ Alton police department today,pro-wired for the change-over. began occupancy of its new suite 1 With a single exception, shift- ( radios. Lewis predicts that under! ali/ed overnight. of offices provided through a'inff of office furniture followed.'this program some fire com-: The rest of the injured wore'of First Trust & Savings Bank problem b ul a ' mo i. a |p7 ob , wi 7»o[ remodeling of the police floor of One office that will not be im-;' james W1 " respond to an alarm j treated and released. City Hall. Police Chief J. M. Heafner, quarters, said Healner, is the | past. following a conference with City Manager G. \V. Watt, gave the! records division over which Sgt Honie lns P eL>tl °n* will be madeinoke, Va.. was supposed to switch *•,„„ ..„ .,..„.. u.,,.,. ._., ,.. ------ i....... .. and, after First Trust closed, the!a Southern problem but a nalion- not a government '11 cars front Cincinnati to Roa-| Growth of Home's business '• I'l'ohlem but a personal problem." 'mediately moved into its ne\v; OVP " rncne f l uic ' k| . v tnan jn tne The Arrow, twin diesels pulling building was acquired by Home.;al problem. Frank rival of moving day go-signal at 10 a.m.,| files lwti}c ,. ecords and shifting of files and furniture j awaited before transfer from over-crowded temporary (present record files. office arrangements to the newj The remodeling program pro- jvides a commodious service area with an information counter, facing the station lobby, at which visitors to police headquarters will be received. Schmidt Jr. presides. Ar- lon an area basis - and fl««men,lfrom the : sonic new furnishings and,' who Wl11 wear uniform ««« forjabngside Is room will be |t>asy id(?ntificatfon . wil1 work to]a «* [•ansfer of the! pail ' s ' They wil1 m l uesl Permis-|der. the depot at Williamson, coal town on the Kentucky bor- made enlargement of its quart- i ers necessary, and directors ear-; TV Interview Nixon made that statement in a ly this year decided on the am- i 'televised interview Wednesday bilious enlarging and remodeling '"'««' alll!1 ' a day "' which he •sion to make an inspection, ex plaining that this program is de-i signed to assist the householder in making his home as fire-safe as possible. Normally, only basements, quarters was begun Moving into the n e w office suite was made possible by installation- Wednesday of a radio antenna system so^that the departmental radio transmitter and receivers could be shifted into a {right, or south, of the police lob-! of the householder" utility rooms, kitchens and storage garages (will be inspected. Other rooms The service of f ice is to the (will be inspected at the request crht r»v» cm 1 ili nf tha t\nlif*£i 1/\K_' /• n. _ i. _ . > . • But the switch apparently was| open and the Arrow continued) about 100 yards on the wrong track, (hen collided head on with the standing Cavalier, an N&W train running between here and Norfolk, Va. The Cavalier was loading passengers for a return run to Norfolk. program, TODAY'S CHUCKLE Even back in Grandpa's time there was something to make you sleep. They called it work. «£> I960, General Features Corp.) [touched on national security, for- ,'eigii policy and the complications , j of civil rights in that policy. He also emphasized two campaign themes: That the voters should decide which of the candi- capable of guarding attempts against a surprise attack which could be "indescribably more disastrous" th in the sneak blow by which the Japanese bombed the Arizona and other ships of the Pacific Fleet at Pearl Harbor. p.m., today, was unable to reach J. F. Schlafly. attorney, for large consumers, who successfully fought the first increase in a long court battle, to learn what plans objectors may have in re- fertJle fields and pastures. Lumumba wants a strong central government and looks to Ka- tange to finance the poorer remainder of the country. No Immediate Departure Although the Belgian cabinet agreed Tuesday that Belgian troops in Katanga would turn over their peace-keeping mission to the U.N. forces, Premier Gaston Eyskens said in Brussels Wednesday night their departure would not be immediate. Belgian Foreign Minister Pierre Wigny told a news conference the Belgian forces, who have been keeping order at the request of Tshombe's government, would leave only when the Belgian com- gard to the new commission or- mand "decides that the security der.) I of persons there is assured. 1 ' dates himself or Democratic new sound-proofed communications room which is a main feature of the remodeling project. The moment that the radio transmitter was transferred to its new location, Bell telephone installers began final work of shifting the departmental telephones to their new locations in the various other new offices, all ina, Argent Israel End Dispute JERUSALEM (AP) - Israel and Argentina have Settled their differences over the kidnaping of Adolf Eichmann, accused of directing the mass murder /at six million Jews under Hitler. Israeli agents seined Eichmann in Argentina May ^ and whisked him off to Israel, where he now awaits trial as a war criminal. Toe Argentine government charged ttwt Israel had infringed on Argentine sovereignty by acting without Its knowledge or consent. It demanded Eiahmftiui's return to Argentina. , by, entered from the Alby street door of City Hall. Immediately to the rear of the service area is the sound-proofed communications center. And further south is the new records room. This suite of three offices occupies what formerly was the police court room, which at the start of the remodeling was shifted to the east side of the building. The inspection team will notej such common fire hazards as unsafe wiring, storage of combustible materials too close to; stoves or furnaces, improperly in-i stalled stoves and defective flues,! improperly stored flammable liquids and waste materials. A inspection report will be left Temperature Reaches 94 For Second Straight Day Sen. John F. Kennedy — has the necessary experience to run the and that the federal government should restrict its role to situations with which the individual or the state cannot cope. A crowd of 35,000 lined the j streets of Honolulu and gathered j before lolani Palace, seat of the 150th state's government, to wel- Icome the' vice president. ! Nixon, by flying to the island to* j group, became the first presiden- iul candidate to court votes out- For the second day in a row where the thermometer is with the householder, together!the mercury at Alton Dam hitj^ted. _, ... | with suggestions for eliminating! 94 degrees Wednesday one de- ; Tlu> l ' ec °i'ding therniohietor in-i side the continental limits ol tht i The remodeling to date also O r correcting the hazards found, „..,„> KhoH nf th _ ''..,, H ,,,„,, I dicated 98 degrees at 4 p.m. Wed-; United Suites, has provided a new office room I to protect his own familiy's safe- , ' . ' """"'d »'g\nesday. Uief in th( , anellloon : On the go continually, and grab- in the former information andjty k of aa lor the year on June 22.r\\li service area, and, to its rear, a| IllBofm . as ^ toU8eholder is | Tl L'ramleral Intelligence AclKIUes Then, speaking to a crowd at Kamehameha Shopping Center, Nixon said: "There should be no apology for, keeping up our intelligence ictiv-' ity so there will never be another Pearl Harbor." In his speech accepting the nomination,- Nixon declared that his Democratic ppponent had iaid President Elsenhower could have apologized to the Soviet Union for the U-2 spy plane incident. Inside Musts EDITORIAL . . . PAGti 6 MARKETS .... PAGE 3 SPORTS PAGE 13 SOCIAL PAGE 10 OBITUAItV . . , PAGE 18 RADIO & TV . . PAGE 99 COMICS ..... PAGE 80 CLASSIFIED . . PAGE 31 Kennedy to Convene Farm Conference HYANNIS PORT, Mass. <#> — sen. John F. Kennedy announced today he will convene a-Midwest farm conference in Des Moines, Iowa, Aug. 21 and will attend it. He said he would -visit former President Harry S. Truman at Independence, Mo., some time the same weekend. Kennedy announced plans for the. conference after a meeting with Gov. Herschel Loveless of Iowa. Its purpose, he said, will be to bring together "those immediately concerned with progressive farm policies in the United States" and work out long-range mittee of Agricultural Progress to serve as a policy committee for the party. The idea, he suid, is to explore the problems of agriculture, "so that if we are successful ui November, we will be prepared to act in January," when the next Congress convenes. Kennedy said he also is planning a subordinate advisory ,00111- mittee to give voice to the producers of various fair.i,commod- ities and to represent all sections of 95 for the year on June a.r W |, e n the sun hits the therjnome..|bing a snack when he could.'Nix-1 , . . . ., ...=«„, „„ », c nuu^.u.uc-, i b| Thls tem P eralu i'e may be sev-iler area the thermometer shoots ion made a half-dozen ceremonial i rearrangefl and enlarged sujiad twj{ , erned> t j, e inspection program I e '' ul degrees lower than other I "P above 100 and its accuracy, and handshaking slops during the- is completely voluntary, said area office of Heainer and other executive offices i*oom. The some will remain, for the present at least, on the north side of the lobby. The remodeling project was begun early last Aptil by ner-Manns Construction Co. with the shifting of the court room and office of Police Magistrate Fred J, Schreiber from the west to east side of the police floor. This made way for devoting the former police court space to needs of the police department. The new office rooms have been provided by erecting glazed tile and glfess partitions. The last work done wan the decorating* tuid painting, and laying of linoleum floors. i Watt. The firemen will make an inspection only with the householder's approval and the householder is tiot compelled tp correct any hazardous condition which might be found. Inspections will be made from 9-11 a.m. and 1-3 p.m. Mondays through Fridays. No inspections will be scheduled for weekends or holidays. Lewis emphasized that the new program is a tire prevention activity and ,not a police activity, "the firemen are to look for hazards, and not violations," he said. Tint- now home inspection program is being put into operation at practically oo additional cost to the taxpayers, Watt said. V lower than thermometers indicate since the river does have a cooling effect on some occasions. The weather bureau reports there is no end in immediate sight to the heat wave. High humidity all day Wednesday made life very uncomforable for people exposed to,heat and humidity. Temperature did not fall until late test night as a report of 92 degree temperature was heard at 10:30 p.m. ap lo actual air temperature is i day. questionable. ' Low temperature at Alton Dam this morning at 8. was 72 degrees. A light mist, barely enough to show a reading on precipitaton gaugues, fell early this morning. Possibility of thundershowers in this area existed this morning but they failed to materialise. A gray overcast sky existed until the sun broke through shortly after 10 a.m. Weather fprecasls indicate con- llmvaii As The recording thermometer uu'sidei'able doudinewi, continued the Telegraph office is near the!warm and humid today with a Broadway side ol the building and it measures the heat which during the day is reflected from Broadway. U gives fairly accurate readings throughout the high temperature of 90-95; fair tonight with a low in the low 70s. Tomorrow's forecast indicates increasing cloudiness with thund- For the most part, he touched on foreign policy and security. He used Hawaii as an example of practicing equality among people. Based on his travels, which have taken him to Africa and Asia, Nixon v said the greatest problem of the United States In \tlie battle of ideas is explaining how Americans can talk equality and dignity of man abroad and practice prejudice and inequality ut home. ' Nixon directly pulled Kennedy By Stray Steer Caught, Herded Into Garage at Edwardsville day until the afternoon ami fulls erohowers likely by evening; and j directly on the building area! a high of 90 to 95. DATA AT THE DAM H a.m. le today 72 River S.WBO U»low dam at 8 a.m. 24hr«. to »».m. 1.1. Pool 43.4 . • A truce. High W, low 77' EDWARDSVlLLE-Public of- ficiais led by Police Chief Jack Hartung doubled In brass as cowpokes to round up a stray steer, which eluded Us pursuers for 45 minutes this morning before the agile animal was cor- rated at 9:30 in a garage at 205 W. Franklin Ave. The yearling steer, reported at large in the 400-bluck of S. Buchanan street, fler uorth- \vurd along thu Chicago & Northwestern Railroad tracks with Hartung and Sgt. Henry Lienenmnn in pursuit. Joining In the chase by car and on foot plans fqr legislation. The Democratic presidential i of the country, nominee also announced, he isj Kennedy said he also will es- crealing a National Policy Cons- j tablish "Farmers" committees ui every county in every agricultural section ol the United States. Kennedy said he has not yet decided whether he will visit Truman before or after the Des Moines meeting. Kennedy and Truman have just made peace. Truman had refused to attend the Democratic convention us a protest against campaign tactics used by Kennedy in winning the presidential nomination, bur Truman now has agreed to campaign for Kennedy and his running mater, Sen. Lyndon B Johnson of Texas. Kennedy said he and Loveless chose u Sunday for the Des Moines confej&ice to avoid inter- were street superintendent Fred Behrendt and county dog catcher Earl Legant, police reported. But credit for corraling the animal alter the chase led through streets and across back yards-with housewives and children taking shelter in homes -went to off-duty Edward H. (Sparky) Meier, who herded the sleer inu> a garage. The animal, believed to have escaped from a cattle truck passing through the city on Rt. 15«, was being held by police today for claiming by the owner, fering with the sessloe which will reconvene Monday. lx>vel»*s, declaring to Meek* no Cabinet pout, Hew hew Wedn«* day with his wife, pi^nn'ng to i& main for a week's vacation fftif ii* talks witb the {teuuomitic crag,' dential nominee. ,

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