Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 3, 1960 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Wednesday, August 3, 1960
Page 17
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WEDNESDAY, AUGUST 3, I960 ALtON EVENING TELBoftAPH TMtJ BfMtl HOtJSft 8-JI M6LLO ? MikU),f%UUNf By now&ra BIO BBPT BOLT By JUDD SAXON By Ken Bild and Jerry BronNeld «0«y, JDHN90N-O* CHAPBK, IP THAT'S VOU« NAME «I CAN'T CUA* YOU KXJHW MEXICO JOp WMtN SO'/MANY PEOPLC AlK^^fl^^ LOOKING FOR YOU.' THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs X^ WKKtAUHie TKS Off, SOBOCS MOMBt NtrueS- IH WOOOY Ht£99, * 60XEX-AHO OUSHHOHA9 MtVE? BfffW KHOCXSD OUT. AtLEY OOP By V. T. Hamlln 4W Sflffr AiOUT / BUT 1 WONT Speedy Crochet RIVETS By George Sixta CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner THEN WPWT •MffiSUrr PROM A fAd, mfll «EAWBR>, YOU SMMWNOPWt MANiHSTAKBlTl HOT MCI WELL. WHY DIDN'T T HO LIKE TO TElL- fT YOU TELL U* WHBN VMAKE V0U WE RETURNED! WIU.I6 A5KRP SW TO KEEP MADAM. WERE YOU TOLD TO MAKE THE SWAP, Aft A JOKE ON BIB? AN EVE ON HI* CARl CONFU6EP HESITATIOH, THE WOMAN DENIES IT. write ORTTIMS NO-X WHERE. SIR WON WETHC5HWNE WU rlUA* VldlTEDL THIS WAVi THWKWUK QUESTION HIT PAY DIHTl CONTENT JUST TO BE NEAR S...WORSHIPING AT OUR PEET ...OIVINS US UNSWERVING PEVOTION. ASKING NOTHING IN •CM, rfftU ftatarpriee*. Al righto IIMI e4* THE BERRYS By Carl Grubert i i THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. an,d Mrs. George Smith DOKTOPGN wuv RD i TO <=>TAY IH OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams SMAIL, AND \TAKlM6A LOO<AT AH, <SLAP TO SEE WU'RE FINALLV J OH, I'LL BE RlfiHT BACK/TERRV ANP JUWK VOU'VE BEEM HOARPIW6 IKJ I I MAP6 A DEAL— THE AARA6E/ SdfPSKS _~ l / I'MTRAPIW 1 ALMOST REAPV, SO DQKTT /IMk JUWK FOR HIS.' B-S HONESTLY PETER...THE WAY YOU CARRY ON ^ ^ OVER THOSE BILLS.... f S ANYBOLV WOULD THINK THEY OWED US THE MONEY/ HENRY By Carl Anderson MY CORNS ARE ACHING- TOOAY; HENRY 850 Easy-crochet cardigan coat with a smart, nubby texture- ideal for fall weaw With a large crochet honk, knitting worsted — watch fite inches grow! Pattern 859: directions for coat or jacket, misses' si/es 32-34; 36-38 include^, Send 35 cento (coins) for this pattern—add S centa for each pattern for first-class mailing. Send to Alton Telegraph, 66, Needlecraft Depl., P.O. Box 161, OKI Chelsea Sfation, New York II, N. Y. Print plainly Pattern Number,, Name, Address. New! New! New! Our 1960 Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Book is ready NOW! Crammed with exciting, unusual, popular designs to crochet, knit, sew, em- broidef, quilt, weave—fashions, home furnishings, toys, gifts, bazaar hits. • In the book FREE —3 quilt patterns. Hurry, send 25 cents for your copy. Teacher's Pet PRINTED PATTERN DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney I SEE YOU ENTERING XOUI? HOUSE Dl?lPPlN<3 THERHS NO' A CLOUD IN THE S JUST eaes> TO SHOW WHAT Bl© FAKES... F Junior Editors Quiz on- CRABS FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blotter PORCBNTURieS MEM HAVE TRIED I R- NAUY MADTHe seoser/ AND HGB BUDDIES By Edgar MarUn VW$* UMfcT VW9X1 %^-T^ ©EE X AL,MOST FORSOT TO JSfc&*fV2 FIDDLER HB HA6 JI 00h INWHl-VH H» HE CAN. VACVC UP HIS I&A4NN& IN PIK4SB eUTTUad T» THS PBttTMj QUESTION: How did the fiddler onto get its name? * *, • ANSWER: The fiddler crab hi much like any other orab except that It baa one large claw which it carries at the same angle that a musician holda hla fiddle when he is playing it. Thus, the name "fiddler orab," The male fiddler orab uses his big claw not to make beautiful muato for the female fiddler orab but to fight other males. Fiddler crabs live In those areas of beaches and marshes that are covered with water at high tide. They eat small water plants. Their homes are burrows In the mud or sand and occasionally they cause damage-to dams by digging boles in them. FOR YOU TO DO: Rave yon erer seen a fiddler crab f Look for one if you can get to a ealt water abore. See how it holds its claw like a vtolin. * e e (Marota Rioharde of Barberton, Ohio, vtni $10 for tbia qaaattojb Send your Question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higgiasi AP Newafeatures, in care of this newspaper, tf duplicate VIM&U we teeeived, Mrs. Ulggias wUl tfitet the WtnJMHTii 9*4 Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily .-._ SIZES 4747 2-10 The .shirtdress — fall's top fashion for big and little girls. Daughter will love the convert- ihle collar, roll-up sleeves and wide, wide skirt. Easy-to-sew and smart for back to school. Printed Pattern 4747: Children's Sizes 2, 4, 6, 8, 10. Size 6 takes 2Mi yards 39-inch. Send 50 cents In coins for thi« pattern— add 10 cent* for each Mttern fur Hrst-closg mailing. Send to Anne Adamv, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Oept., 'its W. 17th St., New York 11, N. V. Print plainly Name, Address, Size, Style Number. SEND NOW! Big, beautiful, COLOR-IFIC Fall and Winter Pattern Catalog has over 100 ityles to sew — school, career. ialf-sizes. Only 35 ' cants ! A golf cart is a Big ad* antage over a caddy, be* ause it can't count. ©NEA* Ul'NOUKIMb WAUIfi WAH N MANEAT1NU iHAKNI fiore than 400 people dubbed. Beared aud poui'ed tihotgUD and ille fire into a whool oi frenzied eitUng Wwrkc at Ki«g»fiUfi> Beach, netu- GU-iKtwne, Auntralla, •ecently. The crowd waged a hree-hour battle agtUnvt 10 lariu, 10 to 13 ft. king, which oharged into the ithalktw* to get 11 school o| i»uctuuti». fttrk*. muring the gun», awam ulmr to shore and wmie wen irouod«d In lea* than 8 ineba* ef water. The P"fii'ifi'i r ( RepttMlp, in rulUlo haaraJied UXM ingnoan.

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