Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 2, 1960 · Page 16
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 16

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1960
Page 16
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PAOU SIXTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH TUESDAY, AUGUST %_ Lucky'Diamond innm itotisfi TKtMOMC HN'TTHE By Howard Stmrber BIO BEN BOLT By John Culten JUDD SAXON By Ken Bald and Jerry Brotifield WHO eoT stuseep. LET'S SEE WHAT FIVE C4M PO WITH CUTlE LIKE WOOPT ftgPORE we JUMP T' CONCLUSIONS < ALLEV OOP By V. T. Hamlin HIS REAL NAW6 WHERE CAN I PINP HIM 9 WILL VOU TELL -ME \SHEPE I C"4N PINP HOW NICE OF /W6U,YiH, >OU10COMEI 8UTI... 6EE ME! X HERE H6 IS, (3IRUS, MY OWE MAN! ISN'T HE A HONEY? —v OH. MR. CAVEMAN, CO YOU RBALLY APPROVE PRASGIMS WOMEN BY THE HAIR LIKE SHE WROTE? "?y9*h j*«w f «***»#«*•• w Vviiil*.^ THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson S RIVETS By (Jeorgp SI via I CAlrt TAKE IT AHV MOW. COi. SIMPLY CAM'T/ I'M CLAP WCMOV ; AWAV. KCAUV I AM/ -pr 'T SHE Huet ME CMOUfiH^ *U 6UTTIH6 EXPELLED FKM •< 06«r ALL] SCHOOL, KUUMIN6AeOUIJD , WITH T«*a TEMMI5 m>, MUWILIATIN6ME AT--. MCAUiUMe... LL, I'M 6OIMO TO BLA^T YOU FAS: AS i 1->_ <,« ^IMghrMjl ; nt T.V. «M tl ».1.0ff._ | a 9 •Htt ntH •*•»!*». hfc O"^ A»ritMtr««n«J ? ^ CAPTAIN EASV By Leslie Turner THE BERRYS By Carl Grnbert t>t>. THATM) 0Lt> LADY WOULD 5WIP6 ASPACESUITJJ----- •—*^ves. r HOPE SHE SPEAK6 ENGLISH 1 . WHEW WILLIE ASKED HER. TO KEEP AN EVE ON HISCAR WHILE WE WERE SOME, HE SPOKE IN JAPANESE ,„_ WBAM V01J \ 50? WIU1E'5 TOOK HIS WORD \0KAV 1 . BESIDES, A$ TO WHAT HE HE HAD wo USE TOLD HEK...SIMCE FOR ONE,EITHER! VOU DON'T SAVUV/PWBABLV DIOWT JAPAWE5EI 7KNOW WHAT!HAD IUTHAT6ASJ 13. f.K. Btj. U, THEPLftCE.CASY.,. IS DRIED AMD PROCESSED AS THE OLDER W(?MAW LOOKED ALAKMEP. A6 THO SHE RgCOGUIZfC SOU.SIBi rmm-MI, hAl DADDY.... HOW OLD ARE VOU WHEN YOUfcE CONSIDERED OLD ? A MAN IS AS YOUNG AS HE FEELS..- AND A WOMAN IS AS YOUNG AS SHE FEELS YOU WILL BELIEVE/ Crorhrt ihi- <:<)/>• afuhan no\\ \n, HIP dully niyhl.s ahead, or i.i i.'ihc ;ili>ni! (rti cur trips. I'ci'lrci pickup work' Crochoi .(hiin.iiinl- M'piirjilt'ly in ono coi- . i I'M' scrnps lor dots. Pflt- . Irrn li!H : ilircclions G'-jxT'-j-iri'-ll I'liinmiiil 111 knilfin.t; worstwf Sfiiil id <'i'iit> («'iiln») for thi* , piiltcrn—udd ."i «'i'ntH for each p:itli>rn lor first clflHs raaillnR- Scinl to Alton TolPRraph, 8«, Ncvcllfrrnlt Dept.. P.O. Box IHI, Old ClicKfii Station. New York II. N. V. I'rlnt plainly PaUern .N'nnilMT, Name, Arldr»>»8. Ni-wl N("\ ! Nov\ ! Our 19WJ Lanrji U'heelci Nfcdlecraft l?ook •i> ready NOW: Oannned \\11h p.M.-itinii, unusual, popular de- siKns to n-ochpt. knit. sew. cin: In older, quill, uoavo fashions, lionif furnishings, loys, sift.*.. ,1-ia/aar hils. In the Ixwk FRKK :> quilt pattprns. Hurry, send LTi cents lor your copy. Cut-to-Slenderize ! PRIMED PATTERN THE SMITH FAMILY B'y Mr. and .Mrs. Gtorge Smith ! HENRY By Carl Anderson .(t n. ««>(. Nd-im, ium ient. lot. b d OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAV DONALD DUCK By J. R. Williams By Walt .Disney \N WV, THERE'S LOTS TO OO AM rtSCKEO IF VOU'RB A - IROMOEBR ODT BACK/AND P W5 E^OTEMENT YOLJ'Rt UJO THER£S A HAMOCAR, DU& PAST Meee IN ABOOt AM HOUR/ NTKODUCINS [ PRtlTTY 1 5TEEP \ WHEKJ / VORE ( HO&&6 TAIt BLINDS VUH" ( A BLES5IMS > FDR WHICH / I AM PULV THE ElMt.-R" 62 JR A/'LLIAMJ, THEVSAV 1 THIS IS THE TOUSHES1 COURSE IN THp WOKLPJ r FRECKLES AND HIS FRIENDS By Merrill Blosser ?\&.r you IN A SAND SO WHATP^ , NEVER SAW S\ SAND TRAP I.CTOULC7NT BLAST OUT OR OyBmrMteafrWiiiti 8-2 •Junior Editors Quiz on- INSECTS 4936 SIZES I4V*-24* SQMeMOKE LEMON M50,\ HILDA e THEN ROLL. ME OVER. TO TM& SHADS' OF THAT OLD OAJC,MO^ey AW, GOSH/ YOU DIDNT HAVE TO POTWIS COULD H'kVls MADE TWE LEMONADE FIRST/ ^"r" I FELT IT WAS URSE youfc. HIGHNESS/ »««. U.». P«t Qtl.t k True Life Adventures ; k'/ BOOTS AND HEJi BUDDIES By Ed Martin AWsA, A TtMIP wnub M Mousii VBNTUKBS OUT i^fS&ar HAMV ANP UOIN0 THBM. k* KsV QUESTION: Are dragon/lies harmful? * * * ANSWER: Dragonfliet are long, slender water taMoto with four thin, almort transparent wings and »lx legi. They are one of the most keen Righted in»eota for their large eyea can see moving things 80 feet away. Dragonflies also are among the speediest insects. One onoe was clocked traveling 60 miles an hour. Dragonflies are not harmful to human beings but they are the scourge of the mosquito world. They actually catch mosquitoes in flight, bold them with their legs and eat them tn the air. Dragooflies should be protected for they help to keep the mosquito population down. * * * FOR YOU TO DO: Young dragonflies are very ugly but they •re known by • lovely name. See if you can find out what tfa* young dragonflies art called, * » * (Pauline Trudeau of HarwtaUw, Com,, wins $10 for this question, tad your question OB a postcard to Violet Moore Biggins, AP Newifeatures, fn oar* of this newspaper, if duplicate quMOou art received, lira* Higgiw will select ttewiniMu-4 0.3 1 Flattery for fall days ahead! ; \Ve nominate this softly draped i neckline witli a tabbed bow as ione o/ the prettiest for half- sixes. Skirt is so slimming. ' Printed Pattern 4936: Half .Sixes 14',, 16 l j, ]8'/a. 20Vi, 22 1 ,", (^•|'L'. Sixe Hi's requires 4 yards ! US-inch fabric. ] Send 50 cenU in coins for thU I pattern—add 10 cents (or each I pattern fur first-class mailing. Send to Anne Adams, care of (Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern iDept., 243 W. 17th St., New York 11, X. Y. Print plainly Name, Addre*B, Kize, Style Number. SEND NOW! Big, beautiful. COLOfWFJC Fall and Winter- Pattern Catalog has over 100 styles to sew — school, career, half-sizes. Only 35 cents!' Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Among the things you do just once is lending a teenager your gasoline credit card. INDIA KAHUMIR NBAB1NG The second tube of tb« tunnel Unking the Kashmir Valley with the rest of India will be completed soon. New DeUil reports. The sU'uc-ture, also known as the Jawahar luniu'l, will ensure an all-weather flow of traffic where in the past traffic to SYjoagar was Interrupted in the winter months becausce of heavy snowfalls. Next construction will be a new highway connecting Jammu and Kashmir.

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