Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 2, 1960 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1960
Page 13
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, IftflO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAOK ANNOUNCEMENTS I PERSONAL SERVICE RENTALS ^LTERA+lAwS AND REPAIRS On Mlnnowi. men r laditr and children's cloth- lie HO 2-1443 * ' '! ( M FURNISHED APAfltMENta $ ROOMS FURNISHED — bath and entrance, electric and water furnlthed 111 90 week HO 2-1427. BULK WEDDING PAPE -»whlte cent, plait f PQDJTfti iMfftClt vOWl print Htt0nif|Bit „ ^AXttfl OI8T. CO. 5M B. Broadway. HO 8M4^ Cnip, ______; CUSTOM MADE SLIP COVERS -j; ROO^S—Furnlthed Ntat ?er*V AT andi "aft Jo'l'l^?" Mr *' Hamet I iaraia* Adeiu'omy. TO S .^j^t^i . .__ . " . ._ I « 'ii"J>.*»•",»""" •*n»15ri7t?i»a>«iS"iS ~~ " l REAL ESTATE SALE HOUSES POft MLB WOOD RIVER-** mm frtm«. Fan MMmtnt, «*| nMt, H*M. dining " nit nth. _ itemem, nvm carpeted. CL 8-171*. LADIES at CHILDREN'S DRESSES — — -- .RfC uwjr 1 fOfWtftf f ... not be retpontibie for any demi contracted by anyone other than mrtelf. >uby Phippt. 322 Nlaaara. E. Alton, ill. July 29. 1980 NOTICE — From this day forwari BUSINESS SERVICE a BUS. ACCOMMODATING ALL AREAS only 413 Ridge. HO 21221: after 9:30 p.m. HO_£-6I2S. j POR si ROOMS^-Privawbath. LiiSTt and water furnlthed. 812.50 week, j Earl i Tire Sho&, 8005_Belle St. , i 3 ROOM furnished apt. upstairs In! i wood River HO_ 5-177%. •, i.1 FURNISflRD RO"«5M"S — UtliltlM! HARTFORD—Elm St. By owner 4 room modern house Full bath, gas John H. Seller, Brighton. Phone FR 2-3*44 REAL ESTATE SALE HOUSES to* BALE _ BRIO HToto — very mceT-bedroem brick Attached i-car garage. all large room i, tile bath, plastered walls large 75'xlS5' lot. On!/ 3 yea,-« old . ................ $19.800 REAL ESTATE SALE I REAL ESTATE SALE I REAL ESTATE SALE I REAL EJTATiM14 M nouses ton SALE M HOUSES ton SALE M tnnnEi raft BALE fti' notiMt rMtMlsT BERIGAN AGENCY CL 4.0148 GENE ST. CIN .. FR 2-3764 EAST ALTON — jTS CHerSTAT- ranged for duplex or tingle dwelling. 8 roomt. 3 bedroomi, 2 batht. double garage Pull batement. neat, hardwood floor* lot Price $9(00. 10% contract for deed. CL 4-7462. I "'AI I&UCV * ROOM BRICK — »nn porch, fa- 1. WiewAUWIKT i ,«•«, aptomatlc heet. very met tata A«anew : ilS.OOO. HO 9-2205. Raal E$t«ta Aajancy EAST ALTON 661 WASHINGTON AVE. — 4U-rm srr , modern. Full basement, oil heat. SITHALTO 4 ROOMS — Bath, fireplace, dining; »reo. HWF. Intulated. alum storm windows and doort. carpet, garage I«'i20'. lot 100'XlSO Im- ELI M. GREER, Realtor 3-BEDROOM i MILTON 17-30 Ltvini rooM, Wlee" kitchen, larger tnafi a roomi. hardwood floor$. ment. Price located in eity iimiti. naar aid Moat* M, Lane gard**, city »a- tar. t went, waih houac, laraga barn, and numerout building*, large frontage, handy to tchool bui Write for more information 5-1012 ~CL 4-051 other Sen rnywif bated'fhit'2nd lM n01 "' •anriea. Worfc guaranteed dny of Augutt, ifwo .iohn .r I i«8ured. we cieaa. intten. repair _Farmer_Bo«_M7. Brighton, in. i eewert aepiie tankt. cettpmrit NOTICE— From "this day '•-——"•' Fl " d a ™™- t /•tjufVf f*tttjir*t \ furnHhpd in'quirt 224 Lorena. Wood Mn. Otto Ruanrup. Ill B. Panni 3 ScWER aeRVICe I River private furnl«hed HO 2-8892 after 5 p.jn. 1 ROOMS—Utilities furnnhedr With HO 5.2488 —-----— - ________ ..... . will m» longer be responsible for > ATTENTION" Home owners, plare BFTHAt.TO— 2 room modern apl anv debts contracted for by any.! y° ur furnace cleaning order NOW /\n utilities washing privileges one other than myself Dated this Benefit from our economy rnif Cl. Ho1lowa y y°'l4 / l»*m t c l h1? s^ree" L , &*$*ck CAR 4 E CO OF ILLINOIS . - ---- , ------ ----- ------- --- ..... _-„_ — --- .. n<; 4.6402 ArlCr 4 MU ylvanla, Staanton. III. type brick. 2 bed roomt. ivt batht. Family room._$18.900. HO 2-8844. ' ATTRACTIVE S ROOM BRICK—2 bedroom. Mil Douglas. Nice lot JJy owner. HO 2-3987. ROXANA-Tor~te.f* by owner. "~9 room frame, tunable for large fern II y or could be utad at two apart- Lot 124 x i.w. Lou of tree* EXTRA NICE IN UPPER ALTON mediate possession. Price $10.000 JUST OFF BROWN STREET — In fATED COUNTRY HOME - t :"""- "'™ BPAUTtFtll BANPH <JTYI P * ' «* * rtc * 8e»dlv|glon. 8 rOOmin™ i rwrvt* bedrooms finished playroom in ncCtKJCC ADCA ! ROOM BRK K »tt*Trtouhift ..r.«» i tMttrn rench ttyle brick, with sa-^ Easy terms 4 room».fjf| fall basement plastered walls. DEFENSE AREA ; R ,V^ M ,/ R 'p,Iii L.II* »« ".tSl^;' ««« attached. Ler«e living end, mem. gat heat, big MUMf, HWF. lots of cabinet*, alum storm:WOOD RIVER AVE. — Five rooms, ""'..SJi ,™L.™L", & M >K"[ d |nln « area, w-w eerpetlnt. " ~ wlndowt and doom Naturnl gas. and bath on each side. Oil heat 2 large lots. $9.700. Call Edwards- Wlliainance. Asking $9450 vlll* 23*5 R4. ISOWfi SfT.'Brighton"- S-fiSm WOOD RIVER horn* Exceptional condition _ All; WHITF.LAW AVENUE — (tone; <1 BRICK with double gtrag* | lvQ> Fllli vct'ff UP* tntfWGT j «„.« ?n« of »?l r . c . h l fireplace;'3 spacious bedroomi. 2: tiled wa.u m kltehm and Tath!! „',« ^ modern.tlla Wtcna,,,.M8i fully Intulated. automatic eat heat. | n *" 1 - ">"'•'•<«• *' th " " MWi EDWARDS STREET inum storm tain. nanlwOM fenced yard. Owner reavHtl Sacrifice for ........... • se- . 7800 large rooms, fully Insulated Cam- IMMEDIATE POSSESSION thow- - , modern brick Full batement new j „_„ „ ___- , . -. „ pletcly thaded by large, well plneed oil furnace Asking $13 .wo N**—* room* with full trees. Fully Insulated Double ga- ; * " - — -" ""— •-•" rage. Lnrge lot Wx280' Oil htnt Exceptional buy at $11.800 Dial *-"•' bulk Skeigai. HO 2-2785 8ERI9AN AGENCY CL 4-0148 GENF. ST. CIN .. FR 2-3764 $1,600 DOWN JIM JONES NEW 3 ROOM APT — 'BUY YOUR POWER LAWNMOW furnished Available .i e f"E 1 z"xir;oid^rioc.rdr'u c gl ER_.W_HERR _YOU CAN GET including u.uitie, counters. TRF.ES TOPPED Trimmed end re-1 moved. CL 9-8971. . SERVICE 81 PARTS. .Iacob*«n Bolen. Mono. Wheel Horte from $39.50 up STANKA GARAGE. NORTH ALTON HO 5-8889. HOJ-J968 ROXANA" — 2-room '"furnlthed apt —.1 bedroom brick. I'/S bath. $ of oodfrey. trade. FOR SALE — 4-room modern home In Eatt Alton — For 88.500. HO ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS THREE-BEDROOM FRAME—22 ft living room 22' kitchen with dining area Full basement large wooded lot. Sep this for only, Ill 900 SERING AVENUE TWO HOUSES ON ONE LOT — One College Crest Subdivision. 8 room 4-room and one 3-room Gas heal. modern frame. Aluminum tiding, aluminum storm wlndowt and tcreens 3 bedrooms, large family room, gas furnace. 2-car garage AGENCY on busline. Owner will finance. Atklng $8.950 UPPER ALTON FOUR-BEDROOM BRICK — In ex- EXCELLENT LOCATION—Cloa* to Alton- High. California style. 7 room brick, split level, large living and dining area, w-w carpeting, (tone er and tab. HWF. fully miniated aluminum storm wlndowi and _. , _ doort. tlldlng door closets. 12 ft. of fireplace, drapes. 3 bedroomi. one birch cablneti. full batement. aato-| matter bedroom 18x14. 8 closets. 2 matlc oil heat, garaee 16x24. Sewer; ceramic tile baths, modern ceramic and water. Built-in oven and range. : tile kitchen, oven and ttove. gar$14.700: bage dltpotal. large den with fireplace, drapes, radiant gas heat. 2 4 room brick one year old. full bath car garage with sundeck. Medallion I tiled walls. HWP. plattered. intu-; lighting lystem. Price lett than j lated. built-in oven and rang*, in colt 833.001)! laid, carpeting In living room and: dining area. Aluminum ttorm win ! ± dows and doort. paved drive, full W batement. automatic oil heal.; early possession, garage 13X2R. city tewer and water. Only — 818.600 ASK FOR SID SCHAUMBURa Harry Hsmphill OPFTCE NIOHTS NO §. CL 4-2MI ^GUTTERING" ROOF—Storm damage; eiti m«t»$ and r«p*ir$. Phone! s .«? oul !n«• JP»r n Je?-"*?•'« as HO 2-1220. tlmatet. WHITE'S TIN SHOP. 2-1424 HO! on Dry ttreet Eat! Alton i Remove from premiset. 3415 Milton! inquire 303 Park lane, Wood River.' Drive HO 5-7692^ CL 4-0947. I MILTON AREA — 3-bedroom brick Wall-to-wall brick orate.HWF. plattarad. intu WOOD" FOR SAtE'by the cord. HOj INTERIOR and exterior painting, i2 ROOM MODERN HOUSE — S 59885 i Work uaranteed Rea«onable Roxana CL 4-7074 MOUSES ^ORJBEMT South J. A. Lewis—HO 2-6041 REALTOR f.. rp 'i-,. "«°,C. m - w ,!"; BRIGHTON — 4-roorri brick. Excel HO 2-2246 • as heat 23 * Alben. HO IIA RIDKRS _^ RIDE WANTED "—Upper Alton, downtown St Louis. Hours: 8 45 to 4.45 HO 2-50R3 WANTED — Ride or 'share~rlde~ to Scotl Air Force flate. from Wood River erea. on days CL 4-9714. Work gu.rantee~d - ReaVonabie- «"«"» CL 4-7074 ^or 0 ^^ 7, 2" h «± e rTr.'. | Free estimate CL 4-7894 2 ROOM HOUSE-Large yard Vlr- L?. o .Th e iT de.o i.ll o« ;«.£ wfn JMWN-MOWliM «URFRNg5=Ji7 ^"cL^SSo."' "'"" '" ™ < "If ittSliwS' Phone °HO ""072 "' BEDROOM HOME with «ir con. dltlonir, near schools and play- liround $110 mo CL 4-0084 lent condition, full utility room, large bedrooms, large living room, i bright kitchen, many cabinets, very ; large 7.VX240' lot. Price $13.700 a B. RIKC.CI I u UAI C AACkir-v lated. built-in cabinet!, full iKUSitLL M. MALfe AetNCT mcm . with thowert and ttool. auto matlc oil bateboard heating, aluminum storm wlndowt and doors, automatic gat heat, 5 years old. Only $13,8501 ELI M. GREER * REALTOR HO 2.007« After 5 P.M. HO 2-El7.7 or HO 2.9014 Real Elf ate Aaencv i * ROOMS & BATH—wired for *tova. ' " ' hu/f InatilntArf AluMt at/it>m win. LAWN MOWERS SHARPENED — Work guaranteed Free pick-up Phone CL 4-8756. HARRIS TREE SERVICE — Power soravlng bv state licenser 1 ooerat or. Tree work. HO 2-0811. HO 58&S7. I2A INSTRUCTIONS _ MOTEiT'MANAr.EMF.NT —~MFN, WOMEN and COUPLES to train tot MOTEL MANAGEMENT and OPERATION Onlv matured will' he rimsldered. ARC over 21. Write NATIONAL MOrill. TRAINING, INC . BOX 690. rare Telegraph It ~S~ CIVIL SERVICE "TESTS! Men - women. 18 - 52 Slim high at $9.100 week. Prepmarorv training until appointed Thousands of )on> open. Experience ii<%iiallv unnecessary. FREE Information on Jobs salaries, requirements Write TODAY! Lincoln Service, PeUIn 21. Illinois. I3JBUIUHNH - CONTRACTING Aifrt Home Owners Insltl On LoMac HOME IMPROVEMENTS 5 Yrs lo Pay—Free Estimates NO MONEY DOWN—CL_4-073I ALL CARPENTRY "and" palming Interior and exterior. Phona HO 2-74IU. -, w r he « tet -. plen V metaT ne , g ,„ kllchen HWF |n ,| Vin)| 4 ROOM MODERN HOUSE — Full room Rubber tile in rest of house basement, colored bath, fenced vard 211 S Pence. East Alton HO 2-5423 5 ROOM DUPLEX—7.13 ~E.'7th. Al- WOOD RIVER 3 BEDROOM'S — Bath. HWF. in sulated. plastered, alum, ttorm i IMMEDIATE POSSESSION—2 bed ton CL 4-4831. _ i'ROOM moderrThouse. 612 Sheppard St._CL 4-6872 GRAFTON L_'4 rooms and bath Utility room. CL 9-22S6. _ BY OWNER"~—""in~Wob»~R'l'ver~~7 room, full basament double garage. Close to schools and bus lines. Want to move by Sept. 1st. J7950 CL 4-8775. BY OWNER—Excellent location inj i Rosewood Heights. 4 bedrooms, full i • basement. CL 4-4077. | i SOUTH "ROXANA—By owner. Con".! . _.. par- tllloned extra living quarters, automatic gas heat. Only $11.800 ROOMS and enclosed porch, full bath, insulated, alum «torm win-; NEAT Also basement, screened backl porch. On main highway. Call! 75.1-R, Jerseyvllle. after 8 p m. * lon BLOCK jrcONCREfE-WORk-Re..- . -- -. -— W *""«• Fr " etilmatet. Phone LITTIE HOUSE : fo, •rent. Pension HO 5-6i,f2. c '* prererrea. HO 5-/«/j. ^ ( ARTENTE"Fnr^"o" 0 flag repair M f> ?,, ri 1 N *,. r '"' m hom , e •"""•• h « at : ! ~ block and concrete work: painting 2 W Beach (rear). Ideally located. 3 large roomi. modern, heat. Immediate 3 room on lot Phone Ma : EMPLOYMENT 17 _ HELP WANTED —_MALE ACCOUNTANT—Traffic" man." tool Free estimates. Experienced. 2 4110 HO-, In Wood River CL 4-8284. VIEWLANn — For rent Or sale: j FOR Full In Lincoln Addition. Phone CL 4-0067. Price $3400. I : BATH—OfTATby ttree't | or sacrifice for cash. HO 5-5892. *-"'"• _ v 11- WI.APIII — ror rent wr »»ic: j A.ROOM MODERN — I 1 ' baths* TRFNr|IING-^Waier"line-( ""cables, 4-room. close to Industry. HO 8-2415. j w)th acreage pRontler 2-3331. man and die. engineer* typewriter re- - —• pair, machinist ati'o mechanic. 14 DECOR AI ING manager trainee: others $875 mo. AMERICAN EMPLOYMENT 205 Plma ille Quick efficient service. Larne or small jobs solicited Philip 4$ FURNISHED HOUSES Chinn HO 6-25I8 BLOCK. BRICK, stone, plaster con crete New construction. Remodel Inn HO 2 9140 GRILL—And counter man While rtTiimiiir-unvi n» IM'TVM^""""i.iii Experience Meal and uniform fur-' CUNNINOHOM PAINTING — Inter Sshed. Apply Deluxe Sandwich lor. exterior Patch plastering Rea Shop. 11801—Highway 67 at Redman TU 6-8484 PENSIONERS— Able to repair INTERIOR — Exterior decorating. hoine: workshop power equipment: P atch E las , te J ln8 ren l? vl JA ,*•£« principal duties, maintenance and .E a » er .. No ' ob loo . !imal l HO A 70 ! 3 janitor work. 9 months Approxl- PAINTING—Inside and out Small 2 BEDROOM—North Alton location. $110 per month. HO 5-1703. 3 LARGE ROOMS""and bath, furnished. CL 4-9815. IFOR SALE — 5-rm. modern hou»,e. { Hot water heater Located at 3327 ! College HO 5-7361 ""~ BERIGAN AGENCY CL 4-0148 _^_OENE ST. CIN -^_FR 2-37*4 3.BEDROOM BRICK In New Subdivision — Out Godfrey 1 way Large living room with fireplace picture window, comblna- j tlon dinette and,kitchen with lots of bullt-lns Atlo range and nven. tile bath, hulll-lns, full basement. > attached oarage, concrete drise. level lot Will consider tride or 10", : down financing. Price .. $19.000:5-ROOM — 2 bedrooms, full bath. i plastered, full batement. stoker Call Carl or Viola Tuetken i "••' On » *7.350 HO 5-5095 Anytime 'Bargain for Handy Man __ ' IMMEDIATE POSSESSION, near u center of town. 6-room brick. Bath. HWF. plastered, Insulated, full basement, new hot water furnaoti never been used. Only .... J7,OOCii EAST ALTON i WILSHIRE ADDN. i 5 ROOM BRICK—2 large bedrooms.; i fireplace, wired for stove, air- : conditioner. garbage disposal. ; hwf. insulated, alum, storm win dows tt doors. Alto alum, tiding House 6 yrs. old. Price only $10.500 LOOK! , [ 533 Spencer St., Beth«lto — Large Vlck home. Nice size, well REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE HO 2.9797 STATE ST. AREA ON PARKER ST. — 7-room rwi- dance with batamant and ttotur. Large corner lot with garage Ideal for large family. Near bus and schools. Price $7.600 FOUR-ROOM BRICK ON E. FOURTH StREET — Good solid condition. Newly radecorated. Large lot 41'klSO' Close to churches and schools. Prlca $1.500 landscaped yard, attached breeze- . . itjcitkiev CT way * garage. Reduced to..$15.900 MclNfeRNEY ST. for quick sale. Owner will consider. CUTE AS A BUG—T,wo room bunga- contract. [ low with white aluminum tiding. wlndowt and doort. i-'ton"a'ir'i roomt. 2 baths. Mvlng'room 12x30. •) i C,, B .-i r\ T fl;Unn TarrAi-a I aluminum wlndowt Perfect for a conditioner, full basement, par I built - In cabinet!, fully Intul. ? ' bun * e t Of, U tfen I errace I •™^ nitt B ri 5'^: ..^TTr.Ssoo ated. auto, gat heat, garage, lot 3-year-old brick 2-level home Lots 75x500. fruit treet. Eaty termt. i 100 x 177. Very modern in .eyary Only $10.900 4-ROOMS and bath with dowt and doort. new automatic oil j shower and tile wall*. 2 yeart old. furnace, full basement, large ga-: hip roof. Insulated, aluminum rage on 2 lott. Only $86001 ttorm wlndowt and doort. HWF. $10.900 GLAZEBROOK AGENCY MILTON AREA 5-ROOM FRAME—2 bedrooms, bath, living room, dining room, kitchen. Nice rathskeller in basement. Single garage In rear. This nice home It In very good neighborhood. JOSEPH WICKENHAUSER AGENCY DON BARNARD . . . CL 4-4983 OFFICE HO 5-3381 auto, gat haat. Price ATTRACTIVE 5-ROOM BRICK with double garaga. concrete drive, auto, gat heat, marble window tlllt. brick fireplace. All roomt wall-to-wall carpeting except kitchen knd bath, built-in oven and range, fully Intulated. all aumlnum wlndowt. Only $20.000 1 WOOMS AND BATH—HWF ululated, auto oil heat, fenced vurd. '.argc raraiie, 3 yeart old. $10.500 4 LARGE ROOMS and utility, full bath, plastered, neatly decorated. respect $27.500, 221 Bond St., Ea$t Alton— 5 room frame. Handy location to freeway. Gas heat. Very nice home $10.400 3525 Hoover Dr.— 4 room modern house near Jefferson school $9.000 2833 Humbert Rd. 1 in-room brick. Acre of ground. Gat! heat, fireplace. Corner new Belt-i line and Humbert road Must be sold to settle an estate. INCOME PROPERTIES W 2304 Crawford 4 Aptt... .$14,800 » 2303 Judson. 4 Apts $9.800 double lot. Has tewer. Wired fori electric range and water heater ATTRACTIVE 2-RM FURNISHED: L °! 5 , alon l nnarje wort '? «-°00 , w "' j HOUSE — Ideal for couple $5u! »«» for $5 Q° down. Corner cf.Kar-( monlh. CL 4-3334 *onable prices. Fully Insured 2-M29 HO mately 10 hours week. Write Box 630. care Telegraph. DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN? He U between age 21 Hat hit eye on the willing to work for WHAT HE WANTS He It looking for security In a sal- i jobs solicited. Dial CL 4-6486. PAUL McOUIGGAN — Paper hang- Ing. Save money. HO 5-8784. 4J~ STORAGE — MOVING ACROSS THE STREET ACROSS THE NATION H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE ' aBd ,.,LOCAL & LONG DISTANCE i 1828 WathlnilOB Ave. Dial HO 2-0663 | AERO MAYFLOWER i Sloan's Movfng'A Storage Co. Exclusive Ageet M BUSINESS PLACES SPACE FOR LEASE Wilihire Village Shopping Center TED PRICE REAL ESTATE IMIDDLETOWN 6 ROOM 2-story. 3 rooms and bath down. 3 and bath up. 2 room apt. nett and St. Louit Rd. In Wood ] JNver. CL 4-4364. ! 5~ ROOM MODERN^ S"toke7~heat~ I electric hot water heater. Extra lot. { $500 down. S5500. HO 2-3409 any- I time. 509 Wyss. Alton. 'WILL TRADE — lO-room house; i two 5-rm apts. Good repair. Rents i for $180 mo. Located at H02j Mr >D T ii AITrtKI Cardinal- HO 5-6920. NORTH ALTON iS-ROOM MODERN FRAME—5 rms. i with 2 bedrooms and bath down. 3 bedrooms up. Full batement. 3 In basement, gas fired hot water heat, 2-car garage, concrete drive, nice lawn with shade, on Royal street. Ideal location $14.700 part batement. automatic gas heat, j * -, . «*..WM«^ u .a |^ \raa I, 2 POTChCt. Only -• $7.000 i draperies to stay In living andi i ^ dining room. Automatic gas heat.' 4 ROOM—On lot 100x200. Only $2500!* radio shop Immediate location In good commercial area. Call Walter A. Hale Jr. HALE REALTY CO. East Alton. CL 4-5115 FOR RENT—Business lot I50'x60'. Corner Franklin and Virginia streets, on highway between Cottage Hills and Rosewood Heights. Suitable for car lot. root -beer stand .etc. Phone CL 9-6483. hornet In Rosewood Heights area — ortred $23.500 up. No Phone information YODER REAL ESTATE Wllthlre Mull Shopping Center Paved drive. Only ACREAGE HIGHWAY LOCATION 15 ACRES with beautiful 8-room brick. 3 years old. Full bath, plenty of bullt-lns. automatic washer and dryer. HWF. plastered. Iniulated. plenty of closets, all rooms extra large. Attractively decorated. Full batement. automatic gas heat, school bus at the door. 3 miles north of Brighton, for only $22.000 4>/ 4 ACRES—With 712 ft. highway frontage on Route 100. Beautiful building spot. Only $5950 MEADOWBROOK 4-ROOM BRICKCRETE — 5 yeart old. shower, stool and lavatory, attached garage, fenced back yard, city water. $500 down, $50 per mo. Immediate possession $6.850 NEAT 6 rooms and bath. Tiled floors, wired for stove. Insulated. Automatic oil heat. Fenced yard. Lot 100 x 150. Price only..SS.OOOj couple. Price $3800 KLOPMEIER ADDITION NEAR BETHALTO—New lUbdM- Hon. Attractive four room modern bungalow with large floor Plan. Family size kitchen. Full recreational type batement with bath Large lot with paved drive end carport. Only one block from achoel .but route. In excellent condition. This two bath home It really priced right at $11.900 INEXPENSIVE 2 • ROOM HOUSe—Good tolld condition. 2V 4 acret. more or lett. A good place to retire In a suburban location near Brussels, 111. Reduced for quick sale. $7,500 Two brick commercial buildings. Southwest corner 8th * Ridge. 7 units $48.000 2500 E Bdwy. 2 Aptt. $13.900 211 Lampert. 2 Apts. ... $9950 r 1104 Alby St. 2 Apts. ...$13.2001 r 114 E. Acton, Wood River. St unlit ., $12.900 JOHN JAY DICK REALTY CO. 525 RIDGE HO 2-5335 , REAL7OR. MEMBER MLS FULL PRICE for thlt cute 4-room modern bungalow on Edgewood avenue. Hat 2 bedroomi, larga cabinet kitchen. Full basement with ttoker heat, and basement garage. Approximately 5>A years old. Has - tfils corner lot. See and compare. car garage. This is a nice homei* ACRES with neat room* and bath. "1 y IOO S, ni n j "cumy in a sai-i, a ,.l f. I „_ fjj.i.„,.„ U a v!na FOR RENT or LEASE-4BO - 822 E. arted potitioB that offert opportun-j*-ocei ft Long L>i$rance Moving Broadway HO 2-3534 JEfferton Itr for advancement piut the added > Warekoute aad Pancad Lot Storage 3.3477 y JE,I«-«MI Incentive of commission. He bat a Pree Estimates — No Obligation good automobile. He can be away Phone HO S-4WI7 — 299 E. Elm from home four nights each week (home on weekends) and can accept employment at once. High School Education required. JF YOU ARE THIS MAN RENTALS 41 SLEEPING ROOMS II OFFICE * DESK ROOM OFFICES — Reasonable. Faulttlch building, downtown Alton. Suitable for professional and business. Alto meeting hail. Will remodel. HO 2 SLEEPING ROOMS for men; ga- 3.2912. raget. East Alton. CL 4-9598. I WANTED TO RENT i EXCEPTIONALLY NICE sleeping!?* ' room for I or 2 gentlemen: privateJ2-BEDROOM HOUSE or apt.. Upper You will be paid starting salary of' entrance^ 801 College. HO 2-1307 ! Alton or Milton Adults. HO 6-2595. In? & P «%en t °r h com n Dlete OB a l n l d L^ HARTFORD-6ne" sleeping room., 4 ROOM~ HOUSEDor"liSrtrnVnt~Tn ' " ""' CL4-4905Roxana school district. Reasonable ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS WILSHIRE—BETHALTO 3 bedroom homes. Small down or trade, from $14,500 Yoder Wilshire Mall CL 4-9113 or CL 4-1484 BY OWNER — BRIGHTON $250—1650 DOWN 3 bedroom house on 80'xlSO' lot. Immediate possession. Full basement, hot water heater, year old. $75 monthly payment. HO 5-7741 8-5 P.M. cettful (THimng program mi cwtn-; . . — . -. - i »~">.i"/«i*o ' pany expense. Your future and se- ! SLEEPING ROOM for rent, close to' rent C L 4-6478. _ curlty will be insured. • ' FOR COLORED $500 DOWN 1428 COOPER ST. — Very nice 3 for a large family or could have a 3-room apartment up for Income. Priced at $14.700 UPPER ALTON 6-ROOiyi FRAME—4 bedrooms with clothss closets, full basement, stoker heat. Aluminum siding. Large level lot with garden spot. Nice shade trees .$9.450 INCOME PROPERTY 4 APARTMENTS—^Private entrance, private baths, good rental location. 4 years old. Bullt-lns. breezeway attached garage, full batement. automatic gas heat, approximately 7 mile* northeast of Bethalto. Only $8500 10 ACRES of nature's beautiful timber land, with Cahokia creek crossing back corner. Beautiful building site. On all weather road. Only • $4000 ^4-MILE NORTH OF ALTON. 15 acres. 3-room house. Only $7,700 income $260 per month. Price $9450 NORTH ROXANA NEAT 4 ROOMS AND BATH—HWF. wired for ttove and air-conditioner plastered, insulated, back yard KLOPMEIER ADDITION 4 ROOM BRICK — Large living room, wall to wall carpeting, fireplace. 5 closets, tiled kitchen and bath, attached garage, full dry basement, floor tiled, extra large bedroom with built-in furniture, gas heat, patio, aluminum windows and screens. Extra lot goes with house. Ideal for couple or retirement $12.600 WYSS AVENUE fenced, full basement, automatic gat heat. 2 blocks to school. Only SOUTH ROXANA $8.500 4 ROOMS & BATH—HWF. Fully Insulated. Alum, atorm wlndowt and doort. Builtint. Facilities for automatic washer and dryer. Carport I4'x20'. Price $0.000 _ . - - — , room modern home. Oil heat, vene bus and restaurant. 623_Ea_st Bdwy. j COUPLE with 2 small children de-| tlan blinds insulated fenced yard pno A DDpKnuAi IKITPPVIPU/ i SL^E~PINcTHOO~M—For gentleman i 5lr<? l ° rent , orK , »uy 4 or more| Very clean. Balance. .$49 per mo. FOR A PERSONAL INTERVIEW I ii« p c.i. ., rff i un 2 S7«)l room house n NorthsIde location - EF j Jl?_ E _J!?_ sl r eet '-. H °_ 2 :- 5 I?L -! Reasonable rent or, low down pay-i UARRYP HPMPHII I att, onr\U •> hln»U« Irnn Hnntntnon _-_, un e ait-r ' . n/M\J\T T. PICfVlrniLL MR. W. KUHN 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 3rd ILLINOIS STATE EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 87 ffENRY ST. ALTON, ILLINOIS T$ HELP WANTED — FEMALE : ROOM — 2 blocks from downtown {• Wood River. Private entrance. CL i 4-3947. i 42 ROOM AND BOARD I ,'FOR MEN—Nice clean, cool rooms., ! good meals. Close in. 628 Alby. i t J _ _ TELEPHONE CO ""EMPLOYE ~— 3 school age children, want 3-bedroom house to renr In Alton area. I near school If possible. Call Aug.) 3. 4. 5. CL 4-3831. Mr. Hlndton. i AGENCY PHONE . . AFTER, 6 P. M. HO 5-3583 . . HO 2-1335 HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS jREAL ESTATE SALE ! ATTRACTIVE 2 room furnished | tl •. house, ideal for couple. $50 a mo ' CL 4-3334 FARMS and LAND HOUSEKEEPING ROOMS— Utilities furnished 1426 & 1202 E. 4th Adults. HO 2-3568. I FARM — BY OWNER. Godfrey area. Modern 6 room house. HO 2-6979. AUTOMATIC bookkeeper • stenogra Pher. receptlonlM saleslady, fry M UNFURNISHED ROOMS cook, waitresses, others S300 mo AMERICAN EMPLOYMENT 205 Piasa EXPFRIENCF.D FEMALE FRY 4J COOK — Age 21 :i'> Apply Park- ette Drive-In after 6pm 3"ROOM unfurnished: children wel- mm* ST; HD i.iTSn come. S3... HO 5 1750. APARTMENTS — FLATS 1ST FLOOR, modern, $3!> Easiest way to make EXTRA CASH 5-5916, 2132 State— 2-room Also 2nd floor. HO FOR SALE by owner. 90 acre farm near Brighton Ideal location for lakes and cabin site. CL 4-7771. FOR SALE BY OWNER — 3"-room house. Vacre One mile east of Brighton FR 2-3358. _ FOR SALE—122-acre fa'rrn. Vo" miles north of Edwardsville Old brick home. 4 bedrooms, bath, some stock and equipment 20 minutes to --— Wood River: FIVER LOVERS If you want one of the area's finer homes, situated on the bluffs overlooking the river at Clifton Terrace, read this: Three bedrooms. I 'i ceramic baths, large closets. 15x33 carpeted, beamed celling, living-dining room, large fireplace. Complete G. E. kitchen, laundry room, recreation room, all paneled. All this plus 2-car garage in basement. 2 lots. Landscaped. Parking for 26 cars. 8 minutes from town. School bus. For appointment. HO 6-2760. ROSEWOOD HElGHfS~ SPACIOUS 3-BEDROOM HOME- IS. ROXANA — Neat-4 rooms & bath. ,4./, ROOM FRAME-2 bedrooms.,' ^J^""' M CondlUon - *"& | Nice size living room, aluminum! gas " eal » 3850 i storm windows, full basement, i /-/'•NTT i/-r ijnir I stoker fired furnace Immediate ] UUI I Afc»t Ml Lib ! possession. All for price of $7250 j NEW LARGE 6 Rooms. 3 bedrooms I i 12x13 average. Full bath. Living i EAST ALTON i — .- 14 ROOM MODERN FRAME — 2 bedrooms, large kitchen, r nclosed jiorch, full basement. New gas furnace, level i H 3 blocks from Wil- ihire shopping area. Asking $7950 TED PRICE REAL ESTATE REALTOR Phone HO 5-1313 or HO 5-1323 AFTER 6 P. M. HO 5-3436 HO 2-9489 HO 5-3431 HO 2-995C room 15x19. HWF. fully Insulated, aluminum storm windows & doors. 3 double walk-In closets, full partitioned walk out basement. Garage 12x20 with breereway. Only $17.300 NEAT 2 BEDROOM, full bath. HWF. fully iniHlated. wired for stove, full walkout batement. oil beat, 5 yrs. new. Only $10.000 NEAT 4 ROOMS & BATH. 5 years old. plattered. hwf, wired for ttove, fully Intulated. 5 closets, plenty of cabinets. Full partitioned walkout batement. Easy terms. Only $11.000 4 ROOMS AND BATH — Full bate"-- • condition. Large lot. $5.300 : 30 minutes to Granite /- a /*«« or ""' 0 '' "7 {••f""f'»"-! bedrooms with double closets. :h of Pralrletown Lane. \ I". r ?"»:J?i» h , w "S«'i'•«• « "«»j ceramic tile bath, auractive kit- makers Samples sent on approval ' "•..._ FREE Sample Album. FREE'n ROOMS, modern. Upper Alton Promptness gift SOUTHERN. 478 $58 per month. All ulilities fur- N. Hollywood, Dept 713. Memphis. JTeon. EXPERIENCED general office "girl. 25-38: good typist. 303 Comm. Bldg 205 W nished. HO 2-5264. :i pOOM unfurnished apt. Private bath and entrance. All utilities paid. CL 4-2003. 3 ROOMS It BATH—Vary modern and clean. Good location. Call HO 2-5335 days. Evenings HO 5-9044. 525A Ridge. $60 per mo. SALESWOMEN — 30-65. excellent aarnlngjg. Call AVON. HO 2-427j^ _ WAITRESS WANTED"— A"ppiy"Redi4 ROOM unfurnished apt". Gas heat. Top Cafe. 1201 Belle. i CL 4-9632. west from old Omphgent school, $16.000. L. E_. Wood. GRASSY. MO.—120-acre" farmT^Edric JHelndricks_Dyjl : 9736. 96 ACRE "FARM ^"I5~"mfl7s from Alton. 6-room house, good outbuildings, on all weather road. Price $14.900. Call TOM GIBSON HO 2-4258. ELI M. GREER AGENCY full basement, oil heat, attached garage. Terms. Price .... $14,500 v.... f, IIKV i . A i i "id dryer, WILSHIRE MALL! carport CL 4-9113 CL 4-1484 WILLOW AY GORGEOUS - 6-ROOM BRICK on! i large corner lot. Large living room. ! with fireplace. HWF. guest closet. HIGHWAY LOCATION — ,..„ -I,.,,... room wjtn g]asg sliding!" 1 .'.""AT I.UCAIION — patio. 3 average size | ated a j um , torm w)ndow , automatic gas heat. Garage I2'x20'. chen with lots of cabinets, break- * 9 ' 850 fast bar, utility room with washer 6 ROOMS AND BATH. HWF. Insu lated. picture window. IMMEDIATE POSSESSION 3-BEDROOM HOME—Full bath. 2 yean old. Flattered. HWF. Intulat PEGGY SPRINGMAN yean 010. piaiterea. nwr. insuiat- r:r:: ed. automatic oil heat, basement. ?V5 - JOH 'BOB BISHOP BOB HARDWICK . carport. Large lot. Good neighborhood. Only .................. $11.500) N ri ARK HN CLARK HO 2-6456 CL 4-7645 HO 5-1681 HO 8-2- CL 4-3994 NEW 4 ROOMS and bath. HWF. batement, auto, oil heat, attached garage, large lot 108'xlSO'. Bargain $8.800 6-ROOM BRICK — A-l condition. 2 full baths, plastered, large corner lot. Only . fireplace. .. $12.400 LOTS FOR SALE 2 LOTS—97 ft. x 160 ft. HO 2-1292. WANTED—White hbusekee'per. State i 4-ROOM unfurnished apt. 2707 Col-ijn ACRES leveL wooded unlm- aa«: mutt be single Give phone; JWi;_.'__!__ . i proved, near Foslerburg on Im- number. Box 700, care Telegraph, and ^ ELI M. GREER, Realtor * EAST ALTON $900 DOWN— $68 MO. Close to Wilshire shopping center. Cardot street. 4 room modern frame, garage attached. Cabinets, inlaid kitchen and bath. Approximately 12 years old. Large landscaped lot. Aluminum storm sash, WANTED —"Waitresses and curb! nished. 529 East 8th. Alton, hopt. Must be over 18 No phone] 8-7487, cafit. " ROOMS—Gas heat and water fur- proved highway. $1000. Lots In basement, oil furnace. Owner has GODFREY THIS CHARMING BRICK HOME (Its on large, well landscaped lot 100'xZOO' located on Eno* Lane. Large carpeted living room; hat entrance hall with guest closet; dining room, two large bedrooms with family room that could be used as third bedroom: Hi baths, breezeway used as breakfast room; oil heat. 66-gal. hot water heater. 2-car garage. Excellent financing arrangement. — auto, gas heat. Lot 150'xl60'. Only .... $8.900 DORCHESTER JUNCTION RESTAURANT. 4 years old. fully equipped. Plut 4 room living quarters. Automatic gas heat, In both rettaurant and home. Separate bath hardwood floort. plattered. full basement, itorm wlndowi and , 3flO ft. highway frontage. $l«.«00 Apply In person. Comet _Drlye_Jjn.__ WHITE BABY SITTER — in the Brighton or David Acret. FR WHITE GIRL — Over I8. to watch two children for shift worker: mutt be dependable Apply for Interview today after 5 p.m.: Wednttday and Thursday before 2 p.m. 427 East 8th. Alton. II HELP WTO.—Male • Penile WANTED—Industrial engineer, con 5 ROOMS — 501 Bond. $60. Bath, heat, water furnished Adults. Apply Brlttow, 302 State. HO i South Roxana, $450 up. Have one ! with shade set up for trailer, lease or sell. One large corner lot on Date street In Hartford. $650. M. R. Harpole. CL 4-5321. I422a E. 4TH Close to glattworkt. 3 room unfurnished apt. Complete bath, hot ft cold water furnished. Vacant. $38 mo. Harry F. Hemphill Agency Ola) HO 5-3584. Eve. HO 2-6833 EXTRA NICE 3 room, good location, utilities furnished. Phone HO 5-2274. structlon estimator, nursing In structor. managerial trainee, room clerk, night male college student tor day office work, saleslady. housemother, waitress (part time;, bookeeplng machine operator, wool rooms and bath. Private entrance. preiter, housekeeper, taxi driver. ; HWF. big picture window. $70 mo. factory laborers, age 45-55 Apply in; HO 2-3594 perton. Illinois State Employment NEW—3 large rooms and bath with carpeting. A real bargain at $55 a month^ ll2«_West filthy Alton. NEWLY DECORATED — 3 large Service. Alton i^yrD.-FEMAI.E IRONING DONE bv day at my home. Can give referencet. HO OVtHTEN YBAHS legaf and" Intur- ante experience. Keferencet. Write io> m car* Telegraph. WJCtTMBlTlit l» mv home. Best tijsmjse ot oare stat> FINANCIAL U FOR SALE — Complete tefevltlon courte with all manuals and ex amlnation p»perb. Approximuteiy US tube* and many other part*, tube tetter and toolt ' and lest equipment — H price. Write Box 7jf, Cert Telegraph. area. IERVICE STATION Major brand. Doing good buslnesi Very CJ04 l9f»ttoo in Wood River ^^- net other mterasti F. 0. Box ner ha Low loveatajry eric*, No- 16?. veet Altou. UPPER ALTON-3 large roomi. heat, water furniihed. On but line. HO 2-4661. BEAUTIFUL ARROW-WOOD ESTATES Now Being Developed Large wooded loft, protective restrictions for nice hornet, ouailtv Improvement!. Located off Rt. 100 at Boy Scout Lane In Godfrey area WALTER HALE JR. AGENCY HALE REALTY — REALTOR Bait Alton CL 4 5118 CITY LOT—Good location. Reaton- able. _C»II JiO 2J881. KiNO SIZE LOTS In D'Adrltn Oer doni Rolling, itndtraped Plne«' In the area C'lty watar. natural tat sanitary and sjorm taweri. Hnrnat Adams HO ' "" set price for fast tale. if ELI M. GREER, Raaltor HO 2-0078 After 5 P. M. HO 2-5177 HO 2-9884 MOST "ATTRACTIVE RANCH STYLE BRICK HOME In Wilshlre. 3 nice cite, bedrooms, big double closets, parquet HWF. many built-ins. city gas he*t, sewers, beautiful yard, patio, barbecue. Near schools, ihopplng. Smell down. Only $17.900 YODER—WILSHIRE MALL CL 4-B1I3 CLj|.1484 OPEN HOUSE ENOS LANE DUPLEX — 2130 tq. ft. living area. Each apt has 2 bedrooms with large closets; ceramic tile bath doors Only NORTH OF STAUNTON I BLOCKS TO KING'S LAKE. 4 large roomt. batement. 2 thedt. grape and frullt treet. good thade 1 acre. Only ................. $4500 TRAILER i with drdssing table; ont apt. hat j '-BEDROOM. IBS? Skyline trailer. carpet In living and one bedroom:! Birch Interior, fully Intulated. All both kitchens have built-in ovens and ranges, birch cabinets, ceramic tile walls. HWF. large utility rooms, gas furnaces, hot water heaters. All utilities on separate meters except water. 2 carports. Lot 80'x200', Owner has reduced price. If you are looking for income property that is new and has good loan qualities, see this today. RIDGE DRIVE CONTRACT FOR DEED aluminum outtlde. Only I2.9UO BARGAIN LOTS IN BETHALTO with aewer end water, only ll.lut WE HAVE LOTS - RESTRICTED AND UNRESTRICTED. CALL US FOR HOMBt KLOPMEIER ADDITION NEAT 4 roomi and bath. Iniulated. automatic oil heat. HWF. 1 Ion air conditioner, wired for stove, corner lot. Only $7900 Attractive 3 bedroomi. full bate- ment. colored fixtures, brick fire place. HWF. plastered. .Insulated, attic fan. cedar closett. aluminum storm windows and doors, full basement, automatic gas heat, at tached, garage. Only $14.500 1.4 ACRES with beautiful 3 bed room, full bath, family room, fireplace, ddlne In knotty pine 16x26, HWF. plattered. Intulated. full batement, automatic oil heat. 20 ft. diameter fish and lily pond, all fenced. Beautifully landscaped Double garage. Like new ..$14,700 OLD EDWARDSVILLE RD. 3 ROOMS and utility — Could be used as second bedropm. 8 yean old, full bath. alum, storm windows and doors. Only $4750 ALTON VROOM. 4 bedrooms, full bath, plat- tered, Intulated. wired for ttova or gat. full batement. ttoker heal, paved drive. Only $7.500 FOR COLORED 1807 BELLE — 8 roomi and bath, part basement, coal furnace, plastered. Only 84800 ROSEWOOD HEIGHTS MMEDIATE POSSESSION—4-room brick. S yeart old. full bath, rath- skeller in basement with tile floors, large kitchen. HWF. plastered. Insulated. 1 i/^-ton air-condltlonet. birch cabinets, alum, storm windows and doors, automatic gas heat, larse carport, yard nicely 1 landscaped. Only $15.500, 5-ROOM BRICK — Dining area. 3J bedrooms, plastered. Insulated. HWF. wall-to-wall carpet In living room, mother of peart tile walls in kitchen and bath, built-in lavl- nette. plastered garage, full bate- ment with shower, automatic gat heat O.nly $18,800 3-LARCE BEDROOM BRICK — Central air-conditioner, full bath, tile walls, carpeted living and dining area, alum, storm windows and doors, carport with storage. Attractive lot $15.500 4-ROOMS AND BATH — Plastered. Insulated. HWF. alum, storm windows and doors, tile floors In kitchen and bath, full basement, automatic oil heat, small swimming pool, fenced. 6 yeart old. $8.500 NEAT 3-BEDROOM BRICK — Pull bath, built-in lavlnette. clattered. HWF. birch cabinet!, fully Intu lated. wired for ttove and air•conditioner. Full batement with picture window. Concrete drive Only 814.500 IMMEDIATE POSSESSION i ROOMS - Bnth. hwf, plastered large living room 18x20. plenty ol large cloaett Intulated. r.lumlnum storm wlndowt 4 doort. Full bate mant with thnwar. auto, oil heat Beautiful shrubbery. Corner lot 70 BELMONT VILLAGE NevO-Bedroom Brick Veneer Best construction and beautifully finished. Here are a few of lit many features: • Poured basement • Sewer • Dining room a) Birch cabinets • G-E stove and oven • 2 ceramic baths Alum, storm sash and screens Fully Intulated , Bronze Medallion Gas heat ELDON BEUTTEL, Builder HO 2-1073 v 620 VALLEY DR.—East Alton Buy Today—Move Tomor row. Out-of-town owner reduced price for quick tale. Roman brick. Five rooms with two bedrooms; natural gas heat. Ceramic tiled bath with tub and shower; ear- port with storage space. Terms arranged with 10% down. PRICE $12,900 OPEN FOR INSPECTION SUNDAY 2 TO 5 Or Shown by Appointment Hessenflow & Coppinger Realtors Member Multiple Listing Service CL 4-3893 or CL 4-7748 Evenings: CL 4-7013, CL4-I959, CL 4-7748 ALTON REALTY CO. LISTINGS: (Member Multiple Sales Ass'n.) NORTH ALTON (New Listing) 5 ROOM BRICK—Eugene street. 2 bedroom*, full basement, fenced back yard. Convenient location on daad end street. Near chopping center 4J5.000 —G.I.— ___________ _______ ... .. G.I.W w » nave some home, wel by 10 ° Term! ............... * 13 ' 700 "*" *"" lmmtdlit « "° i POSSESSION 10 DAYS-3 badroom turn oastlon on $bOO tOb»IOP 0" LOTS FOR SALE In MOro tubdlvl- slop, 75x150 or larger, .restricted. VERY CLEAN unfurnished" 3 room * 7 < B - ph -O n *_ CL .<.:J, apt. Private. Adulit. CL 4-4340. W 48 FURNISHED APARTMENTS 2 FURNISHED ROOMS—Privule an trance and bath. Utilities furnish ed. HO 5-1750. a ROOMS - utmttM furnlthed. 113 par weak. Milton araa. 96(8 Coro nado Dr. • 2 ROOM furniihed »pt. Private bath, private entrance, utilities puld. For working couple, HO 2-8733. J 3 ft 4 ROOM APTS-Private antrance: window fan. Near Ltclad*. HO 2-8537. v 8 ROOM furnished apt for rent. 410 E 3rd HO 6-8872. After 8 p m . HO 2-93B2. MUST SELL LOT — Excellent lo- catipp. _Cheup. HO 2^1968. ONE ACRE —"with orchard and shade, fenced-ln. Will with electric sy»|era and patio. Will trade for smell home in Clendale Gardens or CotUge Hill* or $1800 cash. Inquire John Spence, 101 W. Drrve, Cottage HiU«. ROCK.6ATE ESTATES LOT! Hvdrent* and Guttare Stele Approved Sanitary • Ketirtoiea MAURICE J. ROOM APT: oFirouiidT fronTen-| WICKENHAUSER AGENCY ruiu-e. on but line- Alto one »le«p- Realtor ijg room. 1030 Union. HO 2-4870. J»hojli HO H814 Iran Iqg J FURNISHED ROOMS— Full b«M ment. 2 glatted-tn porches. Adulit only CL 4-1004 " No tlon. private entrance and Couple. HO A-8IM. Fourth Si. Full basement, guruge.j immediate possettion. Priced to AI T^NM George Cdrpemer HO 6-334!) Oaoige Paterla Agency.. HO 5-3Sj9 if ELI M. GREER, Realtor * EAST ALTON -EXCELLENT LOCATION Lincoln Ave. Larga 4Mi room mod era frame, excellent condition throughout. Dry bailment, new oil furnace. Owner leaving itete Immediate po*iettion. Look ana compare. Only IWuo it ELI M. GREER, Realtor if HO 2.007| " After 8 P. M . f. R stone. HO 2-9085 ANNOUNCEMENTS HAtA MOTOR FUELt HIATINO OIL! 406 MAIN — Large aparimeiit house. Two :i-room apis Completely furnished with praciti-dlly Itiat N«W HOMMl CLIFFORD B. McGAUGHEY Raal E$tata Agoncy CALL ANY TIME Wood River...CL 4-0321 iiew stove* and refrigerators: one Bethalto DU 4-6331 2-room apt «ad one-room house on ,JT niT t, , *Wi T .^ _ buck of lot Mlsu furnlthed and R*0 Maftord. .CL 4.6019 remsfol$28mo Bill Hubbard..CL 4-6307 ^ffi..^^^ SM of , u hT. SrTK & gSS! ANNOUNCEMENTS $22000'. Both buildings are In excellent condition and very clean. MARIE THOMPSON REAL ESTATE Office: HO 5-1413. Maria Thompson HO 8-2738. Jim Miller HO 2-3855, Marilyn Parish HO 8-J456 a>ive JEFFERSON (New Listing) 5 room frame with floored attic Walk-out basement, new oil furnace. 2 screened porches. Walking distance from West Junior..810.500 Will accept G I loan. ROSEWOOD LANE Rosewood Heights BEAUTIFUL Cap* Cod with double lot, landscaped, 8 room god elated tun porch. All carpeted except one room. Double brick garage attached. Many features well worth see'"* $25,000 OUATOGA BLUFF, BRICK RANCH STYLE — 6 roomt. Flre- plece. planter, wood panel walls, 2 complete batht. Double garag* at* tached Lot large and level. $33,000 Several Small Business Locations ,Ve on con C cret;i° THER HOMES IN MfLTON $i3.5o<!AREA, ROSEWOOD HGTS., WORDEN !"".«.4-LTON. CALL FOR RTHER INFORMATION. frama Full hath 1 vmmr nltt timing, run i/Min. j ywr uiu. 4 RoOMS-,utlllty and bath Auto. gas furnace. Good condition Alto MILTON AREA ON PORTER ST.—Nearly new 9 year old white frame home with 3 bedrooms. Large floor plan with 19 ft. living room and dining size kitchen. Full batement with gas heat and attached garage. A good buy for $11.500 Shown by appointment. INVESTMENT PROPERTY $1600 DOWN Arranged for either a three room duplex living quarters or five room retidence and office quarters, plus a 3 room bungalow on tide let which is renting for $40. Hat full basement and automatic heat. Immediate possession. Good location on Ervay St. 'Bargain for $12,960 HARTFORD FULL PRICE ONLY $6.850 for tWs attractive 5-room frame. Full batement with oil heat. J-Car garage, in good condition throughout. Convenient location on Hawthorne. NORTH ALTON IUST THE HOME YOU DESIRE— With 3 bedroomi. This modern dwelling It only 2 years old end tolldly conttructed from it* poured concrete batement' UP. Featuret Include all-electric kitchen, garage and gat heat. Attractive residential location on Theresa" St. Start en- loying life for only $12JOO GODFREY FOUR ROOM modern bungalow, only 4 yrs. old. Full basement with automatic heat, carport. Fully In- iulated. Price $HWO SOUNb INVESTMENT These two 4-room home* In Forrest Homes need a handy roue to mit them In top shape. Each hat full basement and hardwood floor* About 9CK-, completed. Excellent Investment at $3.800 each. $400 will handle either home. MILTON AREA EASY TERMS If detlredwJn thlg 4 room frame on .Horn St. Attached garaae. large utility room. At- ractlva lot with evergreeot. Special for sattO FRIENDLY TOWN OF BRIGHTON. ILLINOIS, where living cott it cheaper! Beautiful new three-bedroom brick horn*, fully air-conditioned. All electric kitchen. Full batement with automatic heat. Large, attached.garajg*. Life doesn't past . . . vou^lve It. Call now — why wait .,....$18,600 BUSINESS PROPERTY NATURAL ROCK BUILT STORE building on Belle St. Lot 50x186. Cath price $3J50 ALTON — NEAR TOWN ON MARSHALL STREET—6-roojn frame with 2-room apt. en 2n4 fleer (rentt for 840), 4 roomt with full bath on flrtt floor. Full batement with gu beat. Large lot with g»- , rage. Reduced for quick tale je.POo VIEWLAND AVE., ALTON 5 ROOM RESIDENCE—With I D4 room*. Hag full bMame«t wife room terrace apartment. Alaq room bungalow on rear of V Ideal Investment, will pay for telf. Bargain. ... BARGAIN INVESTMENT *&'WSW-** i *'*' Good rente,? location Pull bargain price ON HALLIBURTON IN ALTON - 12 room ag*jtmeet dwelling with 3 apartmentt. Furnace heat. Two car garage. Larga garden size lot 70 x 200. Ideal for large family or for Investment. Pull price $8000 CALL. WRIT* OR SEB REAL ESTATE EXCHANGE HO 2-9797 7l(i E 4th St. Alton. III. REALTORS AND MEMBER OP MULTIPLE LISTING SERVICE UHtiN TILL I P, M. WANTED WANTID-UttD UefrlKDrBtor* aud Kui>e*e* Will buy or take on traUe. Phone for Gibson Furnlturt Ph. HO S'1141 £*lre AUUARI FOODS AND I' oruN Wm. FINK WORDEN — 1 acre; 6-roomt. full bath with shower, insulated A-l condition. «ood location, city water automatic oil heat. Only .. $6,000 CLIFFORD B. McGAUGHEY REAL ESTATE AGENCY CALL ANY TIME Wood River CL 4-0321 Bethalto DU 4-6331 "Red" Mefforej . CL 4.6089 lill Hubberd ... CL 44307 lav Brayman . .. CL 4-2982 Nita: HO 2-1742 Hl't — BK4M8 HYMAN.MICHAILS CO. STIUtOISAL! MISC. FOR SALE Wi in Oiilin If r Syocromatle UU t'unwea Wtttooiuln end U.i. Uarlin "Mbell ilewJ" ponveretoii burner* _ (frlgler Oil Stove* *Bu«k OU rif«d Water Uualere QUALITY FROOUOTt I SERVICE UNMN OH COWANV "SO-LITE" Awnings •nd Caaapiee • • Proiaci< t UH»l lattaiiad or Oo-lt-Youriait

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