Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 2, 1960 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1960
Page 9
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Section 2 Pages 9*16 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Comic Sport Established January 15, 1836 ALTON, ILL., TUESDAY, AUGUST 2,1960. 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Press Kids Gather Thou sands of Fireflies for Scientific Research By JOHN STKTSON Telegraph staff Writer EAST ALTON — "Do you take bugs here?" Is the ques. Uon Mrs. Charles Camp, 409 Oak Dr., has heard throughout July when two evenings aj week she answered the hesitant j raps of small hands at her: front door. The Camp family rifis benn sponsoring a firefly rollectlon station to help provide the ui- gently needed injects for medical research laboratories. The : fireflys are used In laboratories throughout the world for can-1 ?er research and new cell ex- j perlmentatlon. : Sigma Firefly Scientist Clubs i promoted by the Sigma Cheml-i cal Co. of St. Louis this yearj supplemented the hoola hoop; craze of a bygone period in many locales Indudlng the Wood River-Alton area. During tin- course of July the Cam pi i.'ollected u lotul of l(i,2B3 fireflys at their horn« from ihe youthful donators. Kach Monday and Friday the <iitall army of rhllrtren ranging from three to 14. years old' would descend on ihe Camp household-with their. Mason jar and other glass containers Hutched in clamy little hands. Big Counting Job Through the grime and per- operation covering many of the jars it was the Camps job to count the number of fireflys, label each jar and then -store them in their refrigerator! until a driver from the St. Lou-j is firm picked them up! VOVTHFVL COLLECTORS Going rate tor fireflies is 30 cents a hundred and children in East Alton par- ticipate in collecting the insects to be used in scientific research.—Staff Photo. Levy Ordinance In First Reading o At Wood River Hartford Class Elects Officers COOL, MAN, COOL! Inside of this refrigerator is oecu- search, keep well in refrigerators pied by thousands of fireflies in Jars. Staff Photo. The insects, needed for scientific re- 45 Arrested as East Alton Starts Traffic Campaign EAST ALTON — Forty five (rolling stops at stop slgflf, who traffic arrests in East Alton since'fail in their attempts to cross In- I Thursday kicked off the police tersections 6n the caution light I department's program of strict signal and who drag froth stop [enforcement of all traffic rules signs and lights. I for the area. Speeders hold first frtaoe in ! Chief Harold Riggins said that traffic arrests, said RiggfHW Top (many motorists traveling in and offenders on the defective vehicle | through East Alton are careless ij s t are motorists who drive au- and ignore traffic rules. He re- tomoblles with defective or loud ported complaints receive dfroni mufflers, defective tail pipes resident observers about traffic! and one head light, violations. i At the St. Louis and Smith Riggins stated that all motor-]avenues intersection, east bound ists in East Alton will be arrest- j motorists are permitted to use ed for all traffic violations and the center lane for a left turn in- for driving vehicles that have| to Smith Ave., said Riggins. He traffic defects. | added that the center lane from The police plan to be on the!Main St. to Smith Ave. cannot lookout for motorists who make 1 be used for passing. _ ______ Rjggjns reported that islands Grant* ''" the s< - ^"^ and Smith ave " v*i a ins nu(Ss , nteraectlon will be re . palnt . T»«.._ Tlivnr |pfl in tne neai- future - He said the I \\v imoriP- j painting has been delayed by the Children Head List Of Wood River Injured WOOD RIVER — Antone Lee WOOL) RIVER A tax levy Fireflys had to be alive when| ordinance , OI . tne UscaJ year collected by the chemical com-'May 1. 1960 to April 30, 1961, I/any. The injects will stay alive:totaling $39-1.890 was given first In a jar in a cool basement lor reading by the City Council about 24 hours the 'Camps.Monday night. learned. ' The levy reflects a $36,140 in- Stored In jars in a refrigera-i crease over the $338,750 total tor, not a freezer, the bugs w|lii lev y for tne 1959-'«) fiscal year. inspection, lighting. $4,500; HARTFORD—At a picnic and; meeting of the Crusaders Class, of the Methodist Church at the] home of the teacher, Mrs. Bill j Kusmanoff. 16, son of" Mr" and Maupin, Monday afternoon, Bill!Mrs. Boris Kusmanoff. 405 Ash- Fitzhugh was elected president j lock Ave., was treated and re..„ of the class for the new church}leased from Wood River Town* ' . • siree |year. Fitzhugh succeeds Larry} r e « S ^ a " Ce j! Kuehnel - who was Promoted to;m."for lacerations Wood River Club Plans Programs WOOD RIVER - Rotary Club ^ , Employes Oil - . , „ riday Excursion , ; members Monday in groups of j SU pport individual committees made! By anothei . divorce decreo ; program plans for the current Fern L . M aher has been grant- or re* Divorce was granted to Rich-! recent storms, ard G. Ha/en from Maxie G.I Clarence E. Kibby, district Hazen at the opening today of I manager for AAA, reported that a mid-week session of City Court j an AAA award will soon be pre- hy Judge I. H. Streeper. The| sented to the East Mton P° lice ground of action was desertion. : for the department's contribution Under the decree, custody of'' 10 the East Alton traffic safe y two infant children of the con-1 record and Program for the pro- pie was awarded to Mrs. Hazen. Section of school children, and the plaintiff was directed' Class Picnic to pay $30 monthly for their! EAST ALTON _ The R(JU ^ I fiscal year which started July 1. | Program and other commit! tee plans must be formulated by Aug. 9 preceding a board of dl- abraBio ft »*v«o.*j|^*wv,»_uiiiga wwai u \JL ui* n'j ROXANA — More than 300 rectors meeting in the home of - t . . aBo $..82.: ( c-ontingencics $1,000 and; thc j unlor . Senior class ta June . received when he fell from a!™ pl ° yesr ° f ^ he " ? iluC °- s Woodl A)vin K. Stolze. president. capita) improvements. S3.DOO. ; Othe _ off ,„_ pWt _ H „„_.,. W _,_ IA ftn _ nnc BtMnl1B . u ..i River refinery and their guests The completed plans fc Special Purposes Other officers elected were: Joey Weber, vice president; Those listed under special put- P avid Sln *"' secretary treasurer. Donna Timpe Oglesby were bicycle on Evans avenue in Wood&L!^!!? 4? l^, ^ ^ T,? 6 *"! **** "V* year will then be presented to the Rotary District Governor River. ';will board the SS Admiral in St. and The youth suffered abrasions of and the as ;s over the J358 750 total P° scs are: street and alley 1. „ , ""•"'" *•»«»•*• «"•«.-"• "*'"• <"««"««=«. ""-«=, "B" L Rj ver . *fwwi«ts\/ wi,ui t •* |^*an^ OciPSDV were SDDointpfi 8R S1QG Oi n£3(i chpst finfi Ipft wr*ist '£££."£ s,~^£f'^S^:™ -JS-TSKIS Irrir °' - *' r .£££!#£,« right shoulder, face, right wrist, night for a moonlight cruise on the Mississippi j when he visits here. live three to four day, — ^ 'T^ra^l iui'b-"^ £w : pfay^ound and re- ; —<^ *>ar1ene Phillips! Alter putting the first "batch" j5935,717 the previous year ««»tion department, $26,405; .««»*«"><* Retzer co-chatrmen in their refrigerator Camps, A lota , of |M6-767 i* the total free public library. $25,075, and of the transportation committee; *j _ T __ __ were dismayed the next morn- being levied for general corp- civil defense. $3,350. ing to see what appeared mass orate purposes with $147.570 for; Levies for bond and interest death of the insects, but found special purposes; $112,553 for payments were: sewerage gen- upon removing them from the|bond and interest payments and erai obligation bonds, $60,263;' cooling unit that they revived!$28,000 for trust and miscel-'library bonds. $31,265 and swim- Linda Turner and Diana Monger, co-chairmen of the planning upper lip. Allen Lee Schmidt, 16, son ed divorce from Stephen Maher of 2137 Norside Dr., the basis of action being cruelty. The defendant was awarded custody of their two sons, 14 and 16, and the court approved a property settlement entered into by the litigants. "In the bad old days there were , , of : 5 reati( !". u SS "" emp '° ye organiza -! Foster ' Chucl < Ja <*son and Don Mr. and Mrs. Dayton L. Schmidt i !°" whf ' ch s P°" sors manv activi-|Schwuchow, Alton: Don Simpson 9..i D c. AI.-_ _____.'I l >es for refmei-v- employes and Joe Hiptrins. Rpthaltn' Rnh Visiting R o t a r i a n s were: three easy ways of losing money," Chuck Freeman, Herb Hellrung. recalled Britain's Lord Amherst Rudy Green, Sid Arst. Denny I in London, "racing being the quickest, women the pleasantest 3331 Brown St., Alton, was treated and released Monday at 3:25! p.m. when he cut his knee on thej blade of a power mower. The ac-j _i throughout the year. Tickets for the moonlight cruise have been on sale at the reftn- employesjand Joe Higgins. Bethalto; Bob Healy, Edwardsville; Latham . . , „ h ddent occurred when Schmidt ery ° r several weeks by menv ' **™ perfectly. The collecting of the glowing Insects was not done by the children without compensation. The "going rate" this year was ory 30 cents for 100 live fireflys or laneous. A breakdown of general corp-i ming pool bonds, $21.025. orate purpose levies patients at Mather's Nursing Home in Alton in the near fu- Levies for trust and miscel-1 ture. !.^? :Jlaneous are: Policemen's pen-! A backyard barbecue and pic- fund. $5,; Illinois Mu- „ Children treated and released from the hospital were: Gregory A - 2, son of Mr. and tion board of governors and several other employes. Members of the board are H. F. Sparks, W. E. the class meeting Si In ride tickets at one of the four St. Louis area amusement parks. Needless to say far more ride •tickets than cash were distri. buted by Mr. and Mrs. Charles Camp and son, Paul, who not only aided In catching the insects, but also helped his folks constantly rearrange Ice box left overs to make room for the temporary boarders. Collector of the most fireflys was Charles Baumann and his brothers and sisters of Alton, who turned In 3,125 to the Camps. Karon Borens, Alton, turned In 2,174 and Lanny Murrell of Grafton 1,800 Early Collectors inicipal Retirement Fund - « 18 '°°° and those attending were: Mary Mrs. Charles E. Ballard, 119 Pence St., East Alton, for ation of the forehead; William AJ-! ^, 'Butler, F. W. R. L. Archibald, C. L. W. Carroll, A. E. legal services, $2,425; police: department, j Grimes. Linda Turner, Caror bert Thomas, 10, son of Mr. The general corporate levy is Casting, Barbara Peterson,!^?, "!"*• Ode " J ' joo one fj j * -~ - ^ — j rvaaiiiig, ocu uaifi jreici auii, l^rinJSL±i?i ma * imum a!lowed by taw I Donna Timpe . Tam Qglesby, itms, year as are some of the: Diana Monger, Billy Fitzhugh, ; categories within the special, Joev We ber. David Singer and 216 iDoerr, J. A. Hmurovich, E. T. Madosh, V. J. McCoy, Wood River Post, Auxiliary Plan For Installation . . Niepert. C. *. „«....«=,, wrist; RotHTl^^:^ 3 *^ .._. Ventrees, Jr., 6, son of Mr. and'can Legion Post will dedicate a Harris, Paul Westerhold and C. W. Hardesty, Roxana; and William Dews, Largo, Fla. The program committee for this year is composed of Joe Sladek, chairman, Russell Fansher and John Stetson. and farming the most certain." ATHLETE'S FOOT GERM HOW TO KILL IT. IN 3 DAYS, U not delighted with STRONG in slant-drying T-4-L. your 48c back at any drug store. Watch Infected skin slough off. Watch healthy skin replace It. Itch and burning are gone! TODAY at Thrifty Drug Com pany.—Adv. ( Table Class of the East Alton Methodist Church will have a picnic Thursday at 6 p.m. at the Westerner Club grounds in shelter house two. Hostesses will be Mr. and Mrs. Otto Brazier, Mr. and Mrs. C. 'M. Brown, Mr. and Mrs. Frank Bramhall and Mr. and Mrs. Willard Wiegand. DUKE BAKERY 819 Henry Dial HO 2-2922 FRESH BAKED GOODS DAILY W« Spedalixe In Wedding and Party CakM ! purpose classification. Lee Kraft.' tne teachers and their families. Mrs> Robert L ' Ventrees, Sr., 272; play ground flag to the city at iciry manager, pointed out. Birthday Dinner 'jVictory Dr., East Alton, for lac- the Roundhouse Wednesday eve- A $3.356 increase in the gar-, HARTFORD — Mr and Mrs i eration of the sca) P ; and Danny ning at 7:30. jbage fund levy is needed forj john Norton entertained with a'!"' V f, rb ! e ' 6 ' s ° n ™^ ^i . < ?, ircuit Judge Jose P h BaiT (purchase of new equipment in birthdav dmne r in honor of their Mrs. HirlE^Varble..21b W. Fifth;will give a short speech. •that deoartment. Kraft said. j_.._u t '_ T._:,._ T.-_.. -,, ... St., Hartford, for injury of the —— that department, Kraft said. This year's municipal band levy is $3,200 over last year's j figure due to a low figure last WOOD RIVER— Plans were dis-! vear caused by a good cash bal- daughter, Janice Kay, 11, at left hand. their home Sunday and those! A j., u , ' »„ f j j , , Adultb treated and released attending included: Mr. and cussed for Aug. 6 for a joint instal at the first of the year. Mrs. Delbert Caldwell, Mr. and Mrs. Elmer Fry and Mrs. Ber- from the hospital were: Mrs. Jean Smith, 715 Third, East Alton, for laceration of the left lation of officers at a n^eUngl ™ e policemen's and firemen's ^n l,^rj« *S ^' ^ /a ?$. Vam ?'«* ^ .. . . ._..._. ° f,,«j i—:— u : rvoui auu ouc riy ui 01. LAJUIO, „ AVO Wnnrf Ri\rov fnv lQf.o,.Q_ arv. ' Roy Edwards will be the new! to a state requirement that a , post commander, and Mi-s. Roslie! reseive fund of ^.000 be na Ave., Wood River, for lacera- uuu _ . . ,, . ,, _ ,tion of the right hand; and Mrs. v t* , .. .•- . ^ • • j iCarrm and Mr. and Mrs. Tom-j Rea »Hr-o \r r,. a in -win IT tj^ Q ^ Kraft explained that this is duel„,.„,-,„,-,„., 0 ,,o f __ii..-r r,--,. tseatnce^v. Uain, 2000 t,. Broad- my Caldwell and family of Rose-1 wav Alton for ^^^ to ^ e fore . , — ,_ _.„».,„„. 0 ^ rvcvui aiiu ouc riy ui oi. LAJUID, Monday night of Wood River j fund levles were each increased Mr and Mrs Ed Pickett of American Legion Post and Auxili-i from 53.500 last year to $5,000. irarrT ,j ,„. »,„ £inH ,.„ Tnm . , . Paul Camp, Dennis Opper. ! T °h>" wil1 te the new unit presi- esta blished for each man so man and Sandy and Patty Owens, nucleous of the first group in the Camp's neighborhood, collected a total of 5,500. The Firefly contains an en. zyme, "Luciferase" and a sub- Btrate, "Luciferin," according to technical data. The addition ot minute amounts of Adenosine dent. The program will feature potluck supper at 6:30 p.m. Instal-' lation will begin at 8 p.m. A report was given on the "junior picnic" Saturday at Rock Spring Park. It was announced Other Heights. Home from Hospital HARTFORD — Mrs. J. B. Mock of S. Delmar avenue, who received a brain concussion in a In other business the Council! recent fa " d . own ™e basement "" P ° leW approved a parking ordinance restricting parking on the east side of Wood River avenue from cuted Wednesday at the roundhouse, and the county council at to the north city Edwardsville road. It was voted to steps at the home of her brother at Cottage Hills, has recovered sufficiently to return to her Barnes Hospital in Granite City, is scheduled to ap- lp]a j nt regai . d j ng the 5; 13 c j gai ..j HARTFORD- Friends ol Mr. pear today before Police Magis-j ette vending machine license -- J "- »•-'- «- ----- - ---Lancaster on a the bQ . ard agreed to leaw u at trate "speeding" charge. He was ar rested at 3:15 a.m. Saturday. Also scheduled to appear before Lancaster today on a "failure to yield right of way" charge is Robert D. Linksvayer, 20, Rt, 4, Box 130, Edwardsville. Roxana Club to Entertain Boys ROXANA - Members of the Roxana Women's Club will entertain children from Boystown at Grafton at the Roxana City Park Friday afternoon. The event will start at 4 p.m. and at 6 p.m. a picnic supper will be served by the clubwomen and their families. Cecil McKinney, superintendent of the home, and his wife will be among guests at the event. Other supervisory personnel from the home will also attend. Mrs. Stanley Woods, chairman, will be assisted by Mrs. William Hamilton, Mrs. William Reed, Mrs. Lelond Longman and Mrs. Joseph Venable, club president. In the event of rain the picnic- will be held in the park shelter- liouw;. that amount during the current fiscal year and anticipated reducing if to $10 next year. Purchase of a five horse power, two stage, three phase motor air compressor, Includ- and Mrs. Elzia Poe, who formerly lived on E. Elm street, have received word that Mr. Poe is recovering from bronchial branchitis since the family moved to Phoenix, Ariz., recently .for his health. ing 50 feet of air hose and an ( air chuck for $610.10 from Ma- 'chinery, Inc., was approved. Bills, totaling $'24,108.17 were approved. Council members present were Mayor Delaney, ;Hugh Worfhen 'Edwin Bean. Charles Beason, Nauyok. For the first time since parti- lion, India has allowed a train to pass through its territory from East Pakistan to Karachi, in West Pakistan. It carried 800 pilgrims. home I St. Louis, ann.v <;i ! Tne accident occurred as Mrs. .. ••! i . <rt . . m . * *• i»u>.' »i-/i»_\.t iv ctlllii'A oL« ' meeting will bi-Aug. 10 at Marine. j pau j, s Kv ., nge i ical Lutheran I Mock and her husband. J. B. Triphosphate (ATP) to a mix- j Of f icers will be installed at ll ' p 'churoh propcrt y at Moose boule- !Mock ' who operates the Delmar ture of Luciferase and Lucifer-1 county meeting. vard nea| . t , w ejty , imjts as j Cleaners here, were planning In will cause luminescence. Traffic Charges requested in a petition by repre-! to leave on tne first vacation In easier terminology when WOOD RIVER - Le r°y Jose P h sentatives of the church. l tne y had had ln five y ears used In research the lantern of S™ 1 .^ !?:^ 28:13 .."^.I'L iBlvd ." ! In re P!y 'o a written com-i Recovering the bugs is cut off while they are still alive (but anesthitized) and is then dried Into a fine powder. It takes approximately one half million bugs to provide fe tablespoon of this powder, which is tben used for the re. search work, , Carapj this week are enjoying a well deserved vacation in some of the northern regions of the United States where they assured us they will not be seeking Mr. Firefly. 2 Boys Die a* Truck Overturns; 17 Hurt GETTYSBURG, Pa. (AJ») - A truck returning a group of boys worn a iwinunlng party crashed Monday, killing two of them and injuring 17 otters. Wiled were Walter Bupp, of Rouzerville, Pa., and Patrick Gipe, of Shippensburg, Pa., both IS. They were among a group from the Hoffman School for Children which had spent the afternoon at a swimming party in nearby Littlestown. liynn Gaylor, 23, the truck driver, told state police the vehlcje ran up an embankment and fell back on the highway. Eagle* Auxiliary WOOD RIVER — The Eagles will have joint meeting with the auxiliary Thursday at 8 p.m. at Eagles Hall. The auxiliary was informed by telephone yesterday state president. Etta Heikes of! Peoria, III., died. When Was Your PILLOW Sterilized Last? PILLOWS $1.19 August Special Free Pic*-l/p and Delivery and George DIP YOU KNOW! 1. Assets at Piaso FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS end Loon, the home of E. I. P.'s, increased more than $1,500,000.00 during the Six Month Period ending June 30, 1960, 2. You ore an "E. I. P. ot Piaie First Federal. Important t>er»ou Plasa First Federal ITATI ft WALL ITI. •HONI HO 1*1111 To Dedicate Flag WOOD RIVER — The Ameri- 7«*>**>* e "° DISCOUNT YES, WE ARE GUILTY OF DISCOUNTING CARPET PRICES! ...But We Are Proud Of It! We hove made thousands of home owners happy by installing beautiful carpet and saving them as much as $100 per room! AND REMEMBER— WE ARE THE ORIGINATORS OF FREE PADDING AND FREE INSTALLATION IN THE ALTON-WOOD RIVER AREA. -and We Still Do W Treat yourielf tp a real vacation-with Beneficlal'i Summer Money Special Cttb to gtt ready, caih to go, cash along tht way— thafi BENEFICIAL'* SUMMER MONEY SPECIAL. Phon* today—get each fast —plus Credit Card for extra caab wherever you go. "You're the bosi" at BENEFICIAL! iaam IN It UM-Uam lift*liuurttf at law cert MlJIIUI ITREIT, Second Floor, ALTON HOwar* 2.I2U . Aik far the YE* MANaiir OMM IVfNINCI |Y ANOINTMENT - »HQNt PQ> CVfNINO HQUIft Ue» «*i M Hiuuit «i a) nmuiiii IMW BENEFICIAL FINANCE CO. «o. ^ ^ WE HAVE OUR OWN EXPERT CARPET LAYER — ABSOLUTELY NO CARPET WORK CONTRACTED OUT So if you need carpet and want the lowest Discount Price, tee u$ before you buy. Shop around and Compare! Quality for Quality, Dollar for Dollar, we guerentee you can't beat our price! WE ABSOLUTELY WILL NOT BE UNDERSOLD! 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