Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 2, 1960 · Page 7
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 7

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1960
Page 7
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1900 ALTON EVENtNO TELBGRAPM PAUK Upper Alton Mews Events Paul Dean White Re ward Sch °»l Meet at cofun/cffoif tit ACCtDfclff Alan, 7-year-old son of Mr. Mw. Marvin firenker, 3B21 Berkeley Ave., was treated at Alton Memorial Hospital Monday evening after he suffered a lacerated scalp in a fall. thing together but others divide the Hyannls and Port. Enough of that. With Kennedy on the scene the correspondent Is picking up come gems. Comment from one seasoned re- The boy was running at play porter covering the presidential in the yard of his home when nominee: The Kennedy cam- he fell, his head striking thelpaign nationally Is the best or- hricks. Several stitches were|gan!«?d he has ever seen. An- required to close to cut, a mem-1 other comment from a news- her of the family said. NA7-AWKNR DELKOATK* BACK FROM MftfcTtNO man goes: 1 covered the Sym- jlngfon campaign from start to Ifiz/le. Another that the press isi Mr. and Mrs. Robert Weath.j paylng its owft way for trans . era, and family, have returned from a district assembly meet- Ing of the Church of the Nazarene at Springfield. The Hlllcrest Church of the Nazarene pastor. Mrs. Weathers, Mr. and Mrs. Howard Man- portatlon despite the Kennedy family's estimated 200 million dollar worth. j FRED HAMEL IN CHARGE AT MAIN METHODIST Wed- w <» ? servlpe Alton police authorities said today that aft erronlous notation had been made on an accident report of Sunday morning and that no complaint had been filed against Fdward F. StubbleffeM of Brighton following an automobile mishap at College and N. Rodgers avenue The accident report form showed that Rtubblefletd had heen booked on nn Intoxication charge, hut thc report subsequently was corrected to show no such, complaint was issued. Investigation had revealed that Stubblefield lost control of his car when a tire blew out, this causing It to veer Into Rodgers avenue and break down a private mail box. Me and a passenger Incurred slight inluries, and Stubblefleld wag moved by ambulance to Wood River Township Hospital for treatment. The Telegraph reported the erroneous booking in a report of Upper Alton area mishaps in Monday evening's issue. PONY SHOWS VP TO EAT FLOWERS A pony wag wandering free in the 4000 block of Aberdeen avenue this morning, cropping flowers and ' in genera) enioy- ing the bounty of the land. Mrs William Elienreich, 4030 Aberdeen Ave., said the brown colored animal showed up about 7 o'clock this morning in their yard. When it moved to the neighbor's place and started to pat the flowers, she called the police. The pony was gnnelnHd captive by thp Japanese In-'Baptist Church. \\hen piilifp arrived Fund Remains Intact EDWARDSVTLLE — Contrary to rumors and an erroneous publication In a newspaper, the In stubble of a cornfield alon^i Route 111. a few miles south o'| boy Edwardsville To Be Aug. - _ f.f.f. * t f « r it $1.000 reward offered for infor • rmtion leading to the airert 1 last been seen a Jive. of «-,.<,f<.o ' ' of anyone Involved in; the kidnap-s aylng of Paul t>,n jpr of , hp p , uh flm , White Is still in effect, the Tele ^ ))If) f|flrh MftDono!|Rh> graph was informed today. In fact, the re\va«1 fund |on Shpr)ff Gporefl M(JSSO here Monday afternoon tn ley. Mrs. Elvera Schuet, w*re: Mg , n Stree t Methodist Church, delegates. i Tne Rev j ohn Henderson. now made up of rash donation^ Sf . 0 frh rumors that the reward and pledges continues until rV-jr un d was being dissolved, and tober and efforts are made to extend pledges for 9nj 1Pma | n in additional six months and pos jOrtoher. slbly longer, if necessary — aj Hanfelder said later, after the spokesman for South Roxnna) Conference, that an extension ot Dart's Club, Inc., which led in establishing the fund, explainer). The fund was set up as a reward for Information leading to tober for an additional six a scries of meetings for! preparatory to term, will be held Aug. 15 in the Board of Education Office at Hadley House. The meeting, called by A. Gordon Dodds, superintendent of schools, will be an all day ad-j minlstrative staff meeting. Attending will be: Loren 8. Jung, assistant superintendent; Herbert G. Brockmeier, business manager, Thomas M. Butler, senior high school: Robert F. Eberle, junior high school; Jrma Henry, LeClalre; Elmer area--would be sought after Oc-jJenne. Lincoln and Hadley; Ed- S f rcss tnc f im( j WO u1d ,, n ti) at least pledges to the reward fund- principally by Industries in the " _, „ „ • •«•«*• •'—» »«««• «»•, a pp re hension nnd conviction •>[ months. Bohm: Ot The session, opened Monday, pastor an, a group from tn*j anv % erson or pe rson8 respons ; Hp sajd a , 8o t|mf SheHf ,lway. Qne and closed the past Sunday. Theichurch will be attending anj h]e ^ , he disappearanrp and | MllMO ha d requested that the Rov. Weathers was elected tojevangelism workshop at S».|,, Mth ^ the n.ypar-old Whllel reward fund be kept intact and the district Sunday School i John s Church of Edwardsville., hoy , as( sppn Ju)y ^ lgB9 ..(| 0 p e ,. a tive for the next two yea r< hoard. Hardy Weathers, their|Wednesday night. .Dad's Club Park in South Rox iln thc hope that it would be an json, was elected to the district! Volunteer Choir will rehearsejana during preparations for .^'Inducement to anyone knowing council of the Young People's ' al tne church. Wednesday. 8 p. i carnival. The skeletal remains i anything about the White boy't Society. Manv members of the Hill- ;m. The official board will meetjof the South Roxana boy were jat the same time. i found Nov. 28 by rabbit hunters disappearance to come- forward with the Information. Committee Heads Named By County Democrats ward Knies, Glen Carbon and; Bohm; Dean Pieper, Moro, Mid- •i-cus Grove and Hamel; and Eugene Brubaker, Columbus. Offices of the principals are! open daily. Monday through Friday, beginning Aug. 15 in the senior and junior high schools. Lincoln, Glen Carbon, Columbus, New Le Claire and Midway buildings. crest church attended various!MRS. MOHLTON IN CHARGE sessions. At times as many asj^T MAIN BAPTIST 30 from Alton were at a par-! p raver and B ible study will tlcular .session. j he held at the Main Street Bap- Sperlal speakers included Mlssjtlst Churrh. Wednesday. 7:30 p.j Elizabeth Cole who serves with'm.. with Mrs. Millie Moulton ini a leper colony in Africa. At-! charge. tending as « delegate was Mis); The Rev. Errol Bosley. youth. EDWARDS VILLE - Mem-Granite Citv: Donald L. Brovlcs' try uas ' long as Spain was a mo "- y;eraldine Chappell who wa^d.rector of the Cherry Street, bprs Qf fo(Jr commltlees named^and John H. Haynes. Madison.!" ""' *""" J "* " Illinois Tenth in will be in Dpmocrat - c Coun iy - chair - i^p^n^ ?^. T — Si - i^/Mart*; of D:,,O, D. = - Wigger wil, be In the ^ of ^j™- |fi. B. Williamson, of Ci- pulpit ' ^ ^^ muMy ^.^ ty. wai the general supermini., M'lKRDCBY WAKENS | m|ttee Monday 'night at dent. : RESIDENTS; IT'S A BIRD j court house. Missionary m-etings were A wicrd cry caused severa ] and Cy Walker Jr.. Granite City. Spanish Soil The will of Vincente Blasco- Tbanez, a u t h o r of the "F o u r Horsemen of the Apocalypse." stipulated that his body should Population Density not be returned to his own coun- VVA>-'::;;>UTO\ (AP>—Illinois is archy. He was buried at Men-i 10ln among the sUite in popula- 'tone. France, in earth sent fromi uon density with 179 persons per LINEUP-WHEAT FOR ALTON MILL The golden grain was pouring into stretching from W. Broadway grain Russell-Miller elevators today. This dump to a point on McAdams highway staff photo shows line of grain trucks, beyond Piasa Tool & Dye Co. plant. Godfrey Paster Godfrey Firemen j f n/; :„ HUP]] Brush Bkze /> i- *t it* Publicity Committee Named tathe party's publir-ily ISpain.' the GODFREY --, The Kev. and GODFREY — Godfrey Volunteer Fire Department quelled a .-mail brush fire near the Alton- .«iuare mite, ao.-ording to „,, ov^rnr.i -, , „« — — Wo od River Sportsman's Club Glass was the worldV first , ^ portion densitv of the^' 5 GcorgP " Kddy " "' '^entrance on Godfrey road. Mon- committee, on which Simmons'plastic. United States decreased from 1930 i Godf rpy Ba P tl! >' Church, hrr at- day, 11:40 p.m. is an e.x-officio member, vore'~~~~ : — :——r itn iu«n \v>™,, K e nf ih* nHrfitnn nf ! tending the National Church; .-• the - Harold E. Hillmer. Granite chairman; John Bridick. Modi-1 son. ro-chairman: Wes Molloy. Kdwardsnllc * d ™ ' as i to 1960, sparsely of thc additc Alaska. theiExtension Conference at Green from the |h<-lri Monday and Tuesday, Wednesday morning was for Sunday School, Wednesday af- residents in homes behind Alton Memorial Hospital to raise up in bed this morning. . - . Named to a "pntronage" : Alton: Richard F. Lucas, Col- hls plectlon '» A P r 'l- and approved crease occurred despite an in-i Seminars on church building Goodman, of Detroit. The conference will continue through i Saturday. committee were Worden Mayor; linsville: Jarnes G. Vanzo, Kd- William H. Jenkins and Chris of Madison as! Grf » nite Cit >"' a "d Joseph Gruen- Elmer Blumcr of St. Jacob as crease of 28 million in population. »n Mayor: msviie: Jarnes (j. vanzo, Kd- «.-..-. «. ^. »^^ „.-, r « n su«i the nonula- \. . ,. - 3 ^ j ., chairman uardsviLe: Bernard J. ^ateykn ---'L<° ** ' ^ther, the late ^ £™J™ 0 <%£%• ^^^^^ ^ "! programs, building finances, .ernoon «nd Thursday and FH-. A po, irp investigation , uncover- i . chajrman ,' Louis ,' Zagane llii enfelder. Highland - day were church meetings. Sal-jed that a tremendous hawk had| jurday U-HS for young people, j glided into n tree and was using jand Sunday was service day. ihis rarely heard voice to scare, roylei In other news: j'he dickens out of some blue! »• i,- , u .' iavs who were annovinp him '"am H. Warren of Alton: New officers of the' J a > s " no vv ^re annoying mm. _ . .. _. of Collinsville. Donald L. A* 1 advisory committee. corn- Fred Blumer, as Democratic com- I mitteeman for St. Jacobs Pre! cinct 1. tion density of the 30 states was 50.4 per square mile, compared with 50.7 in 1960. are being presented lo g i v e church extension pastor? an op- Alaska brought' into the union^ortunity for in-service train-,; vies of Madison AJva How ,P ris i"g Democratic mayors of : Gordon (Piccolo Pete) Routh of j371 .063 square miles of territory '"*• Snark.; of Wood^ Rivor vvii ; 10 municipalities over the coun- Mitchell was named by the county i w r} th onr p( , rso n to every 2 12! A . l» KS 01 wooa rmer, vvii- f n P monratir- conntv Central committee's executive! Kniiarr miles Hawaii on the other trea 'ty. former Democratic county and other party church will be P|oct«d to posl-l The offioer - Homcr Wa»ace.;*rt G. Gibson, Granite Ctty. andj ers as we ,, ^ incumhent Dvm . course for pastors' wives' '' square miles. Hawaii, on the other ; treating Christian education is LET US LIGHTEN YOUR LOAD SEND US YOUR DRAPES and SLIPCOVERS FOR SANITONE DRY CLEANING Milton Cleaners 1128 Milton Rd. Phone HO 2-W3I body as county registration chair- j hand, has 96.8 persons per square! being taught by Mrs. Edward' Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" man in connection with a nation- 1 miles for its 6,412 square miles at a meeting tonight of' said thaf thc havvk took off | Donald^ W. McCIean Sr., Kri- i ocr atic^county officials and can- Wide drive to enroll unregistered! New Jersey is the most densely; i Wnf IP ho Wfl Q CPAlf IflCr f\\ if fri<>'\i'ai i /1c\'ille .1: J_ i j.i i_. i_:_i i 'r»toi^e? ir» T\ Ti rt icnn f\tii*i > itr i_i i * ...:*!. emt\ n _^.^..»_ • the church board. Plans also; will he made for the coming year. while he was seeking out trouble. It had a wingspread: of at least three feet and its ! wings at the base were a foot ;didates on the party ticket at! Member* of a countv - wide the county level at the No- campaign finance committee, which includes County Chair- vember election, also was approved. in Madison County. It was announced that Democratic county headquarters for the ROBERT GLOVER KOBKRT GLOVER CALLED TO M1H8OUR1 CHURCH iman Simmons and Secretary! Democratic mayors listed James F. Chapman of the coun- 'ty central committee, were [were Melvin Zeller. Alhambra; Charles A. Vanpreter, East Ai- A report will be made on <he; w j(Je. district assembly by the dele-i ; B ate« at the Wednesday eveningj McCORMICKS BACK Uervice meeting The Sunday|FROM VACATION ... ^.....-. „ « —| ton; Leonard R. Davis, Gran-i| j School board will meet Thurs-; Mr. and Mrs. Clyde McCor- named for three areas, as fol-j ite Cjty . B pj mont nines, Hart- Glover, member of thej dav nigh , with the npw i y .imick and daughter, Sherry!lows: ] eord s j eve Ruzevich , Living-i Sanford Avenue Church. and^a ifl]ec . tpd super i n , e ndent, Howard! Joann. 2306 Morning Star drive,! Finance Committee* iston: Steve Maeras, Madison;' _-., _, .,.. r,. A=.A c. have returned from a vacation; Alton - Wood River - Godfrey! John Drost, Maryville; Dr. John iarea: Leo J. Struif of Alton JH. Lee. Venice, and William II. Gordon E. Mallory, Wood! JenWns - November election campaign will be set up at Granite City, with a full-time staff in charge. ! populated sates with 800.2 persons per square mile, but Rhode Island is close behind with 798.7. After Alaska. Nevada is least densely populated—2.6 persons per square i mile. graduate of the Baptist Sem-1 Man , |n ch Teachers ! ha inary of Johnson City. N. Y., ... flnnn1nl , ri tm tho VBnr; at has been called to a church at Independence, Mo. will be appointed for the yeari' Lake of the Ozarks. The 22-year-old Glover W ilir peration of lhe sch ° o1 - jand plans will be made for the; TWO PROWLERS : HEARD IN AREA FOR THE BEST IN CARPETING 700 SampiM brought to your bome—Vree B*tlnu: ,. Call ALADDIN CARPET MOBILE Day and Evening Appointment* ' Howard 5-:u'4 Iceland, Inc. Is Now Closed For the Summer Season We wish to thank our friends and customers for their patronage, and look forward to seeing you again in the fall. pastor the Ridgewood Baptist Church of the GARB. He is the SECOND REPORT FROM OLD HYANNIS PORT area i River, as chairman and co-t : Two prowlers were reported j '" hai ;™ n ' respectively: Roy Ed-j ,. esidents were admitted Mon . IOLD HYAXNIS PORT i in the Upper Alton area ' police T »,*" °* '' Eugene !da y to St. Joseph's Hospital, son of Mr. and Mrs. Frank °"» «**™« B r ««T j reported today. Kitzmiller of Godfrey. William HighJand . Cne pat ient was dis- Glover, 2611 Ida St. t The 8econd report from the, A woman told officers that she H. Warren and Wes Molloy. charged . O ne birth was record- Glover was graduated from| u PP er . Alton correspondent a'| heard fl prow i er on her ^^both of Alton. ; e d. Alton High School in 1956 and|^y anmf ; p °^' M f ss - home of i in the 2 700 block of Collcee aveJ Collinsville. "East End" area- Born to Mr. and Mrs. Othello has been active in Bible ch.U nas oeen active in eioie cmuh ,, work for high school students.!™ . He was graduated the past June mal lne l °P man arrlve a °" Alton correspondent at ort. Mass., home of! ne "r u "L^^TT "" "f r vmv "\ Kennedy, contains a i ln the 270 ° block of Colle g e ave of serious politics now nue early Monday. The prowler a "d Edwardsville Township: j Ferrari. 7 St. Andrew's Place. turned the knob of the door but! -Tames O. Vanm. Fclwardsvilie. a daughter, at 1:59 p.m. Mon- from the seminary. He is un-- fnen ran eagt Qn Col]egei j chairman : Richard F. Lucas, , day. weight eight pounds and six ••„ , , T „ „ 'hind the scenes shs un For ia He will leave for Independ- nma lne scene snovs "?• *°* ence in time to assume his pastoral duties, Aug. 14. 8T. MARK'S SCHOOL HAS 58 ENROLLMENT Anofher irollin«vil| P . co-chairman: Jo*.; ounces. The mother is the forrn- ^ man who said that he heard i!?" ^'^lenenfelder of Hi e hland.:er Bertha Flavin. hl e homo In the Donald W MpLean - Sr - of FA ~ Admitted were: Kenneth In- hta tone In th • , operators of ice cream I a ,4100 !early today. The man rattled the' even Adlai will show up before j door and then left, hurriedly. . the night is out. Police ,ould find no suspicious persons in either area. Vacation Bible school at St. Resulls in men Banding Mark's Methodist Church ope n -; around the ice crea ™ bal ' until JMAN BETTER; WAS ed Monday with an enrollment i the earl >' hours of the morning, 1 of 53. Aberdeen avenue!7"" fsv " le - Wi " iam "• ^nkins.g ra m, of \Vorden. and I^uis J. Zaga-!if re d Durr, 452 Buena Vista. •>e!li. Collinsville Mrs. Zelko Trtanj and son. Granite City-N a m eok i-Chou- ne Herbert PI., were discharg: teau-V e n i c e Township area: | ed . iRobei-1 G. Gibson. Granite City,! p ast county chairman named to i eating black walnut sundaes or Teachers are: Nursery. Mrs.j what « ver - and waitin « for Jack ' I chairman: Chris Costoff. Madi- Uson. co-chairman: John Bridick, Edward Cox, 2906 Shady Dr.,; I Madison: Harold E. Hillmer. was overcome by heat Friday j . and entered St. Joseph's Hos- Installation ^l^B^rb^;=: M^> a f does, th . correspondentlpita. the following day. Harry Keith, Miss Alicia Roe.! sald - The 57-yearHDl d man was ex-. Pl mno j f Or * , Tocatch U P P eo ' jle who JWpected to be discharged today., condition }• satisfactory.! , f/ at work when he be- l>f)tHH*\ Mrs. Roval Baird: primary. . Mrs. Marv Smith. Mrs. Bessie : gAO) ln '° lh ' act ' The U PP er i Tosh: junior. Mrs. William Hen.: Alto " desk has a correspondent,Cox was :al Hyannis Port where the i came ill. i 1 1 Kennedy clan hns its homes. , In other cases: ! GODFREY — Plans were, His most recent report con- 1 Miss Carolvn Cushman 3526) made for the installation of 0 f.'T. Callahan of Alton, former slier' - ' ; " •••• treasurer and county Ed- the advisory committee were John W. Lauer, Alton; Charles A. Van- preter. East Alton; John E. Me- j Comiell, Alton; Fred P. Schuman. ! Granite City, Austin Lewis and i John Bridick, Madison. i Other* Named Others named to thc commit: tee, in addition to incumbent Democratic county office holders and party candidates for county i office in November, \vere James dricks, Miss Linda Sheary. Several senior and junior liighi \if\i it tic u *rt Q ccict ir*k<T IPina I Hf*A i """— "~ —"" --!-•---» »»».. j.iA*uti •..UJUITI* •v^***jn»i***»i. <*««w (--——— -- — , _. yOUliriJt n.r" iinBirallMKi rillal \fi \r ', ' '< *• A. • • ± *,' t AI_ III O .. a m u.iit hn Am* 14 tamed an inferred correction of.California Ave., was dischargedlucers at a joint meeting of the! 1 " 1 gtam will be Aug. 14. , the fjrsi onp he ^^ A re .| Sunday from st Jogeph , 8 ^i Godfrev American Legion P osti audl ' or i Lwiwi ' d ^-hw-arU. 8CHWARTZ FAMILY write of it listed the home as|pital where she was taken Sat-land Auxiliary, Monday night, at u y ai>di >ville. a former director oi BACK FROM SMOKIES ! Hyannis, Mass-., confused by the^.rday as an appendicitis au-'VFW hall. jlhe IlJmois Depju-trnent of Coiwei- BAtK FKUM MiiiHiM :postmark on a letter containing|spect The ceremony will be heldivulion; Mrs. Dorothy Ldwards v H .uter karie W6i the dispatt;h and daughtei, Rosemane. ..faOfa, UD t ., ni _ Coronado Dr., returned Monday night from a week's vacation in the Great Smoky Mountains. They stayed at Gatlinburg, Tenn., and spent a day at the Indian village of Cherokee, N. C. BOY, 4, CONSUMES ANT INSECTICIDE Robert, 4-year-old son of Mr. and Mrs. Marvin Chatnplin, 4106 Aberdeen Ave., consumed a small amount of ant insecticide and was rushed to Alton Memorial Hospital for treatment Monday night. The boy had no more than put the bottle to his lips when his mother saw him. The bottle was on the kitchen cabinet where she thought he could not reach. Robert's stomach was pumped out and he was returned to his home. His condition is good, a member of the family said. on Dial uo a am lor Appointment Ca*t Broadway — Alton He states that Hyannis and Hyannis Port are townships within Jhe city of Barnstable. This, naturally, brought disagreement from several in the Telegraph office. It was the other way around, Barnstable is the township. Another point of confusion is Hyannis Port itself. Some bring the whole Tests indicated that was good. con .,Aug. 15 at S p.m.. at VKW hall.(Wood River, and Herbert Kassly. ;A memorial ceremony will be! Col l insvillt 'Matthew, 17-months-old son of included. Refreshments will be| The exmilive committee named ' Mr. and Mrs. Samuel L. Stone,i served - Thc P ublic is invited ' ' as eommitteeman 2417 Maxey Ave., was in Alton Memorial Hospital as a precautionary measure after becoming ill at his home. He was entered Friday and j discharged Sunday. His condition is good. 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