Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 2, 1960 · Page 5
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 5

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Tuesday, August 2, 1960
Page 5
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TUESDAY, AUGUST 2, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Issues of I960 GOP, Dems Farthest Apart on Economic Policy :*'«• * r Carrollton I went to St. Charles, Mo. Sunday j St. Louis to attend tfte municipal' Shirley Kwle, Carroltton, they were guests of Mr. opera. |ry K. Thornton of Davenf»rt, land Mrs. Lee Morris, and Mrs. Robert Down* and chil- Edith dren of Little Rock. Ark., nrrlv- from Austin, Minn., where they ']. Mrs. P. A. Dailey and son.i lowa , wha is residing' tn Davtd, returhed home Tuesday Gm , n f| e |e| wrre ea rn fined $29 Editor's Note—What's the prop er growth rate for the U. S. economy? What about budget balancing the government spending? Taxes and inflation? Here lie the bread and butter issues of the coming campaign, and here's in analysis of the presidential candidates' approach to them. Another in a series of articles on principal issues. By STERLING F. GREEN WASHINGTON (AP) - Other issues may make blacker bead- lines as the presidential campaign advances, but the biggest gulf between the Democratic and Republican standard-bearers Is on the issue of national economic policy. Sen. John .sachusetts closer to the extreme liberal of the Democratic party in F. Kennedy of Mashas moved steadily his career of nearly 14 years in Con gress. terfprence with the free economy. On one basic objective the two young candidates concur — nvire rapid national economic growth. They differ in the routes to b£ tak en to the goal. Want* Enrf.v Money Kennedy invites the voters to rally behind the banner of easier money, federal outlays to stim-j ulatc income, consumption and employment, and higher taxes if reed be to meet "national responsibilities" at home or overseas. Nixon stands for "fiscal responsibility"; stern use of the tight- money weapon against inflation; and higher taxes only If the cold war or other emergency need requires greater government spend- [ ing. j But Nixon himself seems to have been pushed leftward by po- CarroTNort tfote<» ! CARROLLTON — Mr. JMrs. tavern Bell. Mrs. Edith dren of Little Rock. Ark., arrlv- rrom Austin, Minn., where they ^ rojits by Po , icp MaRistrate j. Powell and Mrs. Fred Ashlock ed Saturday and are guests forjhad been visiting Mrs. Dailey's.j, Hubhar j Saturday. Mis* Me- 'wont to .larksonvllle Sunday two weeks of her parents, Mr. j sister, Mrs. Berniece Mer/ ' en - Cann am j Mias Keele were 'where they attended the Illinois and Mrs. Jack McDonald. sotto. While there they attended char(;pd with j mprop p r driving and and Missouri sTate picnic of the Mr. and Mrs. L. H. Holland a reunion of the Kagen family. Thm . nton for „„, having ft dftvet'S Rebekahs and the 1OOF lodges of Wood River and Mrs. Oren Mr. and Mrs. George Green , k , rnRp at Nichols Park. 'Siebermann of Carrollton, were went to St. Louis Sunday to visit ' Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koehm guests 1 Sunday of Mayor and the latter's sister, Mrs. Many Britain had 179,192 oversets and daughter of Godfrey were Mrs. Richard Ciller. Doolin of Woodson, who had re- viMlors j n (he 1960 first qtt«r- dinner guests Sunday evening of Mrs. Leslie Stauter and daugh- cently undergone ma.ior surgery , Pr Ul ))f , r rent morc t nan a Mr. and Mrs. Franklin Rhoads. tors and Mrs. R. L. Scott will in St. John's Hospital. Mrs. T. H. Carmody Sr., and leave Wednesday for San Fran- Tom Stone of St. Ixniis spent her grandchildren. Tommy. Bob- cisco, Calif., where they will the weekend here with his par- iby, Cathy and Jeannie Cnrmo- visit Mrs. Stauter'B son and ents, Sheriff and Mrs. Leonard dy, left Sunday for Chicago where daughter-in-law, Mr: and Mrs. | Stone. Ithey will spend a week wilh Mrs. Scott Stauter. i Mrs. Clifford Gangwisch and 'carmody's daughter, Miss Adele Mr. and Mrs. Harold Hillman'children, Michael and Elaine, left Carmody. . and son of Decatur, Mr. and Mrs. j Monday to return to their home, Mr. and Mrs. John Pritchett Daniel Knoth. Mrs. George Hill-Jin Gibbon, Neb., after a visit with land children of Chicago arrived man and Ronald Boren of Pitts-1 Mrs. Ganswisch's parents, Mr. ago. Friday and will be guests until! field and Mr. and Mrs. Ben Kanla i Wednesday of Mrs. Pritchett's i and children of this city were Imother, Mrs. Dewey Maholland.iguests Sunday of Mr. and Mrs. I They were called here by the Donald Hillman. I serious illness of Pritchett's moth-! Mrs. Meda Dowdall, Mrs. ALTON 120 YEARS AGO I litiral pressures, through his run' cessions to the liberal platform Vice President Richard M. Nix- demands of New York's Gov. N--1 on is proud to call himself "con- S0t1 A Rockefeller, on the eve of the Republican National Conven' tion. However, Kennedy and Nixon 'still stand so far apart on so many cal produce and least possible In-[issues 'hat many voters are likely — to think of them in terms of the loose labels, "liberal" and "con- tervativc." Areas of Conflict Alton and Us busy harbor in 1840 as shown in a print recently obtained by Mrs. James P. Gorman from a book dealer in Freiburg, Germany. An underline in German on the print states it Is from the Art Library, Heidelberg Institute. The dating, showing the engraving to be 120 years old, tvas supplied, by the dealer. !(<r, Mrs. Clyde Pokoc'k of Noko- Rosemary Hardwick, Mrs. John imis, and they visit her daily atLmigmeyer and Mrs. Nellie Pe- of this city. ,the hospital in Pana. !f?ram accompanied members of 1 Mr. and Mrs. Joe Gilleland^he Jacksonville Business and and Mrs. Kenneth Brannan.' Wayne Weber of Carrollton! will be honored at a dinner! Wednesday in celebration of his 25th birthday. He is a grandson of Mr. and Mrs. Frank Proffer EMERGENCY ELECTRICITY at low coif/ Conservative—conservative for progress." On few issues has he de-: parted noticeably from the Eisenhower administration's line of fls- 000-a-Year Family Pays $218 State, Local Taxes Three Fined CARROLLTON—Miss Eleanor L. celebrated their birthdays Sun- Professional Women by bus to'McCann, Carrollton, and ( Miss day at attending the smorgas- " * ' borri in Raymond, accompanied, by Mrs. Gilleland's sister, Mrs. Virginia Estes and John Miller, both of Carlinville. Guests Friday and Saturday of Ski-Pals at Carrollton An Illinois family, consisting of a husband, wife and two chil- jdren, and having a total income I of $5,000 per year, pays'a com- a day, purchases $800 worth of items subject to sales tax each year, owns $1,000 worth of tangible personal property, owns Kennedy wants the growth tar- ; hjned ' Matc anr] ' !oca V tax bill I a house which has a market set set at a 5 per cent increasei of $2 ]S.40. said the Taxpayers'!value of $10.000. On Aug. 14 in national production each year ' Fpderation of IIIinois today ; Tnls | Library Shows Honki By Women Authors An exhibition of books written Mr. and Mrs. Robert Milner and between 1910 and I960 by Soulhi*"* th « *rand opening ol the Milner Pharmacy were Mrs.- Africian women writers, ^as; pcrcy Black, Everett Roberts,; recently held In the foyer of the|]vj rSi Ada Milner and Mrs. Rob- University of Witwatcrsrnnd'ert Beverage of Gillespie, Mr. | library, Johannesburg. The and Mrs. Clifford Rain and Mr. i showing of books, which cover;and Mrs. I. C. Hamer of Alton, subjects from anthropology to,Judge and Mrs. John Self and yachting, was arranged by the Mr. and Mrs. Robert Bosworth —and a national policy that the government will b^nd itself achieving the goal. He concurs CARROLLTON - The Ski-Pals th " ^ocnitic P lat '° rm Pledge to ; he " Congressional" Record "on move swiftly against recessions by| j unp 29 is according to figures recently:\ VO uld pay, on the average, $416 Needless to say. the family which is celebrating its 50lh , of Jprseyville National Council of Women of Alton, featuring Bob Tiliwi . \H nt a/lit |i:nivu nip, M\J*J t nnt\ i .., . and Carol Wright, state champion, ^ work » ° r t(<m r>orary tax; waTer ski Jumper., will.present a ( Njxof) ^ ^ ^ I program at Robin Hood Country ,„ ra(p bu , would ^ mM Club Sunday, Aug. 14, beginning wj(h . ^ ^ annua , )y ag ^ at 2:30 p.m. < average. He denounces the Ken- Mr, and Mrs. Joe Jelenich . - „ • ., - ..uu.v. i"jj, v i...- «..-.i. 6 v., ».»« jMauonai council 01 women 10 compiled by Congressman Good- in Fedcra | income , ax wherever , , h , and dau S hters of New Lennox ; n ell of New York and entered into it lived in the Unltcd states . l""" ,™' y ! 'V ol K.' f l n ™ : wcre weekend visitors of Mre " ilhe authors weie Olive Schre.-! Jp | enich . s parentSi M r. and Mrs. i ner, Elisabeth Eybers, and Na-i victor Clark. Congressman's remarks and comparative figures were submitted in the course of the House debate on the school construction bill. It was prepared The program is sponsored b> >^ y approacn as ,. growthman j by Congressman Goodell and his in addition there will be various attractions for the children and food which may be bought after 11:30 a.m. Board to Meet CARROLLTON — Members of !jfhi .. lf , adjng - to inflat)on arid jn .i holds that "government interven is not the route to economic grcss . m consultation v vl th van: ous exp !, rts uin , tl ? e Censu « Bu - reau and the Library of Con- tion' expansion. TAXES In addition to assuming a family income of $5,000 to support Both men prefer higher taxes a man ' his wife * and nvo chii- the executive board of the Greene, to deficit spending if national : dren, the figures speculate that County Home Bureau will meet! needs compel a choice. Statements j lhe family automobile is driven Friday at 1.30 p.m. at Carrollton I of the two suggest that Nixon; 10 . 000 miles a y ear and S ets iwoidd be slower to favor tax in-1 15 miles to a g allon - Tne fam ' i creases for nonsecurity reasons. | i] y smokes a pack of cigarettes City Hall. Divorce Granted CARROLLTON—A divorce was I Kennedy holds that tax rises canj granted Friday in Circuit Court i be avoided by keeping the econ-j Q A r pn Man by Judge 0cm Smith in the casei°my booming and producing morej ' ** «>»**«*' of Ruth Whitehead vs. Paul| tax revenues. On specific tax is-i Whitehead. The divorce was grant- i««es the divergence is sharp. Nix-j HttVC ,-d when the defendant was found ] on favors tex changes which: Kuilrv of willful desertion. ! svould stimulate growth and buii- Julian Hutchens was appointed! ncss '"vestment. He has endorsed of the late' more ''b° ra ' depreciation laws. ' " i for reduction of higher- ncome rates. Would Clone Loophole* „,. .. The figures .,,« that In in the estate Pauline Bott, giving bond of «W.-:""- -p" — •""~ "—• i the Army recently, according 000. i ldL c ' C e raes - ;M-Sgt. Walter W. Beyer, who is Marriage U.«i»e. i Would Close Loophole. jn chargp of thf , Army Recruiting! CARROLLTON-Two marriage > , Kt ' nnedfy . h , as ****«„ °" 1 lor the 1 Station at 205 W. 3rd St. ! . , . .? iclosing of loopholes, the lower-! licenses were granted dunng tnei. "? r i Also reported was the enlist-; , j ii_ «• , o D~, I ln 8 of depletion allowances, repeal , _, . , T weekend at the office of Ray Ben-1 , bju _ ^ A . t ,__ J; .^ Jm . .—.„„ ment of one woman, Shirley J.! Edelene, 1218 Spaulding Ave. inj was July 29 to Sheridan Dee Jou- ' " " ctt of Springfield and Miss Carol Lee Sheppard of Roodhouse. The ^"nned'y" is 'opposed to tight!««'«» are: Vir g U W ' raine - ™ Allan ^ | money and high interest ra t es . | Tulane, who was a reenlistee, and He fought removal of the interest James R. Haynes, 438 Deneen, | ceiling on government bonds, and^fa of_ Alton; Waltcr A. Thornp-| ^•as one of several senators who! son "typical $5.000 income family of dine Gorclimer four" pays state and local taxes of J480.18 in Minnesota. West Virginia collects only $142.03— the least from such a typical family. According to Congressman Goodell's comparative tabulation, state 'and local taxes to be paid in the typical family in some of our neighboring competitive states are: Wisconsin, $361.24: Iowa, $295.06: Indiana, $283.61: Michigan. $250.51; Ohio, $229.57: Illinois, $218.40; Kentucky, $179.62; Missouri, $176.28. "With all states competing with one another to attract industry for jobs for their people, it is important that Illinois taxpayers be alert to ,Congressman Goodell's admonition to proceed cautionsly with any Federal assistance program that i would place the state at a 'tax disadvantage," a release i from the Illinois Taxpayers Federation reported. Mr, and Mrs. Loren Dodson< DID YOU KNOW! 1. Piosa FIRST FEDERAL SAVINGS and LOAN invested more than $1,400,000.00 Home Loan funds with "E. I. P.'s during the 12 month period ending June 30, 1960. 2. You are an *E. I. P. at Piasa FIRST FEDERAL. *Extremely Important Person Piasa First Federal STATE ft WALL STS. PHONE HO 5-2555 'nan TRACTOR-DRIVEN A.C. GENERATORS Hook up to your tractor for •U the power you need when hiRhline interruptions "black out" your farm. Supply regular A. C. power formilker, water system, furnace, freezer, Light* . . . any eaaentUI equipment. Install in granary, machine Rbed or other building when tractor can be lined up. Two types ... for belt drive or direct power take-off. Three sizes —4,000, 7,000 and 12,000 watte A.C. NATIONAL INDUSTRIAL SUPPLY CO. 1100 Illinois Ave., East St. Loull Phone BRidge 1-1285 jot the credit for divident and tighter policing of expense accounts. MONEY POLICY other was July 30 to Pearson of East Alton and Miss Connie Coonrod of Wood River. Promoted to Lieutenant CARROLLTON—Mrs. Eddie Camerer has received word that her husband has been promoted to lieutenant on the U.S. Army reserves. The promotion was made last week at Camp McCoy, Wis., where Lt. Camerer is taking a two-week summer training course. Others from Carrollton, who are in training, are James Tuey, Mariin Tuey, Clarence McGuire, Gene Cunningham and Gene Kirbach. The men expect to return home Saturday. j Prayer "Break" j CARROLLTON—Members of the j First Baptist church will meet atj the church Wednesday at 9 a.m. for a prayer, study and coffee break, with the Rev. Darwin Rolens, pastor, leading in the study course. Second Birthday CAROLLTON - Gregg Geers, son of Mr. and Mrs. P. M. Geers was honored at a birthday party Sunday evening in celebration of his second birthday, which occurred Sunday. Guests were Mr. and Mrs. Leo Geers, Mr. and Mrs. Harry Carter and Mr. and Mrs. David Tucker. Outer Funeral CARROLLTON - Funeral services tor Mrs. Dora Custer were conducted Saturday at Mehl Funeral Home by the Rev. Harry Frazier ol Jerseyville. Pallbearers were James Walker, Zane Walker, Florian Custer, Donald Custer. David Custer and Frank Custer. Burial was in Carrollton City Cemetery. Boyd Memorial Hcwpiiul CARROLLTON — Mr. and Mrs. Robert Sanson ol Greenfield are parents ol a daughter born Monday in Boyd Memorial Hospital. Dale Reif of Carrollton entered the hospital Monday for surgery and Elvin Sextop entered as medical patient. Entering Sunday were Lewis Davenport, Kane, Mrs. Bertha Darr, Carrollton and Joe Lakin, Carrollton entered for surgery. Dismissed Sunday were Mrs. Cora Hires, Mrs. Marcella Hansen and Mrs. Cora Garrison, Carrollton, Mrs. Gladys Campbell and son, Kane; Mrs. Norma Rexroad. Greenfield, and Mrs. Katherine Young. White Hall. Dismissed Monday was Mrs- Clara Lake and daughter, Car- fojlton. the Woman's Army Corps. The men from the area who en- Monroe, East Alton; Gale tried this year to get the Federal Reserve Board committed to a policy of easier credit. Nixon denounces the idea of pegging interest rates "at artifi- P. Brown, 17 East Penning, Billy I J. Major, First St.; Vincent M.I Ruyle, 324 Marcus, all of Wood River. Others from the area were Fer- cially low levels. We say that thisjrel D. Arndt, 1324 llth St., Cot- policy would in the lont run wreck the economy, not expand it." HOUSING Kennedy has voted for public housing, liberalized mortgage credit, slum clearance and housing for the elderly. Nixon has spoken out on occasion against Democratic housing bills which, in his view, would have been cost'y and inflationary. INFLATION Both consider inflation a major —if not the foremost—domestic problem. Nixon favors orthodox methods of keeping prices down- restraint in federal spending, contraction of credit, use of persuasion to keep wage settlements reasonable. Kennedy subscribes to the Democratic platform demand for restraints on "administered prio ing"—the ability of some industries to maintain and increase prices regardless of demand. Nixon, as head of the anti-inflation committee, has rejectee', the theory that administered prices have been a major factor in the inflation of the postwar year. Next: Civil rights. tage Hills; Burie McEvers, 712 Stryker Ave., Jerseyville and Har- jold E. Roach, Box 136, Hardin. When Was Your PILLOW Sterilized Last? PILLOWS $1.19 August Specie/ Free Pick-Up and Delivery 909E. Bdwy. HO 5-1877 Have your watch rtitortd to !t| original beauty «nd •ccur«cy. All work guaranteed. Free •itlmatei. Ball* M. HO I41U HURRY! WHILE 2000 YDS. LAST! beautiful new selection of washable cotton ginghams 4 Days Only! Yd. Timely buy! Perfect for all your warm weather tewing for yourself and the family. Pastel, bright and dark plaids In tiny to oversize pattern*. Sanforized, washfasl colors, sturdy! Come see! You'll save—and remember, " Satisfaction guaranteed or your money back" ALTON, ILL, SEARS PHONE HO 5.M11 Which is the Rambler? (HINT: It's the compact car for people who are not) On the left you see an unhappy victim of "stoop- over styling." The low roof and narrow door of this 1960 car make both entry and exit back- buckling maneuvers. It's a typical fault in- the new compacts and some big 1960 cars, too. But on the right, the same man alights with comfort and dignity because this is the 1960 Rambler 6—the car that's compact in exterior dimensions only. Rambler's high, wide doors eliminate grunting contortions. It's just one indication of the way Ramblers are designed to give the most usefulness to the user. Some other examples are Airliner Reclining Seats* that adjust to 5 different relaxing positions, including Travel Beds . . . sectional sofa front seats* that glide back and forth individually ... Adjustable Headrests.* RAMBLER OWNERS MOST LOYAL OWNERS Useful, practical features like those described above, plus Rambler's basic excellence, make Rambler owners the most loyal car owners. This is proved by many surveys done by magazines and other such independent organizations. The most recent survey, of owners of 6-cylinder "low- priced" and compact cars, shows again that more Rambler owners are better pleased with their cars than owners of the other makes. For example, Rambler owners are best satisfied of all with the interior dimensions of their cars . . . rate their cars tops in heating and ventilating efficiency ... in trouble-free operation .. . high in performance and tops in over-all usefulness to the user. More Rambler owners rate their cars best in value for the money. More Rambler owners said they would buy the same make again, RAMBLER IDEAS LEAD THE INDUSTRY One example is Single-Unitf construction—a Rambler idea. Another is Deep-Dipt rustproof- ing—no other U.S. car offers this complete, inside-out protection against rust and corrosion. Rambler brought out the original compact car in 1950. Although practically every car maker has come out with an imitation, Rambler sales have continued to soar—up 22% over last year. Everyone knows that as volume goes up, sales costs come down. So, Rambler dealers can pass the savings on to you. Your Rambler dealer would like to help you save. See him today. FREE I Mail coupon for valuable 28-page book comparing compact and low-priced cars. \Honttnd by American Molon 'Optional at «xlr» cott This Valuable 28'Page Study Can Save You Money C i ud MAIL COUPON NOW. AMERICAN MOTORS SALES CORPORATION AuttmoUvi Oivliita Piim mil IIM k*ok to M. NAk smn. ITATt. Ml !amble>r-THE NEW STANDARD OF BASIC EXCBLLKNCB TROTTER MOTOR CO. «Eiwiriiviii* M,, Wood Rim

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