Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 2, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Tuesday, August 2, 1960
Page 4
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Editorial Swing OnraHvoK as Few Do David Lan-rence Liberals Are Quiet About Congo Events Side Glances ft* Tht City Council faced the mt:$ic of at [ Griffin told them: Spray the weakened areas! least one municipal wwer problem Saturday. ! tcith several inches of thick coating of cement— I They law for themselves, with expert guid- j for , he tjme bcinf?i anywa y. ! snce, the need for repairs to keep our existing ... ... . , , , j ' , M . . . Now the city will have to face up to this! system from collapsing in spots. t t '•• And they got advice on how to do it. need ' and to the "««*»">' for raising the f,- WASHINGTON - Something! Accompanied by Director of Public Work« j nances to ^charge it. ;, prv1b , P has been happening in i Thomas f ; . Griffin and Sewers Superintendent ' Some folks may want to trust to the same the Tonfto these last few weeks. David liola, the councilmen made a "down- luck that has held our ancient sewer system to-'™- [£ ™^ ^^'"o-callpd Under" tour of some of the city's ailing sewers, gether through years of procrastinating leader- .., jhpr . lls " and tnpir organi/a-; Alarmed at what they saw and were told, the ; ship. Now we face the need to pay for delay. ;|jons arp strangely silent, not eouncilmen understandably wondered out loud | Dare we trust that those early years of luck only hprp but in Europe. Just B, what could be done. i haven't already run out? f<" w months a B° the y rripd out ln '' jdignantly because a few Bantus ***** were killed when thousands of ice in a South African village, Sheriff George Musso has launched a policy j Under our system of county government wno then fired in self-defense. ' of monthly meetings of his night deputies and j wn j ch | ac ks the executive department that is a The parliaments of Europe dis-! ... . . . cussed that issue, and even the part of city, state, and national governments,: Unitpd Nat j 0 ns was, drawn into! the jailers, with the announced goal of achieving greater efficiency in law enforcement. Such meetings, it appears, should be valuable. As pointed out,by the sheriff, some of the night deputies go days without seeing others on the staff. The sheriff himself sees his day deputies regularly. So, a conference of night deputies, and jailers, with the sheriff, will permit the sheriff's of/icc is the agency closest to the i the debate. But why, when white people. It is the law-enforcement agencv, an j,!women are attacked and a shame• .ful orgy is perpetrated in the to the extent the sheriff can set his own policies rjongo. is nothing being said of- in some fields, the office is the closest thing to ficially and publicly by any gov- an executive branch the county has. eminent in denunciation of such Any program that will tighten law enforce- l ' onciuclt discussion of policv, exchange of information, nient—the primary function of the sheriff's of- Not even leadeis o e , , . , '. . ,. . . //. • i t- i j British parliament, which had and explanation of instruction-,. f ice—and increase efficiency in other fields—^ cxtensivc deba te on the South Such a step could be a factor in the tighten- will be welcomed by the public. In fact, Sheriff:African episode, have put them- ing of law enforcement, and in greater service ' Musso's plan is so reasonable that it's amazing; selves on record with any rleclar- by the sheriff's office to the people of the j he or some predecessor hasn't thought of it be-jation on the subject. county. I fore. ' The prime minister of the Con-| ;go, who recently visited here, ***** i calls it all a lot of "fabrications" White made a commendable response Monday in the foreign press. Yet the when he charged: facts have been officially report- The news must be getting around about ! "The Soviet Union apparently arrogates toj** * United Press International: Alton as a good convention town. • •> i A 1MO by Nt«. IM. T M. *•(. in PH. ofl. 25 and 5O Years Ago August 2,1935 Some opposition was being voiced Madlsori County's proposed $70,000 funding bond August 2,1910 Members of the Builders Exchange had rejected any Immediate move towarda afbitra- tion. contending Ihry had nothing to arbitrate issue which was ready for presentation to the . . , with the tradps unions. They had remained in county board's finance committee. C. W. Terry, | ^.^ unf|I mMn|Rht to ^,^1 the various president of the Illinois Taxpayers' League, and phnsps of 1hp ror)tr oversy between their group other owners of fxtensive property in Madison nn ri ihe unions of the Building Trades Council, County were attempting to have snrh action then authorl/ed issuance of a formal statement ion the bond Issue delayed. Under the act of of thoir position by C. B. Davis, secretary. I the General Assembly, bonds could he issued In brief, the contractors declined to consent to [without a referendum by branches of the ROV- , any rule that would bar all members of con- 'emment to fund certain outstanding obligations trading firms and partnerships from working incurred up to July 1. Terry pointed out trvd when and if they chose on projects for which [heavy collections of back taxes were heing they held contracts. jmade under another phase of this program; Miss Frieda Gossrau, whose marriage to land that the 'current tax collections might im- j Otto Kramer of Alton Banking ft Trust Co. was prove. set for early autumn, tendered her resignation The barn at the farm home of Mr. and Mrs. j as supervisor of music in the public schools. j Edward Maupin In Jersey County was razed by a blaze believed to 1 have begun by spon- After 31 years as treasurer and comptroller of Shurtleff College, the Rev. Dr. L. A. Abbott "Don't let the girls play in the space ship! They'll want to hang curtains in it!" It«?eider"s Forum Intent of Road Action A resolution adopted by the Al- More than _.. _. „ n — ------------- .„ ..... , , ,, . . i e „. . ,, , ,„ ^ • i Nations is acting w th sufficient speed n the ,..,.„ a< , hp srim . ( . 0 O f the inlor- to actlon taken by tho Councl1 ln District 23 and 10 Optimists meeting here ..... .,:„...,. .: ..... :.. :_ T,._ r--_. i ldk f. db . . f.°" .^ _„.?.._ .1 directine City Manaeer Graham taneous combustion. The flames consumed 30 Concluded his services and was checked out of ofn ^ Aug. L He also had served ° a tru> ' tee and as secretary of the school. Dr. E. A. Cook was reappointed and Charles Megowen was named as a new member of fhe Upper Alton school hoard by action of the village trustees. J. G. Seilz, whose term on the school board also expired, had asked not to be reoppointed. ' George M. A. Fries helped to rescue Miss Bird Boswell of Shipman from the Plasa Chautauqua swimming pool when her strength KHve out as she was testing her ability to swim Ihe full length of the tank. Now that the post office was three uphill blocks from the union depot, Big Four Baggage- tons of hny, two wagons, two hay frames, three Isels of harness, and six collars. Paul P. Kranz, military man for 30 years, 'and veteran of wars from the Spanish-American ; through World War I, died at his home on Kant 4th street. He had been retired from service only three years. ! A used car business would be opened hy the Wood River Motor Co. on the site of the ol'l Hippodrome building at Broadway and Piasa 'streets, Alton. The autpmohilc company was ;owned by Lloyd and Russell Carter, who also l held the Ford agency in Wood River. i When Karl H. Kerstein of Scottvillr took of- 1h2 !- I18 ";. h " subjected to what I believe tne soviet union apparently arrogates to:—; " -• ' fpw days gav e :been subjected to what I believe itself the right to judge whether the United i A ,,- . 'Ambassador Timber- i'° bfl misinterpretation. I refer x 7 ,.*;,..., ;~ ..„»:.*.« «.:*!. £/:„:_.... 1 !— »l.. ... ... 'in :wtinn lakpn hv Iho f^ntnicil in over the weekend registered about 60 strongc-r than expected—apparently on the basis of past observations. extremely difficult situation in The Congo. : ma tion that "two American %V o.i directin £ City Manager Graham The Soviet leaders must be aware this kind of ; men missionaries were raped re • ... . , , , ,. .^.. P«blic statement can only add to the problems , pca iuiiai icn »»%-i^ .u^^v. **. , . an ri annthpr US mis- ; ° fficlal s Po kesrnnn ln al1 rela and another U.S. mis of those who are seriously trying to establish I slonary was Increasingly Alton has been used for week- peR . c an(] order jn Thc ^ ;„ end conventions of. this (serious) kind. It's dif- said to have been tions with the Illinois Division ot. ficult to accommodate large numbers here during week days. But weekends are fine. We hope the Optimists advance impressions of Alton as a convention community were fulfilled. Atiac'k oil I'X And now the Soviet Union seeks to assume Naturally there's little doubt about the intentions of Moscow to add all the trouble it can to the problems. Hemisphere Gain I slain. I David Reed, a member of the | Washington staff of U.S. News & World Report, who has been in the Congo for several weeks, cabled a full report, published recently, which said in part: Highways, while encouraging citi- Forum Writers, Note Writers name* muni be published with letters to the Readers Forum. Letter* should be concise and legible. All are .subject to roiulcnsation. •flee as the new Macoupin county superintendent m;)n Micnae | McKernan had provided himself : 0 f schools, the last Republican county office wjth a Wflgon ,„ wnj( . n 1o move the ma|1 to and holder in the county would be retired. Deaths included those of Georgp Oetken, 92, near Fosterhurg; Lawrence A. Newell, Etl- wardsville. and Miss Marie C. .Toesting. from the station. Mr. and Mrs. Thomas Doran hurried to De- calur in response to word of the death of Mr. Doran's brother, Thomas, of that city. The Mr. and Mrs. Clarence Edwards doubted the Rev. S. D. McKenny, pastor of Cherry Street advisability of keeping a wolf for a pet alter Church, lell for a 3-week stay in Alberta, Canan incident at their home. The nine-month-old ada. on a business and vacation trip, /ens and organizations to| «>m- highway problems within cities is wo ]f broke loose from its chain when it hinged Management of the ferry, "Minnie", an- municate through established | to jj e successful. channels of city government. It is the opinion of the major- for a baseball being thrown by two youngsters nounced it had obtained exclusive rights to a I realize any action is subject ity of the Alton City Council that at the farm. Edwards was bitten by the animal to interpretation. However. I am one man in the ' city govern- i when tne E rou P sou S ht to P ut on a collar allor also of the opinion that the mostment must be responsible for lia- recapture, accurate interpretation can be ison between the city and Illi- There's a certain amount "The full horror of the mu tiny, obtained by understanding the inois Division of Highways. Since I of black troops in the Congolese j jntent of a group OJ . individual Alton is operating under the of fellowship and, army is only now coming to| whose acUons are being inter- Council-Manager form of muni- picnic area on McPike Island, opposite Alton and would give special service to and from the spot at fare of 10 cents. ! good feeling when one member of a partnership light. . . . Ipreted. I can begm contributing something recognizable "A Belgian doctor and his' , „,.,,. being inter- Council-Manager cipal government, the city man-, author of all but one.agcr is the only one who can; to the affair. the right of going over the United Nations' Brazil has come up with a contribution to a i » ori that they gave injections I I r ~.f«A«;j-.!11!Mtnl*i-i4iimnr\ ^t-ifl QMri head. It may well be trying to weaken the hemisphere-wide battle against hoof and mouth i wifc - who is also a doctor, re- paragraph of ^ reso lution ap-, assume that responsibility from Foreign Policy Planks Differ U.N. and cause its collapse. Over the weekend Moscow issued its second •warning that it would take "decisive action" and would consider giving The Congo "extensive economic assistance" if "aggressors" con- disease. The Pan American Health Organization announced an inter-American research center in Brazil had developed a new vaccine which appears to give immunity against one strain of this much-feared livestock disease for two years. tinue to act there with encouragement of ! Here is another example of international NATO powers. effort to organize constructively the outstand- State Department Press Officer Lincoln ing minds of the world. Victor Riesel Says Rogers Discusses Crime Cartel of penicillin to between 350 and 400 white women who had been raped by soldiers and who feared they might have contracted syphilis. The two doctors say they treated so many rape victims that they lost count of the total. Among their emergency patients were a mother and her two daughters, one 11 and the proved by the Council. The third the standpoints of logic and legali CHICAGO —(NEA) — If fo-jmany important changes indicat-leffective new policies to^create paragraph in the resolution's organization. reign policy is to be the major ;ed. amended form was submitted by I would also point out that cit-; issue in this campaign, the two| Both platforms oppose com- Councilman Jerome Springman : izens of Alton are paying the^parties' platform planks on in' an d pledge eontinued : Uhe conditions for peace." Among the more important: 1. Create a new national peace . with a second to the amendment 'city manager a salary of $12,000 iternational affairs are worth support to the United Nations, agency for disarmament plan- given by Councilman Maynard;a year with a Director of Public comparison. ! anc j nonrecognition of Red Chi- n , ng anc | research. Lister. Since I drafted the larg- Works receiving an annual salary In a couple of oversimplified 'na, naturally. 2 Review ^ U S system of er portion of the resolution, I of $9,000 dollars. I believe these sentences, the Republican plat-; The principal changes from pacts an d alliances, shifting em- believe I am qualified to express! men are willing, and the public! form offers more of the same — 195-.) an d 1956 which the Repub- phasis from military aid to eco- the intent of the legislation. :has the right to expect them, to a continuation of Eisenhower ad- |j can platform of 1960 suggests nom jc development wherever DOS- The resolution was not an effort,assume responsibilities concomit- ministration policies of the past are O n new issues which have s jbl e . other 8 years old. All three hadj by tne city government to de- ant with their positions. By de- ! :7', 2 years, which the President arisen or been accentuated in I been raped repeatedly during a' clal , e its independence from the; signaling the manager as its (bragged about in his Chicago; the last four years: NOTE: To know where the crime combine's executive suites are Is not difficult. To know where Its tycoons are is not difficult. But to gather the evidence for presentation jn a court of law to smash syndicate crime under our laws is frequently Im- ties of organized crime to see. FBI central fingerprint files, lab- what federal laws were being oratory techniques and other re violated. This group worked effectively with Federal and local jly available to all other Federal search facilities are immediate- period of 24 hours. "A French doctor said he examined two Belgian women, wives of Belgian officials. Bothj of the women had been raped | by 12 soldiers in the town of Kisantu. "Among other victims were two American women at a Batist mission. One was the wife of independe i people. On the contrary, the spirit; spokesman, the Council now has! speech. being done daily by the Justice Department. I asked Atty. Gen. William Rogers (or an analysis Of hit department's battle against the crime cartel. Here Is his reply and state law enforcement agen-lthe missionary and the other an ' cies. unmarried nurse. They were | law enforcement agencies and assembled and evaluated a vast store of information which enabled us to trace the pattern of] tailing of the excellent work ,. u jg ent j re i y - ,- - - ,| . , i . gram of the resolution was to enlist all; someone whom it can hold ac-l The Democratic platform pro- nations to undertake negotiations 4 v vnanri „,„„,,, „ H » of our community resources in a. countable for highway programs I po ses a completely new look atj for settlement of their differences u $ u ~ co-ordinated effort within the; and the manager has the assist- 1 all rj. S . f ore i gn policies, with over trade bocotts the Suez I se " ho ' cr adminis 3. Overhaul and strengthen the U.S. Overseas Information pro- 1. Urge Israel and the Arab gram. which administration scope of the legal organization lance of a qualified engineer. over trade boycotts, the Suez f~. til. * ., . Canal blockade, resettlement of under which our city is now op-j I have not, nor do I believe has]points out the established pro-! A| , ab re ( ugees an d ending Arab emtin*. Ithe council, rejected or minimiz- cedure under which citizen par- discriminaUon against American erating. Under state law establishing the city manager form of government the manager bears the responsibility that the council directed him to assume. The reso- „ . Space does not permit any de- mililai , y helicopter . flown out of the Congo in a U.S. lution, in effect, reaffirmed a po- j.sition of authority for the man- ed efforts made by various or- ticipation is possible. Jews. (Incidentally, these same ganizations and individuals in T have a strong| fundamental;promises are made'by the Dem- belief in the democratic process-jocrats in their platform.) es of our government. This be-j that no ager outlined in statutes. Alton with respect to highway programs. I am fully aware and deeply appreciative of diligent effort expended by the Greater Alton Association of Commerce, i the East End Improvement Assn. | opportunity of elected and ap- already begun to promote— and seek new international agreements which will assure fair competition and protect American labor standards while raising labor standards abroad. 5. Revamp and refocus objec- es 01 our government, jnis oe-| ,, ,, (h iinif»rf Nation* <n •"-.„...,, «.» ^.^^ « UJCt - lief is not expressed because I e " v , g w ; UV(?S ' Cmphasis a " d allocation of am „ part of present Alton. inte nationa * jcity government. I believe the outer space „ use „„ By WILLIAM P. ROGERS Attorney General of the United States WASHINGTON — The invitation to supply a column for Victor Riesel while he is abroad gives me an opportunity to write about syndicated crime and racketeering in the United States. This is a subject that aoiea us 10 nace me punem uii>«»""i& ui m^ c.\<_ciicm wun\ ,.j^ j g entirely likely that no aBC1 u " i "" cu "' aiaiun-0. .UK.- 1^,0.^1 i_iiu iiinjiuvciiitui noon.ioppottunny 01 elected ana ap- '"••& i«-mi uaaia. isyndicated crime in this coun-'done by the Narcotics Bureau, i one w jn eve r know how manyi H should also be noted that the land various individuals. ; pointive officials to perform their 3> Advocate suspension of nu- 6. Use U.S. agricultural sur- t ;the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax I white women were violated byi mana g er was dil ' epted to base his. If the Council's resolution is in-; duties ^ something that should be ^|. te ^^ "J ' ' I ... n,.tin»-,c f\n ,-rtor.l, ,t!/-.«.. ..r,^ A v.rl i : t a >>»-,»•« I of\ <J u a t* -HI ut thnca r»r- 1-1 1 . _1 _ L . i _ .1 rr,l_ • • ICaVlUC tO II1C DTeSlClent dPClSlOn I'nlOrn iilfl tKo "ITrt^ frt,. DAO^A" A tangible result of the workj jof this task force was the prosecution and conviction in December 1959 of 20 of those who attended a secret meeting at Apalachin, N.' Y. in November of 1957. Some of those who attended and the Immigration I the troops, as the turmoil was so . | actions on resolutions and ordl-iterpreted as a slap at these or- assumed and not debated. This leaving to ttle P resiclent decision reign aid — the "Food for Peace should be of serious concern to!that meeting have also been con- every citizen and Riesel hasivicted of violations of other fed- made a contribution to public eral laws. Vito Genovese and Na- developing an increasing number of prosecutable cases against racketeers during the past two years. Enforcement of the eral Narcotics laws has been so vigorous and effective that there are indications that syndicate leaders are abandoning this lucrative field because the risk is in , and h wt -aes approved by the Council ganization, and individuals, opportunity should be assumed " ' tion lias were pouring out of the Congo by the thousands. Women who were treated by doctors were flown with the city's official position to be made known to the highway department in the form of resolu- out as soon as possible. There i tons and ordinances relating to "Citizens of Alton and organ- it ^ _ ° n when to resume underground plan both parties endorse — and the intent of the resolution has | r egardless' of the"form ofmum" nuc ' Par ex P losion testing. establish "food bank" reserves not been understood. On the contrary, the resolution says: is a feeling that many of the women were so stunned and humiliated by what happened that they did not tell anybody —even their husbands or the doctors." specific projects. I believe this j izations representing interests portion of the resolution also to be consistent with statutes. It is my opinion that the city council has not been adequately no longer commensurate withj The efforts of the whites in the profit. The major violators':South Africa to maintain an ord-j cipaJ government or its personal: 4 - Encourage countries in Latinjabroad. structure. | America, the Middle East, Afri-! 7. Attempt to stablize World Councilmen voting in favor of oa " and Asia to form regional j prices on agricultural commodi- the highway resolution were not \ following the exam- ties and raw materials. within the city of Alton are en- see fcj n g agrandizement but were' ples of tne Eur °P ean Common; 8. Propose a broader partner, ,. ..... ^. : _ • • 'Market. jship in the Atlantic community, 'lib-! encouraging European unity couraged tp communicate their suggestions, comments, and criticisms concerning highway and establishing a method under informed on progress and prob- street programs to the City Mand . lems » or knowledge of its gravity by writ-, tale Evola, with 13 others, were I program of the Alcohol and To-ierly system of government are, . . . . ing so frequently in his columns found guilty in April 1959 of con- bucco Tax peop)e has prod uced! being thwarted by boycotts be- nois Ulvlslon about the nefarious activities of hoodlums, gamblers, crooked labor leaders, narcotics peddlers and other criminals who prey upon law-abiding people. Ever since I became attorney general the drive against organiz- spiracy to violate the narcotics | suct , essfu , pros ecutions of num-jgun by other countries where laws. Genovese received a 15-i erous D ig bootleg operators in | black or dark races predomin- yeav sentence and Evola lO^ey metropolitan areas. jate. These boycotts are hurting years The operations of that al , races and producing la rge- ^ ring involved large-scale smug- s J "«»B . . . „. . . ,,-* Commission, Since I have been a member Responsible Division of Highways have in-!have consistently invited parti-! formed me it is mandatory for j cipation of organizations and in- the state to work with the corpor-1 dividuals in our deliberations. which highway and street pro-i 5 - Instead of proposing grams can be expedited while en-! erat '°n" of Russia's captive sat-! tnrou sn the Common Market and listing all the community's re-j<*"'te nations, the Republican | adjusting its relations to the oth- done in curtailing this evil. I New York by way of Mexico ed crime and racketeering has I and Cuba generally working well and cohesively in meeting the problem. scale unemployment. Ghana and! ate autho '- itv " resolution of The highway and street resolution Malaya are the two countries which are leading the boycott movement. This form of econo-' mic warfare is being encouraged by whites and white organizations in Europe which know very little about the conditions in South been a major activity of the Another important convict ion ;f; ve ry racketeer operation has Department of Justice. Jt is a in the narcotics enforcement i (wo comnion denominators: it campaign that cannot be won by field was that of Harry Strom- i must be profitable and it must skirmishes; only a sustained and berg, alias Nig Rosen, and 18 of,h e safe. An aroused citizenry relentless warfare, solidly sup- his associates in 1958. Rosen was; re f U sing to deal or knuckle under Africa. As one writer in Capo ported by the public, can ever found to be the financial backer to tn ese hoodlums will take awayS Town l )uts it: wipe out the menace of syndicat- and director of a heroin smug- | ne pro fit motive. Constant un-» " II ' sn ' 1 as if we won< deal-' ed ciime. In the Justice Depart- gling ring which operated fi^mjremitting pressure from law en-i' n 8 w '"h Europeans who happen ment we are waging that kind of! I9jl to 1953. In one lN-m'>mhjf OI . c . ement wjll e ij m j na t e tne ' to have black skins. We are face a battle and we believe that we [period the ring imported to New 'safety feature. Between us we to face with millions of blacks have made progress. iVork from France 50 pounds of can get ( | lp More than two years ago I as-i heroin euch month and some of signed a special group of attor- the individual shipments had a neys to study the overall activi-| market value of $5,000,000. —— 1 In the field of labor racketeer- individuals have been in- 25 convictions obtuui- Actress Answer to Previous Puzzle MMI-1BII ACROSft 1 Actress, —— Allyson & she — born in Lucerne, New York I She U • motion Today's Prayer who have nul emerged from a; 19«o. The Hall Syndicate, Inc.) j sluU> of savagery." - Another letter, from a man who until recently was editor-in- chief of a daily newspaper in! Johannesburg, South Africa,! Help us, our Father, to remem- savs . Pubil.h.d Dally by Alton ed under the Federal extortion '"''' Jesus ' who tul ' IMld '"«* back' "Boycotts and other forms of' Prtutnui Comwny an d bribery statutes. ' l 'l w " ""fed and revenge, dus;ip- harmful interference can only ?> *' °i^ L E E dTtJ >UDl " h * r Several other leaders in syn-^ |)l)lllt '' d a ", flp ' w . ''M^ta.tons. lap our no , . too . plenUfu , re . ; •no timor dicated crime and racketeenna was despised and rejected of men. sources, retard development, and 1 Subtcrtptlon Prlca 30 cent* wetkly , aicdlea c " m '; dlla ldtK r e ''"ia niun of son by carrtir: by mail 110 a year with-1 are under indictment and await- 1 u u " DOWN 1 Play trick! 2 Prussian lancer (var.) 3 Kind of egg 4 More facile B Walk in wtUr • Blackbird of cuckoo family 7 Precipitous 8 Beginner 88 Flower 8 Bull (Sp.) MOW WWI»JH I -1PIUI-1 hdl "Ilr4 i iir;i-i tlO a yOOfl somws and a ^u«inted in" 100 rnllM *U b*yond lOOmllt*. h .1 inupsiiauijon., arp in Mall .ubwrlpuoiw apt accepted in '"8 "•«"• invebUgdlronb au '";,, U>wo» where carrier delivery progress which we are confident! . it available Entered at second claw matter at! Uie pott office at Alton. Ijl. Act ( 0/CoMrei». Marco 3, 1«7» 'will bring many other enemies ol the l.iw before courts of just- their i with grief, betrayed and denied by < . , wlurned not evil for evil but prayed for those who per- ice and further curtail nniinal activities. M0M888 Of TH« AMOCJATSD 9W* The A»»ociate<l Prew l* exclutlvely entitled 10 ute use for publication al •n new* dt»paic¥a« credited In Urn paper and to the local newt pub luhed heielo. MEMBEK THE AUDIT BUREAU Of- UBCULATiON Uieel AdvartUlna Xete* and Con tract Information oa application at the Telegraph butiuen office ill Ea»t Broadway. Alton. III. Nuilooal AdveriUlns Repretentetlva*: the John Budd Company. New York. Chicago. Detroit, Atlanta. Dnilat. New CkrleeJW. »an Prencitce. L<M An*ei»T iod Sajittle. To an extent unrealized by the uninitiated, the career experts of the Federal Bureau of Invesli- gutiun and other Federal law en- fortemont agencies have perfected ;i system of exchange of information which rapidly places data on criminal activities in the h,andi> ol the agency having appropriate investigative jursdic- lion The same is true of federal- state cooperation between law enforcement authorities. The I injure Ihe interests of the very! non-whites who arc pitied as the 'underdogs.' ! "In point of fact, the white j st-futed Him, accepted the injus-lman is the potential underdog in lice meted out to Him. absorbing this world of artifical black its evil, was crucified, dead and buried, but Whom death could not hold and Who lias shone in our hearts, giving the light of the knowledge of lhe glory o f God. So, U-iny continued in faith, hope, and love, may we lia\r strength and grave to live \\urlhy ol oui' falling: in (he same Jesus Christ. our Lord Amen — Raymond h Balcomb, Cors. Ore., minister, First Meth- cxiist Church. iat>0 by (he Dlvinon ol Chriumn cdiiuu National Council of the Churchet of Chri*t In the U S A J martyrdom and misdirected sympathy — and this goes for the white mun in Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand, no less than for the whiles in either South Africa or other parts of Africa. Make no mU- tukc, white survival is indivisible and by this 1 mean the permanent assets and values of western civilization and democracy, poised us they now are against the overpowering might of communism and Asian and African nationalism." <£ 1900 N. Y. Herald Tribune. Inc ) 15 Go by 16 Expire 17 Ancient country 18 All SO Mistake* 82 Babylonin deity 21 Fondle 24 Bearer 29 Perception 83 Fruit drink 34 Let fell 3« WandW 97Uaie USaUiOf 41 Thr««vp«rUd (comb, fomi) 43 Breathe noisily la I!MP 44 BM 46 HaTll 48 Toward 49 Scrvil* Kt Most uncouth M Verbal •7 Aviator MAwam silkworm 60 Fissure 61 Fox «3 River to Africa 63 Heavy blew •IBitur W Narrate 47 Exalt , 80 Memorandum 49Sulu 10 Pertaining to 31 Girl's name tribesman the shoulder 32 Exude 50 Ireland 11 Batters 35 Writing tool 51 Title 19 Incursion 88 Term used in 52 Communist* 21 Legal point her profession 53 Iroquoian 24 Vehicles 40 Aleutian Indian 25 Arabian gull island 84 Threshold 20 City in 43 Uncle Toml 86 Chinese Nevada Pet weight 87 Age 45 Rat 58 Heart od by which we may all reach our common goals. Councilman, CLYDE H. WISEMAN JR. . and other once- free nations." By Contrast, the Democratic The Democratic foreign policy - .sources in consideration of prob- j platform now says, "We. do not erQ M? ^ (?n co " nt ''i p s- by the Illi-City Council." , ems relating to ^ programs.!condone the subjugation of the! 9 - Negotiate with f Highways. I Since I have been a member ' h ... • peoples of Hungary, Poland, East official in the'of the Alton City Council, we J^ ^£^0^ tne i ?--any City Council's views toward organizations and citizenry of Alton, but we have outlined a meth- diplomatic chan- U.N. 10. Open lines of communication with U.S. opponents without surrendering freedoms. 11. Welcome any evidence that planks propose a long list of i Red China is prepared to create new policies to "regain the initiative" — a discarded Republican phrase, by the way — "with a new relationship based on respect for international obligations and release of U.S. prisoners. MIRROR OF YOUR MIND KNWM»sUSB AISM, By JOSEPH WHITNEY learning pace of the class average. In general this stems from our sense of compassion for the less gifted, for whom we gear the pace of classroom learning. Many schools provide special help for slow-learners who are unable to keep up, but relatively few attempt to challenge the mental capacities of the academically brilliant. \ U rent Important in heart Ulne»«e*? Rest is considered vitally important up to the time the cardiac lesion is healed; after that rest and inactivity <io not prolong life. A recent rev port in Circulation suggested that the stress of daily living, considered a factor in heart disease, may be less harmful than enforced inactivity. Too much rest, said the report, is likely to lead to physical and Are many people wltb Uie(n«elvett? Answer: Very few are, although as people get older they tend to be more philosophical about their shortcomings. In a recent mental illness survey, two-thirds of those interviewed expressed dissatisfaction with themselves and hoped their children different. Older citizens had fewer doubts. They were better satisfied with their Do bigb l.Q. children get a tttlr deal? emot'ional incapacity,'and cauae An»w«r« Some do, but aa • jobs, blamed themselves leas, the patient to believe he la rule our actual system discrim- and had changed their view- more disabled than he actually "Wies against brilliant children point ol the importance of many U by holding them down to the things that once troubled them. (0 IBM. KUta features »ynd.. inc.)

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