Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 1, 1960 · Page 20
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 20

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1960
Page 20
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Page 20 article text (OCR)

PAOE TWENTY ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MONDAY, AUGUST 1,1980 Mitring F,aM 41ton ( feirl in Kentucky EAST ALTON - Kami Sno Stwart. 11 20SO Victory Dr. who was rpportprl miseine lafc Friday night by tipr father Fred Stpivart is Iwin.e held h\ police in Krtrlyvillf. K\ Thf Rill's f.-itlin h.'ir) :-f iKirtrd that ;KTorrtinp to information hp had rerrivrd. thr 11-yrar-old ran away to SpriTiefirld with a com- paninn. Howrvn. K:isl Alton polirr found the cirl and a companion had lunmhl ti<-M* for Kdrlyvillr. K\.. through :i tliirri party. Plan.* Al \\ owl Kivrr WOOD KIVKK Thompson Rpltpcca Lodt'i 1 will hulri ;m ire, cream xjeial ;ii \Vixxl Rive, Band Conrrrt Wednesdax ,-it i p.m. at thr roundhouse Roxana Church Class to Meet i ROXANA — The Women's Bi- hlr (lass of the First Baplist Gross, will be on vacation for a week. VMt tn Oklahoma Mrs. Juanlta Barnett, East Alton Mrs. Louise Phillips, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Mary Young, 2523 Elizabeth. Car! Clnytor, 3203 Kdfcal. - StTROtC.At, Mrs. Lauretta Cfimrrer. 3229 Oakwood. Jpsse Oralilr. Kast Alton. ch urch wi n meet at 7: -< 0 p m . Rosewood Heights have returned year earllpr. from Oklahoma CJty, OltJa., where they have been visiting Miss Roark's grandparents, Mr. ROXANA — Miss Beverly ts-| an d Mrs. J. ft. Dunlap. ted, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. j - _ Donald Isted of Maple avenue, ~ Tourist income In Israel, In was and Miss Diane Roark. daughter!the 1360 first quarter, of Mr. and Mrs. Ray Roark of'S1,Ofln.ono, up from $430.000 a HEARAQAIN Mrs. Nelmn Roach. Cot I a UP Hills , Tuesday nt the church for the.j monthly business and fellowship! meeting. Mrs. Lynn Major will; i read the devotionals and Mrs. i William Bullock will conduct the Bible Study "Living God." Hostesses will be Mrs. Cecil Vinyard and Mrs. Samuel Fleming. Reporter on Vacation. ROXANA — Beginning today! - - - - - • , . ,.— .l< ..<...« . *-,m ,»'**•«»» At***« tt* U ! Ranford. [Mrs. June Pilger. 2425 LaSalle.'Martha GerniRin. 1205 Union. Mrs. Dorcas Modes. 1602 Henry. | Miss Margaret Droste. Mill Mrs. Donna Jackson. East Alton! Spring Addition. Helen Masiero. Collate Hills Matthew Stone. 2417 Ma\ey. John Dick, 809 Sixth. David Creamer. 2!t:',2 Wiitaler. Al Buchanan, Hardin. Mrs. Choice Johnson. 1900 Belle Mrs. Ida Landon, Ruriker Hill. Robert Slpes. 119 pooley. Mrs. Ann Ledford, Wood River. Mrs. Kutrinka Crowrfer. Bethalto Mrs. Elizabeth Gninnee. 231fij tne Roxnn a reporter. Mrs. W. H.i SanfnrH < J ' wwtunii NEW nmcER nuns aOOOED TOILETS In a (My I NEVER AGAIN thai sick feeling when your foilel overflowt TOILAFLEX Toil** Ordinary plungcrt don't seat properly, forcing air and water to splash back. Thus you have a mess and you lose the very pressure needed to clear the clogging mam. With "Toilaflcx", designed for toilets, no air or water can escape. The patented, tapered tail forms an air-tight fit: the full pressure jlowg through the obstruction and iwiihet it down Can't miss! • .MWLE-SIZt CUP, OOUILE-PRESSUKt • •UllNID TO FLEX AT ANY ANBIE • CiNTERS ITtELF, CAN'T SKIO MOUNI $065 Mt AT MOST HARDWARE STORES ARRIVING HOME Boy Scouts arrived home Saturday after spending two weeks in Colorado Springs for the 50th anniversary jam- FROM JAMROREE boreo. Parents, girl friends, and neigh- | M .!?.- bors greet the boys as they get off the bus.— Staff Photo. Mrs. Loretta Davis. Kast Alton. Mrs. Joann Hall. Godfrey. Mrs. Shirley Wuolvcrlnn. Rov ana. .Airs, .lean Adair, Bethaliu. ; Virgil Bowman, 258 Madison. Mrs. Ethel Jureziz. 3532 Cnli- | fornia. iMrs. Agnes Mason, U17u Washington. Rc>st ' w ' wl River Mrs. Bertha Eowlei. (iotlfrcy. Mrs. Ina S;i|/man, Madison. Ulrs. Rosemary Vitale, 328 E. <'h Ward WilliHins, 3424 Robin. Theodore Edwards, 2112 Hickory Miss Evelyn Loftis, 1033 College > Mrs. Connie Knagg, Litchfield. Mrs. Caroline Shive, Wood River] John Thompson, 2302 Mills. Tamara Sauls, Cottage Hills. Gpral(1 sta|p ' FOR THE FASTEST and BEST SERVICE Ul Ui Proeeu Your Film. Black and White or Color. Oncn Ever.v Nlte 'Til 10 JJMMMBMBMJMBMPIBO^ 1 *"™* • Find out if r«« «•« ** belped by SonoWs latest w»J to hear better again, yet_wMf m»mo IN EITHER EAR. The MCWt Is out bone-conduction eyeglm models for both men and women. SONOTONB* OF ALTON 503 Commerelol IMf. Hours 9 to 5 (Sat 0 td IS) Telephone HOwsrd *••»*• Monotone of Alton, 1x4, July U Telegraph Want Ads "CLICK" K Hospital Notes W. R. TOWNSHIP Broadway. Kast Alton. ....,_,„.. IJohnie Burks. Knst Alton. MLDICAL , GIen \vilhile. 354 S. I3th. Mi>. Blanche Clonlnger. Be-| Mrs R e | JC( . ra Byassco. 20' i, l ' l!lll ' J - . . . . _ 1ri r . , Main, Fiasl Alton. John Vidakovich. oK) Lincoln. ;De nver Joyce. Bethallo. Kast Alton , |Herman Nuehs, Cottage Hills Mrs. (.race L. Peterson, South|c\, n1n j a Tilsworth. Kast Alton. Roxana. : ' • Francis Winkleblaek, 911 Pen-i jj ANTHONY'S ^IKDICAL Mrs. Dorothy Kane. 721 Berry Rd., Wood River. Kirk Williams. 811 K. Fifth, i Christopher Henkhaus, 91G Fifth. Arthur Smith, 2802 Edwards. James Keenc. Rt. 1. Godfrey. Mrs. Ha/:el Maguire. 729 Fifth. Mrs. Dorothy Brien. 824 Hawthorn. Wood RK-er. DISMISSALS ' Barbara Wingerter, 3529 Omega. Mrs. Mildred Harris. 709 Liberty iMrs. Carol Pritchelt. Wood River 'Michael Cummings, 112G Fifth. 'Linda Bninner. R1. 2. dodfrey. . lAnnaloe Schmidt, Cottage Hills. Mrs. Mary Nuccio. 43 Main. 'Mrs. Mary Miller. Cottage Hills. Mrs. Lottie Williams, 611 North Dr.. Knst Alton. SURGICAL .Mr-. Parthine Cazodcl. Rt. 1, More. Glenn Wilhite. 354 S. llith. Miss Virginia Hooper, 28 Acton. Mrs. Helen Smith, Hartford, i Robert Cha\ey. 123 Eighth. Mrs. Mabel "Isom, 968 Penning. DISMISSALS Abraham Stonor Jr., Cottage Hills. Miss Virginia Hooper, 28 Acton. Mrs. Lenora File, South Roxana. Mrs. Shirley Hausman, 3637 E. Doerr. iMrs. Verda Treec-e. 2224 Alby. Carol Ann Rea. 334 Goulding. East Alton. I Charlotte Martin. Rt. 2, Godfrey Howard Luter. Hartford. iMrs. Bessie Bills, 253 S. 13th. [Mrs. Carol Froebel, Bunker Hill. Richard Johnson, Dorsey. | Larry Harlan, 115 Central. Mrs. Estella .Grace. 727 Hum-! lx)ldt. Alton. i 'Mrs. Madeline C. Justice. 630: ST. JOSEPH'S MEDICAL Mrs Earlene \aylor. Bunker ' Hill. : Armel James. 903 Tonsor. Ray C. Smith. 13M Hurrison. Wood River. Pete F. Brimbau, Edwardsvilli.'. Patricia Robertson. 2 E. Sixth. Mrs. Henrietta Hoffstetter. Rt. 1, East Alton. Miss Cheryl Large. .)30 Park. Wood River. Mrs. Gloria Becker, St. Louis. Clarence Holmes. Edwardsville. We Reserve the Right to Limit Quantities. 1862 E. BROADWAY NATIONAL'S MONDAY, TUESDAY and WEDNESDAY VALUES! PRICES GOOD THRU WEDNESDAY, AUG. 3rd 337 E. FERGUSON 510 DELMAR SPARERIBS U. S. Gov't Inspected, Fresh, Lean, Meaty, Small 3 LBS. DOWN -*-*** Uan, Pure, Fresh Country Srylt, Bulk Cut from U. S. Choice Beef, Boneless, Lean PORK SAUSAGE 39c BEEF STEW.... 69c THI KIDDIES LOVE 'EM BANANAS PRICED LOW AT NATIONAL LI 10 PILLiBURY OR BALLARD BISCUITS 3 £25' FREE SO EAGLE STAMPS WITH THIS COUHON And u W.S9 Purchun- or Muiv Ul Mi;uU, Grocerltk or Product' IU-C.U c'inubie ul Any National Food blurt Ofltr Uxulre* Wi-d. Milt. Ally. 3rd I his. coupon U Ubued lor your use unil exchunve in Nullouul Food blorfk Uuly u»d r i" nut I nk the property of Nutloual Teu Com- l>un>. llu- only right you uvduJi'i! rii thU cuu- pun Ik to eKchunge U fur Uugle klumpk ul llu- Unit you nuike u purchun- ul yuur N'utlonul Food Store. You musl noi dUpute ol Ilils coupon or utt! H In unv ollii'i wai wliliuul uur cuiibfnl In wrllinu." Ervin Kastin.t}. Hartford, l^on Amos, 'J702 Amelia. Mrs. Delphine Florini. Betholto. l-;d\\-ard Cjix. 2R06 Shady Dr. Mrs. Hazol Kozonasky. 801 East. Mrs. Malilo Mrpks. 3 Sullivan. Christy Williolci. I'klwardsvillc SfROICAL Mrs. Rosic Slaten. Gralton. Mrs. Ruth Barenreuther. 256 . Madison. Michael Re^abek, Rt. 4. Edwardsville. Richard Austin. 208 Grand, East Alton. Miss Carolyn Cushman. 3526 California. Mrs. Ha/el Calvert, 125 Mailer, Enst Alton. Mrs. Clara C.i-rl. 110 Acton, , Wood River. Edward Harris. Rt. 1, Belhulto. Mrs. Botty lackey. Roxana. Mrs. Mabel Ridings. CarrolIton. Ilohn Hans. Rt. 2. Edwardsville. j Hugo Koehler. ITi^J Highland. Dale Dintelmann. 50(i Cherry. Harold Johnson. Bethalto. Mrs. Bernin? Lchmkuhl. 90.1 Lo- Kan. DISMISSALS , Mrs. Ma.Nine Athon, West Alton. Mrs. Frances J. Chappell, 804! I'nion. ; Mrs. Carolyn Colston. Rt. 37. , Miss Cushman, 3526 : California. Miss Kimberly Davis, 626 Fifth. Miss Barbara Fowler. Jersey- v.illc. Mrs. Sarah Grases. East Alton. Mrs. Estelle Hicks, Godfrey. Mrs. Dorothy Hood. 3531 Berk-: eley. i Commodore Johnson, 1717 Oakwood. | Edward Kasten, 5518 Humbert.! Mrs. Sarah Kitsch. Hartford. | Mrs. Joanne Knapp, East Alton. 1 Terry Lipe, East Alton. Mrs. Carol Luck, Bunker Hill. Mrs. Evelyn Maeleod,. 2300 Hoi-i man. / Mrs. Mary Powell. Wood River. Thomas Price, 3303 Hiilcrest, Mrs. Alice Price. Bethalto. Mrs. Rosalie Romanko. Godfrey Mrs. Alvina Sedlacek. Edwardsville. Edward Schulz, 3219 Agnes. Mrs. Helen ' Sutterer, Cottage Hills. i Charles Wallace, Chicago. I Mrs. Olga Best. Edwardsville. Mrs. Gloria Becker, St. Louis. Mrs. Irene Bell, Edwardsville. Mrs. Leona Benefiel, Hartford. Mrs. Cora Eberhart, Rt. 1, Edwardsville. Mrs. Thelma Ferguson, Godfrey Edward Fleming, New Douglas, j Mrs. Joan Green, Wood River. Mrs. June Hull. 632 Fifth. Mrs. Betty Johnson, 1207 Hampton. •Iplfer.x Johnson. East Alton. Mrs. Vicky Pate, East Alton. Clayton Pierce, East Alton. Mrs. Marine Schultz, Wood River Mrs. Lena Schwartz, Wood River Joe Sharp Jr., 1816 Belle. Homer Simpson, Jerseyville. Mrs. Ixjrrene Stephens, Berkeley. Mo. Mrs. Mary Stewart, 503 Terry. Lois Taylor, Edwardsville. Mrs. Elnora Wheeler. 2114 Johnson. Ricky Wilkinson, East Alton. Michael Rezabek. Edwardsville. Mrs. Lillian Craig. 2325 Mound. ALTON MEMORIAL MUDICAL Mi>s Patrfcia Bryant, Alton. Mrs. Omega Ansell. Wood River. Mrs. Ada Hall. 3732 Doerr. Mrs. Jane McElroy, 3404 Milton. Rev. A. H. Ferguson, Bethalto. Millard Johnson, Bunker Hill. LET US jMODEROTZE ' YOUR HEATING SYSTEM with mn oll-n«w I J AMI-TOT GAS-TOED WtNJIK AJff CONDITIONS*! • New, more pow- •riulianitrorHMt- Wf Heart" • niters, frajhent «nd heats the air w your home to |»r- faction • More tfficianl— tifhl-tisted fu»l etOAomy uv« you owner bUY 0»<i I A 1 IMMtUIA I t IN JIM JONES SKCLQAi fll MiifMlMtf Phoae HO 2-27eS But aren't all nylon carpets alike? I t •*"" No indeed! That's why we carry LEES LASTING STAR the first and the best carpet made with Du Pont 501 nylon Lasting Star not only wears better, it looks better than run-of-th»mill nylon carpets for two very good reasons. First, 501 nylon is the first ever engineered especially for carpet use, in one long, strong, continuous filament that never can fuzz up into little dirt traps or broken, matted ends. Second, Lees gives this modern man-made fiber th« same respectful care that's gone into every yard of carpet they ever made. Same number of painstaking inspections at every Btep of the way. Every one of... those heavenly carpets by Lees is registered by number for your protection. That's why Lasting Star is not like other nylon carpets. Durable! Won't shed! Won't mat! Resists stains and scuffs! And BO easy to care for, you can go wild on color—the lightest, the brightest, even white! Naturally Lasting Star is mothproof, mildew-proof and non-allergenic. Truly a remarkable carpet. vr \ \ I I I I I I I I I I I I AMIER GOLD OCEAN GREEN ZEPHYR GREY SEASPRAY BLUE MAPLE SUGAR MINKNUT MOWN RUSSET MISTLETOE GREEN CAMEL HAIR TAN CREAMY CHOC. PASTEL PINK BEIGE 351 YDS. LASTING STAR $ COMPLETELY INSTALLED WITH i" RUBBER PADDING .... ONLY 451 91 YOU PAY ONLY 14.85 Per Month 9x12 FOOT SIZE 119.40 11 11 i > i • < i < > i ' TO SHOW WE CARE . . . We want you to select your rugt and oarpeto in the leisure of your home. CHOOSE the COLORS that blend with your present surroundings— wall tones— furniture—drape*—lighting Your Rooms Measured and Figured at No Coal to You PHONE HO 5-8141 or CL 4-4932 WE GIVE EAGLE STAMPS FINANCING ARRANGED ANOTHER ADDED SERV/CE BY "SUPERIOR" DRAPES CUSTOMIZED TO YOUR WINDOWS "ESPECIALLY FOR roir 1IN MAIN ST., UPPER ALTON PHOME HO 84141 697 BERKSHIRE AVE. - WILSHIRE MALL SHOPPING CENTER 0144U2

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