Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 1, 1960 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1960
Page 17
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MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 1960 4LTOK EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE SEVENTEEN Obituaries 1 r r i 10vn1attfl 'served for 16 years as Counellerj e \J» VtlCVClttllll of Modern Woodmen of Amer- if-a. He had h*en a longtime mem-; her of White Hall Baptis'j rhutfh where he had served j for a number of years as su-i I>erin1endent of the Sunday ,S»'hnol. A native of Alton. Mr. McCarthy was born Jan. 23. 1898 a son of the late Mr and Mrs. John McCarthy. He was married to Miss Pansy OrigR in 1919 and following their mar riagp they resided in Kane fof several years and sinre 1920 ^md made their home In While illall. Surviving in addition to hi? wife are three sons, Billy D.. and Robert, White Hall, and :Kugene. Thayer; a daughtet. Mrs. Jane Monroe. While Hal!-. H half-brother, James Molloy. Irvin C. Cleveland. 54. ot Chicago, and two half-sisters 3649 Western Avr.. UHS pro- Mrs - L y diB Besaw, 9 r ? n "",^ H4nud nounced dead on arrival al 9:15 :V|1S Molly Plrply, a.m. Sunday al Alton Memorial }r|a> Hospital. Cleveland an AHon resident ToilV 1'alukon for Ihe past IX yewrs, UHS employed during that tjn;r «t Olln Mathieson ||r ijiine to Allnn from Hastmgi \i-b Funeral rites for Tony Faluk- A son of II,,- |H.e f-|«,P,,re ami os ' H8 ' "' 518 Pparl St " wh ° dip(l Mvrtle Lindsev Ov^nd h" ' My 23 ' in Pi """ IS ' Greprp " was horn Julv 'is im in Cross- whrrr hp ha(i bppn visitinR rela " ville, III. He m;,rri..,| <V,,a »„,-. livrs ' wi " ho '-ondur-lod Wednes- nrlt on Sepl. 15. l!«7 in K d- ri " y Hl 10 "- m ' in Burke Funeral . wanlsville MomP hy a r ' reek Orthodox, Cleveland u;.s a number of '"''"^ Burial wil1 ** '" Alt0n | the < it-are Methmiisi Church. Cemetery. j From HtlM to 1W7 he sni'ved in Memorial rites will be con-| the Navy, am! uns a member of ducted al Ihe funeral home the Navy hand. HP was a mmi- Tuesday at 8 p.m. by members her of Pias;t I/idce AK&AM 21. of Western Star I^dge. Odd Pel-' OKS. Alton Chapter TTri. Royal lows - of «'hi';h Mr. Falukos was An-h Masons Chapter S. Alton a member. , Cotmc'il HAKM, Wesinrn Square The body arrived in the States Club Consistory. K. St. I/Hiis. .Saturday by plane and was Westerner Club, and Machinists flown from New York to St. Local 6b'(). He is survived by one son Hobert, a student at Southern respects to the memory of Mr. Illinois University at Carbon- Falukos after 7 p.m. today, dale. Worth, Baseball By THE ASSOCIATED PRRS9 Paetftc fount Leacve. Spokane 13-2. San Diego 8-0 Vancouver 4-1. Taroma 5-7 Girl Injured When Hit by Clod of Dirt James Winslow, of 806 Circle Dr., Bethalto. a former Alton! ANNOUNCEMENTS IT NOTICES ROOF—Stdrm damage); «ift« m«t«i and rtpairi. Phont HO 2-1220. FINANCIAL a Bu»mMi"g0NHhCT>ff BEER TAVERN, ttart nf quarters. Lovely pfM*. aria. $9000. By owner. Sot Tomahawk, Wit. FOJT~SALE — Complete^ wievttton course with nil manuals end examination papers. ApTHTMrtmtttty n - . . sealed bid* to be taken on this 7'i c a u i a tn> fiH, <LC r&sifjpnt. f'OmpIflined to police; property known as St Alphonsus l^ftr*" V-liy IJ-U Hfttl Rrttfhfrtn III Rtflfl tft H* fMkAft Portland 4-7, Sacramento 0-8 i early Stmday evening thai has two'waw ririt on iust the two! < uoe f «'« r -» n<) ' 0< " s -fljl i** f . .. , . . . ,; inn or ifconrt way for the two lots equipment. — U price, wnie Box 4-year-old daughter. Joyce, had nnd nMM n^cription of property. 7in. care Telegraph. ^ been stntrk near her eye by a neTTMo'rSumbe^onft'hun^ gailenttejetv. Columbus 9-2. Buffalo 2-0 ,. )(X , of Mrfh , hrown hy , ^ fifty nin, J.w, on NorthStreet in i Jf n VTS.| l mOTe?mM W 8^ Rofhrster 6, Richmond 5 (2nd _ . _ ' ' L".."„,..-"-"Ilrvi:. <=.".. f, r.,,i",.i has other business interest. Phone Inlernattonal Montreal ,VO. Jersey City 3-1 [jostponodi at State and Prospect street accompanied by his wife and three children, at the time. Minneapolis 7-5. I-ouisville 4-4 and | pft nlf . r . Br he said to nab Denver 10. Dallas Fort Worth 1 Indianapolis 7-5. St. Paul 6-8 Charleston al Houston, post- running thence east ninety feet (9m i thence west ninety (90) and thencr HO Toronto 1. Miami 4 We, 13 In- " s he drove past in his rar. He lhpn « nor 'n on * hundred <IOO" nings. 2nd postponed i. American A«n. LEASE SERVICE STATION The bids are to be mailed or de- Hurricane Season Here Chances Are One Will Hit the U. S. • Mainland in Next Two Months Saturday Results Pacific (,'oasl lypajpie Sacramento 5. Portland 1 Salt Lake City 5, Seattle 3 Tacoma 7, Vancouver 5 Only uamps scheduled International l^flRtie Richmond 3-3, Rochester 4-2 Other games postponed American Aann. St. Paul 8, Indianapolis 3 Houston 9, Charleston 8 Denver 13, Dallas Fort Worth Minneapolis 5, Louisville 3 Boston Beats Buffalo, 28-7 By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Ihe youngster who had thrown i thp missilp Pnlir-p dUmecerl th*>! H v *red to Father Chas. Englum. me mi>siie. HOIKe discussed tne st AIpnon ,, u , church. Brighton, in. incident with parents of the boy, Also all bids must have check for whose name and address was cne ' C |, s win be returned if bid re furnished bv Winslow. Parents quested is rejected. Cloning all bid* . ' . , at 12 noon Aug <t. 1960 told police their son. 9. had been WILLIAM i. MAHER throwing at a wire pole, and not 5* c >' Buiidini commiitee at the automobile. According to> — south one hundred feet tinoi In Major brand. Doing food 6u>lnM!i. place of beginning the same being very good location In Wood Rivet parts of lots number one hundred. area owner ha* other rnt«re|t« slxty-one and one hundred sixty. Low inventory price. P. O. Bo> two In snld town of Brighton, now Village of Brighton Low Inventory price. No 167. East Alton. ox Brighton. Ill WANTED — Responjibie party to mnnufacture storm window* and doors from lineal In this area. (iood terms: small investment required Call or write Jamei Miller at Winter Seal Corp . 1-457S Meyers Roal. Detroit 27. Michigan. Vermont S 7500, PERSONAL SERVICE Ihe police the parents of the boy --- «=iH th«v ho I ,,..K^i,«rf \V1«. RIDK WA NTED - Upper Alton ALTERATIONS AND REPAIRS on saia tliey natl autrtomerl Wins- downtown St t.ouls. Hours 8:45 to! men's, ladles' and children's cloth- low to have his daughter takeni H:45 - HO 2-5083. ing, drapes. 205 Piasa. Room aa». WANTED — Ride or share"~rfde to HO 2-1443. Scott Air Force Base, from Wood j CUSTOM MADE SLIP COVERS — _Rlver area, on days,_Ct 4-97l4._ i Work guaranteed. Mre. Homer WANTED — Ride to East St" Louis. | Hale. HO 6 2M3. Day shift. Call CL 45304 after 5 .30| LADIES A CHILDREN'S DRESSES. P: m _i__ . i drapes: double breasted suits made ! single. CL 4-3676. to a hospital for a check-up. ANNOUNCEMENTS LfctML NOHLtS NOTICE OF CLAIM DATE Notice is hereby given to all per I2A EDUCATIONAL INSTRUCTIONS sons that the first Monday In Sep- ./i-Trf i—M A M A r ; n M c w'-r iTcw tembcr 1960 Is the Claim Date In MOTEL MANAGEMENT — MEN lemoci. IMBU. is me Liaim uate in WOMEN and COUPLES to train BUSINESS SERVICE 12 BUS. ANNOUNCEMENTS the estate of KATHRYN E. BERN I.R. DeceHsed. pending in the Pro bate Court of Madison County. III! nois and that claims may be filed against (he said estate on or before said date without- issuance of sum ACCOMMODATING ALL AREAS mons. Dated this 27th day of July. , U. ' S. CIVIL SERVICE "TESTS! for MOrKL MANAGEMENT and OPERATION Only matured will be considered Age over 25. Write ., . . A^efve cevi/pn cen\.itf*r NATIONAL MOTEL TRAINING. HAMPSEY S SEWER SERVICE INC. BOX 690, care Telegraph. HO 5-I 0 I 2 CL 4-0513 I960. i4 hour service Work guaranteed O _. Lotp ""-^ JOHN A. BERNER. | Executor By ANN EWINO (ever, as the storm crosses al Professional football edged Its; DALE HILT, Prohate Clerk. Scienee Service Writer coast line, the shoaling of the j way into the sports picture over l SCHAEFER O 'NEILL Attorney The season for hurricanes is'water may result in a build-up i the weekend as two exhibition I _ ' Aug. 1, 8, 15 here. One of the giant storms!of the wave to a height several games were played by teams ofjj has already slammed into Hon- times that over the ocean. the new American League. | fN~MEMORY~OP duras and Guatemala. Hurricanes usually form over ; The Boston Patiiots took advan-! IN MEMORIAM "OUR" DEAR Othprs. born in disturbances : remote areas of tropical oceans, tage of their opponents' misplays 1 whose body was found'NOV. 28. Men - women. IS • 52. Start high as insured We clean ln*uilT rioafr $95.00 week. Preparatory training; .ewer* seotlc tanlta CMtnoola until appointed. Thousands of jobs Field cewpool*. open. Experience usually unneces-i sary. FREE Information on jobs. | BOTTLE salaries, requirements. Write TODAY! Lincoln Service. Pekin 21. Illinois. EMPLOYMENT 17 HELP WANTED — MALE ACCOUNTANT—Traffic man. tool and die. engineers, typewriter re GAS HOOKUP—Ordinal bottlegas equipment and bottle*: also bulk Skelga.. JIM JONES. HO 2-2765. , , lltlle to tend and to! joy and i pair, machinist, auto mechanic. \ Free estimate. CL 4-7694. ! manager trainee; others $675 mo AMERICAN EMPLOYMENT 205 Piasa - in the easterly winds al low where warm air carries a heavy and showed accurate passing and ^* i oan ed him to us, our Father latitude*, will churn northward, burden of moisture. Its violent speedy backs in trouncing the above. NKW YORK <AP> — The stock ma - v hi) thc L - . S. mainland. whirling winds are set In Buffalo Bills at Buffalo, 28-7. Sa- markel wavered undecidedly late Winds must reach a strength motion when air is drained turday. I11Bm »u .rue — -- worK this afternoon in quiet Iradine a of al loHst " 4 milcls Per hour in away from one area by currents Fullback Jack Spikes cracked ln wa , ch , ng and car j ng for n)m Immediate earning*. Plenty of op | phone ' al hi K h levels, caus- over for two second-half touch-, a. h.> •««- t . h , e ars mti.J™* *°' 4 front St '-<t^w GUTTERING Spouting. Furnace Repair*. Free estimates. WHITE'S TIN SHOP. HO 2-1424. INTERIOR and exterior painting. Work guaranteed. Reasonable. Work guaranteed. Free Pick-up. Volume for the day \vas esti- oldei for a tropical weather: in motion Deep In our hearts, though tears » to . . , , ... M .*,.«.,,». .«. .... ...... ..„., ,.„. • . , n „ a, j , Louis Sunday. I-nends may call rf ,,,, mjl | ion sria |. (>s com disturbance to be called a hurri- i"K pressure at the surface to downs as the Dallas Texans de-j d im our eyes. at the funeral home to pay their pa ' rrd wjt ' - 2mm Fridav cane. Wind speeds of 150 mites i fall. As air near the surface fcated the Oakland Raiders, 30-13. | ' San " dh n7ver" e s 1 ha 0 ii' e dier re kep ' Friends may call at ihe Smith Funeral Home in Alton alter 7 p.m. today until 9 a.m. Wednesday, when the body will be moved (o the Grace Methodist Services will be con- at the church at 10 a.m. * D • Rogers Rite* Conducted With the Rev. Paul S. Most kev issues showed small an hour are quitc c °mmon in surges in toward the region of at Kezar Stadium in San Fran! gains and'losses,'although a few hurricanes striking a coast. lower presure it is deflected by cisco Sunday. issues moved over a considerably From structural damage lhe eai J s r tatlon '"to a spiral- broadened range. caused °y winds, scientists have lns pal(1 an(1 nses - . OlvmpiailS Eat, Then i PN! i m Zlt0H *!->'.* fir^ftftftm. ^^.^.. i ni> noa\;tr r»a i MC fKnf- rtf.* *x^1_«. •* ^ ; Procter & Gamble, up fi at thr- es " male a that speeds openins on favorable recognition of one of its toothpaste brands. moved ahead a bit more. Vendo earh as hi 8 h as 20 ° hour However, it is not the hlxh Water ln ' lands that may Tne heavy rains that develop p er in the rising air release latent R e t urn to Training heal of condensation, the fuel hurricane uses for its and growth. Move 12 to 15 MPH : welcoming luncheon and pose fori» And so we are trusting and waiting. In prayer. : For heaven seems nearer since: Paul Dean Is there; Sadly missed by Grandma and Grandpa Gilbert and all who, DO YOU KNOW THIS MAN? loved him. PERSONALS ALCOHOLIC ANONYMOUS — Help for the problem drinker. P.O. Box LOS ANGELES (API—The U.S. j 185. East Alton. HO 5-9237. HO ivmpic team was tc -"—«< » 2 ' 2712 - hv thP P.V \i»vn Hnu-in, =>nH ^"^ Chun>h °^'^^- '""• an advance of better than '_'. but undaling coastal _.._ _. • h. P« Rnhort 1^ R v «,? eralrifesforThomas D- Rogers wid ,.. ranKJnK i n , rpnaljo ,, a | Busi- ^"seg most of ihe deaths, and Hurricanes move al an av- photographers today before set ; I^H i. in nliT r r "'""* conducted Saturday at 2 ;npss Ma( . hjnes dropped around 9 destruction from hurricanes. In- erage rate of U to 15 miles an tlj "K dow ' n lo a renewed tra """S| lai win ne in uaK uiove ueme- p m in streeper Funeral Home. and Kas , man K oad was down bet- land ' heavy rains may also tlo.x1 "our in ihe tropics. The rate £ nnd - tery at urayviiie. K520 Washington Ave. Burial .._ .1 o rivers p«n«fiaiK. in ^,«,,„»-:.. of moiinn nfion ir,^^« nc .«, t _ A force of 70 Olympians a;id SOCIETIES and LODGES to Mrs. Coursen The body of Mrs. . . ' leM 1620 Washington Ave. Burial tor man 2. was in Brighton Cemetery. Pallbearers were Fred, Wil; bur and William Weiss, Charles j., "~} n . " " ., . a ™ r " CB ' p storms come'out of the tropics rnnp : Piggett, BenBatson and L. Car- ^ ' , , , ""n-.cane-caused rises In sea. and hi , the L - s , H i Snydcr of Ohio State s»ys the; v-our- Lukens sold off nearly 2 and level, or ' rivers, especially in mountain- of motion often increases •jus areas. twice this amount, at times reaching 60 miles an hour. Sea Piles Tp roll. BC! Doty sen, 77, of 7112 Vermont St., St. Louis, who died Friday following j •n extended illness, will be! \Jrjs. Tl brought to Alton, her birthplace, j for interment in Upper Alton Rites Conducted Cemetery Tuesday. i Rite» will be conducted at 1 Following rites Saturday at 1 p.m. in Fendler Funeral Home, p.m. in Staten Funeral Home the St. Louis, after which the body I body of Mrs. Maggie Doty of East storm surges," may Youngstou-n Sheet about 1. bu, be as much as 10 to 15 fcet ripfprminintr ™ g US. Steel and Beth,ehem he,d above normal tide. This ^^^ ^^^l ' ^ ^^ about unchanged. above normal tide is due. among path are found mn«tlv out -H - —— , American Motors, an early lead- 1 other factors, to the pile-up ot.bie storm itself. To forecast"it's; al - Mt ' ^ AntOni ° C ° Uege Aug 'i ber", Thefr^faminelf 11 & oth?r jer, fell about a point and Chrysler!water along the coast by eo;, motion. meteorologists study 12 ' nearly as much in a weak motor' "™ea onshore winds m advance c , on ditions far from the storm's j group. Oils continued slightly; 01 '"e storm and a build-up of a center. ! He is between age 21 and 38 i Has his eye on the future and is willing to work for WHAT HE WANTS He is looking for security In a salaried position that offers opportunity for advancement plus the added incentive of commission. He ha* a j good automobile. He can be away from home four nights each week (home on weekends) and can accept employment at once. High School ... . . . . . . c ,.,, WOOD RIVER LODGE—No. 1062, i Education required. aides arrived in Los Angeles Sun-. AF*AM. Monday. Aug. i. 7 p.mJ day after a meet Saturday in EJ-: Mj^degree. visiting brethren! |f YOU ARE Ore. Head Coach Larry *" °CLARENCE ANSELL, w. M. i THIS MAN You will be paid starting salary of $455.00 per month and bonus. You will be given a complete and sue.„ , ., . nc&r-\ , cessful training program at com The team will hold nr.ictice! / xy * i pany expense. Your future and se meets in Long Beach Friday and! FRANKLIN_LODOE NO. 25 A.F.&j curR y wi " be Insured. A PERSONAL INTERVIEW SEE HARRIS TREE SERVICE — POWM spraying by state licensed operator. Tree work. HO 2-0811. HO 5-8M7. POWER LAWN MOWER REPAIRS All Makes. Guaranteed Work Registered Service Dealer Pick Up And Delivery MESTERS AUTO REPAIR 215 Niagara. East Alton Ph. CL 4-5921 BUILDING — COIVfTRACTtNG squad has come along we'.l in will be brought to Alton. Alton was taken to Hettick for The former Jessie Malson, she interment in Hettick Cemetery. was a daughter of the late Mr.! The Rev. George Wooden, pas- and Mrs. Emery Malson of Alton. I tor of United Pentecostal Church, She wag married in 1906 to Clyde)Wood River, officiated at the rites. ahead on balance, but gains were; w ave accompanying the storm The farther in the future the being pared. DuPont moved to thej cen 'er. upside in a generally lower chem-1 friends. Thursday. Aug. 4, 6 p.m ' Westerner Club Grounds. Bring] covered dish and silver. Enter- ; tainment i L. E. GILLELAND. W M j ical group. . , forecast is made, the farther storm wave Is usually away from the storm me teoi-olo- >vo or three feet high !g j sts must look for the contrail-i U.S. government bond prices j°^ er the ocefl n. and results from|j n g factors. For a one-day pre- milled irregularly late today. Cor-^'" e . . er . barome l'''c pressure|diction, observations within porate bonds also held mixed. Coursen, who died several years i Casketbearers were Charles ago. i Ward, Robert Lee Aldredge, Mar- j Surviving are four sons, William, i shall Duffy. Arthur Corcuh, Alvinl Livestock Prices Charles, Clyde Jr., and Carl, all j Miller, and George Hill, of St. Louis; three brothers, Hon-! ry Thomas Malson, Godfrey; La- thry W. Alton and Edward J. Dor- sry, and a sister, Mrs. Ethel T4/-. now- Ann Casey Johnstone Finally Wins Western KANSAS CITY (API—After trying for 20 years to win the Wo-| 'Monday""Au«7 iV"? p.m ."Brethren men's Western Amateur Golf| PIASA LODGE NO. 27 A.F.&A M. . . UIe requested to assemble Smith Funera | Home Alton to p er f 0rm MR. W. KUHN 10 a.m. to 2 p.m. Wednesday, Aug. 3rd ILLINOIS STATE EMPLOYMENT OFFICE 87 HENRY ST. ALTON, ILLINOIS Alert Home Owners Insist On LoMac HOME IMPROVEMENTS 5 Yrs. to Pay—Free Estimates NO MONEY DOWN—CL 4-0731 ALL CARPENTRY and painting. Interior and exterior. Phone HO 8-7419. BLOCK t~CONCRETE WORK—Repair work. Free estimates. Phone HO 5-6132. CARPENTER — R o o M n I repair, block and concrete work: painting. Free estimate*. Experienced. HO 2-4110. 14 DECORATING BLOCK. BRICK, stone, plaster, concrete. New construction. Remodel- Ing.JHO 2-9140. CUNNINGHOM PAINTING — Interior, exterior. Patch plastering. Reasonable prices. Fully Insured. HO 2-5429. At East St. Louis Brighton Democratic Plummer, Carlinville. Two sons, a daughter, and a brother, John, preceded her in death. W. McCarthy j NATIONAL STOCKYARDS, 111. i(AP)-(USDAi—Hogs 11,500; 170 ! lb down to 50 higher; bulk 1-2 and some 1-3 190-233 lb 18.25-50; 36- RRIGHTON-Democratic ;head lot ^ 220 lb WM . mixed Women to Meet News of Grains All Futures Post Cains miles of the hurricane j Championship, Mrs. Ann Caseyj last rftes for Brother irvin C. W. C. PERKINS. W.M.! Cleveland. 118 HELP WANTED — FEMALb ; center will usually be sufficient. I Johnstone of Mason City, lowaj ! Weather events in the central and | has succeeded. ;" : northern United States and in I The 37-year-old wife of a drug- i the higher latitudes of the At-!gist defeated Sandra Spuzich, In-' lantic Ocean are of particular ;dianapolis school teacher, 4 and importance. ;-j Saturday and won the title. ! STATED MEETING PIASA LODGE For a 48-hour forecast, cur- Mrs. Johnstone took a 4-hole NO. 27. A.1-'.4A.M., Tuesday Aug.;J. y - u l*•""-' >.- , n. . , , , . , , i 2 7 30 p m. Regular order of busi Easiest way to make EXTRA CASH ;ient weather events in temper-;lead in the morning round and; ness visiting brethren welcome.! in spare time. Profits to loovi, plus . AUTOMATIC bookkeeper - stenographer, receptionist, saleslady, fry cook, waitresses, others $300 mo. AMERICAN EMPLOYMENT _ _ 205 Piasa _ ___ 'BABY"srrrER for 3 "pre-sctiool age w ° rks sh " INTERIOR — Exterior decorating, patch plastering, removing wallpaper. No Job too small. HO a-7083 PAINTING—Inside and out. Small jobs solicited. Dial CL 4-6486. PAUL McGUIGGAN — Paper hang- Ing. Save money. HO 5-8764. M STORAGE — MOVING Women's Club will meet at 8| grade j. 3 and 2 -3 180-250 lb 18.00- p.m. Tuesday at the home of 125. 2 -3 250-280 lb 17.50-18.10; 2-3 (Mrs. Ed Wittman in Georgeneja^d 3 280-310 lb 17.00-50; mixed i Acres. Several condidates willig rade 150470 lb 16.50-17.50; sows WHITC HALL-Funeral rites! attend the meetin e- lor William MoCarthy, 62. White Guild to Meet Hall business man "and active ; BRIGHTON — The Women's in church and fraternal organ:- G "ild of St. John's Evangelical nations in the city, were con- and Reformed Church will have ducted al 2 p.m. today in First a " all-day meeting at the church Baptist Church by ihe Rev. Thursday. Cancer dressings will Chasteen. Burial was in Whitei be " ladp during the morning and Hall Cemeterv. la covered dish dinner will be Mr. McCarthy, who had op- } served at noon. Mrs. Charles erated a feed store in White j Spencer of St. Louis, formerly Hall for a number of years, died'o* Brighton, will review a book Saturday at 7 a.m.. shortly aft- on Africa during a program er he had been admitted to : and business session set for the White HaJJ Hospital for diagnos- i afternoon, tic treatment. He had served for eight yearp as a member of the White Hal board of aldermen; had been a member of the White Hal School Board for 16 years; WB a member of A.F.&A.M. Lodge Masonic Order, White Hall; be longed to I.O.O.F. Lodge 2226 and Adams Rebekah Lodge 375 and White Hall Chapter, Order of Eastern Star. He also hat ON SALE AT BROADWAY I MAIN Home Grown SWEET CORN Large Hud Now POTATOES 10 & 39° Glberte Frt»»toiie PEACHES M o Half Peok ^^ftwket ICE COLD WATERMELONS ON SALE CH1UJUI THE ttiUHT WAV, BROADWAY & MAIN Drive-in Produce Market Produce Prices At St. Louis ST. LOUIS (AP)-Eggs and live poultry; Eggs, wholesale grades, large extras, 60-79 per cent A 30-31; 4059 per cent A 28-30; mediums 2627; standards 25-26; country run 23'/i-25; dirties and checks 20-22; consumer grades, AA large 35; A large 32-34; A medium 29-31; A small 21-24; B large 26-28. Fowl, heavy 15-17; light over 5 Ibs 12-13; under 5 lb 10-12; fryers and broilers, commercial whites and crosses 17',i-18; old roosters 9-11. lover 400 lb 13.75-15.00; boars lover 250 lb 10.50, lighter weights 12.50. CattJp 7,000; calves 600; few good and choice steers 23.00-25.25; choice mixed steers and heifets 25.50; cows fully steady; utility and commercial 14.00-15.00, occasional individuals to 15.50; canners and cutters 12.00-14.00; bulls slow; utility and commercial bulls 17.00-19.00; vealers and slaughter calves generally steady; good and choice vealers 20.00-24.00, a few 25.00; standard and good 17.0020.00; cull 14.00-15.00; relatively little done on slaughter calves. Sheep 1,400; open steady to 50 higher; early sales good and choice spring lambs 17.00-20.00; choice and prime lots 20.00-50; 25 head choice and prime 21.00; few utility and good 14.00-17.00. 12 Selected Stocks Following are today's 1:30 p. m. quotations on 12 New York Stock Exchange issues research has indicated are widely held in the Alton area, as supplied to the Alton Evening Telegraph by ate and polar zones over the then outlasted an afternoon rally CHICAGO (AP)—In the broad-! whole Pacific and Atlantic Oc-jby Miss Spuzich. w. CPERKINS.W.M.: est runup of the year, all grain future posted gains of well over i "*' adlditio " to North Amei "i "'1 Golf Interrupted, a cent a bushel in spots today! For periods of five days and! ^ ^ ,. D i • with soybeans up as much as {longer meteorologists are study-; U° l> t° r Delivers babies three cents at times in the early ling ways of prediction useful as IRVIN C. CUVILAND 10:00 A.M. Wednesday Qrace MethodUt Church afternoon. Brokers said a good deal of demand was linked with a report j exists for predicting months in' JOLIET. 111. (API—Dr. William •""*" "* that the House Agriculture Committee will meet next week to consider legislation which would boost immediately government price supports of grains rather sharply. advance when and where a hurricane will form or enter the. coast. i As soon as there are indications round of the Will County public links golf tournament at 8 a.m. Sunday. Eight hours and two ba- WESTERN STAR LODGE—No. I. O. O. F. Brethren to meet at 7:30 at Burke's Funeral Home. Tuesday. Aug. 2. for funeral services for Tony Falukos. H. G. Baker. N G. BEAU- makers. Samples sent on approval. FREE Sample Album. FREE promptness gift. SOUTHERN. 478 N. Hollywood. Dept. 713, Memphis. , Tenn. 10 LOSI—SI RAYED—STOLEN 25-35; good typist. GREATER ALTON EMPLOYMENT ACROSS THE STREET ACROSS THE NATION H. A. NEVLIN MOVING STORAGE wOCAL & LONG DISTANCE 1628 Washlnglon Ave. Dial HO 2-9803 AERO MAYFLOWER Sloan's Moving'4 Storag* Co. Exrluslv* Agent Local & Long Distance Moving Warehouse and Fenced Lot Storage Free Estimates — No Obligation Phone HO 9-MS7 — 21*9 B. Elm RENTALS SLEEPING ROOMS 2 SLEEPING ROOMS for men; ga- 303 Comm. Bldg. 205 W. 3rd _I?? es j. East Alton. CL 4-9598. MIDDLEAGED LADY"— For light! EXCEPTIONALLY NICE sleeping housekeeping, care of 2 children ! room for I or 2 gentlemen: private HO 2-5143. ! entrance. 801 College. HO 2-1397 LOST—Parakeet; If found please! MIDDLEAGED LADY—Stay, care call HO 5-2168. _ of 1 child; light housework. LOST" — Ladies 1 wrtstwatch" in i <-7040 after 6 p.m. CL SLEEPING ROOM for rent, clot* to bus and restaurant. 623 East Bdwy. Twice ', he finished. the doctor was called! 4-9103. • ... iii/Jii Ulv: V.XSLII • a hurricane w forming, no mat-| The „„, call from the course to deliver a baby.! LOST'- Blue leather purse. ter where, the storm is given a Carlot receipts today were es-!name and the U.S. Weather Bu- timated at: wheat 208 cars, corn|reau begins issuing "advisor- 369, oats 196, rye 6, barley 39, ies." When the storm threatens soybeans 22. CHICAGO (API—Wheat No. 1 yellow hard 1.95'4. Corn No. 1 yellow 1.19*4; No. 2 yellow 1.19-V 20; No. 3 yellow (weevily) l.laVi; No. 5 yellow 1.03' 2 . Oats No. 1 white 70',i; No. 1 heavy white <tough) b'9'i; No. 1 extra heavy white 70-70>/2; No. 2 extra heavy white 70-70>/i. Soybeans No. 2 yellow 2.20', a . Soybean oil 9'4. Barley: malting choice 1.15-' ' 1.25 n; feed 85-1.02 n. - I WANTED—White housekeeper. State ... , „, „ , - „ u ,. m ' ase. musf-be single. Give phone n* m * at »h« i .ui Y' cllllt >' of Wesl . Drive ' BeihalKr; number. Box 700, care Telegraph. came at the sixth j Return papers, keep money. HO |-—-•••-• , , «_r 'WANTED — Waitresses and curb hops. Must be over IB. No phone calls. Apply in person. Comet Drive-In. AVON *H * x S"-" ent i *L ea - .TgJgg a P!L. Want Ads Daily '"ANNOUNCEMENTS the mainland, hurricane "watch i notices are included in the ad-j ivisories, and gale and hurricane! warnings are issued. j A hurricane's energy budget | is impressive: a typical hurri- holt. Jt was a boy. At the eighth j hole, he was summoned to deliver a girl. The doctor qualified \\ilii a 37-41-78. II NOTICES Yesterday's Stars By THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Batting- Neil Chrisley, Tigers, three singles, two dou- ALL KINDS of keys mad*. Tumblers changed, cars opened. Minnows, worms, fish, picnic suoplles. Belle Street Bait and Key Shop, 604 Belle St. Phone HO 2-5858. BULK WEDDING PAPER PLATES —White cups, plastic forks and spoons, punch bowl rental: Imprint napkink. WANTED—Hair Dresser. LaBonlta -§*l?J?'-Jrt 4-9711, HO 4-4427, WHITE LADY for companion to lady; light housework. Call Highland. 1313 . cane takes m about 20.000.000, bleg and a homei , B and drive , tons of a _ . . tons of air every minute at its fi in five runs as Detroit split a dou with Boston, winning , , , , m* u »....». 9*6 and losing the sec- feet above. Ihe pro-! ond game 8 . 4 cess is like an enormous wring-! pitching J3^ Jone5 , GiantSi squeezing moisture out of! yielded 0 *, y two hi(s and fanned ;"« air. The moisture condenses,, as San Franclico won i(s fif(h ,and produces heat energy at a| Btl . ttighti 6 . 2 ove r Cincinnati. BAXTER DIST. CO. 534 E. Broadway. WHITE middleaged baby sitter. 2 small children, 7:30 to 5:00, Monday through Friday. Must furnish own transportation. 38B4 Wesiern. , : „,.., ., i »*"•• ** **nfnsui i« i t\Jii, t« _HO 5-9347 I HO 5-1098 after 6 p.m. PIASA MOTOR FUELS • HEATING OILS • BUDGET PLAN • KEEP FILLED SERVICE Wh, MR & MRS. WALTER PFAFF. rj-ij--;--j;------ — the former owners of the Country | l *_ i *~r': WTP-—M«l» • Penult Kitchen, want to express our ap-> A BAKER S HELPER wanted. Male preclutlon to everyone who made 1 or female. Apply In person No our 8 years In business such a phone calls. Evans Pastry. 3611 pleasure and success. We wish the Stale street same success to the new owners.;..;..Wei-, , j" , r Thanks Again— ; WANTED—Industrial engineer, con Mr and Mrs. Waller Pfaff. I structlun estimator. nursing Instructor, managerial trainee, payroll clerk, room clerk, night male Wheat Sep High Prev. rate equivalent to about 600i— N'ewhard. Cook & Co., from its! [:)e( , Alton branch oflice. (The New| Mai . York Exchange closes daily a'i 2:30 p.m, (Alton time), so these. are not the closing quotationsi: 'c- wn AT&T 89'ii, Gen. Motors 43 r K, S( , Granite City Steel 37\. Olin,J- M , Math. Chem. 39^6, Owens-Ill. ! Ma| , 10214, Shell 32%. Sinclair SB'i.j^y Socony 36%. Standard (Ind.)l o ' atg 36%, Standard fNJ) 40 78 , U.S. g Steel 81%, Sears 53'». Low Cloke Close i atom bombs, exploding every ! minute, Weather Bureau experts 1.85 1.84»i 1.84 7 s 1.83V Calculate. 1.91 a 8 1.90's 1,91',4 1.90 I'Mittlly La*!* 10 Days 1.9G',» 1.95'i 1.95% 1.94V A typical hurricane last about 1.95*ii 1.94% 1,95'v 1.94' 4 ll> " days, liberating heat b> con- 1.87 7 s 1.82'/a 1.87Ts — jdensation of water in an amount ; equivalent to something like 10,1.16»,» l.lli 1.16'4 1.16 000.000 atom bombs, enough to 1.13H 1.11*4 1.13U 1.12 | supply all the electrical needs of 1.17% 1.16»/i 1.17U 1.16 | t)le Unile d Sta^s /or the next 1.19U 1.18'/4 1.19U 1.18 1600 years. Trying to control such a storm i ANNOUNCEMENTS IBOAI. NOTICES Date: July 26. I960 INVITATION TO BID Mar May Rye Sep Two Marines Killed In Plane Crash NAHA, Okinawa (AP> - U.S. j Mar military authorities said today two i May Marine*, Qtpl. Joseph E. Stare, 23, of Montvale, N.J, and U. Ro land £. Skrzypinski, 32, Carnegie, Pa., were killed in the crash of a light observation plane Thursday during a training mission. 68% .67 .6814 .67% .72'4 .70% .72H -71»4 74% .73 .74% .73 .74% .73 .74*4 .73 1.17'i 1.1494 l.mi l.W/t l.m» 1.19% 1.22V4 1.20 1.26 1.27 1.2344 1.25% 1.24V4 1.27 Soybeans Sep :U9'« 2.16U 2.19V4 2.1i>V« Nov q:'.19 l i 2 15*» 2.19V4 2.W» Jan 2.23% 2.20 2.23'4 2.20 Mar 2.27 2.23'4 2.27 2-23'4 May 2.26% 2.26% 2.29<4 2.26 . are Invited to deliver bids In person or by mall to the Madiion County Housing Authority Market It Washington Streets Madison. Illinois until Aug. 16, IBbO at '1 00 P. M.. and labor, forward I will not be responsible for any debts contracted by anyone other than myself. Ruby Phlpps. .122 Nlagara : _E. Alton. Ul. July 29. 1960 NO fiOE-Thomiit Sanders wilTTiaul I limbs and rubbish of any kind. ! Dial HO '1 1846. ! SINUS SUFFERERS "try ~Plopper ; s Medlcul Discovery. E Z X. for re- Mel K 7. X Is sold at local drug coumei v ff«l-:i/.S TOPPi-:b. Trimmed and re- inovNed. CL 9-687L To" "RBNT MOVIE~"CAR college student for day office work, saleslady, housemother, waitress (part time), housekeeper, taxi driver, factory laborers, age 45-55 Apply In person. 111. Slate Emo. Service. 87 Henry street. Alton. 11 JiJTUATIONS VVTD.^—MAI Jl WANTED—Lawns lo mow?^CL~9~-63JO is Jar beyond today's capabilities.! Weather Bureau officials believe. There is hope, however, that by locating weak spots when the storm IK in its formative stages, scientists might find some way to prevent the storm from growing or to change its puth. More methods than ever before will be used this season to study these mighty storms. The Weather Bureau will fly these especially equipped research planes into the raging winds and quiet "eye" of the hurricanes. • IOONS for the children's birthday 1 party? See f-oster s for brand new , stock of Walt Disney's cartoons 1 Poster's Drua Store. "Alton's Camera Headuuarteri" 130 B Brp»dway_jlp_5,-J5W _ 'EMPLOYMENT ~ SPECIFICATIONS for Repliirement of Furnaces and Related Propane Work at Protect III 15-1, Fred A Garesche Homes. Madison, Illinois immediately after the time tod al the place tlrsi mentioned above the bids win be publicly opened and read aloud. D F. BRANER, Executive Director, Madison County Housing Authority. July 30. Aug. 1, 'i EXPERIENCED PAINTERS Available Now Want HOUMI to ••Int. Prtt ktlmetti. DU 4-9971 MjSITlMI'IONS W«D -_ CiENERAL HOUSEWORK by~day. Tuesday. Friday or Saturday. HO 3-1 Qjv. OVER TEN YEARS iegafand""insur- ance experience. References. Write Box 720. cure Telegraph. WILL BABY SIT In iny home~Besi of references, bast of cure Slate license. HO 2-8935. : ANNOUNCEMENTS Humbert RcL at New BoltUne HO 5-2M1 ROTO4IOOTIR il OUSt)N'S NO DIGGING Koto-Kootor Co., Alton HO 8-6080 MISC. FOR SALE Wt repair and service all maktt of Oil Furnaces Experienced «nd c«p«ble workmen. LANGEN OIL COMPANY CL 4.3174 Extra Lirge Selection o AQUARIUMS. PUMPS, F(Ll FOODS AND PLAN!* OfGN KVKHV DAY Wm. FINK IMNt HAWK DBIVE PHONE HO (••••• for e Complete V*Mllee BUa* Hen*lr Service HI 4*1*4 CAI4. RUf SILL ILIND * AWNINO CO, 111 l*UIUts) Buy

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