Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 1, 1960 · Page 11
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 11

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1960
Page 11
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MONDAY, AUGUST l f I960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE ELEVEN YouVe the Doctor By Joseph D. Witmemug, M. I). DEAFNKRft AJTD A reader in Evanavlll*, Tnd., who slims her name simply Ann wants to know about noises on the right side of her head just behind the ear. These noises, she says, are "a roar- ln<? pound In right ear and a bu/zing In the head." She is 34 years old, is overweight, and has "bad teeth." She had her eyes tested, wears glasses, but the noises have persisted. She states that she has "head colds" all the time and wonders If she might not have an infection of the sinuses or a catarrhal condition of the ears. Dear Ann: The cause of buzzing in the head and noises in the ear may be difficult to diagnose and even more difficult to treat. Since the buzzing fn the head is often associated with deafness and dizziness, It is best to discuss these three conditions almost as one. Let us consider deafness without dizziness first. This problem may be solved by simply having a doctor look into your ears. Many a person has walked into a doctor's office suspecting that he has been growing deaf with agp only to find that his deafness is quickly cured by the removal of wax from the ears. Implie* Serious Problem Generally however, a buzzing in the head implies a problem dpeppr than' wax. It usually means that there is something going on either in the inner ear or in the brain close to the hearing center. If you have had a recent virus infection, such as mumps, measles, or even a bad cold, this may cause some degree of deafness and buzzing. In older persons, the sudden loss of hearing may be due to a clot or spasm in a blood vessel close to the hearing center. A careful examination is necessary. Sometimes the doctor may actually have to listen to your head with a stethoscope. If the inner ear becomes waterlogged and swollen, it causes dizziness or loss of hearing or both. This may come on without any apparent reason (Meniere's disease) or may follow the administration of some antibiotics, such as streptomycin or dihydrostrep- tcrmycin. Even simpler medicines such §* aspirin or quinine may cause a buzzing In the head, either when the done Is large or If a person happen* to be sensitive to small doses. A careful ear examination, particularly with an audiometer Is distinguished between nerve deafness and conduction deafness Is Important trt investigate the condition further. When deafness, dizziness and ringing In the ears come all together, it means that the Inner ear is affected, either by infections or by some other condition. In Meniere's disease, there is swelling of the inner ear. Some cases of Meniere's are mild but in others the dizziness Is so severe that It is Impossible for the patient to stand up. Ear specialists can usually diagnose Meniere's disease by audiometry tests and other special examinations; but not all cases of deafness with diz- xiness are due to Meniere's. In some, deafness and dizziness are brought on by an acute infection of the inner ear which clears slowly and may last for weeks. Dizziness without deafness or ringing in the ears without deafness may be an even more difficult diagnostic problem. It is important, here, to distinguish between true dizziness and liRhtheadedness or faintncss. True dizziness (vertigo i moans that something is spinning, either the individual or his environment. Seasickness offers a uood illustration of true dizziness. If deafnesv is absent, the sensation of dizziness may be brought on by many general conditions and not only by tipper Alton News Events (jodfrry Man's Miss Kramer Retires at Western ,keley Ave.. remains in traction at after p.m.. at the Westerner Club grounds. | Henry St. by St., \vas listed bv police as the' by St., was listed by police as the /- R amai .Lp f | driver of the machine whose ' ar "a""*' KPfl brakes fafJed. He plowed Into one GODFREY — Gerald DeGerlia, (Alton Memorial Hospital |entering last Monday. ; Mrs. Herschel Reeder. of East' 0 ' * hf> a1 J tomon '' es . knocking It : v22 Orson St.. reported Sunday Mrs. Green suffered a slipped 1 Alton, will be the hostess .against the third, both of which tr) Alton police that his cat was disk in her back. It is not. known 1 Thf ' mjs «. inna ««., r ii' w m vwrfY P arked whilp tjiev were ransacked and goods, which he when she will be discharged. | hoM fhp mon(n , y mePtinK W ed-1'*''"* lr '" flcd by Park and Vr °' hnrl *">"«"' wni|p shopping stolen. nesday, 7 p.m..' at the parson- r " an , Tnr automobile was parked in the virinih of Rlair and Easton avenues when the theft took place. Stolen were articles of clothing i_J »J !._.. -. 11_~ l.;__.. •• • '"- •.«••"«•• p, «v |.v.l ^ «,„»„«;»» ...,.„ n t»,l»*i*J ..•* MM*I treasurer of Western Military Academy who served under three generations of the Jackson family, has retired. ianfl " c ™ sn ™ "»" a ma » °" x - Thursdav 7-30 pm ™™*r» • ™ wn,<;n ne «imm«i f nea ,, F>jasa su , fprpd | ac . era tions The woman who probably^' "?**• . ,. , „ : Members of the Milton Assem-i^heHff %"*&*^*\»*1»<>*U'M™*l«W~i«™ knows more graduates Of West- J'^^^«.^W ™urch take part in the tentj ^ ^ **» Strret n < ar i automobile accident on Rts. .11 * !K7 early today. A. DavenpoH. 130 Le- A rppor) Ma)rd y lat the auto- rmtVKR HfrRT IJT COLLEGE CRASH Miss Alma Kramer, assistant ^ driv «; *?* a P«*«\B«.were injured when a tire blew out on their car early Sunday at N. Rodgers and College avenues. president of the council. ,. . . . . „ . • -'ayer service will be " 5.^ ' 3 m ^'Thursday. 7:30 p.m. missionary mnef trkcr IVA*4_ I . . man. p.m.. at the parson- , aee Following a devotional pe- POLICE CHECK DAMAGED riod the council on a new pro- C^R TI'RN UP ACK1DE1VT sr^'i^rscr > '•"*-» ~ •*«.» ~>.%r*r held ....... Edward Stubblefield, of Bright- |hly 0,,^ takp part in tne tent | iern than any other person, re- «•• *™ b P oked , w ' th i"t°'t<*«^i service that will get under way; ru;oln sfreet ' I signed after 43 years on the' Stllbb|pfip|fl anrt Gf>ne Boyd< 4n6 -Sunday in East Alton, on the site! charged with three counts after (jolicf became Suspicious of his damaged car which he admitted had been damaged when he) crashed off of Salu street near 1 MolortM HurUn Cr«<h , ;ODFREY _ vernon Watson. staff which began in 1917 as ft i pr " R P w >t St., Wood River, were| 0 f the proposed Lewis & Clarki noT ' H St - of Co*'"* 6 Hills was |mobile"struck a tree several miles .4_,.__ ._,..__., n ,..-- * u,_i_. f>f])pr ^ Rcy looked on driving while intoxi-; outh of Bl . J2hton Wa tson \V-HS tak- secretary to t'hf late Col. A. M ! takpn to Wond Rlwr TOT™*lp!shoppinR .Taokson.' i Hospital for treatment of ' hi ries She also worked for the late ' and • David Nunn will br rvangelist The mall box standard was "™AN - MICHAKLs hurled SO feet by the impact, j ENTERED BV THIEVE* Stubblefield was traveling west! in College, police said. A 16-year-old motorist was i thieves Saturday night and thre< c;iteri. trnfflr viohitions and de- ; Col. R. L. Jackson and currently was on the staff headed by Col. R. B. Jackson. Co). Jackson recently ex! pressed great regret at Mis* , , ., .. (Kramer's retirement. He point-! ch « r »? d wifh a traffic violation vending machines were broken ' . . .. ! fnllntt/iMcT 'i f»r>anh n* t*i nttiae\t+ \Y\if\ attrt nninc l*ArvtntfAri stmction of property. Officers Homer Wallace andj Thomas Cope were in the College j (rOofrey The Hyman-Michaels Co., of aml N Rod ^ rs avenue vicinity iChessen lane, was entered by wh(>n Davenport passed about! Hurt 111 r-n to SI Joseph's Hospital. ' 5 ' 30 out that her unfailing at Itesy, her willingness to do r«-j^ Judso " slreets - Saturday, |vot* for both cadets andfacuity, o:3 ° p ' m - Into and coins removed. Police said the loot was ;as the management said the »w^in »s^» i^v/n iv<Mi4*-i^'i»'ijiii ( 7t i .. ,.«» and her efficiency had made Mlss Linda A. Scott. 1007 Un- 'narhlnen were emptied of coins j a.m. Sunday,, a damaged! creating a racket. ; le police pursued and stop-; him and then Davenport took i (:wmon - of Humbert Manor, suf- to Salu street where he: frrrd a deep gash of the leg when GODFREY — Nancy, 7-year-old of Mr. and Mrs. Albert said his car had left the roadi*"'' fell from playground equip- her an Invaluable and beloved member of the staff. Miss Kramer through 1°" St.. was booked on the i daily. land careened into the Rock'ment in her yard Saturday morn- after the car she was operating! Iflt> thieves apparently thp struck that of Norman P. Schneld-' theitl t wa y into 'he building vears ketrt UD with the careers i er ' of St - Louis ?thr ° Ugh th , e trUCk entrance - Th^SLAI OHTER8 BMK iof WesS Le^ iTasT; Schneider was traveling north i^^^^ » seib ^ 1 '; la -iFHOM VACATION source of information about on Clawson and Miss Scott was which alumni, many of whom corresponded with her. She has also been very active in business and profes- organlzatlons going east on Judson when the accident occurred, police said. The impact knocked the Schneider car about one-quarter around, officers reported. H off. Mr. and Mrs. Robert Slaughter. 'i2"06 Viewland Ave., and their two : The child was taken to Alton j Memorial Hospital and discharged after the cut. clear to the bone, was sewed. Her condition is satisfactory. Attend Movie It did nnt rincr Snfnrrtnv niaht daughters, have returned from a! GODFREY - Members of the ....__?? ring Saturday m S ht ' ; *, lnn ,„ ,h. Pj »t ! Youth Fellowship of the Melville James Tolle, 302 McClure St., police said. JOWAI8A CLASS PICNIC SET FOB TUESDAY Owaisa class will meet at the Main Street Methodist Church. i vacation in the East. They spent one week visiting • friends at Ft. Belvoir, Va., Sgt. j and Mrs. P. F. Gardner and family. The rest of the time was spent sional women's iof Alton. Just prior to her departure j was taken to St. Joseph's Hos- ifrom Western. Col. and Mrs.jpital with a shoulder injury ai- C. H. Moore entertained footer his car over turned on N. Miss Kramer at a retirement Alby road Sunday. . , - > j ne | 0n rj C ; party in their apartment on the Tolle told officers the head-j Torch X P for a picnic Another week was spent at Lake campus. It was attended by Rights on his machine went out 1 Western faculty members andj and the car struck a culvert, ov- friends. Miss Kramer receivedjerturning. The accident occurred 'a number of gifts. inear the N. Alby bridge. Miss Kramer said. "I did not! Godfrey Volunteer Fire De- jhave to retire, but I wanted to partment was called to flush gas- Tuesday, 6:30 p.m., and then go s '8 ht seeing in and about Wash- to the SI " " " a picnic. Dessert, drink and paper plates i Wupapello in southern Missouri, will be supplied. Hostess will be i Miss Mary Slaughter, of Godfrey, Mrs. Fred Schlueter, Mrs. Ray-sa niece of the couple, accompan- mond Keiser and Mrs. Ralph ied them on the Missouri trip. Bruce. derangements of the inner ear. i enjoy some leisure before re- oline from the spot, police report- tirement became necessary.' i LADIES' MISSIONARY Or ISANFORD TO MEET '• Ladies' Missionary Society, of the Sanford Avenue Baptist ed. A single, brief attack of dizziness with complete recovery suggests, however, that the cause is in the inner ear. In sorrif rases of Meniere's disease, the patient can be helped by medicines designed to improve the circulation in . the inner car or to drive out ;Thelma Cochran. 2714 Hillcrest | crosse d the center line and struck Albert Bergstrom, 2029 College Ave., told officers his autohio- biJe was struck by a hit-run motorist Saturday, 9:30 p.m., in the 3400 block of College. i Church, xvill meet Tuesday,! Bergstrom said he was travel- 7:30 p.m.. at the home of Mrs.ijng east when the oncoming car the excess water and reduce ; Ave swelling. Some antihistamines i Midweek prayer and also suppress dizziness. In | studv se ™£ e _ w [!l 1 be he ' d the more complicated problems. the patient may require nesday. 7:30 p.m. Members of the church are jhis machine and then continued Bible Jon. A motorist made a report that his parked car was struck by a the help of not only an ear I attending the Christian Life camp at Low Point, HI. They are: Hartie Hughey, Lennie George Van Voor- specialist but a nerve specialist as well. C I960 N. Y. Herald Tribune. Inc. Romanians Lore Thebom's Interpretation of ' Schildroth, hees, Billy ison. Riley, David Den- bicyclist, Ray Hewlett, 7, of 302 Harriet St., Sunday morning. Owner of the car is WUbur White, 615 Lampert St. MRS. MITCHELL RHODES MAXEINERS BACK FROM OZARK8 Mr. and Mrs. Melvin Maxein- Boy Is Chalnpion Cherrv Pie Baker Youth Fellowship Congregational Church attended in a group "The Story of Ruth" movie in Alton Sunday It was announced that the attendance contest will end Aug. 28. Mr. and Mrs. Robert McDonald are the sponsors of the group. Typhoon Is Bearing ou Red China er and children, of Seminary; SYRACUSE, N.Y. (AP)-Rich- road, returned Saturday from ani ard Schmidt . 15 « Kirkviile, baked Ozark trip. i a Detter cherry pie than eight fe- They spent four days swimming i male rivals 8****^ *** won an and fishing at Lake of the Orarks' Ononda£a Caaa y 4 " H contest ' The and traveled through Arkansas ! ^gh school honor student will rep- Tennessee, and Kentucky. They ;'^ent the county in a district pie also visited one of Missouri's caves. ' QUILTING CIRCLE j TO MEET WEDNESDAY j The Quilting Circle of the Wo-i man's Society of Christian Service will meet at the Main Street j Methodist Church, Wednesday, 110 a.m. A luncheon will be served at contest in -TOKYO (AP>—Typhoon Shirley bore down on Communist China today after killing two persons on the Ryukyuan island of Yonaguni and one on Formosa. The storm Sunday night destroyed 30 homes and caused heavy crop damage on Yonaguni, a small island of 5,000 population. On Formosa it injured eight persons and drove nearly 11,000 persons in Taipei from their homes i to higher ground. By JOY MILLER NEW YORK, If— The wildly dramatic second act of "Carmen" crashed to a close in the Bucharest Opera House. As the curtain fell, gypsy- garbed Blanche Thebom spun around to leave the stage. She same thine at all." she says "\V"e don't have anything on a level with what other countries have for negotiating exchange agreements." Since 1954 Miss Thebom has RETURN'S FROM OHIO They earned their way to the : ^ rs Mitchell Rhodes of Tfv« ! camp for a week by passing ^iBerkeW Ave anT CeL K^l ''T' BUSi " eSS meeting wil1 get - •- u j ~" »UIH nmde,. waj , a { j^.jg ar .j man have returned from Colum-1 bus and Marion. Ohio where they visited relatives. Bible examination. WOMAN BURNED WHILE COOKING IN HOME Mrs. Lillie Ragsdale. 1112 Beaumont St., suffered burns of the face, arms and neck when a wil, Mrs. lead the devotions. ; Mrs. Rhodes and Cecile werej gone for six weeks, which shei 2 HURT WHFJN spent visiting brothers and sis-i BRAKES FAIL iai,*e, urins cuiu ncv,i\ wn^n «»! ; skillet of grease caught fire while ! ters ' ' Two youths loading cars at Al| she was cooking Sunday mom-1 Her husband, who is an invalid been spending her vacations i ing. j following a stroke eight years o-. ~.~ performing around the world j The 54-year-old woman was ago, was in a nursing home dur- saw the chorus moving deter- under the ANTA aegis: Ice- |taken to Alton Memorial Hospit-|ing her absence. He was brought minedly toward her in a body She took a step backward and said "Oh dear." This, from the poised and regal brunette beauty, meant she was a pretty uneasy mezzo soprano. She was the first American singer to perform behind the Romanian Iron Curtain, more rigid even than the Soviet Union's. She was portraying Carmen as a sexy, seductive wildcat; Romanians always gave the role an unrealistic, formalized treatment. And, as everybody knows, opera singers come temperamental in any nationality. The chorus closed in. The men seized her. Hoisting her to their shoulders, they paraded around the stage with shouts and applause. At the opera's end, the audience stood on seats to cheer the Metropolitan Opera star. Crowds followed her blocks back to the hotel. The Romanian Artists Guild gave a dinner for her. The Romanian Carmens forgot all about being prima donnas and begged the tall, shapely diva to stay and teach them her realistic interpretation. That happened two months ago. Now thinking it over in New York, the week in Romania only strengthened her conviction that what this country needs Is a ministry of culture to help spread the word that Americans are anything but Philistines. "We don't brag enough," she insists. "The Metropolitan i« the finest opera company in the world. We have two or three symphony orchestras that are as fine as any anywhere." A permanently established Department of Culture in the U. S. government is vitally necessary, she says, both for foreign opinion and domestic efficiency. "Our undersecretary of state for cultural matters itn't the land, Central and South America, the Soviet Union, the Far Easf. Europe, and most recently Yugoslavia and Romania. "Maybe the way I feel has something to do with being a first generation American," ponders the onetime Canton, Ohio, secretary. "My parents rame from Sweden and I was brought up tremendously impressed with the privilege of voting and the responsibilities of citi/enship. I've been called a flagwaver, and I admit it. But honestly now, what's wrong with waving a flag you love?" Mind Your Manners If you would like to create a smooth complexion look for summer, use foundation makeup and powder, then remove the excess powder with a face powder brush. Dampen a cotton ball with skin freshener and gently pat nose, forehead, cheeks and chin. Let it dry naturally and a delicate sheen tone will appear. Reauty Tips If you have selected your clothes well, people will tell you hosv charming you look .before they comment on your costume. For clothes should attract attention to you, not to themselves. jhome late last week. carrying the out-: the! EVENTS FOR MILTON ASSEMBLY al for treatment. j Mrs. Ragsdale was ;the flaming skillet to Iside but when she opened . door a ijust of wind blew the The monthly teachers and work- flames back, into her face. ers conference will be held to- In other cases: .night, 7:30, at the Milton Assem-! Sandra. 6-year-old daughter of bly of God. 'Mr. and Mrs. Ralph Porter, pf Edgar McGarvey, Sunday; i'Rt. 1, Alton, suffered bruises of School superintendent, will be in: ;the back when she fell on a pond i charge of the meeting. j Ipier near her home. In other news: i The child was taken to Alton The men will continue work on i Memorial Hospital Saturday for I the church Tuesday and Wednes- i treatment and then discharged, day evenings. The family lives in the Foster- The Women's Missionary Coun- burg road area. cil will give a stork shower for Mrs. Herbert Green, 3600 Ber- Mrs. Dean Wells, Tuesday, 7:30 FREE PARKING FOR THE UPPER ALTON CUSTOMERS AT THE COLLEGE AVE. PRESBYTERIAN CHURCH LOT 2600 ILOCK—COLLEGE AVE. The Upper Alton Businessmen's Association is proud and happy to add this Free Parking Service for its many fine customers. ton Plaza Shopping Center suffered leg injuries Saturday night when a car went out of control and sandwiched them against two other machines, police reported. Hurt were George R. Vro- , 198 Goulding St., East Aland Willliam E. Park, 808 i ton SAVE Buying On A "Budget" Is A Pleasure At... Jacobys Completely Air Conditioned No Carrying Charges Added for Use of "Easy Budget" Payment Plans! 627 E. Broadway Alton, Illinois August Dinette Sale fflawere for All OecMloju Complete Bridal Service; Oowoi, Veili, etc. ADAMS PLOWIB UIDAl SHOP IN K. FerfiuoOi Wood Hlver OUI VI, 4-8441 STEPPE'S Wilshlre Village Shopping Center Beauty Salon Dial CL 4-1018 Vacationtime Specials It's time to consider your Summer Hairstyle • . . designed for Comfort and Carefree Fun whether you're traveling or just relaxing at boat. Oreo* OU Cold Wtvt including: Conditioning Shampoo ft Style. ALL FOR 555 OOMPLiTl Haircuts 1.50 Budget Wove 4.95 Ait Coatfidootof • Op»n 9 a.m. to 9 p.m. t An Appototratai It Not Alwayi JVccouary IRONZITE 5.PIECE SET (Similar to Set Shewn) ToWe top is white gold tone plastic—30"x40"x4l" with 1 leaf. Four chain, upholstered seat and back in white oricnte plastic. $ C A °5 Sot only 99 $125.00 Bronietone 5-piece set. Imperial walnut plastic top. 3«"x48"xftO" with 1 self-storing leaf. 4 wire back chairs. S f AQ 50 Seat upholstered in plastic Now IV9 SI 39.50 Bronitone 5-piece set. Imperial walnut plastic top. 3e"x54"x72" with 1 II" self.storing leaf. 4 wire back chairs. $ 11A 50 Seat upholstered in plastic Now 119 $109.50 Special Set—5-pieee set—Round Table 42", plus 19" leaf. Pongee walnut plastic. Chairs upholstered seat and back. f f AA 50 Umtrlpe plastics-wire trim Now IV9 "Eosy Budget" Payment Plans — Nothing Added for Time Payments! Park Frtt At Rfar Intranet 417 I IroaJwoy Alton, lUlnoii Jacoby's Completely Ait Conditioned ELM BEAUTY SHOP H I. iLM ST. MID-SUMMER SPECIAL AU0. 2 THRU AUO. U ALL BONAT PERMANENT* RieULAR $12.50 . 10" RIOULAR $10,00 . *°° 8 REGULAR SS.50 . SSO 0 ICSO 5 Each PerffMfitnt Inclurftt Haircuts and Individual Hair Styling REGULAR , _-$7.50 9 PHONE HO 5-4312 ASK FOR MARY NICHOLS OR MARY PARMIR OPEN EVENINGS BY APPOINTMENT • AIR CONDITIONED FOH YOUR COMFORT • U! mJ o U U 5 U Karpet-Kare rtM 3-STEP ONE-DAY CARPET CLEANINe PHONE r* HO 5-8141 brigMmicotor FOR ESTIMATE SUPERIOR CARPET CLEANERS 1116 MAIN ST. UPPER ALTON HO 1-0141 FINAL SUMMER CLEARANCE Entire Stock of Nationally Labeled Swim Suits $12.95 to $25.95 Cafalina, Rote Marie Reid, Roxanne, in a limited selection of their best styles. Sixes 8 to 16. Remaining Stock of Summer Dresses $10.95 to $14.95 $14.95 to $17.95 $17.95 to $22.95 Sheaths and full skirted dresses in light colors. Your opportunity for another dreis or two to finish the season, Junior, misses and women's sixes.

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