Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 1, 1960 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1960
Page 9
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MONDAY, AUGUST 1, 1960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Brthalto to Have Float in Pararlr BETH ALTO Members of the, 1ornl KniRhts of Columbus will n float in the nnntiri! 'ominK paradp it was an- nonnceii at a marline held rp- rrntly in Ihr social room of On: 1 Lady Queen of Pn;ire fhiirch. A six. point prognm was ili*- ( u^sfd and names of roinmit- lee ('hj)ifmrn V\OIT rn;ir] Thpv Jin lii'lrd Fram-js Mrnnpmpyrv ralholii' Activity, MHiirico f'Jrfi- h;im foiinH! Artivity. R'rl frhmidl, frftPrnnl ' artivitie«. Art Winslwv. membership ami insurance. T'Jub Hoiyhoff and Jerry Neweomb, public reunions an* Bob Srutjj, youth activity. Next meeting in schert- iulert for Aug. 24. .' To Attend Conrhtw BETHALTO Eight members of the Zion Lutheran Church attended the first national Luth*»ran Sunday school convention held in SI. Louis on July '2? through July 24, it was reporter! by thp rhurrh secretary. The rlosing session was atfpnd- pd by over .1,000 persons. Thp RPV. K ,1. Kolb, pastor of thp loral rhurrh. conductor) onr session entitled, "I/inking I IIP Sunday School with thp Home." Mfmbris of the rhurch who attendpd UPCO: Klninp Ik-lmkamp, Verona Hplmkamp. OFFICIAL MMUOA' ROTtCC OP PMNIE0 PEIMAMClfT HfMfCMCWTS IT MENTAL REALTI AM oTKft MIIUC WELFAIE MSTmmMS OWIEI IT TIIS STATE ACT AM MM ISSOE TM«M a* ttM Hii»m\*m t, OM opportunity to vot* on a proposal for a hood Mm* wbtoh M anr M follow*; Bh«d tb« Rtate of mnoto borrow tlM.M«.W» for a tMHIdln* program in order to relieve overcrowded eondtttofle M tb« ' BUU* owned roenUl health and <xhw public w«ir»re Institutions? Th« detailed provision* sj» eontmnad In * taw which WM pa«**4 bT *. two-thirds vot* of th« O*n«>ral A«e*inMy *nd approved by the Governor. Tb« tout of the act ta irtihltfthed below, is required by the 8tat« eonetttuuon. Th* following siainment and KuggMtlon* ha* been •rrpsrml to afford a proper ui«tentUndUic «< the propoMtfcm to be STATEMENT AND SUGGESTIONS Seep* ef the Building Progrsm. Proceed* of the bond HWIKJ aw t» tj* used for making p"rnmn«-nt Improvements st mental health and athrr public welfare Institution* owned by the State of Illinois. | Th» term "permanent improvements" Is defined In Section J of th« art and incliidHi ar<|innlflon of lund ss well SA the construction, en- larr«nvnt, and rfhalnlllation of t»itMin*s < Kit tun* Oeneral Assemblies) «rtil determine, what specific Improvement* are. to be made) Term, Inter***, end 8s4e of Bond*. The bonds are to be fnHy r*. tired within J5 years of iumje, aiul (heir an to bear 4 per cent annual Interest- They sre to he sold, after n«w«paper »<1v«Ttt»lnK. to the "xl beat bidder, for not tee* than their par value, •pon PaymenM to be Mad*. Payments on the prlm-lnal and Interest of the hondu are to tn> rniulf, «>i they b«^oine rtiif, from a I^WIe Welfare Bntldliir Bond Rrtir'mcnt an.) Inicrcfft K«nd In the State treamiry, aa 9fO*ld<>d H> Section 4 of Ihr art. In order that tin* Hond Fund eontatn iwfnclc-nt moneys to me*t the renulrwl paynvnlft. th<- (ieni-rHl ABwmbly la au(hon7.«.<1 to dlr^-t the tranafer, from tlmr to time, of Slate fund* from the r;»neral Revenue y^ind to thla Hond Kund The ClPii'-ral K^veniif Kund In supported by * major portion of the t«x n'vemifn of the Stale. If the <;»n"ral As- •Kinhty tlxyuM fall to direct mn-h tra/infern of fiindn, then H»r'iion t •I the Act, which leriwi a property tax upon all r«-aj and personal property ta wila state mioject to taxation, will |H> in full forre and •nVet. The proceeda at thin tax. If leirted. ahall b« paid Into thin Bond Fund for th« pwriwme nt making payment of the prlm-lpaJ nt and In- tereM on the hondx. However, If wifficient money hoi been trannferred from the CeneraJ Re-venae Fund to thM Bond Fund to meet the re* «H)lred paywwnta. then DO tax levy will be n«c»>i«ary and none win be t. "Hie art providing for tht« bond lew»e •» toto ten foree and e/Tnct only if It reoe+vea a majority of the vote* «Mt for nwinrbem of the General AnnemWy at the November <t. !!>fta. (tnneral electioo. The proposition I* to be mbmttted on a wparat* wa.n>>(. otoept that where Totinsr machine* are in nae. »uct> machine* •aay be need to vote upon the prnpnurtion. The form of ballot t/i iriven helow in the text of the a«L fTh* KMit ae well aa the act. should be atudied DOW.) THE ACT OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY. The Act «< the Crnt«rai Aa*emb)y benriobetorv meoOotwd to »• An Act to autborlxe the nwwarx-e and wOe of bond* of the State «f nilnoia for the purpom of obtaining ^nda to be aaed for making permanent tmproremeota at mental heaUh and other public welfare fcwtltuttona owjied by tM> ittate and to provide for the payment of the of and Internet apoa such bonda. Be W enacted by the Peepte of tbe State W Niiao*. ^P*)4 C*****>rt*» A*M*9nM) fy» f Section L Tbe Stat* of TTttnota t* (ssawrtaed to hum* and eelt and provide for the retirement of bonds of. the State ot Illinois to the amount of tor the purpo*« of providing funds In order to relieve overcrowded coodrtloos by making permanent Improvement* at •nental health and oth-r public welfare in.itilutlCMin owned by thin State which are now utwter the Jurisdiction, management and control a< the Department of Piil.itc Welfare. Section 2. The Hulldinff Bond Board, hereinafter ranVd the Board. I* created to-conal«t of th* Oovernor, th« Slate Treasurer and the Attorney General. The Menanoe, sale and retij-em«>nt of. bonds author- Iced by tbt* Act shall be voder the general sup«rvl«ion and control of tbe Board. The bonds shall bear trrtprent, payable annually, front their date. M the rate of not more than 44V per annum. They ohall be serial bonds and be dated, iaseed aod sold from time to thne In such amounts as •say be neceatiary to provMe sufficient m*n«y to make Improvements prorated tor hn tfata Act. Each l>ond stoa» be m the denomination of OOOS.M or some multiple thereof, and ah**1 be mode payable within M year* from tta date. Tbeso bonds shag be signed by tbe Oovernor and at tented by tbe Secsetary of State under the eeal ot the State and roantenrigned by tb* State Treasurer. The signatures of tbe Governor and the Secretary of State may be Uthoirraph«d facsimile siena- terea. Interest coupons with lithographed facsimile iriffnaturefl of the Governor, Secretary of State and State Treasurer may be attached to tbe bonds. The fact that an officer whose signature or faci«imlle thereof appears on a bond or Interval coupon no lonir<T holds mich office at the time the bond or coupon I* delivered shall not Invalidate such bond) «r interest coupon. I'endlnc; the preparation and execution of any such bonds, temporary bonds may be Issued with or without Interest coupons. The bond* •stall be sold to the highest and b*-nt Udders, for not leas than their par value, upon scaled bids. The Board shall, from time to time im hoods are to be sold, advertsw In at leant 2 daily newspapers one of wfek-h i* published to th* City of Springfield and ooe to the City of Chicago for propomUs to pnrchaee the bonds. Eacb of aaeb advertme- awsnta for proposato ahall be published .at least 1« detyei prior to the «M« of tbe opening of Uw bios. The Board may rteerse tbe riKbt to •aleet any and all blda. The bonua may. at tb* requeot of owner*, a* regMered wttb tbe Secretary of State. The bonds shall be <le- Vaetted wttb tbe Stat* Treasurer and when sold the proceeds of the boods ehall be paid Into the State treasury and knpt la a separate) Cand which shan he known a* the Public Welfare Building Fvnd. wblck) fund 10 hereby created. ^ Section L Th* proceed* from the sale of bond* Issued' pursuant to Act shall be lined for making permanent Improvement* at Htate mental health and other public welfare Institutions. A* used In this Act. the term ~pcrmanent Improvementn" mean* a*jd Include* construction of buildings, enlargement and rehabilitation •f existing bulldlnga. with flzed equipment Installed; preparation of ptans and specification! therefor: land acquisition; landscaping and construction of sidewalks, roads, driveways and parking space; and all other thing* necessary for completion of construction of bulldlnr* and (rounds In connecUon therewith. 'Section 4. Tb* 8t*t* Treaiurer may. with the approval ot the : Oovtrnor, Invest and reinvest, at the existing market price and In any ' •VMt not to exceed 101% of par plus accrued Interest, any money In ' ta* Public Welfare Building Fund In the State treasury which, In th* j Opinion of th* Oovernor communicated In writing to the Stat* Tre&*> i ar*r, I* not needed for current expenditures due or about to become j du* from Such fund, In obligations of the United States Oovernmftnt • maturing not mor* than on« year after the date of purchase. The i cost prtc* of til such obligation* shall be considered as cash In th* I custody of th* Stat* Treasurer and such obligations shall be conveyed I at cost price a* cash by th* State Treasurer to his successor. Th* t mon*y In th* Public Welfare Building Fund in th* form of such oblU I gallon* shall b* set up by the Slate Treasurer as a ssparat* account j of such fund and shown distinctly In *very report leaned by him r*« fardlnf fund balano*. All earnings accruing upon such Investment shall be paid Into th* Public Welter* Building Bond Retirement and Interest Kund In th* : •tot* treasury, which separate fund In th* State treasury 18 hereby | •reatftd. All of th* money* received from the sale or redemption of •ucn obligation* of th* United State* Government shall b* replaced in tat Public W*lfar* Building fund. B*ctlon I. To th* *xt*nt that fund* *r* available In th* Genera) R«v*nu* Fund of th* Stat*, th* General Assembly I* authorised to i dlr*«t th* tran*f*r. from time to tlm*. from the General Revenue Fund to tb* Public W«lf«r* Building Bond Retirement end Interest Fund of I •ufnol«nt money to pay th* principal of and Interest on th* bond* pro* vld*d for by thll Act. •* th* same become due, and to the extent suoh transfer of fund* I* authorized by the General Assembly for that pur. POM, th* taxes levied for the payment of the principal of and Interest oa Mid bond* »s provided by Section 1 of this Act shall be abated. Section 1. Each year, after this Act becomes fully operative. sn<J Until »ll of th* bond* Isiued »s provided In this Act have been retired, th*r* I* levied t dlr*ct annual tax upon All real and personal property In thll Stat* subject to taxation of siu-h amount as shall be necessary and iufflclent to pay th* Interest aniiually, t* It shall accrue, on all bonds Isiued under th* provisions of nil! Act and *lso to pay and dl*. eharg* tb* principal of luoh bond* «t par value, a* inch bond* fall du*; and th* amount*- of *ucU dtr*ct annual tax shall b* «ppropriat*d for tbat *p*clflc purpose. Th* proceeds of thl* tax thtll bt paid Into th* Public Welf»r» Pvlldlng Bond Retirement *nd Interest Fund In th* Stat* treasury. Th* required r*t« of tuch direct annual tax shall he fixed each ytar by th* offlceri charged by law with fixing th* rate for State tucet on the valuation of real and persona) property In Hits State sub. j*et to taxation In accordance with the provisions of the statute* In such ca*ai : provld*d> how»ver. that If money ha* been transferred from th* General Revenue Fund to the Public Welfare Building Bond Retire- m»nt and Interest Fund for th* same purpose for which said direct annual tax li levied and Imposed then said offlceri shall In fixing th* rat* of Mid direct annual tax make proper allowanc* In th* amount of money *o transferred In reduction of th* tax levied under thll Section and th* tax i*vt*d under thl* Section iball b* abattd In that amount. 8*ctlon f. Th* proportion of whetlur thl* Act fhall ta** *Jt*ct, a dabt of 11(0,000,000 b* contracted, bondi b* iuu*d to that amount and th* principal of mch bondi b* paid within 25 yean ot thilr dati and tlu lnt*r«*t thereon b* paid ai It accrues by levying and Imposing a direct annual tax and by authorising the General Assembly to tranifir money in th* General R*v*nu» Fund to th* Public W*ltara Bulldlnf Bond Retirement and Int*r*lt Fund therefor, iliall b* aubmltted to th* Ptopl* Of th* Stat* of Illlnol* at th* general *l*utlon to b* hald oa Tuwday n*xt after th* flrit Monday of November, A. D. l»*0, oa » a*narat« aallot to ba lubitantUlly la tu* following Jor»i Tillic Helmkamp, Elsie Nolt». Lina 8cho*nb»um, Dorrtthy Nwi- naher. Jean Lowenstein and Harold Gihrlng. BETHALTO -- Wpsleyan Serv- Ir'p fitilld of the Methodic Churrh will visit thp I>eslif Bfltos Neighborhood HCHISP "in FJHSI St. Ijouis Aug. 2. it w,is unnounrfrt by thp pastor, th."' RPV. I^PO Topeland. Tho Ronndtablp Class also ball rnrl rprpntly for a pot lurk on A. ihp VV'pstprnpr Club Rrounds \p\v officers plpfted at thr nippling were: Lloyd Pilt/. prr-sidpnt. l^awrencp Dustman \ icr prpsident. and Maxiii" Cross, spfrptary-treasiirer. II was also imported that fufiit^ pptinRs would hp hpld on Ihf first U'pdnpsdHy (it Pach month N'-xl mppfing will bp Aug. 3. Escort Children to ttn admit Gntnr 'Alton MOOSP l/>dax> took 41 I'liildrr-n from the Cflfholii" Children's Home to see the Cardinal Saturday afternoon, representative todav thanks to Alton police Ihree of whom donated their off- Dayman Appointed to Fill New Position at Lacledc Steel fhih rot BftlrllM thft founding of ft national orga-l It's the Bald Head Chrt>. CANAAN, Conn. (AP) — This| ni/ntton that calls itself the ed here ifl 1^10. The elf*'« 9m- year is th« 501h armlver«8ry of j"jolliest club In America." btem 1« the bald eagle. Sainli Arabia to (»ct on Troulilr TKMRAN. Iran (APi - Th Saudi Arabian ambassador, Mani Gh;ius. left for homp todav tf duty timp to escort the caravan which took a total of 11? children to the ball gamp In addition to the youngsters from thp Children's Home the other 7fi were children of Moose members. An Alton Box Roard truck and ;i hii". fmtn the Children's Home u-en- used to transport the children St. Ixjuis police reserved (tarkinc spare for the group Moose members who went alonii as sponsors for the trip were: TV Ottersburg, N. Forgpy, N Kaloy. C,. CO|P. C. Rpooner, Appointment of Peter A. Dayman to the newly-created position of manager, operating statistics, for Laclerie Steel Co. has hppn announced by A. A. Royle. VICP president, operations. Dayman will develop and compile data for the company's operating departments and review rne present reporting practices of the departments for content, reliability and usability. He will report to Boyle. Prior to .joining Laclede. Dayman was employed by the accounting firm of Pricp Waterhouse & Co., Chicago, for nearly 10 years. He is a graduate of DePaul University in Chicago and hold* a bachelor of science degree In] Commerce. | Dayman was born Feb. 4. 1924. at Waukegan. He is mar- g report to his government on'th" B. r.allup, S. Adamson. N. Craft, irird and the fatner of two cni1 ' crisis between Ir:m and the United A. Hayes. F. Fortschneider, S. drpn Arab Republic. LSefhausen. and F^d Baker. Shalt an Act of the General A**«mbly of th* Stat* of Illinois, entitled "An Act to *uthorlt* the Issuance and sal* of bond* of th* Rtats of Illinois for th* purpose of obtaining hinds to b* used for making permanent Improvements at mental health and other public w*lfar« inntltti. tlons owned by thla fitat* and to provide for the payment of th* principal of and Interest upon such bonds", enacted by th* Seventy-first General Assembly, bcrome fffectlv* and fhe Stat* of Illlnol* contract a debt of tl60.000.000 and Issuo serial bonds to that amount bearlnir not to «xceeil 4% tnt«r?Bt pursuant to said Act to prorids fund* for permanent Improvement* for mental health and other public welfare tnstltu* tlons of the Stat* of Illinois, and shall th* Btate of Illinois levy annually a direct tax *uf- flcient to pay th* Interest on such bonds as It •hall accrue and to pay and <llschsrr» the principal of such bonds within 25 years from their date, in accotdanr* with said Act, which Act provides that, to Ui« extent that funds are available In the General Revenue FuM of the Slate, th* General Assembly Is authorized to direct th» transfer of funds from tlm* to time from the General Revenue Fund to the Public Welfare Bulldlntr Bond Retirement and Interest Kund sufficient to pay the principal of and In. tereiit on the bonds provided for by said Act. and to the extent that money Is »o transferred from the General Revenue Fund to th* Public Welfare Btilldln*; Bond Retirement and In- t«r«st Fund for that purpose, then the appropriate officers In fixing- th* rate of Mid direct snnual tax shall make proper allowance In th* amount of money so transferred In reduction of the taxes to be levied and euch tax *hall b* abated In that amount! TBS NO Post Office « Bids Asked For Roxana ROXANA--New bids to erect a post office building in Roxana fire Heine asked by the United Sales Listed By Hem phi 11 The Harry F. Hemphill Agency today announced the follow- i ing real estate stiles. ! Mr. and Mrs. William K. Sut- iton sold their five acre farm ;with H four-room house to Mr. and Mrs. Charles H. Patton. The property is located on Buckmaster I^anc. and East Delmar road. an- j Roy Fraser. postmaster, I nounrpd today. ' Bids previously asked were i rejected in June because thej 'risid specifications had martn tnree apartment buildings at 611- the offers excessive, Fraser i6]3 Eflst Fifth st ln A | ton to Qra L. Nixon sold his five room home at 56 Harnctt St., in Wood River to Mr. and Mrs. Matthew P. Milich who lived previously in Alton. The Aronhill Co., Inc., sold the said. The specifications call for offers to erect a building, accord- jMr. and Mrs, Collis Stauffer who previously owned a five-room home on Bassett Lane. The Basing to posl office designs. the: sett L ane property was sold to building to be rented to the po* Mr . and Mrs . Haro)d Manns . tal department under a 10-ye-ir Mr . and Mrs . j ohn Carter Mat- lease, with an option for four| thews sold the f i ve .room home at or five more years. The build-1 2 629 Sidney to Mr. and Mrs. er must take up an option the;p au ] R U ppert. Department already holds on a In ciendale Gardens at 323 !Sitc - i Green view in East Alton, the : Bids arc to be on hand by! four . roorn brick home o{ Mr and ;?ept. 30 and plans and other in-| Mrs William C. Wade was sold : formation are available at Rox-:t 0 ^j,. and ana Post Office. Don't l«t tha prtet tool you. This !» • luxury Frigidairt refrigerator in lots of ways! It's packed with convenience... buift with famout Frigidaire attention to detail and quat* ity. Just look at tho advanced features ...then look at tht surprisingly low' price! only Mod*) FDA.13T-60 264 •With trade-In 10 years oW or less In good operating condition. »ich ballot shall be separate from all others naed at such ejection, except that where voting machines are used nnder the direction of any county clerk, such voting machines may be uaed to vote upon *»ch propoeltion Instead of upon the separate ballot. Notice of the submiiwlon of the proposition shaB be given by the rarlous county clerks suid the baJlots shall he canvamed and returned, ahstracts of the vote made and submitted, the vote* canvassed and a declaration of the result made In the same manner aa Is provided by Sections J, S, C and 7 of "An Act to provide the manner of proposing amendments to the constitution, and submitting the same to tbe elector* of this State", approved March 14. 1J77, as amended. In case of tbe submission of a proposed constitutional amendment; provided that ballots for tbe submission of suoh proposition abaJI be printed on paper that ta white in color. Section ». Before the vote of tne people M taste* «pon aocb prop* •attion. th* Secretary of State ta authorised aod directed to eaase publication of this Act to be made In ml least I dally newspapers, one of which shall be published in the Crty of Sprtn«netd and the other ta tbe City of Chicago. Such putxicabooa shall b« mad* and repeated at •ucn timwi a* is provided for by Section J of "An Aos to provide the manner of proposing amendments to th« eonirUtaOoo. and submitting the same to the elector* of this state", approved March 14, l«T7, a* amended. In tbe case of publication of a proposed coostttutknal amendment. Hectlon I. Tf any section, sentence or els nee of fliM Act t* for any nason b«ld Invalid or to be unconstitutional, soch decision T K -itl not aflect th« validity of the remaining portions of thta Act. Section 10. This Act snail go Into full force and effect upon receiv. tec at the general election at which tt le submitted the majority of •wxee required by.Section l« of Article IV of the Oonstttvtton. Tb* pcovurtotm of tMs Act for the payment ef On principal of said bond* at maturity and of tbe interest tbereon annals*, a* It snaJl aoerae, by aatborlanp tbe General'Aj»embry to direct the Irnisstisi at tend* to tb* General Revenoe Fund to tbe PaoHe WeUare B*sUhsi; Bond Batsr*>< meat and Interest Food for that porpoe* and- by *he direct iniml lax upon real and personal property wfaiefc has been «**>*ed and hnpoaed herein for that purpose, shall be ferrepealable naUl aoc* debt and to- ' terest is paid in tall, and for tbe making of men payments tbe fasti W tbe State of Illinois te hereby pledged, (Approved Jaty Jl. IttaJ FORM OF BALLOT Th* proportttoo will be BBbmtWed to Oie **mn at the O«wra» Election November i, l»«u, oa a separate ballot In subotantlany tb* following form: Mental Health and Other State Owned PaMie Far I COOK'S HOUSE PAINT Truly "B*st for Beauty, Wear, •nd Weather!" Clyde Leslie Elliott. Mr. and Mrs. Elliott lived previously in Pearl. Mr. and Mrs. Homer Ctirvey sold Lot No. 5 in Curran's 2nd Addition to Buckmaster, on Elm street to Mr. and Mrs. Eugene A. Campbell on 223 E. Elm St. Mr. and Mrs. Campbell owns the adjoining property. ' Lowest-Priced FHgidawe Deluxe 2-Door Combination Refrigerotor-fireezer '• Roomy 12.51 cu. ft. total capacity « Twin porcelain enameled Hydrators • Family-Size 88 Ib. separate freezer • Door storage space galore... special with package shelf on door sections f6r eggs, butter, tall bottles • New Magnetic Doors seal air-tight • Sculptured Sheer Look beauty "This Offer Limited to Our Present Supply" Open Mon. and Fri. Nites Till 9 Now Many Wear FALSE TEETH With More Comfort FASTEETH, *, pleasant alkaline (nun-acid) powder, holds false teeth more firmly.To eat and talk In more comfort, Just sprinkle a little FAS- TEETH on vour plates No gummy, gooey, pasty taste or feeling. Cheeto* "plate odor" (denture breath) Oe* FASTEETH at any drug eouBttr. 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BROADWAY DIAL HO 5-7721 "Authorized Frigidaire Sales and Service" Sbefl aa Act at the Geaenl AisiumUj at Cb*> Mate at IHtoois, entitled -Ao Act k> aothortae tfae Imnance and aate at boods of OM Start at UMoota for the purpose at obUtlninK funds to ba> •md for makmf: permanent knproTeuxmts •( m«ntal b«alth and other pubtte welfare tnoatn- tlons own«d by tbia State aod to provide for tbe payment of the prtnctp*J of and Interest npoa such bonds*, enacted by the Sereoty-first General Assembly, become effective and the State of Illinois contract a debt of tl 50.000.000 and taez»« senal bonds to that amount be»nns not to exceed 4% interest ptirmmnt to aald Act to provide fund* for permanent tmproveinentt for m«nta4 health and other public wettar* tnatlte- tions of the Stato of Illinois, and abaU the Stei**) of Illinois levy annnoily a direct tax •ofBcieot »o pay the Interest on aneh bonds *• tt snail accrue and to pay aod dksohAnre the prUnat'ist of nich bond* within K yean from tbotr data, tn accordance with msM Act. which Act pro- Tides that, to the extent that fond* are anrafl- abl« In the General Revenue Fund of th* StaUt the General Assembly id authorised to direct the transfer of funds from time to Um*) from the General Revenue Fund to the Publlo Welfaur* Building Bond Retirement and Interest fund sufficient to pay th« principal of and Interest on tbe bond* provided for by said Act, and to the extent that money Is so transferred from the General Revenue Fund to the Public Welfare Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund for that purpose, then the appropriate officers In fixing the rate of said direct annual tax shaH make proper allowance In the amount of money so transferred »n reduction of tne taxes to be levied ai*d cocb tax shall be tnatad in that amount? ^* J Made of finest ingredients to give unsurpassed hiding and coverage, easy brushing and ' protective beauty that lasts years longer, • Ga« ' and fume proof. • Mildew resistant. • Ex- 'tremely durable. In 5»H-CI»ontlng kVfcft*) PIUS Doi«Nf of tovary, Non-Fod/ng Color* Gil. Colors Slightly High«r 20-FT. LIFETIME Aluminum EXTENSION UDDER CAJtPBNTlER RaWAKT OF STAMP ttrtt ttfb 4*9 «f . A. D. lt»». ' OMiWILLB BEARD8LBT ATTORNEY OfiNKAAL CAPITOI, Springfield Illinois, OPTIC* O7 THE SrX^RBTARY OT «TAT» i CMARLC6 f. CARPf NTIER. S«>r.tary •« Mat* «f tb* Mft** tt UBisuis. do hereby oerttty that th* fortcoiiur eonUln* » tru* copy •* tlM A*t at tb* aevwtr-Arsjt Omami AMwoiMy. iwrovwl July It lit*. -An Act to wthorta* MM IMIMWIM uid •**• *s* bond* «( UM Non•kid Rubber Feet MAKE IT A FAMILY NIGHT! * STRONOI SAFEI Reg. $40.00 ot UHnaii tar tb* purpooj tt obtolnintr MtMto to to M«I for in* p«rm»nM>i ImprowmwU H nMttU health and Mtow public weltere taMtttutlom ovned by th*» auu *n4 to prortde tar UM payment at the principal or »nd lnter*M upon sucb U**ds", Ui* orictaal ot w,btch M on 8s* to thl* office, Md the form la which th* propatittoM U> b* submitted to the voter* will *ppe«r oa •> Mtparkt* ballot at th* General 0ecU«B M 1M b*W M (to* WtbtU <toy ot November. A. & 1HO IN W1TNB88 WHBRBOr, I hereunto eet mr feaad and atns th* Great Seal of th* BUU «f Illinois. Done at my office la the Capitol Build' \nt. in tb* City of SprtaffleM, thl* Ittb day «| November. A- D. 1»5». and Vt tb« IndepamUooa ft th* United SUtat UM MM lNUXU«« M4 4-ln. Nylon Houit Pointing For tU kinds of surfaces. CMAillS F. OABFUTIEt* COOK'S PAINTS W. IrooJway A. ft P. Food Storos 411 Plata Bledtrmon Furniturt 202-304 1'iaM Carson Jtwtlry S15 W. 3rd Franklin Union Furniturt •00 E. Broadway Gorrttt Furniturt 10 W. Broadway FREE PARKING METERS Gotoly's *08 W. Ird W, T. Grant Co. 8»a W. 3rd J. & R. Auto Starts Spiegel (fettling Un . 400 Belle L A L Furnirurt «tb «nd 1'iMM St. EXTRA GOLDEN SHOPPING HOURS 5to9P.M. My*r> Bros. Srd and Pim*a Paul's Fabrics 206 State St. Scho.fftr'i IDS W. 3rd Sehiff She* Star* Its Bell* Stars Roebuck Co. 305-18 PtaW Slack Furnifwo 108 W. Snl [Thrifty Drug 819 Bell* [Thrift Hordwar. 500 BaUt Vick'i Shoot iu w. Ira Vogue too w. art Young's Or> Ooodi 104-ioe w. trd AVOID RUSH and TENSION!

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