Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 1, 1960 · Page 8
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 8

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1960
Page 8
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PAGE EIGHT ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MUMMY. AU'iUfcJ 1. Wood River Cubs Have Outing WOOD RIVFR Cub* of park five harl n jubilee day at thr Torch Club crounds. Saturday. with 43 cubs nnd parents pies- rnf. fVn and individual mrnfs were hold John Peacher \\rrn the individual rvcnts and Den Spvpn under Mr* Audrey Pcachpr and assistant Mr* June Bpnton won Ilir den r\ pnts. After » pot Inch supper, cuh scout jilhilpo patchrs were gi\Pn thp Imvs hv District Scout Coun- Al Ka-i Alton VAST ALTON — A haspnipnt kit'-hnn firr wa< r>.tinei)i«hpd by tlu Ka«t Alton Firr DppartniPnt Sunday at .1 p.m at thr homr of Ru«p|l Frlmecr .iL'1 Lincoln. Firpnirn reported that only minor damage wa* caused HOWP (JtinrtPt FAST ALTON The Howe quartet of KrvirtRton. 111., will IIP at thr Church of God. 212 Pence for thr Sunday morning srr\ irp. nlman. Roland Waters. Kpvin \\atson reveived a silvci; arrow on his wnli badge. Joseph Yennei a uolf badge and Larry Hicks' a cold arrow on his wolf badge. Girl Injured. In Melva . Ryrdlong. 8. who resides at 1 K. 19th St. with Mr. and Mrs. pave Ress. was admitted to St. Joseph's Hospital Saturday evening after thr> bike she was riding went o\ or an embankment into a corn fielri. The girl suffpred back in.itir- ipr. bruises and cuts and 1 scratches about the fane. Mrs RPSS said. Slip had borrowpd a bicycle which had unfamiliar hand brakes on it. She cot on thp 19th strppt hill and startpd OTallon Man Hurt at Hartford MAFITKORP — Alp.v Napy. fi2. O'Kallnn. Ill . was admitted to Wood Rivrr Township Hospital for mjurirr, IIP IT two-car collision at morning. this cfived in a 7:1.i a.m. on in Hartford Thr driver Rt K" at Rand St of Robert J. Burris. the other car. 137 Virginia St. also treated at Kast Alton the hospital for injuries received in the accident Hurris was released after treatment. The police reported that Rurris OFFICIAL PVBLtCATIOti MTICE OF rH0W$ED PERMANENT MPMWEMEMTI AT EDUCATIONAL INSTITOTIONS OWHEB IY THIS STATE ACT AM MM (SHE rolling down toward \V 16th St ; " lfnmohilr Wfis traveling towards She apparenlly didn't know lhr rivrr nnd r " llir|pd nt thp in how to use thp hand hrakes and "' rsr ' ( ' tl(in with NHRV'S car, which ihn hikp went over thp cin-h was " 1 « v «'»m<! Wlllth <>» Rt « 7 and down an embankment. Mnlh ( ' ; "' s WPIT '^P 01 ''^ " s '»'"> She was removed hv ambu- wm ' ks hy tho H " rlforri P nli( ' r - Tllr North Alton News MRS rt.ATLRV and Beverly Palmer tied for the Nrxt Friday at 2 pm th* ronsmallest: Karen Maberry had tost will br » football kick for the most unusual: Tom I/ingman the boys and a tumping rope had the cutest pair: Phyllis Rt- contest for the girls. ondolino. most lifelike; Karen C.ifford, most pairs and Betty; Thailand now has 13 cane sugar Mayberry. best collection. j mills was Inner to the hospital. Voter* « th* NorpmbCT «, 1»«0. )TBti«»«J election win be Ox> opportunity to rot? nti » proposal for s bond tmue which to «w«ntl- •ItT M follow*: Shall lh« state of III I not* borrow 1195,000.000 for » building program in order to relieve overcrowded condition* •*, tb« 8t«tf> owned Institutions of higher education? The detailed provisions are contained in a taw wtilcti was flamed tof ft two-thirds vote of the General Assembly and approved by »h« Governor. Thr tejtt of th* act In published below, as required by the State roMtltntion. Tb« following Statement and Sugfrentlons hM been prepared to afford a proper understanding of the proposition te be ••ted o*. STATEMENT AMD SUGGESTION Seepe of the Boildtno, Program. Proceeds of tbe bond tamw are to fj* ospd for making permanent Improvements at the University of Illinois, PmjthTn Illinois University, Eastern nilnols University, IHt- aols state Normal University, Northern Illinois University, and Weat- ejn Illinois University. The term "permanent Improvements" te defined to Section 1 of th» feet and Includes the acquisition of land as well as the construction, «nJ»rpemcnt. and rehabilitation of buildings. (Future General Asaemb- •H* win determine what specific Improvements are to be made.) I T«rm, Interest, and Sale of Bond*. The bonds are to be fully retired «1thin 25 years of Issue., and they are to bear 4 per cent annual Interest They are to be sold, after newspaper advertising, to the "hlgh- eot and best bidder, for not less than their par vahie, upon sealed bids." 1 PaymtnU to be Made. Payments on the principal and Interest of the bonds are to be made, a* they become due. from a Universities Bvlldlng Bond Retirement and Interest Fund In the State treasury, as provided In Section 5 of the act. In order that this Bond Fund contain sufficient moneys to meet (be required payments, the General Assembly l» authorized to direct the transfer, from time to time, of State, fundt from the General Reve- qu« Fund to this Bond Fund. The General Revenue Fund Is supported by a major portion of the tax revenues of the State. K the General Assembly should fall to direct such transfers of liunds, then Section 6 «( the Act. which levies a property tax upon all real and personal property to this State subject to-'-the taxation, will be In full force and effect The proceeds of this takv If levied, shall be paid Into this Bond Fund for the purpose of making payment of the principal of and interest on the bonds. However, if sufficient money has been transferred from the General Revenue Fund to this Bond Fund to mcr-t the required payments, then no tax levy will be necessary and none will be made. Referendum Requirement. The ac! providing for this bond Issue wfll go Into full force and effect only if It receives a majority of the «Mes cast for members of the General Assembly at the November 8. 1X0, election. The proposition is to be submitted on a separate ballot, •kcept that where voting machines are in use, such machines may be ned to vote upon the proposition The form of ballot Is given below hi the text of the act (The bai- M Itself, as well aa the act. should be studied now.) THE ACT OF THE GENERAL ASSEMBLY. The Act of the General Assembly hereinbefore mentioned to M fellows: ' 1 An Act to authorize the issuance and sale of bonds of the State 'of | tttnols for the purpose of obtaining funds to be used for making perma- , nent improvements at educational Institutions owned by this State and «• provide for the payment of the principal of and Interest upon such ! hoods. f Be it •naotod by tte People of the State of IIMnoit, rep«WMnt«d MI •Jkt Q*n«ra< Aaaambly: Section L The State of nilnoto Is authorized to isenie and sell and provide for the retirement of bonds of the State of Illinois to the •mount of $1*6,000,000 for the purpose, of providing funds in order to relieve over-crowded conditions by maktnfe permanent improvements at educational institutions owned by this State which are now under the Jurisdiction, management and control of the Boafrd of Trustees of the University of Illinois, the Board of Trustees of Southern Illinois Uni- *arsity and the Teachers College Board. Section 2. The Building Bond Board, hereinafter called the Board. ti created to consist of the Governor, the State Treasurer and the Attorney General. The issuance, sale and retirement of bonds authorized by this Act shall be under the general supervision and control of the Board. The bonds shall bear Interest, payable annually, from their date, •t the rate of not more than 4% per annum. They shall b« serial bonds •ad be dated, issued and sold from time to time In such amounts aa may be necessary to provide sufficient money to make Improvement* provided tor tn this Act Kach bond shall be In the denomination of 91000.00 or some multiple thereof, and shall be made payable within 26 years from its date. These bonds shall be xtgned by the Governor and attested by the Secretary of State vnder the sea) of the State and countersigned by the State Treasurer. The signature* of the Governor •ad the Secretary of State may be lithographed facsimile signature*. Interest coupons with lithographed facsimile signatures of the Governor. Secretary of State and State Treasurer may be attached to the bonds. The fact that an officer whose signature or facsimile thereof appears on a bond or Interest coupon no longer holds such office at the time the bond or coupon tn delivered shall not invalidate such bond or interest coupon. Pending the preparation and execution of any such bonds, temporary bvnds may be Issued with or without interest coupons. The bonds •hall be sold to the highest and beat bidders, for not less than their par value, upon sealed bids The Board shall, from time to timr as bonds are to be sold, advertise In at least : daily newspapers one of which is published in the City of Springfield and one In the City of Chicago for proposals to purchase the bonds. Each of such advertise- menu .for proposals shall be published at least 10 days prior to the date of the opening of the bids. The Board may reserve the right to reject any and all bids- The bonds may, at the request of owner*, b* registered with the Secretary of State. The bonds shall bo deposited with the State Treasurer and whan sold the proceedH of the bonds .shall b* paid Into tlx- State treasury and kept in a separate fund which snail b« known aa the Universities Kuikiing Fund, which separate fund m hereby created. | Section 3. The proceeds from the sate of bonds msued pursuant to this Act shall be used for making permanent improvements at State feWUtutions i As used In this Art. the term "permanent Improvements" ntfoof mat Includes construction of buildings, enlargement and rehabilitation <rf existing buildings, with fixed equipment installed: preparation of (4ans and spei inrations therefor, land acquisition, landscaping and construction of sidewalks, road.H, driveways and parking spare: and all other things ne<essar> for completion of construction of buildings and (rounds in connection therewith. Section 4 The State Tieasurer may. with the approval of ths Governor, Invent and reinvest, at the existing market price and In any •vent not to exrt-.d !»:'h of par plu« accrued inteiest, any money In tfce Universities Building Fund in the State treasury which, In the opinion of the (iuMuiot cuniniumcated in writing to th« Stal« Treasurer, Is not needed for current expenditures due or about to become 4ut from until fund, in obligations of the United States Government Maturing not more than one year after the date of purchase The cost price of all such obligations shall be considered as cash In the custody Of the State Treasurer and such obligations shall be conveyed at cost price as caah by the State Treasurer to his successor The money In the Universities Building Fund in the form of such obligations shall be ••H up by the State Treasurer aa a separate account of such fund and •hown distinctly In every report Iwued by him regarding fund Balances AD earning! accruing upon such Investment shall be paid Into tM Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund In the Mate treasury, which sepurat« fund in lh« State treasury la hereby treated. All of the money* received from the sale or redemption of inch Obligation* of the United Ktatet Government shall be replaced In lh» Valveraltlea Building Fund. Section 6. To the ein-nt that fund* are available In the General Ha venue Fund of the Slate, !h« General Ankomhly li authorized to direct the transfer, fioin time In tune., from the General Revenue Fund to the Uruvenitie* Huiliiini Hond Hetiiement and Interest Fund of sufficient money to pay the j.i.niipal of and interest on the bonds provided for by UiK Ait, UK trie same l,e(ome due. and to the extent such transfer of fund* In author lif.d l>y H;e Urnrial Ansenilily foi that purpose, the taxea levied Tot the pa>ment of the principal of and interest 40 »»lli bond* »• l/io\ :rted t.v Section ( of tlui Act nliall l"> abated Section i. Kach year, after thin Act l>ei:uin«a fully operative, and Until all of the bond! irmueii at herein provided have been retired. Ilium If levied a direct «m/uai tux upon fell iea! and persc/naJ pru>«rt> m On* •Hate subject to taxation (or »uch umuunt aa ahull b« uwe»»ary and •ufttctent to pay the inttitut annually a-n It ahall accrue, on all bonds laaued under the provision* of Una Act and alto to pay and diachary* (be principal of *ucb bunds »t par value, a* auch bonds fall due, and |b« Amount* of aucta dUeot annual tax nball tx appiopriittad for that •peel ft c purpose The proceed* of thii tax thall be paid tolo the UnlvwtltlM BuUdlof Retirement and Interest Fund in the Htau treasury. The required rate of *ucl> direct annual tax ihall be fixed each year by the officer* cbargtsd by law ulth fixing tlie rat« for Utate uxoe OO tbe valuation of real and i/en>unal property In thl* Slate *ubject to taxation ID scoordanc* with the- provision* of the utatutei in curb CMC*: provided) however, that If money hae been transferred from the OenereJ Revenue Fund to the I'niveruiuue bulldmj Bond Retirement iprf interact Fund for the same jiurpoke for which aaid direct annual jaj | B i«vled and lmpoe«d then aaid officer* shall In fixing lh« rate of •Aid direct annual US make proper allowance in the amount of money 00 transferred In reduction of the lax levied under iluv Section and the |y« levied under tbie" UecUoB ehall lie ala'ed 10 thai amount Section f. Tbe proposition of whether thl* Act *h»ll UK* effect, a 4ebt of flM.OM.M9 be contracted, bond* be u»ued to that amount end tbe principal <tl eucb bond* be paid within tt> year* of their date and tbe intereet Uiereoe b* paid M It accrue* by levying and irnponin*- • 41 r act aonUAl \lt¥ »0d by *uthorl»!n|( the (jenrral A»»einb)y to tram- far money In lite QenereJ Revenue Fund to the Univrmltiei Huildinf Bonvl Reltremeot and loteiejit Fund thotefor. >i.all be *iitiriiltt«<] 10 the r*opl» of the Slate of llllnol* at tlie gtntial eltvtluo k> be b»ld oa Tu<*dajr *)«st after the nt*t Mwnday ol A. P J»«0, on to t>« evMt»oUeU/ te Ibe accident was im estimated by Ol fifer Jack Noble 'Hie hospital reported that Napv liad lacerations and contusions ofi tlv f;i ( T. anus and chest, and! that vrays were taken of Navy's i shoulder, elbows, right hand and right wrist. SalpMitan Finrrl AI \\(»o«l Hivrr WOOD RIVKR Bernard Rrn- dis. 32. 4319 Lincoln Ave.. St. Louis, was fined $5 and costs Saturday after pleading guilty | Stewart 109 E. Madison Ave.. to a "peaeo disturbance" charge I who reported the door-to-door before Police Magistrate Thorn-i solicitor had tried to enter her ton Lancaster. home during a "high pressure" Bendig was arrested on a'selling talk for a photography [complaint signed by Mrs. Clyde,studio. VIVE GENERATIONS Mrs. Kli/aiielh LanRackrr, (right) 2815 Main St., Alton, is pictured hrro with four other generations of her family. The.v are (left to right) grpat-great- Kratidmother, Mrs. Langacker, great-grandmother, Mrs. Ola Jotiette, Bunker Hill, grandmother, Mrs. Betty Bohaniion, San Diego, Calif., mother, Mrs. Judy Paehero, Culver City, Calif., and child, Tommy Paehet'o. of Area Men and Women in Armed Forces Shall an Act of th« Ofenatml Amambly of th« BUtc or Illinois, entitled "An Act to authorlM the laiuance and sale of bond* of the state of MllnotR for the purpose of obtaining fund* to b« used for making permanent Improvements at educational 'natitutlons owned by this State and to provide for the payment of the principal of and Interest upon such bond*", enacted by the Seventy.flmt General Assembly, become effective and the State of Illlnoln contract a debt of 1195.000.000 and (Rune serial bonds to that amount bearing; not to exceed 4% Interest pur- guant to aaid Act to provide funds for permanent Improvement* 1 for educational Institution* of the Slat* of llllnol*. and shall the State of Illinois levy annually a direct tax sufficient to pay the Interest on such bond* a* It shall accrue and to pay and discharge the principal of •uch bond* within 25 year* from their date, In accordance with said Act, which Act provide* that, to the extent that fund* are available In the General Revenue Fund of th* State, the General Assembly Is authortied to direct th* transfer of fund* from time to time from th« General Revenue Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund sufficient to pay the principal of and Interest on the bonds provided for by said Act, and to the extent that money Is to transferred from the General Revenue Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund for that purpose, then the appropriate officer* In fixing the rate of said direct annual tax shall make proper allowance In the amount of money so transferred In reduction of the taxes to be levied and such tax shall be abated In that amount? raa Such ballot shall be separate from all others used at sttch ejection. except that where voting machines are used under tbe direction of any county clerk, such voting machines may be used to vote upon Meh proposition Instead of upon the separate ballot. Notice of tK« submisflion of the proposition shall be given by fbe various county clerks and the ballots shall be canvassed and returned, abstracts of th« vote made and submitted, the votes canvassed and declaration of tb« result made In the same manner *M Is provided by Sections I. i. « and T of "An Act to provide the manner of proposing amendments to th« constitution, and submitting the same to tbe electors of tbte State", approved March 14. 1877, as amended, to case of the submission of a proposed constitutional amendment; provided that, If separate ballots are nsed. ballots for the submission of such prop! oattton shall be printed on paper that Is white In color. Section t. Before the vote of the people ta taken upon such prof>- oottion. the Secretary of State Is authorized and directed to cause publication of this Act to be made In at least two dally newspapers, on* ; of which shall be published in the City of Springfield and the other ' ta tbe City of Chicago. Such publications shall be made and repeated i M such times as Is provided (or by Section ! of ,"An Act to provide | the manner of proposing amendments to the constitution, and submitting the same to the electors of this state", approved March 14. 1877, •B amended. In the case of publication of a proposed constitutional amendment. Section 9 R any section, sentence or clause of thta Act to tor nty • M«s»n held Invalid or to be unconstitutional, such decision sbaJl not •fleet the validity of tho remaining portions of thl* Act. Section 10. Thin Act shall go into full force and effect npon reoetv- taK at the general election at which It \e submitted the majority of votes required by Section 18 of Article IV of the Constitution. The provisions of this Act for the payment of the principal of said bonds at maturity and of the Interest thereon annually, as It shall accrue, by authorising the General Assembly to direct the transfer of funds In the General Revenue Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund for that purpose and by the direct annual tsuc npon real and personal property which has been levied and Imposed herein for that purpose, shaH be Irrepealable until such debt and Interest to paid tn full, and for the making of such payment* the faith of the Stat* tt Dllnols ta hereby pledged. (Approved July M, 1MM FORM OF BALUVT The proposition will b« submitted to the voter* at On Qtmral Election November I. 1*60, on a separate ballot ID substantially tbe following form: Univvrsitit* Bond l»*»i For Permanent lmprov»m»r>U at State Owned Education*! Shan an Act of the General Assembly of the State of Illinois, entitled "An Act to authorise UM> itwuance and sale of bonds of tbe State of Illinois for the purpose of obtaining fnndn to be ow<l for making permanent improvement* at educational Institutions owned by this State and to provide for the payment of rhe principal of and upon such bonds", enacted by the Seventy-first General Assembly, become effective anil the State of Illinois contract a debt of fl9Fi,000,000 and Issue sen a I bonds to that amount bearing not to exceed 4% Interest pursuant to said Art to provide funds for permanent Improvements for educational Institutions of the state of Illinois, and shall the State of Illinois levy annually a direct tax sufficient to pay the interest on such bonds as It shall accrue and to pay and discharge the principal nf stich bonds within 25 years from their dnte. tn accordance with said Act, which Act provides that, to the extent that funds are available In the General Revenue Fund of the State, the General Assembly is authoritcd to direct the transfer of funds from time to time from the General Revenue Kimd to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund sufficient to pay the principal of and Interest on the bonds provided for by aaid Act, and to the extent that money la so transferred from the Ueneral Revenue Fund to the Universities Building Bond Retirement and Interest Fund (or that purpose, then the appropriate officers kn fixing* the rate of said direct annual tax shall make proper allowance in the amount of money so transferred hi reduction of Ihe taxes to be levied and sueto tax ahall h* abated In that amount? TB6 Approved this 1Mb dsvy at November. A. D. 1M1. CHARLES r CARPENT1BR SECRETARY OF STATB CRENVn.l-K BRARDfM.Frr QBNKRAt, CAPTTOL BUILDINO, Sprinvneld, IlUnoU, r THE HBCRRTABT OT RTATV. 1 CHARCES F. CARPCNTICR. SeorvUry W »t«U of th» 8M» «* fWnoia, do hereby eerufy that the foregotnc contains a tru* copy of the Act of tbe Sovanty-ArM General Assembly, approved July II, 1M& eiitlllud "An Act to authorise the issuance aad •fete of bond*) of U>* State of Illinois lor the purpose at obtaining fund* to be aced far making permanent improvement* »t educational Institution* owned by thl« state and to provide for Ihe payment of th* principal of Md ro- terem upon such bonds", the original of which !• oo (lie ha tilts ornce, wul the fonn in which Ihe proposition to be submitted to the voter* will appear on a aeparuta ballot M Ihe General Election ID be Md OB ta* BlfhUi day of November, A- D l»*0 IN WITNESS WHEREOF 1 . I luniMHn Mt toy hand and affix the Great beal of the State of Illinois, Done at my office in th* Capitol Buildup, in th* City of Springfield, tfai* l|th day of November, A. D. ltf>9. and of the In. <l«l>t<ndenc« of the United and eifhty-fourth. MULES F. CARPEimEt, ARNOLD D. (Rpdi CAMP-|eiRh1 - week postal operations RKLL. F.T 1 c t'SN. regula" '•" l '< Sf> "' The Adjutant nen- Navy slationkeeper for Ihe eral's School, Fort Benjamin Kloctronic division of Alton Harrison. Ind.. July 22. Naval Reserve is heing trans Hill was trained in thp tech- lerred to the t'SS Lofber,y illl.) nirfiies and procedures cmploy- Tfifli at loni - of July 30 Alton Aug. 1. 1956. from Madi son. \Vis.. his last duty station His home is in DPS Moines. Id. While stationed in Alton he resided with his family at 52 West Beach, Wood River. Red's duties with the San Diego. Calif. Hi.~ ed in the-ope rat ion ol an Army duly in Alton expired post office. Campbell arrived in Thr :M-ypai-old soldier en- 1956. from Madi ,p lp( -| 1he Army ,. jst FcDnu , lv and received basic pom ha I t'-aining at Fort Leonard Wood Mo. Hill, son of Mrs. Mathilda B. Walls, 2029 College Ave.. was loi?al employed by Beneficial Finance unit were mostly administrative Company. Alton, befoi-e enter- including upkeep of radio re- jng the Army. lie is a 1954 grad eeivers and transmitters at the u;l ) O of Alton High School. Hi* reserve facility. He is known father. Harold Hill, lives at in the area for his electronic; 4128 Cleveland. St. Louis. Mo. and communication ability. The PVT. ELMER S. GROSS JR., Wood River cjvil defense unit is. son of Mrs. Floyd Warren, appointed him its radio officer. 2)1 Virginia Ave., East Alton, He is an expert in reserve recently was assigned to Head- personnel procedure, said Frank quarters 1st Region, U.S. Armv P. Yost, commander. Inspect- Air Defense Command at Foil ing officers during HIP last two Totten. N.Y. annual inspections in Alton haw He entered the Army last No- given him commendations [or vemher and completed basic accuracy in administrative work (''aming at Fort Riley. Kan. and upkeep of the facility. Dur- Gross's father lives at 817 K. HOME FROM HOSPITAL Mrs. Edna Flatley. 4107 Alnyi St., returned to her home after! she was released from St. Anthony's Hospital Sunday atj noon. She entered the hospital Thursday after becoming ill. NORTHSIDIC PLAVUttOfftn i AfXIMARV TO MKKT The Ladies' Aii\iliaty ol Northside Playground will have a potluck luncheon and short business meeting Wednesday at the shelterhouse. Following the business mee' ing. the members will serve iv- Ireshments to the children ol the playground. Ro\imn l'rp»hytprlnn Note* ROXANA — Next Sunday, In the ahsenec of thp pastor, the Uev. William E. Rice of the First Presbyterian Church, the Rev. E. Etige Smith, pastor ol St. John's United Church of Christ of Wood River, will speak. Playground Contest ROXANA — Winners in the model car contest Friday afternoon at the Roxana playground wcie Dick Farthing, biggest: Dale Palmer, smallest: Bob Longman and Lynn Longman, tied for (ho most modern: Joe Ma berry, best collection and Dick Farthing, pretties!. In the doll contest Marsha Lovell had the prettiest: Becky Barnes and Phyllis Biondolino tied for the cutest; Brcnda Palmer, bin«; .lanie Carroll Sctence Shrinks Piles New Way Without Surgery Stops Itch-Relieves Pain Me* terk. N. T. (AewMl) - tot the. nr*t time erirnee has found t n«» ht-alinf •iib«tane« with thf anton- ifhifiK ability to thrink h*mor- rhoid*. ttop itchint, and reliere pain — trfthont tnrgtrj In eeee after ««««, whfl* t*nt)j f«1i«»in(t pain, arttial reduction (lhnnk»(t»l took place. Most amntmir of all-r*nnltj< »«r« • tborouth that infferer* made MtonfthlnK it*l»m*tit* tike "Pttal hire c«A«ed tn b« a problem!" Th? *te rot i* I n»» h«ahn( Mlk- itancc i Bio-Drnt^l-discoTfry of • world famou'n r«eMreh in«titotA. Thin «ub»Uixe te no* *Tailabl« hi >ttppi>*«<<*ir or w»ir»»#«« /»r« under the nam« /*»«««#«««• H.* At your . O. •. ing his tour here the Naval Reserve has maintained a high degree of efficiency. ARMY PVT. DONALD L. 7th St. PVT. BENJAMIN H. WIS- NASKY. 23. whose wife, June. lives at 838 Morton PI.. Ed- COOPER, son of Mr. and Mrs. wardsville. is receiving eight : Clifton W. Cooper. Rt. 2. Brigh- weeks of advanced individual : ton. completed the 14-week training at The Artillery and automotive equipment repair Missile Center, Fort Sill. Okh. course at The Ordnance School. The training is scheduled to end Aberdeen Proving Ground. Md.. Aug. 19. July 22. Cooper was trained to Wisnasky is being trained *o inspect, repair, adjust and re- service and maintain the 105 piace automotive equipment millimeter howitzer, a light parts. field-artillery weapon. PFC. IVAN K. SCIIULTE.' He entered the Army last whose wife. Ix?nore. and par- March and completed basic ents. Mr. and Mrs. Merle R. training at Fort Leonard Wood. • Sehulte. live on Route 1. Be- Mo. thalto. 111., recentfy qualified ,is Wisnasky. whose parents,'Mr. expert in firing the M-l rille and Mrs. Joseph M. Wisnasky. while serving with the 4th Arm-; live in Marine, attended Marine iored Division in Furth. Ger- High School and Highland High many. School. Sehulte. a liaison specialist in _ Battery C of the division's 14th, Hints Soviet I\aVV Artillery in Furth, entered the Army in December of 1958 and received basic combat training at Fort Hood. Tex. He arrived overseas in May 1959. Has Sub Missiles MOSCOW (APi—The commander of the Soviet navy hinted Sun ,day that his forces—like the U.S. Before entering the Army, the!Navy—arc concentrating on mis- 24-year-old soldier was em- silcs fired from submarines, ployed at Laclede Steel Corpo- Adm. Sergei Gorshkov. in a lation. Alton. He is a 1955 grad- broadcast statement marking uatc of Bcthalto High School. ; Navy Day. bailed the Soviet Un- PVT. KDWIN D. HILL, whose ion's big submarine fleet as the iwife. Ann. lives at 111 Hem y major weapon for modern naval ; St. Fast Alton, completed HIP'warfare. SCROLLED TUBING ADDS DECORATIVE FLAIRI WROOGHT'IWN IffiCT! QUALITY AT NpHH •» ' •»•••• I ftiAJ I 11 Ml ™*' •" NtW ALUMINUM CTVI t SITLI NEW FEATURES Smorittl n»w look In doer hoodi, It thii aluminum hoo^J wilh icrolltd tubing at a lid* bract . . . loot i lit* dteorativ* block yroujht- Iron icrollwork. Aluminum Qui!«r at frent *dg* fhannclt rainwolsr lo th* lidci — pr*v*nti deluge o> y° u pa " b* n * oln "I Thii jlu'dy, d*coretiv* door hood d*ftly combintj compltt* dooriUp prottction with advgncvd ityling — and ill price '* '**' Bal " < ' on » namtl » euur* long-loitinf b*ouly — won't eorrodt, chip, flak* or p**l P*r> '•" <or * V(ry doo ' w °y ln > eur hem *- w* 11 ** roof wilh block trim only. $•• H today. Roll- Up or Stationary Matching Window Awning* alto Available at Comparable Low Prlcei. CAMPBELL /w ENN , TNOAN e°o. Alton's Awning Dealer /or 33 Years • CANVAS f ALUMINUM t PLASTIC 10U U MIUl. AVh. ALTON fhune Howard 0-8886 OUR ALTON OFFICE MAINTAINS: IHW-IONKS NKWS TICKKR. PR1VATK DIKKCT TKLKPHONK TO OUR ST. LOUIS BOARDROOM. CURRENT NEW YORK STOCK EXCHANGE QUOTATIONS, SALES AM) HOURLY AVERAGES. STATISTICAL MATERIAL. EXPERIENCED PERSONNEL. Serving Alton Investors lor 28 Years NEWHARD. COOK 6? Co: Eu<wv» B. Smn/rm Jomi 1. COR OPFJC1 K OPRM fc*.TU*DAY MORNTNOi Mid- Week 'Specials! f PRICES EFFECTIVE Aug. 1.2,3 Mon., Tues., Wed. Garden Fresh TOMATOES . . . Sr,4 Lb '25c ICEBERG LETTUCE . . L ° r " 2 '" 29' APPLES 2.°.T.r w "4 Lbs 29e Canning and Freezing Supplies CRACKERS . Dlfllf I EC Hvifetz, Kosher ei rivULCtf . . . • Homburgtr Slices Softines -f AA LLb. Bex I Sf C Htlfeti, Kosher or Dill Qt. Special Blend • } /2 Lb. Bex 49 Why pay morf? Buy! TOM-BOY TEA . Vour choice—iniv Vm up. No. 2!-j Can Peaches, Pears, Plums, Apricots . 4 $1.00 Chesterfield CIGARETTES Reg. Siie $ 1 OQ Carton I •O9 King Size $ 1 Carton I « Qualify Meats PORK CHOPS . .s:r lb 79c PORK CHOPS . . c'r b '39' s c ,;;r BARBECUE PORK .. 39c BRAUNSCHWEIGER r. 1 Lb 39' WIENERS . . r;.r Lb 49' Silver-Ridge Mkl. 636 Broadway East Alton Open Till T Friday Nite PEARL MKT, 835 Central Alton Open Till ' Friday Nile RAIN & RAIN State and Elm North Alton Open Till 9 Friday MU» THANK YOU! We appreciate the tine response to the opening ot our New Store-Side Parking Lot. We hope we have made your shopping more pleasurable and convenient and we shall strive to warrant your continued patronage. THANKS AGAIN PEARL MARKET Central Ave. at Pearl Alton NEW, HANDY PARKING LOT RIGHT NEXT DOOR

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