Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 1, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1960
Page 4
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PAGE FOUft ALTUft 1LLLUKAPH , ALbuai i, Editorial We Compare With (lie Winners Th*. detailed results aren't in. But it ap- j Our police force, newly energized and ifl- pears Alton has a better traffic fatality rec6rd i telligently directed under the current adminis- to far this year than the 1«Her< in at le;i<f tration, ha< had a beneficial effect on general) three population >.-urgonc-, of the National traffic conditions here. | Safrtv Council'* record*. The efficient patrolling of traffic has paidj Vc had » roughly estimated record of ./ of off dividends in consistently better observance 1 WASHINGTON • traffic death for 1-verv t 0.000 regi-tered of <pccd limits, which, in the end, is perhaps tnat David Lawrence Back After SWeeksAway » From Capital Side Glances »& o irni? urn — Thoughts come to one's mind after' , ..... spending three weeks awny from vehicle* compared to :.l for Cha.igo. wmncr thc most important determinant in scnomncs^ na , jonn) <. apita] . thoughts of in the unlimited population cl.i«; 2.J for St. of accidents. an America seen at first hand I ouis. winner in the 7)0.00 to a million popu- Of course we must say these things with —how different it really appears lation class; and 1.4 for Milwaukee, best in thc the full realization that one accident can knock from thc image portrayed again 500.noO to*7?0.00n i.|.,«. Only Madison, Wis.. the whole rate gallv-wampus. ;lllfl ngain_ hy some of the "in-: tlie best in the 100,000 to 200,000 class. w.r. The community can, however, pay C r:dit •' plle(l(llal5i '" °" r mldst: tx'ttcr than we were with .4. where credit is due. The public reali/ation that • 11,1 ••••! \V e probably won't be at tlie head of our < traffic enforcement is efficient encourages con- |W . roo|s ' anfj (;| ||. wj ', h , ( | lp population division when the final records come scicntious drivers to pay closer attention to rcg- ( .j ti/pns themselves. After months out because some cities our si/e manage to go illations, where loose enforcement allows care- O f reading essays and listening, t whole year or more without a traffic fatality. ; less drivers to discourage everyone by their wild to speeches about how America 1 At any rate we compare favorably with i conduct. ls '" H sfalp ot " moral drr-ay".,' these M uoted. and certainly we do well when Our public should continue^, in^atun- ofjiow our ' ^'uen, ^society i, how we are losing that indefin-i compared with a national rate of 5 deaths for every 10,000 registered vehicles. lion —and due praise—to the men who have been improving our traffic picture. able .something called ''prestige" » * » » » * in the world, it was inspiring to see America as it really is. Whllo They're Bringing Thai 1 p... K O , the m en and women w ho ^ arc at work every day. faithful-' Everyone should have expected the William : of tlie same political party as the governor's, ly giving their energies and their (Smokcvl Downey incident to cause a furor i If a cover-up was sought, it is conceivable tin- minds to the job at hand, don't in tbe fall campaign. ' der tbe circumstances tlm-in view of some * llu « **"* «' '^ging or falter- It was "»'r"'*- ,: \ "-—•— . i,,g. Most of them are not driv keved to do so, for some reason or mnuendos heard against the Justice Department nrm- P ,.^HM,, ,„, ing around in power-steering au...... ins •iiuunu in ijuwei-sieei ing au'—the whole matter, even the original disclos- ((JS A vas( numbel . s|il , havc 25 and 50 Years Ago August 1,1935 A new traffic code passed by the State Legislature required that all state complaints of , 1910 Mayor Edmond Beall was seeking to bring nbotit arbitration of differences between the traffic violations be heard in a court of record, i contractors nffillatcrl with ihr Builders Exchang" All such cases arising in the city limits of Alton ' find locnl unions ttf the Building Trades Council would be tried in City Court; thrtse outside the following a late afternoon clnsh between union city would he taken to the County Court. Costs i ami non-union workmen on K. ^nd street near to defendants under convictions for traffic vio- i the site of the partially-complHrd Luer Block lations in courts of record would run from $20 building. Missiles Had been thrown and blows to $25 in addition to whatever penalty was im- exchanged In personal encounters. Arriving posed. City Court was expected to set a $20 home from a campaign trip, only a few hours minimum, of which $5 would go to the city after the clash in whu-h a number of men in- for filing the case; and $15 1o the state's at- cm-red cuts and bruises, Beall began confer- torney's office for appearance of a prosecutor. , ences with labor leaders ind builders. Union | The 100-degree temperature discomforts we.e i for.™ in a Sunday afternoon session named 'slightly abated by lower humidity and a bree/.e. iwo represent at ives to a suggested arbitration However, some heat exhaustion cases were re- hoard; the builders called a Monday evening 'ported. One was John Moose, caretaker of ' session 1o consider arbitration, the Bly Hotel, South Roxana. reported to be in Alton Rlassbloweis received word that Dennis serious condition. He had lapsed into a coma Hayes, president of the f'.BBA. was critically 'which had lasted more than eight hours. Mrs. Cora LPP Klliotl, 23, of Augusta, Ga.. who had been injured in an automobile crash ;near Fieldon, Hied in St. Joseph's Hospital. James J. Barrett, 76, of West Ninth street, Idled in St. John's Hospital, St. Louis. He had iheen In the sheet metal business for more than |i)5 years. Barrett was a native of Alton. ill. He had suffered a relapse afler a case of heat exhaustion at Atlantic City during the national convention of the bottle blowers. The new Alton no*' office at E. 3rd and Alby streets was informally dedicated in early eve^ px( , rcijies flt wnirn Congressman W. A. Rodenberg made the principal address and Mayor Beall spoke on behalf of citizens. Louis ,1. Hartmann, head of Alton Retail Merchants "I'm taking this to my grandson! If it blocks your view ; of *"•'" ! " Miss Tilton Wead had been appointed dean Ass ,, Hafif)ni prosified at the outdoor exercises, College. near the front of the building. White Hussar I'll be happy for you to hold it!" other. - . . ._ _ If there is strategy on thc Republican side, j urcs, might have been deferred till after thc "used cars" thai manage to get' RCUttCf's FoI'IIIII it mav crop up later. November election. This was not done. Mr. | them lo and from work and pro- For now it appears former Cook County Downcv declined to oppose the charges and j vide a Sunday afternoon excur- ' • " ' i 1 • )• • I eiim tn tno nniiMtt'tr Judge Otto Kerncr, Governor Stratton's oppon- agreed to take his medicine. ent, is having tbe best of it. ; As a matter of fact, the procedure under- Judge Kerner is not just jumping onto thc j taken, it should have been realized, was the ^ ol undew|oppd afem case and adding to its mileage by bringing in most disadvantageous possible to the) state ad-,, ols of p , accs whei . p m , w bujld thc Hodge case too. He is charging a cover- j ministration. For thc very nolo contender pie.. | jngs and homes would be de . sirable. But our eyes musl not to the country. Thc physical appearance of tne ! America isn't bad either. There up because Mr. Downey pleaded nolo contendere. ; left all involved open to the very suspicions thereby eliminating the need for a trial in open which Judge Kerner is trying to raise. The court, where Judge Kerncr insists additional wisest political move, if tbe matter were called damaging details might be brought out. We to trial before election, would have been pro- can hope that if Judge Kerncr has any real ccdurc designed to clear up all doubt as to the information, be will bring it out and end the background of the case. The best explanation we can give is th.u state s suspense In due tribute to Governor Stratton, bow- | Gov. Stratton's strategists figure they can best overlook the vast improvement in living standards or the better homes, with well-kepi lawns, tin- better streets and the better Boat Law Repressive? The basic ideology of the Illinois stale government as set forth in the stale constitution, states that the right to control others shall be given or withheld by popular consent! Yet, without consulting the vast population of this great I stale, and particularly thc| roads (hat have made America grou|) which wo , uld be affe ? ted a land unsurpassed world. Luxuries are along fast enough, and human will never cease to in this coming ever it should be pointed out that tbe matter ! open the way to remind the public of Cook |beings is being brought out at a ticklish time in the County's scandals by sticking their chin out for j crave more comforts - no slim. ia uenif, uiuuj, I ....... . i i ..»_.._ U US of Government is npfuscnrv campaign — just as both national conventions | this kind of a lead by the Democrats, have finished—under a national administration i Now they have the opening. Bury' Him Food ulus of government is necessary to encourage such desires or aspirations. The lofty debate about Amer-i 'ica's "standing in the world" is' j too vague for thc average man lo understand. He is far more most, our legislature somehow '"'mysteriously found it fit to en- an j wife? "'act legislation to harness its citizens, to lake away their discriminatory powers, which in the past have been such a Forum Writers, Note Writer* name* must be published with letter* to the Render* Forum. Letters should be concise and legible. All »rp nub- jiM't to condensation. of only a To participate in Mrs. Rosa Rertier, 69, suffered a quadruple R an ,i played a concert. Postmaster Henry fracture of her left arm and a scalp wound in Rnieggcmann and the district congressman an automobile accident in Wood River. weie guests at a banquet in fllini Hotel where The wettesl July in four years had made the VV. H. Joesting, state president of the Retail total rainfall for 19H5 exceed that for the entire Merchants, was toastmaster. Speakers Included 12 months of 19IM, A. \V. Jaggers, U.S. weather H. B. Sparks, Judge George A. Crowe, and bureau officer at Edwardsville, announced. ; Louis K. Walter. Entrants from Alton in the soap box derby Cieorge Ruckman, 16, son of S. C. Ruckman to be held in Highland were Edwin Manns, : of West Alton, incurred fatal injury when he Joseph Girard, Leroy Holland, Robert Wood, fell under the wheels of a wagon loaded with Morris Trout, Cieorge (Billy) Reid, Bob Langen wheat. Billy Bund, Roy Deem, John Ulmrich, Gordon i H. M. Spaulding of Cleveland. O., accepted Keirle, Paul Phillips, and Clarence Perisho. appointment to the post of general secretary After she bad walked for .several years with of the Alton YMCA and 1 notified the directors a crutch because of a dislocated hip sustained he would arrive to assume his duties about husband in a fall, it was believed Mrs. Julia Mclnlosh Aug. 15. could walk naturally again in a short time. A i Mrs. Rebecca Dean, 78, who long conducted this fast second fall, it was conjectured, re-adjusted her ' a neighborhood store in E. Sth street, near i growing sport they must call in hip to ils proper posture, so thai she would .Alton, popular with school children of two gen- r . - . . tft !**HV part of the American way of life. OJ) ereat some outsider or hire someone soon be completely recovered. B land make sure he is competent.! 1 orations, died alter illness of a month. ° UI ' " ot bpU(?r cneck ir legislature also saw fit wjth me Conservation Depart-j TJlP to let the citizens of Illinois men t, because it is their privi-' for themselves, to make lege to decide who is competent | and who is not. ' of peaceful aclions. j was to , d by a conservation| Doctored Photo of Kefauver . . , Food riots in East Germany are being re- of our own surplus food to the East Germans, concerned about what is happen-! This stale is in a sad cond '- official thai the reason iwo com-! WASHINGTON — Ally. Gen.; Specifically, the report stales, Baclrers of Taylor, who is wag ' ' ' ported through West Berlin. The riots are occurring amid growing unrest because of a short- | £nc East Q ermans . age of all basic foods. Even the Communist press is admitting that a food shortage has grown from a virtual strike of East German farmers. . . , wouldn't 'necessarily be trying to bribe ins right here at home. For pop-j 1 '. 0 " whe " we allow OU1 ' c ' lvl1 ' s °- pelenl people musl ride in theiu'iJliam Rogers is weighing an that a group of anti-Kefauver, ing a hard-slugging contest Cfrm . n * u :, ,'f e to assumc Russia ' Ulation is growing. Episodes of " al - and economic liberties to boa , when watcl . skjllis ls being | important decision that could backers took an old pholographi against Kefauver, arc ureing the Germani . U 1S safe to assume Russia, fr|ct , on be(ween ^ would refuse to allow the United States to bend| a iiy increasing in the food into East Germany. This action would give us one more opportunity to show up Mos- Brandenberg housewives, viewing riots tn | cow for the stern, irresponsible taskmaster it their community, blamed tbe shortage onto col- 'is. It would demonstrate that while Russia may ; have a temporary advantage in missile weapons, lectivization of farms. cause there are more people everywhere. True enough, there is more crime and more juvenile delinquency — an increasing population would account for much of important , are m ^ be taken away, because of our p e[ .f ormcd is lhat the driver can-jhave a decisive effect on wheth- of Kefauver with his '50 cam-iattorney «cneral not to make number be-i comp c , en p y and °" r ff j llui ' e |° not watch where he is going and; er the racket-crusading andjpaign aides and a group of Nc-lhis decision before Thursdays This country should take advantage of tbe i we still know bow to "bury" Mr. Khrushchev jit _ and there can be no ^doubt situation by making a dramatic offer of some under our surplus grain. act and _ be enlightened as to wnere he has been al Ihe samejmonopoly-busling Senalor Kstes i groes and "doctored" it so that i primary on Ihe grounds that any forthcoming legislation sponsor-| time _ a sta rtling deduction j Kefauver stays in the Senale. iil showed Ihe Tennessee Senator; act ion by him would in effect ed by special interest groups. And ^ wnich nl nave to agree wjtn | The govenunent - s cm - e f prose . conferring alone with the Nc-;be outside intervention in a cru- believe me the special interestS| But cons jd er how many acci-; C utor must decide this week onigroes. The "doctored" photo-icinl election. of the thousands of boating en-; dents occur because of this i whether to summon a federal 1 graph was then mislabeled andj Supporters of Kefauver are • thusiasts in the state of Illinois ! handicap . Well, they are prac- are not being looked out for! tically nonexistent. Fishermen when it passes legislation ' ' Drew Pearson's Merry-Go-Round Kefauver Has Many Enemies grand jury in Tennessee to con- circulated in strongly pro-segre- just as demanding that Rogers sider an explosive report invoiv-igation areas of Tennessee's west- act affirmatively on the recom- ; lhat broken marriages and dis- '^""'r, ", ''""••"•' •-»•--—" ••••- and duck hunters arr- to blame 1 ing the holly contested Senator!- ! em flatiands. mendations of his aides, rupted home life have contribut-i **?, Boat ' 4e 8 ulaUon and hatet y for the great majority of boal- a i primary between Kefauver Attorney General Rogers has Both sides in the Senatorial ied much toward bringing mental! '"S accidents, not water skiers and Andrew "Tip" Taylor, a j been quietly examining this re-: race agree" that any move by disturbances among young and' Adam Smith . an 18tn century;and pleasure boaters. i western Tennessee judge. [port and its recommendations Rogers before next Thursday o]d historian, once said, "Govern-; Thp mnv . f nnm mnr ment WASHINGTON — One of the most significant elections of the year is taking place in Tennessee this week where a man who came close to winning the Dem- They were not cooperative in giving me his address in Europe. Bingham admitted that the conversation took place but was loath to discuss further details. But despite the healthy discussion of our faults, it is import- janl lo mainlain a sense of pro- faces lhat mosl of them are Re-1 portion — lo have a perspective publicans at heart who wear that looks al all and not just Ihe Democratic label to get elecl- some o f the facls. ed; thai they are giving the South! For » the facts are that Amer i- a perseculion complex with their ; ca js a vtttvmt COU ntry. Its peo- ocratic nomination for president! Overcharging for Medicine in 1952 is battling a Faubus-type! B e | und the drug and chemical j drive to oust him from the Sen-; ( . orn|)an j es . na tred of Kefauver isj Sen. Estes Kefauver of.j,^ arnaz jne revelation that hue and crv about the Northern ate. coonskin cap fame made Ihe mistake — according' to pro- Faubus critics — of voting for the civil rights bill, and they are determined to punish him. A politician is usually known for the enemies he makes, and here is the lineup of enemies his amazing reveia drug companies were charging Americans three limes as much as they "charged for exactly the same drug they sold in England and seven times what they charged the U.S. government. Kefauver showed that Merck, Upjohn, and Schering, three of | pie are not degenerating because 'of increased comforts. Their moral position is nol lo be dis- progress in the South working both privately and pub-j tne biggest drug companies, licly against Kefauver: Enemy No. 1 — John Kasper: When he got out of prison the (charged American druggists 17.8 cents lor prednisone, a medicine for rheumatism. Yet they sold other day, Kasper immediately j exactly the same drug in Engannounced: "We've got to get i land for 7.2 cents. Ciba, another that fellow Kefauver out of the | big drug firm, sold reserpine, a to see that 'potent tranquilizer. for $3-1 per I'm j 1.000 tablets in Senate. Tip Taylor is elected " Kasper is Ihe twice-convicted j States, user who, while hating'thousand to the ment. paraged (ion manage to steal in thc Foreign aid boss James Rid- stoi . es m . , he banks or to allow dlcbcrger has personally presented Miami Beach attorney Arthur Courshon a special award for setting up a savings and loan system in Chile which is now helping the Chileans to recover from "payola" lo influence their ca- their terrible earthquake dam- l " ol " I . J '' aao A hie, ™™ hnnfpr whn P raCtlCe reers. The fact is that more men and women and children go to church loday than ever in our history. They may not always the United! age. A big game hunter who flies his own plane, Courshon is chairman of the Washington Federal Savings & Loan Assn. . . . Sen. Goldwater of Arizona, the conservatives' hero at the convention, has demanded to know what the "Americans for Gold- i hear rabble-rou; Negroes, attended Harlem dances and once transported a but for only 60 cents per U.S. govern- I water" organization is doing with all Ihe money il has collected in his name. Goldwater suspects Following this expose, some Negro girl from Harlem lo seeiTennessee druggists have been his friend Ezra Pound, then con-'getting funds from outside Ten- lined to St. Eli/abeth's mental inessee to use against Kefauver. All reports from Tennessee show that Kefauver is going to win. A healthy number of Ten- jnstilulion in lieu ol lacing a trial for treason. Enemy No. '1 — The Mafia and leaders of the underworld whp still seek revenge for the Kefauver crime investigation. Enemy No. 3 — Justin Potter, ed, but their attendance in -a place of worship indicates their yearning for the spiritual help that God can give them. The most common type of The report, prepared by the; for prosecution for more than could have a decisive impact on lent is which governs | acc jdenls among pleasure boat Department's Criminal Division. 1 two weeks. He even took the the final outcome ol the bitterly ast." Al least one polilical; owners involving injury and pro- recommends prosecution of alii document with him to Ihe GOP contested election. least party in Ihe Uniled Stales of; per[y damage is caused by. P (1 ''-sons involved in the prcpara-;National Convention in Chicago ~ "" * " j manipulating the wrong controls tion and distribution of a "doc-;last week for a final look. Aides Michigan Story Leaders of the two major par[while approaching a dock, or by Stored" photograph against Sen-are predicting a decision by ties are closely watching developments in the hotly contested Sen- which I'm a member still believes this. It has been said that boating j the wake of other boats in thelalor Kefauver. It reveals that a Rogers at any time. and water skiing are the fastest! are a, and not by a single boat ! thorough investigation by depart-; The attorney general is feel- ate race in Michigan, where Sen- growing family sporl in thc USA. [driver pulling skiers. As a mal-j"ient agents uncovered the un-jing Ihe pressure from both sides ;ator Patrick McNamara (D., That may well be true as long as'ter of fact, a boal operator pull- i authorized distribution of a 1956 on what he should do. Mich.) is seeking re-election. there are more than two people; i,,g skiers tends to be more care- Kefauver campaign pholograph ' Rep. Alvin M. Bentley, the in a , ,_. ..,,.,. o .. t --o- — f" ; . * -|~, % r — - * * »v. |,.. <** v in ir*, J_»cm family and the offspring;f u i than he would be when sur- that was drastically altered, mis- \ ItOnLvPlimg I elegraph GOP Senate nominee, is now published Dally by Alum Telegraph '•°" vin ™d that McNamara, who name or identification of the cir- Printing Company is recovering from an operation, P. B. COUSLEV, PubJi.her will withdraw from the race of the larger family are compe- rounded by others with conver- labeled and did not contain the tent, as stated under Article 5 sa tj 0 n being carried on. section 9 of the Boal Rcgulalion and Safety Act of 1959. If the new Boat Reflation plating group. , create safety on our •nd Editor soon and that lhe Democrats will subscription Price 30 c«nu weekly ih.-n nick retiring Gov. G. Men- Woiv! We would like to thank Disgusted Forum Reader for the nice card we received in the mail today. Perhaps we are pes- of being a money making venture, why not insert into Act 5, Section 9 the words: "two people or a rear view mirror." The state of Missouri feels that this is adequate to promote the highest degree of safety. I have been skiing for years The life of the American is notj simistic for stating a few facts j am j belong to the biggest and fin- 1 the Reads Fo ^ m ' but waler ski club in the area. u an unhappy one in a general i leas ! we believe them enough j Not one of our members feels sense. Individual happiness, of| l ° slgn our n ^ me and ^dress to : tha , Ac , 5, Section 9 is justified. course, is a matter of individual adjustment lo the problems thai press upon one from every side. On my 6,000 mile train trip I the organizalion^ has used hisj talked wjth many peop i e wno didn't know I was a newspaper- name to collect funds which are now being used for olher purposes. man. They talked freely of their work, of their hopes and ambi- In Chicago, kindly old Jo el lions, and of their country. I Martin, the ex-speaker who presided over the past four GOP remember, for example, especi' ally a conversation with a young conventions, was completely I policemen who was working as nesseans have rebelled against j snubbl . d by Nixon , old J o PI chauffeur during his vacation these influences and pressure j (ook jt wjm a wan smile thal did time so as to earn a little more groups. However, the elJect on other senators is going lo be im- them — which is more than Dis- guslcd Reader did on Ihis card today. FRED J. MILLER Jerseyville Also, I have talked to many marine supply dealers in the greater Allon area, and I have yet to find one who is in harmony with section 9 of Act 5 as it is pre- Animal Kingdom Answer to Previous Puzzlt diehard opponent of the Tenne-jportant. If a senator is subject see Valley Authority, who has ( 0 this kind of opposition when taken lull-p;iii« newspaper ads:| M; attempts to bring down the lor the purpose of defeating Ke- ; price of medicine for the benefil fauver. of iworer people, Ihen olher sen- Enemy No. 4 — The big drug alors will think twice before they and chemical lobby which has s iari similar investigations. been working behind the scenes raptta! to defeat Kefauver because of G ,, orBiu - s briBht young con- not hide his deep hurt. . . . money for his wile and two I Kx-GOP Senale Leader Billiyoung children. I asked him' Knowland, once Nixon's partner j about thc haxards of his job, for! in the Senate, turned up al lhe; he patrolled the dangerous sec- convention with a California tan \ tion of a big city. 1 asked him and crew cut. Nixon paid no al- about his pay. He has about $100 tcntion to him, until the last nigh 1 j a week left after thc usual de- when he greeted Knowland on thejdurtion for taxos and insurance, rostrum. Knowland confided toil asked him how he got along his friends that he had consid-lon thai amount. „— -...„... , -_..„ — ered not coming and wished he "Well." he replied, "my wife his investigation of the drug in-1 gressmun j/ rw j n Mitchell, who isjhad followed his original im-jand I are very carelul. \Ve bud- dustry. ;quitting Congress after three pulse. ,get every nickel. \\> have to. n Syndicate, Jnc_)___ !B U( W e yet along all right." Youth is necessarily critical til has higher ideals than the pol- H evolutionary .lull iticians reali/.e. But, above all, An Irish committee has!fresh from a study of tlie his- launched a project for the re-,tory Oi the United Stales, it storation of Kilmainham Jail j yearns lor true statesmanship s a memorial to all who fought and a turn from hypocrisy to ACROSS 1 Cloth eating insect 5 Butting apimal 9 Imitative animal 13 What a pet animal ii taught to do IS City in 60 Italian capital 61 Pay attention DOWN 1 Cryptogamous plant 2 Musical instrument 3 Sea bird 4 Howling animal 5 Turn right 0 Declaimed ruara Rrir ami ir^< [-•lomi IrJKI IK' MWW UikjiM I JtlBSH-HH aaar-3 This is one of the most puw- years because of poor health, is erful groups in the country. Ki u ,|ij nK ni-s Southern colleagues doesn't believe in frontal attacks, j wha| ,„. , lunks o( ,, 1(>|n j)e| . ()| . (1 can be more effective behind the (je leav(JS Hp is say(ng (Q (nejr scenes. For inslance, Walter h. —_ . price, city attorney of Johnson City, Tenn., telephoned Herbert! J OUfl\ S Bingham, head of the Tennessee Municipal League, asking him to Heavenly Father, we would confer with a representative of ( p; a y a s Kagawa j>ra>'ed. "(Jorl, Pow Chemical of Michigan, who make me to be like Jesus . , . , , , ,-...,•" hnrwiitv '"' Illsh freedoni - Dublln ' e "i - V ports The Kilmainham Young and old will tell you in their own words that the (rue --------- ' . . was in Tennessee for the purpose Chrihi." Give us Thy nghleoas-!-"' 0 ''"^ Com.nMtee. wn»l 108 «'j SttUl , fucUoius in | ife come !rom ol defeating Kefauver. ness, lui we ha\e none of our|oi members ol the old cKUen i hone(rty and in , egl . jty and a spir . The Dow Chemical represfnta- own. Gi\e us Thy hop*', le»t army men and Fianna Eiernnn.^, of reatunegs ^ | ie ip one an . live remarked: "Now that we've we despair. Give UK Thine ever- got rid of Soupy Williams (Gov- lasting salvation, or we shall crnor of Michigan) we're going.nui be sased. Our hearts locm to get rid of Kefauver." up to Thee, in lailh, When I tried to query Price lAinen ut> to why the city attorney of W Dale Oldham. Anderson. Johnson Cily should be helping « Michigan company intervene In Tennessee politics, his office informed that h« WM to Europe J Indiana, nmiitter, Park Place Church of God. iC IM>0 by Ihe UivUion of Chnnllan UducMilon. Nation*! Council of thi Churched of ChrUl In th« U S. A ) plans lo esltiblUh a his- lorial museum at the jail. Th« voJuntury (nojccl will take l»ui lo five years: and will include replacing floors, re- glazing umdowb and restoring the chapel. Appeals are out for labor and donation of equipment and materials. other. And, above all, there is a confidence in sell-reliance, which, ini'ideiiially, is by no means a vanishing ideal. In these days ot new "nationalism" in erstwhile colonial areas, it is M lesson in self-discipline that many observers, abroad as well as at home, need to re-emphasize. (0 IWO N. Y. Htrtld Tribune. Inc ) Pennsylvania 14 Household god 7 Opera by IB Complainen Verdi 17 Three (preftx) 8 Trie* 18Medicinal Stake turns plant 19 Rag* 21 Wing* U W«cord 33 Knight'l tltl» I«ades» SO Kowi 40 Chance 22 Augmented 43 Baseball's 34 South Hank Kuropatn 45 Biblical word 25 Region 46 Food delicacy 26 Deep 47 Harem room* 28 Finch 48 Preposition 10 One of Henry 30 Brain passage 50 Ascend VIU's wiv« 31 Venture SI Arrow poison 84 Mama Kangaroo bat one 37 Advantage! 3flGeraint« wife 92 Wiped out 14 Printing 18 Auras 33 Danube tributary 88 Stringier t>2 Minced oath 55 Mariner's direction , u " hom H H our lemslatorJ Oy carr ' er! by mall $10 « year with legislatois, in 100 m ,| ei . , u beyond 100 m ,, ej , non Williams as his opponent. ' • ' confer about the of this legislation? Surely nol with the people it would involve. If they had, I'm sure quile a number of revisions would have been made. I'm sure if our legislators would come out of their smug, i air-conditioned offices and seek the popular consent of thc governed, instead of taking advantage of the state's monopoly of pressing need Mall subscriptions not accepted In; •r-|. iv je lh „„_...,,;„„„, ^i p ** towns where carrier delivery ! Jllls ls me sensational pol available Entered at second class matter al the post office at Alton. III. Act Of Congress, March 3, 187a MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS The Associated Press Is exclusively entitled to the use for publication ol all news dispatches credited In this paper and to the local news published herein. al report that Vic Johnson, trou- jble-shooler for the GOP Senate 'Campaign Committee, gave to Vice President Nixon, Ihe new GOP presidential nominee, during the GOP national convention. Johnson, who sees little chance of the Republicans capturing the McNamara seat, told Nixon that he had received the information force, the power to^compel obed-| MEMBER ^ THE AUDIT BUREAU |f r0 m the most reliable sources in "'" both Michigan and Washington, D. C. Democratic leaders here believe that either McNamara or Williams will be a sure winner in that election. (©I960, The Hall Syndicate. Inc.) ience to unjust and unwarranted laws, we would have much more adequate legislation which would benefit those involved directly. WAYNE BRIDGEWATER 311 Doerr Ave Roxana OF CIRCULATION Local Advertising .tales and Con Hact Information on application at the Telegraph business office. Ill East Broadway, Alton. HI. National Advertising Representatives: the John Budd Company, New York. Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta. Dallas. New Orleans, San Francisco. Los Anueles and Seattle. MIRROR OF YOUR MIND 87 Roll |t Former heavyweight champion 89 Fall in dropl 41 Before 42 Confederate («b.) 44 Cuckoo blackbird! 46 Hold 49 Weird 83 Commotion 54 Inferior M Greek letter 17 Famom English tohool 88 Bewilder* 68 Worm By JOSEPH WHITNEV secret formula that will guarantee this dynamic quality to themselves and others. Being human, they suffer much the same conflicts and frustrations, relating to finances and stalus, as the rest of us. Being psychiatrists, and reasonably intelligent, they tend to become aware of more areas of discontent than persons in less demanding roles. Are some men Answer: Yes, there are callous individuals who are incapable of any strung feelings of emotion, including lear. Th^y tend to be anti-social, but as wartime soldiers they often per- iorm heroic acts in taking the enemy by surprise, exposing themselves to peril with complete lack of caution and corn- without (ear? Do p»yclilutrUU have tbe key to scratching tnittlnctive to chickens? Scratching for food may not be instinctive; there is evidence that it is a learned reaction. For example, ducks are non-scratching fowls, but when hatched and raised by a mother chicken, ducklings will scratch in the dirt, avoid water, and generally behave like the other small chicks. Later on, when mun sense. As a rule this type Answer i Psychiatrists know tnc yung duckling approaches of soldier is watched carefully ... „ . , achieve and maluri1 y- i( be 8' ns to 8<?» inter- in buttle, lest his fearless, dare, laaly we|1 how l ° a ^' 6Ve , ested in opposite-sex ducks and devil exploits expose his com- " i a' ntaln » healthy degree 01 does not have to be taught how rades to needless peril. happiness, but they have no to act like a duck. (Q Itwo. King Heatum Synd.. loo.)

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