Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on August 1, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Monday, August 1, 1960
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PAGE ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH «MM Q, n g|. egg May KlH'OUIlter Civil Rights Squabble \VASi!IN(;TON 'API —Congress may run into n pquahhlr over civil rights Iccn'islation when it con- vrnr<; fnr its post-convention srs- j sinn Sf>n Jncob K. .lovils (R-NY) [•.en-eel notice Sunday he will in- jtroHucr a hill containing main provisions of thr Republican Par tv's civil rights plank when thr Srnatr goes hark to work a \vwk from today. TV Hotisr mppts 15. ! Sen. Styles Bridges of New| ORECAST tve*doy Low LITTLE WARMER Showers are expected tonight around Gulf coast. It will be cooler In the Lake Superior and in western Washing- northern Plains and New England; ton and Orekon while scattered thun- warmer in the southern Plains. (AP * - Wirephoto Map) Weather Forecast dershowers are forecast for the eastern One of 'Most-Wanted' Nabbed Through Citizen 6th Fleet Reinforced By Carrier OMAHA. Neb. (APi - A small town merchant's interest in FBI "wanted circulars" led to the jailing of one of the nation's 10 most wanted criminals, an escaped murderer who lived quietly as a , farm laborer. Smith Gerald Hudson. 32, a convicted Pennsylvania kilter, was brought to Omaha Sunday night 'and jailed to await arrival of 6Pennsylvania authorities. Hudson was arrested early Sun- Alton and vicinity: Generally fair today, tonight and Tuesday. A little warmer today with high in the mid 80's. Low tonight . 63-70. High Tuesday near 90. their plans for the session. Hampshire, chairman of the Sen- j c « aslro . s ate Republican Policy Committee. n . )JnR ' Pr[mf predicted civil rights legislation might be introduced and said he wouldn't be surprised if it would touch off a Southern filibuster. But Sen. Thruston Morton of Kentucky. GOP national chairman made it clear he wants the session to steer away from what he called any ambitious or time-consuming measures. Morton said Sen. Everett M. Dirksen of Illinois, Republican minority leader, shared his view on a limited agenda. Democratic leaders have not Included civil rights legislation In Say Castro Needs Rest To Recover By ROBERT BERRKIJJSZ HAVANA (AP) - One of Fidrl fnrfflv MinJRtpr - (hp treating i Extended Forecast ! Temperatures will average 3-5 | degrees below normal. Normal ! highs 83-87 in north. 86-90 in : south. Normal lows 60-65 in jttorth, 64-71 south. Warm Tuesday and Wednesday. Cooler '.Thursday or Friday. Rainfall 'will average M to "a inch but | locally heavier in thundershow- evs. Scattered showers or thun- WASHINGTON - The Navyj d(?pshmvers \Vednesday or Thursday in the small house he occupe today announced a major ren-^..^ probably beginning in ex- on the Carl Hueftle farm near j forcement of the 6th Fleet with \ tl .J mp northern portions Tues- 'Cozad. Neb. Taken before a U.S. "commissioner, he waived preliminary hearing and was held in lieu of 525,000 bond. : f Hudson, who used an alias--of 'Gerald Bennett, refused at first • to make a statement. Later he told of falling in love and embrac- the assignment of a third attack | f ] f , y carrier to the force regularly operating in the Mediterranean. Officials speculated this could be a move to bolster U.S. striking power in the European area; until the Navy has enough Po- 1 laris-launching atomic subma- Judge Rules For Police iing Christ "for the first time injrines in striking range of the; ^^^ ^my life." i north-central key areas of thei |lm-» • Glendon Maline. operator of ajsoviet Union. V/.I1 Javits said the new leaders in both parties should act as soon as possible to implement the civil rights platform pledges adopted at "nbsolute rest—both physical and mental." The statement by Maj. Raul Trillo. an army doctor Castro, was published in the semiofficial newspaper Revolucion. It reported Castro is convalescing but said "now we have 1o build him up after his illness." "Treatment w i t h antibiotics ended a week ago," Trillo's stale-' ment said, "and now he is on n •. treatment of absolute rest with a' good diet and vitamins to recover rapidly and completely." Castro's continuing Illness hasi generated growing AWAY ALL BOATS Yankee-hating brother NEW YORK— Looks like a touch of Venice in College Point section of ... Queens in New York Saturday as rest- speculation, J fa dd , e Qff doorsteps ln & flooded Thls SCC " e ' 1*6 «UUiy Others, <* east as result of tropical storm Btenda, Rains and winds of the storm lashed the Atlantic coast. Almost five inches of rain fell in New York City. (AP Wirephoto) MONDAY, AUGUST 1. I960 Dedication Of Addition Set Sunday The addition to St. Patrick's School, at 5th and Central avenue, will be dedicated next Sunday afternoon by Bishop Wil 1i«m A. O'Connor of the Diocese of SprinRfleld. The dedication service will begin at 4 p.m. Work on the new arhool will be completed this week, tt is expected that nil equipment will be Installed In time for classes to meet In the addition when school resumes next month. A ! dinner for the bishop nnd priests will be served by the Mothein Club next Sunday, and It Is anticipated that the new kitchen facilities will he used to prepare the dinner. A dinner to mark completion of the $250.000 addition to the school, and to honor the Rev. Father John Crosson for his 2~> years as pastor, will be served In the new school on Sunday, Aug. 21. at 6 p.m. Proceeds of the dinner will he presented to Father Crosson as a gift to the school fund. their conventions. The New Yorker said 1 he would like to have a Democratic senator join him as sponsor of legislation "to demonstrate the spirit of. bipartisan cooperation which must iRaul. once described by Fidel asj even more radical than himself. ; Government-controlled radio; stations broke their ban on Sun-j day newscasts to report that thei Prime Minister — only 13 daysi exist from the very beginning if [away from his :Mth birthday— is! meaningful civil rights bills are to I "still convalescing" despite offi- pass the Senate." j«al reports two weeks ago that: Javits said these four recom-lhe had recovered fully. President Will Confer With GOP Candidates By MARVIN L. ARROWSMITH .about 5:30 p.m. NEWPORT. R.I. i APi — Presi- mendations in the GOP platform! The surprise announcement said] dent Eisenhower will confer at the Castro now is "improving satis- i summer White House today with chain store at Cozad. looked over 'some FBI circulars last week and spotted a picture that looked fa- milar. He thought it was Bennett, with whom he did business, and it was. Hudson escaped from the Pennsylvania State Penitentiary at 'Bellfonte Aug. 2. 1957 after "I had /served six years of a 10-20 year "•term and had only four to go. "All the time I never had a TheNaw said that the 7th Fleet require legislative action: 1. A provision that completion of six primary grad'es in state accredited schools is conclusive evidence by literacy for voting purposes. 2. Authority for the attorney general to bring civil rights suits on behalf of individuals who charge denial of constitutional j rights, including the right to at| tend a non-segregated public school. in the Pacific which regularly: ST - LOUIS (iffii— The St. Louis j 3. Establishment of a federal varies from two to three carriers, |Policie Department's refusal to commission on equal job oppor- yvill hereafter be maintained at| tllrn over certain evidence and the three-carrier level. The increased striking strength resulting from the additional carrier deployment is "part of a continuing program to improve the military capabilities and posture of the United States," the Navy said. The reinforcement was re- records in the investigation of the James S 1 . Bullock slaying to attorneys for Bullock's widow was upheld by a federal judge Saturday. Judge Randolph H. Weber sus-i tained a police motion to limit! discovery after attorneys for Mrs. tunity. 4. Modification of the Senate rule which Javits said "permits the filibuster and the threat of filibuster to frustrate the passage of meaningful civil rights bills." icard or letter or visit from my i commended by the Joint Chiefs Dean Cole ~ the former Mn |- i Bisters and brothers. I just got dte-Sol Staff. j Bullork ~ lrind to subl ^ na il11 ' gusted and walked away." The 50-ship 6th f 1 e e t is now,, reco ™s in the C!ise He was sent to prison, for the formed around the. big carriers' Bullock's widow is. engaged in 1951 shotgun murder of an ac-,Forrestal and Franklin Delano a <lourt fl & ht for $64,000 life m- quaintance. John Ferguson, in I Roosevelt. These two carriers i surance with the dead man's aunt; Fayette County, Pa. The FBI said I will return to the Atlantic coast! Mrs - Gertrude Duerbeck of St. Hudson started his career with a j next month after deployment tol Louis ' Mrs - Duerbeck is seeking series of auto thefts at the age j the Mediterranean of the Intre-j almost $ 20 ' 000 of the monev of 16 and was free on bond on a p id and the supercarriers Inde-i Bullock, a utility firm clerk "charge of involuntary manslaugh- pendence and Saratoga. , and n « hl student at St - Louis Un ' ter when Ferguson was killed. in the reshaping of the 7UY lversitv ' was murdered a week (Fleet, the older carriers, mtrepid before Christmas 1958. land Hancock, previously sched- Three insurance firms request- : uled for conversion to antisub- ed the federal district to dedde 6 Rescued From Car Off Rails who should receive the money. Boy Killed InGunfight Over Girl FAIR LAWN, N.J. (AP) — Because two teen-age friends each wanted to go steady with the same girl, one was dead of gunshot wounds today and the other was in Bergen County jail. factorily." It did not say what hc|vj ( . e President Richard M. Nixon, was suffering from./ Ithe Republican presidential nom- After he was stricken July 9, ji nee , and his running mate, Henry urmy doctors said Castro had aic aoo t Lodge, •pneumonic" infection_of the left j The Prcsidpnti Nixon a nd Lodge, ambassador to the United Nations, plan to discuss the political campaign and the administration program for Congress. The Senate reconvenes a week from I today .and the House returns to work Aug. 15. Nixon and Lodge will fly to Eisenhower's vacation headquarters after a campaign strategy session which began in Washington this morning. They are due at Quonset Point, lung. This was generally interpreted to mean pneumonia. But there have been rumors of a more serious illness, including a suggestion major surgery would be necessary. Dr. Antonio Rodriquez Diaz, who has been treating the Prime Minister, was reported by the aides out of the country on professional business. There was speculation that his trip might be in connection with Castro's illness. One rumor said Castro would go to Moscow for treatment. ( Castro's last public appearance was at the 7th anniversary celebration of lur; 26th of July revolutionary movement in eastern Cuba. He looked haggard and worn. Maj. Raul Castro, minister of the armed forces, returned Saturday from a European trip that took him to the Soviet Union and a meeting with Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Czechoslovakia and the United Arab Republic. Raul denied published reports that he cut short his trip and hurried back because of his brother's First Police Dog Dies At St. Louis The discussion of campaign! plans with the President probably! will include his own role in thei campaign, White House press sec-j retary James C. Hagerty told a news conference. Eisenhower re- plans to make se\ major speeches. More Rain j 5 Injured In Store ! In Cra8h For Florida Of Plane : COMPTON. Calif. — A lit;ht MIAMI. Fla. — More rain, j plane crashed and burst into and lots of it. i.s in store for] flames at the front of a two-Mory | water-logged Florida. And a i apartment building Sunday night, i warning of possible flooding has {Five persons were injured, in(been issued to residents along \ eluding an expectant ian area of the Hillsborough Riv-iwho was sitting on the steps Nixon and Lodge plan to Ilyj er jn Tampaf tht . c j|y hardest hit' A neighbor. Melvin Callowa>. back to Washington tonight. U will be the first meeting of the three since Nixon and Lodge W.TP nominated. Hagerty announced that the Nixon-Lodge party is chartering a plane for the trip. Hagerty said the Republican National Committee will pay the cost of the trio across Narragansett Bay in a Marine Corps helicopter. The President and Mrs. Eisenhower flew back to this New England seaside resort Sunday from Denver where they visited the by the rains. :21, rescued the woman, who was The Weather Bureau says theiPin npd b >' the wreckage, then rainfall is expected to be I helped extricate the pilot and heavy during the next five days,!*™ /'hildrc-n from the burning averaging one to two inches but i debris. with wide local variations. Pilot Chester Fees, 34, of near- Tampa had 1.30 inches of rain 1 by Anaheim, said he had just Sunday - a comparative letup.(taken off from Compton Airport Since Thnrsrlnv 1587 inches have when the engine on his Pl/'i. Since Thursday 15.87 inches have fallen, boosting the city's July total to 20.59 inches, a record. two-place plane quit. Fees escaped with facial cuts The previous July high was inland bruises. With him were his 1949 when 18.59 inches fell. j daughters, Cheryl Ann, 12 and Heavy rains lashed the Miami i Sandra, 7. Cheryl Ann was in area Sunday. Miami Beach hadi critical condition with a possible brain injury. Sandra suffered n fractured left arm and facial in- illness. 'first lady's seriously ill mother,'307 inches. ;Mrs. John S. Doud. They arrive other rainfall amounts were ;in Denver Wednesday after thc 2 .86 inches at West Palm Beach,'Juries. 'President's address in Chicago 11.47 a t Fort Myers and 1.43 at Frances L. Brown. 38. thr ex .the previous evening to the R"-JFort Lauderdale. Pensacola was P^an' mother, was under treat- publican National Convention. : me on | v station in the state re- men( /or a P 0 * 5 " 5 ' 0 fractured The Eisenhowers plan another 1 poking' no ra j n .back. week at the summer White House! — - - ' - .. - - ; A telephone line ripped loose ion the Narragansett Bay shore.! A recent stamp series from j by the plunging craft hit Mar> ST. LOUIS </?> — Jock, thei-php President intends to be back;Czechoslovakia shows different | Purisol, 24, in the back as sh<- first dog and one of the most|j n Washington a week from today | castles—eight in all—Prague re- j was hanging out clothes. She re- successful of the St. Louis j w h en the Senate reconvenes. ports. Police Department canine corps, j -—- : ceived leg and back injuries. lib, Police said the statements made , Thomas Patrick Murphy, a Police Sunday charged Joseph! F. Chillemi, 17, with murder in, of PITTSBUGH <(.?)}—"I was scared and thought it was the end." That was how one person described a terrifying two hours Sunday in a derailed incline car stranded 400 feet above ground. Two men, a woman and three children were rescued by firemen after the disabled car had been; INDIANAPOLIS — A group tied down with ropes. No one was of New Hampshire Boy Scouts nur t. rested in reasonable comfort Sun-i Bruce \V. Middleton, 31, of day night at Ft. Benjamin Har-l nearby Monroeville, climbed out rison after a bout with food po\-. of the car in hopes of taking jsoning. < some of the safety. He An Army medical spokesman; changed his mind when he saw a| sa id the 28 stricken, including one' wheel break loose and fall to the;adult leader, would be ready to| marine warfare ships, will be retained as attack carriers at least until the supercarriers Kitty! Hawk and Constellation join thei -• - - - — Thnm-n flppt next vear itiary, would be turned over to : ln " . , „ .. .. „ , , fleet next yeai. , ^^ a , , g _ Murphy Fan-Lawn Police Lt. Carl Jaco:has indicated he was the inter-:'*' said Chillemi admitted the 'mediary between the killer of : shooting. The lieutenant pieced to- Bullock and those who wanted K plher thls ac «>unt : ihim dead, Thp two> co-workers at a Pater- Authorities said the state-!' son auto re P air sn °P owned by . Olney Girl Ofeay After j 1-fc OOV Suffer Food Poisoning Carol, 16, a high school student ments would be given to M rs.j stillwachs ' father ' both had d , at ? d Cole's representatives because thc same S irl - Caro1 Mrs. Duerbeck's attorneys al- Carol> 1G ' a high sch ready were in possession of them. and P a rt-time dress model, had stopped going with Stillwachs. Saturday night, Chillemi was riding in his car with Carol and two other young couples when they cairn? across Stillwachs in a car New DemaiKl For Separate Peace Treaty ST. LOUIS (an) old Olney, 111., girl has been discharged "in fine condition" from St. Louis Children's Hospital fol- died Sunday in his kennel at the home of his handler,. Patrol man Allen Duncan. A pathologist, Dr. D. D. Kintner, examined the dog's body and said Jock might have been the victim of poisoning, cither accidental or malicious. Kintner also said Jock could have suffered a heart attack. The body of the three-year-old j German Shepherd was taken to An 11-year- the University of Missouri school of veterinary medicine for an autopsy. Jock had been credited with lowing open heart surgery July 150 arrests since he went to 14. • work. Oct. 21, 1958, and during Hospital officials said a heart- lung machine was used during the one 24-hein- period last Sept. 56, he and Patrolman Duncan operation on Rebecca Lawley to | took part in the arrest of 13 correct four separate heart de- i persons. ' fects. She had been in the hospital Duncan was one of the five with two male friends. The two i smc e July 9. St. Louis police officers who exchanged taunts and spent the! Rebecca, daughter of Mr. and i trained with the dogs in London rest of the evening following each j Mrs. Arthur Lawley, will be able: under the supervision of London other in and out of roadside drive. ins, heckling and insulting each BERLIN <i.¥ii — Communist : : olnel '. to return to a normal life in a j police and Jock was his dog in tew months, doctors say. training. street. resume their homeward journey I Kast Germany today renewed its Chillemi pulled up in front of treat- »«s Home and dashed out of his "1 was afraid," said Middleton,(this afternoon. The scouts werej tl( '" lal "1 for separate peiu a paratroop veteran. "I heard theJreturning in buses from the Na-i'<'s for East and West Germany, cracking beneath me. litional Scouting Jamboree at Colo- 1 The demand was contained in as thc other auto drove He went up to his bedroom and was afraid too. that the chil-irado Springs, Colo., when they" memorandum addressed to « ot a ^'Sauge .shotgun. dren might fall through the ties." ; became ill while passing through all nations which fought Nazi Ger-; "'' ran l 'l> to the car where Mrs Middleton. »ho didn't take'Indianapolis. imuny. Its delivery was timed for MilKvachB_ was seated and fired the trip in the incline, watched: The expedition's leader, Ar-•""' 15th anniversary Tuesday of I"" 1 " the episode from below rnon Auger, Manchester, N. H.,»he signing of the Potsdam agree-;, The incline car, operated by an. S aid the illness struck about;ment. electrically powered cable, runs'three hours after the group had The memorandum, disclosed || up and down an 800-foot sloped ,eien box lunches prepared Satur-j».v Deputy Foreign Minister Otto track. A triangular-shaped under- day at Scott Air Force Base.;Winzer at a news conference, de- frame permits it to ride level. m.' and at a YMCA in St. Louis. ifl"ies the Potsdam agreement's { The car, which carries a maxi- Auger said the lunches were kept allns l)l deniilitari/alion. demui-i mum oi 20 persons, runs on rail-. undel . refrigeration until Sunday Cation and democratization of! road - type tracks. Twenty three volunteer doner-s' Patrolman Duncan aald his journeyed 120 miles from Olney to St. Ivouis the day before the operation to donate B positive type blood. Portugal's first naval drydock and shipyard are scheduled for Lisbon. family "is pretty well broken up about this." An enraged elephant attacked its attendant, trampled him to death and flung him into the Testa River, at Jalpaiguri, India. Archers Start Firing Today For Crown OXfOKU Ohio Al' The morning. 'Germany have been carried out The 15 who seemed most ser-i""'> "" F.asl Germany iously ill were taken to Memo-' "' 1 ' l »' Western powers, partial- dist Hospital here and 13 others l:irlv "»' United States, have as- wi-iv treated al Ft. Benjamin mimed great responsibility by Harriison. However, Methodist re- braking the Potsdam agreement leaded (lie Scouts within hours "lid giving active support to the after treatment All US iviviv<>d' lvv '^'l <>'' militarism in West luriuei treatment at the Army Germany," the memorandum |jost sait) - C 0 M H t t Hi 1.. N H . who traveled with the Of American tarsei aic)u;r» be- g, ou(J sa jij he was balfli-d b> the; gin firing today in the naiiunaijoulbrbuk. There were more thanj open fhainpionshiiJii ui a ^portilliO personii traveling in three; lar iitun Hubiii Hood's. busfK and most ate similar luivh- < es ot liarn. bet't. cheese I in fact n.o»i ol UK- -M men.^ J™" " Ml ^' 1)f "" "*' fuie '"' U «IUJ womt-n hen- Irom nt-aily "*'' tale lake a Ciiin view ul-»liuiigi-i. nturt Houd. UK legendary "Luih <ii |jt-u|ili- as.->oi-iau- l<n ill old tun llouii \\ illi ii Ihi UM-IM-I ii; tmiidliiig a weapon, in ruaiis ml. ' The rhaiiipi«nsliii< s h n a t A $pok**iT>«n fur the 7(i.\t-ai • QM NttlCUial Aieheiy AM-H which ipontoro Iho iuurriam<-nt. uU4: "Modern archery hus en tlrtly different INSCRIPTION V s t- i"< v u; t- Lowe Double Possible* prices, Sl.imps Vour Doctor to Call Ik We Deliver. Knday. AUTO GLASS INSTALLED WmiE-V-WAlT if APPROVED BY INSURANCE COMPANIES * • ROAD SERVICE • PICK UP & DELIVERY FOR QUOTATIONS AND SERVICE INFORMATION CALL THE ALLIED GLASS COMPANY 2641 E. BROADWAY ALTON, ILLINOIS HOward 5-2487 GLASS FOR EVERY PURPOSE" WE WILL CHECK YOUR MIRROR AND FURNITURE TOP REQUIREMENTS IN YOUR HOME ALL WORK GUARANTEED. Known for Quality at Sensible Prices JACKET LAY-AWAY SALE SOc Holds Selection Till October 1 Regular $10.98 BOYS' GROUP 1 Parkas, Shorties Regular S1S.9S BOYS' GROUP 2 P-Coats, Parkas, Suburbans Regular $12.99 MEN'S GROUP 1 Car Cears, Nylons Regular $20.91 MEN'S GROUP 2 Parkat REGISTER FOR FREE PONY Children to 14 Years Accompanied by Parents, Purchase Necessary. SnuJ d | nuers THUD and PIASA • ALTON

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