Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 30, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1960
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JULY 30,1960 id Is luriint: lireenp. Olhonn and I sued by Ray r-iko rounties. lias .-nllcd B ! County rtork. of riiioitors n| thr or TB A*«oriati«M In AIf % t*l ftl f ti'i*f*in* yam/at ion to be held Monda> ;it CARROl.l.TON Mi.- X in her office in \\lfitej Um K . «.f.-rrta.\ of t IIP Tri-foun- Hall. Aitendim: from tin- area I Bennett. Greene OIIP was issued July 27 to T'.'uln C. Pirrson and Miss CnthPiinc M. Bunt/, both ol (iivard. Another issued .Inly 27 to Kent M. Hlm-k and Miss ?v TiihrrvuloMS Association, in- "ITf AX" yourself to A TRIAt AT... CLUB TARA Acfww Routr 140 from CMc Memorial Airport will (v Finicr Dnylc ol U i idils. : K; "' pn Ann Jones, both ol Car- prp-idcnt ol thr 'ijioiip. Oi A illp ; ''ollton. Thp third issued July 2S Stoui r.TiTollton. \irf presi- dpnt; Mrs Franklin March. •'*'"» Urinmnnn Carrollton. ;<ml .'or t.onumrypr of Ropkhndup direrlprs. WalkerHeads Greenc(kuintv •/ Rural Youth "all. "onald Dorks and A liolh ol \Vhifr-: CARWOLLTO.V- Larry Walk| pr was oiec-ler! president of Fire Run I Greene Counly Rural Youth at TRIO CAFE 136 CENTRAL • IETHALTO, ILLINOIS SUNDAY SPECIAL July 31 Chicken and Dumplings or PRIED CHICKEN £ gj 9C Including PIE and DRINK *^ * 9 Open Dally 7 A.M. to 8 P.M. CLOSED ALL DAY SATIUDAY I lcon*i-« C.ARROLLTON - -Member* of j a nornaniwition meeting Thurs, . jcarrollton Fire Protection Dis-idny evening at Carrollton City CARROLLTON Thiw nli "'-|trict Fire Department were call-iHall. Other officers elepted a*e li.-ensp.s uere rn-rntly is-| p(J )o (hp homp of Dr flnd Mrs ; we) , p . , m , k Brinker . vfce presi . .............. R. I- 1 - Clough Thursday night jdent: Miss Carole Houseman, when the leaking of a hot water secretary: Miss ppgfty Sehnelt. pipe filled the basement witlvti-easiiiei. sleam. which had the appear- The gnnip planned a steak fry ance ol smoke. Al|g 20 w . j(h (h( , p | (lw ,,, ho an . Brooks Reunion nnunced. at which timp all who CAHKOLLTOX Children of worked in tin- lemonade Mauri i he latp Mr. and Mrs. C. Brooks ^ sponsored by the group at the will ha\p a family reunion itvoeene County Fait will lie the form ol a picnic dinner Sun-; guests of honor. A picnic is also day at Nichols Park in Jackson- lbp|ng planned, with definite 1 1 ville. In the group will he Mr. We Use Government Inspected Pure Ground Beef VLB, HAMBURGER . 30c with Lettuce and Tomatoes Fiddler with French Fries 40c Regular Hamburger 2(c t heeteburger 2Sc .Ocean Catfish Sandwich 2Sc Root Beef on tap !•(•• Southern Style Bar-B-Q 5«ndnrlc>hr« ISc Coney Island 2Sc 21 Shrimps in Bask«t Per Service, Quality, Price Visit RIVERSIDE DRIUE-II1 Located at Riverfront Park—Alton and Mrs, John Voiles. Mr. and Mrs. Vincent Tuey and family, IxMiis Brooks, aud Mr. and Mrs. Leroy Brooks ol Carrollton; Mr. and Mrs. Gene Brooks of Comp| Point and Mr, and Mrs. Loren Brooks of Alton. Hospital Notes CARROLLTON Mr. and Mrs. Henry Campbell of Kane are the parents of a son born Thursday at Boyd Memorial Hospital. Mr. find Mrs. Charles Lake of Carrollton are the parents of a: daughter born Friday. Entering: the hospital lor medical care' Thursday were Mrs. Barbara Griswold of Lou ell Plotter of Kldrcd. Mrs. !f rom dates to hi.' announced late The paper staff, which includes i jthe officers of the group, will, meet Aug. 17 in the Farm Burea hall for the purpose of editing the Rural Youth paper. Fifteen members of the organization were present Thursday e/ening. A membership drive is tinder way and to date w | l"0 new members have hepn added \<> the membership roll-. The next regular meeting \\ill be Aug. 28 at Farm Bureau «• W MMi «k «•. Hi UL Mk « 'GftAXAIAN WOMEN MAKB Class at Carrollton Plans Aug. 6 Sor-ial CARROLLTON Members _ the Loyal Daughters class of the 1 or ticket collectors. Accra reports. Christian Church will have an 1 In the past the people of Accra Ice cream social on the Court-1 had been considered too difficult There is no law to thft *ff«ct KXCKtiLfeftT "CLIPPFJW" that the president of the United The municipal transport service stnfes must take the oath of of- rccently started employing fj( . f , jf| Washington wnnien as "dinners-," 1 .^-^-.^^ house lawn Saturday, Aug. 6. Home from Hospital CARROLLTON-T. G. Roady •Tr., of Nashville. Tenn., is convalescing at the home of his parents. Mr. and Mrs. T. G. Roady Sr., from major surgery to be bandied by women, hut/recently the women have proved themselves capable of doing anything the men can do. Of the in Accra today, the transport manager says, "They're Just as .good as the men." which he underwent two weeks! ago in a hospital in Troy, Mo.! Mrs - frank E. Napper and Roady is a member of the fac-!'heir ''hlldren of Muntsvillc. ulty of the law school at Van- Ala., are visiting relatives here derbilt University and he and lh *f» rp Co1 ' Capper leaves for ibis family are guests for a lime' 5 * 0 " 1 - Korea, where he will be of their parents. Mr. and Mrs.' stationed for a year. iHinnt; her Roady in Carrollton and Mrv husband's absence Mrs. Napper Mildred Dixon in Kane. ""d children will remain at their Vear in Korea h "" lfl in HnnWill.-. To Entertain Kniplo>«'» CAKROLLTON Lt.,Col. and CARROLLTON - Mr. and Mrs. 'up is" permitted" for those who R«.v H. Roll will entertain em- iwish to use limestone and rockploycs and then families of the phosphate during the last five Rockbridge Klcvator and the R. months of the year. Sign-up wili j H. Roll & Co. at a fish dinner also be accepted on the Pasture at Perc Marquette Patk near Development Practice. ,f;rafton Sunday. Phone CL 4-1M7 Week Dsy* ConUnnout from 1 P.M. ^ Sun. Contlnnmw from 1 P.M. No Pafklnn Problem! at Roxana ToiiHe-Sundiiy-Monday Rltn Hnyworth—Anthony KrnnHowt—<*lg Young "THE STORY ON PAGE ONE" Clnrinmropp Tonite, Momln.t H:nn Mindnv 1:011 l:5* H:34 BrlRltto Iliirrtol—liit'qups ('harrier—Prnnrl* Itlailche "BABETTE GOES TO WAR" < i)lor-<'inclimwopr Tnnltr. Monday 7:12 MiiMilny 3:14 7:11 Selected Shorts "I don't care if he is out 6f this world at cha-cha-ing! I'll settle for him being out of this house at 12:30!" here this w,ok. The truck; ASC Sigll-Un BoglllS will take repairable clothing,; " khoe.s and small household ar- .Vug. 1 at Carrolltoil GRAND •— TODAY LAST TIMES! ACTIONf OIANT THRILLS! tt? STEVE REEVES. tides. By the receipts of these articles the Industries is enabled. CARROLLTON - Harry; l.i continue its expanding pro- Combrink, office manager of! Fraternity Meeting «, lam of training, employment 1he local A SC office, is annoumv CARROLLTON—Gary Schro-:. l|ld r0 habilitalion for approxi-; in 8 a ne w sign-up period for! Rockbridge andi c i er returned home Wednesday, ma(e jy .JQO crippled and disabled! farrners desiring to carry out' -,,.„„..-., «.. ;. 'Chicago where lie had workeis .Despite the number «»PP«>ved soil conservation prac- Shown 2:45 6:05 MARATHON 9:25 SKtta PlAWUM HIGH SCHOOL Shown 4:25 7:45 Kli/abeth Johnson of Louisiana, j been since Saturday attending a rmp j oved tht , rp is ,, W 'iitinc lisl' lices underthe Agricultural Con- Mo., was dismissed Thursday.| rush wee k of the Phi Kappa !of a ppro.\imatelv 600 who wish servafion Program which begins SUNDAY! QRANP ~Otft3ft.Lll^r.l\.' t It It I ' il\ llldl Open 12 Noon - 7:30 P. M. EVERY SUNDAY SKAGGS' CAFETERIA ALTON PLAZA SHOPPING CENTER, ALTON, ILL. SPECIAL! SITE Children ADULTS 1.1U (under 12) $1.25 ALL YOU CAN EAT! CLOSED FOR VACATIONS AUG. 1st Thru 15th TONY'S Fine Food 312 PIASA ST, TONY VENTIMEGLIA, Prop, 7th and Central, Alton TAKE THE FAMILY OUT FOR DINNER Our Chicken Dinners Are Something to Crow About Our Menus Include ihe Best in Steaks, Shrimp, Ravioli, Spaghetti, Sandwiches. Open Sundays 12 Noon Mid-Town Dining Room RUSSELL ELSNER, Prop. Having sold our business to Maurice and Esther Wilson, we wish to thank our many friends and customers for their fine patronage and we hope they will allow the new owners to serve them. —CAP & VERA CRIVELLO CAP'S DRIVE IN BRIGHTON, ILL. New Hours Starting Tuesday, Aug. 2 11 A.M. to 11 P.M. DAILY Closed Monday, Aug. 1, /or Inventory Theta fraternity at the Modern r-mployment. by Goodwill Indus- Factory as guest of Frank Flick, |,. ic . s a member of the fraternity ami owner of the Modern Factory. tarrpllton Notes While in Chicago Schroeder' CARROLLTON—Mr. and Mrs. was a guest of a fraternity J"»«' MfQucrry and children brother, Tom McDonald, at Riv-j left Wednesday to return to er Forest and en route home he tlleil ' llomc i" Channel View, visited Tom Stephens in Dan- Texas, after a visit with Mr. and ville '-Mrs. N. L. McQuerry. Goodwill Truck Miss Mary Jo Proffer will re- CARROLLTON—The pick-up;turn to her home in St. Joseph, truck of the Goodwill Industries!Mo., Sunday after a three-week will be in Carrollton Aug. 22! visit with her cousin, Miss Linda and 123 according to word receiv-1 Proffer. Mrs. John Hagen of Hardin was a guest Thursday of heri Aug. 1. August 1 is the first day sign- MATINEES DAILY Debbie "" DICK Owner OPEN SUNDAY Serving Our Usual Fine Dinners You'll Be Surprised How Reasonable Our Prices Aie DICK'S FINE FOOD 4«0 E. Broadway — AITOM from Bridge Entrance. Hour*: 7 Days a Week, 6 A.M. to 8 P.M. HO 5-9872 Come in and enjoy the finest food in town. WHERE DINING ISAM ADVENTURE IN FLAVOR • OPEN SUNDAYS 12 NOON • OPEN WEEKDAYS Genuine ITALIAN FOOD 4 -Mlle Nortli ol Aitoii Mat* HokBltal oo J o« (»rbur> RU.— t CHICKEN 0 STEAKS PIZZA After 8 p in Open Dail> Oav NliwtyB S P.M. We ( uler to l.ouniit- • . Hiivite Pailiei BRING TNI FAMILY OUT TO DINE Buy One—Get One Free! Buy One—Get One Free! HALF OF FRIED CHICKEN WlthCrUp $<| 35 FRENCH ^1 ^^ FRIES * Buy One Get One FREE Phone HO 5-5291 AND YOUR ORDER WILL BE READY Curb and Carry Out Only. Friday, Saturday, Sunday TAKE THE FAMILY CM AD/* A CDrtDIt OUT SIMMY FOR dlYIUKUAdDlIKU OVER 50 KINDS OF FOOD! $1.75 Adults, Children $1.25 Plus a Delightful Regular Menu! COMET DRIVE IN 8IJ87 IC.AST UKOADU'AY — On l-'our Lane Highway »( Bridge — 1-,'nst .Alton Wow Open All Day Monday/ DUTDDO THESTR Open 7:30 FINAL ^MOWING TONITE Start Dusk Fcrntasfic Thru Funtastic Adventuzes in 3 Hits "I'l/M TWEET1E I'lE" SUN. For 4 Doyt A real LAUGH and TEAR Combination GARY GRANTffl TONY CURTIS jUil'lVlL OPERATION PETTICOAT THI 'son-in-law and daughter, and Mrs. Ray Scbroeder. Mr. GRAFTON LEGION DANCE EVERY SAT. NITE 9-1 OTIS IERRY ORCHESTRA Open Dally 6:30, Start T p.m. Adults oOc Kiddles t>5c Tonight Through Men. TOGETHERNESS . BEFORE AND ATTM MAMIA6E! i Annfvenwpy Tonight and Mon., 8:48 p.m. Sun. 2:48 5:59 9:10 p.m. Tonight and Mon., 7:17 p.m. Sun. 1:17 4:28 7:89 p.m. BEL-AIR COMEDY!. DRIVE - IN H W Y 66 i II IR 69636 TONIGHT! THRU TUKSDAY SUSPENSE!... MUSIC! Open 7:110 Start Dusk — BONUS HIT JOEL McCREA "Cattle Empire Tonite Only "FABULOUS LAS VEGAS" PERLBERG; SEATON priuclaa «l GARSON KANIN'S MEDFORD/DON RICKLES/ JACK OAKIEwi\/U MtUrUKU/ UUN mUMta/ ~«.M tww -SAM BUUM Oirtclttl 6f ^^pS^SSfc Robert Mulligan • Screenpl«) by Gaisoo Kamn • Bund on Hit Pia; • * Paramount Ptctan Feature Times: 1:15, 3:15 f 5:15, 7:15, 9:15 Color Cartoon Whatmr You Do This Summir, You Must See "POUYANNA", Soon Grand Theatre MIDWEST PREMIERE YOUR FAVORITE FA&IILY DRIVE-IN STARLIGHT UK I VI IN IHiATKE : (OUT! 140, COUEOE AVi. • AITON, ItllNOIS Box Office Opens ut 7:00 TONITE Thru Tuesday FIRST RUN SHOWING! See How Much the Color of Skin Weight on the Scale* of Justice! nl i THE SUSPENSE M, THE EXCITEMENT YOU HAVE EVER SEEN! CONSTANCC MLUC HUNTER'TOWERS'BURKE ^.WOOOV STRODE • JUANO HERNANDEZ • WHUS BOUCHQF SECONDFEATUBK ItlUII •• 3 FEATURES TOMTE UTI OWL SHOW 'Hlfb Sohtel Hflloitt* our regular program Starts WED. for Oni Wuk, 1st Run Siowln IKHAIO iUKTON • iO»»T JYAN « TiCHNICOLOt PLUS CAITOONS—CHILDIIN ADMITTID Mil I'LAVGKOL'ND. iiire Truck, Uve Ponle*. Me Round, Auto, TruK Ride«, Swluif* Mid i* NOWIH He Turned the Greatest Show On Earth into a ELD OVER THRU TUES.! MATINEE SUNDAY 12:45 RIHCESS SPECTACULAR TOWERING TERROR I OPEN MONDAY 6:30 G-lRIK/rREMBERG'WONNE MON TODAV AND SUNDAY 1:05 3:50 0:35 B:25 JAILBREAKERS fUrrlDM ROBERT HUTTON > MARVCASTLI 2:40 5:25 8:10 PRINCESS EVERY TUES. MATINEE 1(30 KIDDIES' SUMMER FUN PARTY T ?A D sV "THE CIRCUS OF HORRORS" TIMES Plus Robert Mutton "JAIL BREAKERS' 5:28 8:10 At 3:50 0:35 8:25 SUNDAY! 3 DAYS! Marine* Sunday 12:45 Open Monday 8:30 p.m. WOOURIVER ii u u > luniiiHi \ut ' "ONE OP THE YEAR'S MOST HONEST. AFFECTING AND FINEST DRAMAS!" SIMONE SIONORET'8 Aeodtmy Award I EVES MOST DARINQ ••CRY 8)80 EDWARD 6. m STEJGU HJWCOILINS ALt **N DM Ivtry W«dati4«y M ItSO ' Smoaw >ua Parly 1 -v .,*-

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