Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 30, 1960 · Page 13
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 13

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, July 30, 1960
Page 13
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SATURDAY, JULY 30, 1060 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE THIRTEEN Garden Hose Is Often Misused B? MR. PIS Written lot AMR* Considering it's such a relatively simple piece of equipment, a garden hose ought to last indefinitely. But. it vton't. Neglect will shorten its We. A simple act such as putting it away each time it's been used will do much to preserve it. Toughest foe of a hose is the automobile. There's no apparent damage when an auto runs over a hose. Th/e material is flexible and springs back. In time, though, the hose will break down at that point, will develop cracks or a split. If the host must be stretched across a drive when it's in use, do something to protect it. A simple bridge can be made by placing pieces of scrap wood on each side of the hose. Wheels will go over it without crushing the hose. Going Straight Kinks do nothing to add to Wet Season Here Again, Stay Dry By ANDY LANO AP For Painters If You Have New Brush, Take Care of It Properly By ANDY LAKG AP The wet season Is here again Whether your house is -built oti a slab or with a basement, rains seeping Into the ground ran cause popping titles, damp floors and wet cellars. Ihslde waterproofing may- help to an extent, depending on QUESTION: I plan to do some ] painting soon. This time I Intend to buy good brushes and take care of them properly, which 1 haven't done In the past. Should a new brush get a special treatment? ANSWER: Try to buy a new brush at least a day before you [turpentine and allow to dry. The linseed oft bath is not necess. ary If the bristles are made of] Evpr Boating Boom Aid To Housing nylon. QUESTION: I would like toi how fhe „, apply acoustical tiles to the red- mpr homp vacatjon ing of my den. But I do not wani , naf to fool around with putting up morp 'boating has affected the home building industry? The major developers of sum- areas say is the impetus of home" sale/ than Need Imagination Planning City Guest RoomDifficultProblem By VtVIATT BROWtt £ Wewsfwitored Writer A city guest room is not planned easily. It requires more imagination than one needs for country guest room decor — the light an-i foliage outdoors complements the room, even before you guest room a cwzy He employs Venetian blffids on a pivot to bring the feeling of the outdoors inside. The Mftrds set into panels* useti soffie distance or several feet from the room's windows. Between f II e blinds and windows a few ground- level plants, some vines and the severity of the condition. ! use "• When 5™ * et ll homc ' But the real and permanf-nt ' lwirl tne handle .briskly bclweenjthls practlca 1? That Is, will the the water so they can satisfy solution revolves around the' your hands for several minutes, ~>™n«» hnlH inHofinitPiv* their boatine desires, concept known as "foundation! tnpn njh on* ^"^ haek and drainage." FJveryone who buys built on a something drainage. slab, should know about foundation i forth across the bristles several I additional minutes. Wrap the brush In heavy paper (not paper with print on It), then suspend it in raw linseed oil for at The discomforts of damp eel- least 24 hours. Remove the pa. lars and floors are well known. P p r and squeeze out the oil by cement hold indefinitely? furring strips. I understand that nothing rise. Dwellers in thejbegin to select furnishings and! some tiles can be cementPd di- metropolitan sections purchase i wall coverings. But in the city, °.^J,^ f^_* 2Z2£? rectly to the plaster reilfng. Is summprtime homes near or at^many apartments are on courtyards or have dreary outlooks. One designer utilizes the window area to crate the illusion of a garden beyond. A sitting room- guest room setting decorated by Howard Williams of the American Institute of Decorators emphasizes that clear, warm colors and foliage could make a city ANSWER: Have no worrlps While no national figures are on that score. The type of available as to what percentage cement now available for putt-'increase these new boating fans Ing up celling tiles will not have created in summer home fall you. If the tiles are in- building, the general estimate is stalled according to directions.: about 3° **r cent. Boating enthus- they should last the life of the!' ats are a clannish group. They nouse want to make sure they will be (Questions of general interest ? ose to other boating But crease the value and comfort of home. material from the outsidr —; For either rubber or plastic' Foundation drainage Is simply cause it to dry up and crack. ! use' mending tubes and hose-an underground pipeline. The Less understood Is the Insidious rubbing the flat side of the long-term damage caused by:bristles against the edge of ajwlll be answered in this column. ] dampness. Paint blisters, win- board or across a smooth wire. I However, Lang can not dows and doors bind, sills rot. Rinse the brush thoroughly Intake Individual correspanrtence.) 'a^yrTeel'thaTwayrThat"s"why it lies pop up, plaster crocks— {things that in a few years do Royal Neighbors 'f™™'doeS?t! Meet at Medora lusion of a garden, terra'ee or solarium. The play of light and shadows from the blinds is the final touch to the setting. Bright Colors Used The floor of the room Is In alternate sections of sunny, yellow vinyl and white tile. A Cheerful inexpensive red and white damask is used on one wall. The same red shade is used in the tweed covering for the love seat which converts into a guest bed. Professioanl decorators are always braver in their use of col- jors than amateur decorators. It If there's water inside it hose's longevity. When you have)destroy the material, the hose coiled take time toi Hang !t All will clamps'. Cut the hose, insert pipes are perforated to permit ithe tube and tighten clamps onjwaler to enter and are genily •each half. sloped to carry water away, Many Jobs About House Need a Good Ladder • * « « « » A vio mail ai IJCAICU * \j^v*wi aiifi o> ** —lWt*S iVT 9 f V IMPl* some developers are beginning! ca ",', ~~ ~.' "" ' host ' ess '..,,;would take courage for some am- to provide well-rounded pro- Vitap Camp of ; he Roya , Neigh . |ateurs to mix yellow and red. but sea grams of activity including day ,, n ,. 'l^* Tto^itt^^^Jf^ *^ ^ camp*, dances, barbecues, etc. _ her home east of town Thlr jpeclally a grim city room. We discussed the subject the) teen members and one visitor! , An colle ^ tlon of b 0 "' 65 other day with Irving Bander, « Pr e present. There will be no!l" e " s l ua _ 7™^, head of one of the largest vaca- meeting in August. Mrs. W. tion home projects in the New ID. Gil worth will be hostess to Splicing These pipes are run around the ; straighten it out. Pulling it; Just leaving it in a pile will; straight out when there's a kink cause it to rot. Hang it up so There are also special splicers i outside of the foundation slight- in it instead of giving it a turn!that it needn't support its own that consist of a tube and;ly below cellar floor level. For; By MR. FIX Written for Newspaper Enterprise Assn. or two will cause it to crack or weight and isn't lying on a sur-;prongs at, the center pointing!slab construction, the pipes run: Washing windows, paint split. face that's either dry and hot on toward the ends of tube. Insert under the floor at intervals of i in 8. cleaning the gutters, putting several feet. Crushed stone SU r-i u P' screens al have on « **»* in rounds the pipe to allow free !common. They're jobs that cant be done completely while stand- water flow. The collected woter Stretching the hose too much moist. A reel is best for storing. * the tube and tap the prongs in- will have the same effect near Watch how you handle your to the hose, the faucet. You'll find it cheap-1 hose. Dragging it across grass When repairing a plastic hose er to add a length of hose if the i won't hurt it, but. across cement dip the ends in hot water tojj s on you're using now isn't quite j will. The corner of a brick; soften. ' ifillel with rock to allow harm-) long enough. j foundation is sharp — don't pull New couplings can be put onl )ess seepage. into a dry well _ a .hole| ing on the Around York. Piladelphia area. We asked him why boatsmen weren't right angles to the wall. Start at Top Grab the top rung and litf the: satisfled *** "Srttag: cottages or ladder. Then grab the next rung si" a11 homes. He replied: and start walking toward the house, raising the ladder straight up as you go. When the ladder is "Renting is not the answer to boat owners' needs. They want to be in the same place every against the house, move the bot- year, to get to know other boat torn of it away from the wall. g vii UK; KIUUIIU. _, . . ., , , . . ., The distance should be about a Unless you re ready and able fourth of ^ , adder , s Ever pick up a hose that's been out in the sun for a while? Notice how hot it was? Imagine what the temperature of the water inside must have been. The sun's heat will damage the the hose against it. in the same way. Since the coup- When a small leak develops; ling is a point of wear you can Foundation drainage to hire someone to do all these works !jobs, better master the funda it acts as a pressure repair it immediately. For rub-1 figure on cutting off this part of re , ief yalve Underground wau !«alely. be> hoses use plastic rubber or.the hose and replacing the coup- rubber-based adhesive and fric- ling at least once during the life tion tape. 'of the hose. mentals of handling a ladder JerseyviHe Church&s Announce Service Plans JERSEYVILLE-The sermon "Living Under Illusion" will be given by the First Baptist Church at 9:30 a.m. Sunday by the Rev. Harold E. Lane, and the worship services will be j the summer here with his par- broadcast over WJBM. Sunday jents. Dr. and Mrs. Jack Horwill follow atjrnell. His topic Sunday will be Four Divorce Decrees Granted EDWARDSVTJLLE — Four di- 1 vorce decrees were granted Fri- student. will speak at the morn-| day in ^ court of Circujt Judge ing worship service Sunday at Joseph j. Barr . the First Presbyterian Church of JerseyviHe which begins at 8:30 a.m. Hormell is spending Church School 10:30 a.m. The Junior High Youth and counselors will leave for Lake | "Time for a Road Check." Mrs. Leola May of Marine will be guest speaker Sunday Springfield Baptist Camp at 1:30 a t both Christ Evangejical and of p.m. and the Sunday School ! Reformed Church in Fieldon i »,.,.„,_ ' °" Divorces entered on the grounds of desertion were: Delores Mae Barnhart from John nie Freedom Barnhart, with the plaintiff granted custody of two children; and William L. Jen nings from Nancy Carol Jennings. Divorces granted on grounds Marlene class will t , , n m r at r«-»;; •?* %*z E r g n ical •"?, n i =• ™^«*»s*z tLl;!° PU ±J° ,*°,£ ^irj f °: m ! d ., Ch " r : h '", .f!" 61 ? 1 " 6 . ? -d custody of fbur child™, two Nursing Home. In the evening which the Rev. Alton E. Loar is at 7:30 p.m. the Special B.J.A. pastor. At the Fieldon church to the defendant and two to the plaintiff, with visitation privi- There will be quilting at the j n Jerseyvilie at 10:15 a.m. rhuroh Tuesday and at 7:30 p.m the trustees will meet. Presentation will take place. she will speak at 8:45 a.m. and ; """'"»• ""'." vlslla " 0 " > Jr "' T»,«..» .,,,11 HO n ..H«i n . Q » »K» ,_ T .^n_ .. -tn.ic . „ leges at all times, with the chil: dren not in his or her care anc I that on every other weekend A special Missionary Speaker JERSEYV1LLE — A number: one of the parties to alternately will be in charge of the Mid-' of Junior High young people of have all four children during week service at 7:30 p.m. Wed- tne Flrst Baptist Church will j the entire weekend; and Evelyn nesday. A spaghetti supper for attend the Baptist Camp at j Joan Watson from George Edthe Mission Society Board takes Lake Springfield from Sunday!ward Watson, with plaintiff place at 6-30 p.m. Thursday and; through. August 5. The groupi granted custody of three chil- the Bloodmobile will be set up «''» assemble at the church and j dren. at the church Friday from la!leave at 1:30 p.m. Sunday to 6 p m ' Several adults will serve as | ^ r ' Monday night at 7»p.m. The i counselors and leaders for, the Pl an .! camp sessions. Leaders from Dana Myers, Judy Woolsey, Linda Sheets Reed Assman church. Sid Hormell, FLOOR COVERING a Theological i P^rl Johnson, Miss France's | Davis and Rev. and Mrs. Har- jold Lane. ARMSTRONG LINE VUll Our Showroom I Sherwood's Til* Scrvle* 111* Milton Rd.— Dial HO *-MM BJA Drama Sunday Evening JERSEYVILLE — Mrs. Paul Members of the Junior Highi Erb is producer-director of a group attending from the local special dramatic presentation church are Jan Heiderschied Joetta Eisler, Carl Maupin, Leslie Howell, Claudia Gross, Sharon Angel, Richard Roberts Marsha ^llen, Kendric Forres- 2<Mt toted MMM! finiik f uvmtMd •U to ruit, ehjp, crick or put. Uodwii* finish* to |HmlQ| whiti, no "mite »nd fcUU" look. Yotir chBtaf of dworitor eolwi ind itriptd *ffMU. (h /or AM/ Valuta fa; t tttorni Window* • Storm Door* • VenoUwi Blind* t Vertical Blind* • Carport* t **tttto Cov«r» t Hulling* teas DllCCri I »LINDAND KU55LLL AWNINOCO, " - . - Mp to be given at 7:30 p.m. Sunday at the First Baptist Church of JerseyviHe. The drama is entitled "B.J.A. Comes to JerseyviHe" and several of the church members are included in the cast. The letters B.J/A. stands for Baptist Jubilee Advance, which is a five year program of seven Baptist bodies in the United States and Canada, and has as its goal "Evangelism." Mrs. Erb will be assisted in the production by the Board of Christian Education and Ed ward Weule Jr. will be in charge of the music. er pushes its way into founda-i Start Right height. Too great an angle and the ladder might break, too close to the wall and it might tip. As you work you may have to move the ladder short distances. owners. They want to fix up their places the way they want. And if they rent a place for tne summer, let us say, they can not go there at any other time of the year when the weather permits. All this is beside the fact that summer homes have excellent resale possibilities." How much do most "second Richardson and Mrs. Mary Metcalfe. Mrs. Bess Carter was a visitor. Medora Notes * tions and particularly under i Begin by getting a good ladder. | Get back on the ground and ease slabs. Engineers call this "hy-'This is no time to hunt for a|the ladder away from the wall drostatic pressure." By giving!bargain. Get one with sturdyjso that you move the top a foot|"omes" cost? For most persons, the water an escape route it! ra '' s and a good spread between!or two. Then move the bottom homes in the $5,000 to $$8,000 cat• : • " egory are the most popular. Most | buyers want vacation houses wasting valuable space because! Store it properly between jobs.; Make certain the base of the!with three bedrooms and easy- Keep one wall "of the garage!ladder is always on firm, leveljto-elean interior walls and floors. Flows away. Thousands them, heavy rungs, rustproof! the same distance. of homes are i hardware. On the Level water seeps into the cellar or basement. Even if this happens only once a year, the cellar is lost as a dependable storage or recreation area. If you want to banish moisture from your home to use this space, foundation drainage is the answer is most cases. While many builders take care of this when erecting their houses, many do not. It can be done later If a serious problem persists, but the cost naturally is higher than it would be during original construction. clear so that you can hang the ground. A board or .a sandbag ladder on wall-mounted shelf!should be used under the ladder brackets. i otherwise. Keep it away from moisture, If the ladder is metal make which could cause warping. ! certain that there are rubber Protect the wood with clear! tips on the ends of the side rails, varnish. Never paint a ladder) Face the ladder when climb- since the paint might conceal;ing or coming down. Use both cracking in the wood. Learn to carry a ladder so that you don't strain a muscle or drag the ladder over a cement walk. Find the center of gravity, the point at which it balances, and hoist it up on one shoulder. Raise a ladder by bracing the dy days. hands. Haul up bulky items with a rope. Hang on with one hand while you work. If you must use two hands for a moment, hook one leg through a rung to brace yourself. Avoid ladder climbing on win- The two kinds of pipe most | foot of it against the house foun- commonly used for drainage 'dation and laying it flat on the systems are bituminized-fibrei ground. The ladder whould be at pipe and drainage tile, which actually is a pipe-like product. The fibre pipe comes in perforated eight-foot lengths joined The ladies want modern kitchens to ease their cooking chores. Ample closet space is much in demand. Some of the houses have garages and some have nothing more than driveways, but the majority have carports. The supply of existing houses for sale is greater than at this time a year ago, principally because the time required for marketing is longer. And if you have a metal ladder, watch out for 'overhead i wires. OUSS-UNID WATER HIATUS I l«jd -^J" gwurt* pron> to. not in* w u «)iMt< •lit"...but i wnolt MwhMttr, right UP to tta iMt diy of th» guvantM iv«ry FERIIAGUSfUirMtwit • • -^thiTo. Smith Two fee thlnittoitawmbiri ALTON BOTTLED GAS GODFBISY ROAD with snap couplings. Drainage tile comes in short lengths laid with open joints to allow water to enter. These joints are covered with strips of tar paper to prevent soil from falling in and blocking the system. Methodist Class Meets at Graf ton GRAFTON— Mrs. Earl Pittenger, Mrs. R, Baxter and Miss Freda Freiman were hostesses to members of the Fidelis Class of the Methodist Church Annex Thursday evening. The meeting was conducted by Mrs. Art Wilson in the absence of Mrs. R. Miller, president. Plans were completed for a food sale at the ice plant on Aug 13. Mrs. Charles Campbell was appointed chairman of the apron booth. The next meeting will be at Marquete Park, with a picnic dinner on Aug. 25. During the social hours prizes were awarded to Mrs. K. Taylor, Mrs. C. Campbell and Mrs. W. Corey. Grafton Noton GRAFTON— Mrs. Robert Miller left by plane Wednesday for Los Angeles, Calif., where she was called by the death of her .step-father, George Moe. Linda Compton, daughter of Mr. and Mrs. Jerry Compton, ©turned home Wednesday af- After 45 Years Carl Davidson to Leave White Hall Post Office Kane Delegation Home From Camp KANE — Dennis Mourning. 'Craig \Vhitlock, Dug Downey, Bob Clendenen, Gene Todd, Tamara Plato, June Crawford, Rebecca Prough, Barbara and Linda Weller,. Connie King, Marga- iret Ei-win, Barbara Varble, and ! Carol Guilander returned today ifrom Lake Springfield Baptist |Camp, where they spent the past ; week. the group in September. Present were Mrs. Don Rice, Mrs. Stella Wilton, Mrs. Viola Plogger, Mrs. Hattie. Wilton, Miss Jessie Barnes, Mrs. Florence Gilworth, Mrs. W. E. Cline, Mrs. Jane Shields, Mrs. Sadie Maska, Mrs. Nellie Barnes; Mrs. Louise Nixon, Mrs. Inez jgive charm to the room decor. An antique brass lavabo is another interesting touch. Tricks for the Amateur There are many tricks one can employ to make a guest room cozy. A tiny love seat can add a charming touch. A collection of anything — butterflies or sea shells can personalize the room MEDORA—Mrs. T. T. Eddie- man and grandsons, Myron and Warren Eddleman, spent Friday in Hamburg with Mr. and Mrs. William Sevier and their daughter, Mrs. Leita Schwal- lenstecker. The Rev. and Mrs. Ward Spencer and family returned Thursday night, from a 3Vfc week vacation trip to Spokane, Wash., where they were guests of her mother, Mrs. Edna Day, and 1 ether relatives. En route to Washington they visited friends, Mr. and Mrs. Ebert Doyel, at Phoenix, Ariz. , Mr. and Mrs. Ed Tonsor and family have returned from a vacation trip, visiting at the home of his brother, Stephen Tonsor, at Ann Arbor, Mich., and with her uncle and aunt, Mr. and Mrs. Estel Clark at Glenn Burnfe, Md. setting. Old family samplers give a wall special depth. A large urn on the floor at the window filled with green leave adds an outdoor touch to a room even in winter. A handsome clock can be the focal point in a room. Such conveniences as vanity table and desk are especially appreciated by guests, and lend a note of charm to a room. i It's wise n o t to think in conventional terms when trying to make the best of a room. It's a good idea not to shelve an Idea because someone else hasn't done it. Consult a decorator) draw your idea out on paper and see what you can work out together. A guest room is a place to experiment with your own decorating ideas. e Chain Link Fencing e Awnings BLAIR HOME SUPPLY State * Belle <lo 1'he Wedge) Phones HO 5-JSIS or HO 2-42*1 1 WHITE HALL—July 30. 1960, ter spending a week with her i will mark the last day of serv- aunt and uncle, Mr. and Mrs. Thomas K. Ennis in Alton. ice to postal patrons in White Hall by Carl Davidson, postal Mrs. Herbert Elevens of Al-| employe for more than 45 years, ton arrived Thursday for a visit! Davidson's first assignment at the home of Mrs. Edith was wne n the post office was Nairn. Mrs. George Brainerd Jr. and children returned home Thursday following a visit with her sister, Mrs. W. Olyrod, in Milwaukee, Wis. Ex-Resident Die* GRAFTON — Relatives and friends received word Wednes- located on Main street. From there he went with it to a new location across the street, which is now the American Legion Home, and then back across the street to what is now the Reg- jister Republican building, and then ' last move to the P res ' cnt Federal on T day of the sudden death of Mrs. i™ lle street ln January, 1938. ____________ Margaret Legate, wife of Ma- 1 Davidson was graduated from c Qzbun left Friday for a 10- o ee orme Gra'fton 'White Hall High School in 1912| HQ ,, t^r, •„ i^o.,.,.,,. „„,! /-„!„ Kane Notes KANE — Mr. and Mrs. Walter Milnes, Carrollton, returned to their home Friday after a visit with Mrs. Milnes sister, Mrs. C. E. Hutchens. Harry Cope of Jerseyville came Thursday to visit his brother-in-law and sister, Mr. and Mrs. W. H. Bates, while recuperating from recent surgery. Mr. and Mrs. Perry Hardwick returned home Thursday from Boliva, Mo., where they visited for the past two weeks with the Rev. and Mrs. Kenneth Moxey. Mr. and Mrs. Victor Ladd, Miss Dorothy Giberson, and W. RESIDENTIAL COMMERCIAL CONDITIONING CHICK OMB PilCH Pill ISTIMATU 9UABANTUD INSTALLATION CAMP iilCTBIC s* HJATINft UieB lets' HO M217 son Legate, a former Gra'fton resident, at their home in .St.i an( l b egan his work in the post Petersburg. Fla. Besides her! office as a substitute rural car- husband, she is survived by onek'er on Jan. 2, 1915. He be- daughter, Mrs. Oscar Olsen,j c « me a clerk ' then assistant and four grandchildren of St. Petersburg. Burial was in St. Peysrsburg Friday. Class Picnic GRAFTON—The annual family picnic of the Crusaders Class of the Methodist Church was held Tuesday evening at Marquette Park. A brief business postmaster, serving in that capacity since October, 1944. He also served as acting postmaster from the time of the death of former Postmaster Johnson in 1944 until the appointment of the present postmaster, Richard Bell. session followed the dinner. day trip to Kansas and Colorado. Mr. and Mrs. Grovrr Thompson Jacksonville, visited this week with Mrs. Ivan Shackelford. Fred Robinson returned today from Monticello, 111., where he attended Boys Leadership Camp the past week. Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Do Your Home Remodeling. Repairing Now... • t Complete Stock . . . Lumber, Roofing, Paint, Hardware and Building Materials and Tools SPRINGMAN 1101 LUMBER CO. E. Broadway HO 5-552* "LOOK FOR THE SIGN" OF LOW COST FHA HOME IMPROVEMENT FINANCING WE OFFER HOME SAVINGS & LOAN At Your . . , Lumber Yard, Horn* Improvement Dealer, Contractor, Supplier or Call Ui At HO 5-7711 For Information ffffff^^SSfmffmffffft VlLU MillE HUMBERT ROAD AT TOLLE ROAD I The Mont Complete and Modern Bubdlvtaian In thl* »rea for «co| nominally prlond hom»». LOW POWN PAYMINT. LONG TUM FINANCING. .HOMISfftOM $11,100 UP. Contort UK for detail*—•liet »et for wwi Uviug. JUN REAL ESTATE CO. Develops JUN CONSTRUCTION CO. Builders 281 E. ELM ST., Alton I Phone HO 5-5564 Evening* HO 2-9152

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