Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 30, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1960
Page 10
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I'AOE TEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JULY 30,1060 That there 1. shall be FOUR fto. t*7S Aft AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISH ING A LOADING BONE ON THE EAST SIDE OF BROADWAY FOR A DISTANCE OF 105 FEET STARTING AT A POINT 50 FEET WESTERLY OF THE SOUTHWEST CORNER OF BROADWAY WITH CUT STREET AND tHENCE RUNNING WESTERLY THEREOF A DISTANCE OF Iffli FKET. Bl IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON *rrtlon !. That there is herchj rstab- li-lv d a commercial lending zone on the east side of Broadway starting at a point 50 feet westerly of the southwest corner of the intersection of Broadway with Cut Street thence running 105 feet westerly thereof. That said loading zone shall | (wen E t Broadway and Yag- bc nnd the same is hereby Jim- j Avenue Ited to loading and unloading Section 8 - CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON: HOUR PARKING only on thf> Bast and West sides of Henry Street between" Fourth Street nnd Ninth Street. Sertlon 2. That there shall be no parking at any time on the south side of Sarah Street. SeetJon 8. That there shall he FOUR HOUR PARKING only on the north side of Sarah Street. Section 4. That there shall be FOUR HOUR PARKING only on the East and West sides of Harriet Street. That Section 5. there shall be FOUR HOUR PARKING only on the West side of Serlng Avenue be- in/, frmn o • vi A M in ^-fto. 1 s ordinance snail Inc from 9.30 A.M. to 3.00 ^^ nnd effpet from find afler 'its passage and publication ac- That all 'ordinance., br parts ! cordin8 lo thereof in conflict be and the same are hereby repealed. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and afler its- passage and publication ac-' cording to law. i PASSED THIS 27TH DAY OF ] JULY, I960. ! S/ P. W. DAY, ! Mayor i ATTEST: S/ PAUL A. PRICE, j City Clerk | Approved as to Form and Legality: S/ JOHN W. HOEFERT, Corporation Counselor ORDINANCE NO. 8079 AN ORDINANCE ESTABLISH- , h , s 27th Day o j. j u j y jggg p w DAY Mavor £• 7- T PAVL> , *- lty , .., Approved as to Form ING ONE ONLY ON HOUR PARKING BOTH SIDES OF WEST BROADWAY BETWEEN STATE STREET AND WILLIAMS STREET AND ALSO ESTABLISHING TEN HOUR PARKING ON BOTH SIDES OF WEST BROADWAY FROM WILLIAMS STREET TO A POINT 242 FEET WESTERLY THEREOF. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON: Section 1. s/ John W. Hoefert, CORPORATION COUNSELOR ORDINANCE NO. 2982 As Amended AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. 1963, THE TRAFFIC ORDINANCE, TO PROVIDE THAT THERE SHALL BE "NO PARKING, PASSENGER LOADING ONLY, SUNDAY" FOR A DISTANCE OF FIFTY FEET ADJACENT TO THE ALTON FREE METHODIST CHURCH, 2711 HILLCREST AVENUE. AND PRO- ALTON POLICE RECEIVE AWARD Clarence E. Kibby, right, district for protection of school children. Lieu- manager for AAA, presented Alton no- tenant Robert Brown, left, head of the lice with an award from AAA for the traffic division, and Police Chief John police department's contribution to the Heafner accepted the award Thursday. Alton traffic safety record and program Roxana Church Program Listed ROXANA The Rev. L. E. Mustnin. pastor of First Baptist j Church, will use the theme j "Spiritual Surgery" at the 9:4ri |a.m. service Sunday. At the 17:30 p.m. service his subject will he "Temptation it's Cause. Course and Consequence." j Thursday at 6:30 p.m. the girls' I j softhall team will play the \Vhitelaw Avenue Baptist team. The Ladies' Bible class will meet at 7:30 p.m. Tuesday at the church and the Day Circle of the Women's Missionary Union will have an all day meeting Thursday at the church beginning at 10 a.m. with a potluck dinner at noon. The Rev. Dr. D. E. Wassen. member of the Alton Presbytery and Professor of Economics at Alton branch SItJ, will speak Sunday at the 10:40 a.m. worship at the First Presbyterian Church. His subject will be "The Staircase of History." ! There will be no Brotherhood meeting this month. The executive committee of the United j Presbyterian Women will meet i at 7:30 p.m. Thursday at the church. GOP CHOICE AND HIS LADY Richard M. Nixon and his wife, Pat, he «as nominatoil for the presidency, flash radiant smiles a* the Vice Presl- Nixon said his ™m|wlK« would tdke dent acknowledges cheers at the GOP him lo every state in the tnion. National Convention in Chicago after Photo) Jerseyville Elk Named to Southwest District Post play should be present at thej Church Service* for initial practice. JERSEYVILLE — James E. i^rvxjo j /\ v i^i> *j i~<. fii^t-f A ivv-/ i „ , - .. , i f VIDING FURTHER, TH A Trenton, grand exalted ruler of PERMISSION BE GRANTED THE ALTON FREE METHODIST CHURCH TO PLACE AND MAINTAIN CHURCH STOP SIGNS ON HILLCREST AVENUE AT BERING ON SUN thq. Benevolent Order of Elks and has Protective announced the appointment of James Allen of the Jerseyville lodge as district deputy grand exalted rul- JA \J IZl rt. 1 OllilXli^VJ Wi" OW.!" 1 ! ~ , . rt.t J. T-k" DAYS WHEN CHURCH SERV- er for the Illinois Southwest Dis- ICES ARE IN PROGRESS. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY That there shall be one hourl° F ALTON: parking only between the hours of 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. on the trict. Fenton has called a meeting for Aug. 28 at the National Me- Adult tennis instruction will |be resumed at 6:30 p.m. Aug. I. Left For Vlstt JERSEYVILLE — Miss Mary villc Lodge for fifteen years. He i Cm-ran and her niece, Miss succeeds CoUrtland Lybergor of j Josephine Gibbons of Jersey- y-t _. .__•!_ f-li t . _ • „ ll i '•!»_ 1 _ tl -f-^'Jl *•_._ t A. Granite City in the post. ;ville left Friday for Longmont, He is the sixth member of the!Colo, to visit with the former's South Roxana SOUTH ROXANA — Mrs. Victor Herman services at will the conduct the Wanda and South Roxana Methodist] churches Sunday. Her theme Firemens* Auxiliary To Meet at Roxana 1 ROXANA — The Fireman's Au- i xilifiry will have a potluck picnic 1 ! Monday at '1:30 p.m. al Kendall i Hill for its Aupust meeting. , VUlflng From California ROXANA — Mrs. Joseph J. O'- 1 will be "Jesus, the Healer" atlBrien of Burlingame. Calif., is Jerseyvillc Elks Lodge to be an-i brother and sister-in-law, Mr. andl<he 9 a.m. service at Wanda and j spendinR a week visiting her nro-, . . . . .. ... .... -,.,... -. rr,. ,., _. tun 11 o >vi ca«t><nr> o* C/MIIii11hor-m-law and sister. Mr. and. pointed to the position. iMrs. John Curran. Thev will al- Other local men who have held j so visit in Colorado Springs, the post are William Ryan, nowj Miss Gibbons, who is on vaca- of Springfield, Dr. Bryan Caff-jtion from her work in the office rey, Attorney John F. Gibbons,jot the Internal Revenue in Alton, Sam Stephenson and the 11 a.m. service at. South | Iher-in-law and sister. Mr. and Roxana. She will be assisted i Mrs. Richard Duhrkop of W. Fifth, by Arthur Grange. She wil] j St. and her brother and sistcr-in- j also conduct the 7:30 p.m. serv-jlaw, Mr. and Mrs. Garnett Elliott! ice at Wanda. jarid son, Billy, of Elm St. Shi'i Francis i will return in a week but Missi The Daily Vacation Bible j vvil1 1(>avo ill)()Ut Au K- ] for Mon -| ! Curran who is a member of the I school will continue through thisjt""" »"d Washington where- she; imorial Headauarlers Elks Build- Walsh, deceased , -r h „ Sc ? tl . on J : , , „„ in chirJn of all the district In addition to his lodge activi- : teaching staff at West' Element-1 week and the average the past|«i" visit other relatives before pl«*ng^ Allen is als ° « ™ mbe <- ° f;ar >' Schoo! »' JTBeyviile, will I week has been 100 children. The 1 Burning to her home ^unday for a distance of flftyltime Allen will take his oath ofj tne Jersey County Board of remain for a longer period ofjsenior MYF will meet at 6:3U Ko.vunu Note* a1iT*wTmamrs7i^ and receive his official!Supervisors. He is a supervisor time. jp.m. Monday at South Roxana ROXANA - Karen and Gail the following exceptions: ' i Methodist Church, 2711. Hillcrestj cominission <ln d instructions in 1 from Jersey Township. Return to Oregon f>nd the 7:30 p.m. study of evati- Major. daut(hters ol the Rw. aiv.l A. There shall be no parking I Avenue. = t] ^ ^.^ atUu , hed to nis ap ., / participate at Tea JERSEYVILLE' - J o h n S.'gelism and prayer meeting will Mrs. James Major of Ferguson. restrictions on Sunday. B. The one hour parking restriction on Friday shall be from 9:00 A.M. to 9:00 P.M. Section 2. That ten hour parking shall be permitted between the hours of 9:00 A.M. to 6:00 P.M. on the north and south sides of West Broadway from the west line of Williams Street to a point 242 feet westerly thereof, subject, however, to the following ex- Section 2. That the Alton Free Methodist Spoimment. Church be and it is hereby authorized to place and maintain church stop signs on Hillcrest Avenue at its intersection with Sering Avenue on Sundays when church services are in progress. Section 3. That all ordinances or parts thereof in conflict be and the same are hereby repealed. This ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after jits passage and publication ac- vi av ,. lt . - Ma>UI ' W. Corporation Counseloi T t-iv 27th Day ot jblji " July, 1960. ceptions: A. There shall be no parking | restrictions on Sunday. I Approved as lo Fornl B. The ten hour Parking re-. £ Le g amy: strict ion on Friday shall be from 9:00 A.M. to 0:00 P.M. Section 3. That the City Manager be and;' is hereby authorized to install! parking meters in the above locations to carry out the pro-, visions of this Ordinance. Section 4. That all ordinances or parts thereof in conflict herewith be and the same are hereby repealed. This Ordinance shall be in full force and effect from and after its passage and publication according to law. Approved as to Form and Legality: s/ John W. Hoefert, CO The newly appointed deputy has been active in lodge work for a number of years and has served as secretary of the Jersey- Harrison Street and Atwood Street. Section, 3. That Section 2 of Ordinance 2466 and any other ordinance or parts thereof in conflict with this ordinance be and the same 'are hereby repealed. This ordinance shall be in full; force from and after its pas JERSEYVILLE — Mrs. Pearl Thatcher and son, Carl David, E. Johnson and Mrs. Laverne! left Wednesday for their home in Tuetken have returned to their homes from Chicago where they served as two of the hostesses at a • tea, given at the Congress Hotel for State Candidates dur- Jhg the Republican Convention in session this week. Mrs. Johnson attended as representative Corvallis, Oregon, following a visit with the former's parents, Mr. and Mrs. Carl E. Thatcher of Jerseyville and with his, son- in-law and daughter, Mr. and Mrs. Roy Agostini and daughters, Alicia Anne and Mary Francisca, in Florissant, Mo. Thatcher from the Republican Women's ] is doing conservation work in Or- Club of Jersey County and Mrs.jegon City this summer and will Tuetken as a member of the:return to Oregon Slate College Township Committee. Treated for Finger Injury PAUL A PRICE City Clerk sage and Publication according' JERSEYVILLE - Cheryl! Hane- muv w wnwirirn-r % ','to law. line. T-u. of Jersevville. was; ithis fall where he is working toward his Master's degree. Calf Undefeated In 4 Shows of Jerseyville, was; JERSEYVILLE — A Senior ORDINANCE NO. 2983 | ATTEST: S/ PAUL A. PRICE, PASSED THIS 27th DAY OF brougnl (o the Jersey Commun-i Heifer Calf exhibited by ity Hospital at (i:40 p.m. Thurs-jdie Kallal oi Jerseyville day for treatment of a lacera-j first S/ P. W. DAY, Mayor Edwon in the Madison County AN ORDINANCE AMENDING] ORDINANCE NO. 1963, THE TRAFFIC ORDINANCE, AND ORDINANCE NO. 2064, THE PARKING NANCE, TO NO PARKING ON THE NORTH SIDE OF EAST METER ORDI- PROVIDE FOR City Clerk Approved as to Form and Legality: « S/ JOHN W. HOEFERT, Corporation Counselor ORDINANCE NO. 2985 AN ORDINANCE AMENDING .BROADWAY FOR A DIS- (ORDINANCE NO. 1963 PRO- 'TANCE OF F i F T Y - THREE ! VIDING FOR THE ELIMTNA- ! FEET WEST OF HENRY T1ON OF THE TWENTY MILES iSTREET AND TO PROVIDfc: PKR HOUR SPEED RESTR1C- tion ot the right index finger Fair at Highland, 111. Wednes- sustained at her home from a blow of a hammer. Sutures were required to close the wound. Has Position in St. Louis JERSEYVILLE — Miss Nancy Miller of Jerseyville is one of seven Southern Ilinois University Home Economics students who day, making it an undefeated "first" place winner at four county fairs, Jersey, Greene, Macoupin and Madison. Kallal is taking his livestock to Belleville, 111. this week to enter the St. Clair County Fair. At Highland, Kallal exhibited are majoring in clothing and tex-ithe Champion Female in Aged tiles and are obtaining their field!Cow Group, took eight first, one be Thursday at Wanda. ' Mo., returned to their home- with Aug. 26 in the evening the | their parents Thursday after vis- Senior MYF will sponsor a showing of the film Martin Luther, to which the public is invited. The Flev. R. M. Mapes, pastor of the First Southern Baptist Church will use the theme 'Character that Counts" at the iting with their grandparents. Mr. and Mrs. Lynn Major, of, Doerr i avenue while their parents were i iin Falls, Pa., where the Rev. Major conducted a funeral. The Major's two other daughters, Vickie and Jeannie, visited with ^°'" maternal grandparents, Mr. andj HAPPY CANDIDATES Beaming Republican candidates for president and vice president of the United States—Richard M. Nixon (left) and Henry Cabot Lodge—are presented to the Republican National Convention in Chicago amid thunderous ovation. 10:45 a.m. worship Sunday and j Mrs. C.'C. Hall in Wood River. 'Justification" at the 7:30 p.m.j Mr. and Mrs. Jack Loyd and worship. 'daughter of'E. First street and _ 'Mrs. Charles Gordem and daugh- Thursday to spend .a week with'i te ,. Charlotte, of Doerr avenue. Chappell's mother, Mrs. iR. C.j spent . Wednesday in St. Louis. Chappell and with his brother; 1...—:_L and sister-in-law, Mr. and M*rs. • Donald C. Chappell and son.; Jimmy of Northmoor Addition.! at Grace Methodist Church. 7th , _ . . „ ,,. 'rind Henry streets, Monday- Accepts Post at Drug Store irnorning at j, :30- The Bible JERSEYVILLE - Terry Mau-| school will bc open A ug. ML' Bible School Vacation ^Bible School begins zy, son of Mr: and Mrs. Johnj to a)1 4-15 years old. Mauzy of Jerseyville, has ac-| Mrs Clyde Wiseman will be di- cepted a clerical position atL. ector> Rev . Robert Ben . v is the Kranich Drug Store in this pastor of the chu rch. ; city. He will be a senior this! ___ ______________ - -------------- ' year at the Jersey Community,! Vietnam will change to diesell High School. I locomotives. NOTTOLI SUPER MARKET Highland & Gold Sts AND MEATS AVAILABLE PEf! SUNDAY 12 NOON this summer by;.second, three thirds, two fourths]' Chicago and St. Louis and two fifths. He had first in; stores. Graded herd, yearling herd, best! HIGH M' ss Miller is securing her ex-,pair -of females, junior yearl- WEST OF HENRY STREET ! SCMOOI ' " ' pc-rience at Stix, Baer and Fuller; ing bull, aged cow, senior year- 'n^rl^rn^n ™WUKF A\' m IT ^ORDAINED BY THKJin St. Louis. ling heifer, senior heifer calf ORDINANCE XO. 2980 £*~JIANCE OF FORTY-THREE (?rTY CO UNCIL OF THE CITY 1 Softball and Tennis to Begin and get of sire. AN ORDINANCE ANNEXING| Bp ' T ORDA1N p D BY THE OK AI ' TON: JERSEYVILLE - The first' Kallal is the son of Mrs. Wil- ™?^NPROPERW^Dj TOoi , THKCrry! sectionj. ,„„. practice for the Girls' Softball|llain Scott of Jerseyville. P. W. DAY, Mayor Attest: PAUL A. PRICE, Citv Clerk. COMPANY TO THE CITY OF ALTON. Section 1. WHEREAS, Union OF ALTON: Section J. That '.hour speed restriction on Col- shall be NO PARKING | le S e Avenue adjacent'to Alton , k .iat any time on the north'side i Senior High School as is set 'Of East Broadway from thei for(n '" Ordinance Number Company, a Corporation, l^j west Hne of Henry strcet to a 1963, traffic ordinance, be and Electric heretofore filed with the City of Alton a petition for annexation of the after described property to said City of Alton, and WHEREAS, the property point fifty-throe ieet westerly j tlle sume «s hereby repealed. thereof. Section That there shall be Twenty- Section 2. That the twenty miles per hour speed restriction on State Team at the Lion's Playground! will be held Aug. 1, at 7:30 p.m.; This will be both for girls of 10 through 13 years ol age and girls and women of high scttool age and older. All who desire to Cliuppel Family Here JERSEYVILLE — Capt. and 4 Mrs. E. J. Chappell and chil-| dren, Johnny, Cathy, Jimmy,! Terri, Debbie and Ginny of Fort Knox, Ky. came to Jerseyville on Union ' Street adjacent to West Junior ,-iHigh School as is set forth in m X?o« rc.S& no electors lolclins, parking _ o __ parking eration ,on the north side ofjOrdinance Number 1963, the East Broadway from a point i traffic ordinance, be and the fifty-three foet'west of the west Name is hereby repealed, line of Henry Street to a point; Section 8. BE"iT* ORDAINED BY THE forty-three feet westerly there- That all ordinances or parts CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY' 01 '' i I hereof in conflict be and the OF ALTON that the following. „„ , -Suction 3. , am e are hereby repealed. nronertv to-wif ' lml I" 11 ' 1 ' 111 *? meter number, This ordinance shall be in full 1 ' - •- • ' - • 'j7'J located on (he north side i foirc , an( ] effect from and after of East Broadway between its , )ijS sa>;e and publication nc- Heriry Street and Langdon imrding to law. be and the same is here.- ha and has wnwTHKRFFORF- A tract of land sixt.v feet (60'i in width. Smith of and adjacent to the North line of Tract 2, in Gambrill'.-. Subdivision, as the same appears in Plat Book 6, Page 3, in the office of the Recorder ot Deeds, Madison County, and extending from the West line Of said Tract 2 to the East line of said Tract 2, situated In the Township of Godfrey, County of Madison, State of Illinois. be and the same is hereby annexed to the City of Alton. Section 2. by ordered removed. Section 4. That the City Manager and he is hereby authorized to install two twenty-four minute parking meters in the area deg- ignated in above section twp. Section 5. That all ordinances or parts thereof in conflict be and the 1 "«"« •« hl s PASSED THIS L'Tth DAY OF JULY'. 1060. S/ P. W. Day Mayor ATTEST: S/ PAUL A. PRICE City Clerk Approved as to Form and Legality: S/JOHN W. HOEFERT Corporation Counseler fu ,. Ordinance No. 8986 A. Amended AN ORDINANCE AMENDING PASSED THIS L'7 DAY JULY, I960. S/ P. W. DAY, ATTEST: S/ PAUL A. PRICE, Approved u City Clerk Approved as to Form and Legality: S/ JOHN W. HOEFERT, Corporation Counselor Maym ATTEST: S PAUL A PRICE. TWEEN City Clerk lo Form and Legality: S' JOHN W HUEFERT, Corporation Counselor ORDINANCE NO ruAt-t-,^ AN ORDINANCE AMENDING 'KA" 1 ? ORDINANCE NO. 1963. THJ. HRONJ TRAFFIC ORDINANCE, TO PROVIDE FOR FOUR ORIH.NAM h XO. ,'«JU AN ORDINANCE AMENDING ORDINANCE NO. lf)63, THE,, t , a | ef i ORDINANCE, TO That MAIN STREET BE- EAST BROADWAY AND DENNY STREET. BE IT ORDAINED BY THE CITY COUNCIL OF THE CITY OF ALTON: Section 1. Thul Section 3 of OrdinaiM' N'umber 29S4. us amended, be uifd the sume Is hereby re- *> THAT THERE then- shall be Four H our Parking on the West side BE NO PARKING , O ( M a j n street between East ANYTIME ON THK KAST! Broadway and Denny Strcet ^^ from 9:0 ° AM to 4:0 ° HFNHV HhNRi !B K T W E E N AND NINTH STREETS: THE ! STREET: THAT SE OF ORDINANCE NO. HARRISON Section 2. \TWOOD This ordinance shall be in full 2 force and effect from and after 2166,ills passage and publication. l!»53.j PASSED THIS 27th DAY OF NORTH SIDK OF SARAH PASSEiJ"DECEMBEi<' STREET AND THE SIDE OF SERING BROADWAY AND TAunu; )iK , T ORDAINED BY THEi Mayor AVENUE; AND TO FURTHER iciTY COUNCIL OF THE CITY'ATTEST: S/ PAUL A PRICE PBOVU3E THAT TH E R E.|OF ALTON: City Clerk SHALL BE NO PARKING ON i Mt-ction I. Approved as to Form ot-n,;\.,.K, iUKANDTHK SAME IS HERE- JULY'. 1960. Bh v, * ,'.i I |J V REPEALED. S/ P W. Day ) YACjERjm.; I T ORDAINED 11Y THEi Mavor THE SOUTJi SIDE OF SARAH STREET. T BE IT CfDAlNBD BY THE ilioj'i' bhull be n parking at apV lime on the- east hide ot Higi^nd Avenue between and Legality: S/ JOHN W. HOEFEH Corporation Counwlol NOW! LOW COST HOSPITAL INSURANCE FOR CATHOLICS ONLY For only $1.85 a month Catholic men under 60 can now receive $50 each week while hospitalized for any accident or sickness covered by our non-profit policy. 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