Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 30, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, July 30, 1960
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JULY 30, 1960 Editorial •InHi • Woo Bit Mnro Horn? The Greater Alton Association of Commerce ha* set * membership drive kickoff for next Wedno'.dav morning. Like moM such organisations, it must depend upon its membership fee* to finance its oper- •tiom. The GAAC's operations have been of basic importance to the welfare and development of the community. Alton's chamber i< among a group of pioneers who some vears ago. early during its existence, enlarged it 1 aims bevond the mere And here tee must pause to chide the GAAC a bit. In the last change of executive secretaries, ihf board seemed to think it was desirable to carrv on the organization's operations more- quietly than before. The result hjs been .1 diminution of public information which could well threaten the organi?ation's future welfare. In this direction, we feel that perhaps even the city government hasn't' fully realired GAAC's importance in assisting with some of Brief Notes OnNewBooks At Library Thr> following brief notes on DP\V bonks at Hnyncr City Library were prepared by a member of the librnry stuff. by Marcel Side dances ft* 25 and 5O Years Ago A biography of Antoinp Snint Extippry. (be man \vhosp heroic lifp glorifying aviation hns cap- the municipal projects. A full realization ofltured thp imai-imition of the en- GAA( . of mercantile welfare and trite but . ^ ^^ thf Cjfy Councj , , 0 g , ve iu " WV ineffective efforts at adding new payrolls for the town. lt.< orjMni7cr< reali/cd even before it was world. *«'«*" »»<* •» becn df)jn un(lnuh ,cdlv would ! " *<*»«»*. , ^ „ ,„ ^^ on ,„,_ _ , -,, ^ ^ ofter slant Wednesday night. And City Man- |j (i( ..,| n ..,,. s _ npniocmtic vorns ipcr (,,.,| n; , m \Vatt wouldn't have had to remark Ke|ml)lirnn issues, lenders, coin- set up that sonic community wide organization t j );lt ^ counc j| hadn't been adequately in- prises, achievements, balloons wa« needed to look out for the broader area f ormec | ;,h otlt roa d developments. !l "d brickbats. development. Tins would m.ikc us more attrac- Anvwav. it's aood to know the City Coutvil :''**''"' / T" Thp Sf " 17 " h> , • . . it i • ... , " , Hotinciii ( OOKP. tivc to both our existing payroll sources and is mily j nterc , t ed in the highway development T|)( , ()l . Hlnatic and j n ,,pj r i nt , program. story of what happened to the \\"e believe the GAAC muit once more take 'author and his comrades when new ones. This the GAAC has done—at the same time doing an effective job of assisting the mercan- a tack of more open interpretation of its pro-. their ship, the S.S. Lulworth Hill. ! gram and activity to the public. Its operations! was " was sunk at spa. July 30.1935 Sponsors of th* Alton Lake Development and riverfront roadway project received word that Sen. James Hamilton Lewis had thrown his support to th* project. Tt was said that the Undersecretary of Agriculture might be Induced to approve purchase of the necessary land to make the project possible. Tt was felt that If the government official approved the purchase at cost of approximately $200.000. there would be little or no opposition to approval of a PWA loan for development of the area. However, It was said approval would have to wait until My 30,1910 A office building now under erection W»B to complete construction work at the poultry ranch which C. R Meston. head of a St. Lfliito electrical firm, was developing at Clifton Terrace. The Inst incubator house, 100 teet long, was finished and ready to receive big Incubators, one of which, It was said, would hatch 10,000 eggs at a time. The plant was to supply egg* for eastern markets, and fryers for closer markets. Two new cases of small po* n*d developed In the Duck Lake area and four watchmen, |the $50.000.000 deficiency approprintion bill wan : named by the Wood River health authorities, passed as the funds for the purchase hnd to now were enforcing a quarantine. They were come from that source. Planned for purchase Ben Few, Gus Feyers, Roe Schumake, and Will [was 50 acres at Ciifton Terrace, Including n yacht ing landing and center; 500 acres nt Piasa Creek for a large recreational center, swimming Lake area waited on the Wood River highway 1 bench, picnir and camping grounds: 3.000 more commissioners, meeting In Upper Alton, ,to seek acres at Mnrquette State Park, and 200 aere« improvement of the highway serving them so at Portage des Sioux. Mo., for a large beach they wouldn't lose rural mail delivery service. Atkins. A large delegation of farmers from Smith tile section of the community. , .,.,,,, „.,*, ,,^ , .„ — , - ... ,,,,,. , . ,. i t i »u . "The Strategy of Peace," by Its efforts in keeping state and local offi- and its accomplishments are ot such nature ttut ; r | (()|n p Kennedy edited by Al- cials'attention directed to highway development ; the GAAC should be proud of them and 8Ce I ] van i\j f , v j ns here have been highly effective, though size of that the public is better informed regarding j The foreign policy statements the pr6jects undertaken necessarily made them them. ion defense, peace, national se- slow moving, i It provided basic information We hope this will be possible, as it looks jcurity and related domestic is- and much of the initial effort behind the move ahead to a time when a new young assistant j^ ues of the Democratic Presi- which eventuallv broke Alton's geographic ' to the executive will take over his duties thisj ,._,. „„„„,„ /,u_i__ >» u v \v . . . I 1* *1I I ' I II" • POjFlPS ^vllUl"P( OJ W « bonds. It has provided early guidance and in- fall. And we hope the public will take serious | Bl|r || p n rown . centive to the urban renewal program now gain- ' views of what would happen if the GAAC -were' ,\ witty, readable account of ing momentum which can lead to more indus- j forced to discontinue operations for latk of how biographers of presidential try here. ' funds. candidates casl their subjects in-' j u | v 31, 1959 is a date that will i __ __ to a stereotyped mold to create hp rompm bpred forever in the the image of, "a man born to be!hearts and minds of the family, President." ; anf ) friends of Paul Dean White.' j "Our t'nlted Slates Secret|He was just an average 11-year- ! , , . ... , , , . , . , i Service," by Irving (iriitup. j o ld boy who met an unknown! Patrice Lumumba, new premier of a new | then tell us here that where his help came from I Tne o )d est of ,,|| (ne | aw en-lf a te. i No Room for Error Horo tects the tfktion is revealed here nation, the Congo Republic, has gone on to i made no difference? Did he know what lie Canada after seeking assistance in Washington, might have been asking for? Was he banking The outside world still has a lot to learn j on his threat to bring quicker aid from the about both Lumumba and the Congo. And l western nations? Or was it a plan, premeditated j*' ith a11 " )p , tnri " s and s " s P ens e ... , , !, , - i ,, • i i lof a good detective story. Lumumba and the Congo still have a lot to j between Lumumba and Communists, themselves, | ,.|, artiwi and p o nn cs „, Amer- 'learn about the ways of the-outside world. Belgians have promised they will begin an early pullotit of their 12,000 soldiers from their forcement agencies of the Fed-j The person or per sons respon- eral Government and how it Pi-o-j sjb , e for h ' ig abduct jon and death Alderman George Burton, as mayor pro tern, appointed Dr. G. E. Wilkinson president of the school board to fill the vacancy by death ol T. H. Perrln, Fires in two locomotives were immediately including her sister-in-law. Mrs. Haze! Elliot 1 doused as a safety step after a head-on collision Cole, who was injured in the accident. The car on the Wabash-Terminal tracks between Hartford and Kdwardsvllle which set a tank car of oi! to leaking. One engine was drawing a string Application for $66.000 aid to complete laying of freight cars, the other a passenger tram, out of East Alton's new municipal playground The Misses Inez and Blrchie Kremer of Ed•. along the Big Four tracks was assured. Village wardsville, passengers, were thrown over three President Charles Vnnpreter announced. seats, incurring some injuries for which they ¥ If*type TVtlillPfl TtlVP^tl CJPfltfll^ Abandonment of his automobile, which stalled later were treated at Alton. Brakeman Ben tJl^CB A lClAIICa.1 J.llYtxOll^CllulD n the Bjg Four tracks fll Haw , norn Stree1 jn T|lshP1 . Sllf ,- re< i a-shoulder injury. Crews o( i Hartford, was said to have saved theMife of the locomotives jumped and were unhurt. iFred Straekeljahn, Granite City business man. . Milton Webb, Missouri Point farmer, w;,s 'Passengers in the car included two other adults : recuperating after being badly stung by bees. |and a child. The car was demolished. The A horse broke into the lot where he had 2:> iStrackeljahns hnd been visiting at the Irvin , hives and upset several. Webb was stung try- jDoerges home in Community Park. '• ing to extricate the horse which was attacked Robert Noble was the unanimous choice of ' by hundreds of the honeymakers aroused by its ! Piasa Bird Boy Scout Council to represent the ! intrusion, j Rotary Club at the national jamboree in Wash- Mrs. Josephine Dunschen. widow of Henry and recreiitional center. Mrs. Cora Lee Elliott, 23, wife of Neil Elliott of Augusta, Ga., succumbed to injuries sustained in an automobile crash on Route 38. near Ficl- don. She was visiting relatives in the area. collided with the rear of a truck and rolled down "You've no idea how silly you look standing around a 15-foot embankment. and saying 'oops!' " Header'* Forum to let other African nations see how quickly i |,, a) ,, |, y they could get results from the west by invok- i A distinguished political sc- ing the Khrushchev name? are still free—perhaps to take the life of another child. The Madison county authorities ihave worked long and hard on Forum Writers, Note Writers name* mint be published with letters to the Renders Forum. Letter* should be concise and legible. All are subject to condensation. At least his refusal to grant an audience former African colony. Lumumba left Washington expressing satisfaction that aid would ' Mikhail Smirnovskv, the Russian embassy , , . . , i T , . i c- j : \vr i • ' • i be forthcoming from the United States, and at Washington, carried some assurance. that his nation would not be split. At the same The assessment of Premier Lumumba must; ..R Oses for Every Garden," by time he warned that Belgium could threaten-all I be accurate as a guide to our future treatment JR. (;. Allen, of Africa with war unless its troops pull out. j of him. He is asking large sums of money to j ientist undertakes a critical an- of each of our and discusses what is I likely to happen on the American political scene. We hope the country has made an accurate i keep his new government operating. He has assessment of Premier Lumumba while he was j reasons. Belgium didn't give the new nation here. ! much of a chance by training it as we and Was it naivete that prompted him to Britain have trained those placed in our custody, threaten a call to Russia for military assistance i The Congo could easily determine which in getting Belgian soldiers out of his country, way Africa swings. We can't afford mistakes. ***** Those Kids Aren't Radio Fans Whether your roses number five or five-hundred, you will find invaluable assistance in this clearly written book. There is a thorough discussion of all phases of rose culture, as well as numerous drawings showing the grower examples of the right way to disbud, mulch, winter protect and train. hire at least two criminal inves-iington, D.C. He was the son of Mr. and Mrs. i Dunschen, succumbed to typhoid fever at her tigators for the Sheriff's office. JL. S. Noble of Phinney avenue. He had held | home, 634 E. 4th St. Three daughters, Josephine, Why let our tax money be used p rac tically every post in his troop, was saluta- ; Clara, and Elizabeth, and a son, Victor, sur- this case but to no avail. Theyjfor some project that will be of| torian o{ his Alton High Scnool 1934 graduating ' vived her. Mrs. Dunschen was a sister of have failed mainly because they)little benefit to the general pub-; rf Shurtleff College. I Minard and Louis Joehl. need experienced trained crim-llic? —_ inal investigators. The men in] There is nothing that can bring Uie investigation department have (Paul back to me, but with expert-j P@t€l* Ed&OH> done all they know to do. jenced men working, they may' The tax money for Madison i prevent this from happening toj county is now being disbursed to the various county offices. I would like to see a public demand raised at the board of supervisors meeting in Edwardsville next week for a special allotment to someone else. I know that this situation exists from my person-; al contact with this department.' I know becaues I am Paul Dean White's mother. 4 Victories by Southerners _ (NEA)—In a sur-;GOP convention windup here, this MRS. A. E. WHITE. prise ending to the Republican National Convention, southern delegates returned home happy. They are cockily confident they development was considered impossible. There was revolt in the air. The general impression was that Vice President Nixon This change is interpreted to mean that while integration in public housing facilities will be based on the fact that Federal Administration home i "Strange Animals 1 have I been told that the i Known," by Raymond L. Dl|.-, ine was in the talking . stag eljust The wonders of police radio are considerable, oldsters, too) that pitching rocks and otncr;; ' UT".'Ditmars, who was curator ! for nearly 25 years> When officers were called to the Piasa Tool objects over the bluffs onto the river highway. 0 | mammals and reptiles at the! tnat wil1 be finished shortly will' n ' ( "" 1 ^ 0 ™ & Die plant by complaints that rocks were drop- j and arejs arouncl it isn > t just a summe r after-'New York Bronx Zoo, gives an! be of no use to travelers. Just a ^ ^^ ^ ^ .•nright dangerous, a jean hold their own and possibly j and New York Gov. Nelson Rock-1 mort g a ges are "financed by"~prf- jmake some gains in the once-j efelter had forced the southern- J vatp , oars from , oca] bankg rhe I solid South. : ere to knuckle under, reconsider | 0 _, y fcdera , charge fe the Qne . By reliable sources I have|and the present highway meet.; Southerners are happy becausej me moderate civil rights planks :ha]f of one Champing at the Bit Godfrey belt- 1 Then reduce the curve beginning ' they take back with them a GOPi tnev had originally adopted and' charged for , oan gu arantee in . talking stage I Just above Earl's Tire Shop. i platform on civil rights ''that they lako as tou B h ol " tol 'K npr a P r ^ Durance. This is "partial financ- »d u. p.,.,; ,-„.„„, ™,, wt « ra , 8 H - ™. »*' --," 1 ,;, ,r;s" ™ "" 1 pine in the area from the Rivcrview p.irk bluff' til' ' l '*-"' ' ii-V-ifc«tl.lVJii» Ik 3 viuwiiiifciiv \J«iie,vtvJ»jJ) *i tops, thev noted from the river road that three . . . , 1 • „ , i 11 r/> j ' smashing of a passing car s windshield in th bovs were sti standing near the bluffs edge. * r f rats have al-•auopiea. But in the revising proc- ways tried to get from their con-; ess - southerners and conserva- ventions, but this year they went tlvos won four financed wording, southerners may The officer observing this radioed the in- Wednesday incident proved. formation so it got to another patrol car near ! ™* ^ hazardous for the boys, what with ( the park on the'higher level. This patrol car > the P ol '« department's radio communication,, ^" e " ces ° f any ,:the bolt-line? How many helpful the majority of t h presidential candidate Richard 'have already been spent in the people ^ Nixon has promised to cam- since Baron Miinchausen,»nf' T. • j , i-,- i P«ign vigorously in every south- 1!. Endorsement of "sit - in" Toulouse, Bordeaux, Nice, got in behind the boys, and the police manning i s y stem - ' but all of h i s adventures really yak - yak clep£lltmem - It reminds me of a political pm • demonstrations against lunch Nantes and Strasbourg in France ' Naturally, as the river highway is completed did happen. I The only immediate relief that: campaign promise that I heard j Lee ' pottp| , virg , nla G OP counter segregation was kept out. are cities about the sizes of the other day. One party or cnajmian and dj,. ector O f the Re- Both Nixon and Rockefeller had;Richmond. Va., Akron, Ohio, or it nabbed them It can be hoped the incident of Wednesday j within the city, and traffic grows on it, the in- j ........ afternoon will convince youngsters (perhaps ! centive to patrol it more closely will grow. Page Bald-Headed How! They've found a new way to keep grass from growing on streets besides keeping them busy. The city has undertaken a chemical treatment process. Alton hasn't gotten to see its effects till late this year. The street department's time was too thoroughly taken up with clearing up storm damage. Before that the weather was too wet to let the chemical achieve its effect. Now, the limited balance of summer we have ahead is squeezing the department's pro- In passing, it might be appropriate to remark BEST SfcJLLKR UST other* ^ that at least the expensive wet weather binge ier of Life;" Hawley, "The Lin- we'vo had has saved the city money on purchase j''"' 11 FICTION - \vaii;" Drury, "Advise and Con-ilTth street as it crosses Piasa (on'entire United sent;" Lampedusa, "The Leop-iBellei to the top of the long hill. Just like our ^,.,,.... ,„,„. ™, . _. . ard;" Wallace, "The ^«Cut off both of the grades, be- Promises and no action. .JLud'S even Terns, thoughiPublic Facilities section read: The Affa,r. tween 17th and where old Belle H ARRY RICKEY. ! tna , may be tough. The strategy ,-we pledge opposition to the use * * * : » » » » » | will be to campaign against Sen. of federal funds for construction, „ Kennedy and the Democratic: of segregated hospitals and White, "The View From the Fortieth Floor;" Robinson, "Wat-i 19561 posed to make one clause in the| Pub ij 5he <j Dally by Alton )iiph Pnhlin ^ncilitioc coptinn reuH- Printing Company P. B. COUSLEY. Publliher and Editor Price 30 _..,, t » ir rv/ • H Olt 1(1 W PCt H I' I tCI'S " I/HIU .nm " in«rio Shute, ( \ • \ t i i Yrom the Toolroom:" Styron, of chemicals for the weed program. j.. >Spt ||)js , Iouse fln F|rp „ He,* is an example of the housekeeping neat-, NON FICTION - King, "May ^. y<)mm contl . ibuto ,, s , ness which becomes routine under citv manager Jnls House tic bate from lig-: T h-K-..,, ...,.'' ii ,. i i - • i *> H-. it A Utll'\t~ govi'rnment as a result of interchange of information among professional governmental admin- » rw, nip H' (>nlf me n van platform, leaving Texas Lyndon Johnson out of it. May 1 suggest that we have an Everyone will admit that the Forty-eight hours before meeting of all the Read- big windstorm of a few weeks ago took a heavy toll of Alton's such a meeting or isti.itors. gram. Drew Pearson?* Merry-Go-Round Crime Blooms, Estes Hurts ainson, "Born Free:" Dooley, 'The Niyhl They Burned the (P.S.—Wonder what the baldhe.ided group Mountain;" Truman. "Mr. Citi/en;" Lord, "The Good Years;" — Kennedy, "The Darva.s, "How Jin the Stock Market;" Parkinson, "The Law and the Profits." ,,.,, p ... ,, i opiiove sucn a meeting or trees. Ann one could note that ai "Jarvis ''"Folk Medicine"" Ad : 8 et - to g pther would bc interesting,;] O ( of trees, when they fell, just ' _ ' informative, eniovable. and ocr- mic^.t hitimrr Kr,,,<..o<r «u,,^ o., n :/j informative, enjoyable, and per-'missed hitting houses, thus avoid- haps a bit explosivi might be lots of fun. Sen.imtinity facilities." The word "hospitals" was * ne " knocked out by the full committee. This satisfied the southern- of private hospitals could be re-i stricted by local authorities, eveni in 100 mile*. $14 beyond 100 miles i Mall subscription! not accepted In I town* where carrier delivery U available as second class matter at the post office at Alton. III. Act of Congress. March 3, U7» haps a bit explosive. I feel it j n ,, | oss o f |jf e will have left to say from now on.) CHICAGO — Crime in this so- sters met at Appalachin. N.Y., called capital ol the nation's untouched by the Justice De- underworld played an important part ment. part in the landslide victory ol j Crime Czar Dwight D. Eisenhower nearly Sec . ond , np mHn Kefauver eight years ago. He campaigned nHmed as ,. nme ,, 7(ir of Cni . on the slogan of "Crime, Korea. \ Cii £o was .surly Tony Accardo. and Communism." At that time a persistent senator from Tennessee named i Today, according to Virgil Peterson, vote-ran chief of the Chicago Crime Commission, Kefauver was probing the un-| car d o S (j]| iu | es the Chicago jrncasly $1.5UO, partnership in a jelub that was cleaning up over 862. Virgil Peterson claims Ac-1$:',000,000 a year in horse bets cardo is still drawing $65.000 a year from the beer firm. alone. Two other hoodlums, who re- It was also whispered around I portedly had crossed the Ac- the underworld that AccardoJcardo mob, died unnatural was displeased with Bronge'<; deaths last year. "Heinie" testimony. On a swelteringWaincr and Ix>o "Lippy" Gold- Sunday a year ano, as Bronge isand. left his offices two gunmen op-| Ua|nei . .„ f , rs( j cned fire. He ran bleeding be-. no hind an apartment building, fin-ir,, Perhaps different topics could , ; brought up for open discussion, ich as annexation, utilities, tax, etc. PAUL A. HOCK. ED'S NOTE: Forum writers have been guests at two dinners sponsored by the Telegraph. Also communicate with Mary Blum. If we were to examine these l|1ient for Ulp souls and bodiesi 'ha, of ;fOl 0 God. Who hast promised j financed b Iederal grants ori ,'earv and refresh-1. : ans. i 4 Thp nrnviuinn nn housinsi ln * Associated Press Is exclusively i. me provision on nousmg ; entitled to the use for publication ol rest to thp weary and refresh >r the souls and bod let children, we thank Thee MEMBER OP THE ASSOCIATED PRESS in of vacation and days of was chan 8ed to read: 'We pledge j an »•*;„«'•»'§£•• £"*<•*^» *£ •relaxation For summer skies a *ion to prohibit discrimination fflKS h'ereio 0 "' loc " Mw ' pub 'and restful evening sunsets we: in housing constructed with the Why can't we say that this big |, nank Tnee . He lp us to find our wind was Natures way of elim-' ta Thee whoge yoke to easy inating the weak in order make way for the strong. to and whose burden is light; through Jesus Christ. Amen. FRED J. MILLER. I-Hoover Rupert, Ann Arbor. Jerseyville "Beovtr State" worse than ... , , , i » H bomb explosion under' derworld and putting the crime; undenvo ,.| ri . And despite Re- "".v stumbled and sprawled on ;lh( , h(1))(j y| hjs ( .. u . H(J) ()n (h)1 czars of the nation under the jpuDl j,. nn s | 1)RHns . the syndicatei lhe ground. The pursuing «un Msi ,,. OM(| tl . y |h(1 njl . ed assassj||> . relentless filare ot a Semite in- MJ|| m ,^ , n( . same rm 'kels in " 1en Pumped bullets into his n( |,||,,,i |,j m ui(h | HI || et!; as ne vestigation. 11 inluiiated some Chicago as when Kefauver \v;is of the bii; city bosnes who the democratic machines New York K;m<a> C'ity and Chicago, and the> lilncked hi^ nomination toi picsidi'iit in Iff,.: aside by the big city prostrate body including five in p.,,. k(M | Hi' the head alone. Miraculousls 'I bosses "and Ike promised "-rimej Hronjjc niiinaced to Imng on to '„„.,„ clean-up PiKht veais auo. i''''' llir loui "W'ths before In , .i/-,i i : t'ave up the whost. Last year, the (Jin-ano pohc*'. n-|)orle(l 10 canylaiul sinyingt;. Symllratf KlllinuH Killli' X'eai's lui\e m>« pa^s' 1 " the p«-j lei'> --CP what has liaprx-nc'l ,,.,. tf, the in ,n who fought crime , ( in '.V.> and «hal the Republic^:- ^ ] ^ hiut;est underworld slaumh- .Joseph Diviuco. nlias in l'J years. jfaesar. an Accardo <irm\, )i- jwiih e (>\(»n found a liur- : ' 18s llp( ' M \ '.tii. r .jpci .itiriy \vitlii!i l ' ls '" '•'' •iat{(;i'ied into an apart- Ituildinu bill died in a p;Mi«l \\at;on on the uay lo Ihe hospilnl. lli> prstwhili- partner, l.eo .Toev I'"' 1-ip. was lound in hi-, parked al> i C;M three inonllis later \\ ith a \-n,\i luillei hole throiiKli Hie buck i\ ||i. Ins head. Olhei s has e been in n w e d do\\ f n with shoiKuns and .tf re volvers on a scale reminiscen' ol the Hoitrint; Twenties. In ilv ol Kiiniiland exci u caL'u nmhi .-.pots in- svho carnp ( .i!/Mf<l "l" "»f *W" ,1,,.,,. (mll , miiM ^i,,,.), |, a> L.^-alesinen explain that 'Moex of cleaning up crime have done |() ||)( , n ,,, gest ( W) |i,. P shake-ui); rul>silr wants you to buy this B^Ut it „; Oinaiio'hisiou Another po '' '«"" nine," a simple sales pit, h First, Kst»'^ Kelanvei is now j,,.,, „(, ,.J H: j t Anthony D.' ''"" n:i! ' persuaded even la\er;i in Tennessee fmining the bwillc u .|a/io. l>ra/cnl\ toured Furopc "wtifts \\lin have no use lor "adnion of his life for 'c-noin.nation. A l; , s , iall Vn,,,,- kmn Ac-j- 1 "^ ^-'shers. "uiis ^their nuntk-rs remain uu- lot Of money lia> been poined ,ardi< hinisc'l. ' I'tnle Sam tried to crarl; into the state, ^nn. \\<>m the QI the uioi, mur>li• s the most | 11(m " "" A'cardo on chaiyes underworld. Some liom Hie IIIK .|,i.. KIIIC w,i~ that of bee; dis l"'"' 1 ''<• n;il1 ''luimeil exres-ivc drug lirms he in\e.-i.gated i,,!,,,,.,^ .l ( »,epb Hioi.^e \\ In. Ividj 1 "^""^' expenses in opera I inn some Jrom arch-setji«•«*!!i<iiu>t«- u^m,,.,! hr-lore a miind-i' 1 '* '>»" ' l|llh K«mliliiij: casinn if, defeat him. They may ui'tlj u ,y rcuardini! mobstt-i invasion Hl l'"liim«'t ''i'V ill . Tlie I'.S. levenge. 'ol Hit- Chicago Iwei |Tax t'ouit, however, ruled in Hit Senate Investigation end Fiionye'- IIMM had distributed]Aoardo's favor. lie sulwe- ed when the Republicans took Fox Head beer until Premie? fluently reported that he hdd over in 1953, «t which time Ai-'Hcc;- Salc-v In.'., suddenly t<x>k' st » ld J ' ls inter*nt in the Hub lo tomey General Browaell an (ver the iianchise' in 1»36. ^..nother cruny, L*»lif Kruse, lor nounced that he would depot >; By an interesting c«incidence,|$l'500. the leading;,/nob^tej*. iAi<aiiio turned up on Premier'., Tax agenu are skeptual tha'. yeAri later the top mon-'payrulj t^> &ame year lor $42,-|the t«"K leader gave up, ft>r a AOKOM I Capital oC Orejon f TheOnfOtt is Its official flow* II Babble* 13 Autumn 14 Second Mfflnf 15 Went by 16 Social insert 17 Come in 19 Shoshon«t0 20 Old Eli 22 Parent 23 Among 14 Particular philosophy M Fish sauce IT Pa ving material 18 Royal BritUb Artists (ab.) M Bitter vetcb 30 Ever (coatr.) I finally 4 Greek lett« • Hawaiian Anawar to Pravloua Puul* Mr_v.'j[ lununr-j. awwwn nm ^-wt HWrjIrl W-](-J fMachimiy part tShortnupped fabric i r_"t»juiw i=Ji .._ * lirll?! Ml iron mm Mich., minister, First Methodist Church. aid of federal subsidies." In reference to "housing . . . federally subsidized" was sub- tituted for the original draft provisions which covered "facilities partially or wholly financed by the federal government." MEMBER. THE OF CIRCULATION Local Advertising Aates and Contract Information on application at the Telegraph business office. 111 East Broadway. Alton. 111. National Advertising Representatives the John Budd Company, Ntw York. Chicago, Detroit. Atlanta, Dallas. New Orleanf, San Francisco. Lo* Angeles and Seattle. MIRROR OF YOUR MIND * ™»™ rhymester SB Encourage 37 Color 10 Concluded 88 Yields SB Worm* HDispatobwt SlPulnant 41 Brink 13 Raced 92 Tenant U04*. 42 Soothsayer 18 Scottish dp lease 45 Arrival (so.) 31 Venerate S3 Eternity 47 Bonneville 3S Visigotn king 34D«caya4 and McNarf WAncient IrilO 15Short tote darn*. capital lOTUbM tail state 33 All 88 Vert* 37 Deity 38 Apple centv NOTK: Meanwhile h;i( k in Tennessee, the enemies Sen. KeUmvei has earned dining 1^ s-eais ol fearless im estimation, are waning such a hinh-paid. high-pressure campaign against him thai he couldn t (tike lime out lo attend the Democratic convention w h i e h nominated him tor the vice presidency only four years 1*0, Bell Syndicate, inc.) pronoun 41 S»a birds 49 Transposaf (ab.) 44IUariogj 46 Lariata 48 Vitality 48 Placid 50 Cubic i_ U Cleavta DOW* IFine vapor thing was wrong. One of four expressed a need for help but only one in seven sought help. This segment was made up largely of younger adults, women, and persons with above- average education. Forty-two per cent consulted clergymen. 29 per cent physicians, 18 per cent psychiatrists and 11 per cent social agencies. J« education vital to an executive? ! Answer: Not necessarily, al- thoiiBh education is of value to anyone in any occupational role. An executive is one who is skilled in carrying out plans and directing others, and this ability depends more on temperament and I'haracler than it does on ucfiimuluted lonnal knowledge. In i he U.S. today it is not un- j usual lo find educated cab drivers who ably discuss art and Are truth drug* helpful in crime detection? Auftwer: Yale psychiatrist L. Z. Zeeman pointed out in the Scientific American that narco- analysis may produce untrue statements. In using sodium amytal on persons accused of various anti-racial acts, he found that guilt-ridden subjects were prone to confess crimes which they imagined in fantasy. Ho uioxt jtwjplt- doctor (heir own niHotloim? Aukwer; A recent mental He said that psychopathic sub- liteidture, and highly capable health survey found most emo- jects could deny crimes to the plant managers who never tionally troubled people reluc- point of unconsciousness, even heard of Goethe, Galileo or tant to seek professional help, though every objective sign in! Newton. even when they knew some- dicated their guilt. (0 1K60, KlQl FMturti Synd., lac.) ,

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