Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 30, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Saturday, July 30, 1960
Page 2
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PAC,E TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH SATURDAY, JULY 30, 1900 Pimm «*w Uw TtmpfMmwtt Democrats WininROK Election SC/MVV SLNI)A\ Rain is forecast tonight for New dershowers. Fog with drizzle Is expeot- ed on the north Pacific coast. Cooler England. Shower* and thundershow showers are etpected in a band from the Texas Panhandle eastward to the middle Mississippi Valley. The mountain!* of the Southwest may have thun- Congo Still Adamant On Katanga as State 3 Forest Fires Out Of Control LKOPOLDVILLE. the Congo (AP) — Congolese leaders stood j i adamant today for immediate! U. N. action against secession of! the Katanga Province, despite re-1 ported pleas for moderation by j U. N. Secretary General Dag : Hammarskjold. "Our position has not changed," , said Information Minister Anicet' Kashamura after Hammarsk.jold had met with the Cabinet. Asked whether the secretary B> .IOH\ RODKKUK SKOUL. South Korea fAP>— John M Chang's Democrats, riding :\ wave of i wills ion against the corrupt 12-year rule of Syng- inan Rhee's Liberal party, won a decisive victory today in South Korea's fhst fin elections. Some violence erupted over the vote count. Climaxing five years of hitter, often futile opposition to the ironhanded Rhee regime, the Democrats seized control of the ruling' House of Representatives in still j incomplete but conclusive counting of 9'i million bnllnts cast in Friday's election The Democrats won their first mandate to lend this Communist- menaced nation in balloting that was marred by postelection bal- jlotbox burning, pitched battles ; between police and anti-Rhee stu- i dents, and demonstrations against ! vole counting irregularities in, fa- Alton and vicinity — Partly V or of winning Democrats. , cloudy and a little cooler today., Eight instances of violence High in the mid 80s: fair aiifij c | oue |e d the otherwise peaceful rooler tonight; low 60-65; Sun- voting Friday night. And today a day sunny and pleasant; high company of soldiers had to be 80-85. Called out at Taejon, 100 miles south of Seoul, to quell 10.000 demonstrators who tried to break into the City Hall charging a fraudulent vote favor a Democratic candidate. Still incomplete returns indicat- temperatures are expected In the middle Mississippi Valley. (AP Wirephoto Map) Tropical Storm Moving Into New England Area By THK ASSOCIATED PRESS Trnplcnl storm Bretida swept j across the Middle Atlnntir States ntirl into New England today, out a turbulent combination of torrential rains and force winds. One to six inches of rain swamped numerous communities In the storm's path and produced local flooding. Tides ran two to threr feet above normal on Chesapeake Bay. Coast Guardsmen and volunteers struggled to save more than 75 racing yachts from damage as Brenda hit the eastern Long Island Sound nrea near Nlafttic, Conn. Two ships pulled out of trouble after running aground during ouffhfarr-s. Tampa, Fla., mrms ured a 13.92-inch soaking since the storm began in the Southeast Prmmi Oklahoma Thr midrontinent, too, was glv on a weather thrashing. Winds up to 100 miles an hour pounded wn- Irnl Oklahoma overnight, causing considerable property dama<?r and at least two Injuries. Hail and as much as 2.71 inches of rain hit some communities. Despite the severity of the Eastern storm, damage wa* relatively light. Its hardest punch cam* in the form of heavy rain. Some ser- tlons measured six-Inch rains in six hours. Gale warnings flew along north ern coastlines. Wind gusts soared *»/. i W Cat IIP I Magin Gets 30-Day Stay For Appeal DOWNED IIV SMOKK ST. PAUL, Minn.—Firemen drag a 200 patrons from the Trade Winds fallen comrade to safety at a fire early night club and caused damage estlmat- today. Fo,nr firemen were treated for ed by fire department officials at smoke inhalation at a blaze that routed £40,000. (AP Wirephoto) Downey Pleads Noto Contendere On Other Income Tax Charges the night, but n salvage ship re-jto 61 miles nn hour during mninpd beached. (heavy thunderstorm at LaOwmlia A five-inch rnin in eastern and j Airport in New York City, southern Maryland overburdened, The frothier Vermont was storm sowers and flooded streets jP"llod ^ after running agrom d In Cambridge. Residents look to!-1m ing the night southeast "f fishing on the inundated thor-iChnrle,ton, S.C. The ferry VIM- SPRINGFIELD. III. (AP)—Wil- the Democrats had captured 1JHm ,s mo koyi Downey, a former !at least 133 seats of the 233-seat ajd(s to QOV. Stratton. has pjeaded guilty to one count of a four-count lower house. The Liberals who dominated the old Legislature by 80 votes were ^ va " g j oni " charging him with tax !almost completely turned out of; Harlington Wood Jr.. who is pros-,Alexander, told newsmen they op- ; editing the case, called the nol) pose the nolo contendere pleas. If j contendere pleas "an admission Poos rejects the plea, Downey j of guilt hut an unwillingness to may stand trial on his innocent j say so." plens of the three counts. Poos did not set a date for fur- After Downey's return from Downey, who once said a probe, (her hearing. World War II Navy service, he Unto'his tax record was politically; The government contends Down- operated a .public relations busi-| 2.500 Entries Seen For Recipe Contest The Telegraph-sponsored recipe contest, which closes at midnight tonight, is well on the way to attracting 2.oOO entries. » At la<M count 1his afternoon. there were over more than 2..'M) recipes in hand, and last minute entries were expected to push the total up even more. Response has uained momentum in the last few days. with entries steadily increasing in numbers. Toriay, 225 recipes were received. Kntires for the contest will »« CHICAGO 0 - The 7th U. the i new Assembly. igeneral had made any concrete s. Circuit Court of Appeals Fri-| T" 6 Democrats closest rivals i motjvated previously pleaded in-!<•>• should have reported income of ness which "he continued while on ..proposals to deal with the crisis. day ordered a stay of 30 days ui| were the independents who were '^ , 0 ' a)1 four ' counts . Hei$i«,074 in the years 195.1-5K hut Stratton's staff. Strnlton has indi- be eligible for the competition out of control' ' Kashamura rp P liwi - " II is not up; the 3-year prison term. and $2,-| on the wa V to victory in 50 con-1 chanf , pd ,, 1P p i pa frirtay Jielon I,-Dually reported $BM7fi. It said eated that he ordered Downey to if they are |K>snnarked no la- hp to him but up to us to make pro- QOO fine imposed by the District: lests - Manv of them - , eve ^' u S District Judge Omer Poos, he paid taxes of SHi.OR? when he discontinue this .interest. i^^ic- ,>„..„,:„ Tr-. o, t „..:,. ^ c—' are Dro-Demoeratic and will nrob- "' ' •-'owed S51,494. Downey complained Downey took the position with years. In neighboring British Columbia, however, the situation was critical, with more than 400 fires Hammarskjold was reported ! trying to convince the Congo's leaders that any rash act at this delicate stage would plunge the nation into disaster. St. Louis on SI-pro-Democratic and will prob ter than midnight tonight. art with rt raging out of control. They ranged yyi in size from 1,000 to 8,(3uO acres, j avoi( j mostly in heavy timber. i as Twenty-five Canadian fire fight- \ ' Kasharnura tojd the newsmen ers. among 68 trapped by the worst of the Canadian blazes, were forced to spend the night surrounded by the flames. They were in a burned-over area and his government wants immediate ! Wo rtman's 'finances. ' Court Magin, so he can appeal to the iabl y vote with them. U.S. Supreme Court. Magin, of Madison County, a reputed top lieutenant of racketeer Frank Buster Wortman, | earlier lost his appeal to the Chi- :cao review court from a June i conviction of lying during a 1956 j grand jury investigation of! action to secure Congolese unity ', and achieve evacuation of Belgian troops. Katanga's Premier Moise, Magin's attorney, Emerson Baetx of Alton, Thursday asked Koch Still Can't Find New Post cost the former $15,000-a-year administrative assistant to Stratton. i five years in prison and a fine of $10,000. Downey. 50, asked probation for his guilty plea to the I count, which accused him of understating his 1956 income tax by I $9,274 and of underpaying his taxies that year by $3,595. Poos or! dered a report by a probation of! ficer. Downey requested permission to change his plea on the other after his indictment in March that the governor when Stratton as- Introduced It tucket hit a rock during heavy foR outside Nantucket. Mass . and | anchored overnight until the fog ! lifted. She was not damaged »e \-erely. and the 12J passengers Iwere landed safely. Sht|>N Ki-Mchcd The Coast Guard attempted '•" free the salvage ship Big \\"'i ; which was beached off KaU.' : ('apc, Va . during the storm The Midwestern squill lib- cluni; to the front of a '-old front moving southeastward out of Can ;ada. At Will Rogers Field in Okln ihoma City. 100 winds dam 'aged several, planes on the ground A farmhouse west of Oklahoma City was destroyed by winds in a ; lhunderKtorm that dropped \v;\\\ rains. Muskrgon. Mich., reported h^ll ;inr'h hail and heavy rains with winds up to 77 miles an h<nn Wind uusts (in to 70 miles an hour were clocked near Chicago. Showers also dampened seat tered sreas of the West, but more he could not learn details of the sumed office in 195:1. He resigned : First railway car designed ex-;hot weather was the prospect for allegations of Internal Revenue Ins) Dec. ). Downey previously Delusively for the preparation : inland areas. The advancing cold agents, but Poos denied his re- served ns an aide to Stratton I mm | and serving of meals was inquest for a bill of particulars. 1931 to 1953 when Stratton was:traduced in the United States by Wood and his assistant. Marks'state treasurer. I George Pullman in 1868., front should lower temperatures comfortably in the Northern [Plains and upper Great Lakes. ger. The fire was 30 miles south, , secpssion after violence -tion July 25. Of Kamloops. B. C. , , the newborn African repub . Bart/, must file the high court The other 43 were a.rhfted out , Hc . PContinuation of thn Katanga's 1^ ion within 30 days of the rul- Fnday night after using ^ their ^ rould ^ dof)m of the ,ng or by Aug. 26. equjpment. including 11 bullao/-| ^ )if f th , , { mc ers, to clear a helicopter landing | p™ EAOT ST. LOUIS - Gordon strip. The remaining 25 were ex- i KaJ..,™,...,, said thp pected to come out today. : JS^S w ™ ins j, after he * C con" ill take teaching job. "I think it will take a year, at ; Foster and Robert F. Sheer, as- lefls1 ' bfjfol ' p an y institution will 'sociates of East Side rackets f^' '• «™ hire ™ c with impun-• The out-of-control fires were *e;^''l^ir7coundi" re ' so j uUon j overlord Frank Buster Wort-i"y." Koch told newsmen Friday.: 6,000-acre Cummings Creek tire ( , a ) ling for eva cuation of Belgian | man - reported to the U.S. mar- Koch was in Chicago for a test-' and the 5,000-acre Wenatchee f ' g fmm y^ Congo be carried 'shal's office Friday to begin ;imonial dinner in his honor. The Creek fire in Southeastern Wash- . '. ^ awav serving one-year prison sentenc- j dinner was held to raise a fund to •• ington. and "the 5.000-acre Spring! Almost at t 'h" e ' sa me time a U.N. : es for conspiracy to evade fed-'finance a court battle. Creek fire in rugged Snake River: kesman announced 1hnt Be j>ral gambling taxes. Joe l Sprayregen, a lawyer for Canyon at the eastern tip of Or*-!_.— had ed , 0 take •„ under advisement. U.S. Dist. Atty. Boston Reception For Lodge gon. Cool Weather Is Rolling Into Illinois imme-' They were taken to the federal the American Civil Liberties TJn- BOSTON (AP)—Triumphant re- diate steps to evacuate 1.500 sol-'Prison at Springfield, Mo. ion, said a lawsuit will be filed ( . pptjons ul Boston and his nearby diers from the Congo to Belgium Foster, a relative of Wortman. ft « aillst 1ho University of Illinois, hometown of Beverly await United This is the first evacuation of and Sheer were sentenced ,hil>'.alleging breach of contract. N a |j O ns Ambassador Henry Cabot Belgian troops since the trouble 19 on their pleas of guilty. Each Sprayregen said the lawsuit will.L j(K lgc on his arrival today from started. B.v THE ASSOCIATED PRESS Cooler weather rolled across Illinois today, ending n siege of steamy 90-degrw heat in northern counties Clouds dampered the sun over much of the northern half of the state and temperatures were as ; Democratic Party's push to re- much as 10 degrees cooler than capture Tennessee and other Friday's levels in the low 90s.-'southern states it lost in 1956 be- Southern counties were expected, gj ns tonight when Sen. Lyndon B. to feel the cooling by nightfall. Johnson, the vice-presidential A few scattered showers pre-; nominee, opens his campaign at ceded the change lu cooler wt-ath-'a party rally here. Johnson Will Open Race Today Michigan Police Probe Strangling NASHVILLE, Tenn. (AP)—The ilso was fined $2,000 by District seek one year's salary for the V2 the Republican National Conven- Judge William G. Juo.rgens, who months following Koch's flis- tion, which nominated him its gave them until today to get their charge last spring. vice-presidential candidate, personal affairs in order. As an assistant professor of bi- Boston's Democratic Mayor The government charged that ology Koch was paid $5,900 a 'John F. Collins ordered an official Foster, 39, and Sheer, 40, op- year. : ( .jty welcome for "a noble son of i-rated a clearing house for hand- The biology teacher was fired i Massachusetts, when his panel books in the East St. Louis area, after expressing his views on sex from Chicago touches down at in a letter published in the student i Logan International Airport at newspaper. 1:45 p.m. Jn a news conference Friday. : j.'j rP and police department Koch reiterated his opinions con hands will be on hand at the air- doning pre-marital sex experi-; p or t, where a huge crowd is ex- ence. pected I o greet Massachusetts' Taking note of the Republican! second favorite son to grace a National Convention which ended; national political ticket this year. ; here Thursday, Koch said Re- A similar welcome greeted publicans and Democrats should Democratic presidential nominee ch have had platform planks dealing : sen. John F. Kennedy two weeks for S( ' x - ago. MACKINAC ISLAND. ? il'i—Stale police plugged er in the south On hand will be the governors j new leads today in the baffling Koch said politicans, edueati rs Over night lo\\s generally were of six Southern states—four ofipaniy-sirungling of a wealthy 19-iand clergymen are "nol dealing in the upper Ms. Belleville and which went Republican in the last '>car-old widow on this historic honestly and forthrightly with the Chicago cooled no lower than 71. presidential election—plus Gov.-.Lake Huron resort island. the question of satisfaction of in- Chicago claimed the state's hot- elect Farris Bryant of Florida. Friday night they released two i dividual sex needs." test temperature Friday. 94 de- Rep. Hale Boggs iD-La> and for- men held without charsc after in The former teacher is preparing grees. Other highs included 92 at'mer Sen. Karle Clements of Ken- intensive questioning. Rockford, Molinc 91 and Spring- lucky. field and Vandalia 91) Johnson's appearance was \t a book on sex. He is now unem- "We'rc reduced to scratcnidgl Pl°y p d. along for clues," said Slate Po-| He said he has not received a 'job offer from "any worthwhile A fair and pleasant Sunday was, ranged by Gov. Buford Ellington,,, it>p u Kob( , r J' Bil ' .„ in prospect with temperatures one of the earliest supporters of; ' .. ' . . i ,. n ||p,, p nf , in iverKitv" around 80'in «he north rangingithe Texas senator for the presi- ^ mitigation into the po s - ..ollege or uiuvenuty. a tew degrees higher in the south.! dential nomination. \ "»«' '«.on between the slay- Johnson will fly here from Hy- •"« l)f **»*• »r«nces Lacey of I Rork>li«le Kills Woman in l-rance CHAMONIX. Franco lAPi - A rockslide on the face of Ml. Blanc i Friday killed a woman, bringing to five the number of climbers killed in the French Alps this year. Two Killed In Missouri Car Crash WKNTZVII.LK Mo iAPi - A annis Port, Mass., where ho conferred Friday night with Sen. John F. Kennedy, the Democratic pres- Dearborn, Mich., and the bludgeon deaths of three women last Starved car overturned on U.S Highway voted Republican in 195G. 40 Friday, fatally injuring a St. with Tennessei . Louife woman and her grandson. Her husband, the driver, I'Vt'Ufll .Viul Al}l«'riail was seriously hurt Mis. Dora Paton, 67. and Rob |{ ert Paton, 10. died in Kailh Hov pital in St. Louis a/tei the acci- Lt. Botb we,, thrown .rom ,1 in Starved Rock State! idential nominee. lF;ilk at Ottawa. III., also w ! Govs. John Patterson of Ala- l"' (m ' (i u> be ''"'"'"IB into a stone bama, LeRoy Collins of Florida, Wil " Luther Hodges ol North Carolina. "\\'e have been unable to de J Lindsay Almond Jr., ol Virginia velop an> sort of link yet," Bil>>i*ii and Bert Combs of Kentucky have said. accepted invitations to attend the M,- S |,, u -cy s Ijudy was found rally Thursday night after a search of Virginia Florida and Kentucky fi\ v days She vanished Sunday along when she set out on loot to visit friends at another part ol the island. Paul Joseph Strand/ of -South Mend 1ml , a .'11-year-old handyman and scenic painter, was re- PARIS (APi-Th( French sent ll ' a ^, 1 Frida > " iKhl after polu ' 1 ' said his alibi i>tr to Algerian rebel ,o the .uillotin State trooper said Rich «**a.v d.-«pitt- a rwrsonal appeal ,„', " f ' '«'«*• car. . ard Paton, 65. the driver, either f '' (JI " NJV " Jl Premier Nikita tell asleep or blacked out Khi-ush.'hev to Fivhideiil Charles '"'"'' *««' ulier MI auio|>»> HU <-ar hit a divide, strip and ''' '-•"!'" ^''* !'»» >" spt-i* the "«••' sti'aiujulaUon w ftk the ... . \h-ii i ins iili- "i death The autopsy, howowr, overtunied ihree tiniek. .vimuns im T, ., , Ali'lerianuihiic Laklili :>. was could not deterjiime if Mrs. Laa-.v dawn at a prison '""' '«••'" '«'l"'d. IJiljjcn suid. Me a bnel .Moslem s;tui " ll ' r< would be additional (•'iboialtu'.v tests .Mrs l.a<v.v',s body was found ,I!H»UI a mile >md a lialt liom l.*>r hotel. Sin- iiad set out from tile hull I iui British Landiiiti, about '.'>'>; niiifk ywav, and uar> slam on the way Fir*- on TA1PKI Fren,'i, 'API — CociunuiiuU fired 89 a .vi:,:, at Uw Qqtanoy Inlands Fri- a P»IK< 4(»y, the Otoeie Nationalist Oe-itfinlx-i taase Min»» reported. IM-I.-M,- liiar.v court for leading ii« unit uiuch illacki-d ujUon m Lv OILS in Sepsi uundmg several ;unlne. '400 \V. J bird St. HO 5-4266 Harry J. SteeU The S/ecJc-Srewor/ Agency wo* organiivd to piovid* better service on insurance matters lot the public. ITICK-STIWAIT ft CO. Riohard 0.8t*w«rt , ONLY A BANK!!! Gives You ALL These Services *1. A BANK SAVINGS ACCOUNT with 3% guaranteed interest. 2. Your own PERSONALIZED cheeking account and a low-coit CHECKING ACCOUNT for your firm or employer. 3. A CHRISTMAS CLUB account for holiday ex« penses. 4. Convenient CAR AND APPLIANCE FINANCING. 5. HOME IMPROVEMENT AND PERSONAL LOANS • for your home and emergencies. 6. A REAL ESTATE LOAN for that home of your dreams. 7. 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