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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Saturday, July 30, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for Mow Than 124 Vear* COOLER SUNDAY: Low 60, High 85. (Complete Weather, fat* Established January 15, 1836. Vol. CXXV, No. 168 ALTON, ILL.. SATURDAY, JULY 30. 1960. 18 PAGES 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Press Hay Fever Season Is Near The Hay Fever Season Is just, around the corner. Usually by this time of year when giant ragweed begins to pollinate, the hay fever suffer, cis arc beginning theit annual sliuggle against the high |>oll n n| count which causes them so! much misery. According to Dr. fc. V. Keriju- sun. cily health commissioner, the season usunlly starts around the middle of July. Then lri| August the pollen count is really high it UMially lasts a month 01 MX weeks, 1)'.' said, depending upon when it gets stalled. The period of highest pollen count is ordinarily from the middle oi August to Hi'; middle of Scpl"in- ber. Tills summer, .'liter (he w <: t .<-|jriiiK and now with a (airiy dry summer with loK of wind"-, he said. UK- hay if •%•••! season should K'-t oil ID ;< "good" start. The wiiuK blnw ih«- inhaling pollens, flisti ibminy thorn <>\fi large areas. h«- add'-d. Asked if Iheif weic any way of cutting weeds in the city on lots and along streets to al- lempt to alleviate the poll-Mi problem. Ferguson said. "In many suburban aieus people have been vigorous in (.'loaning out lots and keeping (heir property free of the weeds. Many ^ people are benefited by this. However in an area such a»' Alton with the many wooded' areas and valleys within the city, it would be & major procedure to clear the weeds. This' would be a very expensive pro-; position." In the East, he said, some; IN 90-DEGREKHEAT Kennedy, Johnson Will Press Big-Scale Legislative Plan Jo Ann Platter of IJovana, a member of the Piasa Indian Senior Drill Team, wears the fur coat Friday^ afternoon as a promotion stunt as she sits on a fire-" plug at Broadway and Easton streets. She is advertising a rummage sale sponsored In the drill team. —Staff Photo. Milton Taxes Have Increased 25 Pet. Cover Up OnDownev: •' Kerner ROCK ISLAND, III. <AP>—Otto Kerner. Democratic, nominee for Illinois governor, said today that •. acceptance of guilty in federal cases against two Republi-. can stale officials has averted full disclosure of evidence Kernor refened lo the plea -,u William 'Smokey > Downey, for 11- er /tide to Gov William (i ton. Friday in I'.S. District COMI-I at Springfield. Ill . in an inronir> tax evasion i-ase. and lo that ol ,,\ Orville Hodge, former slate auditor, who took the blame in a l 1 .-- million-dnllnr embex/lement scandal. "In Ihe light of Mi Downey's plea of guilty x x x without any explanation, there is cause for citi£ens of Illinois to wonder about the series of scandals that have shaken the governor's immediate lofficinh family x x x" Kern«r said. Ho ^addressed a state bo;'td mooting of the Illinois Junior Cliamber of Commerce. Kerner said "It is strange tiu't in two federal cases, both involv-, ing members of Stration's 'official i family, the defendants pleaded guilty without a trial and i New Defense Funds May Be Requested By O. MILTON KELLY HYANNIS PORT, Mass. (AP) *- Sens. John F. Kennedy and Lyndon B. Johnson, the Democratic presidential and vice presidential nominees, agreed today to press a wide-scale multi-billiori-dollar legislative program in the Congress session beginning Aug. 8 and to appeal for bipartisan support for it. "The American people will be Kennedy told a news conference quirk to spot obstructionist, tactics aimed at keepinc us from en- ariins much of this legislation." in a statement in which Johnson also joined. f fll uj. » , I \ \4 ^ O 1 f"| k / 1 •**• " **•* ICW DEMOCRATIC LEADERS MEET HYANNIS PORT, Mass.—Sen. Lyndon B. Johnson flanked by Sen. John Kennedy adjusts his glasses as he prepares to answer questions from reporters at a press conference in the living room of the home of Joseph P. Kenne- dy, father df the senator. The t\vo senators held a long meeting earlier in the morning. They told reporters they discussed some of the vital issues they will discuss in the coming campaign. (AP Wirephoto) Milton resident-- w^ill pay taxes Z; pel cent higher in 1900 cities have ordinances requiring | than they paid in 1959 ' Janl " s Gor ™n. Alton township asse.s- S °" con{irmcd in r «**>n*c to a Telera r without the judge apparently reviewing in open court any cvi- nomeowner." 7" "tak" ""•'"" < f^ S ° r ' con{irmcd in >' ps Ponse to a Telegraph query today. dencc, in spite of an age-old nol- their own iJroi.ertv whh^esreu factors that boost this year's ton tax 'rate which is higher! '<? of * hp Department of Justice, to weed control ' ta *" S '" ""' " ;t '" nUy ' unni ' x '' d ' lhyn Milto »' s " as last year when! through both Dernocratic and Re- 0 foniroi. Milton area are: Milton taxpav- ,,-,, - „. . ,,- ipubhcan administrations, of rv- • crs will henceforth pay the Al- ™*°" was .. u .' W °° d River tmvn 'i viewing factual evidence which Alany sufferers have found i iief. from hay fever and other ^atonal allergies by air-eondi- tioning their homes, he said. Also a yicat help to sufferers are today's air-conditioned cars. Another device from which many people gain relief is thr "electronic dust collector" which! is on the market today. This is much more efficient than filter-1 ing devices which are used in' an attempt to remove pollen from the air he said. The air in a room N pa>sfd through the "plectronic dusi collector' which contain* el'-d. rohtalicly (harmed plaies >n which dusl particli'.s adlieic. .Some collectors of this type aie available which can be hooked into hot air furnaces. Th".se are available at fairly rea^,in- able cost, he concluded. Inside Musts PAGE 4 PAGR 8 PAGE II PAGE 13 PAGE J4 PAGE 15 PAGE 15 EDITORIAL . SOCIAL . . . SPORT8 . . . RADIO & TV COMICS . . . CLASSIFIED OBITUARY . 89 Motorists C,e\ Hal/- Year Licenses Eighty-nine residents ol Alton have taken out hall- year city automobile licenses since June 1, indicating that a large number of new motorists have taken the field here in the last two months. The half-year licenses are taken only when residents acquire new or additional cars and have no une.xpired license from a trade-in vehicle to be tr;m>lerred. At the oil ice ot City Tierisuror M. O. Klliolt today it was said that J,OT: J , persons thus far this year have had license.-, transferred, the usual result ol trading present cars for others. Total of hall-year licenses plus translers runs to 1,07;! which is an indicator ol the ship, and Milton has an overlap--publicly disclosed in open court " -hospital ana-fire district. 1 Kerner blamed the "in- A proponent of the Milton an- difference" of the state admim- iicxation to Alton stated in his pe- stration for deterioration of II!i- Nixon, Seaton Meet With Farm Interests CHICAGO 'APi — Vice Presi-Jiticallv and economically sensi- tition for ,-mne.vation that higher nois' mental health ranking! dent Richard M N ' Lxon brought | live farm problems. taxes were to be expected for bet- among the states. "along Secretaiy of the Interior Nixon and Benson had differed Fred A. Seaton as his agricul-lin their approach to farm ques- 'ter city seiviees. Tlie better serv- He said Gov. Stratum has con•ices include: lower - insurance i sistently cut back the State Wei- rale* (especially fire insur-jfare Departments budget during .ancej. police protection, fire pro-jthe last seven years. ;lection, garbage collection, street "Eight years ago, Illinois ranked lighting, more motor fuel tax re-jin the upper 10 per cent of the fund, and better sewer mainten- states in the care offered our They noted the session is expected to last only three weeks and indicated they will simply have In check rind see how much ivallv ( . an bi! dono Johnson and Kennedy dis- ( '' ospf l I hey na d Considered at length a proposal to seek a big new appropriation for defense purposes, which has been suggested as : * Jni'i'lfK answer to insults by Soviet Premier Nikita Khrushchev. Ol'lirial notification of the deci- Kennedy said a decision on ision Friday of the Illinois Com- whether to press this proposal in 'merce Commission on the Alton the short Congress session was Water Co. rate reduction has not held in abeyance until he and hcen received In attorneys rep- Johnson can learn how much de- ivscnling Ihe larijr industrial .' fense money already appropriated water users in the area, attorney has been "impounded" by the Ei, J t'. Srhlufly .H 1 . said today. sonhower administration. : Sehlally said that until such Johnson made public a letter . notificatioii is received, he is un- lhp addressed Thursday to Secre- iable to make any comments re-> tarv of Defense Thomas S. Gates 'garding possible action to be Jr ;lski "K for such a report. i taken on the decision. The, letter, sternly phrased, : The ICC has issued an order | asked Gates to re P° rt on how ^^ reducing rates of the Alton Wat- '<• def pnse funds are being used and or Co. to 5 per cent below a pre- lto rp P° rt also °" what ste P s have vious commission order, which ! bot '" takf '» or a r e Planned to ,had called for 47 Vb per cent. 'eliminate "wasteful" practices at j The previous order, issued;" 10 Pentagon. I Dec. IS, 1937, was appealed to Kennedy told a jam-packed i the -MatifsrSrOBnTfty Circuit Court ; n ' nvs conference at the summer by the City of Alton. The court j no " M> ()f his father that he and campaign on (arm matters. Niwn, moc jjfj e d the commission's order j Johnson sal up late discussing the identified Seaton today, at least. on several grounds and the de-! le sislalive program for the bob- for the moment, as his chief agri- 1 C j s j un was U n| le |d bv the Su- : tailed August session of Congress. tural adviser to a meeting of Re-[tions. publican farm representatives to-j Benson sup|)oried New York day. Gov. Nelson A, Rockefeller for i " M<p - mentally ill. Illinois had em "My taxes are 23 per cent) barked on an. enlightened, far- sonlf ' higher." A. O Sehwegel, 3000|siKhted program." Kemer said. CTf ' ss Shady Place. tolrl the Telegraph, "Today the picture has changed today. yreally. and lor the worse. Sclme-.l x;,id lie had just sold "'"'""'s '"inks 26th and below hi- home in the Milton area and, : ' V(>l<a K ( ' '" lhf ' adequacy of its iii the normal course of events, , " lenlal hospit"! physicians: 24th paid ''the taxes on the property ' anfl "^'^ «wage in the number Exra Taft Benson, secretary of the presidential nomination dur- agriculture in President Eisen- ing the recently ended GOP Na- hower's Cabinet was conspicuous- tional Convention, ly absent from the conference of: Seaton, once mentioned as Re- some (>() GOP members of Con- publican vice presidential possi- ?-o> others .\i.\on called to explore jX)- up to counsel Nixon during the for the lust seven months of this year. The taxes were $162.19. ' 01 10 ° personnel for each and 43rd and below lie said. "I paid SL'22.31 in taxes am "'B 1 ' >" ">P number of full on Ihe same property for 12 tim(> ( ' m l )lo .V' ls for f '' if -'> 1<W p. months in 19.19. On a'la-month ti ™ ts '" hf> a( ? fl( ! d ' basis, f would be paying $278.04 this year — 25 per cent (his year than last K «'»«' r said the Board of Pub-' J«f ZM ml- Injured Slightly When Hit by Car John Bucherer, U5, a carpenter, oi 500 State St., incurred '" Q jan injury lo his right shoulder when brushed by an automobile which is an indicator ol the ,. .. . lion dollars for the biennium and volume of purchases of used Uin "' in s ;" d Mllton f rea |)et >' J ! e : that Stratton cut this to 17fi mil- was ™rf „„,„ .,,,ui n i A « K., AI.,,., ''"' l ): '. VII lg •» P p >' cent more thisi,j_ ^.,ii«.,^ resii .1 Broadway and Market street at 3:55 p.m. Friday. He was cultural adviser. The GOP presidential nominee' opened tlie meeting, which was! held in private, and then turned' it over to Seaton to run through j an agenda of major problems | that face the nation's farmers. Nixon told a news conference Friday he is planning a major farm speech "very early in the campaign." He said he wants to develop a farm program that UK- j publican candidates for the House and Senate, as well as he, can run, • on successfully in November. • Sen. John F. Kennedy of Massa: chusetts, the Democratic presiden- ; tial nominee, has said he will lay • an over-all farm bill befors the; ! Senate when it resumes its sessions August 8. Nixoji has bounded himself not; to sponsor any legislation that 1 may be offered or plugged by Re- preme Court. , . _ , . , ., . ,,,..,, . i ..... ^ — _..„.„. -. ,-m.-,^^ v , .»,.'" T f? ambulance to W. Joseph's Hosp.tal where he j publipfllls in ^ scssjon Hc ' s;ljd ' DATA AT THE DAM 8a.m. temperature Yesterday'.-, today 77". High Vi. . low Tl . River stage below Piuutmation dam at 8 a.m. 24 lirs. to S a.m. •i.\. Pool 23.3. None. and new vehicles by Alton- ians since Jan. J. Total of licenses muturve- hicles lor which city stickers have been issued in the tirst seven months this year now is 13.803. Some recent annexations to Alton by which motorists have become city residents is serving to boosl the license total. . lion do)lars ' now ol Alton. Last year, Mil-j ton area people paid 2.711 on $100 asseshed valuation, whereas Alton paid '.', 1S8, Gorman said. Milton by a doctor and then discharged to return to his |thati if he did " obviouslv t , vel . y . residence. , |hjng that j Sl|ggegt wou , d jmme _ The former Cook County judge; ^According ^ to ajjolice report | guilty in police court where ajdiately come under discussion as "" ' " "'"" '""" ' .being politically influenced." maidsj Nixon's campaign managers |said Stratton has moved too slow-i of Ul ° int ' ident ' Bucherer was.$25 fine was imposed. Alton Area Troop Back FromBoyScoutJamboree Boy Scout Jamboree Troop 62 from Piasa Bird Council returned to Alton this morning by special bus from St. Louis on the final leg of its trip home. They were met by parents at the park. Tonight the highlights of the week-long jamboree at Col.> will be Alton; Andrew Augustine. Bill still has its lire district and it is it(m , slilMn (he Wood River Township! "ii|j rl( District so thai il has In pay ()( j ( ,, •taxes to help support Ihe hospit-',,, n) ' t , n(n | al, und the fire district. Consequently Milton people will pay !!..'i8S on $100 assessed valuation lor 19tiU. Gorman sated. ' Alton will pay iilSS for I960., .Gorman said. He said all of the; i figures were close approxima-i ' tions. i i A spokesman for the Milton Fire] j District said the Milton Firej l District will not have to levy aj I tax this year, because it has! ly to find a site for building a new hospital for mentally retarded, authorized by the 1959 legish- spun about by the automobile j Quo of the city meter „ _....,.._ und apparently incurred ai was ncar at | iand at t j me O f tne concede Nixon is at a disadvan- shoulder dislocation when his accident, and she immediately tage in an attempt to compete " ' ' *•"•'" "called the police desk to have! for use of the Senate as a political! | right arm si ruck ami broke a ( . a | !( , d tne po | jce dcsk to have! for use of the Senate as a political! Ilinois can regain a posiiimn Vc ' ntllu1or P nne in tne front r ' Ol) (an ambulance and police car dis-jsounding board with Kennedy or! adership among the 50 states o! ln(> l ' al Uuchercr was ii>- t p aU ,|, ec | ,j,j s runnmg ma t t , Senate Demo-1 icnlal heullh care if we stait porlcdly crossing Broadway in; A( Buclm , er ,,. nome tod „ ; cratic Leader Lyndon B. Johnscnj " Kpvnfi wild '*he crosswalk from the north' ... . . . i,,i Tpvuii IM HUM said. ... r was said he was able to be up, "•*«>>• TODA\ "8 CHUCKLE This inquiry came to the reservation desk of a resort hotel. "Do you have suitable accommodations wl;ere 1 can put up with my wife?" side ul the street at time of! jthe accident. l According to the police report i the automobile in the mishap was a westbound vehicle driven by Vej'a M. Duvi.s, 55, ol Affton, Mo. Police filed a careless jwas said he was able to be up| and about and apparently doing well. Police dispatched the Staten ambulance to the Missouri approach of the Clark highway bridge at 6:10 a.m. today after Smalt Foreign Car Pushed Aicay by Boys Only a few minutes after a Liberty street resident informed police at .11:55 p.m. Friday that lie had just observed a group of boys pushing a small oar through the 1700 block of his street, Leland F. Kreid Jr. reported his foreign-made sedan had disappeared from a barking place in front of his residence at 706 Grove SI. Apparently the boys seen with the car fled as the Liberty street householder switched on his porch lights. Police found Ihe missing automobile near where the boys first were observed. Kreid was notified and claimed the vehicle. He reported the car had incurred damage about its left front, rear fenders, and running board. Search for the boys who abandoned the little sedan was fruitless. Kreid reported it had been taken some time after 8:30 p.m. Coleman Gary Doerr Mark: 6 " 0 " 8 ' 1 .T"^ ? th ° bank '°! M/iciimu, uaiy UUCH, i\idiK support the fire department. Mil Helmkamp, Joseph Ricci, James j ton area taxes would be a litile Ricks, James Rush, and Fred'lower than Sherri'l' 11 "' ;il)OV Ai. Simonds of Bethallo; Freesmeyor, Richard John Sunderland, - and John i legal Thomas of Jerseyville: Gorman's figure if holds true said tlier* is no dissolving a fire Camp for Handicapped Ends With Open House driving charge against the mo- a White « al1 motorist stopped at torist and she later pleaded the P° lice statio » to l ' c P° rt someone apparently had been struck by a truck, and was ly- Hagen. Michael Danieliilislru-l II- dedni-nd »he rtty; condiu ., t . d (or handicapped cliil-|Siatl Henry. Ce^i! and the newly-annexed area ing at the roadside. Subsequently police learned that Mrs. Gloria Becker, 30, of St. Louis had been received at St. Joseph's 'Hospital, apparently suffering from a shoulder injury. Reportedly, she had taller, from an au- The Filth Annual Day Camp .Members ol tlu> day rampjtomobile Alton police notified the Alton Traffic Fatality Record Better Than Most Alton's traffic fatality rate for the first six months this year was better than those of leaders in three of the population classifications as announced Friday liy the National Safety Council. Associated Press dispatches category with 2.3, while Milwaukee with 1.4 per 10.00U led the 500,000 to 750,000 class. rho agenda is long," Kennedy snid. "The unfinished business covers a wide range of fields, all | of them of- key importance to the , American people. Key Issues i "There are such key issues already on the calendar (the Senate calendar of bills awaiting action' as medical care for the aged, housing, aid to education, '•mutual security appropriations, and minimum.wage legislation. "W&, intend to devote our full 'energies lo the enactment of this program, and we will leave our i principal campaigning until the end of the session. We hope to have the cooperation of the Republicans and their candidate." Kennedy said the points outlined do not represent the whole program planned. He said he is in contact with the House Agriculture Committee exploring what farm legislation it might be possible to enact. He said he also would contact the chairmen of various committees to explore whether there is any possibility of enacting civil rights legislation. Johnson said he expects Congress to meet six days a week, starting its session early and working into Ihe night. A reporter told him Vice President Richard M. Nixon, the Republican standard-bearer, has suggested that the Senate refrain from voting on important bills on Saturdays lest it embarrass any nominees. Business Firm Johnson replied tartly that he hasn't observed that it has made any difference to Nixon's plans in the past whether the Senate population | was in session or not. For the j forthcoming session, he said, he did nol list any ratings loi cities ion record, even though the' The Safety Council reported i believes "the people's business the traffic death rate for the j comes first." nation as a whole is the lowest below 100,000 population ; number ot fatalities increased Rut Alton's rate, based on the]over the first half of 1059. rado Springs, Colo., shown on television. (Nickelson, Kdward Sanvi. Terr;y 1 would hau? lo have lull cooper- Troop 62 will be one of the Steinbach, Harry Hawkins, animation trom each othei tc make featured units on the show. They operated a large Paul Bunyan style fire by friction "outfit" using a 16-foot pole. The troop was headed by Harley Sparks, East Alton, scoutmaster; Joe Ravenstein, dren by she Madison County' >:a»tei Seal Society and Alton 1 lllel ' up - v were Mrs Roach. Mrs.iMissouri Patrol on learning ofj mim , jCl . o| , ity ' auhj lil , piwps | Fm , n j g \\ f .rt/i i >i\iiLr . \,,. .1 \r\ii t l,\*ti\ 1 i iMfi '.'tftfiiftimr -»nri UMJI >fi in l(-ii>|-\ioH . . . . .. ... *^ •r»* -.. .„.., .^^,,. „..=.,. . -.. — „ »• iHimuer ol city auto licenses From January through June Woodcock occupational|the accident, and were mlormed| isslled against the sjngle lral ncithls year, 17,100 persons died in /. Mrs Mary Alice: troopers were en route to invest- :dpalh ilu . lln ,, d he , e during , no „.„„',,. Ut ,. i(lenU ., ^ Qf • ami Mrs. Jean Gnllith.. mate. | f|rB| sjs mon(ns was 7 per dealhs ,-„,. wve ,. y m am ^ dorf. and William Rugh of God- \ con vanes next year may dtocu«i cdm P us Alton, and Bud Taylor, Mt. Olive, asbistant scoutmasters. The 37 Boy Scouts and Explorers in the troop-were 4 Gene Hindtnan. Robert Luken. Roh ert Lynn, Michael McKee. John Millet 1 , Joe 0. Ravenvtein. William Sohrimpi, Lee Veltum, Robert Worcester, and Paul O'NeiU, Of Alton; Charlet. Bono, Hubert Decker, Reggie Sparks, find James Wiseman of East \ frcy; and Larry Trattlei Wood River. The jamboree closed ceremonies on Thursday eve ning and the area troop left by special train Friday morning. Scout Executive Ed Cunningham indicated the participation ol the local jamboree scouU was another major event in the 1960 celebration ot the Golden Anniversary ol Scouting In America. The Scoutb from Alton displayed the All-America City flag and stickers, said Cunningham. * or''dissolving lire districts, the at-' T h »* closed another jtomey said with, A small part of the Milton Firt dramatics; Mrs. Betty Pars,|a collision on K. Broadway al i (lancing; Mrs. Dorothy Maugcr,!George District extends beyond the corporate limits of Alton, so that a proposal lias been suggested to the Milton fire district trustees to lease tin 1 Milton fire equipment to Alton tor $1 a year and under this plan, Alton Fire Department would service the area outside Alton — the section neat 1 the North Rodgers urea. The trust- tees have not yet made this proposal to Alton, the attorney reported ; successful" two-week camp session al Monticello College, according to Mrs. Carol Roach, camp director. handicrafts; Katny Shannahun, music; Betty Bagby, art: Pat Sperry, swimming; Mrs. Louis Chairney and Mrs. Pat Burris, ceramics. The program Friday included a presentation of Indian dances by the Ouatoga Indian Dancers, she said. Brothers of Oblate Novitiate and members of Ft. Russell Pioneer Youth Group assisted with swiniming and other ac- A highlight of the camping jlivities. period, she added, occurred Thursday when R. A. Thome- c/ek, who owns u replica of a stage couch, which W pulled by ponies, brought it to the camp to give the children rides. Volunteer groups which assisted with camp and transportation included Alton Juycee Auxiliary. Wood River Junior Women's Club and Granite City Jutjor Service League. between a coach driven by John Clioutofalsky, 44, of mo K. Ulh St. and a sedan in which Mrs. Wrm-ll L. Kakt-r, 27, of Rt. 1, Moro. had halted in prejjaralion for u left turn south on George. Mrs. Euker's car received rear end damage, according to the police report, and the Chontofulsky coach Incurred front-end damage und was towed I r o m the scene. A charge of intoxication was pressed agtiinst Chonlofalsky und today's police court record shows he pleaded guilty and was fined $20 and costs. The figure could be better than that in view oi the fact that the Safety Council term is "per 10,000 registered vehicles," if one allows for the possibility that not all registered vehicles in Alton are city licensed. The score of Madison, Wis., in the 100,000 to 200.000 population category was .4 per 10,000 registered vehicles. But that was the «nly category leader listed us better than Alton. Chicago, with a score ol 'J.l per 10.000 vehicles, was bent in the more than a million popu- lajfon category. St. Louis was in the 750.000 to million miles ol (ravel. In a like period last year, 17,090 lost their lives, but the death rate was 5.1 lor every 100 million miles of travel. The Safely Council said that although total fatalities were up. a 3 p»M- cent increase in travel this year, applied to the fatality figure, brought the rule to its lowest recorded level lor ti»e( six-month period. I Traffic deaths in June totaled 3,320, or '2 per ount more than the 3,1'liO for June 1959. Tin- June tolls increase In May erased improved vious months. followed rising and April and in pie Kennedy said ho also hopes that Congress will enact legislation to legalize picketing on construction sites where several unions represent the workers but not all the unions are striking. The program envisaged by Kennedy und Johnson normally would take much longer than three weeks ftr jam through Congress However, this is u campaign year, and Johnson is the Senate majority leader. This is far from the whole story. however. They could face di**e.'it from some Democratic Congress membemi on some oi the Items, and 1'ivsidriil I'.'i.M'iihuuer hasn't tfl his |u>wer of the veto. Johnson, his «taff. oitd about 40 'IV.\a.> newsmen and women u will o' the wisp course over due Cape' Cod area Friday night before finding an opening in a heat v overcast that let them kind ut Ou.> Air Force Ba«e,' from heiv. >ntif*

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