Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 29, 1960 · Page 18
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 18

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 29, 1960
Page 18
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Page 18 article text (OCR)

PAGE EIGHTEEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH nvtm ttotisfi; By Howard Spatter !TWNK>t>lUET THEM VWTCH TELEVISION tNTlRELV BtG BEN BOLT By John Cnlten Murphy JtOD SAXON By Ken Bald and Jerry Bronfield SOME OTH« COHTWD6IHI HI* MlSTUH MCE you,PlV6,SOlWTHE iWTE*E*TO'SAVIN WHAT YOU DIP, WU.K-X90TV4 PEEUW'lWM «A WUK/ IWIW ff-WW'P I TftLtW fl BTTHE f •HBaoTMETworcu.EMT' N^MEd* lUCKTHCS^EWIOMT. C4WT WOODV V 864T THE Lit OL'WILE* «»•'/>.... R*iMw»// ALLEY OOP A VELLCW CAR <5O A A'"JUTE AC?O HAPPENS I PIP. TURNEP WEST ONTO THE STATE HIGHWAY' WELL. iP I CAN'T CK1CH UP \MTH Hl\\ I'LL JL15T >=O OUT" THE e»p£E SITE ANP ,./ WHOA' T Hf?e HE x -x oCtS "JTO TU 4T A'ffWT... i SHClii-P I f-'CLLOW HIM .. yi^S OR WAiT AT PINE THINS, THAT 6IRL RWURIfeR WRITIN' ME UP ASA HAIR GENTLEMAN CAVEMAN' TRUTH IN IT... NOT ONE GOiOANG WN3LE SOLITARY WORD.' By V. T. Hamlln ^IJUSTCANT *Ht't>tt)SUCHA THING T"Me.' FRIDAY. JULY 29, I960 ^^§j>ijgaii1BB*J*B*BMM*JS*Si*BSM^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^™ Four Patch Quilt THE STORY OF MARTHA WAYNE By Wilson Scruggs RIVETS By George Sixta i HAV&MO TIMER*SMALL HELLO, Wr. HILL.MICE ww, ISN'T n? I'LL 6WE S9U JlOOO IF V9ULL WU KHOW DOC, WAS TUlMKlUe W TERMS OP $25,000- BUT WWBC WE CAM WOW 50MBTHIM6 OUT/ CAPTAIN EASY By Leslie Turner AT 70fO£tfi i"fE6T THAT OXV0BW LEAK5 DEVELOPED i EASVi I ALMOST BLACKED OUT, BUT MANAGED TO DOWN OUT OP DAU6EK A REPORT OK) THE HIGH ALTITUDE TEST* MADE WITH THE MEW McKEE SPACE 5UIT5 ALL BACK, «UH i \ME, TUCKER..VOU LAB TE&T& WILL STILL HAV/EM'T THE BERRYS By Carl Grubert THE SMITH FAMILY By Mr. and Mrs. George Smith XL.L MMLi^tOOR. LETTER WHEN 3. <dO «3V\OPP\UG» FROM HOW PEL\VE.V? CAKE PDK C/ , -iUOQ PROP BO OPF AT LABRNRY, PM /XT A: 20 TO PROP MOVUE.R. off-AT f tfeCTOR, 7- HEY/ SOMEBODY GE THIS SPANIEL OUT, OF HERE/ T ' >*.\ ; A Knur Piilch quilt - just 4 i sin.pip |)fit«-hcs that arr pieced '.nuickly f|iiiltrr's clpllght. '< Piccinn blocks for your np.xt :quilt is the nff.'dlt'work for wurm |\\(-iitlicr. ,\ quilt mufle in 3 fabrics. Pallorn 88:1: churls, directions, p.ilch patterns. Send 35 cc-nts (colim) for tills imltcTii—uild 5 fi'iitu for each pattern lor MrM-clas* miilllnK- Send lei Alton Tcli'(?rupli, 66, Nnrdlccrafl Dept.. I'.O. Box 161, Old Chi'lNra Station, New York II, N. V. Frlnl plainly Pattern Number, N'unu 1 , and Address. New! New! New! Our 19KO Laura Wheeler Needlecraft Bwk is ready NOW' Crammed with exciting, unusual, popular de- >ipns to crochet, knit, sew. embroider, quilt, \veave---fnshlons, home furnishings, toys, gifts, ba/aar hits. In the hook FRKK 3 quilt patterns. Hurry, send 25 cents for your copy. Smartly Slyleil I'RI.YTKI) PATTERN 4696 SIZES 12-20>40 HENRY By Carl Anderson OUR BOARDING HOUSE With MAJOR HOOPLE OUT OUR WAY By J. R. Williams ZUDLBY C/.Aiy\/I VOUB TICKET'- PAMDEMO/vllUM MOUSETRAPS BECAUSE" WANMA HEAR -rn % 25 WORDS 0(? LESS, A NiAME. A SlMSLe^ _ ^ / ff* MUSE HAS OgSERTEO f-« [ CAN'T SEE HOW TH 1 BULL Cf TH 1 WOOPS CAM KEEP UP HI5 Pl<9- Miry OM ATHIMS LIKE THIS-IT HAS ME THAT AIN'T PI6NITy.' THAT'S JUST TH' SLIGHT DIFFEREMCB BET WEEW US' AMP A B\& SHOT HE'S THIMKIKI' TH' SAME THIN4 AS VOU AW VJE--WHAT WOULD HAPPEW IF THIS THIW6 JUMPEP TH' TRACK ? ONLY HE DOM'T LET A LITTLE THIM6 LIKE VAWPS AN)P 6ASPS IWTERPERE WITH HIS I fc't, THINKIKJ'.' ^- 2»»a: THE COMLEKJTRATDR DONALD DUCK By Walt Disney wow* I'VE HOOKED") A WHOPPER/ ' Q r UiCK,<3ETTH(= >tofc«U<ltr JUtf rubun Junior Editors Quiz on- NATURE FRECKLES AND HIS FK1EXDS By .Merrill Blosser ^ || / Ori, &Oy.' WAIT'L II L PA!SV sSEES... , / U« *•• --v^_. ^.- WAIT'LU) / , OtTn MAfeU-.TWIS AFTERNOON, HILDA—tM SORIW i JUST I UTS po SOMETMINS ABOUT "lOUR. I <3OT ACCIDENT AT THE J OFF ,. ROLLER. RINK /BALANCE/ LAST NieHT/ ^ '' THAT DOESNT REQUIR£ SO WOCH EXERTION-- UK6 MAYB& HORSEBACK AREYOUKIDPINS? «I True Life Adventures] ' " ' > "" BOOTS AND HEU Bl UU1KS By Edgar Martin UP THE NATURAL OBSTACl-ES AU. ©AMP BARS, ar«3Kks ajgaasnts, •V^fc •*?&> QUESTION: What to o sand dollar? * * * ANSWER: Most of flw MM and ooeuw of.tte woild u* ta- habited by strange little animate called MA urchin*, wfalob are related to fUrfiib. Many of them tea urchin* have iharp •pine* •ticking out of them which make them look like porcupine*. Some are fiat and have no •ploei, They are known at cud dollars. Sand dollar* are aptly named for they usually are flat and round, like a silver dollar, and their shells crumble like •and if they are handled roughly. Sand dollars lire In the water* oft both coasts of the United States. Usually they are seen only when great waves or tides deposit them high on the beaches. * » • FOR YOU TO DO; The next time you are at the seashore see if you can find some sand dollars that have been washed ashore by the waves. Take them home and add them to your collection o/ sea shells. e e e (Arlene Recntok of Baltimore wine $10 for Oil* question, •sod your question on a postcard to Violet Moore Higftn*, AP Newsfeatures, in oare of this newspaper, tf duplicate questions we received, Mr*. Hlggin* will Mloot the winner,) T-a» Read Telegraph Want Ads Daily Fashion's 9-to-j tavonte the hhirt\\aist sheath >ou ran dress ui) or du\\n with a variety of accessory changes. Sew it in .smart, deep-toned transition cotton or rayon. Tomorrow's pattern : Jr. Miss sundress, Printed Pattern 4696: Misses' Sues 11'. H, 16. 18, 20: -10. Size 16 takes .'i'l. yards 35-inch fabric. Printed directions on each pattern part. Kasier, accurate. Send 35 cents in coins fur thin pattern—add 10 cents fur eaeb patteni for first-class mulling. Send to Anne Adams, care of Alton Telegraph, 177, Pattern Dept., 248 W. 17Ui St., New York 11, N. ¥. Print plainly Name, Address, size, Style Number. It's always a good idea to have a few character defects, so people will have a reason to mention you. © NE ®A Church Called Lax OKLAHOMA CITY (#) "Tennessee Williams and WU- iam Faulkner are telling us more about man's depravity than the church Is," says the'Rev. Dr. ?. A. Roberts, who spent a year Iving among beatniks. "Prob- ems of boredonii worry and guilt will nut be solved by the same old sermons, and today's .•hurches are not trying to solve their communications problems." Lena is a river 3,000 mile* ong in Siberia. It empties into he Arctic Ocean.

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