Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 29, 1960 · Page 17
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 17

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 29, 1960
Page 17
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FRIDAY, JULY 29, I960 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH MISC. FOR SALE mJjrTtjftCAl MERCHAMHgfe"' FRIGtbAIRH ELECTRFfREFRrn-, FiRATOR — Very nice, no moncyi down take ovtr payment* of $550' per mo. ; WEBER'S TV and APPLIANCE ; 2509 State. Open Friday * Monday NORt?,I~40 r '~"ELECTRIC "RANGE— No money down, fake over payment* df 16.50 per mo. WEBER'S TV AND APPLIANCE AUTOMOTIVE 91 AUTOS - PASSENGER.CARS I960 BUTCK Le ~ Sabre 2^Doof — Radio and heater, automatic shirt. Prlce_»2.r,50. HO 5-1001. ll>40 "CHEVROLET —~Clenn7fun* good. Phone HO 2-5753. 19SO CHEVROLET 2-door. complete Iv customized with many engine modifications; heater, radio, new tire*. HO 5.5721 nr HO 2-1003 ^ g e] A(r AUTOMOTIVE - PASSENOlW BUYS FURNITUR . house fall. CL 4-08S7, 8 «,m. p.m. for free pick-up. " •|I9S2 CHRYSLER Windsor. 2-tone power steerlnp, power brakes new "P. «vthin« <* ^* ^pie'e^j j?47_~^;' _ r ° n ' Imon H " i 1950 DE SOTO — fully equipped New overhaul. Excellent Mres, • PTj Wertlngliouae refrigerator with freetlng compartment. Frigid- alre electric range. HO 2-8718. MA TELEVISION «ET» USED TV;r all g|£H. tXf.M and HP Corvalr 700 4-d6or: Radio?"heater: PnOlM DU 4-94BI automatic transmission. Older car, USED TVi-Cagh or tmtns. Harder! ci 1 ".?*** payments "*" •""'•"I"TV Servlot, 1800 Longdon. HO —''--—~~~ S-l»7«. 1053 CHRYSLER WINDSOR DELUXE. 4 dr. 6 cylinder. Fine oar. "1 1952 PLYMOUTH 4 SOW. ^Radlo. henter Excellent condition. No cash n e r d e d. tin month. E. Sweenev HO 5-1287. 1958 CADiLLAC^SEDAN" DE VILLE Local bii'-lness executive just traded this brr.uiiful sedan de Vllle on another 'SO Cadillac Finished In beautiful Alpine white, m lone black and white, tu (one black and white leather md nvlon interior Equip ped with radio and heater, autn rnatlc transmission Power steer Ing. power brnkes, 6-way power neat nutronlc eye. automatic: trunk lock and factory Installed alr-conditloner. Enjoy Cadillac's finest Special price tMBS MUST SELL iLEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. Beautiful silver satin '60 Chevrolet! >«10 E Broadway. HO 5.1534 . . body and Interior. Best offer HO AUTOMOTIVE 91 AUTOS «- PASSENGER CARS IMS PLYMOUTH — 2- tone. el*an. Private own«t. Good condition. CL 4-8872. _ 1 ^M PLYMOUTH CONV.— Automat. \<: power, •steering and brake's. General 'Jre§ : _Hp_ 2-1938. l ^53 PONfTAC^-Good~runnTns" con- dliion 4 new tires and new battery ?29S. Can be spen at the Hale Hardware Parking Lot, East At- KMI. Good buy ft. USED TV SETS — All leading brands and screen sUes. Table * console models. Reconditioned and guaranteed. Liberal terms. Priced from $33.00. Standard Home Fur- . . $600^ HO 2-.m p >. J952 DE 'sofd'v-JWPrTvatV owner Automatic transmission. .119") HO 2-4006 nishers. JOO E. Bdwy. HO 5-4206. i T )7 FORD CONV-Red beauty" Ful — ly oqulpped. Priced right. HO 2-0211 $25 CL SEWING MACHINES M^i-tt.^ -TAKE ,OVER PAYMENTS on T.9 r> MAC H'NE- DeSoto 2 door hardtop Sportsman. ow mont|)|y p ayments HQ 2.S46J Rent A Sewing Machine Ift ptr mo. Rtnui nay apply toward •omipayartMt on M* machlM. C1NT*AI. SKWINO SUPPLY CO. U Wott Broadway. Pho«» HO 2-5214 MA SEWING IMACH. REPAIR GUARANTEED REPAIRS- FREE ESTIMATES CENTRAL SEWING SUPPLY 14 W«it Broadway Phone HO 2 5214 Exvtrt Servlre Part* Suoplle. For 42S Makes of r >wlnc Ma< hlnc« <W SI r:DS— PLANTS— FI.OWICRS HI AIITM-I.'L African vlolcis rill cr.l ors Mijit -.Pll .it on" 1 I'rlfv rut 202 Henry HO 1 7.TJI BEAUTIFUL 1957 Ford Falrlane 500 hardtop. Red and white. Radio. heater. Ford-o-matlc. excellent whltewalls One owner. Immaru ! late. 24.19 Mills. HO 5-2707. I FOR" "SALE" OR TRADE — ~im~ Ford Station Wa«on. Perfect. CL 4-5985 ! 1950 "LINCOLN CAPRI black hardtop Power brakes and steering. t|0!»r>. 2. r ,08 A Henhow. Alton. MO 5-20.19 1 1050 MERCURY two door. RnrtTo. i heater Sharp 1833 Park Ave. '. l'' r ,2 NASH PAMBLI'R for sa'le/Ra- fllo, h'-H'rr. Rr>nd rondl'ion Cl FOR SALE—1954 Ford Crestline In good condition. Price $275. Call CL 9-6622. I95S CADILLAC COUPE DE VILLE ! Finished IP the very smart Goddess j Oold with Alpine top. maic:nlriR j nylon and leather Interior. ElTtrlc| windows, electric seat, power steer-: Ing. power brakes. Tills Is tru ! v a| very fine car for a '.15 model, i Specially prlred 1 957 CADILLAC HARDTOP COUPE Traded from original owner Finished In striking dustv rose Interior finished in pearl grey with matching leather and nylon radio and heater. Hydmmatlc trnrnmlo- Men. Power steering, power brakes. A very nlre rar for only ____ $2495 LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. 1610 E. Brondwnv HO AUTOMOTIVE M AUTOS - PASSENGER CARS LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. 1610 E Broadway. HO 5 15:»4 1959 CADILLAC HARDTOP COUPE Traded from original owner with lust n little more than 11.000 actual miles. Finished in Olympic whltr. tu-tonc black and white Interloi Equipped with nil Cadillac pn-.'.-et equlpmen: Rnjoy till"; lovely Cadi; lar for cmlv S4H«: LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC.: MID - WEEK "BARGAINS No Money Down 19.14 Bulck Conv. Real Nice $.195 19.15 Ford Station Wa«on. Clean M:>0 ISM Ford. Blue finish W, 1T>4 Ford. Black $2!T> 195.1 Willys. New tires. 4-door. .$2.»n I'T.2 Dodge 4-dr»oi Clean $19!) FX)N PATTERSON AUTO SALES 6th and Tennvson. Wood River CL 4-84.11 1957 CROWN IMPERIAL IhK 25.TXK)-m)Ie Crown Imperial Southampton: full power, plus air- conditioning. This very nice car. I owner, must be seen to be appreciated. Specially priced $2495 LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. i IfllO E. Broadway. HO 5-3534 i BUICK—1955 Special 4 door tedan Automatic transmission. radio, heater, two tone paint. Excellent condition One owner. Priced rlcht jat $790 Call HO 6-3963. ~l 957CADILLAC~COUPE DE VILLE Beautiful Alpine white finish, tu-tone white and black, leather and nvinn Interior radio and heater, auto matlc transmission, power steorlna power brakes, electric windows, power seat. This one-owner beauty can b* yours for only .... $2i;95 LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. 1610 E. Broadway. HO 53534 If you really want to «ave monev get one of our month end specials We have a nice 'election of cars and pickup trucks IMS Chl-ysler Wlmlsor 4 fir in.-fi Buick Special Hurdtop 2 dr. i?)") Plymoutl. Belvedere 1 dr nower fllte transmission l9.Vi Ptvmouh Savov 4 dr. Siimdi"! tr..m? 195.1 & I0i4 Chev. — fi to chons- from J1934 Ford ( ust'imline 4 dr. Stand .M! : trans. .Also 10 rlMM|i|e«. Rood transpcrt.! i (ion I Can ot- bought with small down piv rnent and bnlance In weekly p:iv mcnts. DEHNER AUTO SALES Brighton Road. Opposite Alton Speedway A Lot of Fln« Cars! • Bank Rates >r • Small Loan We Buy — Sell or Trade Phones HO 5-9435 HO 2-9521 AUTOMOTIVE 91 AUTOS - PASSENGER CARS AUTOMOTIVE 1952 PLYMOUTH Belvedere — HO 2-0393. TSsT PONTTAf, "2-Door —"Straight | heater $.1W HO 6-3:tl5/ 'i i»5«~CH H VROLET "4-door V-8 "Pow- ergllde radio it heater, white wall tires. Sfl.V) fan he seen Mnlor«, Standard ^"nlce. Graffnn Phone; ST B-ITI 1 *. i 1956 CADILLAC SEDAN DE VILLE This beautiful Mt. Laurel (pinkl Cadl'lac: Is cnmppcd with nil Cadillac power equipment Including the 8-way seat This beauty must be seen to h" appreciated Specially priced $19H5 LEE KLEIN CADILLAC, INC. Ifil'l E. Bin;niw>\\ . Mf) V15.14 I9.")1 PONT1AC —F-rlvnte owner. Hy- clnimnMr \>ry cle:m. ?42" HO 2 400(1 '54 \IF-Rri :RY for sale After 6 p. m CL 4 1708 MA TRAILBM SO r 10 Town and Country house trailer. IWtt model. DU 4-91. ! >0. 101 Ashbrook Bethalto Can be fin anted for about TT 000. Immediate AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSORIES OUR NEW LOCATION after fnlv 1st Popular manes Mobile Homes PRICED 1O SELL Will trade anvthln* of value Hurst Mobile Hnmes Schwart* * Buchanan SU . Etlwnrdsvllie III Bulck. Olds. Pnntlac Dealer 1«5Sf TKAILER — Reduced aeain— m\i c t -ell a' on^c Conv-r'^ 1^'. BrlBht'on. III. _ | tt AUTO TRUCKS_ j 1959 FORD F iOO ~Pick-up !11"i wheelbase with R ft. box. CL 4-44fifi| 1931 'CONtfNENTAL 'TRAILER" —j Fullv modern Factory oqulpped. Sleeps 4 F.M"l'cnt inndition 5175 CL 9-2'l(!."i. I 1950 CHE\'Rf)LF.T <;ert.Tn dellverv j (iioil all .irnnncl <l.15. Can he- «een • at 51 W Lorena Ave . Wood River REBUIL7 BATTERIES - OMrCft- tWd $4 50 »xch»rrt«. up; t m 12 wits, unfit tire*. MAUL'S ut*d An(o Part*. 1103 Belle, Alton. Pn. HO a 4721. FRJDKJJNING air conditioner. Uifd onf srn«on Very reasonable Phnnr: CL 4-904?'. 1 REAL NK..E r A R" CARRIE'S" ^0 HO ." 7 17a. AUTOMOTIVE ACCESSOKtBfl JfiRRT'S TIKE 8ALBS You can save by bvytfrg from Jerrv'i. Stoi>--Se«l Lonis Ave. East Alton. 4-W13. IM WANTED - AUTOMOTtVB 1949 fo 1952 Chevy or Willys. Most be in good mechanical condition HO 2-3353. AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE BU YCI.KS •"rVUMOBCYCI.KS »IA IRAItt-.RS _ :>, ROOM f RATL'ER~~alsn~2 VheVl \VKaate iraller. CL M9B4 1 _ AVAILABLP. AUGUST ~i'5~—"T»59 .">0xlo 2 Bedroom, front kitchen. washer used 12 months 194H 46x10. 2 bedrotvm. (ront kllch en air conditioned, used 2 months as office Nelson Cook Trailer Sales Bethalto. HI AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE AUTOMOTIVE llld I: Broadway. HO 5-.-IS34 US FIREARMS SPKCIAI — -iOI FnfleUK .30? tporlerf Argenlln- Mausers C.acHrd* SunnKflelds Tmrri Rom ItiKtc^n rolling nlock rifle* havoneti swords. Colt derringers Brandt Hardware 712 Easl Broadway I'l.Yi NASH SlatCRm.-in. mechanlcrntlv K"'"l .ind c.lcnn HO 5-4027 l r tiici RAMBLERS—Like new. Stn 15 i lion V..MHOM. $20'iO 4 door Super i .Scrlan. SIH50 Must ;,e|| one Will i accept older r«r. plckiup or hou^e iraller on trade HO 5-947.1. AUTOMOTIVE 1954 OLDS — Super "88" 2 dr' ,' hardtop new tires $400 and older; M_ VEGETABLES'"* IRUIT C ?I.'. , Ph : Q. *-* m CANNING" PFACHFS—Sweet cor^ ' l955 °LDS 2-door Holiday "88": real: tomatoeV pota.oe^ wa*ermc"n,' clean ' ™*™*Uc- Phone CL 4-87091 Past the Out of town Cluh on the Brighton Road : COOKING API'LKS— Dalton Alton i Orchard Brlna contniner^ Terry! drive, otr Humncti roiicl HO 2 (11M. ' PEACHES' AND APPLIES' now through Scmpiembfji (iood sire Kiade and color. Phone Harriln 4I-:il Wm H L'jrsbai h FRESH TOMA FOES —' Sweet "corn green bcan.s mustard and turnip greens, picked daily Red ripe watermelons At foot of Milton Hill 1954 LINCOLN PREMIERE CONVERTIBLE Finished In Alpine white with nylon white top, black and white leather Interior, equipped with power steer- Inn power brakes. Hydra-Malic. Specially priced $»»5I LEE KLEIN CADILLAC. INC. 1610 E. Broadway. HO 5-3534 WE ARE AUTOMOTIVE *************** SWEET' CORN' daiiy"~io rnaloes. potatoes, all homegrown Chain of Rocks, Farm Highway 68 near Chain of Rock* Canal bridge. HOME: GROWN- SWEET ~cdRN~46c : dozen Irish cabbage Potatoes! $2 .75 bushel BritiR containers. Richard Kennedy, 4208 Seminary . HO2-9842. , ___ TOMATO ES^-io Ibs fi.5c.~l mile eabt i of race track. Godfrey. No Sun- 1 days. Henderson HO 2-1075. > WANTED AL RENKEN AUTO PARTS (Formerly Al Renken Engine Service) 110C-02 EAST BROADWAY ALTON, ILL. OUR STOCK IS MORE f COMPLETE THAN EVER APCO REBUILT ENGINES MOVING OUR USED CAR LOT FROM 220 W. ST. LOUIS AVE., E. ALTON 331 N. WOOD RIVER AVENUE ACROSS FROM OUR NEW CAR SHOWROOM MONDAY, AUG. 1st •7 WANTED TO BUY ANTIQUES—On« place or houtefull. Friendly and honeit dealings Pur-! dy'K. HO 2-5840. A-l PRICES paid for used house ' hold furnl5hlng» HO 5-3024. i SUMMER CLEANING — Cat!) forj furniture, scrap Iron, copper and' bra»«. Gordon Rub*n»teln. HO USED POWER MOWERT^-"AIso mowers for sale. Repair mowers. OL 4-534J, WANTED—Cultivators,' FarmaTl~F- 20. Phone HO 2-8001. WANTED—Late model ironer: reasonable price. HO 5-2427. ¥ * * * * Tbomptnn Product* * Pirolalor Oil FllUri * Haitlnri Rlnn 1r VlcUr Gaiketi *• Cb>mpl«n Spark flafi it A. C. Spark Plugs * Ccblln Irnltloo Parli * Tnnfiol l.ampi it Federal Moral Bearinf • it B C A Throit Bcarlnts ir Bower Roller Bearlnitt it Federal Ball Boarlnft *• Modao Hoif •k M«d»c Bell. ir American Brakeblok ir Vlctor-Se»li 4r Balkamp ParU it Beldeo Ciblet it United Brake P«r»« * 8oundmafter Mnfflert »ud Pipes it Brain Flttlnc* * S-K Tooln + K-n Tuoli it Proto Toolj *• Pennioll Motor Oil *• Champ Items *• Perfect-Circle Valve Seali. Pla>tl(a(e, Bearlnt Ad- jniteri it Trico Bladet and Arms it Electro Batteries it Universal Joints it BrltfH Shook Absorber* EXCHANGE SERVICE ON »AVE. .SAVE. ALL CARS REDUCED! Buy From Our Present Lot At 220 W. St. Louis Ave., East Alton AND SAVE '50 TO S 250 40 MODELS TO CHOOSE FROM ALL MAKES AND COLORS »AVE* WANTED TO BUY—Used ice cream cabln_e_t._Call_Hp 5-7KI3. | WANTED—Used" 8addTe~Musrbe~Tn! good condition. HO 2-8047. ! 88 WANTED TO TRADE. SWAP FOR SALE or TRADE for older car. | 1957 Plymouth. Automatic trans-1 mlislon. V^. HO 2-6782. ! AUTOMOTIVE j il AUTOS — PASSENGER CARS j IKS BUICK Hardtop Invlcta. Black ! V^equipped, 13,000 miles. $2.400. AUTOMOTIVE ir Carburetor* it Fael Pomp* it Preisnre Piste* * Clntebes it Generator* it Starter* *• Voltace Regulator* * Brake Shoe* it CranktbatU *• Master Cylinder. * Water Pomps it Distributor* it Connecting Rods * Starter Drire* it Armature* OPEN EVENINGS DIAL HO 2-5273 or HO 2-4130 *************** •SAVE 1 CARTER BS FORD YOUR VOLUME FORD DEALER 315 N. Weed River Ave., Weed River Ford Thunderbird Falcon Phone CL 4-4385 Open Evenings Don't Miss These 1960 PONTIAC TRADE-INS 1958 Ford Thunderbird Power steering, air conditioning, automatic transmission, radio and heater. Solid white with red and white interior. Whitewall tires.. 1 1959 Olds "98" '2895 Convertible — Champagne mist, full power, automatic transmission, importable radio, heater, WSW. A reul whurp car 1956 Ford Victoria Solid white with green ulterior. Automatic transmission, radio and 9AAC heater, WSW 33U 1959 Pontiac Carolina Blue inside and out, automatic transmission, radio, heater, low mileage 1957 Pontiac , , $4CAC £939 Star Chief. Brown and white. Power brakes, power steering, 2 speaker radio and heater, low mileage ---- 801 E. Broadway HO 5-8881 BICYCI F.S— New and used Reoslr Ing and parts. NORSIOE BICYCLE .___ _ ___ __ MOT'ED "^ Good condition, reason_able. HO 2-6358. __ FOR~SALE— 19fiO Xnndapp 250 C C. HO 5-6881. AUTOMOTIVE Always Buy Certified USED CARS LATE MODEL TRADE-INS l>98 CHEVROLET HfiQfi Bel Air 4-Dr. V-8 . . . ' w " w 1937 OLDS 98 4 dr. Air Conditioned 'IMS ' ' '" 1996 STUDEBAKER 4-Dr. SflQR 4-Dr. V-8 ............ °« 8 S1B9S i w*w 1996 FORD 2-Door Hardtop 1999 WILLYS CJ9 Universal Jeep NO MONEY DOWN ON THESE $ 425 '295 '695 '1695 *245 $ 295 $ 475 »395 $ 395 2—1953 PONTIAC 1953 FORD 2-Dr. V-8 1054 FORD 4-Door "8" 1955 SLUUtBAKER V-8 Commander — 1958 WILLYS CJ-5 Universal Jeep 1930 FORD »4 Ton Pick-Up .... 1952 PACKARD 4-Dr 1953 STUDEBAKER Hardtop 1933 PACKARD 4 Dr 1953 DODGE 2-Boor 1952 PACKARD 4-Door 1948 STUDEBAKER 4-Door *225 M50 I95a ',-Ton CHEVROLET $OQE Pick-Up ** 9 '125 1948 DODGE Pick-Up . CORDES MOTOR CO 2350 Store St. HO 5-6651 AS IS SALE OUR ONCE A YEAR AS IS SALE. HERE IS YOUR CHANCE TO OWN A LATER MODEL CAR AT PRICES YOU CANT AFFORD TO MISS. SOME NEED WORK. IKS DESOTO 4-Dr. Coronado. Wai priced at W85. Power steering, power brakes, automatic transmission, good tires and a real car for *595 comfort IBM PLYMOUTH 4-Door. New paint job. Good tires, runs real good aud If a few small things were taken care of would sellofr MB S ....... sell for $685. Now 1053 FORD 4-Dr. runt goad. Left der damaged. Will tell for . . Looks ft rear fen- '295 IMS OLDS 88 2-Dr. Good tires. Radio, beater, auto, transmission. Was priced •t SMS. tCOR Sale price »57 FORD 8-cyl. 2-door. Heater, radio, looks and runs real good and has been priced at *OOR SIMS Sale price.. * BW 105S CHEV. 4-Dr. Sedan. 8 cvl., radio and heater. Wus priced at $gag KM. Sale price.. LATE MODEL TRADE-INS: NO DOWN PAYMENTS 1*57 FORD 2-Dr. 8-cyl. Standard (rant., beautiful tu-tone palm. Mechanically good. A real mileage taver. 1057 Ul SOTO 2-Dr. Hardtop. V-8, auto, mint,., radio with rear speaker. Tu-tone charcoal and white. An outstanding one-owner car. 1837 rOKD Custom 300 8-cyl. 2'Door. Standard shift, radio, heater. Only $10(9 IMS BUICK 4-Dr. Sedun. Auto, tran*., radio, neater, white walls, beautiful tu-tone white over gray • DeSoto • Plymouth • Valiant • Simca IBJS CHEVROLET Bel Air 4- Door. Standard shift, radio, heater. If you like Chevrolet*, don't miss this one. Only $200 down, balance 18 monllu. 1955 OLDS 2-Dr. 88. Heater, radio, auto, trans., beautiful green and while. Looks and runs good. A real buy. WB5 IttSS I OUD Kanch Wagon V-8 2-Dr. Standard trans., radio, heater. A real nice wagon. IMS MHHCUHV 3-Or. Custom Sedan. Auto, trans., radio, healer, lu-tone paint. A real ulce buy $5*r> 1K55 CHRYSLER Hardtop 3- Dr. Full power .. (27 per mo. 1933 FORD 4-Dr. 6-cyl. Standard trans $18 mo. lllfti PLYMOUTH 4-Dr. »27 mo. IBM PLYMOUTH Station Wagon $27 mo. I83J DODGE 2-Dr. Hardtop— «7mo. 1S51 DODGE 2-Dr. Hardtop-' $18 per mo. IU.VJ PLYMOUTH 2-Dr. $12 mu. ROBERTS MOTORS, Inc. 200 W. Ftrgutwi Ave,, Wood Rivsr OPIN IVENINQf Ph. CL 4-0151 RAMBLER TROTTER 1958 THUNDERBIRD Hardtop, excellent car, lift* nen- Hre,* 1957 OLDS "98" t door, factory air conditioning 9 if A^kH full power .................. .... JIO99 CORDES MOTOR CO. 2330 STATfc ST. MO 5-fl«51 NOW ON DISPLAY! Recrdy-fo-Go New... 1960 MERCURY High Trades Low—Rate Financing CARTER LINCOLN- MERCURY 1430 E. BROADWAY HO 2-004T Compact Quality Get the Best of Both Big Car Room and Comfort Small Car Economy and Handling Ease RATED THE BEST CAR BUY IN THE U.S.A. MORE PEOPLE SWITCH TO RAMBLER THAN ANY OTHER OAR. 67 MODELS IN STOOK TO OHOOSE FROM 2-DOORS, 4-DOORS, STATION WAGONS A Truly Large Selection of Phasing Color* to ChooM From. LET US SHOW YOU WHY. DON'T WAIT, SEE TROTTER NOW % 9 New Ramblers Must Be Sold by August 1st, Regardless of Price or Profit. i i i < t < TROTTER SELLS MORE DEQAUSE HE OFFERS MORE. OET OUR DEAL TODAY WILL NEVER BUY FOR LESS! SPECIAL FACTORY SALE! Dealerships competing for 50th State Vacation (Hawaii) it LOW BANK FINANCING * HIGH TRADES Lot Us Shtw You Why So Many Piopli in Switohing to Rimblir RAMBLER TOPS ALL CARS IN QUALITY & ECONOMY TROTTER MOTOR CO. AITON.WOOO RIVER 47 IDWAIDSVILU RO. IAMIIIR SIRVICI PHONE CL 4*3111 OPIN IVININ6S Till f P.M. BYSTUDEBAKm Young at Heart! Why not come out tonight and drivt the "L«rk". Let us show you the economy story on this amaiing c*r. Before you buy «ny e«r, we *ik it you COM. PARE LARK, as to Price, Trade-in and the fine service we can give you. CORDES Motor Co. 2310 Stote Sr. HO 14*11

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