Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 29, 1960 · Page 10
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 10

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 29, 1960
Page 10
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PAGE TEN ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Old-Time Thresher Was Work But It Had Its Points Community Club at Bunker Hill Meet* RtnvEir rwos STtlfHsMTS IHRNTALtilf ILI* About 15 per crnt of Britain's BUNKER HILL- The Commu-1 university students nrr suffering nlty Club met Wednesday after- fvo111 «' vm ' *>™P<™™ of noon at the home of Mrs. Frank | ni "7' j"' 00 '^? '" " Gerdes, with eight members ^.J' 0 !* % n i present. Games were plaved nnd brdRr Review, sem-officml prizes were awarded to /Mrs.'™ 1 of tho Cjstm ^. m Harry Janes, Mrs. William Kom- '*»-rvnt.ons of W.M nick, and Mrs. R. K. Bley. The club will meet in August at the home of Mrs. William Johnson. The hostess served refreshments (o the following: Mrs. Harry Janes, Mrs. Walter Olm- slead, Mrs. William Komnirk. Mrs. Otto Koirle. Mrs. R. E. Bley. Mrs. Harry Morrison Si., and Mrs. William Johnson. a ™?™ I" 1 ?* 1 - Dr ^ ! Still, h..>ad of the student Bailment at Leeds Um- """lly. found that one in every ' f » students is under ^psycho- handicap. FRIDAY, JULY 29. 1%0 At 4-H C<mfer«H» These Jersey county 4-H'ers are taking part in the 4-H State Junior Leadership Conference this work fit thp 4-H Memorial Camp near Monticello, sponsored by the University of llli- :nois. Ix-ft to right are Barbarn iand Judy Hoffman, both of Jer- iseyvllte. Clifford Ruyle, Medora; (Marty Welsh. Jerseyvillej and U iof I. 4-H specialist Hugh Wetzel. OLD COAL BURNER This old-time steam engine, used cob and is on display at Madison County Fair at Highland this week—Staff Photo. principally for threshing wheat back before the widespread use of combines, was restored by Everett Pyle of St. Ja- 26, 27 and 28. They Went to Lengths kissed off a colorful farm practice, one around which a certain This event will be sponsored aura has since been lent by Engine on Display at County Fair By GEORGE LEIGHTY Telegraph Staff Writer One of the most conspicuous exhibits at the Madison County Fair, at Lindendale Park here this week, is an old-fashioned steam engine, part of a thresh- Also scheduled for showing atj of thatched roof over the whole, ing rig. which has been restored the four-day exhibit are numer-j protecting it from rain. This re-1 and painted to a nostalgic gleam ous types of modern tractors.!quired some skill. I a la Hollywood. These, too, will participate in° However, skill was not This engine, owned by Everett tests. '•• enough. Speed also had to be de- S. Pyle. retired St. Jacob farm I Pyle, who says he never ac- veloped and good wheat-shock- implement dealer, is not a flea-jtually operated a'full threshing; ers were paid high wages—when bitten, rusty old pile pulled hes-'rig but has worked with one,|wages were paid. On many oc- by the American Threshcrmen'sUvriters of the James Whitcomb Association, of which Pyle is a Riley school. The actual cutting member, and which has gone to)of the wheat with a horse-drawn some rather painful lengths to!or tractor-drawn machine that promote the exhibit. also bundled the harvest and During the recent wheat-liar- dropped it on the ground, was vesting season, for example, just the beginning of the field- wheat in the Highland area was to-storage bin process. Men had cut with an old-fashioned bind-'to follow the binder and place er, placed in shocks, then stack-1 the bundles in shocks or stacks edJTt will be threshed during | set up in such a way that a tlie^forthcoming show. | capping of shocks made a sort Extinguish Trash fire Firemen of No. 4 Company at 11:25 Thursday night, extinguished a trash fire at the First Bap tist Church, College and Johnson streets. Workmen, apparently, had set fire to scrap left from construction of the new building being erected at the College and Johnson site, firemen reported. W«teheJtwtlry Repairing Btptfl Mrvtce Pally Ou«r •fitted STONE BROS. Itl.EI'HO.NK HO 2-71 IS Alton. IN. — 118 W. Third St. tVood River Store at Corner of P«ntu«on and Wood ttlver A»e. Dl»l ClJntoft 4-1622 t ,i >rvi r I r i r PRESCRIPTION •RESCRIPT V f; r 17 v i ( \ t.nwpst Possible Price*. Double EBR|C Stamps *l< Yonr Doctor to Cnll Us We Di-llvnr. 15 PHARMACISTS Mve Convenient LotaHon*. Prompt, Aui.urHte Service Freshest, Purest Stock* OLD-FASHIONED BINDER An old-fashioned binder is used to harvest wheat. Originally horses were used with such machines. The wheat was put in shocks to be used during the approaching agricultural power prog- ress show at Highland. At least 20 old- fashioned threshing rigs, steam powered, are expected for the show.—Highland News Leader Photo. itantly out of somebody's barn i adds that both the steam engine to be exhibited with apologies. Pyle did the restoration job in his shop at St. Jacob and finished it off with a fine eye to color. While the engine belches smoke and churns up an occasional muscle twitch for the benefit of spectators, Pyle tells all comers that the idea is to and the tractor have their points. The steam engine, because of its great weight and tremendous pull via a single piston, can drag the best of tractors all over the lot. "But it isn't as flexible," Pyle says. The old engine, of course, fell casions farmers would assist each other. The shocks would remain in the field until a custom threshing rig came through the area. The threshing process itself was a semi-festive occasion — if a time of such v back-breaking work can be stretched into the into disuse when the combine, fabric of the word festive. The get across to all hands that the; drawn by a comparatively light I threshing rig. a machine to sep- engine and 20 or more like it {tractor, supplemented the bind- jarate the wheat from the straw, will participate in an agricul-'er. ' was set up at a convenient spot. tural power program show atj the. Highland Park, on Aug. 25. •• Colorful Day The passing of the | usually in a barn lot where j binder'stock could utilize the straw lor DISCOUNT YES, WE ARE GUILTY OF DISCOUNTING CARPET PRICES ...But We Are Proud Of It! / We have made thousands of home owners happy by installing beautiful carpet and saving them as much as $100 per room! 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HIIOUSON DIAL CU 4-0631 OBSOLETE ART Two Madison Countians, father and at the 1960 agricultural power progress son, with the father as lead-off man show at Highland Aug. 25, 26, 27 and and tutor, shock wheat to be threshed 28.—Highland News Leader Photo, for fun and for demonstration purposes Mission Society Meets at Medora i MEJDORA—The Missionary! I Society of K e m p e r Baptist ( * I Ol»i. »•„ !•» bedding, and the steam engine power take-off was connected with a long belt. Hay wagons were used to haul the shocks in from the field and they were thrown, bundle at a time, into the separator. Many Jobs The jobs connected svith this j Church met Wednesday after- j_ were numerous. First there S noon at the church. The meet-ip had to be wagon drivers. These'ing opened with prayer by Mrs.'* were usually known as "stack-ij. L. Tober. * ers." since it took some know-! lMrs T . B Ruyle ,. ead a |ettt ,,. J how to stack a high load onto; from tne -stabells. missionaries • the wagon. Others had to pitch iwho left jLlly ]4 for thc united • bundles onto the wagon. These| states on f ur | oughi an d will be'5 had to be unloaded into the sep-j ]ocated a( Norris Lake n , • arator. Then there were "sack-' ^ Maj . y read g ^ m ter from the Pixleys. missionaries ut Manaqua, will be at the Schwab home near Shipman July 31 and Aug. 1 and 2 before coming to Medora. • WORKS ON 115 VOLT HOUSE CURRENT • BIG CAPACITY • QUIET OPERATION • THERMOSTAT CONTROLLED • SHALLOW DEPTH STYLING ASIUUL-!II NEW FRIG I DA I RE AIR CONDITIONER *198°° NO EXCISE TAX Only Across Street from Germcmia Savings Bldq. Open Man. and Fri. Nit«-s Till » Open Mun. and 1 Nito* Till 9 HLTDR - REFRIDERHTIOn •'ri. CO. 550 E. BROADWAY DIAL HO 5-7721 "Authorized Fiigidaite Sales and Service" »••••••••••••••••••••••••£•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••§ NEED ROOM FOR EXPANSION? THRIFT CAN HELP ers" who caught the grain in; r " frQm ^ p^^"^^. • sacks as it came from the sep- . . At KI . • , , .. . , , ,, , aries ut Manaqua. Nu.'arauiaia. :», arator and then loaded the sack rp . „ . . ... ... • ... . .(The Society voted to send them • onto wagons to be transported^... • to market. v ' T . „, . , , ; S ...... ... . .. , Mrs. J. L. Toner conducted•,• \\lnle th,s was going on. the and ., larmers wile, aided and abet-! . . . , ,./ : _ K ted by a whole platoon of neigli-j reaa Tne piayer calls bor \\-omcn. were inside the; house preparing a bang - up | meal. It might be added at this point that assorted townspeople, p]ogger> Mw _ T B Ruy]e Mpg _,. Charles Smith, Mrs. Glenn I Rhine, Mrs. Monroe Elliott. !l Mrs, Mary Voyles. ! J To Visit Here J MEDORA — SiotPi- Mary Le-!| ona. who has been iitlcnding St. I Joseph's College in Indiana, will;' • ON.THE.GROW FAMILY ftOT YOUR HOME "IUSTIN6 AT THE SEAMS7" • SEE US FOR THE IEST SOLUTION! CUSTOM CONSTRUCTED I prayer. | Mrs. Edna Ryan had the !es- I son on "Social Relations." As-j' sisting her wei-e Mrs. Russell j! NO MONEY DOWN! LOW MONTHLY PAYMENTS THRIFT WILL FINANCE privy to the gastronomlcal potential in such occasions, usually appeared at the farms in the role of city relative or in search of some job to "help out," solely to be included in these tremendous feeds. &~*\ Normally, all hands would gorge to capacity, then move outside for a spot of rest before be here in Medora Aug. 3, 4 and 1 5 to visit her parents. Mr. and Mrs. .John Taylor. She will be' resuming the threshing task. It, . , , , was during these noon breaks! ^mpamed ^S.ster John Ld j e • e Satisfaction To Homeowners Since 1923 • • e would occasionally occur. Practical jokes were in order and there was a wrestling champ around every rig. It was good, clean fun and men and boys would try to "throw" each other. It wasn't always the big guy who won. Moreover, it ward, who is attending at Springfield, The two sisters' be made of the steam engines and diesel engines of today. Wheat svill be threshed. There! will be balancing tests for both| steam engines and tractors. , Pyle's engine was made, he says, in 1932 by Harrison Ma- SAVE THRIFT CUSTOM CONSTRUCTIO M O/ A" /O MORE HOMES comes to mind that there were | chine Works. Belleville. With no referees. After a brief strug-ithe boiler lull of water, itjl wle. wa^ed with genial faces'weighs ^'3,U80 pounds. An old|> showinti. one uould either hi? i engine, in a decrepit state, sells'J put down or give up. Nobody fur belueen $300 and $1,500Jj ^ol mad Pyle spent approximately $4,000ij All Ilii:* n! < UUI'M- bus yoiii- 1 lestoi'iniL; his. A firm al Mud- liy the boiird. ison. Wis.. lias stored all th" t'ylc and lii» i.-oliuits hope to putlems I'm parts and i-an suj> ii'\i\c ut least the memory ^i ply parts or turn out an en- it ronii- Aug. 25-28. 'tire new s lea in engine, if there Horsepower and luel tests will; is a demand. 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