Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 29, 1960 · Page 9
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 9

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 29, 1960
Page 9
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, JULY 29,1900 ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH PAGE Church Schedule For Greenfield GREENFIELD - The R«v. William G. Webber has announced hfs sermon tonic Sunday morning nt First fcaptiirt tfiurch trtll he, "Tn* New Man fn Christ," and at the 8 p.m. gm- pel hour hto subject will be, "Man's Need of Redemption*." A special business meeting of First Baptist Church ts sdied- uled for 8:45 p.m. Wednesday, following the mid-week prayer sprvtce at'8 p.m. July 31 Is the last Sunday for the collection of used clothing for the overseas; relief program, which is sponsored by the churches. The Rev. Robert Harwood, pastor of tfhe area Methodist Upper Alton News Events CIJB PACK 77 HAS FAMILY PlCftlC Cuh Pack 77 of Mark Twain School, and their families, had MKALY OBI* sooirr AWARD Cubmaster Nealy Schumaker, of Pack 77, has been selected an Mr. and Mrs. Schumaker will Club. Winners of relay games won| KO , 0 thp pb»mont Scout Ranch, ribbons, Gary Ray was induct- ^imarron City, N.M. for ed in the pack. Godfrey Pack 45 Mnrks Jubilee devotion and closed with a chain of prayer. She also was at the piano for the opening fflfffa Pi CM 1C hymn. Salutes to the flags tverp- father-sort baseball game. Oubmaster Gem glven. GODFREY - Cub Back 45 held Reports were made by Mrs. [thr Golden Jubilee at thp Onlzed Joseph Gorden. recording sec-!Hub grounds Thursday evening, retary, Mrs. Fred Paris, child: Parents and the rhildren took part In games. A feature was a out was coming were numerous. welfare, Mrs. William Fmilk*, ie "won the" award "for" i vl « uftl education, Mlw Joan • , I H * « | j **uii " ««.o ' .\si f i j t ip^ vvrrj^j IK Following announcements outstanding service to boys, a|°* brle| . "ower and mission and w)th in( j ugfry rat ohlng were made: Kvery Saturday:citation from the National Cotm-illteramre. night through August there will sell of Scouting stated. Mrs..Steven Show, correspond- bc a park «wim at Camp War- Schumaker was named on reeling secretory, reported that the ren Levis, 7 to 8 p.m.: next ommendation of the local and re-'honorary men'* supper will be jfrom the scrubbing housewives A similar visitation last year. At that time, on Ident said, the oil Industrv presented awards to John Tteman. Jarvis Kl inter who moved up to wehelos. Kevin . Wagner, a new cub, and fiftieth anniversary awards went to James Hornsey. Morris Burmester, and Allan Wagner, with other awards to Steven Bowkcr. Robert Spring and Genr Forester. Den mother. Mrs. Morris Bui- Brighton U'im One, T,O«P!« Onr at Graf ton BRIGHTON — Two teams of Brighton softball-playing girls played at Grafton Wednesday night. The Red Birds, 10 to I2'ers. managed by Mrs. LeRoy _, Rogers, won their contest 33 fo|paper for the pick-up may notify 20. and the Black Hawks, man-'Marvin Stewart, troop commit- aged by Mrs. M. Gorln. lost siteeman. n benefit for the Shipman girls' A picnic hmch ws« Wrten at soffhail program. At 6 p.m.jnoon. Adults accompanytnf tb*> the Red Hots will play a Ship- jyoungster* were Mrs. Ou* Orman team of older girls. jban. the Rev. Harry Meckffs Pajwr Pick-Up sel, Gene Stirftz. Mrs. Allen Jones. Serrtee - "ts This trie to 1. BRIGHTON — Brighton Boy Scout Troop 39 will collect paper Saturday, starting at 9 a.m.! BRIGHTON Those out of town who have Hmir? .. ^ ^.th* ^piV'c* the Rev. Harvey MeckfesseTs sermon at the 10:30 a.m. Sunday j service at St. John's Evangeil- '• cal and Reformed ChureU. and Morris, her son, were ithers attended the Cardinal game 'team. Winning battery was • , "• * ••••••'• «'««»»«v«n i« i.iii. «>.f LI.KI uaiu i -~ ;> .«..V<H • j ...,.-... .;.»(' f --- -. ...-. — . IL*^IIL r^tllVI, I I |TJ W|l JIIIIU^IIV *" I t t «J • • TPtI iTI " lllllll IK ' '•" I l~ I V VV CT O meeting^ will be^ Aug. 2S,jr| 0 nal scridt offices. He is theion Sept. 19 at the Wood River Wood River and area said "that _ y ^ V ^ R . „ ._ _ S 1_. i Carol Voight and Nancy Voyles. «„... _i..u j.. ..... „_ .... -, ..... ,,^- J _, .. ' club grounds: paper | only one out of this district se- Methodist Church. at drive will be conducted Aug.Circled for the honor. 13; boys will take a trip to Grant's Farm, Aug. 5. Two retiring den mothers. 'GROTBRYMA* OBTH MRE TMRBAT _ . , .... ,. Churches, Richard Morrow, Mrs.! MrK W esley Wagner and Mrs A groceiyman in Ihc 2700 block i wardsvllle: lhe It also was announced thai :] f ' omp fror " 'heir works. 'The county WCTU convention 1* came from some place close If the housewives fin out where. City Hall and all better hide out. _ . „ ._ __. such a deposit could not possibly ' Snme ^ motners threaten tOi w)th Bctt V Carr and will be held Sept. 30 at Ed- the new Greenfield church Is under construction. Drake Rites GREENFIELD - The RPV. Arthur Daniel of Springfield, assisted by the Rev. Wlllinm G. Webber, conducted funeral services the;i class attended the services in ft croup mid four members, James Ford. Mrs. Roy Owens, j ,^ stpr LBtnpkln vvore prnscn i/of E. Broadway received a ventlon will be on Sept. 23-27 Mrs. Claude Linn and Mrs.! d '' fffg Goldpn 'j uh i}ee pat 'chc«i t^eal by telephone Thursday '^ Portland. Me.; state conven- Chnrles Rohs Jr., visited a group) w .„ f(J a) , rl|bR prpRpnt jnfght that his store was to be setMion will OP Oct. 11-13, at Qulncy of churches in the Qulncy area! KoI] ^. inR rpr;pivpd ' nM w ma \\ m fire. iwiih the Rev. J. L. Autenrei.h.j •IT !„.*"..;f 1 !.*! ^.HL^. .Ili awards: Bill Fcderlc, Mike Se- Klmei B. Evans told police that of St. Louis, a* the speaker. . bold, Andy Batchelor, Mike De- n mnn asked him on the phone. The new sign of the county j Shirlia, Floyrl Watson, David'"Do you have insurance on theiwCTU has been completed and George, Carl Zvanut. Kerrvplnce?" When Evans answeredi w)n be erccled on lne Walters, m "t ne did the man replied, 1 "You don't have this kind and PINOOII.E ri.t'B you will be the next victim for a HAS SESSION lira." Mrs. William Gahrlle, presi- Tho Thursday Night Plnorhlc Police thought it was a cruel (|pnl ' a"" 0 ""^ a nominating for Miss Norah Drake, a teacher 1 club met last night at the home prank. committee to select a '•late of in the Bnptist Sunday School 6:>. 0 f Mrs. Grover Winfrcc, 506, ,._ ,„,.,„ tvfr .. officers for next year Thr>> years, at the Baptist Church; p r j c e PI.. East Alton. ' wl " bfl "ffnert at the Aug. 23 Thursday. Members of the Phila- Pri/es were won by Mrs. I " T< '**', DAMAGED mfptirm nt which lime they will 5 Turner. Mrs. \Vinfrep. A motorist drove into a ditch be installed Viola Baldwin, and Mr^ 'in the vide ol the road in the On )hp committee are: Mrs angelical and Reformed Church Youth Fellowship members vis- ,.™ ., -. ~ "«* the Evangelical Children's boycott a^new school to be "built ! JoriCS Comprising the losing bat- Home at St. Louis during «n at' Redbourn. England, because'» p ry. excursion Thursday, their children will have to go Sunday at 2 p.m. the Missiles. The group also visited Em- aJong a dangerous highway to Brighton's married women's jmaus Home for the ineducable reach It. <Mo« Down for Heaven OAKVtLLE, Iowa <AP) - A sign at the outskirts of this town reads: "We think this place Is heaven: Don't drive like hell through team, will play at Shipman fn'mentally deficient at St. Charles. K." . _ «» Mrs. William I.ahr. Mrs Paul u . )l|lh ,i o |, nson . Overbey. Mrs. lialph Di-wcy. and ^ (>r( . >f .|- v ed by the hostess. day afternoon, damaging the side Miss Pearl Bcrmes, compHnied by Mrs. sang, oc- Lcc \Vitt. M.OVI) LEl'KINCi IN a\<o 11 member of the class. Pallbearers were L. K. Middleton, Paul Kinser, Edwin llebner, George P. Enlrokin, Amol Greer, and Martin Roth. Burial was in ( HAIUiK AT SALKM Refreshments '•'***) block of E. Bro;;dway. Thiirs- no) .,, n ,. c Peterson, _. . Mrs. H»nry Stui/. 'of Hie car, police reported. Robert Beaty, of Grace street,, %1[ . i Godfrey, told officers he w a s chairman, and M rs. Lloyd Leuking will be In;pulling from a parking position charge of the 11 a.m. Sunday land did not notice the ditch. service at Salem Presbyterian i Church on Seminary road. Sun- ( AI.VAKV TO MARK day School will be at 10 a.m. ANNIVERSARY anrl Mrs. Ness! sang a duet and the Rev. Floyd sang a solo. It was announced that cards were sent to the sick and shut in. Gosing prayer was by Ness). Oakwood Cemetery. i.i d J o*, i i\J\/i » 11 j rrc a i j.v a . 111 • ' tfrwnflHd Notes Calvary Southern Baptist Church i . r1rfrunnvarr triir rwAiu , |o WAR fit Tl IW1V < ' ' ™'» * mm\fmJmS9m. J.I/E* \Jm\mUf\in GREENFIELD - Mrs. J. Rus-' IS>1 *-*««''" »"> has planned a full day of activ.tie.s! TnvinHT sell Shields was honored at a KITTEN BY DOG . for this Sunday in observance of ;M»CIAL SET TONIGHT family dinner Wednesday in cclc- John KessinRer. 13. of 628 ! its 32nd anniversary. An ice cream social will bo bration of her birthday. Out of Winkler Ave-.. was treated at St.' This will also be the closinR| neld tonight, starting at 5:30, town guests wore Bill Shields, Joseph's Hospital Thursday eve- ( |;,> of the Brotherhood Revivalist the Main Street Methodist of Lonipoc, Calif. i ning for a dog bite. Mrs. H. L. Knudsen went to The dog was bitten on the left Mason City Thursday for a visit;knee near his home, police said, with Mr. and Mrs. Richard Cackley and family. VISITING GRANDSONS John Lutes of Rockbridge was TO RETURN TO WEST moved in the Shields ambulance o ary p ra ter, 15, and Scott' Thursday from Alton Memorial p 0 ]i oc k. 8. grandsons of Mr. and,, Hospital to the Cedar Knoll Nuru- MrRi Leo p ra ter, 4018 Aberdeen ing Home. Ave., will leave for their Call- Mr, and Mrs. Forrest Douglas! fornja home Sunday after spend . and sons have returned to their | ing five ^g^g here. home in Clinton after a visit i The f^ys will return by with Mrs. Douglas' mother, Mrs. air)ine They refiide jn ' L. C. Tendick. Mr. and Mrs. Rob- Ange i e8> ert Ford and her mother, Mrs.! Tendick, will go to Clinton Sat-j LOSES BALI, GLOVE urday. Mrs. Tendick will re-| BEFORE BIG G AME main In the Douglas home dur that is being conducted this week by FU-v. George Karr of the First Baptist Church of Fairficld. High ! attendance goals have been set ! for Sunday School at 610 and Training Union at 310. A family style basket dinner will hv by h h members church members at 12:30 p.m. at the Franklin Ma- The anniversary Church basement. Ice cream will be home made. Senior High Methodist Youth Fellowship members, sponsors of the event, made the ice cream fresh today, they announced. Pies, cakes, cookies, carbonated water, and coffee also will be served. Public is invited. ing the wfeekend and Mr. and Mrs. Douglas and Mr. and Mrs. Ford will visit their cousin, Wilbur Parks, in Rockford. : Dorcas Circle at i Greenfield Meets i °" sonic Temple. 'program will begin at 1:30 in the j church auditorium and will in- j MARINE HENRY STAMM • iet 'elude hymn singing, special nnJ- !RET (j RNS TO CAMP s ,s t( '. and reading of the church Marjne pfc Henry 1 hlKtor> „ , left Thursday for Camp Pendle- Slevt- Taylor will present a solo.^ CaHf after spending a 21 . .selection. A trio made up of Mrs. !(iav , pave a , ^ home Qf hjs of 3400 Lin- J L R ; Wat ^:.. MrS ^ Cari ^^-W^. Henry Stamm. 3417 Oak- iiind Mrs. Harvey Price, on the program. ™ !1 base-! ball glove and he has only a few 1 short hours to get it back in j SIAMESE CAT FLUSHED , time for one of the biggest m'.\oRY CAT OUT OF TREE events of his life. ^ ^ wag a Ronnie is one of the Little wood Ave, ad his mother, Mrs. is Leaguers who was selected for j tree for two days in the 3300 block tbe all-star team that will play jof Agnes boulevard was literally GREENFIELD The Dorcas Wednesday Circle of the Baptist Church Mis-; was sionarv Society will meet at 8- ' Centralia, Saturday, at the Henry street diamond. He's aj shortstop. j flushed out Thursday night. evening Ronnie on his bike frorn practice session at Milton p.m. Monday at the home of Mrs. j S( . hoo , grounds when he lost the Lloyd Oeorge. Mrs. Robert Gar-; , between the schoo} and ner will be assisting hostess. Mrs. I TJ, home Ml. He is eating and gaining Carl Nell will be leader of devo-i The 13 . vcar ^, d ,, ov adverti sed^ lrPnplh and g««i»«f werJfe _jit- tions and Mi's. J. W. Yarbrough fo( , the ' e whjcb jt . fl Rawl ;tcrs after getting knocked into will be leader of the lesson study, j ' j five-finger 1 ^r''.^ I**' WatC !' *?*™ The August meeting of the at- * came fha - ~" ternoon group Muauonary Society! ^ ballplayers know, and will be at 2 p.m. Thursday, Aug. ' 4, with Mrs. Floyd Chapman and „„ „ ,„„.,..., „..„ especially young ones, breaking | REV. FLOVD ADDRESSES Stamm, 18. has been in serv- 1 ice a year. He has been stationed at Camp Pendleton. FALL OUT OF OBIT AND Oil, RAISES TEMPERS A fall out that has created a greater furor among housewives than the nuclear kind settled over a several blocks section of Upper Alton this week. Friday cleaning day took on characteristics of the annual Spring cleaning as housewives cleaned yards, homes and dogs and cats. I The fall out. described as j gritty and oily, apparently came That old saying is right. The cat' down Tuesday njght It settjed landed on his wet feet. : on grass shru bbery, blew into From Jacoby s TO You IMPORTANT STARTS TOPAY — Savings in all departments on Factory discontinued items, one of a kind, slightly marred or soiled and many items not listed here. Due to price reduction, all sales are final and for immediate delivery. No Phone or Mail orders. Many items are one of a kind and subject to prior sale, so shop early and save. Mrs. Hurley Summers, of 3301 Agnes, has the cat in her basement. This came about when neighmhors, fearing the animal might storve. used a garden hose to squirt him out of the tree. The cat is wearing a collar and 9, wnn :\irs. rioyu LIIM jjimn <mu . , . Mrs. Charles Menelcy, hostesses, f Ka I^ cket on a glove is a tough ltpl , BR ALTON WCTU ^ ! irtK Pnnnia V^ntac tn fnr>« tkat. at the home of Mrs. Chapman. will conduct the devotional serv ice. Mcdora job. Ronnie hates to face i houses that had windows open jand from there transferred to i other objects. M- P .1 R O ,™« win criv,, thp'big 8 amc with a new or bor- The Rev - James F1 °y d - of the ! White dogs and cats who roll M«ss Pearl Bermes will give the, njwed Cottage Hills Baptist Church,| on grass or 8 i m k through shrub- program on Halti and ™?™° Anyone who may have picked I "P 0 * 6 before a meeting of the bery were special victims of the RICO, dnd Mrs. Jesse wiiniie ijt ^ & ^ ^^ ^ ^^ A , ton ! lJppPr Alton Christian Temper- film. ' win that game may call him atiance Union at Peck Memorial; "Every animal from Main his home. iHall, Thursday afternoon. i street to the railroad station 1 The honornrv memher of the!will get a bath this weekend,"; MHS. BONNIE HAMILTON ,,.^, • T ? -,v, ,u f one vvornan said i \\OTL dealt with the menace of one woman saw. HONORED AT SHOWER Medora Notes MEDORA - Carl Smith 'WCTU dealt with the menace of liquor and the part that liquor Oil Mrs. Bonnie Hamilton, 421 lp iayed in the assassination of „ ~ . ,. j r*. j Monroe St., East Alton, was* Abraham Lincoln Pierre, S. D visited Tuesday |honored fl{ g stflrk shovvcr Abiaham Uncoln ' at the home of his brother, Dale, Thursday njgh , flt Smith, and family. Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Copeman and family, Peveley, Mo.. visited Tuesday and Wednesday with M*. and Mrs. Edwin Wilton. Mr. and Mrs. George Voor-i hees and family, Houston, Tex., are here for a vacation visit with Mr. and Mrs. D. W. Voorhees. Mr. and Mrs. Richard Barnett and family, Madison, were also guests on Friday. Mr, and Mrs. Orvin Johnessee, Greenfield, and Mr. and Mrs. Raymond Copeman, Pev- eley, Mo., were dinner guests Wednesday of Mr. and Mrs. James Wilton. Reports Intrusion At Son'» Home Laymon C. Hodges of 3287 Hawthorne Blvd. Informed the police early Thursday evening that he had just discovered an Intrusion at the home of his son, Gary Hodges, at 816 E. 7th St., where someone had made entry* by way of a window, He had lacked time to make a thorough immediate investigation, he said, but would check today In an effort to determine what might i have been taken. Gary Hodgeu, his father said, if away from home for the Army ( I'tserve training peviod, and his, Wife >* visiting in St. Joseph. Mo. During t neu * absence, he is vis- < itjng the son's home daily. It was| in hit hurried routine call last evening that he discovered the break-in. Mrs. Robert Ness), state „„_ _ , ,WCTU president, also gave an Henry Stamm, 3417 Oak-1 „,„„,„/ Mrs , Ness , is a » Alton home of; Ave ' town attended. Games prizes Bethalto, Mrs. Robert Townsend, and Miss Mary Stamm, of Alton. resident. Mrs. Margaret Troy, local county and state legislative Kids, and even adults, who! wanted to have the luxury of walking barefoot in the grass of their yards Wednesday had the stuff layered on them up to their ankles. Women's .stockings and lights hoes also were causes fori screams among the well dress-1 ed. The stuff no where relented its Dinette Furniture Special Prices from Doysfrom 42" Round Table with 18" leaf, Lindenwood plastic top, bronze metal, 4 upholstered back chairs ....$99.50 42" Round Table with 18" leaf, Lindenwood plastic top, bronze metal, 4 wire back chairs $99.50 35"x50" Table, 2-12" leaves, dark walnut, plastic top, bronze metal, 6 high back plastic upholstered chairs .' $"».50 35"x50" Table, 2-12" leaves, poplar gray plastic top, black metal, 6 chairs upholstered in grey Regency plastic $119.50 35"x50" Table, I-12" leaf, dark walnut plastic top, 4 chairs upholstered in white Regency plastic. .$89.50 Reduced Prices on Howell Dinettes $125.00 Bronzetone 5 Piece Set, table 36"x48", 1-12" leaf, wireback chairs, plastic upholstered seat $109.50 $139.50 Bronzetone 5 Piece Set, large 36"x54", 1-18" leaf, wireback chairs with adjustable feet ..$119.50 $125.00 Bronzetone 5 Piece Set, table 36"x48", 12" leaf, inlaid top, 4 wireback chairs $109.50 Living Room Suites — By Kroehler $265.00 Curved 3-Pc. Sectional, thin arms, foam cushions, brown-beige stripe covers $239.50 $255.00 Divan and Chair, foam cushions, heavy cover, wide arm, tufted back, red $229.50 $255.00 Divan and Chair, heavy tufted arm, foam tufted back, brown $239.50 $249.50 Divan and Chair, foam cushions, button design back, coral $235.00 $149.50 Sofa, wide arms, foam cush., turquoise $135.00 Drexel Declaration Dining Room Drop Leaf Table, Buffet and Hutch Top, 4 Side Chairs. Upholstered Seat or Catkin Back Wood Seat. Was $508.00 Choice of modern $ 399 50 NEW IDEA DINING ROOM by KROEHLER Modern Style, Patina Walnut Large deep leaf table, buffet, china, I arm chair and 5 side chain, Was $594.00 Now $489.50 Large drop leaf table, china and 4 side chairs. 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Mrs. Russell Harris led sidewalks and what have you got a coating. the! Guesses as to where the fall GOULDING'S 108 Years —Jewelers la Downtown Alton flight! VM< C u /»0AJU by GftANAT A magnificent diamond In the ihope you prefer.,, emerald-cut-round-or oval I Beauty loon to blazing height! of brilliance In "Flight", a fabuloui new diamond ring I Slender, modern, designed for a lifetime of radiant tomorrows, Fitted wedding ring to match !» available, if dufrtf* Account* Invited Jewelers — American Gem Society riOULDING'S ^•^ Store Hews: t te f — PrUtoy f to t ^^ larareey —f re 1 Bedroom Furniture "Casual Provincial" Oak, Spindle Bed, Double Dresser, Mirror and Chest Was $259.50 Now $22?.50 Double Dresser and Mirror Was $170.00 Now $14«.50 Matching nite table. Wa$ $32.50 Now $25.00 "SHOW PIECES OF I960" BY KROEHLER IN BURNISHED MAHOGANY Bed, Double Dresser, Mirror and Chest Wa$ $328.50 Now $289.50 Bed, Triple Dresser, Twin Mirrors Was $444.00 ..' Now $389.50 Other Combinations and Prices The "Cascade" Group Choice of Beige Mahogany or Sable Mahogany. Clean modern, closed f base. Bed, Double Dresser, Mirror and Chest. Was $245 NOW "Reflection" Group Muted Walnut Book Bed, Double Dresser, Mirror and Chest \ Was $314.00 NOW Bed, Double Dresser, Mirror. Was $204.50 NOW "American Trend" Spice Tone Mahogany. Bed, Double Dresser, Mirror, Chest. Was $324.00 NOW Extra Chest, was $99.60 .'..NOW Other cpmbinatlom of this set reduced, also. Donish Walnut Chairs Choice of Beige, Tangerine, Turquoise, Copper. Usually $69.50 NOW Swivel Club Chair Reversible Foam Cushion. Beige (I only) Was $125.00 NOW Mople Love Seat Red Plaid—Loose Cushion Seat and back. 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NOW OO .50 1.50 '59 .50 .10 Living Room Table Set — by Howell Bronzetene legs, adjustable feet. Woodgrain plastic tops and edges. 2 end tablet and I cocktail tablt. Was $79.50. $Cfl50 NOW 99 One Set Only Brass Accent Pieces For Both Or Living Room — Vanity Stood, Watte Baskets, Magaiine Racks, Towel Racks — Many Other Value* Packed Specials. Very Specie I Price Reductions Shop Today and See These Sale Items Listed Plus Many Other Value Packed Specials. Extra Savings With Every Sole -Use Jacoby's Own Easy Budget Payment Plan No Carrying Charges Added On Furniture •27 I. M Free «!•* lutreace ALTON, ILLINOIS Jacoby's Completely Ait Conditioned

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