Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 29, 1960 · Page 4
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 4

Alton, Illinois
Issue Date:
Friday, July 29, 1960
Page 4
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PAGE FOUR ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH FRIDAY, JULY 29, I960 Editorial Knd of I ho Sin»i»i*»a!on Plan? Dtwid Lmvrenre GOP Leaves Chicago With (xmfidenre Side Itlanrpfl B* MUMMIM One of the important item* the public mint \ Sen. I.vndon Johnson «'OtiM hav* * better note X* the » wo parties <qiurt off tvith thfir fall j chance of running the full cycle of Two term* campaign* is the indication the vice pre«i- , ,i< vice president .ind two in the President's job dentil! training for Presidents mav be for which that would train him. Tie is 51. He coming to an etui would he ^9 hv the time Sen. Kennedy served F.ven Mr. Nixon, who could benefit bv the i two term* .»< President, and would be 67 by the CHICAGO — The Republicans; Viet presidential Mu-ce«.on program establish?,! ! time he. himself, served two terms. But pretn jf ;inv> hrrp depressorl in mind.; ,',... . i • i i T» L t • i-i L-' but thi.'v went nwav confident under President I ivcnhower. appears to have obviously the Democrats have nothing like '"''• ;in(1 i nv '| eo ,.,.,tp d 7 n ev had felti forsaken it. in mind. , tne irmmrf O f fnp Kennedy-John-' He, himself, exercised a great deal of influ- Of course, the voters and circumstance* son nominations nt Los Angeles! ence in -.electing In* running mate. United Na- sometimes have a wav of deciding these things, and wondered how their own lions Ambassador Henry Cabot Lodge. In November the voters may not even take convention would go. ^ M. I ruler now is 5K. Tlut would not be to the presidential training course program which' Thl!rp wpre si « ns of f' 1 ' 1 ' 1 ' 0 "- ol ;, , . . , , ., . , , i i .1 i dissension and discord which in- an untavor-iMc age if it were intended to tram President Lisenhower apparently thought was a dic .., tpd s ,, r i ou .- 1,-oiibie ahead him for the Presidency in 1964. when he would , good idea. At least they may agree it is a good' Tnf , Delegates were frankly puz- be 62. Rut if Mr. Nixon is elected, then re- ! idea for training an emergency successor to thc : /Jod by the tactics of Gov. Rock- elected for his second term, following the pal- , President, but not so good if it tends to create 'efeller anil his following. They tern which Mr. I isenhower established with him, i a definite future line of succession. 'wondered about the extreme con-i ! then Mr. Lodge would be (,(, when running tor i The Republicans apparently are opening the 'ServHllves. loo. But in the end' i the presi-dcncv if the P artv decided to go full- wav for New York's Governor Nelson Rocke- !"'.' *' a , s h(lrm » n y «"<«• when the, , ' ' p ' .. i i • , Nixon-Lodge ticket was chosen, 1 , cycle ag.nn on the plan. feller any way you look at it. , h( , ( . onvrntion Wfls happy andj i This would make him 70. the approximate ' By 1964 he will have completed his term as p | a j n i v stimulated. The delegates' age of President Lisenhower, when his first term governor, perhaps tried his political wings fur- j began to reflect to each other a expired. And certainly the Republican party thcr in the race for United States Senator. If: feeling of victory ahead andj would to surt a man into the cycle who , elected to that post, he would have confirmed jj-'lked as if they sincerely be-i could run for • second term if he were chosen to • his vote-attracting power sufficiently to warrant; ie ' l j s ".["I 1 ."*?, , f the first one. his selection as either the vice presidential candi- 1 tjon ., Fjrst Qf (i|l lhe ' ski ,| fll , Thus we have the full cycle possibility vir- date (in case Nixon wins this fall} or as presi- ||, iin dling hy Nixon of the Rocke- tually ruled out for Ambassador Lodge. | dential candidate in case Nixon loses in 1 960. | feller pressure for changes in ^ 4 ^ , ^ the platform. Secondly, there i was the strong keynote speech Two wMttfW of flfttttre occupied the news "So you thought this was a short cut! Please, Mildrec try not to think when, I'm driving!" Now Highway Promotion Era Header's Forum Unsavory Issue Was the time ripe for the city government ' have known some members of past city councils to take an official stand on highways matters j to adopt a completely cynical attitude toward ^V',, ^ Lofjgp wh|ch elpctri .| P( m n ri,,1 'Thai in the are*? , j highway projects that needed to be undertakeni fied the delegates. And finally j!pn ™ u . PublicAir Safety"" It did so Wednesday night anyway. | a » d P«sscd to conclusion, Some actuallyimtist be added the poise and spryed ft wor1hy purpose from seemed to look upon the whole matter as a huge I sheer weight of the influence of: om , v jp W p O j n ( f ne j ss ue. un- We wovild suggest to the organizations and! President Dwight Eisenhower. ifor)unatelv . was evprv hit Anyone who underestimates his. individuals who have taken an interest in these : ^ 8 !i gp ...!^ v ...! s maki " g a " er "j vestigatlon is indeed called for] things during the past that they continue to do ror in appraisal. The City Council approved a resolution reserving to the city government the privilege and responsibility of making the final decisions and carrying out promotional activity of highway projects. Moreover, the council's resolution centered t , irough t , lc city government< Their voices! from the Democratic conclave in this responsibility and authority in the city man- shou|d bc heard ^^ the councjl> m;inv Aspects. Here they long! a * er - . To City Manager Watt, who told the coun- ! '8° knew who the nominee would It seems a logical resolution of a complication c ;| Wednesday night that he still had time in Energies of developments that have been shaping up for ; n j s bus y sc h e dule to spare for this activity, we! C o nven tio n To see a unsavory as you pictured it. In when a handful of self-interested | except B the past that they continue to do' Bmadl speaking . the Repub-j""" H "^ who Hn i«f tr v that they channel their efforts ;,•„,„„ ,, otl ven.ion was different " ldivlf1ll « ls ;. who do »»» trul V represent their responsible col-! Forum Writers, Note Writers names must be published with letters to the Renders Forum. Letter* should be concise and legible. "* All are subject to condensation. 25 and 50 Years Ago July 30.1910 A visit here of New York engineer* revealed from Edwardsvllte. A white Rrotmd hof was j that an addltkm to th* Alton smelting platrt of found sitting near Its burrow along Wahash j rp ^ Tft] IjMr ] Ca wns planned. A spokesman Railroad tracks two miles south of the city, sn(d , hcrfi was notn | nK definite as yet as to the and Charles Smith, owner of the Day and Night ! pxpnnsion nf p i nnt facilities, but that the en*i- garaite there, had captured a black widow j npprs hf)(1 RBtnmir i information that would spider. Shortly after It was placed In a Jar. j mflkfl p^j^ „ rppor , fm w nieh the company j myriad microscopic black widow spiders hurst , rtil . e ,, fnrs mi ght H rt. It was Indicated that the |forth from eggs appended to the mother. company had more than sufficient area in it* : In a collision at Brown street and Vernie yn| . dfl fo nrov)r i e f or expansion and that no 0ur- i avenue Joseph Richardson, truck driver, re- i ' ( . hnsp of n(W | t ir>nal i anr ] W as contemplated, icelved possible skull fracture and severe scalp Ff>)jx Yos , ^inept-, had the closest call of ,lacerations; Mrs. Thomas G. Stanton Incurred fjvc workrnen ^ten a hi* steam shovel of Alton itwo rib fractures, body bruises, and lacerations j B ,. (rk Cx) toppled over. By a quick Jump as about her head: 'and Miss Marilyn Stanton. J hp SflW fhc 2Won rnncMn* begin to settle, he I passenger in the car driven by her mother, j Psrape( j wi , n fl f ew bruises and a torn trouser- iescape-1 with minor bruises. ' |pR Hpnry 8nd Frflnk Y ost, George Shallen- i Jersey county veterinarians were kept busy | br| . Rer and John Melsenhelmer went over with I immunizing droves of swine in and around ; )he ghove| gR „ tume(] on , 1s B|dc hut were un . Fidelity, where cholera was making serious [)ur| Set1 | ement of the ground due to an un- inroads on the stock. Immunization among derKrol]nrl f)ow of wfltpr was apparent cause ol hogs had been abandoned several years pre- i .,,„ _, BU -,. i Trip m isrinp. Rumors that extension of the AJ&P Railway to Jerseyville, would resume early In the fall, were heard In connection with a meeting here of a group of stockholders. Present were Joseph Becknr, J. C. McGrath, and Aaron Auten of .Tersryvlllp. and Edgar Davis of St. Ixmis, who represented the A. W. Cross estate. Postmaster Henry BrueKgeman had a corps of men denning up the new post office building in preparation lor its occupancy over the July 31 weekend. Dedication was set for Monday evening, Aug. 1. A platlorm was bem« set up at the southeast coiner of the building from which Congressman W. A. Rodenher;; was to make an address. Capt. K. P. Ketchum had been assigned by 'the St. Louts District Engineer office as resident ienglneer at the Alton lock and dam project. , F. J. Duvall, 67, an attorney at Clarksvillc. Mo., for .'to years, and husband of the former Miss Lena Smith of Alton, died of heat pros trait ion. He WHS also survived by a son. Milton, graduate of Western Military Academy and mayor of Carlinville. j Robert Levis had gone to Boston. Mass., to | study preliminary to entering Massachusetts Institute of Technology. A crowd of 6.500 persons was expected to attend the annual Western Cartridge Co. picnic in Rock Spring Park. Athletic events and features and a beauty contest to select the pret- First baled straw to come by rail to the new liest girl employed by the company were on P 1 ™' "f Alton Box Board * Paper Co. was a carload shipment from Missouri Point consigned bv wnv of Alton bridge. Construction was vi>- the program. Verlan Matthews, Miss Lena Ix?dford, and (Virginia Duvall had returned from Laramie, . tually complete, but installation of machinery Wyo., where they attended Wyoming University in the Plant was expected to lake a month. , . i ne ] Our position in this matter o£ tne ioffered little choice. To have a long time. The main fault we find is that ] uvc what wc ,- C g iir d as some highly important!i ate Sen. Taft and a son of the!- vielded to tne P ilots> demands the action was taken after a minimum of con- suggestions—unless he has acted ahead of us: Slate Franklin Roosevelt each ris-l would nave m ean t abandoning sultation with the groups that had carried this,) He s i lou | c ) f orm a c l Qse _knit team with ling to second the nomination of| our responsibility to promote load for the city in the past. j Mayor P. \V. Day, who has been doing much Nbcon, followed by a speech^for Cation s ^ty. This we could A few organizations in the past have been ] contact work in the highway field. l^" 1 JjJ Su lJ ra ! co i?seSaUve^hes 0 e" \ In bringing this issue to the having » go at the highway development prop- ; He should make as immediate as possible a! we ' re indications lhat tnere had i » can place in .jeopardy j attention of your readers, you ' c are certainly living up to the highest function of the press. I personally appreciate your public interest in this matter and I thank you. believe me. j without qualification. | E. R. QUESADA, Administrator Federal Aviation Agency. summer school. A Staunton street house which was beir.i; The temperature had reached 98 degrees, razed hy John \Verts so he could erect a new- highest of the month, after an overnight low residence was believed to have been built in of 77. 18-10. osition, sometimes together, sometimes in competition, and with varying degrees of effective- ness. personal contact with both R. R. Bartelsmeyer, the state's chief highway engineer; and, if possible at this busy political season, with Gov- Thc good offices of these organizations I ernor Stratton. NVe still have in the area two should be sought out by the city government pieces of work — on the Great River Road — in the future, too — either as assistance in get- which can be placed under contract before win- ting a promotional job done, or in the form of | ter closes the bid opening for the year. But suggestions for instigating or shaping projects. ] there are, of course, other difficult problems As one institution which in the past has j in the area to accomplish. worked hard to obtain for Alton the highways it needed, the Telegraph welcomes this new approach to the problem, which could be yet more effective than the old. The community owes much to efforts of individuals and civic organizations who in the past have envisioned new highway improvements for the area, and worked hard for them, j these matters, and should be consulted. We feell lo > al P ar ^ ^, an fmd1 _ n , ot In this category, the Greater Alton Association i sure Mr. Watt will do this. Alton should let Mr. Watt also should make immediate and frequent contacts with District Engineer E. W. Riefler. He should seek out others who have worked on highway projects and obtain from them information as to their past procedures. been a natural difference in view ijt^ij a. nciiujcii ujj.j.^.1 tiiv,^ jj* »*^T»- ' ^ •»•% • points on some complex ques-| 'Greatest BldSt tO lions but not a fatal one. As for the circumstance whereby Rockefeller came to the stage to introduce Nixon just before he delivered his acceptance speech, tin's was a master stroke in harmonizing. The truth is the New York governor means to go all out now to help the Republican ticket. His tactics have been designed to imprint his influence on his party, and he did so in the convention. But what some of the critics Our state representative, Ralph Smith, has |of the New York governor may been extremely helpful to the community in | not have known was that he is a kind i^ I predict that within the next 12 months, the greatest explosion in military history will go off. It will be the explosive feud between Eisenhower and that so-called hero "Monty" (Viscount) Montgomery. Due to the dignity of Eisen- Vanishing Americans What is becoming ot "The Vanishing American"? The increase in population in the city limits is not what was expect-j ed. The Alton area must have a I bower's position as President, he had to keep still, but after next January Eisenhower, no longer contained by official protocol, will blast back at Monty. No decent man' could keep still very long after being unjustly criticized by Monty. In my opinion it's way past time that somebody should shut him up. Drew Pearson's Merry-Go-Ronnd GOP Split Deep as Ever CHICAGO — Now that thelty during most of his political 'Europe in lfl-19 when the com- confetti is being swept up, the i life and doing it with great dex- munists wpre pressing that area loudspeakers are mute, the babyi terity. Inside fact is he began rid-; hardest; yet in recent years has elephant that begged for pea- 'ing a donkey, voted for Roose- wanted to spend more money on nuts in front of the convention | velt the first time he ever went I foreign ;iid. I predict that when this book Is printed (and it will be), it will be the best seller for years to come and it will stay No. 1 has gone back to hay, and the I to the polls, worked for the New badges, the banners and bi-JDeal Office of Price Administra- j And when Harold Stassen, then charge of foreign aid, slapped , zarre pageantry which goes intoltlon rationing tires, then was j down Sen. Joe McCarthy for in the picking of presidents is no i elected to Congress f romjterfering with its administration, more, we can summarize the! wealthy suburban Los Angeles j Nixon went to McCathy's rescue. two most important things that j as a conservative Republican. He was also the man who did Ever since then he has kept] his best to rescue McCarthy dur- his right foot carefully placexljing the Army-McCarthy hearings I with the Taft wing at the GOP, when Joe was getting the wore! inside the Republican Party is hjs ]eft foot probing gj ngc rly of it before the TV cameras. stood out from this convention: 1. The long-time split between the conservatives and liberals just as deep as ever. sometimes imperceptably for a 2. Richard Nixon rode thosei place with tne Iibera , ^ the terity. But the big question is ! whether he can keep on riding All this endeared Nixon to the GOP right wing, the wing which Taft-Hartleyl nas controlled party nominations which labor hated. He asi but doesn't controeleetions. jvice president maneuvered a steel strike settlement which la-; Tip|M-d later than last i i ' c* /"'iii i • i * A j T» i i fs*- 1 ' i LU i**\ v*cii 11 jiciiv, »ji JILT) \si* ji prt i TIP rtiion aic & niusi iitivc u — of Commerce especially has exerted not only 'Springfield know that u expects McAdams Road i pa ,, ty , s foi . t unes in the campaign u . emendous amount of •• N o-i dere> disregarded them time great leadership, but result-producing efforts. work to be undertaken without missing the;j 1so |f j[ e ( oo w jn neer ] t ne counts" after time. Few Americans rein former vears some administrations of the contract season for another year. Alton, in turn, • combined strength of all ele-l A np\v census bureau renort con- alize that Monty Was directl y ! Ca " b . e . 8 au f ed fron ? the 4pn ^!in 1951. vet has been A ""' . r. i, , ! responsible for prolonging the; complaint of some delegates that! ,,„, :._„.,_„... Monty being under Ike's or- them successfully through "°-' bor ioved . H ? W ** one olihe only "*™ the Republican liberals led Hiffio,,iH, «f v,i. nw,hi om ! tnree senators who voted to kill bv Sent,. Cooper of Kentucky, d ±S? ft ± h L P SS the cJv.1 rights bil, in committee ,<** of New Jersey, and Javit. city government reali/ed their responsibilities > should clean up this nearly realized project be-Clients in the Republican Party: ta j ns gad news {or political speak- i res P° nsime ror in this direction while others very obviously fore diverting its efforts shortly in other direc •;'" New York Stat f to w } n re-elec-l ers fond o j p a yj n g tribute to farnr Wai '" urope ' , he shouldn't have gone to New : dei ^ at 'f )° ado ' )l « stra "g civil ! ? « nht!i Iatform ln O" 01 Keating of New York tried give thi needed the civic organizations to take over. We tions. Peter Edson Behind GOP Convention tion as governor in 1962. . ', Fundamentally, there is a difference between the leadership of the two parties today. The two platforms reveal it. The folks as the backbone of Ameri-j Monl y has made cruel re ' ca. For the first time in U.S. his-! marks a S a ' nst our Kreat man lory, fewer than one person in 10J Ike and the American public is counted as living on a farm. ,_. . ... , , The new low ratio results from a Democrats are committed to I. . ... , , i . ,. , i one term migration of farmers 'economic programs in which ar-;. fi „ •• r Uifidal stimulus plays at vital j m j.° ° " e ^. ° . CHICAGO - (NEAl - In | prise of all. Percy has beenjc-ast the 8 to 7 vote in favor -' """' Thr - B"™^"™"" °- -—-' pnsus ° 1(>la s re P° lve on >' their eagerness to make a surejelected chairman. I hope it willjthe moderate plank. thing look like an open conven-!be that easy in November." Nix-: The Civil Rights subcommit- j fne f'' p e-enterprise system. They tion, GOP bosses of the Republi-ion now says it isn't goiuc to be I P( , then carried the recommen-i belicve in the federal K°vem- were counted last March under a new more rigid definition of what is a can national clambake darn!that easy in November, and it; ( ] ntions tn the full committee.i mpn !' s ir > Vel ' VP »tion in the ecp-| near let it get out of hand. hasn't been at Chicago, either. TJ S J I)R (np argument that plat- At the first act climax in this' Anticipating his chairmanship, l form writers should do their own nt Ol emergencies farm. Had the old definition been Uised. the count of farm households , comedy of errors staged by po- Percy bad polled his 103 com- work and not be dictated to by |lhe Kepubhcan creed is to use " amateurs, southern Re-imittee members on what kind of either Rockefeller or Nixon, ROV( 7,'" m( ,' nt . . . Hld as . ,' ,, 1 s . iit'iv'tte pm.ui. litical publican leaders and northern!a platform they would like and;Tower and Stagg talked a ma-! 1 . 1 conservatives were threatening which subcommittee each would .jority of the 103 members to su- " 1K - v to break away Irom vice presi- like to serve on. On the basis of,stain the subcommittee. dent Richard M. Nixon's stand- these replies, subcommittees If took Vice President Nixon ard to support Sen. Barry Gold- were appointed and the decision ., j i(tl( , om . 2 4 hours and a lot "' I"' O(Uu:tlve capacity. water for president. Under good was made to write a national O f n iu| lt conferences to persuade Long With Us We do not believe that the prejudice a lot of people in our country hold against a Catholic; becoming our President is communist-inspired propaganda. Our past history tells us that we had it the first day this country was founded, long be- temporarily cannot do Uic jobj'"^ who don't grow things com- fore Lenin was born or the word cither because of lack of funds! mercinlly. The new definition re-Communist was even thought: , would h-ive totaled 5 demand it.! NVOUICI n ' u '"inuu .i. Officials claim the new definition of a farm reflwts more ac- possible but to use it unhesitat- curulely the Rrowing number of ij vp ,„ m ,. H | nvi in l ui ni Monty will receive his just reward. PAUL A. HOCK, Brighton York at the last mnute to woo n * ht!i P Iatform ln Nelson Rockefeller. His wooing; He voted against aid to Korea «- ales a ' nst them - i>ciauii -rtucivtricuci . nia WUUIIIK — *» -* ™"* -" *»"• *-« ,...- ..n « n t t n L should not have been a rush job!" block communism in 1949, £? f P'o^kefel er men who rf DPilPVP in 111** lin^l'Jil rMi/il inrrhfc in Uie liberal civil rights at the last minute but a series (against military aid to western plank now fayored b ^ of conferences held well in ad-! ., - ~r~r^, T Ru, ™!v .„ ,•,/ ' u" vance of Chicago, they said. | AltonEveningTelegraph SJUtfc? uT." 1 " ag ° he un^LnrNixlTZoleroli ^^SSffi.^S,?-"™'*! F ° U '' ™«» ^ ^ ^ ^ P. B. COUSLEY. and riding two elephants going in two opposite directions. a tie vote in the Senate to defeat the Clark aid-to-education Lf he had conferred with Rockefeller early and accepted his liberal platform too far in advance, conservative Republicans j would have plumped hard for! Sen. Goldwater. Subscription Price 30 cents weekly | iirnendment - Hp cast hi * lo{ wilh by carrier: by mall $10 a year with (the Senate conservatives on ed- town* where carrier delivery U available he has publicly generous aid to educa- jtion and though Congressman Walter Judd of Minnesota, the keynote speaker, no later than To get nominated, Nixon hadl^tered a, second elan matter at "^ ^ •v™, no mier man *,„,,„ ,H O ' „,„,„«„ I the P9' lofflc e«< Alton, ill. Act this week excoriated the Demo- to have the GOP conservatives' "' of cSngrew. March Vu7» with him, because they control the convention machinery. Yet : t. U/4 U ™ MEMBER OF THE ASSOCIATED PRESS lhe Associated Preii political management, this would interest platform. the full platform committee to never have happened. After the Democratic platlorm \ reverse its action. Heroes of this net are New was adopted in Los Angeles, a York Gov. Rockefeller and Chi- further decision was made notj cago business genius Charles H to try to out-promise it. but to; Percy, 40-year-old platform com- draw up a moderate platform! mittee chairman. This is the for middle-of-the-road appeal. j first time chairmanship has not so the platform subcommit-j gone to a gbvernor, congress- te ,. s were turned loose to hear man or experienced politician, i recommendations. This accounts Percy fell into it from the 40- for the variety of style and member committee on programs looseness in its several sections. Questions— Answers Waihtngton 4. O.C | (juires a farm dweller to soil at Back in the minds of the Repub-1 least $5(1 of crops or livestock a year. Under the old definition, a farmer didn't have to sell anything commercially. WILLIAM A. CRIVELLO licaii strategists is the belief that the so-culled "liberals" behind Kennedy are headed for state socialism und an all-powerful central government. The talk of "growth" and the high-sounding phrases about "national purpose" are attractive in themselves, but the business world naturally wonders bow these objectives are going to be attained and whether erats for allegedly blocking aid [to education, actually it was lhe ! right wing Republicans, with Nixon's help which has consistent!v of. Our forefathers founded thisi. the GOP liberals with him, such I entitled to the use for publication ol .... , , . , .ull news dispatches credited In this > e ' l " e r blocked or whittled It hecaiiKP thev pnn , because they con country, mostly to escape pros-| ecution in their home country. FRED J. MILLER Jerseyville •juaper and to the local nevts pub !down -i' llshed herein. * i - .' trol the election machinery. So: Hsbed herein. ride both elephants, MEMBER. THE AUDIT BUREAU couldn't let either one, OF CIRCULATION Egypt Answer to Prtviout Puzzto Nikita Khrushchev's prophecy of Q. What was the original color!state socialism for America in and progress. It was set up in: Joseph K. Carlino. speaker of !0 | man's skin? H.C.U. |thc coming years is really going 1959 by former GOP Chairman|the New York Assembly and a, gmith-Uo be fulfilled all too soon by a ! Meade Alcorn, at President Eis-Huekeieller man was made chair-, enhower's suggestion. man of the Civil Rights subcom A. Anthropologists of soninn Institution state that thei'seneration ot New once Early this year National Chair- nuttee Under him were put six man Thruston Morton and Vice southerners and eighl northern- 'joroginal skin color of man's ancestors is riot known, although it ; is asssumed to have been medium more in power in Washington. As for the "challenges" in the world so often referred to by the President Nixon picked Percy to ers. So everything looked safe. , to da| . k " brown critics—especially those who run the Platform Committee. He Then (Joy. Rockefeller gave, i claim Russia is making "prog- had served on the Rockefeller'with his views on what the plat- Q who d(H>s a t . rjcket cllirp ,|ress' in Latin America, Asia and! mountain* ISaUon' patron taint 4 Asian animali B Yugoslav city 6 Buries 7 Old English court • Worm* Brother.-, Fund Special Studies; form should say. Vice President | "mid-' B A ' ' Africa — the answer usually of- Group so he was also accept- ; Nixon made his famous "m- !lered is thai America must spend: able t., the governor. I night flWit of Paul Revere" to A l-» »»><>1. Kists do not know . , . b,h,v, ^ lhe cinr.ns a ^ *«* '"" " '^ « bat. Wh,n the smu, me, in Chicago>'-v York and let Gov. Rocke- a w ,,-k before .be convention o-''^. issue the M points on which ennl Morton sa,d ,, i|lfjlu , illon in olhl . r raunlries ' To the sur- ""'> 'lecided lo stand agumsl '''"^ '"' Perhaps mere —. the reactionaries ; self-expression. Only »«.- auuu ., , . . . , IIH ii uiMidiii • j « lluough intrigue and conspiracy. That slaited the trouble. Two ""'I'* ''""I' ( ,>,. tl|)1) , hjs ( . aun(| , v t . a|)no( ^ ,„ Cix-il KiKhtR subcommittee south-, |wa ,. wjth Russja JUS , , HH ,. ulse ,,, e ''i-n.-rs. John G. lower and Q In a recent item it was re-(.Soviet Union increases its hold We fhee today, our Th.,mas K Stagg. made a pilch, ,„., ted that d.^occasionally wear ion some countr.e.s outside the Fathr-r loi yreat C.hnstians in for a rmld. slates' rights plank spectacle^ How can ttu-ir eye small chun hes. May \\c nev (hat uould ap|>eal lo the South sight bc tested'.' K.F. er assume larye minds and more than the Democrat*-' lii) large t.oulh aie lo be lound only erwl platlorm Tower is (JOP lr Urge citie- and in laive <><•- cdiididatc for I'S Senaloi Irom a lorm of the adult eye present Communist bloc. Do thej demands for "more American . ,,.. . , , , • ,, ., ,,., A lieu vision is lestec by re- i action mean war.' 1 Ins is some-: .. . .ini .1 u n > i niovint' the scent Irom a bone and (thing the Republican leaders — AOBOM DOWN 1 Canal clalnMd 1 Personality by Egypt 2 Russian ftRiverof ttt* country • Sea bordering this country 12 Writer Gardner 15 Chemical suffixes 14POWR 16 Attack* (coll) • Away and 17 Girl's nam« '"'"' 18 Snub 19 Everlasting 21 Heavenly body 23 Turf 24 Saint* (ah) 27 Bur ItOiidrun'i husband M University to New Orlauu back 10 Author Ferber 11 Distribute 16 Make melodic 40 More 20 Bellows unsightly U Amphitheater 41 Of the DON 24 Stalk 45 Surgical 25 Soviet regtoo thread 86 Baiie 46 Paisagt 28 Slacken 30 Unaspiratod 31 Notion 33 Fend off 35 Scent* money 47 Indigo 48 facto DO Nevada 51 Angers 62 Essential being know what he was going to do l.ocal AdvertUlns .iaiei and Coo until the last minute. Expert Rider Actually Richard Nixon has been riding the two. divergent elephants ol the Republican Par- had Information on application at the Talenraph business office. Ill East Broadway. Alton. 111. National AdvertlslDK Representatives: the John Budd Company, New York. Chicago. Detroit. Atlanta, Dallas. New Orleans. San Francisco, Los and Seattle. It has been Rep. Charlie Hal- leek of Indiana, the Republican leader who has given the signal to Rep. Howard Smith, the Virginia Dixiecrat, to block the education bill, the civil rights bill and all other liberal legislation. «S I960. Bell Syndicate. Inc.) MIRROR OF YOUR MIND 38 Football tflUB a . dllrtalu><? " M> do)J Q Please explain what is meant gem/at luns \Ve thank Thee lo; Texas Stagg has been GOP pgstoi.- uhuse -pnitua' gills a.i-'Louisiana national ciiininiltee i only in Thee and lo those man loi lour .years Both are ar thc\ have helped, loi jiei hculale, pcrsuasisc, stubborn ff mind.- and understand men. b> a "Junta " C 54. ing hearts on eseiy level of the Four southern women on the A. A .junta is an assembly. church's iilr Ma> all such gubcomniittec- bucked Sta«K and <"tincil or governing body. The have a douiiie pmiion ol Thy Tower Oth(-i - stibcommitlep word is Spanish and comes from l; in Jehus'name. A men members have not vet revealed 'in Ijiiin 'junjjere." "to join." It IflM by rhi Oiuijon of chruitun wlio the> \se, but tuo noiihern is used rhu-fly in Spain and Hpan- "i»i"t]i'r'm'tu''"he 1 U.°S. A**;conservatives joined them to|Ian-speaking countries. #• their candidates and their follow- W Patrick Dennis' matte 80 Car (coJl.) 41 Vcgetabl* 42 Sea ««|lt 44 Jewell ing in Congress -are absolutely determined to prevent That's what this Republican convention really signifies in a """' 1 *"**•** l , lldenl " wl " i Hin« A ,« .i " Ameucan 49 Batfle'i awt 63 Insect M Unmarried woman B« Narrow inlet 67 Bewildered M Individual the pn- 19 Building and in addittoo •OUtroing ' )uhlll> . Y Herald inbunc By JOSKI'li WHITNEY cern over world tension* and possible nuclear war. In analyzing this apparently carefree attitude, researchers felt that most people find nuclear war too awful to think about. They also felt this attitude might reflect "a persistent undercurrent of isolationism, resulting in a renunciation of social responsibility." Should young wive* help support Uielr husbands? i Many successful marriages have gotten under way with the wife supporting her husband while he completed professional training. However, many others have foundered for the same reason. The success or failure of such an arrangement depends on the emotional maturity of the young couple, chiefly the IK exuiigeratlon helpful In mi argument? ' Answer: No, exaggeration always weakens an argument. As a rule we resort to exaggeration when we caiuiol think of the exact terms necessary to express the points we want to make, or when we fear that the exact truth is not strong enough to support our points. Any intelligent' listener will recognise that some of our state- UIUN! people worrk about nuclttwr nar? husband. If he is immature, being Aiuww; Only four per cent of ments are purposefully distorted, supported is likely to prolong that the 2,460 U. S. citizens polled by and it will not unduly tax his instate of mind and retard develop- the Joint Commission on Mental tellect lo reason that- U some are ment of a sense of responsibility. Illness and Health expressed con- wrong, ull of them may be. (0 1M0< Jtloi FMturM gyud.. lac.)

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