Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 29, 1960 · Page 2
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 2

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, July 29, 1960
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PAHF.TWO ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH mit>AY, JULY 29, I960 Eisenhower Believes Fight Will Be Rugged '. DENVER (API — President 1 Eiscnhmver says Richard M. Nixon and Henry Cabot I^xiije face a struggle nijht down to Election Tiny. But ho expresses confidence the Republican ticket will defeat Iho ITemocrnts in November. ! Eisenhower predicted s tough ! struggle and GOP victory in aj I congratulatory telegram Thurs- ! ida\ night to Vice President ! Nixon, the Republican presidential nominee, and Lodge, his running mate. •, Nixon Sets Campaign Strategy V. V Kennedy., Johnson To Confer ttv O. MILTON KELLY Investigate Helicopter Crash That Killed 13 Bv JOE HALL CHICAGO (AP) i- Aviation experts scrutinized flrt-charrw] pieces of a helicopter today, se^king causes for the crash which killed 13 persons — the costliest HYANNtS PORT, Mass (API—'accident in the country's 'Copter Sens. John F. Kennedy and Lyn-iscrvire history, don B. Johnson, Democratic run-1 A single main rotor blade, found a half mile from the crash site, a sheered-off tail section and the I a proposed military spending; p O c,.|bj]jt v of metal fatigue figured I shock treatment reply to insults • prominently in the investigation. However, Civil Aeronautic* ning mates for president and vice (president, meet tonight to discuss 'from Soviet Premier Nikita S. Khrushchev. : Board experts declined to com- possible causes of CONTINUED WARM CHICAGO (AP) — Richard M. The message was dispatched to (Nixon turns to the mundane de- » wi " bp 1heir first mpetln S! mont on the the candidates at the party's CM-(tails of his campaign dates and|sincr they accepted nominationsi, he tragedv unti | comp lete evi- cago convention as soon as it be-!strategy today after his hour ofi' 1 *' tn(1 national convention. | dpncp is available. And It may carno apparent that Lodge. U. S. | triumph at the Republican Nation-! A move to force Republican I take months, they said, ambassador to the United Nations ' ;\l Convention. ' hands on the issue on how much | Mn]T („,,„ a SCO1 . P o ( CAB in- would be unopposeti for the \-ice -p|, r GO p pr esjdentinl nominee;'be United States must spend for v ,, s tjgators were sent to Chicago Shown and thundershowers are expected tonight over the southern Atlantic states, Ohio and Tennessee valleys, Great Lakes, northern Appala- chians, western portion of the southern and central plains, upper Mississippi Valley and northern Great Lakes, (AP Wlrephoto) Television Debate Is Likely During Campaign NEW YORK i AP> — An unprecedented face-to-fnce television de- \ r j,. s () / (trains Soybean Futures Get Support .presidential nomination. Nixon, n , Ta nged to meet with the Repub- i formally won the No. 1 spot on \ | ican National Committee this ; the ticket Wednesday evening. morning and then scheduled a : Eisenhower, here for a visit j news conference. i with his seriously ill mother-in-; At the two sessions he planned i law after addressing the convcn- i to name some of the key figures ton Tuesday night, stressed!in his campaign organization and Alum and vicinity: Continued!what is expected to be the domi-jalso make public the full list of fair. warm. and humid todav, to-inant theme of the Nixon-Lodge i stops on his first campaign tour nieht and '.Saturday. High today ! ™"ipalgn - ^at the President I next week. 1 tenned a background of wisdom There was around 90. Low tonight near 70.;^ pxppr , pncp }n government af-i wanted Sen. Thruston B. Morton no doubt Nixon High Saturday near 90. Extended Forecast re-elected national arms to be safe ranks high on their agenda. They have other things to discuss, however. Kennedy said Thursday more| to of tailed study. 5 Driver's Licenses Revoked The office of Secretary ot State Charles F. Carpentler announced today that driver's licenses of five Madison County residents have been revoked. In each instance, the revocation was based on driving while In- I ox if a ted. Tine five are: Andrew R. Ar .- Lodge Is Nominated By GOP CHICAGO CAP)—Henry Cabot Lodge. B bhieWooded diplomat from Boston, took his place beside Richard M. Nittm today in the fight to keep Republicans at the nation's helm. Nominated without opposition Thursday night as the GOP virr presidential candidate, Lodge pledged to "expend every ounce of energy" to help (he Republicans to victory. Nixon, the Republican presiden- flal nominee, had picked Lodge as his running mate after a conference with party leaders. Lodge, the chief U.S. spokesman at the United Nations, arranged to go with Nixon to a meeting of 'ifiiRh T. Flegle, all of Granite I »he Republican National Commit defense 'money Is needed. But he j backfiring, according to witnes . , '£" 77" n.m. . m ,iinrinir ind C11 V: Courtlln W. Goodwin. Kd-itoe to lay out campaign plans and The hcl.copter. sputtenng and Wflpdsvjllp . and Dfln|el R Hoeb .j, hpn to sit in onnnewsconferen.-e mentioned no dollar total. Averoll j ses, plummeted to rarth Wednes- Harriman, one .of his top foreign i day night in a western suburb policy advisers and the man many cemetery, slashing through expect will be Kennedy's secre-innd grave stones. er. Alton. Three ( bate series appears likely between the Republican and Democratic presidential nominees. At Hyannis Port, Mass.. Thursday. Sen John F Kennedy, the Democratic nominee, quickly accepted an invitation from Robert W. Sarnof f. board chairman of the . Illinois •— Temperatures average near normal, highs 85-88 in north, 88-90 in south. Only small day to day changes in temperature. »Rain- : fairs. jof Kentucky The President watched the nom-1 chairman at the committee, ses- ination of Lodge on television aft-|sion. . er approving a $53,200,000 loan to; As for the first week of cam-i even more—3'i- billions. N , W jiPeru to spur development of thatjpaigniiig. many of the dates al-j, Harriman's idea, he told news Normal count| y s economy. The step was a'ready had leaked. | m( , n h,.,, P .,[ t( ,,. ., v j s jt with Kn, tary of state if Ihe Democrats All aboard perished: Two crew win, has advocated n two billion „„,„ and eleven passengers. The hi ;\^ 1 _ sp ^ nstlon ... lc , r . mr ,^ re . dollar extra appropriation In the copter, owned by Chicago Helicop- Congress session starting Aug. 8., tor Airways, Inc., was one of sev- Republican Gov. Nelson A. Rocke- ernl the firm used to shuttle on;'«"py. Alton called by Nixon. residents had The latest word from Lodge WHS suspended for that he planned to resign his U.N. traffic viola- P 08 ' npxt month, although White , lions. The'pewn. his town, and'House press secretary James no K. Berry. God-'n pwl for such frey. two months; Lawrence K. I-"** 1 was prwM-nled to the final four months' session of the Republican National Convention us a man who has fall will average about pne-quar- ter inch, but some localities will CHICAGO (APi - Soybean fu- lget m ore and some places will National Broadcasting Co., to ap- turos mustered a little support at: get ] itt ] e or no ra j n _ Rather pear in a "great debate" on the m jdday but the grains showed:widely scattered showers or little change from previous closes • thundershowers , are expected air. In Chicago Vice President Rich- on , np Boarc j of Trade. ard M. Nixon's press secretary Af(fT absor bing a moderate vol- an(i moslly in the afternoons or said he assumed arrangements j unip O f additional profit taking, evenings. would be worked out for such de-! dllr j ng tnp f i rsl several minutes'— 7 '- r bates. Herbert G. Klein said Sar-rJ^^ Covering halted the setback noff's wire had been received but; j n t | 1P soybean i>it on advices that that Nixon had not yet replied.. (j 10 C1 . op st j]] , s lagging behind The Columbia Broadcasting nornia l development. system and the American Broad- Qne brokerage firm commented casting Co. also expressed readi- t nat production probably will be ness to offer peak air time for; we ]| below a year ago in some such debates, but said federal i are as. regulations arc an obstacle. j Although the grains resisted sell- CBS news president Sig Mickel-jj nR dealers said there had been; throughout the next five days News of Stocks Late Market Moves Higher forerunner of the goodwill aid program the President is planning for ; But it WHS would be feller of New York has advocated;,, triangular route connecting the^'-lby L. Jones. Granite City. ^^ ^ ^ r>it\.Y Woci <?irl*> iir tprmtnnls — three months. ' ' .... OHnrr md Sitav - wTth down- Five in the county, who had "«* of today', world." town Meigs Field. r«-< eivcd licenses suspensions certain the sched- ' npHv ]fts| WPpk is to Parmnrk a Discovery of the single intact were issued prohHlionary per i full one, hearing i , w ,,, 1n |,, n , W1 iinn« fnr sneclfir rnili- 1 blade in a tree a half-mile from '"Us lo drl ! couple of billions lor specific mili ....... _ „ , m . „, ...... „,„,„, „,„-..... ...... . . ... .. Latin American nations generally, j out the vim president's assertion , arv pU) . pORPR m a -jarring" nn-'tho '.ash in suburban t orrat Park in. L. Allen. (, - /i ic\ Kied Donald,.!. The loan is being extended by! to the roaring convention Thurs-1 ^er'To 'the insults "Khrushchev i heightened speculation among in- Conover. Highland; Edward J. the Export-Import Bank. .day night that "this campaign |,, as hpappd on tnis country sin ce:Vestigators that the blade toreLonr. Dorsey: DavidI \\. PHSS. Eisenhower will leave Denvcrbegins tonight, here and now." i (he v ,- 2 spy planp incident. Hnrri-iloose in flight. Krtwardsville; and Jimmie D. by jet plane Saturday morning} An Hawaiian GOP official dis- :,„,,„•„ philosophy Is that Khrush- ! Had it wrenched free in the air. \Veger, Betnaito. and return to Newport, R. I:, for (dosed that Nixon would be in| chov understands strength — and'experts theori/.ed. sufficient """ con- another week of the vacation he j Honolulu next Wednesday, giving |, hat WP ;]1 , p not so stron g as we|flicting stresses could jreswH J° interrupted to travel to Chicago;him almost a full month's 3umpj snoulf j ^ m j||tarily. " """ iand Denver. NEW YORK (AP) son said Section 315 of the Com-j no ovem ight developments of con- municarions Act must be amend-1 sequence to encourage expansion market overcame a The stock, mixed trend i Downey Enters Plea Guilty .on his Democratic rival. Sen.: .John F. Kennedy. The, Massachusetts senator had announced 'he would open his campaign in the 50th state about Sept. 1. Johnson I of the I lion's defense i flv here 'disintegrate the craft. The main , motor on a Sikorsky S-5R mounts blades, each more than 23 Lirestock Friers It East St. program. , st He will! foot lonE en route Officials of the copter service NATIONAL STOCKYARDS. (APi- III. In accepting the vice-presid'-ti- tial nomination, he said the "life and death struggle" between the Communists and the free vvoi Id gives this year's election "its compelling, overwhelming impoi • tance to us and the free world " No one. he said, is so well fitted as Nixon to represent this country "in the turmoil of world politics " In the platform adopted by the convention. h»- said, the Republicans have the program the country needs. l.od'41 1 . .">S, was placed in nonun- Nixon pledged to the convention [to Visit : S. Truman. «« every one of the 50 states before | th ; two standard heill . Prs ^n dis . i decision day, Nov. 8. cuss the whole matter at I 1 ^l.L e ^l"J S ,. P I a f "^ Kennedy wil, meet Johnson a, thc^'-W and moved higher late this after-' SPRINGFIELD. 111. ed so as not to require equal timei of long' positions in the market. i noon in operate trading for splinter party opponents. The U. S. Senate has approved bushel lower to \'* higher, Sep- noon wheat was ',(< cent a! Volume for the day was esti- such a change. Similar action is pending in the House. Leonard H. Goldenson. tember $1.84; corn Vi lower to j higher. September $$1.16%; oats mated at '2Vz million shares compared with 3,020,000 Thursday. Gains of the market stiindbys are to leave Chicago Tuesday and fly to Reno, Nev., native state of his wife. Pat, and then go on to (AP)—Wil- Southern California where he was born. His Hawaiian swing is to take two days. En route back to Washington for the opening of the Sen- , i-ou.r, , . .... ...Pi-(USDA)~Hogs 8,000; most.. )tion hv Hep. Walter Judd of Min Hanyi^ th ,° ta " s r rtlo "-.* Wl ? '"!"" No. 1-2 190-230 Ib 18.25-35; some m . M)ta „„. ( ,, im , nlljon kf . >IHl|1 ,. a small rotor for stabilization anct' lln(1(>r L)OO )b down (0 18 ln . aDO ,,f said a hinge fitting which: ^ M . ()U , k nljxefj grade No ,. 3 the small rotor to tlv • ifjO-250 lb 18.00-25; some No. 3 is a stress point which ; down to 17 75; No 2 -3 230-270 lb jliam W. (Smokey) Do\vney, 50, former aide to Gov. Stratton, today entered. a plea of guilty to one of four counts alleging he was guilty of income tax evasion. | ale ' ses sion Aug. 8, he plans a stop U.S. Dist. Judge Omer Poos took j at Seattle, Wash. lower. September 67*4; rye | went from tractions to about 2j under advisement a petition by 1 Nixon staged a party at his hotel airport, and drive him to his home for an evening of talk and dc ™*' an overnight stay. They plan to 1 Ttle sit up late, and have a news conference Saturday morning. Adlai Stevenson, Democratic presidential nominee in 1932 and 1956. is due this afternoon but ap- who was favored by many Mid- wcMi'iTiers for , Nixon's running mate. In 1952 it was I>xigc who man- has figured in two earlier acci, n . (i0 ,, 10; ^.2-3^90^7.00-^^^^^ G^pS 75; mixed grade 150-170 lb 16-25- jentlal nomination from the late v 120-140 lb 1375-1600' No !-•" T rn>- fatigue might have weakened the| 3 ^^ 400 , b down i5.oo-16.i5; few ^ Rot)prt A ' a l ° craft. to 1B.50; mostly 15.25 up; sows The Federal Aviation Agency | over 400 lb; few 14.75; officials also said metal tenned the crash the worst in th.. jboare over 350 , b J0 .25-50; . In the same year Lodge lost his iseat in the U.S. Senate to John IF. Kennedy, now the Democratic dent of American Broadcasting- j unchanged to 'k higher, Septem- 1 points while faster-moving stocks Down e V to change His former i Thur< . dav nieht for Lodge ' some day after Johnson leaves ' Paramount Theaters, Inc., sent, ber $1 . 15%: soybeans %-% high-lgained from 2 to around 13 for plpa of innoce nt to "nolo con- of hjs d friends and associates telegrams to Nixon and Kennedy ier . September S2.16-? g . : high-prices International Business :tendere .. on three other counts of and members of his staff It was outlining a proposal or the thre^ CHICAGO (AP,-Wl,ea« No. l!Machines. l(hp indictmPnl . .S?£?SSry celebration which networks to alternate in giving | ved 1.85',:,; No. 3 red (tough gar- Ahead about 2 apiece were such ; The count on which Downey ; the hard-working Nixon organiza- them prime time each week forjucky) 1.74; No. 1 hard 1.95-9514: ! stocks as Kord, Eastnmn Kodak, , p i eaded RU iltv accused him of t i on allowed il3f nine weeks. He said the plan is No . , > Uow bard J .94-95. Corn| Merek , Westinghouse Electric and understati ng his 193ti income by • uiiut-i r>i«niife I.ILJ ..,/./" ...^~...~ -^ ^m-, YHJ^. pi'CSilUf 111 Itfll Illb JJUItri lllt^ i:unuiliuil^i Ul *» nuui cxin* /"»! 1 $9,274 and of underpaying his tax !brieflv a{(er midnight to drive to I James A. Mai-tin, painters who BatrhtOWTI ( .hlircll predicated on a waiver by Con-JN o . 2 ye llow 1.20. Oats No. lj General Electric. gress of section 315. uj white 70: Na l J. ieavy **f* e 1°^' Similar gains were posted for .that year by $3,595. '.another party given by the Cali-!wore injured in the collapse of a Sarnoff told the candidates by 1/a; No . l extra he avy white TO%; ^.^ Texas i nstrume nts, and The entire indictment accused ! |fornia delegation. I scaffold at Woodrow Wilson, Dinner Slllldav telegram that the aim was to de-i No . l heavv whltc (tough) b 7 VI o£ D , Q{ evad . ^^ on $77 ., hoo) Wednesd were un . vote four programs, each an hour 69; No . j extra heavy white j about 5 t£) a M £ SQK 607 incomc from 19 53.56. Each of j changed today. long, to "aomt discussion of the (tough) m ,_ No soybean sales . I P four jg ishable by ; Adenauer Arrives ; James A . Martin is sU1 , a pa . issues. Sarnoff added that four Soybean oil 9Vsb. marKet was mixea at me nximum fine of history of U.S. helicopter opera (weights to 12.50. parentlv has no plan To get to- tions ~ militar y or civilian. , Cattle 400, calves 200; not'standard and good 17.00-20.00; few Eether with Kennedy until Satur-i Cook Countv Coroner Walter E.j ( . noU g|, steers and heifers to war-igood and choice slaughter calves 'McCarron said that a special ,. ant mention; utility and commer-' 18.00-22.00. grand jury of aviation experts will |Cia | (;0 ws largely 14.00-15.00; rel- Sheep 300; good and choice investigate the deaths of Capt. a tively few eligible to 15.00 fig-,spring lambs 17.00-19.50: few ulili Robert E. Meyer. 37. the veteran .^.^ cann ers and cutters 12.00-Uy and good 14.00-16.50; cull and pilot. Co.pilot John Walker. 25 \\^<^- good yielding cuflers up to!utility 10.00-14.00; few feeder 14.50: few utility and commercial lamlw 14.00; cull to choice shorn bulls 17.50-19.00; good and choice slaughter ewes this week mainly vealers 20.00-24.00; few to 25.00: 300-5.00. rmiilitinn of t - OU(Iltl ° 11 Ot I u 1' and their eleven passengers. The vice president left his hotel The conditions of Wilbur and other programs of an hour each would be scheduled for questioning of candidates by journalistic panels. Morton Re-Elected Chairman Barley: malting .25n; feed 85-1.02n. Wheat CHICAGO (AP)— Sen. Thruston B. Morton of Kentucky was unanimously re-elected chairman of the Republican National Committee today. Mm . ' Sep Dec Mar May Corn Sep Dec Mar May Oats Sep Dec Mar May Rye Sep 1.84>4 1.83% 1.83T* 1.84'i 1.90% 1.89^ 1.90 1.90 1.9514 1.94% 1.947i 1.94»i 1.94 r >R 1.94' 8 1.94X4 1.9416 1.16 r '« 1.16 1.16 1.129s 1.11?4 1.12 l.lti's 1.15-M 1.1C 1.184 1.17S, 1:18 choice 1.15-i start as Tnursda y s ' rallv on news ; of a lowering of margins appeared to be fading. Renewed j^' VP y ears buying sunnnrt then boosted the i Downey no more than' In Paris for Talks jtient at St. Joseph's Hospital, for probation on; .67-14 .71% .73 .67V* .71 .T'.'/K .729i .67% .71% .73 .73 1.12 1.16'4 1.18H .67% .71% .73'. 2 general level. Steels and autos| n ' s were active Lukens Steel added about 2 and i Yoiingstown Sheet more than a point. Gains exceeding a point were also scored by Allied Chem-; ieal and Vlck Chemical. Reacting plea and a advance. Jtence investigation by the proba PARIS (AP)—Chancellor Konrad Adenauer arrived today for weekend talks with President Charles de Gaulle on West Euro-i BATCHTOWN— St. Barbara's Church will sponsor its annual! beef and chicken dinner Sunday! j; |and Wilbur Martin remains on the critical list at DePaul Hospital in St. Louis. Birthday Party WORD EN - Mr. and Mrs., Team Wins hood of new Soviet moves during:parly in their home in honor of] BATCHTOWN — The Bateh- the months of political campaign-i their grandson, Bruce Ooton.itown softball team won over Hurry! from 11:30 a.m. to 3 p.m. The I ; high school band of Calhoun I 1 Community Unit 40 will give a concert and will furnish music for dancing in the evening. tion officer «-as ordered ppan cooperatjon am] , hp lilce]i ..j ohn O oton Sr. gave a birthday! *^ • I^IBI • *.'• ** " I.«^J „/>.-. C?,,. .1 ^t- «— „.._.. J. .**', ^~~- iir, .itiT in tlinin l^*^n^ f\ I n t-lrt«rtl* f\f ;Wood opposed Downey's petition to plead "no contest." Wood's assistant, Marks Alexander, told and change in the • United who was tour years old July 22. , i reporters: "It's an admission of ! latps to their merger pro-! gui)t but an unw jn.ingness to say' Games furnished entertainment. Tuesday evening. Eldred 21-9 at Kampsville iposal, Capital Airlines fell about ''1 while United Air Lines, after some hesitation, went narrowly so. We've objected for years to | that." Morton's re-election was recom- .15% L15U 1.15% 1.20'-i 1.20 1.20 1.20% 1.23% 1.23U 1.23% 1.2394 Downey was present in the brief to the upside. , hearing of which reporters had i Gains of about a point were!, 10 inkling. scored by Woolvvorth, Goodyear, j Through his attorney, James B. i DuPont, Universal Match, Johns- Martin of Springfield, Downey j Manville, International Telephone agreed to allow the investigation! IMay and Texaco. May mended by a special committee 1 which had conferred with Vice^ President Richard M. Nixon. ^, The committee, headed by Meade Alcorn of Connecticut, reported that Nixon, GOP presidential nominee, and President Eisenhower favored retention of Morton. Morton was named chairman of Following are today's 1:30 the national committee in April : p.rn. quotations on 12 New York US9, succeeding Alcorn, who re-.Slock Exchange issues research tired. 'h"s indicated are widely held The national committee elects in the Alton area as supplied to a chairman after each national it he Alton Evening Telegraph by V 'for probation to serve the court in 1.24V;i 1.23% 1.24% 1.23%! Govcrnmen t bond prices moved I deciding the "nolo contendere" Soybeans . i ahead impressively. Corporate;question. I I 5S £X? oSS? bonds were mixed. If the judge refuses to allow 2.1b'.8 2.14% 2.15% 2.15%. j the plea, Downey may continue Jan ' " " Mar 2.20% 2.18% 2.20 2.19'4 2.23% 2.22% 2.23M, 2.22% Harh(ui(ili Accepts , 0 . . 12 Selrrtnl convention. Newhard, Cook & Co., from its! i Alton branch office. iThe New' York Exchange closes daily atj ,2:30 p.m. (Alton time), so these; an- not the closing quotations):' of l AT&T 89%, Gen. Motors 43%,! Houi*e Okays Karl AB Foreign Serretary LONDON (AP)-The House Commons approved the Earl of Granite City Steel 37 ;i s, Olini Home, 57, as foreign secretary Math Ohem 39%. Owens-Ill, i Thursday night despite Socialist l()j'. Shell Oil 32%. Sinclair Oil; protests that the post should not{36 ] 4, Sowny 36'j. Standard Oil; go to a member of the House of Mind, i 37' H . Standard (NJi 40 %, Lord*. H'.K. Steel SO 1 *. Sears Coordination Resolution OfRoadPlansForwardcd Copie» of a resolution adopt- Copies of the resolution weie f/j by Alton City Council have sent to Chief Engineer Ralph been sent to Illinois highway Rartelsmeyer of the Illinois Di officials. '\ision of Highways and to Hi-.Th* resolution, passed by A trict Engineer E. W, Riefler ol 8-2 vote Wednesday night, ad- the highway division Walt said in his plea of innocence on the j three counts and stand trial. ; . Judge Poos did not set a date i I, n' IS.. Job for further hearing, j Downey was indicted in March. The government contended Downey should have reported income of $144,074 in the four years, but actually reported $fi(i,47(i. It said he paid $10,087 in taxes in the period but should have paid a total of $51,494. Downey pleaded innocent. He had said politics was behind the government's investigation of his income. Through his attorney, he complained he had been unable to learn details of what the Internal Revenue agents were alleging. But his efforts to obtain a bill of particulars were turned down by Judge Poos. 0 Die When Tmrk Flatten* Auto GALESBURG -- Ray Harbaugh. first city manager ut Wood River, who resigned the post to accept the first city managership in Galesburg, announced today that he was resigning the Galesburs post to accept the city managership at Oshkosh, Wis. Oshkosh, population 41,000, polled Galesburg residents prior to employing Harbaugh, as Galesburg polled Wood River residents prior to asking him to Galesburg. The Oshkosh post's starting salary is $14,000 annually. The city has 405 city employes and offers a promotional advantage which MarbauL,'h listed as one ul his reasons fur being willing to leave Galesburg. (iuevara Savs Cuban vited Inteiesti'd and well-mean- fag AJtoniini- to direct the'.i street and >o*d suggestions criticUmi and the like to Alton officials ritti*-: than to state officials. City Manag* r : W. Watt said today that, feu the past 2% year*, he has bt-m developing and trying to in>[>< <ve communications with the district highway attic*,. I ODESSA, Tex (AP) — A 30-ton truck flattened un auto, killing two mothers and seven children Thursday. A baby was injured critically. The victims; Patty Lee Roberts. Fijillt l.ikf Marx Revolt .36. and Bess Utterman, 49; Mrs. i Roberts' son, Marice Lynn, 8; and HAVANA (APi - Cuba's left- |8 i x Utterman children - David wing economic czar, National! DJ months; Ramona, 3; Joy, 5; Hank President Ernesto Guevara, Susie, 7; Johnny, 9, and Mary, 10. He added" that he would k.-.-i totlu >' likened Cuba's struugletoa' Mrs Roberts' daughter, Connie. ir- dose contuci with by Marxist revolution. H*' denounced <n months, was in critical condi-1 phone iettci and meeting the «overnmenl of his native Ar-iiion. ! The City Conn. j| and M,-.y»r « (>nlilia ll)l lll 'K in K Fidel Castro's' The truck driver, John Settle: P W Day \\ill he inlonno.l rc-gime to reject Soviet meddling Rostick, 28, was hospitalized with thimiKh Wi.ii .,f the develop- '» lh( ' Western Hemisphere. sllot . k . in regard to projeri Guevara, a soldier of fortune, Patrolman S.C. Merchant said he said. and confidant of Prime Minister the car driven by Mrs. Roberts In the p;>»t the Council had Fidel Castro, spoke after midnight had pulled from a stop sign into! been imidt'<{untH\ mlmmed onial the opening session of the Com-'the path of the truck which! .streets and j rnunist-accented Latin American | knocked it into a small ditch aiuii Youth Congress. j crushed it i highways, Watt concluded. I Known for Quality at Sensible Prices FUSA . 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