Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois on July 29, 1960 · Page 1
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Alton Evening Telegraph from Alton, Illinois · Page 1

Alton, Illinois
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Friday, July 29, 1960
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ALTON EVENING TELEGRAPH Serving the Alton Community for More Thnn 124 V HUMID SATURDAY: Low 70, High 90. Established January 15, 1836 Vol. CXXV, No. 16? ALTON. ILL., FRIDAY, JULY 29,1960. 18 PAGES 5c Per Copy Member of The Associated Press NEW WOK AT WORLD Nixon Gets Campaign Under Way With Lodge Named Running-Mate Nixon Calls For Victory Of'Freedom TECHUSKII, Out.—(.onion Dirki-rson, 14, smllos from his liospital bed in TVnimsoh, Out., Thursday, at nurse Francos \p\vmun after he had been removed from his home where he had been confined with two sisters for 11 years. The plight of the children was discovered when Gordon wandered from the house and talked to neighbors. (AI* U'irephoto) Well-Kepi Serrei Woman Kepi 3 of Children Hidden in Home 11 Years TKCL'MSKH, Out. <AP< -- B.v «TA.VI,KY MKIHI.KK CHICAGO <APi - Richard M. Nixon, accepting the Republican nomination for president, called for "victory of freedom over tyranny, of plenty over hunger, of health over disease in every country of Die world." 'Iliis is the answer to communism, he said. Speaking from note* for T>0 minutes Thursda.v night. Vice President Nixon thus may have set the lonr for his campaign against democratic nominee John F Ken nedy—' a campaign such as this country has never seen bolore," he called il. In the speech to the final ses- «ion »l the HtfiO Hcpublican National Convention, he repeatedly attacked the domestic promises of the Democratic. 1 party and stressed the critical importance of internal iona I problems. "Upon the next president of the Police said the mother and her L ., ljlwl Slalos wi || ,. f , Rt „„. re . Considers Race As Turning Point IVv -IAC K BKLI, and \VILM.\M PKAUKK CHICAGO (AP)— Presidential nominee Richard M. Nixon announced today that GOP vice presidential nominee Henry Civhot Lodge will go ahead with his United Nations work in August. Nixon tnkl a news conference i thought should bo considered, that. President Eisenhower Ivisl ,\skeil what Congress should asked Lodgo to present the I'. S.i tl(>al W |th when it reconvenes, position on disarmament to the .\| V , n s;l i f | n ,. thinks that is a I'.N. next month. mailer for Kisenhower. Because of that Niv,,, said his X|Vm s;| , fl hf> hjnis[j|1 wi ,, ma|w i-nnninK mate will avoid public m mmmf , nts „ , jn ( pohlionl aclmly durms tins pen- ()f u ^ ( , )( , (KJM , nhowpr , helievps should be liiken up." In response to questions about his estimate of the rhanees for the Republicans to win control of the House. Nixon said he thinks mother told police she k.-pt ihm.'i«isfo.nd appeared relieved when spon sjbility to inspire and to lead nom j ne( , v j t , e nrpsioVntial nominee and their wives. of her six children hidden indoors !'»'•' «"«' was discovered. The ,|,, lorces of freedom toward this nominei • "" presurentiai nominee, ana ineir«n Ph. for 11 years to keep landlords and ' mother said she had been both- goar of w j ml j ng f[, e wa r against friends from learning she had pr ™ { aboll( thc situation for some u , or]d poverty, misery and dis- NOMINEES. WIVES SALUTE CONVENTION CHICAGO—Accepting cheers of Republican con- From left, Richard M. Nixon, Mrs. Lodge, Mrs. Nixon, vent ion Thursday night in Chicago are presidential and Henry Cabot Lodge. (AP Wirephoto) od. He did not make it cle;ir immediately whether Lodge will resign his U.N. post Inter, but that was the assumption. Nixon said he himseli will bei in Washington weekdays for the'" 101 '*' is " H fightir « Chance." congressional session which the Senate opens Aug. 8. but will be i ^. sl . 1 . m " Ik ,f .. gains ~ i ! campaigning each weekend in various parts of the country. "There is one area in which \ve are to win th« House— and that is in the farm area," he continued. Nixon said his meeting this Nixon went on to say there has i weekend with congressmen and :bePn " ( : rosion ", of Republican liln( ' but did not know what to do al '" ul "' " . „ uwh "" ^ her se " d Nixon said. High Qualifications f01 ' such a large family. Police said the teen-age children, two girls and a boy. are , retarded in growth. Hospital offi-:™ OWd ™, h<?r Se ^" d '~" a man to say that he was qualified; dais who treated them after their. *™^^^g^ ?"?.'* P rovide tilis *** of leader case was discovered Thursday sor '. On1 " m 1949 ' Be . eause " was i ship." Nixon continued, but he ; difficult to find housing for a large I q U j c |<iy implied that he was best 1 family she told a landlord she had lfjt<ed 'onlv three children. The other ..? „„„ rtn i., „,., tn V011 toni"ht Authorities ident.fied the young-'„" ,,„„ k ., nt lliddpn ' ^" " nl> ^ \°. >0AU t0n > m < ,1, oi,-Mi. an nf Qhiriov'. P llKKKn - that I be neve in the. American sters as the children of Sh.rle.v A , , (T thp f „ icd . lx?( . ausfj T have seen it Leach by a previous marriage. !,„ TOTlmsph a |™t vs «!!«, fmm th a . ™ nl ,J 0 ,vn life" he Belgians Three Fined, Threw Missiles From Bluff bad shape " To Pull Out i by a previous marriage. ,, 0 TfHnlmsrtl .about a miles from ' , ,.,., , boy, Gordon Dickerson. K.| windsor> . md ;l ,. lin ,.|. tjm ,, d ,,, ' ' * only 1 feet 11 inch.*. Hte (have <„.& ^ec children. ..,,-„,.,, ^ stands only j Less than 24 hours alter a formal complaint about throw- i'mg missiles from the bluff-tops had been aired before City .Council, police late Thursday afternoon nabbed three boys who •had thrown objects from the Riverview Park area that damaged' I'be Belgians promised t o d a y lhe roof of Ifce Piasa Tool & Die Co. office on MeAdams High-' soon a withdrawal of wa >' *uid-broke J^e windshield.OflJfebe automobile of a company an forces in the Congo. > employe ' By THK ASSOCIATKI> I'RESS start To Petition * For County HealthBody i The Madison County Health i others particularly interested in' 8 """ 01 ' 1 in the fnrm ^It, ajid a farm problems would be- "pri-.P"*™"' nlllsl bp developed to marily a listening session" for: u ' m fa) ' nl su PP° rt 'him. But he said that later he As to GOP Possibilities for the will have a major farm speech. S« latp - N«on said "we have no Nixon said President Eisenhow- chance " to ;er "wants to play as effective a : election part as he can" in the cam-j paign, and he expects the Presi- Committee resolved to circulate Control in this of the Senate se » ts in this y ear ' s votin S are '" dent will make several speches. the South where Democrats are "He called me this morning, firml y entrenched. and he was delighted with the ac-| To tho roari "g acclaim of the tton of the convention in the se .| ex P irin R GOP convention. NLxon lection of Ambassador Lodge," | Thursday night accepted in what Nixon added. ' ne rallefj " tne greatest moment He said Lodge was "very high" 11of ™- v lifo " the republican presi- ' „.,.... ; have only,tttree chlioren. "I know something of the threat s,s« P r. Coring 11, is nteo under-, ^n. in 1953. the family bought. tt . |liril confronts J" and £ ..... sue. and the younger >,.st, r, „ ^ A , though ^ now ^.^^ rf ^ ^ ^ „,, Premiw . Gaston Evens' govern-' ^ to meet it.' ment announced about l.aOO men *'• aanllllea mrowin s nom me ,bluff, according to the police re-!way. called police after a rock boys, two aged Itf, the thu-d; William S. Abbott, head of the Glenda. 13_ appears unable to , )O nw(j , o oontinuf) «alk or talk propeny. f|lf , e , p,,,^,, ( , uofed Mrs Leach petitions in il tablishment of a County Health Department at a meeting Thurs-j ; day night at St. Joseph's Hospi- on the President's list of those he'| dential nomination. The speech was studded within be brought home in the near 1 «am 01 .urn ,«opt,,.>. fuf , e , p,,,^,. ( , uofed Mn? Leacn ^ ^^ ^ slu(jded witj,;^,, ^ They were allowed the freedom ]38 . as sa yin K she was too em-; djgs . at toe Democratic platform.,.„.._. of their two-story frame houseibarrassed to tell her friends about iand §,,„ Kennedy's choice of a ;' uiult - port. They were charged with des- that they shared with lf> cats. ii), { . other three children. She also ^ ^ They slept in a single bed. They!f e |t other children might make: johiiscm. had a playroom with toys, a TV|f lln o f them. _ __ set and were well-clothed. An old- All six children were born to f or ",'he'i'r domination "ofU.NT'Am-l 016 er sister, now married and away the mother during her previous bassador Henry Cabot Lodge fori Tnc u from home, taught them reading, marriage. vjr(1 pres ident. ' ! asked spelling and arithmetic. Police were called in when Gor- ..j n ro f rc shing conlras' to what f l llirl<lv The three other children. Don- don wandered away and went to h a pp,. nw j j n l^i- na, '2'>: Carrol, L'O: and Donna,a neighbor's home. The neighbor, i na | (!l ) u ma n Veronica. 1'J all led normal lives Forest Richards, never havings-jews on tbe gj-eat i with outsidt; contacts but never 1 seen the boy before in the small !vv ji) W ork with me nSTtn 3 tyS/Ri ™- ™ **" «•«" Belgian 1^,ion of prope,^ uurl - Isoldiqrs in the former Belgian!ing missiles, and each was fined Nixon" applauded the delegates! colon >'- sharin 8 P° Jice dut V «**!'») and costs when they pleaded " l 1 il>A ft *"jVl n^nvt I T X T fmntfr\r*vtrl '. guilty in police court before Po- U. N. command. i ° unt >' Councl *"** ! asked "thV Belgians to get out ^!^ a 8 istl-ate ^ J S ^! ib ! 1 ; struck the building root and bounded off to smash the windshield of a car of William McCorcle of Wilsonville, shortly after 4 p.m. Police speeding to the plant location observed three boys on \V. Kenneth Grubb, acting chairman of the group, said that the petitions svill be circulated in the hope that enough signatures will be obtained to insure the placing of the question of the health department before the public in the fall election. [Sign Pact On East End PlaceProject He pledged, if elected, to "build ;a bettei- America" that "will not tolerate being pushed about by anybody, any place." He welcomed aboard his "free i world victory" ticket as a vice] presidential running mate tower- ling Henry Cabot Lodge, United (Nations ambassador and symbol jof American resistance to Soviet (Premier Nikita Khrushchev's ! challenge to the free world. With hi.s credo for the campaign the bluff top near Riverview Park. I Harold Fuller, executive secre-l The Alton Housing Authority || aid dmvn in a 3 o. m inute accept- A .second car near the park was I tarv o f the state public health | has entered into contract \vithi anf . P before wildlv disclosed the family secret. town, called police. Radio, TV Loss Set at $2,300 rue in carrying out our magnifi- .eent platform," Nixon said. Xo Promise (o Tax Then the Negro leader headed to Canada in his continued quest | Nixon described thc Democratic j for Western money, technicians 'party platform as "the same old land medical help, proposition that a political parry • Before ers have been invited by the Greater Alton Assn. of Commerce to attend a membership drive ; breakfast at the Hotel Stratford hi.s plane, Lu-;Wednesday a t 7:30 p.m., it was Bruce Quackenbush, in a communication to the Council, called for a higher protective fence or other steps to halt the throwing of missiles from Riverview Park. Hi.s letter was read at the Wed- ^"nothmti'more'than 0 that'''"*"' '. numba 1Jfgain warned lhere ^ a |announced today by W. H. H.jnesday night Council session and rinci nomnif, moie uidii mdi. danger of world war unless the; , , ,„ , ,.f,fn, T cfl in (be Park Commission -They promised everything to iBe , Kians „„ out immedjaloly . He |Bierbaum and Herman Bud) £ ^^ ^.^^S i::: 1 :^^./"!," 11 ",:'":"^:^' 1 — d ™w*™>. *™™*, ?«« ™:^?™««** ^ omm( - n ^^ .0 ** ^ ^ Radios and ink-vision seis with a wholesale value of $:.'..'(-) were reported stolen Inun Weber 'J'\' and Appliance store, ; State St.. Thursda\ nigbi. At 8:1") this morning C. L.i ! <» 1 ' 1 '. wl '"'l> contained all ol \Veber. owner, luund the ulas-; in the back door had been brok thes didn't promise to pay the )nat .. soon fj,,)™;.,,, \ rMf)K ^iJloAAC membership committee. ...... L T. -I i ^* " ' 'bill," Nixon said. leave" ' "1 happen to believe." Nixon' u . en and the door was unlocked, he reported. Thirteen portable • ompanys receipts, was intact | it would wiwk our economy, it P«v«u ^^lon « i«iiu« B . mejBo,,^, . wi.b its contents, Weber re-' would dash our peoples * hlBh "* province whose copper mine to renew i parted. i hnriM ,„,. a ,„,-,- „,„ .. : revenues have fmanced GO per area by at ported Weber said the burglars hadi- hopes for a better life. television sets and seven port-learned entrance by throwing a I TOD\Y"S CHlif'KI E able radios were missing. The| brick tlirough the back door ; cash register was unlocked but | glass and then reaching in and had not had any cash in it. Th«, un ] 0 cking the door. A wolf is a guy who knows all the ankles. (£•; 1960. General Features Corp.) Bierbaum explained that addi- Amer-i tional membership would enhance' for his effo .J.J prevent secession of Katanga. its efforts to develop the| attracting new industrial cent of the Congo budgel. 'and commercial establishments. "I know now that the United Discussion at the breakfast will j States cannot approve of any di- i emphasi/e future GAAC ci\nc 'vision of my country." he said.;action. "Maneuvers to break up our re-' Bim>an; Bierbaum, Harold Har,public will fail. 1 know now lhat'vey and \V. 1 Godwin are mem- islative body. Inside Musis MARKETS .... VAGK 2 EDITORIAL . . . PAUK 4 OBITUARY . . . I'AiiE G SOCIAL PA(iE 8 SPORTS PAGE 12 RADIO & TV . . PAG7 13 CLASSIFIED . . . PAGE 14 COMICS PAGE IS . ;clay that Lloyd Manche had been j placed on the AHA staff to handle the urban renewal processing of the project. Project details and preliminary organl- workers. He arranged to address the newly constituted GOP National Committee where his support was more solid than perhaps any other 67 Youngsters Take Part In Light Box Parade zation will be arranger) in the Republican candidate had been next 30 days. ; ab i e to oommand j n t | lis cen tui'y. The current schedule for the; This over, Nixon planned to project, calls tor completion of jmeet the press for the first time this planning phase in the late | as the party nominee. fall. Actual acquisitions andj Tht> vice "president reserved the clearance of the area can pos- afternoon for meetings with party sibly be undertaken within J8 leaders. He had to postpone many months, provided Federal and| 0 f these earlier in the week in a Water Rate Piasa Finn, I. T. Agree Hike Cut On River Road Plans To 42.5 Pet. no nation will recognize Katanga jbers of the GAAC membership as an independent slate." ,committee. Sixty-seven competed in the Light Box Parade sponsored by the Optimists and the Alton Recreation Commission Thurs- !dny night at Alton Pla/.a Shop- piny Center. The Illinois Commerce Commission today pared to 42Mi per cent the Alton Water Co.'s 4V/ 9 per cent rate increase, according to a ruling announced at the Chicago offipe of the ICC. On Dec. 18, 1957, the rate hike granted by the ICC totaled 47>i per cent. Litigation Ihut followed took the case to the Illinois Supreme Court. The high court remanded the case to the ICC with instructions to reach a decision while taking into consideration certain factors in which the ICC had been in error, according to the court. The rate ruling announced today through Harry R. Begley. assistant attorney general with the ICC, indicates the ICC interpreted the Supreme Court ruling to mean that the ICC should revise its rate findings rather than discard the entire original proceeding* and start from scratch with the water company rate hike request, local attorney said. Plans for- alterations of its plant are in the hands of highway authorities, and Piasa Tool & Die officials see "eye to eye" with those of Illinois Terminal on track moving needs in connection with MeAdams Road right of way. Bruce which would let trucks unload 1 there without blocking the highway. These plans, accompanied by cost estimates, have been forwarded to E. W. Riefler, district highway engineer at French Village, for " his approval, or conn-' Uer-fjuggestions." QuHckc'itbUKh. attorney! Rei>lwenla , ives o( Hiasa huve( lor Piasu, told the Telegraph to >onl(M ,. cd with o(li dals of Illinois day events had been moving last l T( , rmina , lK . 001 . ding to Q Uacken .. , in the last few days toward clear- 1 |)US)) am , ,, mei . e are no „. |ing Ihe way for calling b.ds on! ,<,,„,. M wem them." the project. Piasa came into the McAdumsi. . lhe 1 ' allroud - '* sald ' » s draw Highwuy picture this summer when it determined from drawings of the road's alignment that: 1. The foundry would have to alter its method of receiving trucks for unloading; and 2. It would have to re-align spur railroad tracks which served it to get them off the right of way. Division of Highways officials )>ave told the Telegraph the Piasa right of way problem Is the last standing in the way of culling bids on Ihe section within city ! limits • Quaekenbush said lielhung Con; struct ion Co. had completed plans l(or alterations to U» building i ing a map showing proposed track changes, and Piasa is waiting for them. Lute lust weuk R. R. Bartels- meyer, chief engineer ot the Division of Highways, said it was very likely the Alton section of the highway could be included in either the September or October bid calls which will close this phase of the division's I960 activities. He said the section of the Me-1 Adums liighway between Lock-: haven and the Elsah-Piasa Chau-j tauqua division line was certain j to be included in one of these two > remaining calls. | s is the eighth year for thc Light Box Parade in Alton. The parade is split up into three fige. groups, which parade individually and are judged as they make a circle. Judges for the parade last night were: Hamilton Jones, attorney; James J. Lewis, fire! thief: and L. Allen Klope, Alton I Keening Telegraph. The judges picked four winners in each of the groups. In the 1-7 year old group, Murray Craves, Central playground, won first place with a stage coach he constructed and painted Carolyn and Mat hew Arntz, Norlhside. won second: Harlow Cisco, Central, won third: and Steven Copley. Northside. won IrllMll In UK- S-ll ,tgf group, .lolin Hampton and ,loe Simmer. Curten IJonies playground, won lii-st willi a cardboard height train Unit they built. Cilen Davis, Central, placed second; Tom Brown, Northside, won third: and James Kauftold, Curran Homes, placed fourth. local approvals can be obtained without delay. The authority j plans to seek the full coopera- jtion of the City Plan Commis- jsion, the City Council and oilier public bodies in the preparation and currying out of these plans, according to Dute Braner, executive director of the AHA. The public will be kept fully advised of progress and plans for this area, Braner promised. combined effort with his back- patting new ally, Gov. Nelson A. Rockefeller of New York, tor the kind of liberalized platform the two men wanted and got. DATA AT THE DAM temperaturu Yesterday'* toduy 7li High 90', low 72". River SUIKU below Precipitation dam at S a.m. 24 hrs. to 8 a.m. 3.2. Pool 2'JA None. LIGHT BOX PARADE WINNERS Wluuer* of tbt» three grouiM of the Light Box Parade, held Thurwlay night iu ihe Alton Piasa Shopping Center, are shown with their winning light boxe*. From left are: Hurray Graves, l-to-7- 1 \ year-old group; Robert WlUou, 134017-year* group; and John Hampton and Joe Suianer, 8-to-ll-year group.—Stall Photo. The 12-17 age group parade was \voii by Robert Wilson, Cen- trul, who constructed a lighthouse on a wugu.ii. The lighthouse was surrounded by rocks anil water. A. C. Huywood, SiiHivun playground, placed second; Bryan Jordan, Central, won third: Dick Kleiner came in fourth. The w uinurs received prices ol silver dollars and tree tickets to lhe Uptown Theater. City to Begin Attack on Grass, Weeds in Streets Delayed by the wet spring and June 30 windstorm, the city streets division Saturday will start an onslaught on grass and weeds in city streets, City Engineer Thomas K. Griffin Jr. said today. Thih year's t-lloit. because it comes late in the .season, \\ill be restricted primarily to brick paved stivi'ls, said (jrilliu. but actually muik* the start ol a continuing annual chemical weed control program. II is hoped laid in Ihe season -providing public works luiuis permii citiiliii added, to do some work clearing iu>eds from eailh st reels, particularly in drainage gutters. And next year, tlii 1 weed control piogrum is to be broadened and set up tor a start us early in Ihe spring as chemical control measure* ate practicable.j For the project slurting to- inonvw, a weed-destroying chemical uill be applied in a .pray. To the chemical a wetting agent, calcium chloride, will be added to promote effective absorption and adequate penetration. The first streels to be covered by the project will be in the middle section of the city. Ciriffin wnrnvd that the spray to be used i.x ol a poisonous nature ami that until il has hud lime to drj and absorb it Is advisable ihat children and famil> pot.s be kept away from the sprayed areas on the pavements . Planned is that after the weeds and gias» shrivel under j effects of the spruv that a follow-up be made hy the city street sweeper to remove •» much ol the dead growth H* lpossible. • Goal of the annual program (hut lias been outlined, said (jriflin. is to clear the streets ol \\ft>ds within three yew*. The plan to be generally followed n> sumetiiueM ttu med "chemical mowing." i

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